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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the first in the nation primary soon coming to a close. who will take the granite state. >> special coverage of america's election headquarters, the new hampshire primary starts now. ♪ >> the battle for new hampshire. >> i have so many friends in new hampshire. >> great place, great people up here. >> donald trump trying to score his first victory. >> i need you both. >> you have to get out and vote. >> we have a movement going on, unbelievable what's happening. >> and a hold off candidates trying to make their mark in the granite state. >> the stakes have never been higher. >> ted cruz tries to avoid the iowa jinx in new hampshire and second in a row. >> if we stand together, we will win.
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>> as others sprint to the finish, hoping new hampshire won't be their last stand. >> we cannot lose this election. if i'm the nominee we have a chance to win this election and turn the country around. >> i'm asking for your vote. i'm asking for your trust and your confidence. >> if fortunate to come out of new hampshire strong, i'm going to be the nominee of the party. >> this is why i lo new hampshire. in new hampshire, see, y'all sort this stuff out in your own unique way. >> i'm not going anywhere. all the rumors of my demise are premature. >> i will not falter. i will never stop fighting and neither you can. [ applause ] >> and hillary clinton tries to pull an upset in bernie's backyard. >> i hope that new hampshire, you will come on this journey with me, bringing both your hearts and your head. >> we're in this for the long haul. we are going to the conhwo >> the new hampshire primary coverage starts right now. ♪ ♪gm
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>> it is 7:00 p.m. here on the east coast and we are live on the campus of saint anslem college. the polls in the state of new hampshire are now closed. good evening, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. the candidates fighting for every last vote here in the granite state and with good reason. since 1952 new hampshire has selected the republican nominee 14 out of 17 times. >> for democrats, the new hampshire primary has only missed the nominee six times over the same period. one thing we do know, people in new hampshire take this very seriously. >> we have fox team coverage tonight with reporters spread out all over this state. we will get to them in just a moment. >> we also have brit hume live on set along with chris wallace, karl rove and joe trippi in washington with their analysis of the night. >> we start with martha maccallum tracking exit poll data should show us how
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people are voting. >> new numbers rolling in from the fox e it polls as they leave the polls tonight. we hear a lot about the angry elector ratted this year. indeed, many republican voters do put themselves in that category. 43% say they are angry and they went for trump by 37%. this is how that number breaks down. cruz got 17%. rubio at 12% and bush gets %. now, several differences between the gottlieb electorate here in new hampshire versus the waybg it looked in iowa. take a look at this. 23% of the voters here in new hampshire say they're evangelical christians and that compares with 62%, a huge number that we saw in iowa. new hampshire 23%, iowa 62%. cruz has maintained all along that there are more evangelical and very conservative voters out there and that they have not been tapped into in the recent elections. but so far that has not happened here in new hampshire. turnout in that group appears to be similar to past primaries. so, let's also take a look at the allure of the
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outsider versus the one with more experience. these are the candidates doing well with the so-called establishment lane. people who want someone who is experienced are picking john kasich tonight. 25%. bush got 22% of that and the numbers so far rubio is at 19% and cruz is at 14% in that group. and no surprise here voters looking for an outsider heavily favored donald trump tonight. let's take a look at the democrats. their top candidate quality, check this out. huge divide here. those democrat primary voters looking for someone who is honest and trustworthy go big for bernie sanders. 93% of those voters went for bernie sanders tonight. at least in the numbers that we have counted so far. clinton gets 5% of those. when it comes to experience though, and hillary clinton has been working hard in new hampshire to bring this point home, shows who -- those who want someone with the right experience have gone for clinton 88% and 12% for sanders at this point in the evening. that is the clinton/sanders' story the way it's shaping
