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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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:our final 30. the bronco fans going buck wild after their super bowl win out in denver. i'm one of them. i'm here. i'm with you. could be a million people welcoming the super bowl champs back home to the mile high city. >> congratulations. have a good day everybody. >> gre >> gretche in is up now. >> happy primary day. the snow is not expected to stop. historic tourn outs. this is the real story. donald trump looking to shore up his first victory as bernie sanders looks to even the score with hillary clinton. let's hear what some of the republican candidates had to say in their final pitches.
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>> when i'm president of the united states i will not blame barack obama for a single thing because the day i'm sworn into office, it's on my watch. whatever it is. >> i think every time these republicans go after each other in an ugly way, the democrats cheer. >> the biggest attacker in this race has been marco rubio. he puts a smile on and sends out a super pack to cut throats. >> why are we having a hand full of billionaire's picking our president? >> if you're sick and the doctor says you're not going to make it, if your wife tells you she's leaving you, she's falling in love with another man. it doesn't make a difference, go out and vote. >> as of right now, 40-50% of new hampshire voters are still undecided. fox team coverage for you today at the polls and mike emanual following the clinton cap. first let's go to peter though. peter, what are voters telling
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you there? >> reporter: they take the responsibility of voting first in the nation very seriously. what some are been telling us this morning and this afternoon after pulling the lever they did a lot of research in the days and weeks. a couple of different folks didn't know who they were going to back. some said they didn't know which party they liked better. >> i was on the democratic side this time around so i decided to come here. i could support marco rubio but i decided today. >> i'm hoping for rubio to be honest with you. we'll see how it goes. >> i knew who i was going in paf a long deliberation. >> who did you vote for? >> never kiss and tell. >> another common theme today, folks say those political adds
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they've been bombarded with were very annoying but it has not slowed downturn out. officials say they are on track to hit the number they've forecasted in terms of this location. >> okay. so what kind of last minute campaigning. what have you witnessed there today? >> hillary clinton was at this polling place we seen a van driving by honking its horn. there are a hand full of volunteers. >> thanks much. new hampshire primary turning into a battle for the undeclared and undecided voters.
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senior correspondent live. mike, after months of seeing all these candidates, how can people still be undecided? >> good question. after meeting all the candidates, after hearing from their sur gants and seeing all the adds, they certainly do not lack for information both republican and democratic candidates have been chris crossing the granite state for months. new hampshire voters demand candidates look them in the eyes and shake their hands and say what they would do if elected. we found first time primary voters who are still uncertain. >> i have yet to find a candidate on either side i would really want to support. i'm an old man, 72-years-old. >> i'm leaning more towards the
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democrats. >> they can certainly be unpredictable in terms of showing up. >> that's for sure. is there any way of knowing where these undecided voters, where do they ultimately go? >> some people i talked to up here say these independent voters like going where the action is whether it's on the republican or democratic side. >> the other interesting factor about new hampshire is we have many undeclared or independent voters. the largest voting block in new hampshire is undeclared. therefore, you never know where these people are going to vote. they can take a democrat ballot or a republican ballot. you just don't know. >> finally, if you're looking for prediction about who will win, look at new hampshire. laconia, new hampshire. population 6,000. their accuracy of picking
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democratic and republican candidates have the perfect mix of upper income and working class votesman. >> mike, thanks. donald trump facing fresh fire over his use of some foul language. will trump repeating a vulgar word shouted out at a rally, it's not the most inflammatory thing he said. >> you're not allowed to say and i ne expect to hear that from you again. she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he's a [ bleep ]. we're going to have businesses that use to be in new hampshire that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> presidential candidate donald trump joining me now on the phone. mr. trump, good to have you back on the real story. >> hi, gretchen i never said
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that word. there was a big blank there. i never said the word. >> okay. but cursing and saying the other word you said last night has been a staple for you. i asked my viewers to tweet me questions for you today. many asked this one. is using profanity presidential? >> well, i'm having a lot of fun with our audience. we had 5,000 people in the arena last night, in a huge blizzard. we were getting standing ovat n ovations and they were all kbieted. a woman screamed out a word a couple of times. i said you should never use that word, here's the word. i repeated the word and it wasn't particularly a rough word. i the other one you show, i used a blank spot. >> you've said other four letter words, i know you've probably been in the news room and that kind of stuff flies around, i'm
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asking whether or not it's presidential? >> i wouldn't do it. i went to the best school and i did very well. i know exactly what to say. i have an outcome that was a top, top professor. i know exactly what to say. as it winds down and you get closer and closer you do change your tone. i would certainly change my tone. i had thousands of thousands of people and we want to have a little word. >> jeb bush had choice words for you. donald trump, you're not only a loser but a liar and a winer. john mccain is a hero over and out. mccain weighing in a few moments ago took a minute to you. >> it's been so disappointing to see some presidential candidates engaged in loose talk on the campaign trail about reviving
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water boarding and other inhumane interrogation techniques. it might be easy to dismiss this blusterous cheap campaign rhetoric. these statements must not go unanswered. >> he says those statements must go not unanswered. hou how would you respond back? >> jeb bush is a weak candidate who is somebody in favor of common core and weak on immigration. >> we want to change your -- >> he's a very weak candidate. as far as john mccain is concerned when you say weekend water board they can job off the heads of christians and everybody in the middle east as
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far as they want. i think that's pretty known. i'm totally in favor of water boarding. >> i think john mccain is fine. i think haez not done a good job for veterans. i go around and i'm the most popular for veterans. john mccain is a nice man but not effective in taking care of the veterans. they're being treated worse than illegal immigrants that come across our boarders. john mccain, i would love to see him do a much better job with the veterans administration. >> one of the things people said was a negative about people in iowa was you didn't have a big enough ground gain.
