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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 9, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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this race is particularly fluid on the gop side. the candidates making their last-minute plea to voters yesterday. throwing -other. take a look at this. >> we need to spend more money. making that case about being a commander-in-chief in dangerous times has been helpful. >> you spent 20 million on false ads and he says false ads about you. talks about second amendment. nobody is stronger on second amendment. his father and the group, the bushes, not him because he's not smart enough to do it. his group used eminent domain to get the land around the stadium bought in texas. he is embarrassed by it. >> from my end it is a lot easier. if others engage in attack i don't respond in kind. i am not willing to go into the mud. if others choose to go there, my response, there's actually a scriptural response to that which is you repay unkindness
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with kindness and it is like heaping coals. >> new hampshire is on track. bill gardener friday saying 550,000 people are expected to turnout to the polls here. >> molly line in manchester for us. thank you. >> to the democrats. bad news all around for hillary clinton. the fbi confirming an investigation into her e-mails. bernie sanders takes a couple big d dig get lead into the poll. rich edson is live for us. >> good morning. >> good morning. there is some reporting by politico that there is an eclipse in campaign shake-up after a better than expected performance by ernie in iowa and the poles in gnaw hampshire. something the chain chairman said there is zero truth to. hillary clointon took time to
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thank her campaign staff before it got started. the bernie bros. these are unidentified number of folks who say they support bernie sanders and made sexist attacks on hillary clinton. bill clinton is saying some of that is now pinning the rhetoric by the bernie bros by the sander's campaign. >> see and other people who have gone on-line and explained why they supported her has been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist to repeat. >> there has been a constant under current that i said in the debate last week, where the kind of attack by innuendo, insinuation, artful smear. >> he and his campaign sanders says has nothing to do with the attacks. he says those who are doing them
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should stop doing so. take a look at the latest polling. monmouth university polling ago few days before the primary. that's when the polls were taken. bernie sanders at 52 percent, hillary clinton at 42 percent. so the voting begins. >> rich edson in manchester this morning. thank you, rich. >> on-line editor for the weekly standard of author of clinton inc. the rebuilding of a political machine. good to see you. >> likewislikewise. great being here. >> what is going on behind the scenes right now in the clinton campaign? >> i think there's panic. if bernie sanders loses and hillary pulls out a miracle and wins new hampshire i think the primary bernie sanders might not drop out but it will be over. if she loses that there's sheer panic in the democratic establishment which has completely supported hillary
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clinton and given her all favors. i think through the sheer panic and i think you start being, you know, part of the campaign staff be fired, be let go, be changed up. you have to try something different, because you have to blame it on somebody else if you are the clintons not yourself even though these problems persist as they did in the last campaign just as they are this campaign, and eventually you have got to stop blaming the staff. you have to blame the candidate. and you mentioned the possible shackup. politico reported there may be a shake up in her staff after we go through this next primary. she barely scrapeed by a lead in iowa. what about south carolina? she is not expecting necessarily to win in new hampshire. >> that's correct. her theory of the race is that there's a fire wall in south carolina and in ne neve because there are states with heavier
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populations of minorities or non white voters who tend to favor hillary clinton. that's true in so far as the polling goes now but it doesn't factor in the momentum bernie sanders might gain in a victory, probably will tonight by beating hillary clinton. hillary won in new hampshire last time. she exceeded expectations polling down 9 against barack obama. she won by 2 and a half, 3 percent of the vote. that was great for her. now it would be surprising for her to under perform now that her nomination seems even more certain than it did last time around and there's much smaller field. it is only her and a 74-year-old socialist from vermont. >> possibly one more who we will talk about in a couple minutes who mate be threeing his hat in the ring to shake things up. you wrote the book on the clintons. what do you expect to see tonight and tomorrow?
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>> i expect to see blame shifting, a lot of acrimony inside the clinton campaign and the beginnings of a huge transformation within the clinton campaign. if i were a staffer inside the clinton world i would be fearful and i would watch my back because there's no certainty you are going to be employed a week from now. >> we will see how that all shakes out. thank you so much to daniel harper. nice to see you. >> as i just mentioned another bidder throwing his hat into the race former city mayor michael blam berg considering he is running as an independent. he called the race quote an outrage and an insult to voters. his comments came after reports he vowed to spend $1 million of his own money on the campaign. he says he's keeping an eye on today's primary and could part to put his name on ballot as soon as march. >> that would shake things up. voters heading to the polls and
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a few short hours from now in the granite state. which republican candidate has the most to gain in the mostly moderate state of new hampshire. clear politics showing donald trump with a double dig get lead followed by marco rubio and john kasich. let's bring in senator chuck rocha and female political reporter. thank you for waking up this morning. appreciate it. >> let's start with you. republican candidates put all of their eggs in the new hampshire basket. who do you think has the most to gain and who has the most to lose? >> everybody except donald trump. they are like a dog barking at a parade going by. they can't stop it. anybody but donald trump who finishes second or third that's all we will be talking about. the one who has everything to go lose is donald trump. keep your eye on jeb bush and keep your eye on john kasich.