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up at this point in the night and it's very dramatic as you can see. we will continue to looking look at all of these and get you more in a little bit. >> polls are still open and people are still voting. >> serious day of voting. team fox coverage on the campaign trail for you tonight. peter doocy is live at a polling station still open in nash whatua. hook set, new hampshire, john roberts is with marco rubio here in manchester. but we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron. is he is at trump headquarters. donald trump, his final message to voters today, get out there and vote for him no matter what. carl? >> hi, megyn. in fact, in the last couple days he said i don't care if you are sick, but i'm joking go vote. i don't care if your wife wants to leave you, i'm joking, but go vote. pulling out all the stops, sparing nothing to tell folks that those new voters, whether they are independent, what they call
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undeclared here in new hampshire or republicans who are fed up with what they have been watching here in washington, donald trump knows that a big turnout tonight for him, big turnout in the vote tonight will favor him. and they are counting on it. they are eager. he has been cautious in the last couple of days, particularly in terms ofjc the tenor of his rhetoric to say he doesn't know if he is going to win. can you hear it in the buzz as the crowd begins to filter in here. can you see it on the faces of his staffers and volunteers. the trump campaign thinks that tonight will be his first official win in the first official primary. and while the room is just filling up now, megyn, there are probably more than 1,000 people out there. it's getting colder now that the sun is down here in the granite state. and, yet, they are clearly kept warm by their enthusiasm. a lot of these folks are new voters. not very many of them were undecided. it's fairly evident that trump's support has been solid for months. people jumped on board the trump train a long time ago and they think the
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locomotive is going to steam into a win later this evening.fw megyn? >> carl, back to you in just a bit. thank you. >> senator marco rubio pushing back against repeated attacks from rivals this week. marco rubio says if everyone is attacking him he must be doing something right. john roberts is at headquarters tonight. john? >> nobody likes you on either side you must be doing something right, bret. two big questions for the rubio campaign tonight. the first question is how badly did chris christie hurt him in that debate on saturday night? marco rubio came out of his third place finish in with what his supporters are calling marcomentum. he has fallen back somewhat but very competitive with other people in the field. here is the big number that matters rubio tonight. in iowa 29% of late deciders went for him had. exit poll shows here in new hampshire that number is only 13%. less than half. the big question was that a result of what happened on saturday night? the other big concern for
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the rurk campaign how well does jeb bush do? coming out of iowa where bush wasn't even a factor the rubio campaign and some republicans were making the argument that marco rubio is the the candidate for the establishment and the party at large to coalesce around. if jeb bush does well tonight and polls certainly have him doing better here in new hampshire than they had him doing in iowa it may be more difficult to make that argument. also, if jeb were to pass marco rubio here in new hampshire, he would go into the next contest in south carolina with a big head of steam and a huge war chest with which to pass rubio. bret? >> john, thank you. >> the granite state has been good to the clintons in the past. it made bill clinton the comeback kid in 1992 and hillary won here in 2008. this time around she is facing bernie sanders, the senator from next door, vermont. he had henry is live at the sanders' headquarters tonight. he had? >> megyn, good to see you. oh, how things have changed. hillary clinton was once the inevitable democratic
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nominee. today i spent several hours with clinton officials and volunteers who were going out and canvassing in neighborhoods trying to get out the vote. they were telling me candidly in private they do not believe they are going to win tonight. what they are hoping for is a loss that's only in single digits, not digits. why? various clinton officials told me we need to stop the sanders' momentum. that is a dra7cáic reversal from what we have seen. i have just gotten off the phone with a sanders' aid. he told me had casual day, breakfast with the family. he is working on remarks tonight, they believe victory remarks. they are looking at polling data and say they are surprised that sanders did not just well with the left but also with independent voters. they are surprised by that and they are feeling very good about that and the second point to make is what they're going to do moving forward. they know clinton has a big advantage with african-american voters. there is a so-called clinton official in south carolina and other states. tomorrow, right away, they are confirming that sanders is having breakfast in new york city with the reverend