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didn't spend enough money. i know one of the most popular things was you're spending your own money and not beholding to anyone else. i'm wondering now are you really willing to spend the kind of money it's going to take to win this thing? >> i'm self-funding my own campaign. if you look at iowa i got the most votes of anybody in the campaign. if the votes weren't taken away i would have won the iowa caucus. >> i hope michael bloomberg gets in because i love competing against michael bloom perg. i think it would be great if he
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got in. i think he would win. hopefully, we're going to win tonight and have a good victory. i look forward to that. the people in new hampshire have a tremendous problem with drugs pouring in. the heroine is unbelievable. i'll stop it because i'm going to have strong borders. i'm going to have a wall and it will be built but we're going to have strong boarders and the drugs are pouring into new hampshire and it's a disgrace. >> a few more hours to vote and we'll see how it turns out. than thanks so much. >> some people might not want to vote for mr. trump but we're going to explain how people voting for someone like chris christie or jeb bush could end up handing delegates to the front run erp. how can that happen? to truly feel healthy on the outside
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and if you're a safe driver, you can save up to 45%. just a few more ways, allstate is changing car insurance for good. call a local allstate agent today. welcome back to the real story. middle known rule. kind of a kwerk. if some candidates don't get 10% of the vote, the winner gets all their delegates. here to talk about this and other rules political reporter. we found this fascinating, matt when we built a lot of graphics to be able to explain how this actually happened. let's break it down here. i want to pretend that you know, all the votes when they're tallied, you have a candidate,
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ab and c. they did well when on the screen here. >> it would go to the winner of the caucuses. their percentage. that could breakout in a way that gives them more delegates. >> let's take this a step further now. we've had so far 13 delegates that have been appropriated. with the bottom 10%, let's say that makes up 22% of the voters. when you do the percentage, that's an additional amount of delegates that i believe is about four delegates. so now somebody who hasn't
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wanted to vote for trump or rubio, they vote for christie or jeb or somebody who may be lower, those delegates go to somebody they never intended. >> right. yeah. that's been the battle here for the past couple of months is you have this quartet all been below 15%. christie now below that. >> let's go back to the convention talk. it's my understanding any caucus or primary that takes place must be a proportional state. that's why the winner doesn't take all the delegates and once you get to the convention those
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are bound delegates. you can't change it. >> yeah. you're heading out of new hampshire. there's a small number of delegates. the important thing out of new hampshire is the winning that happe happens. somebody needs momentum to make it to south carolina. that's the big battle here. >> this may go to somebody totally different. >> so voters turning up late last night to cast the very first votes in new hampshire. >> on the democratic side we have four votes casts for bernie sanders. >> four votes cast for the candidates. >> none for hillary. >> senator bernie sanders starting off with the early lead. can he hold on to make this a
11:20 am
tie game with hillary? plus republicans watching the debate hoping this won't be the death nails to their campaign. that brings us to the question of day. how do you think the primary will effect the rest of the race going forward? go to my facebook page as well. answer the question. love to hear from you. thanks.
