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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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did new hampshire voters get it right? and what do you think is going to happen in south carolina. go to thank you so much for watching us tonight. this is "the kelly file" and i'm megan kelly. we'll see you tomorrow. bye, bye. >> this is a fox news alert. welcome to hannity. the voters of new hampshire have now spoken. the republican primary with 35% of the vote, ohio governor has taken second place with 16% and, at this hour, ted kroocruz, jeb bush, marco rubio, self proclaimed socialist, bernie sanders, will win by more than 20%. earlier tonight, donald trump celebrated his huge victory, republican primary, with a rousing speech. watch this.
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>> we are going to make america great again. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that america ever created. and by the way, we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we are going to start winning again. and we are going to win so much, you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you, new hampshire. thank you. thank you. thank you, new hampshire. thank you. thank you. we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. >> and joining us now live from downtown, manchester new hampshire, campaign carl cameron. carl, what a night for trump. >> what a night, indeed. and he's sort of rewritten the playbook for new hampshire. he has definitely put on a scare
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with tonight's victory. donald trump is winning. now he goes to south carolina. it's rally not all that much of a surprise. it is closing night and they're shutting things down. for three candidates tonight, closing full-time is a real threat. we're talking about chris christie who has said that he's not going to go to south carolina but will go back new jersey to assess things. his position in the polls will disqualify him, which was part of the fate of rand paul when he wasn't goirng to be in the prime time debate. >> even before the polls closed tonight to go to south carolina. as he told us earlier this week, he's laying off staff at the new hampshire primary, he plans to lay off another 20 or so and
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brings staff cuts to 90 or 60. and then there's carly fiorina. she's been having a hard time getting traction. and there are those who begin to think that some of these candidates really need to start thinking about perhaps cutting the string and the electorate o coalesce around the real e state developer by a decisive margin. there have been chose saying, even some of his rivals, maybe unstoppable. >> you better get to last call, >> i drove last night, we were up all night long. it's been 36 hours plus that we've been running on the
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campaign trail. >> there's a bar and you deserve it. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. peter, i'll start with you. another establishment defeat. more importantly, if i would have said to any of you three nine months ago, that donald trump and bernie sabders would have this decisive victory on this night in new hampshire, i think you all would have thought that i'm crazy. >> when you're called an establishment candidate, it's become a death now. so, time and time again.
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>> don trump is on his way. >> in my opinion, i think they have predicted all along this fall and it never came. steven hayes, another big night also tonight. trump had the biggest night. >> yeah, ted cruz spent little money and not much time. this clearly was not a pointed emphasis officer ted cruz.
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he did particularly well with voters, as we would expect. and then onto nevada and beyond to the primary. he's in a pretty good position. i'm wloen away by the bernie sanders win tonight. the margin of victory give or take 21 points by now. >> a year ago today, hillary clinton had a 44 point advantage. now, it looks like he's going to win by 21 points. that is a 66 point net swing. it is absolutely stunning. and the same goes for donald trump. he doubled up john kaisich tonight. and you're right in is a political earthquake. and you would think that members of congress better be sitting up pretty straight and paying attention today. >> we've been trying to tell him for years. they have been ineffective.
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they have been, frankly, laking in backbone and strength. and they have been lost. and, in the basis, telling them very strongly on both sides of the aisle. now, when you look at the numbers here, hillary lost every single demographic group, kpept 65 plus and those making over $200,000 a year. how does she recover from this. >> i think south carolina is as much a firewall as a place where she's particularly strong. and i predigited back in july that trump was going to be around a lot longer than all the front runners back then. and thought he would win new hampshire. not this big. i thought all along, sanders would win new hampshire mplgt but, again, not this big. it was too big wins for both of them. the problem is going forward, this had to be the finish for
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what he wanted to see happen. none of the governors really emerging and cruz coming in third and kaisich, the one governor that did show up, not having a whole lot of places real quick.
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>> if he request, then it's going to be pouring in, joe. >> oh, no. he's -- >> yeah, that's the whole point. does that money, does that energy let him expand out in areas he has not been able to get to. a lot of moderate and conservative white democrats who aren't sure what the whole democratic socialist thing means. can he energize that? that's some of the things that he's going to have to work on now. if he can't, then, yeah, hillary clinton suffered a defeat. she'll be fighting back. and i think right now, south carolina is still going to be a place where she's going to win because of her ranks. it's not a firewall. it's because of who she is. >> peter, let's go to john kaisich.
