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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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polls. what people were saying when they walked out can be so telling. we are hoping there will be bits of information for us to lay down. martha: have a great primary day, everybody. we'll see you later. jon: we begin with a fox news alert from the state that holds the first presidential primary. welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: the thirsty moose sounds pretty good. we are watching hemmer closely throughout the night. the polls show donald trump and bernie sanders leading their respective voters.
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registered independents can vote in either primary. they aren't slowing down making their pitches, and neither is the nasty rhetoric. hi, rich. reporter: they handle the snow better than we do in washington, d.c., so the voters are out today. there are polling places, diners and tv interviews and they are all getting in their last pitch of campaigning. >> it feels like all the work has paid off. but we'll see. >> we feel good about where we are. but a lot of people make up their minds. >> we drank champagne. we that academy. we'll finish strong and head to south carolina. >> get as many delegates as we can.
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reporter: the voters will be answering the questions we have been asking the last few days, can marco rubio overcome the relentless attacks from the other candidates. and can one of the governors emerge and break away from the pack and up to the polls. there is democrat bernie sanders leading in the polls. can hillary clinton catch up there? she is trying to do so. bernie sanders has been attack her relentlessly. sanders says goldman sachs is purchasing influence with clinton. clinton denies that saying there are a lot of wall street firms that oppose her. temperature. jenna: rich, thank you.
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jon: we have results from a few polling stations in new hampshire. three small towns who have special permission to hold their votes at midnight then close the polls as soon as everyone has voted. in dicksville notch john kasich won. bill trippi, former howard dean campaign manager and fox news con tributer. brad blakeman is the professor of public policy sat georgetown university. dicksville notch has a pretty good record of picking the winner. what do you think about kasich's three votes there. >> there is a little bit of gaming that's gone on this time. it's true the winner has gone on top win the state. but kasich held a town hall up there, then he personally called
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all nine of the voters up there and asked for their vote. so i'm not sure -- first of all it's clear he's not going to get 60% of the vote statewide. neither is bernie sanders going to get 100% of the vote statewide. it's a quaint tradition but i don't think it gives us a picture of what's going to happen tonight. >> it's a fascinating glimpse and shows you if the independents can vote in either primary, it seems like the republican race is generating the excitement this year in new hampshire. >> no question about it. i have to say as dicksville notch goes, so the state goes. kasich is the on one who paid attention to dixville notch.
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>> it's a long way up almost at the canadian border where most of the population of new hampshire is in the lower third of the state. >> just steps from the massachusetts border. that's where the center of the population is for new hampshire. they tend to be different than the people up north. new hampshire is a contrarian state. they are fiercely independent, and 40% of the vote today is likely to come from independents. and there are over 500 thousand people who are likely to vote today. this is secret ballot. this is the real test of whether these campaigns have a get out the vote evident, but whether they have the stamina over this many, many months to have connected with the people of new hampshire, which is a must. jon: there are a lot of people
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who say new hampshire is a small state in the corner of the country and doesn't represent what the rest of the america wants. do you agree with brad, this is where the rubber meets the road for some of these campaigns? >> some of the criticisms may be correct. but this one of the few places where candidates and voters can meet each other eye to eye. kasich has done that very well in the state, so has governor christie. i agree with brad that you are going -- i think new hampshire will serve up surprises. it tend to be a place that says not so fast and puts a break -- puts the brakes and any run away trains and gives other candidates a look. i wouldn't be surprised if kasich outperforms and even jeb bush may surprise us with his finish there. and we'll see on the democratic
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side. can hillary clinton close the single digits against bernie sanders. but new hampshire is a good place because it doesn't rely on how much money is spent, it's who connects in those rooms. donald trump who i don't think has done the kind of time on the ground the other candidates have done, whether happen * responds to that and delivers the big victory that the polls show, or whether some of these candidates close the gap with them, they become the big surprise. jonsurprise.. >> i don't necessarily believe the polls. he would have to defy gravity to win in the numbers the polls suggest. he hasn't done retail politics up until the last week.
