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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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bernie sanders. they're to tell us how they vote when they get out of the booth. we will fill you in tomorrow. we're going to get them to do cell phone video. thanks for being part of the real story. here's shep in new hampshire. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 here in new hampshire where the waiting is over and they're voting everywhere up and down the state. so tonight, we should finally get answers about important questions. first, will donald trump show up in the numbers the polls suggest or will the granite state prove as rocky as iowa, where strong poll performance did not translate to a win? also, three governors headed into new hampshire, but how many will leave as candidates? could this be the last stop for any of these, bush, christie, or kasich. blus, can marco rubio overcome the debate performance and find last-minute momentum? for the democrats, bernie sanders looking for a solid win heading into the first vote. if hillary clinton can lockdown a strong second, that could be a
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big lift for the campaign. also, might there soon be another billionaire in the race? former new york city mayor mike bloomberg confirms he's considering running as an independent. we'll look at how that could affect both parties and the race as a whole. let's get to it. and good afternoon. this primary tuesday from saint anselm college in new hampshire. voters have a few hour s left, and the polls have suggesting many are just now making up their minds. that could lead to big surprises tonight. final poll heading into the first primary shows donald trump and bernie sanders in double-digit leads over their rivalsering but a lot of analysts are predicting a much closer race for the republicans and democrats. what could have been another factor, the winter weather. now forecasters are calling for 3 to 5 inches of snow across new hampshire this evening. right now, it is a chamber of commerce day. you barely even need a coat outside. and 3 to 5 inches is nothing for
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most new hampshirites. state officials say their predictions of record turnout should hold. still, that is not what's happening in new hampshire's largest precinct. the official overseeing it says turnout so far has been abysmal. she said last night's snow could be the blame, thinking maybe people would turn out this afternoon or even. analysts say high voter turnout could be critical for donald trump's many of his supporters t home on caucus night. after that loss, trump seems to be lowering expecations for tonight. >> i just want to do well. i want to win even if it's by one vote. i would like to do a little better than that, but i want to win. it's important. i know new hampshire very well. i have been here so many times pre all this political stuff, and i have friends here and it's a great place. >> maybe he'll buy a farm here, too. we're expecting to see the votes come in after the last polls close, 8:00 eastern time, this evening. we already have a handful of
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votes from precincts that opened for voting at midnight. tiny dixville notch near the canadian border is famous for its nine voters. it was a sweep for bernie sanders who won all four democratic votes. john kasich won the republican side with three votes to donald trump's two. #winning. it could be because cakasich wa the only candidate to make the long trip to talk to supporters there. >> i carried dixville notch. i just ran into the trump where he said you killed me. >> if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. john kasich is one of several candidates who says he's fighting for second place finish tonight. polls showed kasich in a virtual tie with marco rubio, ted cruz, and jeb bush. at the lower end, chris christie, carly fiorina, and ben carson. analysts warn anything but a strong showing could be a death blow to some of those. john roberts is here in
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manchester. peter doocy is south of us in nashua. let's begin with carl in manchester. donald trump has been all over tv today, carl. >> and not so much on the trail, but he does have an event planned for tonight for what he expects to be a victory party, even though he is downplaying it. the trump campaign has long counted on winning new hampshire. the campaign manager is from wyndham, new hampshire, and promised the donald that he would deliver the type of new hampshire vote that could put him over the top and give him a victory. iowa was a huge disappointment. the margin of the victory could actually be cast as a defeat if it's close. he's been ahead by double digits. in one poll in the last few days had trump up 30% with marco rubio closest in the mid-teens. virtually doubling the nearest competitor. trump last night again used pretty vulgar language at a big rally. a rally where there were children, using the kind of language you wouldn't use around
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a 10-year-old. to give you an example of how often kids are actually at these events even at night, last night at a christie event, a young girl sang the national anthem who was only 8 years old. the kind of language trump has used on the campaign trail could alienate first in the nation voters, and the idea that turnout is low while some of those precincts in downtown manchester may have had a slow time before lunch, the voting here is not like the caucuses where it all takes place at night. it's a normal election. there's a wave at breakfast, at lunch, and dinner. we were at ward one today, and frankly, it was packed. i koo know a little bit about how people vote around here. it was a much bigger crowd in ward one of manchester than was there in 2012 when romney was on his way to a victory here. so it's very difficult to tell. but if there is not a big turnout, if it's not a record-setting turnout, under half a million, by the way, this is a state of 1.1 million. that means 1 out of 2 people basically vote. if that does not happen, it could be bad news for donald
