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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 10, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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like you all have reset the race and for that i am really grateful. >> we have fox team coverage live from the granite state. an the republicans. good morning. >> good morning. a decisive victory for donald trump in new hampshire with 92 percent in reporting donald trump with a wide victory gaining 35 percent of the vote. john kasich a distant second 16 percent ted cruz at 12 jeb bush at 11 followed by marco rubio, chris christie and carly fiorina. trump celebrated that run win. >> we are going to make america great again. >> we are going to rebuild our military. it is going to be so big, so strong, so powerful, nobody, nobody is going to mess with us. believe me. >> the question about who was
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going to emerge from the governor's has been answered with john kasich second place finish. he bested chris christie and jeb bush with about 60 percent of the vote here. in doing so he struck a moderate tone. >> we are going to solve the problems in america not by being extreme, not by being first a republican or a democrat but reminding everybody that we are westerns dedicatied to shining p america. >> two in the books iowa and ted cruz victory and done fald trump with a victory in new hampshire it is on to south carolina. many of the campaigns are already there. the candidates are heading there now. there will be two exceptions. they will be in south carolina for a bit. ted cruz and senator marco rubio. they will be heading back to the senate to vote on the north korea sanctions bill. >> live for us in new hampshire. rich, thank you. >> after a strong showing in
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iowa marco rubio blaming himself for his lackluster performance in new hampshire. it started with a disastrous debate on saturday. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> you heard it there. rubio vowing to bounce back after a 5th place finish in new hampshire. now to the democrats. it wasn't even close. bernie sanders crushes hillary clinton by double digits. molly line is live for us in new hampshire. good morning. >> good morning. senator bernie sanders did win in new hampshire. that was not expected. but the width and breadth was significant. he won by more than 20 points that margin over hillary clinton winning the youth vote and exit polling shows he had 60 percent
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clinton at 38 percent. sanders sought to appeal the disenfranchised calling for an increase in the minimum wage and free college. he promised his win would echo from wall street to washington. >> this is the promise of america. this is the promise we must keep alive for future generations. what began last week in iowa with voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> clinton's loss is particularly stunning because the granite state has long been good to both she and her husband. both enjoying come bacanovic tories in campaigns in the past. attacking sanders on the trail and contrasting his wife's record with sanders. but the nostalgic factor was not
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enough to claim another clinton win. she acknowledges she needs to do a better job connecting with the youth vote. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this week. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> the up coming battle ground states of south carolina and nevada are thought to favor clinton because there are minority voters there latino and african american. sanders will be bringing in the minority vote is yet to be seen. they have another debate this thursday. back to you. >> molly line live for us. thank you. >> oo the pundits had it all figured out last monday fight when the sigh roy caucuses were complete. they said the race is a three person race between three freshman senators and a reality tv star. while the radio he ality tv star
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is still doing well it looks like you all have reset the race. >> you heard it there. jeb bush saying this is no longer a three man race as many declared coming out of iowa. however, it was governor john kasich who made a comeback last night. his 100 plus stops in new hampshire apparently paying off. what was the biggest surprise of the fight? fox news contributor and radio talk show host terry bruce as well as chuck roach are here with us to weigh in. thank you for joining us. >> tammy, i want to talk first about the exit polls that have come out. do you have any big surprises there in terms of who supported whom in these particular races in hanew hampshire? >> what's amazing is trump's success. he won every category. it was men and em with, college, no college. it was rich and poor. he got every group except people who made their decision at the very last minute which is fascinating.
