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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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corruption. he ended up taking the white house from adams. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. your world with neil cavuto live from manchester. ballots.
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all has been calm and peaceful outside of my polling station here in ward 7, but across town in manchester there was a bit of a skrufl. the video was posted on youtube. it shows supporters dressed like robots. that is a reference to rubio's pretty answers in the debate. the secretary of state bill gardner said on friday that 550,000 people are expected to come out to the polls. >> thank you very much.
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we're talking about these confusing polls and i was talking about a colleague and friend former senator scott brown, was it like that when he was running for senate in new hampshire. this is like -- what's the method to this? >> there's no method. you pay a thousand dollars and p you get on the ballot. >> it's not even in alphabet cal order. >> they say it seriously. i think you're going to have a much larger turnout over the 550,000 the secretary predicted, i think it's going to be higher than that. >> you know the argument, that benefits the republicans side, donald trump, on the democratic side bernie sanders. it didn't quite work out that way. maybe it would have been less than a great night for bernie sanders had he not had that great turn out in iowa. what do you make of that? >> i think that's true here. a little different in iowa. people are getting out and voting hard core. this is the first in the nation.
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you get a good idea where people stand. i'm speaking to a lot of the clinton supporters as i see a lot of former senators are coming up to rescue hillary. if donald trump wins by ten that's a failure. she should be a mile ahead right now. >> he's practically a third senator, right? >> she was actually proclaimed to be the anointed one, be a mile ahead and she's fighting for her political life. >> i was thinking of you earlier, but one of the things that the former governor was here and he was saying how not a big fan he is of donald trump as you know. did you guys come to blows? >> no. i had dinner with his son who is running for governor the other
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night. we have a lot of respect for the governor. >> does the son share his dad's views. >> no. >> are they mad at you? >> i'm sure the governor is a little mad. i have a tremendous amount of respect for him. that's part of the process. i hope whoever wins we'll all be together. >> i find this a dangerous thing. when you came out and supported donald trump, a lot of people said he's a former senator, he took down ted kennedy's seat. he's liking trump. that's a big deal. >> it is a big deal in that i looked at everybody, had barbecues with ten people there -- >> did any of these guys rescent you for picking -- >> yes. >> did they say things? >> yes, they did. >> nasty things? >> no, but listen --
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>> they did, didn't they? >> no. i told them how i felt if you're the guy standing i'm with you 1,000%. after seeing them all the one thing that stood out is he's not like the others and he's going to go down there and knock heads and shake it up. it's so static and stale right now. >> when i saw you two together, that could be the ticket right there. >> that's a nice picture. where did you get that? >> i had ben carson on and i raised this with chris christie, the idea would they ever entertain a number two spot on the ticket. neither seemed to deny it. >> of course they would. at the end of the day when they put it all on the line, we're going to either stick together or we're going to have a president sanders. >> so when christ christie jabbed you and said i have
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successful candidates backing me, you say. >> i've won a primary in new hampshire so factually he's incorrect. >> if he doesn't do well, is he in trouble? >> yes, he's in trouble. chris will make a fantastic attorney general. fantastic. nobody better. >> you're picking a cabinet out. >> i would highly recommend whoever wins he be picked because he's a fantastic prosecutor. >> i think he's still aiming a little higher. >> that's pretty high. that's a high honor. >> good to see you. thank you very much. join us for special coverage on the fox network. in the meantime we were talking about chris christie. do you think he was hurt by going after marco rubio the way he did, that someone was grateful he was the prosecutor here or did he suffer for being the fr. christie next here.