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trump. he's relying on new voters, particularly blue-collar folks who haven't voted in the past. and virtually all of the registered voters in the state vote. and it's unlikely that he'll be able to get a huge win if the turnout is not a big record setter. >> you dropped the p word at my house and you get put on time out or grounded. i wond whr is the last time you heard a candidate for president, especially a front-runner drop a word like that. >> never. occasionally, you'll hear them get frustrated. you might hear a cuss. but not talking about body parts and not using f-words and things like that. it's something that i can never remember happening on the campaign trail. at least not in front of a microphone. if it happened in front of a microphone as it did for instance in the case of vice president joe biden talking about the passive of the affordable care act when he called it a big bleeping deal, that's a huge controversy and a
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massive mistake. you don't walk in front of a podium in front of a big crowd, and he was repeating something said by an audience member. he said i wouldn't repeat and you should never do it again, andthen he repeated it. it's a new kind of campaigning. it gets attention. we'll find out whether it gets granite state votes. >> it's weird they're owning it. like one of his spokespeople today, she said this proves free speech is alive in america. my mother is probably rolling over in her grave. >> shep, one of the things that all voters look for is consistency and reliability and what candidates say when what they'll do. today, donald trump said when you're running for president or are going to be president, maybe you do things differently, suggesting this has been something to get attention but not how he would act if he gets close to the nomination or actual victory and into the oval office. which kind of runs afoul of the idea you want the candidates to show you and say what they mean no so you can have some understand of what they'll mean
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then. >> we'll see. carl cameron out in the snow. thank you. the latest polls show marco rubio in a four-way fight for second place in new hampshire. analysts say he has lost some of his momentum from his third place finish in iowa after repeating his talking points over and over again in the last debate. if you watched, you know chris christie smacked him around a little bit, and apparently it hurts him. john roberts live at marco rubio's headquarters in new hampshire. i keep hearing the candidate has lost some of his swagger. have you seen that? >> i think you could see that the poll numbers haven't been quite as good as they were when he came out of iowa. but if he's lost some of the swagger, you couldn't tell by being here at rubio headquarters. there's no room in the phone bank, so a lot of folks sitting on the floor, making phone calls, because the campaign is over. it's now about getting out the vote. go through a lot of pizza here. they went through this in about 20 minutes.
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the other day, they had a pizza tower that went to the ceiling. now in the phone bank, this is where people are reaching out. there are about 1 thon people who have rotated through here in the last 48 hours, reaching out to voters. reaching out to the all-important independents or undeclared making sure they get everybody on their call sheets. they'll be dialing up to 7:55, because it's only a couple minutes walk to the polling precinct. marco rubio took it on the chin in the debate, but he still says he thinks he's going to have a strong finish, and not only that. he's unapologetic about repeatedly saying over and over again that he's opposed to the way president obama is running the country. listen to what he told me. >> i don't know why more republicans aren't saying it. we're going to keep saying it. the truth of the matter is obamacare, the stimulus, dodd/frank, everybody obama is doing, none of it is an accident. he's trying to change america. he's trying to make us more like the rest of the world. that's why we can't lose this election. >> you know, marco rubio doing particularly well with
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registered republican voters. he's second only to donald trump. among those independents, though, he's running fourth. we'll see how that goes tonight. >> john roberts with the rubio campaign. john kasich seems mightily chill. he's calm and hoping to finish strong tonight. while admitting, and i quote, if i get smoked here, it's over. peter doocy is live down the road. lots of analysts seem to think he's put in the work up and down new hampshire and tonight on some level it may pay off. >> and shep, we went to kasich town hall 106 of 106 last night and sought something you hardly every see in 2016 looking out at the crowd of 100 people. nobody was looking at their phones. most of these voters had seen kasich already two or three times, but they were still hanging on everything that he had to say. of course, though, and he's admitting this, none of it is going to matter if he cannot turn these town hall attendees into primary voters because that campaign cash is going to dry up
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quick. >> we'll figure it out. if we have to do it with bailing wire and duct tape. we love duct tape in this campaign. >> some voters here are worried if the candidate who has not spent a ton of time in new hampshire wins tonight, then in the future, maybe candidates won't spend so much time here, courting new hampshire voters. kasich, though, has spent a lot of time here in the granite state. so have a look at tonight's results and just know that they could be indicative, it could be the new hampshire people revealing how important it is to them, really, to be up close and personal with these candidates for weeks and months ahead of today. shep. >> what kind of turnout have you been seeing there? >> it's been steady. we have been seeing small lines. this is about in line with what we've seen since this morning. and officials here say that they are on track to have about the turnout they expected at this location. the secretary of state's office
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doesn't keep hour by hour, location by location data, but the word they used to describe the turnout so far is it has been brisk. the way they're keeping track of everything, they're relying on when a polling place calls in with a problem, somebody at the secretary of state's office is asking, hey, how many people are showing up? no specifics yet, but so far, state-wide, about in line with what they expected. things are supposed to pick up about an hour and a half, two hours from now. >> they usually do. nashua, tha you. later, we'll look at the democratic race as hillary clinton tries to close the gap with bernie sanders. but next, time for ted cruz. he won iowa, but he's been downplaying expectations here, focusing on future showdowns. that's coming up live from nashua. and manchester, and everywhere else we feel like being. see youane minute. staying in rhythm...