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he also won all republicans. he won the majority of republicans and also the independents. bernie sanders died hitied hillh democrats but his margin of victory was due to the independents that have voting. that was an amazing success he has. when it comes to the messaging is this a protest vote? this is where south carolina comes in. will it be repeated if it is i think he's going to have a pretty successful six months coming up. >> what do you think, chuck, about that? in terms of the exit polling his donald trump comes from people who are angry. they are concerned about the economy concerned about terrorism and bernie sanders his support came from overwhelmingly those voters under 45, independent, their top concerns income, equality and honesty. >> donald trump won every county that's no surprise. he won college educated and
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noncollege educated and he ran the board. we need to talk more about donald trump. he had won by so much we spent a lot of time talking about who lives on which is very, very important. john kasich is like the dog that caught the car. he looked up now what do i do? he has to have a team to go beyond where we are today. his team hopes they raise money to move forward. on the bernie sanders side he won almost vr ry single democrat except for people who make over 200,000 dollars a year which kind of made sense. i think where we go from new hampshire is who has built ow the team to go through march 1st. there are a lot of delegates at stake. >> sure are. who needs to go home? >> dr. carson even though with all of the fight that came into iowa the fact is he really did seem to abandon new hampshire. he has to put aside any sense of embarrassment and admit this is not working. obviously chris christie has already gone home. he has not said he's leaving,
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howeve however. he wants to look at the numbers and he's also going to have a money problem. those are the first two you have to look at. genuinely they need to leave the arena at this point. >> chuck, what do you think? >> i think chris christie's problem is he is running out of mown. nobody is going to give him money when a bad showing. the other has a ton of money. he is raising money. as long as you have money coming in. that's the difference on the democratic side with bernie sanders. he's raised so much money last night hillary clinton has so much establishment money. they have money to go on for months with this thing it will not be over any time soon. you run out of money that's normally when your campaign is over. >> we have to talk a little bit about marco rubio in terms of surprises. you think what happened to him in new hampshire is a result of what happened on saturday? >> i pegged him to come in 4th
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the fact that he came in 5th was more shocking. some individuals were calling voters to get out the vote for him. people were saying back to them, i was for him but not after the debate. mr. rubio senator rubio admitted it was his fault on saturday. of course he says it will never happen again, because of course chris christie won't be at the next debate only because of the numbers he received. he may stay in the race. it is shocking, but it tells you the importance of every moment and the statements, the impressions you make when you are dealing with somebody who cannot only beat hillary but also is going to be mature enough to be able to handle all kinds of pressure. that's where i think he failed. >> chuck, you have the last word here. >> this morning i am wearing my sweater vest, all politics is local. you have to get out there and relate to the local people. john kasich pretty much moved there. let's see what happens in north carolina lena. rubio can row bound but he has
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to be more honest, more genuine. all politics is local. >> i like what you said about the dog catching up with the car, then what do you do? you go a i long for the ride. looks like it's going to be a long one. thank you both, tammy, chuck, thank you for joining us. abby? >> the time is currently 10 after the hour. hillary clinton still feeling the burn after new hampshire. her campaign has banked on the southern states can she still count on that support? we will get a democrat's take next when dennis kucinich joins us live.
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>> a new poll out shows hillary clinton with a three point lead. she is actually up by 50 points if you go by blood pressure. >> hillary clinton looking ahead to south carolina after a crushing loss in new hampshire. the democrat banking on the southern states to lead her on the nation. is that strategy still a viable option? dennis kucinich wiis a fox news contributor. thank you for getting up with us this morning. >> what happened in new hampshire was it it a surprise to you or a surprise the margin was so great? >> the margin was not particularly a surprise, but going forward bernie sanders had the message, the money, momentum. his campaign has electricity and it is now launched nationally.
2:15 am
this will be a real challenge for secretary clinton to be able to stabilize her campaign going forward to have natural advantages in south carolina, nevada and in the deep south. >> i have two follow up questions for you and what you just said. first of all why you weren't surprised the margin was that great. 60 to 38 percent difference between clinton and sanders there. what are some of the built in advantages she has moving forward. >> it ended up being 22 point margin. there was a slight trimming of the gap. however, what's happened if you look at the internals of the polls that have been done, bernie sanders swept the floor with just about every
2:16 am
demographic. that's a warning signal to the clinton campaign. when you look at younger voters who are all colors of course and you can't put black voters in silos and latino voters in silos. the fact of the matter is you have different demographics within those groups and frankly whether he does or not remains to be seen. he has a shot at the nomination. >> wasn't just a women's vote, wasn't just a people vote. when you have to do with honesty sanders 91 percent compared to clinton when you look at what is the top quality in terms of trust worthiness. those numbers how can she turn that around? >> you have to keep in mind.
