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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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programming time and we'll all join us again tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, as always. thank you for being with us and we will see you back here tomorrow night. good night from new hampshire. >> i'm bill o'reilly, that have beening us tonight. the new hampshire vote is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. trump and sanders win. polls were correct as voters sent a signal loud and clear. we don't want establishment politicians. a whopping 90% of republican voters are angry about the political environment. on the republican front, here as it stands now, this could change
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a little bit. donald trump wins 35%. governor john kasich, second, 16. ted cruz, 12, jeb bush 11 followed by christie and fiorina. kasich emerges as the moderate candidate to beat. cruz and rubio still viable candidates as is jeb bush. just like christie, fiorina and carson are done in realistic terms. hillary clinton likely to clock them in south carolina and beyond. a memo from the clinton campaign, says, quote, it will be very difficult, if not impossible for a democrat to win the nomination without strong levels of support among after i cannin american and hispanic
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voters. we believe that is how it should be. and that is true sanders is meeting with al sharpton, a hopeless cause, because sharpton is about as far away from a socialist as you can get. he will support hillary, no question. sum it up, new hampshire, good news for trump, sanders and kasich. now, let's bring in charles krauthammer tonight. i'm looking for hidden messages. something not apparent in this vote. got anything for us tonight? >> i got a few. but look. the main story that there is very little hidden here, it's about one of the most obvious and sort of remarkable results you can get. sanders wins by 20 or more, trump wins also by doubling the
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number, too, that is unmistakable. i found something interesting in sanders state of the union address. his victory speech, he was practicing for next year because i did say he was appealing not just progressives but conservatives and independents, worry about the control of the system by the donors. that is a theme, of course, of trump's, trump's answer is elect me. and sanders answer is get it back, change the campaign finance laws and look to return the power to the people. he's trying to appeal to that constituency that thinks that they may disenfranchised by money but saying the answer isn't to elect a billionaire. the other lesson is, and this is one that is well known, but
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christie has shown us you can win a dramatic exchange in the debate and end up dead. you know? you wound your opponent but that is a kamikaze attack. >> do you think it -- >> it didn't advance him. look if you're in a one on one and demolish the other guy, you win. if you're on a six on 1, 7 on one, and demolish one of the other guys you don't win. >> now, i have a couple questions. don't you love bernie? a guy goes out there, he's still stalking, i think, by the way. he says i don't want a pack. but i want you to send me money. bernie asked for money. i thought jerry lewis was going
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to appear with a big tote board. you know? and bernie knows in his heart, don't you believe this, that he's not going to win? don't you believe bernie is not going to win? he's going to try. it's fun, he's got nothing to do but he knows he's going to run up against the machine in south carolina. he's not winning. >> i think he does know that. the worry i have is that he does win the presidency and kidnapped by larry david and nobody knows for three years. he knows he's not going to win. >> this is political theater. he justifies it by saying look. i believe this to be true. i'm sincere, because he is. he's been sincere since he's 18 years old. all right? i'm a socialist and i want to live in denmark, but it's too cold so i'm going to stay here and i want to get the message
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across so hillary will be forced to incorporate some elements of my looney message into this campaign. >> this is a guy who honeymooned in the soviet union and as lindsey graham said, he never returned. he knows it's a lost cause. you know, he wants to be remembered as the guy who kind of launched this. >> he and trump are so entertaining. if they're not elected they can get their own tv show. it will be number one, trump sanders every week. now, hillary clinton is smiling, she's happy. what is she happy about, again? >> she's happy that unless indicted she's going to win the nomination. >> okay. >> just a general happiness? >> if you had that, you'd be happy, too. i have no idea in
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your past, if you'd be indicted. >> i'd just be indicted just on general principle, disturbing the peace. >> you should be. >> but i'm watching hillary clinton and she's standing with her husband, the former president, they're just so happy by losing 20 points to a 74-year-old socialist. i don't know if i would have been that happy. >> i thought she played it well. >> i think she should have been more like cam newton. >> i thought she should have worn a hoodie, rooted and ran off stage. that is what i would have done. >> and cam newton came closer to winning than she did. but all right. just phony politics. kasich? >> you get kind of giddy around 11:00 don't you? >> yes. i am always this way, i just mask it earlier. all right. kasich. he is a nice story. nice man, he comes in second,