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he left the state on the weekend to go is where. the new hampshire people take notice of that. also you have to look behind the curtain. he didn't let us see his ground operation in iowa because he didn't have one. and he's not letting us see his ground operation in new hampshire. if he was proud about it he would be showing it all over the place. but bush, rubio, christie, they have effective ground gapes across the state. jon: it's going to be fascinating to watch. brad blakeman and joe trippi. gentlemen, thank you to you both. be sure to keep it here for full covering of the result from new hampshire's primary right here on the fox news channel. we are america's election headquarters. jenna: mother nature playing a
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role in the first presidential primary. will the weather impact voter turnout today? >> good to see you. we are track can the with the across parts of new england. it's going to be a big part of whether rotors turn out. but the weather look quiet. we do have other weather headlines impacting new hampshire. the cold air is in place. old man winter is here and we have cold temperatures already right now. you can see those numbers only in the 20s. the problem is you factor in the wind and it makes it feel colder than that. we have unsettled weather and hours in as far north and west. even down into parts of georgia and alabama we have been seeing snow showers. and then into part of new england we are dealing with the snowfall, more of the heavier snow came down across parts of maine. in new hampshire most of the heavy snowfall is over with. we did have a store system that
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impacted parts of southeastern new england. for overall today. just lingering hours in. light accumulations. and i think the bigger story is the withs. it will feel cold when you head out to the polls. with temperatures none the between the. maybe 30 degree in some places and they will be dropping off as we head off into tonight with those forecast wind chill temperatures in the teens and between the. i don't think the with the should be too much of an issue. be careful on the roadways, you could encounter icy spot and snow showers. some of the winds picking up the snow that's already on the ground. jon: some new information concerning north korea, that country is believed to be getting ready to carry out another underground nuclear test. that comes after they launched a
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missile test which it critics believe was a cover for nuclear test. >> it comes a month after the lost nuclear test by north korea it cop after testimony given before a congressional committee this morning by the director of national intelligence, james clapper. he says north korea is starting one moth balled nuke facility and expanding another one that was a result. but there couldn't be nuclear material tack inquiried. it comes after the rocket launch by north korea. the payload that went into orbit was twice as heavy as the one launched in 2012. and the range of the rocket longer than the one in 2012.
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that puts us well in the range of the united states. in fact as the rocket debris is being recovered. all of this in fact a cover for the testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload. the satellite is said to be couple belling in orbit and north korea's government is said to be a long way from miniaturizing the material needed for a nuclear weapon. the government is taking no chances setting up an anti-missile defense system. the white house saying today president obama spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan to reassure them a washington post editorial today says the administration policy of strategic patience when it comes
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to north korea is, and i'm quoting, a failure. jon: in just a little bit we'll cuss the situation in north korea with general bob scales. jenna: more allegations against cleveland's once star quarterback johnny manziel. what we are learning now. the growing threat from isis. leaders from our intelligence agencies share what they now know on capitol hill. our live chat is ongoing. go to to join the conversation. we live in a pick and choose world.
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the 25-year-old's body was found two weeks ago in her apartment. police say she was suffocated. a 24-year-old suspect was gambia was arrested. authority save he knew her through her work with refugees. the former illinois police officer serving a 38-year sentence for the murder of his third wife. now he's charged with trying to hire an inmate to kill the prosecutor who sent him to prison. more trouble for former cleveland's quarterback johnny manziel, she claims he hit her so hard she lost hearing in one ear. he's under investigation for domestic violence. jenna: the focus of two capitol
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hill hearings today, the detectivor of national intelligence is testifying about the growth of isis in libya. libya. al qaeda. catherine herridge has the latest from washington. reporter: the nation's intelligence chief james clapper told the senate armed services committee this morning in his prepared testimony that the threats facing the u.s. have never been greater. at one point clapper called the testimony in litany of doosm. he said san bernardino to be the first in a wave of threats in the u.s. and europe. >> particular not recall a more diverse array of challenges and crises that we confront as we do today. reporter: clapper says the group based in syria and iraq has
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shown an unprecedented online efficiency using social media to spread its ideology of hate. clapper said there are more sunni extremist groups today than ever before. >> the rate of foreign fighters traveling to the conflict zones in sir jar and flawct last few years is without precedence. 238,000 foreign fighters have traveled to syria from at least 120 countries since the beginning of the conflict in 2012. reporter: clapper seems critical of the iran agreement of signed in switzerland saying his office is operating on the principle of distrust and verify. clapper says iran signed the deal as a way to lift the sanctions and there is deep scepticism all of the requirements will be met, citing
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ambiguities or loopholes they could take advantage of. jon: the which dove an isis leader is charged in the death of a young american aid work. plus the polls are open now in new hampshire. independent voters expected to make a big mark. they can vote in either party's primary. how that might impact the results today. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan.