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al sharpton. they want to start reaching out to various african-american leaders and do something about clinton having that edge. because they feel like they will have a head of steam coming out of this evening, megyn. >> he had henry, thank you. >> most of the polls have closed now in new hampshire. but there are still a couple of open. peter doocy is in nashua new hampshire. peter? >> folks are still filing into this middle school gym to cast ballots while they will still can. this middle school gym is where a lot of people are telling us that they are deciding once and for all who they want to vote for, including one man who told us this morning he didn't even know which party he wanted to support until he was just a few steps away #k'ow, as of late afternoon became the evening, there have been long lines to sign in and to vote. we haven't seen anybody get scared away by the line and head back for the parking lot. in fact, a lot of folks that we have seen even if when there is a big wait have big
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smiles on their faces as they stand in line. there was a big concern earlier today about the impact of a big snow storm that was late last night into today. nobody seems to have been affected by that as far as we can tell. but there are big problems out in the parking lot. big snow piles blocking some spots, creating a little bit of chaos on a day that parking is quite an important commodity. this is one of only about two dozen polling places still open in the state. so what you see behind us are folks getting ready to cast the final ballots of the first in the nation primary. bret? peter, thank you. >> so let's take a look now at our new hampshire heat map. the candidate getting the most votes. right now we have the few votes that were counted as the clock struck midnight it was very exciting but we're going to check back in on this map throughout the night. all of the polls will be closed by 8:00 p.m. and> it's only a few votes up there. it looks so impressive. >> why do we call it the
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heat map. a they're mow dynamic thing. >> they are coming in fast. first, let's bring in fox news senior political analyst brit hume. brit, you are looking at the numbers. you chuckled at the honest and trustworthy number. >> i couldn't help it. it was so astonishing. knowing what we know so far based on what we deduced from the exit poll questions and why people voted as they did and what they say about it, you net the impression, at least, that we're not going to see some massive upset tonight in either party. however, it matters tremendously on the republican side who comes in second and third. and new hampshire voters, many of whom decide late have historically swung in one candidate or another's direction and produced a lot of surprises. a lot of people thought if there were a surprise this time around or somebody that burst out of the pack to finish better than expected it might be john kasich. if it is, the other three that are fighting to be the alternative to the big guy, the cruz, rubio, and=ú bush u
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would look at that and say not to worry. the reason is that kasich has basically lived here all this time. he does not seem to have a national campaign. and where he would go next to look for sympathetic voters is a good question. ohio, where he would obviously have -- where he is popular and have an obvious base of support doesn't come until the 15th of march. so he would have to somehow take his small campaign, such as it is now, he will get money if he makes a strong showing and go into the south and try to do something. i think that will be difficult. and so the fight will still be on to be the alternative because it will be hard for kasich to sustain it if indeed it turns out for kasich to be second tonight. >> would that not be the ideal scenario for donald trump. he wins new hampshire. keeps kasich in the second position. has the other so-called establishment lane guys all thinking they can hold on and he divides that vote. >> exactly right, megyn. the longer it takes for a republican alternative to him to be -- determined,
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people to coalesce around one candidate, the better it is for him. because he has plenty of opportunity in the south. he will do well -- he is likely to do well there south carolina is next. that's a good state for him. >> yet, ted cruz, if he comes in third tonight, in a state that does not line up for him, frankly, he takes a head wind into south carolina -- >> -- well, something of a head wind one would suppose. it would depend on the margins. which is why it will matter a lot how close all of this is bunched. does jeb bush, who seems to have seen things turn in his favor a bit late, does he mount enough of a base of support here? does he come in with a strong enough number that he can claim that he has a rationale for going on? he has plenty of money. we know that. he can stay in the race as long as it looks like there is some chance. if he comes in a distant fourthor fifth tonight, it's pretty hard to imagine what he is going to say about it that would tell people in the south that you have still got to rally around me. >> circling back around to