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very few people thought he's going to do that. it's a good story, right? >> it's a good story. he's kind of a bernie sanders of the republicans because he's got nowhere to go right now. he's got no infrastructure and didn't quite get the launch. he did real well. he's going to get attention. >> right. >> and i think a bump. but realistically speaking we've got trump, almost a run away train. the question is, will someone emerge from south carolina who will take him on? otherwise, he's got the nomination. >> well, cruz will do well in south carolina. >> well, cruz -- cruz is the most likely. remember? >> because gingrich won it last time. >> and evangelicals are 60%. >> cruz is in it. now, rubio, here is an interesting story. didn't do well, admitted it. let's roll the tape on that. >> i want you to understand something. i want you to understand
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something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night. that will never happen again. >> all right. so he's owning up, but how badly is he hurt? >> he's very badly hurt. not necessarily that that was the worst exchange in the history of campaigns, but what it did is that it altered the trajectory of the campaign in a way that could conceive bli not be fixable. look. he was launched out of iowa like a cannon ball. if he comes in as number two, then, what happens is that it eliminates the challengers. bush goes away, kasich goes away and cruz is reduced, had that happened. it didn't happen. he will stumble into south
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carolina, he's got a chance, we can have another moment but this idea which he was on a path, except for this one moment to be the number two and to be the challenger. finally. 30 seconds. jeb bush. not terrible. how would you -- >> he's, he got enough to make his way to south carolina, but his brother is coming. he's got a lot of support in south carolina. and historically, the family has done fairly well there. this is his one place, one last stand. he's got the money and the infrastructure, so of course he'll go. but unless he does well there, either 1 or 2, he's done. >> charles krauthammer, thank you. next up, bernie sanders on the run, wants the black vote. and later, bernie goldberg, ed
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henry. we're coming right back.
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impact segment tonight, bern, baby bern. >> what the people here have said is that given the price, it's just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and economics. the people want real change. >> joining us now from chicago is dr. austin brewsbi. >> i don't think people paid enough attention to the
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advantage trump gets. the only real question is are his people going to vote? they showed tonight they are. there is a huge advantage when it starts coming to super tuesdays in which we have a series of them, 6, 8, 10 primaries on the same day for someone who already has national name recognition. he doesn't have to build the ground game. other guys are going to try to struggle to get their name on the front page and build out field offices and he starts with an advantage there. but you can't get the nomination with 34%. and if guys like kasich can stay and win his own state, or someone like rubio or bush can stay in and win their own states and they start turning to be winner take all, that is the recipe for a -- >> contested conviction. so trump emerges as the guy to
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be. no longer is he a fantasy candidate or he's going to crash and burn. i don't think that is going to happen. i think it's going to be a legitimate victory by someone who has to creep up on him. because he's far out in front now. can you tell me why hillary clinton is so happy? because she's leaving new hampshire? which obviously doesn't like her? because she and bill, looked like they were on vacation in the virgin islands, they're so happy tonight. >> i think that is a better image than the ones, you know of bill clinton getting up, saying that all of the things he didn't like. >> so you're saying they're phonies tonight? it was phony happiness? >> no. i'm saying phil jackson famously said the playoffs again when someone wins on the road, and i think they are probably happy to
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get on the turf they can. >> you're optimistic the minority voters as quoted from their own memo will come out. but when you get clocked by 20 points, i mean, isn't it a little bit embarrassing? but losing to fidel castro, i mean, bernie sanders, is -- really, isn't it embarrassing? and here is something more 90% of democrats who valued honesty voted for sanders. 90%. that is so in your face, is it not? >> you don't know? >> i don't know. >> 90%? >> exit polls, you can fiddle with language and find. >> i'm not fiddling with anything. i'm going to tell you what the
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new hampshire folks said. >> i'm talking about the exit polls. >> it says it's a big win. >> in your president, who do you like? >> by 20 points. >> yes. by 90 points in the honesty sweep stakes. >> so on any question you're likely to find overwhelming support for sanders. >> you're on economic genius. all right? i just say that because your nice enough to come on the program. >> i'm going to write a book and using that as a quote. >> would you vote for bernie sanders? just on economics alone? >> i told you. i'm an economist, an economics professor. sanders socialist program. >> because you know this is craziness? but we love bernie, anyway. all right, doc, thank you as always, coming up, bernie gold
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bernberg, up coming.