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sanders hitting back against clinton's claim he took month from wall street. it's a busy day as candidates get out to work across the state for the first in the nation
11:24 am
primary. chief white house correspondent live in new hampshire. ed, you're in a hillary clinton field office. she's been down big in new hampshire. do they really believe they can close this margin, the 20 point gap? >> some of the people talking here believe hillary can win here. that's why they're fighting for every vote. they've bj nothing on doors and have the pizza coming in to keep the troops full and ready to go out there. what others are saying privately, even if she doesn't win, bernie sanders has such a big lead you play the expectations game that can help hill kri clinton to narrow the gap. bernie sanders lost ohio. he's arriving at a polling place talking to folks and a big crush around him.
11:25 am
she had folks behind her saying settle for hillary instead of being excited. gives you an idea of the kurns she's been fighting for the campaign. hillary clinton battling and the other people are settling on her and not excited. >> it sounds like a sanders campaign also set up for attacks for hillary and bill clinton. >> yes. suggestion from the clinton camp was he had taken a whole lot of money. it is laughable and suggests the kind dits array the clinton camp finds itself in today. you mention bill clinton not backing down. he was at a rally ripping into
11:26 am
sanders. >> the problem with being that is it doesn't get you anywhere. >> one of the fun any west things that happened moments ago is somebody out here making sure people are knocking on doors saying wait a minute. if you live anywhere around here, don't forget you have to vote. don't drag other people to the polls. >> ed henry. good to see you. see you soon. one former governor and senator of new hampshire says the republicans might be looking at a brokered convention and will know soon. hear his prediction next. plus things getting ugly on the campaign trail. what happened to a pair of rubio robots when they encountered some marco rubio supporters?
11:27 am
and younger voters expected to make a big difference in this primary. hear from some who are still deciding between john kasich and bernie sanders. d give her the sh and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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bottom of the hour on the real story. thanks for staying with us. doug greg saying the republican party needs to reunite between ted cruz and donald trump. here's what he had to say about cruz this morning. >> i think he's unethical. basically, hung all the republicans out to dry for the purposes of himself. what he did for the republican party and enclosing the government is inexcusable. >> governor breath also supports jeb bush and making a remarkable prediction about the south carolina primary. >> we will know after south carolina. we're into the brokered convention. >> mary o'conner hosts mornings
11:32 am
on the mall. larry let me start with you. this is a republican saying a couple of things. saying cruz would be worse in his mind than donald trump and also saying if we come out of south carolina with more than four it's going to be a brokered convention. strong statements. >> yeah, let me dispension with the first one. i don't know what that means worse than donald trump. they didn't win enough? what did they lose? that was after the government shut down. >> tg true. the way delegates are proportioned, if these guys are well funded and stay rolling the
11:33 am
way they stay rolling you could have a brokers convention. not one has the share. you look at today, especially for new hampshire. bush, rubio, kasich and christie are all vying for the same votes. until they take their body parts and make one party out of them they're going to keep slitting each other apart. >> brokered convention use to be thought as a good thing. >> i don't think it is going to happen. if you're only getting 5-10% state after state after state your money dries up and there's no way you can win. the idea all can stay funded and stay alive while not wibing is not the way politics works anymore. if you look at the polls, donald trump at least two weeks ago was ahead in every other state. if he's getting 30-40% and the rest 5, 10, 15% you'll start to
11:34 am
see candidates dropping out and endorsing him and the field will slink and if trump continues to lead the way he is, he'll be able to get the nomination. >> i guess the flip side is if all those candidates coalesced into one they would get a bigger percentage. i want to move on to this. there were these rubio robots that attacked rubio supporters outside today in new hampshire. i understand you have some inside information on where they may have come from. >> i am your man on the ground in new hampshire. i actually saw these guys first sunday morning right after the debate. they come from a super pack called american bridge aligned with hillary clinton. >> good question, simon.