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in the death of an american aid worker kayla mueller. she admitted she and her husband kept mueller captive along with several other young female hostages. she is in iraqi custody and facing prosecution. it's unclear when and if she'll be brought to the u.s. to stands trial. jenna: the new hampshire primary is a semi open one, meaning any registered voter can cast a ballot. with 44% of registered voters in the state undeclared. you will recognize darren. let's just work through this just bit by bit. what is a semi-open primary?
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>> i have to put on my political signs hat. there are caucuses like we have in iowa. they are dominated by party registrants. there are closed primaries which if you are a registered democrat you can vote on the democratic side. then it gets interesting. in texas we have an open primary. i teach at university of texas. an open primary means if you are democrat or republican you can show up on election day and request whichever ballot you choose. semi-open is kind of rare. in ham require's a semi-open. republicans can vote in the republicans, democrats in the democrats. but those who aren't registered can vote in whichever primary they choose. democrats and republicans can't
8:26 am
cross over, but the independents can. jenna: are they registered independents but are they simply undeclared. so these are not -- they are not even saying they are independent. they are just saying they are free. somewhat you have are sort of a housekeeping designation. a lot of these people who decline to state, who are undeclared think themselves as republicans or democrats. that's why they are distinct from a few months from now we start talking about people who consider themselves politically independent. we are talking about 44% of all registered voters are declining to state or undeclared. some portion of those are really republicans and democrats who don't want to register as such. but they think of themselves that way and vote that way. >> we were listening to a woman
8:27 am
speak with martha maccallum dug her show and she said i'm look at kasich or clinton. it wasn't along party lines she was looking at the candidates. she can decide last minute to vote for either party if she is in part that undeclared voter section. what are you going to be watching as we are getting the numbers throughout the day. what are you going to be watching for? >> on the democratic side the real question is whether hoik is closing. the family has a great reputation in new hampshire. they have a special connection. there is a sense amongst people doing this stuff that she may prove to be closer to bernie sanders than some of the polls indicate. on the republican side i'm looking to see if trump breaks 30%. he has been polling 27, 28, 29.
8:28 am
and of course there is the huge train wreck on the republican side, rubio, kasich, cruz, bush. i don't have a clue. let's wait for the data to come in. jenna: quickly, doron, how does the new hampshire result determine or impact what we are going to look at in south carolina? >> new hampshire is notoriously poor at forecasting future primary result. but does it winnow the field? does anybody drop? do donors take their cues from a strong showing from a kasich or bush pore rubio. and backing the establishment
8:29 am
lane candidates. jenna: you work on the numbers, i'll work on the language it's good team work. great to see you. we'll be watching your work later tonight when we get the polling results to see what the numbers tell us. jon: a deadly rush hour crash as two commuter trains slam into each other. what investigators learned about the cause. we are live with breaking details. trump known for his politically incorrect tone. did he go too par in describing one of his rivals? that's next.
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jon: new concerns about north korea. how the u.s. should handle this threat. plus gweneth paltrow starring in a real-life drama. why she was in court saying she feared for her life. the price at the pump heading down with gas nationwide the cheapest it's been in six years. in some state it's getting close to the $1 a gallon mark. jenna: breaking details on the deadly head-on crash of two
8:34 am
commuter trains in germany. the trains slamming into each other killing nine people and injuring many more. rescuers had trouble reaching the wreck because of terrain. reporter: a high-speed crash left two people dead. the two commuter trains collide at 7:40 local time in germany, slamming straight into each other without breaking. it's thought they were both traveling at speed 60 miles an hour. survivors have spoken of numerous people pinned in as one carriage derailed and. >> the flipped over. the two drivers are among the dead. rescuers were on the scene
8:35 am
within three minutes of receiving the call. but with a river on one side and a for test on the other it took hours to reach them. safety systems had been checked last week. black boxes from both trains have been recovered and are being analyzed. at the moment's unclear if this was how error or technical fault. the death toll could have been a lot higher. each train is able to hold up to 1,000 passengers and are commonly used by children traveling to school. but because this was a holiday only 200 were on board. germany has a well-respected train service. today it's a lucky thing there
8:36 am
weren't more deaths involved. jon: more fighting word on the campaign trail in new hampshire raising eyebrows. donald trump in the thick of it as he repeated a vulgar term for coward that begins with a "p" when describing ted cruz. it was first said by a woman at a rally in manchester. >> she said he is a [bleep]. ma'am, you are reprimanded. can she stay? jon: joining us now, the cap pain director for the american progress action fund and lisa booth, a gop strategist. donald trump has said a lot of outrageous things. this started with a woman at his rally.