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joining us from manchester, brit hume. it's 11 across the board with cruz, and bush, and rubio. does it matter if one of them pops to 12 at this point? or they're tied for third place? cruz is ahead by a few votes as you can see and this 25% of the votes still to be counted. does it matter? >> in the long run, no, but
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short term will give candidates something to talk about. >> jeb bush who appreciate coming in third instead of fourth but perhaps interesting way to look at that is, this whole thing tonight is that the big money, supposed to be the dominant force, the whole thing with bernie sanders campaign is wall street barons are ruling our lives. it wasn't big money candidate that did it. donald trump didn't spend that much here and won big. john kasich spent money here, the big spender was bush, and on the other side, hillary clinton supposedly closest owe wall street where the power is supposed to be that bernie sanders is talking about, she lost big to him. >> you're not going to be able to tell bernie the billionaires don't control everything because that is his schtick.
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>> it's a conspiracy theory, really. he thinks wall street big shots are running our lives, we're a free people, it's better to be rich than poor. but that establishes his conspiracy theory when you think about it. >> do you believe hillary clinton is angry tonight? is she disappointed tonight? all polls were accurate she was going to lose big except for the boston globe poll. do you believe she's annoyed or has it and wants to get the hell out of there and go to south carolina? >> she came closer than the polls had her a week or two ago. >> it's still embarrassing. >> of course it is. >> it is a big loss. but she can, and i think if she was angry she's probably already felt that and moved on a bit.
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and you know there is talk about they're considering a big staff shake up, my guess is that it probably won't happen soon if at all. and there are a lot of white liberals in the democratic party. and the state is just coming up next. >> would you love to be at the meeting between bernie sanders and al sharpton tomorrow? i know where it is. i know where the restaurant is. >> we should go and sit next to them. bernie, he's not a socialist. he's taking money for everybody. he's not going to vote for you. >> i'd like to be there, bill. >> that would be fun. >> i have other reservations, i'm afraid. >> bernie is reaching out. to the minority vote. >> well, look. this isn't likely to happen but
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it has happened in the past that somebody comes out of new hampshire with a big win, there is a wave of publicity for the candidate and they get a fresh hearing from a lot of voters. so a lot of voters in the south, whether democratic party is heavily african american may decide to give the old bern a look. if they do, they might like what they hear from him. they might think these socialist ideas are good. >> no. no. >> i didn't say it was impossible. >> it is impossible. >> what i'm going to do is try to go to that breakfast and will have a picture of you with me. >> that will get you in, for sure. >> brit hume, everybody. plenty more ahead. on the woman vote, also, bernie goldberg on vicious attacks on donald trump moments after he won, they were launched. i hope you stay tuned for those reports. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. . the female vote, madeline albright said this in new hampshire. >> just remember there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> well, tonight, the ladies in new hampshire broke big for sanders and trump.