2:17 am
in in the republican debate hillary clinton turned out to be the favorite pinata of republican candidates and were what canni whacking her lift and right and trying to raise the question of honesty continually. that had an effect on the democratic race as well. she has to make a strong case as to why her experience is necessary in the white house. there's a case to be made for that but it will be a little tougher now, because she is at a disadvantage with sanders having the natural advantages clinton had going into nevada, south carolina loon gnaw, where latino in south carolina, the black vote should go towards that
2:18 am
without a question. >> you mentioned the republican debate and how they have debated the honest at this issue. you are not surprised that john kasich did so well? >> john kasich just about lived in new hampshire. it was a good call. he ran a good campaign. in the debate his message was one of unity. they avoided the conflict on the stage. i think that john kasich put a marker out here and who knows we could be looking at a trump kasich ticket which would be a strong ticket. >> you think that might still be the case? >> they are two strong candidates. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate your insight as ways. >> the evangelical vote giving a
2:19 am
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>> last night's primary election, how did they do it? good morning to you. thank you for being with us. >> let's go with some of these. let's go with 47 percent said they were angry with how government is working. no surprise most of those went to donald trump. >> no surprise at all. the fundamental notion is
2:23 am
something we have been talking about his message is saying we are going to make america great again i am going to provide opportunities you haven't seen i am going to do something different. he is doing really, are willy well on that issue. >> when it comes to qualities the voters want 24 percent said they want candidates who tell it how it is. trump got a majority of that. i think it was down at 16 percent on that. that's what trump is known for. the other quality is people bring change. he think he is going to go and do something different.
2:24 am
it is most important to voters today. i think that's another reason why we are seeing this ground as well toward trump. the importance of honest tee and trust worthiness. he did good in new hampshire compared to hillary clinton. she struggles with that. that's the quality they want in the next president. they are motivated to support somebody they trust. part of it started with the e-mail scandal. it is going oon even more. when you are talking to young people one of the number one concerns they have is hillary really in the pocket of wall street and pharma companies. i don't trust that to do the right thing. she is got to continue. she has to find some sort of a story and narrative as to why she is taking the speaking engagements from goldman sachs why is she taking money from big
2:25 am
banks. it is really hurting her with a lot of folks. >> you have to be motivated. if you don't trust that person you don't want to get out and vote. sharing values, candidates that share your values. the person that does i think the poorest on that is donald trump. that going down in the priority list. 25 percent of voters say that's the most important to me. they have 65 percent of the vote. 35 percent that say it is are likely to hold christian values or evangelical values saying that's the most important thing to me it can go to cruise or rubio or any number of folks that share the values. >> he may not share the values. lee, carter thank you for being with us.
2:26 am
>> thank you to both of you. the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. the gop candidates making their way to south carolina. who has the edge ahead of the next primary? plus, strapped for cash, how long can the losers of last night's primary hang on? i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here.
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>> good morning. the first of the nation primaries are in the books. the trump train rolls on. >> trump and sanders win and it wasn't even close.
2:30 am
>> we want to thank the people of new hampshire. you started it. remember, you started it. >> we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. >> you just wait. let me tell you. there's so much going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> you will see us again. we are coming back in november to win the general election. >> i want to say, i still love new hampshire. i always will. we have fox news coverage from the primary. good morning, rich. >> good morning. a big win for donald trump in the granite state. those poll numbers have trended and he leads with a big margin in new hampshire. 35 percent of the vote with 92 percent in. john kasich finishing second at 16 percent.
2:31 am
followed by ted cruz he hired a winner at 12. jeb bush at 11. marco rubio, chris christie and carly fiorina and ben kaer son rounding out the field. trump maintains the wide lead and he says basically he it is time to celebrate that big win. >> we are going to going to make america great again. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember that. we are going to knock the hell out of isis. we are going to knock the hell out of them. >> that fight nor second goes to john kasich. it went to done namd tru-- dona in iowa. a great performance for marco rubio for iowa. it was soured by what happened in the debate. he finishes tied with jeb bush here. for john kasich it's a second
2:32 am
place finish. he says that gives him the momentum. >> we will move through south carolina all across this country and will end up in the midwest. you just wait. let me tell you, there's so much going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. thank you all very much. >> 42 percent of voters here identified according to fox news exit polls as independents. those voters broke for donald trump and governor john kasich. from here it is on to south karl loon gnaw. the candidates are already headed there. >> thank you. >> turning to the democrats. new hampshire, they are really feeling the bern, bernie sanders with a double dig get blowout. we are live in manchester. good morning. >> good morning, abby. it wasn't a big surprise he was leading in the polls. he pulled out a huge margin.