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marco rubio's exchange with chris christie prompted the talk that the senator is good at pivoting, but long before he was pivoting with us at the fox news debate. >> the governor went so far as to say you won't be able to find your way to the white house. he's referring to a series of ads that said one high tax high core energy loving obama care loving president is enough. do you think he went too far and do you want to apologize to governor? >> we have a serious problem in this country. we have a president of the united states that is under mining this country's security. >> that's not my question. >> i'm going to answer your question. this president is under mining the constitutional basis of this
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government. he's under mining our military and our standing in the world. i like chris christie but he cannot afford to have a president of the united states that supports common core. >> that proved to be a preview of coming attracts and others that said it proved that marco rubio was good at pivoting and not answering. take a look. >> did you bring knives with you? >> no need to. what i wanted to prove to the american people and the voters in new hampshire was there's a difference between being ready to be president and not being ready to be president, being ready to take on hillary clinton and not ready to take her on. i'm ready and senator rubio is not. >> you take him apart in a way that others have tried and it was jarring. were you planning to do it in the layers you did or did you know he would react the way he did? >> neither. i mean, i think that's part of being experienced, right, and being a former federal
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prosecutor. you don't know what the script is going to be. there is no script. you have to react and i reacted to what i've seen from senator rubio for a long time which is that the answers are all the same and i was ready for that part of it. >> so what did you think today governor in the sense that i meant to say that barack obama knows what he's doing? >> it was nonreresponsive to what we were talking about. the american people saw someone who was drowning and didn't know how to swim and the fact is you need a president who when the times get really tough because they're going to get worse than that against hillary clinton and the oval office you cannot know how to swim. >> you're hoping for a little win from that and it seems to be the case, but then i noticed that governor bush, governor
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kasich, they have benefited. do you feel you did a lot of their dirty work? >> no, i did the work that needed to be done for our party. >> did they encourage you? >> no, we're not that attaching strategies together. >> he's the guy who can do this surgeryicly and let him do and if they benefit it all the better, there was no talk like that? >> no. for me this was my strategy all along. i got asked a few weeks ago why aren't you engaging senator rubio and i said i'll do so at a time and manor of my choicing. >> what made you go after him at this point. >> because the media was anointing him and they said marco rubio was the guy and new hampshire was the place i spend 71 days and i wanted to do everything i could to make sure the momentum was stunted and the way to do that is to show what i
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am. now the american people know i'm the former federal prosecutor who knows how to get this stuff done, i am the governor who rescued us after hurricane sandy. >> what did you think when he went after you on the snowstorm thing? >> desperate and to say i didn't want to go back -- >> crazy. >> crazy. i didn't want to g but i had to. the snow fell all day on saturday and by sunday at noon the roads were cleared, the trains were running and that's what a governor does. he's never been responsible for anything like that in his life and he's throwing criticism at me? i've gone through 17 snow emergencies in 17 years and a natural disaster. i know what i'm doing. >> do you hope it translates into votes? it might, but what if it did not. there's another way to look at your performance that reminded people that no one better
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articulates the attack line you should have going after hillary clinton. you could be the guy to be the attack dog. >> i certainly could be, but i won't be because i'll be the picking a running mate and i'll -- >> i wouldn't rule out it didn't happen. >> i allowed mitt romney to consider me the last time. >> would you be open to it? >> i would be open to any way of serving my country, but that's not what i'm here about. there's a whole lot of ways to serve your country or maybe it's time for me to go and make some money for the first time in my life for my family. >> i know you have to go, but how is rubio to you? i was trying to look around who is he saying good bye to. >> we shook hands afterwards. >> how was he? >> quiet. >> he had a sense of what had happened? >> you would have to ask him but he was quiet. >> regardless of how do you in this state, i hope you do very
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well, i just saw the release from your staff, you're building up, but the race goes on for you? >> the race goes on for me because i think what happened saturday night has shaken this up. >> you don't need a one, two, three deal? >> no one is sold on senator rubio anymore so they're looking for a candidate and we're going go out and be that person for him. you'll see an indication of that when i get to south carolina. >> what if it doesn't happen that way, would you be surprised? >> i would be. yes, i would be. >> what about donald trump if he wins the state as folks suggest he might and they could be wrong, that he's in a clear position. >> listen, no more than ted cruz was in a clear position winning iowa a week ago. everyone will try to declare a winner after each collectielect. there's a lot of work to do here and a lot of ups and downs.