11:31 pm
surprising some, and including miss albright. before you do the woman thing, you must be happy tonight because you're a big trump person, you love trump. >> i don't love trump. i called it a long time ago. i knew the electorate was angry. >> but you like him. >> he like him on the issues that matter to me. >> but if you called him and told him to be conservative like you are, he would. >> i don't know about that. >> so marianne, let's talk about hell for a minute, which is like doing this program at 11:00, live. >> o'reilly, come on. lighten up. >> it's fun. >> so this is what i don't understand. if you didn't support carly fiorina and you're a woman, you're going to hell?
11:32 pm
is that what i took out of that? >> i think she's trying to emphasize the fact that many women her age and younger expected more progress to be made for women on pay equity. >> wasn't she secretary of state? >> she was. but bill, as you know well, women don't make as much as men. fractions -- the government mandates that. so anyone, so there is the difference. but i think that is what she's talking about. >> i think she probably should have phrased it this way. if you don't support hillary clinton you're going to hell because poor carly fiorina, she's a woman and madeline albright, she's in the helping her out. so let's get back to the women vote. it broke for sanders. >> 7% of women in new hampshire are going to hell and according to gloria steinham who said they're looking for boyfriends,
11:33 pm
the message is you're horny and going to hell. >> i can't imagine you're going to vote for bernie sanders and think you're going to get a boyfriend. if you did, the boyfriend would be cheap, poor, and take your stuff. what kind of boyfriend is that? >> make your bibbing -- birkenstocks. >> you don't want a boyfriend that takes your stuff. >> it's not about gender. it's about generation. and it's true of every demographic group. that is why bernie sanders can make a play for african american voters and latino voters. >> he's not going to get minority votes. they're voting for hillary. >> the younger voters went with bernie because most of them came of age during the depression.
11:34 pm
they're postponing getting married, having kids, buying a house and take jobs to be able to pay college debt back. that is what is driving the sanders vote. it's generational. not gender or any other demographic. >> the minority community has an alliance with the clintons and has for almost three decades. >> but the younger african american and latino voters do not. that is bernie sanders strategy. >> that is why he's having breakfast with al sharpton? he should be having breakfast with a hip-hop guy. >> he has an endorsement from a major hip-hop guy. >> i think there is something there. it is generational but the feminist message is outdated. millennial women don't know what it's like to have this a
11:35 pm
addversarial relationship with men. and when someone says there is a special place in hell for women who don't support other women, young women, lena says this is where hillary clinton bullies other women that accused her husband. and young women say you don't speak from me. you're from a different era. you're a bit of a relic. >> you always have that kind of a thing. >> what did you think in the exit polling when 90% of democrats who voted and more vot voted, 90% says it's important for the president of the united states to be honest. isn't that a repewedation of hillary clinton, the person? >> every vote for president is personal. they have to trust people.
11:36 pm
>> honesty is important, going for one candidate. that seems to be a repudiation. >> the case she has to make is when she says she's going to do something, she is going to do the job. pointing out when she said she's going to do something, she fought and got it done. >> she was asked if she could -- >> my issue is simple. most democratic voters in new hampshire don't think she's honest. >> she's not. and they're right. that doesn't go away. >> i still think that the minority coalition with the elderly liberals will put her over the top. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on instant attacks against donald trump. bernie is next.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. shortly after it was announced donald trump won, vicious attacks came his way. joining us now from miami,
11:41 pm