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hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. more now on the republican candidates battling for support just hours before the polls close here in new hampshire. ted cruz may have won iowa, but the polls show he's had a tougher time winning over voters this time around. doug is following the cruz campaign. he's live at the red arrow diner here in manchester. i saw him at the hotel. he was piling into the suv. he seemed fine. how's the turnout? >> real good, shep. and in fact, the cruz campaign remains very confident they can carry some of that momentum from
12:16 pm
the iowa victory into a good showing here in new hampshire. if the size of the media scrump following cruz into the red arrow diner on his last visit today is any indication, he'll do fine. you throw into the mix the absolute unpredictability and bad showing of many of the polls into the mix, you throw the fact that more than 50% of new hampshire voters have yet to decide on the eve of election day, it's a volatile, volatile mix. the cruz campaign is banking on a skraung grassroots showing here in new hampshire. we went to their campaign headquarters a little while ago this afternoon. saw about 30 people manning the phones there, working really, really hard. that facility is one of about 31 microsaufs microoffices they have spaced throughout the state, manned by anywhere from 5 to 10 people. the "new york times" and many critics of cruz have opined he is simply too conservative to win in this state, which is relatively libertarian leading.
12:17 pm
they fight back saying tell that to ronald reagan, tell that to pat buchanan who won here, tell that to bill obrian, the co-chair of the cruz campaign, who is a former speaker of the house of new hampshire. listen to him. >> i'm probably the most conservative speaker of the house that new hampshire ever had. i was elected along with 300 other republicans out of a 400-person legislature about three or four years ago. this is a good conservative state. the mix of conservatives may be a little different than in other states, but this state, we will respond very well to a conservative argument. >> you know, and as for the momentum from iowa, i think it was john sununu who said iowa picks corn. new hampshire picks presidents. that's not really true anymore. bill clinton lost to paul tsongas in the state. who else? george w. bush lost to john mccain. and barack obama lost to hillary clinton.
12:18 pm
>> and we lost doug mcelway, just in time there. the support for him down in the s.e.v. states is another matter. we'll get more on that. it was interesting. lost, lost, lost, and then we lost him. >> donald trump looking to avoid a repeat of iowa and turn the big crowds here into an actual win. our next guest says winning is not enough. what he says donald trump must do today. and that's next. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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21 minutes past the hour now. donald trump trying again to turn his big crowds into actual big votes. he certainly came up short in iowa after leading in most polls. then he pretended like somebody stole it. then he stopped pretending that. we're back to smooth sailing.