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everyone thought this should be a tough race. donald should win here. he's been ahead in 71 straight polls. >> you had the low expectations to help you get elected governor of new jersey in the first place, but after your strong debate everyone is saying he should do well, this is pressure in reverse now. >> those okay. i can deal with that pressure. i've dealt with it before. a lot of pressure there. i beat him. democrat state said i would never be reelected. i got 76% of the vote. you know what people know about me i'm a fighter and i fought my way back into the race on saturday night. when we're standing on that podium in cleveland in july everyone is going to say how did that happen. we will know. >> before i came here we're getting reports that michael bloomberg is considering a run
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for president, presumably as an independent, what made that different is he said that. it wasn't attributed to the staff. how do you think that changes the race if michael bloomberg is in and spending a lot of money as an independent. >> i think he hurts hillary clinton. >> more than republicans? >> yes. >> what if you were the nominee would he take votes from you? >> i don't think he would. i think he takes votes from hillary, but let's see if he does it or not. maybe if i was the nominee mike wouldn't feel the need to do it. >> you are coming out of your shell? >> i'm shy and retiring, but if i can break out of my shell i might actually get somewhere in this business. >> governor, thank you very much. >> thank you. okay. so we'll see if that pays off. by the way, bernie sanders, we're getting word that the
1:20 pm
sanders campaign is buying ad time for four super tuesday tights, minnesota, california, massachusetts and oklahoma. those are the ones that the sanders campaign is confident they have a good shot in. someone eager to see that happen, ben cohen w but in ben's case joining us shortly to say why they should after this. it's getting down to the wire. get your friends and vote. get everybody to the polls. we are going to do it for bernie. it doesn't matter if it's snowing or raining or sleeting get to the polls.
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here we are in manchester where the weather is lot better than it was yesterday at this time. a little warmer. it's pretty cold, but for these souls here this is like a walk in the park. ed henry, he's been dealing with all sorts of the elements, the latest on what he's seeing as he goes around the state. >> reporter: we're outside a
1:25 pm
field office for hillary clinton. hillary clinton is trying to say she's not giving up here, even though she's been down by double digits to bernie sanders. of course she doesn't want to give up, she wants to keep pushing, but what's interesting is i have been running into a lot of people here in nashua with hillary clinton signs and stickers on their jackets who i recognize from washington washington, d.c. they're not voters. they are volunteers. all the campaigns do this, but in the cloopt office she has a lot of people that work in the state department. i ran into a former lobbyist who are taking the day off to come out here and canvass. so you have supporters trying to rush into the early states because they realize that momentum matters and they realize hillary clinton is in trouble and they want her to get a victory to at least narrow the gap and in fact one person i just spoke to is a clinton supporter i mentioned came from washington said if we can get
1:26 pm
this down to single digits tonight and she loses close, they go to states where they think is more friendly turf for hillary clinton and they're hoping to finally get the momentum that has escaped hillary clinton in the early stages here. >> thank you. then there is the outside role of a possible michael bloomberg third-party run. he's been talking a lot with the financial times and tweeting an image of he and the british prime minister that's the first sign you can get that someone is interested in running for high office. time to go to ben cohen right now. he's a big bernie sanders backer. big crowds here. he's joining us. ben, the last time i had you on you said the supporters would
1:27 pm
show up. indeed they did in iowa and they seem to be here in throngs here. now the pressure is on to win big. what do you think of that? >> bernie's on fire. you know the reality as you can see for both the republicans and the democrats is that people have had it with politics as usual. he's connecting, especially with younger voters who are attracted to his authenticity and the fact that he's not bought and paid for by the major corporations and the billionaires. >> as we discussed last time he's very consistent. i talked to him back in the days when he was mayor of vermont. there's no mistaking the fact
1:28 pm
that he is what he says he is, but even some of his most supporters he acted on these high taxes that we'd go broke. what do you think? >> i think it's really important to understand that the way his initiatives are financed are by closing tax loopholes on corporations such as when they offshore their taxes, by increasing taxes on the .3 richest states, 0.3 richest states. >> that would be a million and up you're saying? >> i think it's 3.5 million and up. >> so that that would pay for a lot of this, but even the senator has said as you know,
1:29 pm
ben, that he wouldn't be able to get all the money doing that from them so he's moved it down the food chain to a middle class tax hike that he says would be well received because the middle class would get more goodies out of it than they're paying it. do you agree with that? >> this is the about the funding for universal health care to bring us up to the same level as the other countries and the net expense to the average middle class person would be less. >> you must mentioned it would be bring us up to other democracies. they're all hurting right now because they made these grand government promises and now in the case of greece and italy, france is staggering, spain is staggering, the money isn't there. >> i don't -- like i say, if you look at the total cost of his plan, which is nothing more than
1:30 pm
medicare, a program that's been tried and true, it's less than we're currently paying now through the private insurance industry. >> do you think his program would make sense in that they would find a way to pay for it, this won't be the socialist nightmare that even some in the democratic party think. >> that's correct. the amazing thing about bernie is he's actually a fiscally conservative guy. he has an n >> thank you. it could be a big night for your candidate. you make great ice cream. >> well, thanks a lot. i hope you get to get a taste of it. >> i did. very good. i know the theme behind that, but it was tasty.