mr. goldberg. i understand the huffington post was brutal. >> right. the huffington post which is a big, important website, with liberal leanings no question about that, runs a big headline in big red letters new hampshire goes racist, sexist, and xenophobic and there is a picture of donald trump underneath it. i understand who you're appealing to, but you cannot be taken seriously if you do things like that. and in tomorrow's new york news, the biggest tabloid, are you ready? dawn of the brain dead. picture of donald trump looking like a clown, clown comes back to win with new hampshire win as mindless zombies turn out in droves. if you want to call donald trump
11:42 pm
a clown, which is low class to begin with, do it on your editorial page. at the risk of sounding hopelessly naive, the news business is different from other business. if you're making cars and ask customers what cars they want, no problem f you're making womens' dresses, and you find out what kind they like, no problem but news is not like cars or dresses. it's one thing to appeal to the people who you're appealing to. pandering is not a good thing. it may work in the short run, may be a good business model but it is bad. here is where i'm going to sound hopelessly old fashioned. it's bad for journalism to do stuff like that. >> but you're more idealiftic than i am. because the huffington post doesn't care. >> i agree. >> young liberals when go to that website are still going to
11:43 pm
go there. the new york daily news is a failing newspaper. the publisher is trying to sell it. he can't. the circulation is cratering. they hired a couple guys to write provocative headlines in hopes they can get circulation up a lit. they don't care. >> you're right. but it's pathetic none theless. someone needs to ask arianna huffington. >> she doesn't own it. >> well, whoever owns it these days. >> zuckerman is a sophisticated guy. >> zuckerman hates trump. >> this is an -- the clowns are the people who put out that kind of stuff. >> okay. but i'm just telling you that when the journalistic entity, whatever it may be, doesn't care anymore, about journalism, then it's a hopeless cause. that is where we are in the
11:44 pm
united states. >> i agree. >> we're in the united states and how many times do i have to present beyond a reasonable doubt, look. you saw on nbc news, the moderator of a debate hug hillary clinton and bernie saners. all right? now. your steeped in cbs news, as am i. can you imagine when we're working a moderator of a debate hugging after the debate was over? i think she wanted to hug them during the debate but the camera couldn't get into position. >> you know, i was trying to be super generous and thinking well, maybe that is the way a woman just shakes hands and says thank you. but there is no way in the world that rachel would have hugged
11:45 pm
donald trump and ted cruz and chr christie. >> there isn't anyone who would have hugged a presidential contender after a debate. so what i'm trying to get across is that we're living in an age you say journalism, many of the press entities aren't that anymore. they're not. they're in another business. it's another business model. >> that is the key word. they found another business model. >> right. now, you're taking quibble with me saying bernie sanders isn't going to get the minority vote? >> quibble is the right word and that is all it is. here is what i'm saying it would be a good idea in this political year if we weren't so confident. you know the saying predictions are hard? well, a year ago, nobody would
11:46 pm
have figured bernie sanders was going to lose iowa and trump, the clinton machine in new hampshire. a year ago, most of us didn't think donald trump was going to be in the race and look at him now. just a few days ago, everybody is talking about it's a three-man race. really? what about kasich? what about even bush? i am with you that the smart money has been wrong, a lot but the smart money now, and you're one of the smart money people, says it's over for sanders. he reached a high point today and you're probably right. but i'm not going to be shocked if you're wrong about this and if he attracts more people than before. i just want to keep an open mind on this. i'm not making any predictions. >> i'm going to tell you this. i don't mind him meeting with sharpton tomorrow, i don't mind that.
11:47 pm
now, i hear bernie sanders joined the temptations. i'm sorry. i'm sorry i'm not going to put up with that. he's not going to be a temptation. >> get ready? right? one of the big stories. >> check your wallet after you leave. i wonder who is going to pay for that breakfast. i think i know. hillary, smiling after the debate. should she be? check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt.
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muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. tonight, why was hillary clinton smiling this evening? joining us from new hampshire, ed henry. why was she? >> bill, it was a forced smile.