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it is a different animal. they are very independent. they want to make up their mind. they are seeing all of this visceralness, they like the case it kasich and the jeb. >> if you are jeb bush or john kasich if you are not in the top 3 can you go on from here? >> i really don't think so. i would extend that to mab bee the top 4. donald trump is the one with everything to lose. he's going to be the one who watch tonight in the sense that it is pretty much predicted and presumed he will be the winner in new hampshire. he has been the primary fro frontrunner but governor kasich is surging in new hampshire. ever since the debate he came across very polished. traditionally moderate voters are fiscally conservative. his record in ohio proves that. governor bush is surging, too. that could be momentum coming off of bringing his mother here. his rallies are not as attended
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as those of ryes chris christie or marco raub yo. th -- rubio. it is all about the governors. as someone who is a new hampshire native, expect the unexpected and i think kasich will have a big night. >> someone who is not a governor and could have a lot to lose is carly fiorina. she spokes yesterday about her frustration about not being in a debate over the weekend. let's replay that. >> it was a game i was not on the debate stage. i had beaten kasich and christie and kasich in iowa. the last time i looked votes and delegates counted. but maybe anybody but krarly l network is afraid to have viewers see me because they know i can beat hillary clinton. >> she was not on the debate stage and she is not polling well in new hampshire. could it be the end of the road
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for krcarly fiorina. >> people have the same reaction i do, is carly still in this thing? if you don't have the ads people aren't going to know. the key is who has the money to go forward. all of this is one basket. as my mamaw would say right there in new hampshire. he has to have a boost to go on to south carolina maybe michigan as they have talked about. jeb bush has time to go onset on the beach in florida and wait for it to come to him. >> money does matter. jeb bush carly fiorina still have been mon -- still have mon to spend. you had more candidates drop out. n they are no longer in the race. how does that impact new hampshire? where will their vote go? >> it did impact new hampshire in the sense that you saw a lot of advisors go toward other
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campaigns here. santorum's advisor went over to trump. rand paul went over to kasich. i think bringing in those already set strategists are different than the campaign teams who are already building a strong ground game in new hampshire. the one thing that is important to point out between the governors, governor crist tee and kasich have visited the state 180 times since 2014 showing us they have staked it here. governor bush is a close third and he has been here roughly about 100 times as well. you step down people like ted cruz and marco rubio who has only been here maybe 7 years, still not a small number but less than the other candidates who have really again everything to lose tonight for their campaigns since they did not place in the top 4. in south carolina he will need a lot more. he has done a lot more here than he has in other states. >> chuck quickly while we have you on the democratic side
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bernie sanders lax like he's going to have a strong night tonight. >> it should be good. he has the organization coming out of the hillary world out of iowa there's lots of things going on lots of grumblings. the public catapult him into the next two contests which will tell the tail for the democrats. >> it will be interesting to see. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. all right. coming up in a half an hour we will have some of the folks back when we continue talking about coverage of new hampshire. the time is now 12 minutes after the hour. in 2008 then senator barack obama was going to win new hampshire. hillary clinton pulled off the upset. can she do it again. we have predictions next.
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>> ted cruz goes hunting with the duck dynasty. we will mutt it to the test next. flurn flush
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i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. >> after coming in 13th in iowa senator clinton went on to beat barack obama in new hampshire. candidates can't take anything for granted in the granite state. duds clinton have any hope for a repeat performance? here to weigh in is fox news contributor and former congressman and presidential candidate dennis kucinich. the polls are all saying that sanders is ahead. sanders at 53.9 percent clinton
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at 40 percent and real clear politics new hampshire average of polls right now, can where he see hillary clinton come back to take new hampshire tonight? does she have a chance? >> one thing that has to be decided is the people of new hampshire who are consistently independent voters will they vote in the democratic primary. if they do that helps bernie sanders. if they go to the republicans that cuts bernie sander's margin. at this point the race belongs to sanders. the real question will be what the margin is. there have been polls suggested sanders has 31 points, a 31 point lead. i don't believe those polls. i think that it is quite likely closer. but the closer it is to let's say 10 points that will tell the tail as to whether or not hillary clinton has reignited her campaign in new hampshire.