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the dem side. you heard he had henry saying that hillary clinton views south carolina her official. they believe that will be the end of berr5uz sanders. is that realistic. >> it is when you look oat at it on paper. if somebody post as big win in new hampshire, even expected win, there is a wave of public attention and sense of momentum and enthusiasm that can travel even for a guy brooklyn accent arts liberal into the the south. and while on paper you would have to say hillary clinton looks strong in these southern states, you know, there could be some momentum and momentum can change things. know, on her tail, close to her, as we go south, he could be with us for quite a while. >> brit, thank you. >> most polls set to close as we said at the bottom of the hour as the clock ticks down 8:00 p.m. when all the polls in the state close, we will hopefully be able to bring you some results. >> what county will be key
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welcome back to america's election headquarters lye frommance lem college in new hampshire. the three governors in this race all have a lot on the line tonight. governor bush, governor kasich and governor christie have all focused heavily on the granite state in hopes of a breakout performance here tonight. whether they get that breakout moment is still in question. >> you know, we have been talking about turnout tonight. by all accounts it's historic. but we are justuc getting news that one of the precincts, the merrimack precincts they had two mile line of cars. they were worried. they were supposed to close at 7:00. the moderator is telling news reporters she has been told by the touring's office and secretary of state that she can remain open as long as she deems necessary. so that means people are still flocking to the polls. >> the moderator is basically the person who
4:21 pm
oversees the. >> she is not going to orchestrate the debate inside the polling station. she is going to make sure everybody gets to vote. good for her. the roads are still kind of snowy and bad. there was a snow storm yesterday. people are trying to get there after work to volt. 65% of those register to do vote are going to vote today. the participation is very high. >> it's huge, historic. one person said it was phenomenal turnout. we will see what the actual numbers are after all the polls close at 8:00 p.m. >> very pretty. so let's take a few moments to drill down on the new hampshire. broken down into five main regions. we will show you here on the screen. we will start with the sea coast region. >> sea coast region includes ports mouth, ship building, blue collar area more high tech. boston city dwellers expanding into neighboring state. the battle among traditional g.o.p. candidates for voters in these counties has been
4:22 pm
intense. >> next up national corridor. they have experienced a population growth over the past 20 years and how. they are both diversified and most importantly these are the single largest pool of votes. important for both sides. strongest region for hillary clinton back in the 2008 primary. >> next up the capital region considered a democratic strong hold it. it contains the capital city of concord as well as two small manufactunxejt towns of keene and clermont. also the state's most democratic area. it includes dartmouth college. this was the strongest area for barack obama in 2008. >> the south region is traditionally republican. this area of small towns and suburbs receives many of its its residents from neighboring massachusetts. this was mitt romney's strongest area of new hampshire. >> finally the more remote north region is also traditionally republican. lower income. the first votes to be cast
4:23 pm
and have been cast reported on from the villages of dixville notch and millsfield whose voters convene shortly after midnight and they take that seriously. >> they have a cake. i was live on the air when it happened. they all vote actually before midnight. they are not actually allow to do put them in the voting night until midnight. we watched it unfold. >> all nine votes. >> kasich must have been feeling the momentum. he won dixville notch. he went there once. >> let's go to washington and "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace karl rove and joe trip pay both fox news contributors and we call them the cowboys. >> thanks so much. and yes, the cowboys are ready they have their laptops fired up. they are ready to go to crunch some numbers. we have generators in case the power goes out. karl, as we start getting these results at 8:00 p.m., what bellwether county will you be looking at and why? >> first of all i will not be looking at the two
4:24 pm
biggest counties of the state that bret and megyn just talked about. three of the five parts of the state they talk about are really in two populist counties in the south hillsdale and rockingham 55% of the turnout. i will be looking at belknap county on the southern side of lake win pay psaki. looking at the town of la tone i -- laconi ia, belknap, first, second, and 30. five points of the actual number. >> that's a bellwether. >> it's a bellwether. >> that's the republican side. the democratic side, what county are you going to be looking at? >> not so fast. i have picked belknap county. >> so we could save money on the graphic. the year 2000. every single time within five points just as it has for republicans.