12:22 pm
he's had even bigger leads here in new hampshire. my next guest says this primary could be a huge test for that donald. david is a senior politics writer for u.s. news report. he's here with us. he got a win big? >> he's got to win really big. >> what's really big? >> double digits and hit 30%. most polls, frankly, since july, have showed him 28% to 35%. so i think a 30 fir% marker is good for him, and if he can spread it out by ten points, rubio, kasich at 20, that's a nice big win for him, and it will allay sort of the critics push pm back on him who says he can't get the vote out. he's about the big rallies and polls, but people don't turn out for him. >> what happens if he doesn't get the numbers? >> then you have more critics come at him. it's tough. this is an expectation game because of the public polling available. the same thing for the democrats and bernie sanders and what he's
12:23 pm
facing. i think for trump, because he lost iowa. and came in second, you had all -- even though he got the second most votes in iowa history, he still lost, and it oz, well, he doesn't have the organization. his people don't turn out. is he a durable candidate who can go to long haul. here, he's better positions, easier to vote. even if he wins by two points and rubio or kasich are right at his heels, there are going to be critics and there are going to be doubts. >> chris christie, no question, roughed up marco rubio in the debate. but does chris christie benefit from that? or what would you call what he did? no, it's okay. 3:00 in the afternoon. no one is watching. >> i think he was the suicide bomber. >> the suicide bomber. i like that. go on. >> because he sacrificed himself on saturday night. i think he was dangling in the single digits without much of a chance. he needed to jump back in the media. he knew going at marco was his
12:24 pm
play. i think he also blows up himself because a lot of people don't like you beating on -- republicans don't like inner party warfare. i was at a kasich rally yesterday, and the biggest applause line is he said, i haven't beat up on anybody. people stood up and liked that. christie hurts rubio and probably benefits kasich if you're looking at the moderate stream of governors to choose from. >> i have been watching kasich all day, all over the television. he's so calm, and they seem to -- they look like the cat who ate the canary. they seem like they know something. >> watching him is -- he just emotes. he wants, to me, i wrote this story the other day. >> he's not always relaxed. he worked with us. today, he's relaxed. >> he has said, i'm not going to change. this is how i have campaigned. i campaigned positively, joyfully. i want to come in and give people hugs. his town halls are like a group
12:25 pm
therapy session. they're not your normal gop, like ted cruz, donald trump, chris christie event where you're professing strength. john kasich is all about the kumbaya. he's like live and let live. if it doesn't work, he says i'm not going to change. if i lose, i go back to ohio and have a good life. that's his rationale, but there is a sense of confidence around him and his team. >> do you sense that from cruz? >> i don't. but i don't think cruz needs this. this was a long vault for cruz. he's gonsouth where he's well organized where he will be a threat in south carolina, and march 1st, morst of those state are southern primaries. that's where cruz thinks he's going to play. new hampshire was his toughest state in the snow. >> does a governor get left in the snow? >> i think somebody has to go. a governor will drop out. looks like it might be christie after this. because of money.
12:26 pm
right? i don't know if you're a donor, if he finishes at 9% tonight and is in sixth place, why do you open your wallet for christie anymore. he's only got about a million dollars left to spend. and a lot of that has probably been spent in the last couple days here. >> exclamation, all the money he could ever want. >> he has the stuffest decision. if he doesn't place well, what does he do? he has the money to go on. usually, you run out of money. does jeb stay in even with a poor showing here? that's probably the biggest question mark. i don't know. i don't -- who knows. >> i don't know how you benefit from getting out if you have more money you can spend anyway. you never know. there might be an explosion somewhere, an earthquake. i don't know. >> but it's for the good of the party. people are going to say to him, you have all this money, you made your case, you hit marco, hit rubio pretty hard, but it hasn't worked out. are you going to step aside and startconsolidate.
12:27 pm
frankly, the best scenario for trump is if they all go on. if they all go on to south carolina, that's good news for donald trump. >> the man from new jersey was a suicide bomber, i liked it. maybe you'll get some ink. great to see you. another first for a presidential race besides the dropping of the p-word, and it does not involve donald trump for once, instead, it was marco rubio and an all-out robots brawl. what just happened? i don't know. do you know? i don't know either. those are marco rubio supporters tangling with a protester dressed as a robot, obviously. we talked to them. robots have been showing up at events since saturday's debate when he repeated the same talking point over and over. >> robot! robot! robot! >> marco rubio just kept on smiling as the robots heckled
12:28 pm
him. they also chased after his bus when it drove away. ah, new hampshire. >> ahead, the democratic race here. you know bernie sanders has been leading in the polls. but hillary clinton's team has been working mighty hard to close the gaps. her last-minute tactics. her answer about a prediction for today, and what her team is planning next. it's all straight away as we approach the bottom of the hour in the top of the news from manchester.