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>> you mentioned independence and how important the undeclared vote is in this. let's take a look at the breakdown of voters. republicans are 30 percent. democrats 26 percent independents 34 percent. you mentioned that it really depends on which way these independents vote. they can show up for either primary and make a decision tonight. what do you expect? >> i think donald trump has brought a lot of people into the election contest. there's no surprise to say that donald trump is expected to win the republican primary. the question on the republicanside side is who will run second. it will be one of the stories tonight no yquestion babout it. >> enpendant voters could think sanders already has this on the democratic side so we are going to show up and vote for donald
2:19 am
trump. what could happen to sanders and if he doesn't come you tell on top here what happens to his campaign? >> any scenario you look at bernie sanders wins new hampshire. however, if allowing further discussion, if his campaign did not succeed inhampshire, it would be seen at this point in a peculiar game of expectations as an update. it would be very difficult for his campaign from that point. i think he will probably win new hampshire. watch the margin. if it is more than 20 points, hillary clinton comes out of new hampshire with some problems. if it is less than 10 points it is a good solid win for sanders, but the difficulties he will have in south carolina and nevada could be evident. >> we will certainly be looking at those margins that you
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mentioned tonight. nice to see you former u.s. congressman and presidential candidate dennis kucinich. >> the time is 20 after the hour. a dream vacation turned into a nightmare. we are hearing the horror stories from the people on board that ship. plus super bowl champions return home for the haveic tory parade. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you.
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don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> new warnings this morning of isis on the rise in the middle east. the u.s. intelligence agency now predicting the terror group will step up the pace and scale of
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the attack. they are also saying isis will likely extend the operations deeper into egypt. isis claimed the responsibility of the bombing of a russian passenger plane that took off in egypt in october. predictions come as the top general come in charge of fighting iraq say it is just a matter of time. >> the cruz ship that sailed into a winter storm leaving passengers shaking up a huge mess on board is heading back to home court. royal caribbeans ship is heading back tomorrow. 120 mile per hour over turning furniture and confining passengers to the room. they decided to cancel the rest of the trip due to the possibility of more bad weather. >> sounds horrible. casey anthony ready to get back to work. the 29-year-old registering her own photography business in west
2:25 am
palm beach, florida. these exclusive photos show her taking pictures and driving around with the lead investigator on the defense team. she has been living under the radar when she was cleared of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylkailee. >> 1 million people are expected to pack civic center park for the celebration rally. broncos players, coaches, colorado governor and the denver mayor will all be attending the festivities. this comes a day after payton manning went it disney land. they were all surrounded by disney characters. >> on the eve of the new hampshire primary rumors flying about the shake-up on the
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>> it is tuesday, february 9th and today is the day, the first in the nation's presidential primary as the road to the white house takes a turn to new hampshire. >> what could be a make or break day for several campaigns. i am lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am abby huntsman in for heather childers. >> let's start with molly line live in manchester. molly, good morning. >> good morning. this is the day the candidates have been working so hard for putting in all. effort crisscrossing the state of new
2:30 am
hampshire. it is primary day and the race is particularly fluid on the gop side. the candidates making the final push to the voters? the get out to vote effort. they took the opportunity to take a few last minute swipes at one another. >> every word i say in my campaign are things that i believe. chris is a governor that has been downgraded pine times. that's a part of the record you have to answer for. >> you can't repeat the same thing over and over again. if there is not substance there, he is too young, too inexperienced and he served not one day in a position of management in his entire life. >> when you take a look at what we have done here and intensity and passion in our ground game, you know in the end in a place like new hampshire, and i have been telling you this for a long
2:31 am
time, it is touching voters. >> one of the big things to watch today will be what the independent voters do that they are dubbed undeclared in new hampshire. they can vote democrat or republican. see how that effects the race by the end of the day. >> thank you, molly line in manchester this morning. >> to the democrats hillary clinton releasing information on the wall street speeches. she isn't the only candidate to take those kinds of donations. >> it is a political line we all see coming. hillary clinton's paid speeches from investment bank goldman sachs. bernie sanders is continuing his line of attack saying hillary clinton is in the pocket of the financial services industry. >> she got 15000000 for wall street last quarter.