4:25 pm
the last one in 2008, picked clinton, obama, and edwards within two points exactly what happened statewide. >> karl, what's going on in laconia. >> belknap county is blue collar towns. laconia one of the centers of shoe manufacturers in the united states. big manufacturing town. now it's got high tech. it's got health device companies health tech companies. slightly affluent as a state as a whole. blue collar. states have shown last several primaries in the last 16 years have shown an ability to pick the outcome. >> joe, i want to talk about the exit polls. on the democratic side it is really striking. among and we already been talking about it vointd said
4:26 pm
candidate quality honesty and trustworthiness. 90%. 9 out of 10 thought that was the most important candidate quality went for sanders. kind of a big deal, isn't it? >> it is a big deal. you have similar numbers on the other side when they talk about want ago candidate -- most of them picked hillary. it's a problem that she is going to have to get other it may have stopped her from closing the gap. >> would it be fair now to say because we wondered about the emails and clinton foundation and all of that and whether that was inside the beltway phenomenon or not. this seems to indicate at least in new hampshire it's a big deal. >> questions i looked at was when they asked if you were happy or satisfied with the candidate. 68% of democrats in new hampshire say they would be satisfied with her as nominee. slightly more than that in the 70's said the same thing as bernie.
4:27 pm
this is a lot more about the traits they like than they don't like. they like her more because of experience and they like him more because of honesty and straight talk. >> also they like him because is he liberal and they want somebody who is going to go further than obama. i want to talk to you, karl, in the time we have left about trump. let's be honest. you don't like trump. trump doesn't like you. having said all a of that i want you to be as straight as you can be it donald trump, reality tv star, billionaire if he actually wins the new hampshire primary, if, isn't that a huge validation for him? >> well, it's a big win. i'm not certain it's validation. it's a huge win for him. every evidence points to it look in the real clear politics average. is he is roughly 32 and the real clear politics average. and he has been pretty consistent it. nobody has been challenging him. there has not been a precipitous drop. i would suspect that he would come out and come out strong. the key thing, i think, to look at here is how does --
4:28 pm
what's the gap between him and the second person? , you remember, 8 days ago. trump stood in iowa and said i'm 28 points up. in new hampshire the polls point to about 17 point lead. let's see where we are at the end ofp= the night. he wins, he is going to have wind in his sails going to south carolina. >> thank you. i have got to say we are just waiting for the numbers to start coming in. >> we will come back when they do. chris, thank you. >> hillary clinton is hoping for upset here. she faces a tough fight against the senator from next door vermont. bernie sanders. >> we will check in live with her campaign next as fox news coverage of the new hampshire primary continues. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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4:33 pm
manage kelway who is at kasich headquarters in concord. doug? >> that's right. we are here at the marriott courtyard, bret. people beginning to file in. they continue to pour in. john kasich is staying at a hotel up the street in concord. his staff tells us that his plans for the evening we& to go out to dinner with his two girls and wife at 6:00 tonight this evening and they were to repeat democratic to the hotel room at 7:30 to watch the election returns. we got a tweet from his campaign staff which said he is at dinner. he is at total peace. so he is confident the job he did here with well over 100 town hall visits setting a record here for this year among all the g.o.p. candidates. there are a couple positive signs in addition to that. perhaps they are just good omens. one is that the "new york times" reported he was awakened at 5:30 who alerted him he had won dixville
4:34 pm
notch. he was the only g.o.p. candidate to campaign. he eked out a one vote victory 3 to 2 over donald trump. another positive sign he has traded in puddle jumper airplane for a 40 seat charter plane which he will be taking at midnight tonight to south carolina. that's an interesting little development actually because we're told that kasich has very little cash at hand. roughly $2.5 billion he has to make a good showing here in new hampshire to continue this campaign. he has devoted so many resources to the effort here that he has not devoted much to the other states. when other candidates have. pick, for example, ted cruz who has this sec strategy. the super tuesday strategy where he has carved out a real strong grass roots campaign in many of those southern states which are very rich and evangelicals fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, libertarian, don't thread on me types. he has his work cut out for