1:31 pm
thank you very much. we have a lot more coming up, including ben carson, did he really say he is open to being a running mate and did he really say being a running mate to donald trump?
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you know it is very hard to sort of decide what's bugging ben carson looking and judging by his demeanor. he's calm almost to the point of low key to his opponents say no key. so when i caught up with him to chat about that whole incident with the introductions at the presidential debate he was more interested in talking about the media's obsession with it than anything else. >> anything that they can find to try to rid kul me that's what they will do. will they talk about the substance, of course not. but you got to recognize that i represent something that's ant path cal to the establishment. >> you didn't hear your name
1:36 pm
called, right? >> they didn't have speakers in the back. so if there was a lot of applause going on you wouldn't hear it. >> that didn't happen the the fox debate. >> i have to give you kudos on that. >> stepping back from that phrase, what did you think of the back and forth at that debate between chris christie and marco rubio? some people have said he delivered a blow that the new jersey to marco rubio, but that he might have hurt himself in the process for being or appearing too mean. >> as you know, i simply don't get into that kind of thing. i was given the opportunity and a very good cause to go after, but i don't believe that that does particularly the republican party any good. if we -- >> you could have made more of the whole ted cruz thing in iowa. that did stick in your krau and
1:37 pm
while you did get an apology you were upset he didn't fire anybody. >> i was more suspeup set for t people, people who worked so hard and to hear from another source that your candidate is dropping out, some of them were just devastated. >> do you think it would have made a big difference because you did better than the polls suggested. >> i think it would have made a huge difference. our internal polling and our external polling showed that too when you demoralize some of the people out there to help change minds, that's has an effect also. the right thing will happen in the long run. my job is do what is right. >> i know when there was a campaign shake up many urged you get more in your face, be more
1:38 pm
argumentative, you'll always get that response time in a debate if you get argumentative and then the other person has to respond to your attacks. you know the game. you refuse to do that. any regrets? >> no. i am who i am and i think the people are smart enough to see through all of this. many of them are. i believe that we will get the leadership that we deserve, whatever that is. >> even if it's not the leadership you think is good for us? >> it will be whatever we deserve, we're going to get. >> one cynical could hear that and say if you lose, these losers. >> i'm not saying that at all. >> we get what we deserve. >> if donald trump wins the nomination, what do you think. >> then that is what we deserve and hopefully it will be something good. >> would you be ever open to a vp spot? >> i would have to have major
1:39 pm
philosophical alignment with whoever it was. >> donald trump? >> and i would have to have guarantees that i could do some substantial things. >> so with donald trump we might get what we deserve to your point. he gets it. we deserve it. if that's the case would you entertain being on a ticket with him if he asked. >> i certainly would sit down and discuss it with him. >> who wouldn't you ever entertain it with? >> rather than get into that, let's just say as long -- >> ted cruz. >> as long as as there is significant philosophical alignment, i wouldn't have any problem, but it's really not what i'm aiming to do. i'm aiming to really change this country in the same way that i came up with new ways to do very complex things that people have been trying to do for a long, long period of time. that's what i want to do with this country. and i don't necessarily want to
1:40 pm
be sitting back waiting for somebody to give me instructions. >> that was obviously ben carson. i think i said ben cohen only because i like chungy monky. trish reagan is joining me now. you're from here. >> yes born and raised. >> you guys are unpredictable. >> we are. >> you tell pollsteres one thing and do another. there's a long history of that. what vibes do you get from folks and friends in the state. >> you're right, people wait until the last minute here to make up their mind. they're open minded through this process. they take it seriously. they consider themselves important in this over all process for who is going to become president and they'll be swayed last minute. that's why saturday night was critical and rubio who may have perhaps performed better might
1:41 pm
have hurt himself with voters here as they were watching that. >> is he a beneficiary. >> possibly. i think that chris christie -- don't forget he got the new hampshire endorsement, not quite what it used to mean, but still something. he has been a governor, which typically does well in a state like this, but i think people quite a few of them like the sort of appeal of trump. this is the guy. >> i talked to a couple of people a lot of people are between bernie sanders and chris christie or hillary clinton or ted cruz. >> wow. >> that would be something to drive a mack truck through, but what explains that? to be that undecided and that all over the map with minutes to go. >> don't forget you have a large independent group of people here. they are independent voters and they'll go to either side.