2:32 am
we get an average of $27 per campaign contribution. >> we have hedge funds guides making 50 million gengs me. if they are so worried about bernie why are they trying to defeat me? >> sanders says when goldman sachs tries to pay you money they are paying for political influence. clinton is looking into a campaign shake up especially after bernie sander's solid performance finishing just behind her in iowa. he's out polling her 52 to 42 according to the monmouth university poll. that is something of clinton's campaign says is not true. back to you abby. >> rich edson live for us in manchest manchester. thank you. a sort of cloud hangs over the clinton campaign as reports surface a major staff shake-up might be coming. that could be because bernie sanders is polling so far ahead
2:33 am
of her. what can we expect tonight? our political panel is here next. chuck rocha is the democratic strategist. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you hear rumblings of a potential shake-up of the clinton campaign. usually there's more to that story. what do you think is going on? >> there's no -- we know there's been a shake-up. we know there has been -- there are people rumbling about what's going on within the campaigns. at the end of the day she was not supposed to have a primary contest that was this hard. it was supposed to be easier than this. bernie sanders has caught her flatfo flatfooted. now there's lots of things happening within the campaign. how much of this is really true, i don't know. i think hillary is very, very loyal to her staff. i think the clintons have been around for a long time. you will see the same group of people working in the campaigns you will see working in her husband's campaign. this contest was not supposed to be this much of a contest but it
2:34 am
has really come down to the enof the day which is new hampshire and victories. >> chuck makes a good point. you think the clinton campus, they are starting to feel nervous? >> oh, yeah. they are reeling right now. this is supposed to be a cake walk for their candidate. it has not been. there is a very different energy here in new hampshire than there was in 2008 when she won. even then it was a surprise win p. poll after poll has bernie sanders leading her by double digits from 26 points to 12. so at this point i think it is bernie sander's game and hillary clinton is being strung along for the ride. people might lay bernie sanders is a socialist. he is a self proclaimed one but at the same time he is calling this a political revolution. he has an excitement around him that clinton does not have especially with young people. she was counting on young female voters such as myself, my age
2:35 am
coming out and voting for her. guess what? they are not. that's going to hurt her hugely going into south carolina if she doesn't pull one out here. >> chuck, someone else watching this play out closely michael bloomberg az he's not ruling out running as an independent. he ran before as a republican. he had policy in favor of big government. how do you see a potential bloomberg run in passing a race, does it help or hurt democrats or republicans? >> i think it hurts republicans. he's a billionaire. the more billionaires like donald trump it is more fodder for somebody like sanders. in new hampshire, people are identifying with independent more than democrats or republicans. i have been doing that for 25 years i have never saw that. there are a lot of people sick and tired of being sick and tired.
2:36 am
you see hillary clinton and jeb bush having a little time getting their foot under them. >> that is why you see someone like donald trump on the republican side resinating with people. because he's going against the status quo. he might be a billionaire and bernie sanders may be hitting his cord but donald trump is hitting a cord. i went to his rally and there were thousands of people are despite a snowstorm in manchest manchester. i got stuck up a hill driving home. the weather was pretty bad. people came out in droes to see him. he is resinating peopwith peopl here. bernie sanders is resinating with people here. who comes in second on the democratic side there is no other option. but on the republican side it will be who comes in second, third and fourth. >> bernie sanders where does he go, what other states can he win from here? thank you for being with us. praesh yat it. >> thank you.
2:37 am
>> lea? >> to extreme weather. blinding snow and ice rewreakin havoc across the country. a winter storm stretching from the midwest to mid atlantic into mane possibly putting a chill on the new hampshire voter turnout. gusts reaching 60 miles per hour coming with a dangerous system which dumped 9 inches of snow in some places. >> widespread coastal flooding bringing knee high cape cod. ice is blamed for this connecticut bus crash. at least 30 people were hurt after it rolled over in a blizzard. maria molina is here with more. >> we are expecting to see the weather to continue in not only new england but into the great lakes and also across the midwest. genuine ter really gripping these parts of the country.