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he put a stake in new havrp shir. he was the one person who broke through. what about marco rubio. you talk about a moment in a debate that could have changed the trajectory of a race, certainly, he lost eight points in the poll numbers since that debate that took place last week. >> yeah, you know, moments won and moments lost. there was a point where he was trailing at least a few points. trump still sees him as a problem going forward. this muddled group of four or five folks that still posed an issue. the problem is they're going to cut each other's throats. so, meanwhile, there will be another debate on the 13 thd in which donald trump will probably emerge victorious and the other
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candidates will spend an enormous amount of time and money trying to kill each other, probably with very little effect. the demographics are closer in south carolina than to iowa. front runner status means a heck of a lot. >> let me ask you the establishment and insurgency question. you have mixed results for the governors in both contests.
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is there a point where the establishment is going to have to accept that one of the two they don't like is going to be the nominee? >> yeah, i don't think we're at that point yet. less than 2% of the delegates overall. i think there's a long race to go, as peter just said correctly. you've got this model going into south carolina. certainly, that's advantageous right now. you have news establishment or let's just say nonantiestablishment candidates that are likely to be beating each other up. one of the thing that is i'm most interested in seeing is whether there's a change in strategy. ted cruz and donald trump have gone after each other in a pretty tough way. >> if you look at the money, cruz spent, according to the
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numbers that i saw, anywhere between 700 and $800,000 in the air waves. jeb bush has spent $35 million. an incredible distingsz there. can jeb bush see that this is a breakout for him tonight? >> i don't think he can. i think that's a really tough sell. if you look at the delegate count, it's very early. iffy want to talk about which establishmented camp has the best establishmented. he doesn't have much of a ground game. he made a pitch to sort of liberal republicans. marco spgs rubio has a much higher net favorability reading.
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that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people. earlier tonight, joining us now live from bedford, new
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hampshire, is our own ed henry. go back to '92 and 2008, new hampshire was very pro-clinton. she lost every demographic. >> right. i was on the ground today with some of the clinton volunteers and advisors in nashville. what they were saying to me privately, off camera was, look, bernie sanders has had a big lead. we just want to get this down to a loss of single digits. slow the bernie momentum. instead, it's not complete yet. instead, we're, like, 92% in. as you know, hillary clinton, after losing iowa and coming in third in '08, won here. so it has been kind to the clintons.
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>> run through some of the other numbers you've mentioned. hillary clinton took a hit on who do you -- does being honest and trustworthy matter to you? that shows that there's an ethical drag here. young people, 80, 85% going to bernie sanders. that's an enthusiasm problem. and finally, independence won big. she has a real problem with independence. on the positive side, let's not forget. the calendar is going to get more south. south carolina, georgia.
10:20 pm
my final point is proportional. he can hang around for a long time. even if hillary clinton prevails in the end, she can be very weakened. after a deadlock in iowa. >> look, go ahead. >> he made it very clear. he's going all the way. he's not getting out of this race any too soon. a big part of the coverage tonight. why is it assumed that hillary clinton will get a larger percentage of the minority vote? >> well, because of bill clinton and their attachment with the african american community over the years. number two, polling. we were using polls to say bernie sanders had the double dijt lead. it turned out to be accurate. i think we need to be fair and say they were polls in south carolina, for kpamplt. i remember using one a couple weeks ago, that i forget the number, in the range of 50, 60 point edge among african americans. that point might be wrong. there will be others that show that the edge is not that big.
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however, after a deadlocked iowa, the way things are, bernie sanders was something like third. nine for hillary clinton. what does that mean? at least for now, we have a new front runner. and that's bernie sanders. >> great story. thank you so much. joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor, monic monica crowley, peggy lee. in fact, we'll stay on the case and then it becomes a big political football. what happens next after this? >> there are two things going on here. it's looming her and anything could happen.