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fox report, more of today's headlines. isis becoming the first extremist group to produce and use chemical weapons in an attack. that's what james clapper told the senate today. he used the weapons in iraq and syria. >> ten people are dead, 80 others injured after two trains slammed into each other head on. that's the official word from germany. no word on why the train were
12:31 pm
the same track going in opposite directions. an automatic braking system apparently famed to stop them. >> prosecutors have arrested the developer of an apartment building that collapsed in an earthquake killing at least 39 people, according to a government official in taiwan. investigators say about 100 people could still be trapped beneath the rubble of the building. the news continues live with shepard smith in manchester, new hampshire, after this. you do all this research on the perfect car.
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12:34 pm
got $15 million from wall street last quarter. >> the vermont senator has a double-digit lead over the former secretary of state in most of the polls. since secretary clinton's razor thin victory in iowa last week, both campaigns have stepped up their rhetoric against each other. senator sanders continues to go after secretary clinton over her ties to the big banks. now, the clinton camp is accusing the sanders camp of also taking money from wall street. team fox coverage, mike emanuel on set with us, with the clinton camp. let's get to ed henry down the road in nashua. hello, ed. >> good to see you, shep. interesting because what we have seen in recent days, i'm at a field office here, and there's been a lot of energy, a lot of folks coming in trying to get door knockers out there, trying to close the gap because as you say, it's been a double-digit lead for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. but what's interesting we have seen in the last few days, the republican national committee joining forces and backing
12:35 pm
bernie sanders, promoting him. a lot of people inside the clinton camp think that's because the rnc, other republicans know that clinton might be a stronger general election nominee than sanders. the rnc putting out this statement, quote, the clinton camp has been desperately trying to lower expectations for tonight's outcome, but they cannot spin a loss in a state that has been delivered for them over and over again. remember, clinton as comeback kid didn't finish first, but finished second for him. then hillary clinton in 2008 won against barack obama against the odds after finishing third in iowa. >> hey, he's been leading forever. like for a month of sundays around here. double digits for that matter. so managing expectations cannot be easy. >> no, it can't be, because look. look what bernie sanders did, right? he came in second in iowa, but since it was so close, he was able to spin kind of at least a moral victory, if not a win. the clinton camp has been saying ever since, a win is a win.
12:36 pm
i suspect we'll hear the same from the sanders camp in if fact he does win. what i'm hearing from folks on the ground at the clinton office in nashua is they're saying, look, even if this ends up being a clinton loss of a few points, they can try to spin that as a victory because as you noted, she's been so far behind here that share they're trying to show a fighting spirit that they're not giving up. >> sanders responding now to the accusations about wall street. >> yeah, look, i mean, it's been reported in the last 24 hours that sanders had raised some money with senate democrats at a glitzy fund-raiser where there was a lot of wall street money. the clinton camp tried to suggest he's awash in wall street money. the sanders camp saying, quote, today's attack from secretary clinton whose super pac received $15 million from wall street is absurd. bernie sanders has never accepted pac money in his life is accused of taking about $2
12:37 pm
$200,000. how do they reach that? these are the fights you have back and forth in the final days of a big primary. it's clear the clinton camp believes sanders has tried to hold himself up as being principled and perfect on taking wall street money and they find examples where it's not true, they try to pounce on it. >> who wouldn't? ed henry live with us. let's get to clinton now. team coverage continues with mike emanuel on set. how did clinton try to close the deal in those final hours? >> shep, we saw secretary clinton out doing four events today, trying to connect last-minute with new hampshire voters. clinton was out posing for photos, shaking hands, hoping to connect with some of these folks on a critical day here on primary day. new hampshire is famous, of course, for folks making a decision at the last minute, but we did not hear any bold predictions from her today. >> we're going to keep working, literally, until the last vote is cast, counted, and go from there.