2:38 am
you can see the current windchill temperatures quite cold as well. feels like 10 degrees below zero minneapolis single digits for you in chicago also places like boston and across northern new england those windchill temperatures dipping down to below zero early this morning. you can see with the radar it is a busy picture this morning. main 4-8 inches expected. further west another disturbance to the midwest and mid atlantic. we have winter weather advisories in effect out there. light snow accumulation will be possible. higher elevations like pennsylvania and also into parts of the appalachians could be looking at locally heavier amounts. what will the weather be like? high temperatures warming up in the 30's and 20's. you have to bundle up as you
2:39 am
head out the door. there is a chance for isolated snow showers across the state with light accumulation. other all a quiet day in new hampshire weather wise. >> the time is 39 minutes after the hour. new concerns this morning about the rise of isis attacks. the framing new intel. >> a stunning new developments in the death of kayla mueller the young woman held hostage by isis terrorists. we thought her attacker was dead throu but there's a chance the united states made a huge mistake. we have jeb bush, chris christie marco rubio and donald trump all live on "fox & friends" coming up. are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open?
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♪ mmmm... come on... ♪ be mine... just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips... whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips. the way to whiten. >> eight people are dead and at
2:43 am
least 158 others are hurt after two commuter trains collide head on in germany. we are looking at live pictures right now. the crash happened in the city around 7:00 a.m. local time. both trains were partially derailed and several wagons overturned. rescue crews are work to go free people trapped inside the wreckage. they are being carried by helicopter and boat away from the crash. the cause is still unclear at this point. >> we will keep an eye on that. the american woman murdered by is isis terrorists. mueller vanished back in 2017 and spent more than two years in captivity she was abused by abu barral baghdadi now his wife is in custody for terrorism activity. >> warning for isis on the rise. the u.s. intelligence agency the
2:44 am
terror group will step up the pace and scale of attacks. isis will likely extend test operations deeper into egypt. isis claimed responsibility for the bombing of a russian passenger plane that took off from egypt back in october. the top general charged with fighting isis in iraq says the group's defeat is just a matter of time. >> this is no laughing matter. a man wearing a clown costume while drunk driving. they pulled him over and saw him leading out of traffic. he's booked on a dui charge. no word why he was wearing a clown suit. >> the time is currently 44 after the hour. new hampshire the make or break state for the free governors fighting for the next spot. our next guest weighing in saying it's now or never. >> can he or she do the job? finally make him a good duck gum
2:45 am
bow. >> the political ad. what do voters think of them? find out next. >> check in to see what's going on on "fox & friends." >> live from the airport diner in new hampshire. today is the big day people start voting on the first of the nation primary. we have got a big program in this diner today we are going to ask donald trump, jeb bush, chris christie is going to join us live, also marco rubio, that man right there who is eating his plate of eggs tucker carlson is going to take us to a hillary clinton rally. how is that? >> this is actually the campaign, the presidential campaign 2016 is of the selfie. every kid on a campus nearby has taken a selfie with the presidential candidate. we are going to meet some of them and tell you their stories live from new hampshire and new
2:46 am
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>> as voters in new hampshire are ready to vote we are getting an inside look at the candidate's tv ads. what did and didn't work. thank you for being with us this morning. >> of course. >> a lot of money has gone into these ads hoping it has an impact on the turnout tonight. let's take a look at some of these and get your thoughts coming out. christie had an ad, prosecuted the terrorists i think it was president obama on how he has been soft on ter rim. let's take a look at that. >> there is now one else running for president of the united states who has been responsible for prosecuting and
2:50 am
investigating terraces. hillary clinton will be nothing more than third term of barack obama. she was one of the architects of foreign policy. we need to send a strong to sen strong message to our adversaries that there are clear limits to your conduct. if you violate those limits, america's going to hold you to account. >> yellow are democrats, reds are republicans. christie consistently resonates voter. they gave him an a. they said he's got a strong message. what's interesting, it's not translating in the polls. he is consistently having a great message. his attacks others hurt them. what he did in the debate with rubio was fascinating. he's great. >> been good in the debates, as well, and it hasn't translated at least so far in the polls. bernie sanders, he had an ad out recently, a positive ad. let's look at this. ♪
2:51 am
[ applause ] . >> what do you rank this one? >> an a. you saw democrats with the blue line off the charts. independents followed suit. even republicans weren't that far off. this was an inspacial ad. it made people believe in america. bernie is a movement, and this is one of those things that showed that. you can see how strongly he's resonating now. >> some of the candidates like to use people that have endorsed them in their ads, as well, to give them a boost. ted cruz was inducted by the commander, phil robertson, let's look at that ad. >> i've looked at the candidates. ted cruz is my man. he fit the bill. he loves us. he's the man for the job, and he will go duck hunting because today we're going.