11:35 am
>> i was -- it's been a hard week. by the way, congratulations on your wig tv hit saturday night. you look great. >> yeah, he asked a question during the debate. >> all right. you know that i tweeted out my friend. good job. >> i appreciated it very much. thanks. >> time now for my take. one of the biggest predictors of the unpredictability of the primary today is the covetted undecided. going into the primary today in new hampshire that number the still big. 40-50 percent on the g.o.p. side. it's not pan understatement to say undecided could change the whole scope. new hampshire primary history shows us exactly what i'm talking about. 1984, final washington post abc
11:36 am
news poll had walter tied with heart. heart won by 9. 1996, cnn time magazine poll shows bob dole winning by 15 points. so pat ends up winning by one. 2008 real clear politics average for primary day on barack obama shows him winning by 8.3 advantage points but loses 2.6. myth romney ended up winning 20 but ended up winning lower at 16.4. based on this history, i pet we see at least one big surprise tonight in new hampshire, maybe more. >> there are more registered independent voters in new
11:37 am
hampshire than democrats and republicans. any voter can walk in and choose a primary ballot for any party. they also allow college students to vote as long as they don't vote anywhere else. so now to some of the most sought after voters, the young people and the undecided. where on the g.o.p. side a new poll finds 30% but others have met 30 and 50. plus as mike emanual reported earlier, a lot of interesting folks living in that town because they've chosen the republican and democratic inwe ares since 2000. >> great to have you both on the real story. >> great to have you here. >> thank you for having us. >> let me start with you. i know you're undecided. you're a high school student. this is going to be your first
11:38 am
election. why are you undecided? >> it seems to me, a large choice. i'm registered as an independent voter at the moment. on the republican side you have the front runners now tied between john kasich, donald trump and ted cruz and you have marco rubio trailing behind. >> how do you decide who you end up voting for because you might go for kasich or sanders? aren't they totally different candidates? >> yes, they are. it's a matter of perception for me whether i choose republican or democrat. i'm leaning farther towards kasich at the moment. >> why? because of the way he's conducted his campaign.
11:39 am
he's not slandered anyone. he fantasizes what people are good at. >> you're also looking at kasich and bernie sanders. >> yeah, that's right. i like to think of myself as a political moderate. they both support my view on that. even though they have different views of that, they're more focussed on things that are domestic like balancing the budget and brings college to students. >> i guess when you get out in the real world and start paying taxing you'll realize how different they are, right dan?
11:40 am
>> yeah, i suppose so. i do work now. i pay taxes but i guess it will be bigger once i get out in the real world. >> between the two of you, what's it going to take when you go vote? are you going to decide right then and there? dan? >> umm, i mean, i suppose so, yeah. this is our day, right. perhaps i'll figure out who i'll vote for. i've got go do a lot of thinking. i don't have that much time to think about it. >> i think you got about three hours 20 minutes. >> all right. so that certainly put the time frame on it. >> all right. all right guys. all the best. thanks for being part of the system. it's important young people are
11:41 am
involved. some ask have the attacks gone too far? we'll talk to the chairman of the democratic party. plus the primary expected to be high on both sides. could it break the report books? >> going back and looking at or previous half a dozen primaries, it, it's a prediction. it's not infathomable. living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing,
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test. . .
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hey, i'm shepard smith where it's primary day. you probably heard the detriks, right. what o fishlgs are now blaming for what they call a bis mal turnout. just 16 minutes. >> back to the real story now. new hampshire secretary of state
11:45 am
predicting a record primary turnout today. bill expects 550,000 votes to be casts. 280,000 republican ballots. 286,000 dem ones. 50,000 registering today. he said that would make for a 62% turnout of registered voters and just under 883,000 voters registered in the entire state. over 389,000 of them undeclared. that's more than republicans and democrats both. joining me now is ray buckley, chair of the democratic party. i had that report, the largest with 8,400 registered voters by 12:30 today only 2,400 people had voted and it was being voted as a bis mal. what do you know about that? >> well, that's the town has an
11:46 am
enormous amount of individual social security working. i'm sure it will pick up. that's not what i'm hearing what's going on. >> what are you hearing? hearing very heavily turn up. my word in manchester, it's democratic and republican, i waited at 11:00 a.m. with normally never a wait, 35 minutes. >> wow. how do you assess that then? what does that mean? >> well, i think there's an enormous amount of interest on the republican side. there's 12-13 candidates that are actively campaigning out there that's received a lot of press coverage. then on the democratic side you have two campaigns that's invested an enormous amount of
11:47 am
resources. both bernie and hillary have over 18 local offices and a hundred paid staff and a couple of volunteers knocking on doors today. with that compared to what's going on in the republican side i suspect there will be indeed a historic number of turnouts. >> some people say the younger voters and the connecticut river valley, essential to bernie sanders campaign. hillary clinton needs manchester to deliver for her one more time in some sort of a come back. am i accurate on that? >> absolutely. >> okay. so is there any angst in the democratic party with things getting more vicive between sanders and hillary clinton? what's the word on the ground? >> well, the fact neither campaign has run a single negative television add against another. i think we're grateful we're running a much more positive
11:48 am
forward message driven campaigns. on the republican side tens of millions of dollars have been spent beating the stuffing out of each other. i think that's not going to serve republicans well in getting together or in november. >> okay. ray buckley, we'll see if we break any records today with votes. thanks, sir. >> thank you. >> one big issue for you voters, the top threats facing our country. the director of national intelligence testifying today to what he considers to be the biggest danger. isn't isis al qaeda or could it be something else? >> director clapper, you testified last year in your 45 years of public service, this was the worst global threatened environment you've ever seen. >> yes, sir. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree.