1:42 pm
>> hillary clinton not exactly -- >> not exactly a like at all. >> i think these were family members of yours. >> surely not my family members. >> the bottom line, you think they'll surprise you one way or the other? >> they will surprise you. topt is critical. don't forget eight years ago hillary clinton was not going to win the new hampshire primary. nobody thought she would. and low and behold she pulled it off. so you never quite know what could happen. the republican race is going to be interesting for us tonight because second, third and fourth place those are going to be critical. >> that's exactly right. trish loves the snow. it was snowing like crazy. she skis. can we just move on from this. she'll be joining me later tonight. jeb bush is someone we're closely watching to the notion that the governor could put in a
1:43 pm
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do you have to win tomorrow? >> i don't think i have to win because i think i'll do well in other states, but i would like to win. >> regardless, the race goes on for you. >> the race goes on for me because i think what happened saturday night it has shaken things up. >> to tell both of those gentlemen tell it no matter what happens here tonight in new hampshire we're still going on to south carolina, which suites a certain south carolina senator very well, lindsey graham. good to see you. >> thank you. the primary is going to heat up.
1:47 pm
>> the way it looks is that it might not iron out a lot of details. a lot of people are hoping that one, two or three and then you know, but know it could be four, five or six. >> probably right. here's one thing i said about jeb is south carolina is typically bush territory. jeb's a conservative. i think it's very elected able so i like his chances. >> isn't donald trump leading in the polls? >> for the moment. he's an incredible phenomenon i think. i don't think he has a snow ball's chance in hell. >> to get the nomination? >> i don't think he can get the votes. in 2012 we learned the hispanic community was turned off on our approach to immigration. in 2012 deportation did not go
1:48 pm
well and donald is going to go to forced deportation. he has an 81% disapproval right with the hispanic community. i think he's going to get creemed. >> what do you think of your friend bob doyle who told me a couple of days ago that ted cruz is far more dangerous to our party. donald trump could work with him. >> all i can say it's like being shot or poisoned you're still dead. >> okay. the thing is you were speaking this way when you were still running for president. do you regret -- i notice the question came up, senator, where you were asked there's no veteran among you, but these are the foreign affairs issues that are important, does that bother you that that's a problem? >> i think -- yeah, it's a
1:49 pm
problem, but ronald reagan never served and he was a great president. so the bottom line is what drew me to jeb was national security. the center piece of my campaign was two things, defending a nation, winning a war we can't afford to lose. in august jeb called me about my thoughts on isil. he wanted to understand my thinking because i'd been there 36 times. we have very similar views of how to defend this nation, rebuild the military. >> are you surprised he's not doing better. last year he was the rock star and now he's up against the rock? >> i think it's a test of his character y character. >> is the family name hurting? >> so some people. >> i talked to donald trump yesterday. he didn't think much of jeb bush bringing his mother in. >> all i can say that says a lot about donald trump. have you ever met barbara bush, what a lady. look at the family. how do you get to president of the united states. you're not born to be president.