11:51 pm
there was nothing happy about tonight. what they think, the reason why they have optimism is that they have the two ms on their side, minorities and math. you saw the memo. from her campaign manager, look. new hampshire didn't look like a lot of the other states that hillary clinton is going to be dealing within march, whether it's georgia, south carolina, these are states going to have more african american voters so she thinks she'll have minorities on her side and math. because the first four states have only 4% of the delegates. they think she's going to start sweeping. they also thought she's already going to have the nomination wrapped up. that didn't happen. >> bernie sanders outreach, i made fun of them. i may tell our naive viewers
11:52 pm
he's not joining the temptations, it's the four tops. it's the four tops. anyway, he's reaching out to the minority community. i'm telling you the reason i'm saying it's fruitless is because the clintons, whether you like them or not, have a long term relationship with the minority community in the united states. >> they do. >> it was only superseded by barack obama, who was considered one of their own in the african american precincts but bill clinton was very popular in the african americans, as is she. how is sanders going to take from that? i don't see. >> you're raising a great question. i spoke to jeff weaver, told me, look, we don't need to win o100 of the african american vote.
11:53 pm
we can get 25%. and one point is that republicans have a lot of states with winner take all. democrats do it proportionally. so bernie sanders, if he can get 40%, 45%, he's going to get his share of the delegates. in the end if you're probably right, hillary clinton is likely going to be the nominee. but bernie sanders, because of the money over the internet and because of the proportional delegates could carry this on for many months. and make this a bloody struggle. >> it was widely considered if hillary clinton is indicted for the e-mails situation and that has got to come by april, that biden would step in and take her place and if sanders continues to compete well, that is going to be impossible. so it will be sanders. that is the only scenario i can
11:54 pm
see. >> a lot of ballots have closed in a lot of states. joe biden couldn't ready. and for a while, sanders was a real threat to hillary clinton, i know you have doubted it. at one point, you told me if he is elected you're going to buy a place if ireland. so you're going to move. so i'm just wondering tonight whether -- are you calling airlines? making a reservation? >> i have a line in a little cottage in tiperari. when i said that, all of the irish got on me because we're socialist here and all of that, but i said yes, i'm an artist and you have special rules for artists and writers and things like that. aha. i'm not worried about sanders winning the presidency.
11:55 pm
i think republicans will be overjoyed if he gets the nomination. i think they'd rather run against old hillary than bernie. >> and if bernie sanders gets the democratic nomination and runs as an independent, given other issues like that, he might take votes away from the democrats. a former senior advisor to president obama's sake. if sanders is the nominee, bloomberg gets in. >> bloomberg has got to get in by march to get on the ballot. he's got to make a decision, bloomberg, by march. >> right. and he's been wishy washy. >> right. right. >> and bloomberg, you know, we hear he's taking a look at it. but that is only 3, 4 weeks away. he's got to say yes or no in order to get the campaign up and running. henry, sorry to keep you up so late in new hampshire. >> i love being up here. i'll see you in ireland.
11:56 pm
>> it's cold in ireland. >> no. ireland is balmy. factor tip of the day, big lesson in tonight's vote, moments away.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
no mail tonight but tomorrow we'll read into the vote and this evening's broadcast, if you think i've been unfair, or whatever, we want to hear from you. the tip of the day comes out of the granite state. john kasich worked as hard as i've ever seen a politician work. convincing voters he can run this country. the governor up against a phenom named trump, came in second.
11:59 pm
enough to proefel him towards south carolina. so here is the tip. be like john, never give up pursuing your vision. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website and like you to spout off about the factor on o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be peevish when writing to the factor. now, tomorrow, trump. he's on a bunch of shows but i, with an interesting line of questioning for mr. trump. and you know we're looking forward to that. we're going to have a major political line up. lots of surprises for you. and i think you're going to like tomorrow's factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops
12:00 am
right here because we're definitely looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, the first in the nation primary offering up big time surprises. not necessary in the winner's bracket, but how candidates won, why, and where they'll place when it is over. welcome to a live midnight edition of the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly reporting from new hampshire. we have result s coming in at this hour and may have new calls before the hour is done. it was just seconds after the polls closed when fox news was able to project a victory for donald trump on the g.o.p. side. the story, what is happening in spots 2 through 5. we know john kasich finished second in new hampshire. a week after finding himself


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