11:49 am
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fox news alert for you. the worldwide threat of isis and al qaeda getting scarier by the day, according to our country's top intelligence officials. they reveal the terror group's online presence is unprecedented, and isis's chemical weapons capabilities advancing and being put to use. catherine herridge live in washington. some of this may have been lost in the shuffle with the primaries. but we learned a bunch of stuff at this hearing. >> we have. fox news first reported on the use of chemical agents against the kurds in mid-january, and today, the intelligence chief confirmed isis is making and deploying crude chemical agents. >> isil has used toxic chemicals in iraq and syria. first time an extremist group has produced and used a chemical warefare agent in an attack since serine was used in japan.
11:53 am
>> this is the second round of testimony today on the hill. now before the senate intelligence committee, and the leaders of the u.s. intelligence committee are testifying that the terrorist threat has never been greater and emphasizing the successful terror attacks in paris and san bernardino could lead the way for follow-up plots in the u.s. and europe. clapper and other witnesses said the number of foreign fighters in syria and iraq is now at a record high. 39,000 since the conflict began in 2012 with 6900 carrying western passports who generally don't need visas to enter the u.s., and the groups are poised to make gains in 2016. >> in my 50-plus years in the intelligence business, i cannot recall a more diverse array of challenges and crises that we confront as we do today. >> clapper and the head of the defense intelligence agency were skeptical of the nuclear deal,
11:54 am
telling lawmakers they're tracking a half dozen loopholes they may take advantage of. >> important information. what else are we looking about the hack of the justice department? >> well, the hackers have released what's reported to be the employee names, titles, and contact information for 22,000 fbi employees. some of the information is public. some of it posted to an encrypted website, and there's at least one report today that the group behind the hacking was the same group behind the hacking of cia director brennan's personal account. that's pretty interesting to say the least. >> all right, catherine herridge, thanks much. >> ten persons now reported dead. one person is still missing from the crash with little hope of finding anyone else alive in the wreckage. officials reporting 88 people injured in the crash, nine seriously. germany's transport minister said the trains slammed into each other on a curve after an automatic safety braking system
11:55 am
apparently failed. >> voters in new hampshire waiting up until the last minute to make their decision. what everyone needs to know about the polls tonight. >> plus, it's also a day to celebrate. you may have forgot about this. it's fat tuesday. how are you celebrating? listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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you may have forgotten about this because voters hitting the polls today in new hampshire, it's fat tuesday. for millions around the world, that means mardi gras today in new orleans and for others around the world, they're celebrating canavale, like those in brazil. the days before ash wednesday, which is storm, when the lent season begins. dancers marching in parades, taking to the streets in rio in elaborate costumes. so, have a doughnut and enjoy yourself before fasting starts tomorrow. the results may take some time to trickle in tonight from new hampshire. polls must be at least open, well, by 11:00 a.m., and stay
11:59 am
open until at least 7:00 p.m. eastern. but many towns are following their own rules three town opened until midnight. they have smaller populations and close earlier. sometimes before other polls even open. some 266 precincts close right at 7:00 p.m. two others close at 7:30. all the rest, about a quarter of the state's precincts are done at 8:00 p.m. we ask what effect you think today's primary will have on the race. janice said it could be lights out for some of the republican candidates. one believes michael bloomberg is waiting for hillary to lose and then he'll announce his candidacy. one says if new hampshire has a history of setting the tone for the delegates, we should expect no less tonight. bill said it's all like iowa, all hype. it doesn't represent the values of the country. >> we had two young undecideds on earlier who weren't sure if they wanted john kasich or
12:00 pm
bernie sanders. they're to tell us how they vote when they get out of the booth. we will fill you in tomorrow. we're going to get them to do cell phone video. thanks for being part of the real story. here's shep in new hampshire. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 here in new hampshire where the waiting is over and they're voting everywhere up and down the state. so tonight, we should finally get answers about important questions. first, will donald trump show up in the numbers the polls suggest or will the granite state prove as rocky as iowa, where strong poll performance did not translate to a win? also, three governors headed into new hampshire, but how many will leave as candidates? could this be the last stop for any of these, bush, christie, or kasich. blus, can marco rubio overcome the debate performance and find last-minute momentum? for the democrats, bernie sanders looking for a solid win heading into the first vote. if hillary clinton can loc


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