4:35 pm
him. if he has a good showing tonight, can he continue that without a good showing. it's hard to see how he continues it, bret. >> sometimes the transportation is telling doug. the 40 seat charter. you never know. >> when you resort to a unicycle it's over. >> you are in trouble. >> it's time to admit that you're done. joining us now fox news contributor juan williams and former white house press secretary dana perino, both are co-host of the five. >> thanks for having us. >> do you agree with that done. what if he does have a strong night here. >> i think that's the bigger question. trump is meeting the high expectations for him. kasich is meeting the expectations. he said he was going to run strong here. the polls showed him at second. i just don't know where does he go from there. when he was on the five a month ago he said they have ground game. the buzz does not seem it to match what he he is saying. >> juan? >> i think the question is if kasich does well here,
4:36 pm
does he have the ability to go on? i think the republican establishment is looking for a candidate like john kasich. what we saw here in new hampshire was john sununu the former senator and others who are republican establishment types got behind kasich he their choice not trump. >> if the establishment lane is not clearing itself up out of new hampshire it is muddled going into south carolina and then that only helps trump. >> correct. that helps trump but don't forget, cruz is still around as sort of alternative for antiestablishment forces. but then we come to rubio. and i think rubio may be the answer to your question, bret. if rubio is in many eyes more electable and, therefore, more establishment than others, some people see him stilllym÷ as the tea party guy from florida. but if he is in that lane, then what does that do for trump and for the governors? the others who are competing for the establishment lane? >> on the subject of rubio, obviously he did not have a
4:37 pm
great debate performance here in new hampshire on saturday night. and people said he was too robotic and he repeated the same line four times in a row which was a shocking moment. and yet he has been out there glad$g handing and shaking hands and so on. today on the trail people doctored as robots were following him. in a way you have to tip your hat to the people who are so involved in the electoral process that they wake up and they don a robot outfit and go out and follow the candidates. here is a scuffle that so. rubio supporters had with the robot. and, look at him had. i mean, look. >> that's -- i didn't have a lot of time to make the costume. cardboard boxes? >> you shouldn't make fun of it. that takes a real effort. when have you ever been devoted to such a thing that you wear a coal darr on your head? >> tin foil sticking out. they are raising a larger point. does it hurt marco rubio and that momentum he had? >> you think back to rick perry's oops moment in the debate and everybody can
4:38 pm
remember that to the point when he decides to throw his hat in the ring this cycle it was the thing everybody remembered. i guess in my opinion i didn't think that what rubio did in the debate was fatal because the rest of his debate was so strong and looking at his supporters they said they raised a bunch of money right after that debate. i thought that he might do a little bit better. whereas trump is meeting high expectations. cruz is actually exceeding his expectations and rubio is disappointing. >> late deciders, juan, splitting really between kasich and trump. >> no question. again, that's a big surprise to me. i thought trump had his people in place somebody making a late decision. we have lots of those here in the state of new hampshire high proportion of independents. about a third of republican voters. i thought that they divide their allegiances among the governors. so i was looking to see that happen and trump built across some lanes in terms of college educated people as well as those high
4:39 pm
education, high income, low income, male, female, trump had a good night here. >> before we l];3urv is that? what it about new hampshire folks live here and donald trump? >> i think also you are seeing it on the democratic side that they love bernie sanders. this was a radical departure from what they are seeing in washington. they were sick of it they want something new and fresh. if you look at some of these numbers, trump is doing well with people we didn't think he would do well with, women doing well, college educated. all the ones he had been underperforming nationally he is seeming to do well with here in new hampshire. john kasich in the morning, if he ends up coming in second, one of the things he will have is the wind at his back with a lot of headlines and people taking a second look at him. the question will be can he turn that into something in south carolina? >> juan, dana, thank you. i want to explain the ticker showing at the bottom of your screen right now. as the polls close, votes begin coming in. and you will start seeing the percentages filling out for each candidates and that will change throat the night. we have exit poll numbers. this is raw vote total.