8:37 am
he repeated the term. will it make a difference? >> is it groundhog's day? this conversation keeps happening with donald trump. i think there were a lot of voters who share his disdain for the perverse political correctness. there are plenty of things to talk about with the issues americans are facing, whether it's the economy and the fact wages have been stagnant under president obama or the national security threat we faced from isis. but this is unnecessary. i think this is part of the reasonton since december has seen a 17% loss in favorability. i think this is port of the reason he headed into iowa with the lead but lost by points to ted cruz. the late breakers went to the other candidates. tonight will be a big test for him to see how he does. jon: he must think this is going
8:38 am
to play well for him, otherwise why repeat the term and make such a big deal of it from the podium? >> trump is doing what trump does best. saying something offensive. dominating the news cycle. then making everyone talk about donald trump. we are talking on the democratic side about whether it's appropriate for clinton to be running on the fact that she is a woman and broke barriers. when someone went into the trump rally and the most offensive thing they could say about ted cruz was a any son -- a mis a m.
8:39 am
jon: if you said that about a woman you would be pill ar be pn the public square. >> i don't think anyone should be voted for because of their gender. but younger women do tend to believe the fight of their mothers is that now fate of today. those battles are settled and that's not the case. jon: let's focus on the trump thing. i got us off track with my trump thing. cruz's campaign sent out a clever response saying guess who finished second in iowa. ted cruz did come in first. is this just donald trump reflectively being angry about the result there? >> potentially. we have seen the conversation he
8:40 am
had after losing to ted cruz and trying to make up some sort of excuse that some how the results were flawed. but to emily's point, the criticism directed to hoik in playing the gender card is she says things like every sexual assault victim deserves to be heard, yet she led the result in damaging monica lewinsky who was the target of bill clinton's sexual advances. she has been a hypocrite on a lot of different issues. in terms of donald trump. tonight will be a big question mark. new hampshire tended to be a volatile state in trying to look at polling. 30% of the electorate wasn't eligible to vote in 2008. any of the polls that placed too much of an emphasis on 2008 could be skewed. hillary clinton won 2008 in new hampshire and she wasn't
8:41 am
supposed to, and the same can be said for john mccain. it will be an interesting night. jon: donald trump is succeeding because a lot of people are saying voters are angry after your party held the white house for the last 8 years. does that trouble you? does that jurory you? >> a lot of trump voters are attracted to bernie sanders. they want to buck the establishment and buck what's going on in both parties. a lot of people want to declose the influence in washington. it will be the candidate who can say i hair, i can respond to you. and i don't think any of the republican candidates did that in the last debate considering the fact in the last two debates they never brought up the economy at all. it will be a tough sell to people. thank you
8:42 am
jenna: a 14-year-old girl found beaten and strangled on a hiking trail. north korea firing a long-range rocket. our next guest says iran played a role in the launch. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. jon: an update to the story we have been following. a man convicted in the death of april milseth. her mother reported her missing hours before her body was found on a hiking trail. she had been beaten and strangled. her southern says the verdict is
8:46 am
the result of sympathy and not evidence. don't miss our legal panel next hour as we go in-depth on this case. jenna: north korea is apparently getting ready to carry out another missile test. the satellite is apparently useless and tumbling around in orbit. but there are those who save we have to pay attention. the fact they were able to put this satellite into orbit is a big accomplishment. president obama and south korea's president had a phone conversation about possible sanctions against the north. i'm joined by major bob scales. you say that we don't have to just look at north korea. we have to take a look at iran within iran's roll in this. why do you say that? >> mr. clearp was a little disingenuous saying there is no
8:47 am
recent collaboration between iran and north korea. but there has been a great deal of interchange between these two countries. iran can launch short-range missiles. we know thanks to the nuke deal they can't develop missile material. north korea is free to launch intercontinental missiles and they have recently expanded their manufacture of blue toneup and even riched uranium. iran has electronics technology. they know how to make big rockets and safer rockets. technology north korea doesn't have. one of the reasons the north koreans blew you have the first stage of their recent rock tote hide the fact that so much of the technology is imported. jenna: the director intelligence is testifying.