12:38 pm
it's -- i just love the way new hampshire does this. i like the way that the people of new hampshire take it so seriously. i'm just looking for a great election day. >> she did not offer us a definition of great, but we'll see. >> we'll know great when we see it. we keep hearing the possibility of a big shake-up if things don't go well here, which historically wouldn't be that big of a deal, but critics will be all over it. >> there's been some buzz about it. the campaign tried to knock down any suggestion of a shake-up. another interesting development this afternoon is the super pac backing hillary clinton is making a major push at the african-american community. priorities usa has announced it's bringing on an ad agency that specializes in african-american media for the obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. it could help steady things in nevada and south carolina.n wen over the weekend for the water crisis there. flint is also known for having a
12:39 pm
large african-american population. it's thought when the campaign goes south and west, clinton will have a firewall with a more diverse population, but we have a democratic debate thursday night in milwaukee, and that may take on new meaning if this is a difficult night for her tonight. >> you'll be there? >> absolutely. >> we wear french cuffs around here, sort of part of the fox uniform. special to me. it's what we all do. i'm looking at your french cuffs and wondering if you been stoned yet? have they thrown things at you? >> two yankee fans in red sox country. >> i'm quiet around here. >> we represent. >> stand strong, and look out for toronto. >> thank you. >> good to see you. enjoy. >> hillary clinton's team trying to play down expectations in new hampshire. coming up, more on the democratic primary and why for her team, a really strong, strong second, they could spin nearly as well as a win. we'll get into the details in a minute.
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18 minutes before the hour. expectations are mighty high for bernie sanders here in new hampshire. nationally, the vermont senator has been the underdog, but his supporters are confident he'll pull off a win here. of course, hillary clinton's team has been trying to lower expectations like all the politicians do, in the state the campaign has calledbust bernie sande sanders back yard. the goal is to keep it close, whatever close is. lisa is a politics reporter for the associated press. what is close for her? >> i think within ten points is the number they can start to spin. of course, what they said in iowa was a win is a win. that was a razor thin win for hillary clinton. they're not going to say a loss is a loss here in new hampshire. they're hoping the close the gap as much as possible and say, well, we were down by 30 points, and hey, we lost by eight. isn't that great? it's a hard case to make. >> i was here eight years ago when she made her now very famous tear, and really turned things around at it last minute.
12:44 pm
at that event, and said that moment, that won her the state or that -- and i came back, and brit hume, you would have thought i said something in some other language. he's like, you're crazy. well, it happened. there's nothing, no magic coming here. >> yeah, and even her own team doesn't expect to pull out a win at the last minute here. the question is how big is the loss, how devastating is the loss? they're trying to cast this forward. she's announced events in nevada and south carolina. so they're trying to move on as quickly as possible. the question is, are there any repercussions, a shake-up on the campaign staff. there have been rumors flying, even before iowa. >> she's not denying it. >> she's not denying it flatly. there's some danger in going that route, of course, because it brings back all of these memories of 2008 where she couldn't manage her own team. that was very problematic for her, built into a narrative that she didn't have her race under control. i think the question for bernie sanders that we need to ask is does this appeal in two fairly
12:45 pm
large white states make up the floss of the democratic party. we don't have the answers, but a win is better than a loss. >> they talked about the firewall, the southern firewall forever. it's holding, right? it's not like her numbers are changing with the african-american population down south? >> frankly, we just don't know yet. we know the firewall, the reason they're not talking about it is because it's not a firewall anymore. this contest is going to go far beyond march 1st. sanderste sanders'team thinks he has strength in place like colorado, idaho, in maine where those are states that would be friendly territory for him, minnesota, places that vote later. so this is going to be a long game. we'll be covering this for the next few months. >> are you at all surprised we haven't seen the math as an above the fold story. the math of the bernie sanders story, and also the politics of it, and frankly, the fact that he can't get any of that stuff done, not with this congress?
12:46 pm
>> i think you're previewing tomorrow's papers today. we'll start hearing a lot about the delegates, and what the clinton team argues, and i think they are right about this, is there's going to be a lot more scrutiny on bernie sanders. we'll start seeing how does his plan actually work? how much does giving a single payer health care system cost? there have been some estimates that it will cost significantly more than he said. these questions his campaign is going to have to contend with now that he has run into a rival for the nomination. >> i always laugh when they put these polls up that show hillary versus all of the different republicans or bernie versus all of the republicans. have we forgotten people have been shooting at hillary for 25 years and bernie sanders is sort of the friendly uncle, at least until now. when that changes, the numbers are going to change, too, aren't they? >> she's definitely someone who has been attacked throughout her entire career. she's used to that. many people say she's best when she's under attack, when she's the underdog. this is a different dynamic.