10:22 pm
>> she won six years ago. now she's losing to the socialist spot by a whopping 21%. going forward into south carolina, some of these states were, just talking to ed henry about the african american vote, in the state of new hampshire, bernie sanders won 49% of the non-wliet vote. those are huge red warning signs for her on the political side. never mind the legal side with the f.b.i. investigation. >> so if bernie sanders now, both in iowa and new hampshire, i would argue that bernie
10:23 pm
sanders won iowa, it's assumed that bernie pointed out is that the democratic party has moved solidly to the left. i think that's going to be a big sfak xx, as well. >> well, first of all, let me just say congratulations to senator sanders. he ran a terrific campaign and it was really great to see the enthusiasm. one of the things that's great about these highly-contested primaries, like you're seeing, is the overwhelming, you know, turnover that you're seeing on the democratic sides. so kudos to senator sanders for a great win. but, going forward, we're going to see a much more diverse electorate.
10:24 pm
so, i mean, you have iowa and new hampshire that geared a lot more liberal than the rest of the country. you have a lot more diversified and you have hillary clinton that has, already, operations on the ground. so it's not all lost one state does not make the nomination, as we see. only 2% of the registered is in. >> as steve hayes pointed out, this is a 60 some odd point swing. that, by any definition, is a complete melt do complete methltdown of a campai. >> you know what, shawn, too. there's trends. one we're seeing national polls that show her now running even with bernie sanders. she's drawn in a couple of national polls, that seems to be trending toward him. the overwhelming rejection of
10:25 pm
mrs. clinton. bernie sanders won the kids by 80%. >> and, penny, let me go to another issue that we've talked about a lot. and that's hillary does not have a likability factor. how does that person get elected to the white house? >> whether it be experience, leadership or other things. >> if 60% of the elector rat
10:26 pm
thinks you're dishonest and trustworthy, how do you win? >> again, you go back to your other strengths. there's many issues and there's many criterias. they're going to have a chance. bernie is going to be in there for a while. and you're going to see it being tested. so people are going to have that chance to vet her and vet bernie and they're going to be able to see who they want to put into the white house. >> all right. thank you both. >> i just want to add what i've been saying to you for months now, which is i don't think the democratic nominee is going to with either one of these two. >> very interesting. i'm snot surprised at all. coming up, ochb the republican side, ohio governor comes in second place. does he get to keep that momentum going? south carolina ahead. they are here to weigh in.
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we're going to solve the problems in america. first the republican or democrat, but reminding everybody that we are americans dedicated to shining up america and fixesing what is wrong. tonight, we move to south carolina and we will end up in the big west. and you just wait. let me tell you. there's so much going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one.
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>> that was earlier tonight. the ohio governor had a big night in new hampshire. obviously, trump, big win. on the republican side, all the polls and expectations. a great night for him, i would argue ted cruz, who spent the least amount of time in the state and the least amount of money, came in third place. that's a win for him. >> i totally agree with you. i think that cruz way out-performed what he invested. quill out-performed expectations. i'm not a big farn of his, but it's pretty clear that he's resilient and will be around.
10:31 pm
>> he is a driegtful person. i want to reflect my personal politics in the republican field. but i don't know where he goes from here. you know that whole middle of the road, what happens in the middle of the road? you get road kill. >> i think that's the buoyant. let's look at the real clear politics average in south carolina. we're going to have a lot of recent polls out there. donald trump at 36. kaisich is down there at 2%.
10:32 pm
a lot of room to kbroe. >> it is. and john kaisich is not going to do particularly well in south carolina, if he makes it to the midwest. he may have some opportunity. but he's not going to be particularly strong. and i must tell you, 12% is 12% for ted cruz. this is not a good night for him. >> i'm speaking relatively. jeb bush spent $35 million an edge. >> it doesn't mean anything. i've done this. i've run campaigns. that said, south carolina, it will be a two-way race.
10:33 pm
>> trump looking to get a bump out of this. >> his principle accomplishment is for m rarks rco rubio. i don't think he'll ever recover. that doesn't happen. >> go fwook what you started saying. if you think trump is going to be the nominee they have lost. >> these guys will all go
10:34 pm
forward now. they keep splitting the vote. >> polls have shown him up 20%. i think he has an appeal that will cut across the board. i think he has potential that i don't think ted cruz has. >> it's interesting. you're the only person that has acknowledged that. i tend to adwree with that statistic that a 20% crossover rate is very, very high. i don't know any other republican that gets that.