4:40 pm
some of those are coming from the small, northern regions that we saw the votes already. >> i'm listening as i try to figure it out. the last time around it was kind of confusing. >> less than 1% in. >> that's the amount of raw vote. >> percentage of the vote in as it breaks down. now, obviously as the night goes on, you will see the yellow increase and the percentages. >> 100? so trump so far has 42% of the less than 1% of raw vote we have tabulated. >> you got it. they said there would be no math. >> candidates have their campaigns across new hampshire tonight. they are not the only ones tuned in to giant television. >> we will go live to bill hemmer at the thirsty moose. >> how did he get that gig? >> that and more as fox news coverage from new hampshire rolls on. ♪ ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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4:44 pm
let's talk about your old 401(k) today. just minutes from the top of the hour when all polls in the granite state will be closing. that's when we could get our first indication of where this is headed tonight. we have been talking about the record turnout. we mentioned that one polling place/f in merrimack. we have now been told after they supposed to close. the merrimack police are marking the end of the line of the traffic. the cars lined up at the three locations and they are saying this is where it
4:45 pm
ends. people are not happy. >> at some point they have to cut you off. you have to plan ahead. you have got to leave work a little early. you have got to go through the drive-thru. there isn't enough time for the pot roast. you have got to get to the polls. >> they got 45 minutes extra. >> that's a lot. >> record turnout in iowa too. people are into this election. >> i think so. bill hemmer is in to this election too. he is at a primary live viewing party in new hampshire and it happens to be a bar. >> i feel very comfortable here, bret. i know that may come as a surprise to you and megyn. i want thed the folks at home to get a sense of how much politics is in the blood of the people here in new hampshire. at this table here alone, we have got sanders, kasich, they voted. we have got kasich, sanders. and you guys are all friends, right? over here behind me, i have a 28-year-old marketer, manchester, right? >> that's right. >> you voted for donald trump. >> i did. >> why? >> because i appreciate the fact that he is not part of
4:46 pm
any super pac and that he can speak his mind freely instead of being p.c. in a world, at least in politics that is well, p.c. >> did you go to any of heats rallies? >> i slept. in my girlfriend and i wantqhsh@ to do go but we had to work late. >> okay. work on that. >> thank you. >> the other thing about new hampshire, when it comes to politics is that they are not afraid to tell you who they voted for. they will freely and openly tell you. by the way these two gentlemen right here have been friends for 25 years. and, yet, come on around here, guys, you voted for marco rubio. >> ted cruz. >> i'm sorry, you voted for ted cruz, got it and you voted for marco rubio. >> right. >> what about rubio. >> i think he has got the best chance of pulling the country together and uniting us after he wins. he has solid conservative credentials. that's why i like marco rubio. >> what about your buddy over here though? >> i think ted cruz articulates his message in a very cogent manner. and i think he can unify the country as well.
4:47 pm
that's what i'm looking for. >> you didn't try to talk each other -- >> -- either one of them would be good choices in my estimation. >> friends since age 5. all right? >> over here we have a married couple, been together 10 years. we have a dancers' voter and a clinton voter. how did that work out at home? [ laughter ] >> very interesting. >> we just don't discuss politics, basically. >> why bernie sanders? >> i just like the fact that he doesn't take any pac money and he seems to be very down to earth and, you know, he seems down to earth. i like him. >> are you okay with that? >> i'm okay with that. i expected him to win here in new hampshire but we'll get the rest. >> so clinton, sanders. who is it again? it was rubio? >> rubio. >> cruz, trump, kasich, they are all here tonight, the thirsty moose. they are waiting for you guys. we will see you in about 15 minutes, perhaps at the top of the hour. >> diverse bar there at the thirsty moose. bill, thank you. >> unbelievable. >> we will be back to bill
4:48 pm
in just a bit. first check in with john roberts who is at the marco rubio headquarters. is he talking to some supporters:t there. john? >> >> they vote in about three weeks time and jim turner as well. jim, when did you make up your mind to vote for marco rubio which i take it you did since you are here at his party tonight? >> i decided like last thursday or so. so before the debate. >> you were undecided up until then? >> yeah. because i liked them all really. anybody but the democrats is okay with me. i like a lot of them. >> how did you decide for rubio? >> i'm kind of on the conservative side of the equation. so i was kind of debating between him and cruz. but i thought maybe rubio could be a little more electable and maybe a little more of a uniter. >> you are going to make up your mind -- well, i think you have already made up your mind.