12:47 pm
bernie sanders is really the heart of the democratic party. people are supporting hillary, when you interview them, they say it's not that i don't like bernie sanders. they say they like a lot of what he's saying, but they don't think he's practical or electable. it's a very difficult thing for her to go after him, because she can't -- she doesn't want to go after what's -- the fondest tremes of the democratic party. it's a very complicated maneuver. >> this is the part where i ask you for a prediction. >> prediction for new hampshire? that's an easy one. i give new hampshire to bernie sanders. i think we can -- >> how about a margin? >> i don't know. we'll have to see. the place to watch is manchester. if she loses manchester, tight in manchester, that's probably going to be an early indicator of a bad night for her. >> manchester was huge for her eight years ago. the base of her turnaround. >> exactly, and the western part of the state is close to vermont. those are all areas where bernie sanders is stronger. you see that the two candidates
12:48 pm
the past couple days have been spending the bulk of their time in manchester, and concord, and nashua. right around here, and that's because this is the area that's the most competitive. >> and a lot of money. they're on tv more than megyn kelly. >> they're on tv a lot. >> so good to see you. talk to you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> some people take vacations to disney world or the grand canyon. for the past week, voters all over the country have becoming to new hampshire for a bit of political tourism. you would have to see this to believe this. analysts say the tourists see the primary as a chance to question the candidates about the issues. i cannot overemphasize how the candidates are everywhere. you can't go to bathroom without running into one of them. on the street corner, in the mcdonald's. they're everywhere. if you come here, you can meet them. it's not hard. a retired fisherman said he's not wait until next month when florida holds its primary. he's here this week because this is the state where all the
12:49 pm
voting begins. traveling from florida to new hampshire in february. that takes dedication. and in florida, where your media markets are massive, you're talking about miami and tampa, st. pete, orlando, jacksonville, a couple in the panhandle, you can't meet anybody unless you're watching them on television. here, you can actually be close enough to feel their breath. which isn't always pleasant. what you could really shake up the race if another billionaire jumped in, and one just may. former mayor mike bloomberg confirms he's considering a run as an independent. he's very, very rich, as donald trump would say. comparing that guy to donald trump, donald trump is not rich, which is really weird. hang on. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
12:50 pm
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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12:53 pm
president bloomberg, the billionaire former new york city mayor says that he is looking at al the options and that's a quote when it comes to a possible 2016 presidential run. that's according to a reporting of the financial times. it said he said the public deserves better and he finding the level of discourse and discussion banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters. if he wants to get going, it better be soon. he acknowledges he would have to start putting up his name on bal on the by the beginning of next month and that requires collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures.
12:54 pm
>> is that possible? >> i don't know if he is going to try to do it if he doesn't see a path. this is a guy who is not going to be getting in the race to send a message of some sort. if he makes the decision to do it it's going to be because there's an absolute way for him to do it and that would be a little difficult i think if hillary clinton is the nominee. i think he is more looking at the democratic nominee, i think he's looking at a situation where donald trump is somebody he does not have a lot of respect for and then bernie sanders a democratic socialist. if those are the two options, i think he sees there's a pathway for him. >> he would do his own polling and he would find out what he has to say? >> he's doing it now. that's what he's looking at. the extent to which he is talking about running, you can think of that as his gauge of
12:55 pm
how weak hillary clinton is and right now what he's talking about it and hillary clinton is expected to do poorly here tonight, i think it's not a coincidence that those two things are happening at the same time. i think when he starts saying no, maybe i won't get in, that's him saying i think hillary is doing better. that's my read of it because i just don't have -- i can't see him running against hillary clinton. >> i think they've made that clear on the sidelines. if you spend a billion dollars on such a thing you have to get on the ballots. >> it's one of the few people who can do it. he has a fortune of $34 billion. he has an organization already. he has a gun organization that is a national organization so he has people in different states and doesn't need to necessarily
12:56 pm
start completely from scratch. >> new yorkers know his money is still floating around that city from his time as mayor. there was a time people close to him would say he's propping the city up. >> absolutely. you certainly hear that from former staff that they come in and say look there's a project they want do in new york and they don't have the funding to do it and then some sort of donation would appear and the park would pop up. >> i have eight seconds. percentage chance that he'll run? >> i'm going to say 4%. >> be right back.
12:57 pm
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of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor if you take other medicines and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo®, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. >> on this day the house of representatives picked the next president. andrew jackson did not get the majority of the electoral votes. that sends the contest to the house. it voted for the runner up, john adams. jackson said he witnessed
1:00 pm
corruption. he ended up taking the white house from adams. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. your world with neil cavuto live from manchester.


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