10:35 pm
i've got to assume in a general election, the same thing would happen. >> the other thing that we're seeing is trump is moderating his tone he was dominant in the debate. i think geraldo is exactly right. it will take a very strong general election candidate. >> next candidate, are the crowds from geraldo beyond hillary clinton. >> there are no black people in new hampshire. there are no latinos in new hampshire.
10:36 pm
if hillary does expect 1:00 zkt, the disz cushion is over. >> if people desert hillary clinton, there's no idea what's going to happen with the democrats. >> so you're prediblgting it's trump and hillary and you're prediblgting it's trump that wins? >> this is the thing about frump. i believe that they're absolutely right. >> i believe having known trump all of these decades, that he doesn't have a mean streak in his body.
10:37 pm
>> you say, in the end, conserve tifrs would be supportive. >> is it going to be trump and hillary? >> i think it is. there is the f.b.i. investigation. i think it's a fair question to raise. >> all right. if they make a criminal referl, we're better off. >> i'm a lawyer.
10:38 pm
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think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. so strongly that we have to keep up with every fiber of our being the argument for the campaign for human rights. human rights as women's rights. human rights as gay rights. human rights as worker rights. human rights as voting rights.
10:44 pm
human rights across the country. now, that is who i am. that is what i will always be. that is why i am in this race. >> hillary clinton tonight, here with reactions. it wasn't as bad as it was in iowa. but why does she yell like that? why does she go so solidly left? >> i don't know why she's yelling. i don't know why she's dressed as a priest. i think it's really odd. and desperate. squl so she's facing very
10:45 pm
similar obstacles again. i think she thought that she was going to roll right in and that clinton's name were going to carry her. i see a lot of desperation and she's raising her voice. but her stand-off issues is not hitting home. also, the lack of honesty. and that's carrying a great weight for bernie sanders. >> the argument is, and the general consensus among the class is that, well, once she gets to south carolina, i'm not sure i believe that. >> well, sean, if i can impress you here, i think that is so far from an open and shut case that people
10:46 pm
people. >> wliek dr. cornell west. another person in our community. he's making the black community aware of what it is. >> i was stunned as i listened all night. just general assumption. oh, she's got that vote. well, it didn't happen last time in 2008. >> his endorsement means nothing. the fact is the cbc and there's power around her. you look at who's not opposed, al sharpton hasn't stepped. i don't buy that hillary clinton
10:47 pm
is going to lose the black vote. but i'll tell you what, so desperate that tonight, in the speech, she talked about the vast right wing conspiracy. and that's going to blow up with the superpacs. >> hang on, we've got to take a break. our panel stays with us after this quick break. straight ahead. [thunder rumbling] ♪ [chattering] [snarling] ♪
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welcome back to kwt hannity." all right, big night for donald trump. he shows a lot of great numbers in south carolina. ted cruz is going to fight hard in south carolina. what do you see there? do you agree with heraldo? who's the biggest obstacle for him? >> i think trump is cruz's biggest obstacle. powerful people who trust behind ted cruz pretty strong. however, donald trump, he's on the stage last time. you know why it didn't matter? the hard times stealing the microphone from him. every time he says something outrageous, this is it for him, this is done. it seems that people rally behind him more. he seems very much unstoppable.
10:53 pm
i don't see anyone right now that's going to stop him. he's known for being the nonpolitical correct guy. so if he makes a yud remark, people embrace that. they see it as typical politicians with talking points. >> i disagree with the trump card. he absolutely has full steam ahead. yeah, i do think him skipping the debate earlier, i think it allowed him to have a little bit of steam there. absolutely. south carolina is going to do very well. he is a very attractive candidate. lots of independents and moderates like him.
10:54 pm
>> we've got to see where that shifts. will they have their path to south carolina? both ladies, he writes the story, he directs the narrative and he gets away with. trump did the public a favor. he did politics a favor. you've got to give him credit. >> i thank you all for being with us. a lot more hannity right after this break. because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance,
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only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. all right, unfortunately, that's all the time we have. before we go, quick programming note, our usual
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programming time and we'll all join us again tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, as always. thank you for being with us and we will see you back here tomorrow night. good night from new hampshire. >> i'm bill o'reilly, that have beening us tonight. the new hampshire vote is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. trump and sanders win. polls were correct as voters sent a signal loud and clear. we don't want establishment politicians. a whopping 90% of republican voters are angry about the political environment. on the republican front, here as it stands now, this could


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