2:52 am
[ duck calls ] >> tid cred cruz is my man. >> a d. while it did resonate with republicans, it didn't resonate with independents. in new hampshire, independents will be critical for cruz. this is a miss. he's a hugely controversial figure. and i don't think it helps him in the states -- especially the northeastern states. >> speaking of endorsements, marco rubio, "the pawn star" rick harrison called rubio a good investment. look at this. >> over the past few years, people have tried to sell us real doozies. but this is really worth something. when people see for themselves i don't have to convince them, it's a good investment. i don't have to show them the value for their family. when this guy walked into my shop, i knew he was the real deal. >> it's obviously better than cruz. we gave it a c. overall, i think what we're seeing is that the endorsements of celebrities aren't as impactful as somebody that you relate to and somebody that you know. and in new hampshire, somebody that's local, somebody that's
2:53 am
relatable will be more important than some of the celebrity endorsements. i think that while rubio is trying to borrow the cool of a celebrity, it didn't translate to that. >> sometimes uplifting ads go a long way. >> yeah. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. the time is 53 minutes after the hour. what does new hampshire's winner predict about the rest of the primary season? why our next gest it says could be a long ahead. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny. see how voya can help you get organized at
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welcome back. last week we saw ted cruz take the win in iowa, winning over the evangelical vote. how are new hampshire voters different from iowa voters? here to weigh in, ron meyer, editor at red alert politics. ron, they are very different, in fact, right? in iowa what you think about is evangelicals. in new hampshire, it's that undeclared, that independent vote. >> the independent voters who want to pick the winner. they're strategic in new hampshire. that's what we've seen in the past. that's why since 1976 they picked five republican winners of the nomination and two presidents. they take pride in picking the winner. so they're looking for tonight not only who they like -- iowa likes to pick who they like. who meshes with iowa. new hampshire's trying to pick the next president of the united states. that's the same, they're going to try to take the night. if it's donald trump, that will say something pretty dramatic. >> you mentioned that new hampshire's trying to
2:58 am
essentially pick the next president of the united states. someone who would be winnable in a general election, right? >> absolutely. >> let's look back at history. let's look at 2012. we have numbers we can put up. in the 2012 new hampshire primary, we had at the top mitt romney who won 39.3%, below him was ron paul at 22.9. then john huntsman. and you see who fell in below. what can we learn from these past results? >> well, so mitt romney still had to pour in -- $100 million to still win after this race because of the way the system is structured. the other thing we can learn is a governor put in a lot of chips, john huntsman, and didn't quite get there. a lot of the governors, if they don't break 10%, they should be dropping out. the question becomes what does new hampshire mean? and it means who's going to get the establishment money, who's going to get donors' money, have momentum. people in play, kasich, rubio, maybe jeb bush. one of those guys has to come out clearly on top. otherwise, you'll see a nomination race maybe between trump and cruz.
2:59 am
is that really what anybody who supports jeb, kasich, or christie, is that what they want? >> some of the so-called establishment candidates have alluded to moving on to south carolina regardless of what happens tonight. >> they're all saying that. >> let's talk about what happens after tonight for the rest of the primary season -- >> it's not accurate. the thing, south carolina is winner take all. by congressional district. maybe john kasich thinks he can pick off a congressional district. it's not going to happen. people are not going to waste resources going to south carolina because winner take all. this is one reason i think this will be a long process. there are few winner-take-alls overall. one candidate has to consolidate 50% of the vote or this will go all the way to the convention. donald trump has a ceiling of 40%. i don't see him breaking 50%. show me a candidate that's going to break 50%. that's why i think more than any election in history we could have a nomination fight on the convention floor. >> we'll see how it goes. nice to have you with us. ron meyer, editor of red alert politics.
3:00 am
over to you. tomorrow we'll have special new hampshire primary coverage starting again at 4:00 a.m. you can find us here. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ if you're sick, if you're really like you can't move, you're close to death, your doctor tells you it's not working, your wife is disgusteded with you, she said i'm leaving, i don't give a damn, you got to get out to vote. >> if it keeps snowing, it will be easier not to show up and vote tomorrow. >> we're showing up! >> we're showing up! [ applause ] >> we're showing up! >> that's what we're counting on. >> i got to wear my snow jacket. listen, i came here to -- i can't thank you enough. >> tomorrow, new hampshire can help lead this country in a very different direction. in the direction of a political


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