1:50 pm
you get elected. >> that says something about this country. you're a great love of history, but a businessman who had no political connection who wasn't a politician ends up winning the new hampshire primary. >> i think it says a i would sa is based on calm things i don't like. he thinks that most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. >> i don't think he is saying most. >> he said most. >> we'll have to check the tape. >> he said most. his foreign policy is just jibberish. if he knew anything about the war, the last thing he would do as a political leader is lump all muslims together. the only way to win this war is partner with people in the faith like the king of jordan and the president of egypt. when you say we'll ban every muslim in the world. >> you can support him as the nominee. >> i will support him as the nominee. i will buy a ticket on the titanic. yes. i will support him. >> a little mean. >> it's not mean.
1:51 pm
it is just what i think. >> thank you very much. next time let us know how you feel. we're never quite sure. >> all right. she has watched the show in these events for quite some time. the last time we got traffic jammed around the state. so obviously a lot of folks coming home from work and they're ready to vote. or they're here to see me. they know i'm here and watch our live coverage. you know how those granite staters are. remember, everything is about me.
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1:54 pm
outside the voting precincts in this fine state of new hampshire, the turnout, very strong and steady. according to state election officials who are saying
1:55 pm
according to the deputy of state that the turnout is strong and steady. we're confident it will hit a record, 550,000 primary voters. that would be a record. that would be something of note to historians as well. we bring in doris kearns goodwin. good to have you, young lady. what do you make of this? you know the argument, heavy turnout, benefits maybe a donald trump, benefits a bernie sandersful do you subscribe to that? >> i'm not sure. yothsds we can know until we have the independent turnout. i keep thinking of this three-act play with hillary clinton in new hampshire. lamb quarter of a century ago
1:56 pm
when bill clinton ran in new hampshire. he was in a meltdown. the gennifer flowers tapes had been released. then 16 years later, hillary clinton after that shocking loss in hawaii and she is 10 points behind at this point in the polls. and she wins new hampshire and her campaign goes on. if she can break into single digits, she will say she is the comeback kid and i bet they'll buy a house there. >> get within single digits. right now she is down in double digits but that could change. and you're right. this state has a way of not necessarily rewarding the winners. lyndon johnson won this in 1968 but it was by such a close margin that he wound up quitting the race. we've seen others that it launched the george mcgovern run. so this state can make a winner out of those who play second or third. >> no question.
1:57 pm
and i think tonight, given the expectations on the republican side for trump. again for him, if he should have a smaller than margin expected, what will matter is not so much politically. he will still have enormous political strength going forward. it will determine how he feels internally. he is so used to huge polls and big wins. whatever happens to those who comes in second or third, what it does to them psychologically. that's what we have to look at. if rubio does not do well. if he comes in fourth or fifth when now he had momentum coming out of iowa. then maybe that debate performance will stay in his heart and make it harder to go forward. if he should do well here, maybe he can put that behind him. i think we have to look psychologically as well as politically at what goes on. >> we're hearing news that bernie sanders's campaign was taking out large ad buys and four of the super tuesday states.
1:58 pm
obviously confident they can do well in new hampshire where he is considered all but a third senator. what do you make of that? >> the conventional wisdom is whatever happens in new hampshire, the momentum is for hillary clinton. if he can pick off some of the states that come early and get them other wins like obama was able to do, then fire can keep burning. it is hard to see it to the end. it would end that mobilization and the kids have to feel like they've had a success. i think it is very smart for him to spend money on those ads. i'm thinking that could be the making of a cabinet right there.
1:59 pm
chris christie as attorney general. you could play out all the parts here. do you see that as a possibility, that this divided field and they're going at each other's throats, u-as in 1860, unites between one guy, maybe one woman, and they all part holding hands? >> that's a lovely thought. and it may happen. this has been more divisive and more personally attacking. obviously the people said terrible things about lincoln who then had the cabinet. they did say he was a fourth rate lecturer. i forget now. they said some pretty bad things. i think they said he would be a uge failure. a tremendous huge failure. and they got together. maybe these guys will, too. always great having you. we'll see if history is made
2:00 pm
here in this fine state. we'll know in a few hours. we are on at 7:55. we mean what you say, your money, you, both matter. >> hello, everyone. it's primary day, 5:00 in manchester, new hampshire and this is "the five." >> we are live once again from the front lines of this presidential election. for the first in the nation primary. most polls close in just two hours from now. 7:00 p.m. eastern and you are live at voters in the


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