2:33 am
over 20 point difference between himself and secretary hillary clinton. here are the actual numbers with 93 percent of the vote in. sanders 60 percent clinton 38 percent. sanders is focused on income and equality slamming the financial industry calling for increase in the minimum wage and free college. the clinton camp consistently tried to paint his proposals as unrealistic. but his message resinated in new hampshire. >> together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pacs. >> clinton's loss is particularly stinging because the granite state has long been good to she and her husband both
2:34 am
having victories in campaigns past. clinton will campaign on for the long hall. >> my friends, please, join me in building on the progress we have made under president obama bushing forward every sij day for as long as it takes to breakdown those barriers that hold us back. >> sanders and clinton debate tomorrow. the up coming races in south carolina lean have yet to see how sanders will do among african americans and lat taken nos. he is trav -- latinos. he will have grek fast with the reverend al sharpton. >> molly line live for us. thank you. >> with new hampshire in the rearview mirror the shift turns to south carolina luna where the republican candidates will battle in the next primary february 20th. who has the edge there? here's the debate republican strategist and former white house spokesperson for president
2:35 am
george w. bush mercedes slap. thank you both for getting up early with us. appreciate it. same to our viewers at home. mercedes i will start with you. turning to south carolina take a look at the latest clear politics average of the gop candidates there in the palmetto state. trump leading 36 percent to cruz coming in next at 19.7 percent. rubio followed by bush and then you have carson, christie, kasich and fiorina. as we move on to south carolina do you think this poll is an indication of what will happen? >> there were some polls in the real clear politics back in january i think the 23rd or something like that. so much has happened since then. in one week we have seen marco rubio in iowa go from 3rd place to a 5th place in new hampshire. here's what's interesting about south carolina. trump, he's coming in with a lot of momentum with this new hampshire win. there is this real deal going on
2:36 am
with the fact that she wathey w outsider. they are mad at the republican party and trump is filling that space as well as cruz. i mean you got to give cruz this victory lap as well in the sense that he did get third place in new hampshire which was not his bit. he's going to be doing stronger in south carolina lena. why? we have evangelical christians, we have got the veterans. it will be that person who can play not only to the voters who are upset with the party, upset with the federal government and president obama but also who can court those evangelical voters as well as the military. >> can that last? you seem to think that cruz is going to eventually fade. >> i think he is. i don't think it will be in south carolina. i think it will be later. what is impressive is to see how over 50 percent of the republicans polling in south carolina lena are voting for the quote-unquote outsiders. i think trump is going to really take off with this thing.
2:37 am
i think people need to see trump win and see all of these voters and all of these folks showing up to these rallies actually vote. seeing that last night, i think it really has dynamic in that republican primary. trump is going to run away with that very soon. because of rubio's lack of performance you still have rubio, you still have bush, you still have kasich. they need to establish it around one establishment candidate immediately to try to stop the trump train. >> what about bush in south carolina specifically, brian. you have lindsey graham throwing his support behind him. the bush name big in the palmetto state. how do you think he will do? >> i think he would be doing worse than if he came in second in new hampshire. i think there's momentum politics here. it will be tough for bush even though he has the strong name. i think given what happened last night it will be very difficult for him to propel himself into the main fight here. it is amazing to see.
2:38 am
we would have never thought this in april, right? it is washington, the republicans and the democrats have been an amazing thing to watch. >> mercedes, in terms of rubio, what does he need to do to reassure himself and reestablish himself in this race? >> south carolina will need to be his reset but he will have to push that reset button in south carolina. i think obviously he was supposed to be positioned very well in new hampshire. we had pundits saying he could get second place. he has to have a strong debate performance. he has a lot of good ensdoersmentes. this is a trump train. i have to disagree a little bit on the cruise comment. cruz has a very -- he probably has the best ground game in town. he could do well in the southern states as well.
2:39 am
>> we will see what happens. >> abby? >> interesting. 39 after the hour. counting the cash with the first in the nation primary in the books, the shocking numbers of how much each candidate spent per vote. it is shocking. that's next. across america, people
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>> today was the new hampshire primary. >> this is a big deal, yeah. >> ben carson is still waiting in the hallway. ben, come on out. ben?