4:49 pm
you will get to exercise your vote in three weeks' time. what drew to you rubio and what made you decide. >> i have been concerned about the party's future if it's donald trump or ted cruz. i would vet for them over the democratic nominee, i guess. but i am concerned about where they are going to lead the party. i think that their potential is that they are both going to get defeated heavily in the fall and actually potentially cause losses in the house and the senate if either one of them is the nominee. i think trump is just too far out there and ted cruz is too far to the right. i think marco is more mainstream. i think he does unify the party and brings the best chance of electability in november. >> we'll talk to you after the vermont vote and, jim, thank you very much as well. megyn? >> john, thank you. >> voter turnout is high tonight as we have been talking about some polling stations staying open late due to the traffic jams of voters trying to get to the polls. >> coming up, a look at how shifting demographics in new hampshire may be impacting this race. fox news live coverage of the new hampshire primary continues from saint anslem
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
welcome back, everybody. we are getting ready to make some race calls as soon as the polls close here in new hampshire. we are waiting for all the polls to be closed in order to bring you a projection and we expect to be able to do that very shortly.
4:54 pm
the lines have been very long at some of these that peope here devoted to the democratic process. go out, 8:00 at night to try to cast their ballot. think about that, when it's your turn in a snowy cold new hampshire. they went after hours to make sure their vote was cast. even though they have now been shut down by police in some areas. >> some of them stayed open longer but it looks like they are going to come out to the end of the line there. you see the traffic earlier and obviously the weather was not an issue today. but turnout apparently was. >> exciting thing. first primary in the election tnd and it's all theirs. >> mike emanuel takes a look at how changing demographics could impact this race. >> new hampshire's first in the nation status is tradition, but it turns out the granite state is full of new residents participating here for the first time. >> i have yet to find a candidate on either side that i would really want to
4:55 pm
support, on the democratic side, i think bernie sanders is a principled kind of a guy but i just don't see how we can afford his programs. >> a study from the university of new hampshire reveals more than 30% of potential voters this year were either not old enough to vote in 2008 or lived somewhere else co-author says migration has altered the political landscape. >> the republican party here has become much more of a suburban party. democrats, surprisingly enough, they do poorly in rural america but in rural new hampshire, especially along the border of vermont, you are going to find a lot of bernie sanders supporters. >> among those experiencing the surge of candidates and onslaught of campaign ads to this extent are college student who don't always show up. those we interviewed say they are joining another tradition deciding who they will support on primary day. >> not really. i figure out when i get there i will know. >> i am worried about voting
4:56 pm
for the wrong person. >> those tracking the democratic movement say the democratic voter base has grown significantly while the republican base has not. bret? megyn? >> mike, thank you. >> we are moments.away now from the top of the hour, all polls in new hampshire are about to close. we will get our first sense of how this night could go. and we might be able to make a call or two. >> or two. coverage from america's election headquarters live from saint anslem college in
4:57 pm
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it's a party on a plate! and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming and start eating. welcome back. it's 8:00 p.m. in new hampshire. polls are now officially closed across the state and fox news can now project that donald trump will win the republican presidential primary based on fox exit polls and early voting returns. in the all important battle for second place on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich is currently slightly ahead of texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush, although it's too early to say in what order these four will finish tonight. there you see the numbers on the screen. exit poll numbers and raw vote total in. 4% in. trump's victory while expected is


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