8:48 am
i'm summarize weighing said. we have good oversight of the connections between north korea and iran. however, north korea does want cash. who has that cash? that's why often fingers point to iran. to deter north korea from doing these tests and testing this technology, do you go after north korea or should wee be going after iran? >> i think a little of both. they are both in bed together developing deliverable transcontinental nuclear tip missiles. right now there is very little we can do to take on iran. the only option that the united states has is to increase sanctions fairly meaningless because they get so much money from other sources or to learn on china to have them cut off the supplies of the central view materials. frankly at least for the near term, that's not going to happen. >> based on who you have been
8:49 am
speak with, were returnian representative there in north korea during the latest test? >> the iranians have been observing these tests and collaborating with north koreans for many many years. there is something to be gained by both players in furthering their attempt to build a viable intercontinental missile. jenna: i know you spend some time in eastern europe. naive to is raising the stakes against russia. it's planning to beef up military presence along and near russia's borders. what do you think is the impact of that? >> i think it many a red herring. nothing happens in naive to unless the united states leads -- nothing happens in nato unless america leads. they will increase its ground
8:50 am
presence by one armored brigade the next to years. but they will only man it two months out of the year. that tells mr. putin we are not serious about deterrence and in the long term may have the opposite effect. jenna: when you read the headlines it makes you think differently. thank you. >> he does bring some clarity. jon: a handful of states selling gas for close to a buck a gallon. we'll tell you where you can buy a gallon of gas for $1.11. actress gweneth paltrow takes the stands against an alleged stalker. relook.
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jon: let's check out on what's ahead at the top of the hour. reporter: five republicans vying for second place in new hampshire as donald trump defends his use of a crude term and hillary makes a last-ditch appeal to women. harris: the intelligence direct years saying there an unprecedented number of foreign fighters joining isis and the pentagon can't say if we are wing the fight. andrea: do you have a mom or dat dad or husband or wife? in one course at a public university. you bert not use those nasty gendery words. more campus p.c. craziness. harris: all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. now back to our friends jon.
8:55 am
jon: it will be a guy in the middle. thanks very much. see you then. gweneth paltrow takes the stand in a los angeles courtroom telling a jury she feared for her life after receiving dozens of letters and packages from a man accused of stalking her for 17 years. reporter: the actress in tears on the stand when recounts the fear she had for her family's safety. paltrow spoke of the 48 letters that basically contained religious statements and mentioned paltrow's death. she says he expressed his intenth on marrying her and wrote that he wanted to cleanse her of sin while sending packages that contained sex toys
8:56 am
and other random gifts. it went on for 17 years, but this is focusing on messages from 2009 to 2015. she says i'm scared because the communications deny lodgic. she said i have been dealing with this for 17 years from the communications from this man. the suspect pled not guilty. his lawyer says his clients is a christian man trying to minister to the actress. jenna: next hour some high drama on the high seas after a cruise ship sailed into a powerful storm. a new sanctuary city controversy with a victim being handed over to the feds.
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. . . .
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>> back with more "happening now" in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. andrea: this is fox news alert. voting is under way in america's first primary state as candidates crisscross new hampshire scrambling for every vote. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us, harris faulkner. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. democratic strategist, fox news contributor, julie roginsky is back. today's #oneluckyguy, author, columnist, senior editor of "national review," mr. joan jaw goldberg. welcome back. you're rout numbered again. >> always great to be here. andrea: weapon love your goatee. politicking the town halls and candidates going door-to-door, votes being cast in the nation's


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