2:43 am
ben? >> poor ben carson. >> some got a better return on their investment than others. >> garrett tenney has more on that. >> good morning, garrett. >> there is a lot of life lessons in politics one of them from last night money can't buy you love. >> touting the 4th place finish as a success. it is one that didn't come cheap. his campaign in super pac spent a combined total of $36.1 million on average in the granite state. according to data from morning consult. that is more than twice as much as the second biggest spender. chris christie spent 18.5 million followed by marco rubio with 15.2 million. each vote costs $1,200.
2:44 am
costs christie 852 and rubio 508. ted cruz who barely spent anything just 580,000 dollars comes out at $18 per vote and managed to come out in third place. john kasich who finished second he was somewhere in the middle spending about $289 per vote. campaigns opened their wallets in new hampshire. spending more than 111 million. >> a lot of money. >> thank you, garrett. >> the time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. rumors are swirling at the campaign shake-up at clinton headquarters. will it make a difference? >> let's check in with steve doocy live in new hampshire with what's coming up on "fox &
2:45 am
friends" including pancakes. >> cup of joe there. >> that's right. good morning. live from new york city and manchester new hampshire. tweet post primary coverage after donald trump was declared a winner. before he made the big speech i got the exclusive on camera interview. you will see it here on "fox & friends." >> donald trump will join us live also jeb bush and marco rub rubio. they opened up a bit ago. what do they think about the results last night. many will vote. we are going to talk to them live. live from new york city and new hampshire, "dpoks and friends starts in about a dozen -- "fox & friends" starts in about a dozen minutes. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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>> i don't know what we would have done tonight if we actually won. i am very grateful to all of you. i want to begin by congratulating senator sanders on his victory tonight. i want to thank each and every one of you, and i want to say, i still love new hampshire. and i always will. >> hillary clinton dominated by bernie sanders last night with rumors of a campaign shake-up. the question is, will it really make a difference. daniel on-line author of clinton inc. the audacious entering of a clinton machine. thank you for joining us first of all. what do you think, somebody from hillary's campaign are they going to feel the burn this
2:50 am
morning? >> they made two huge mistakes. they never defined bernie sanders. he was able to gain a large number of supporters a huge got a huge coalition without d being defined as erratic or somebody totally different. the other problem is that hillary clinton hired a bunch of barack obama aides who helped get obama elected. but they're running his candidacy, his campaign for hillary clinton. she's a very different candidate. she's not the aspirational, hopeful candidate who can unite and excite people. she's a very different. the problem with the shakeup is that you can never get rid of the candidate. you can only change the staff. eventually the candidate is part of the problem in a campaign like this. and so it will help probably. it should help her remaking of herself. it does pose its own problems, absolutely. >> what specifically does she need to do?
2:51 am
when you take a look at the categories across the board, at least in new hampshire, you have bernie sanders winning the youth vote, winning the vote across the board for the women. also when it comes to honesty. how does she turn all of that around? >> she's not going to be able to turn all of it around. the first thing she's going to try to do is going to states like nevada and south carolina that are more favorable to her. they're their are a lot more nonwhite voters in those states who are more inclined to her than they are to bernie sanders. the first thing is stop the bleeding, right. make sure those people don't leave you. go there, rally support, rally the community leaders. keep them in your camp. if you're not able -- if you can't stop the bleeding, you can't -- you can't let bernie sanders get away with momentum and gain in that regard. he's going to new york city today. he's going to meet with al sharpton reportedly. he's going to try to rally those voters exactly. it's going to be a dogfight. she cannot let them go. >> the thing is, can you win the
2:52 am
race if you just don't stop the bleeding? you have to get those new voters, additional votes, as well. how does she do that, independents being one that. >> she's trying to make a more moderate case. so unlike bernie sanders who's more extreme, i'm going to get things done, and i'm going to seek incremental change. in a way she's running a conservative campaign, saying i want to keep the status quo, i want to keep barack obama's presidency. basically keep everything the same. bernie sanders is running a far more progressive campaign. he's offering bigger systemic change that appeals to more people at a larger time. so in a way, i think she's going to have to retool her message. for independents, her conservative message could help a little bit certainly with some. but she does have to be more aspirational and honest. last night she brought up campaign finance reform. if that's your biggest issue, you're going to vote for bernie sanders, not hillary clinton. she should find issues that better suit her, rather than try
2:53 am
to men and women milk bernie sanders all the way through. >> it will be interesting to see if her messaging changes and her personality as it comes across to the voters. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> get ready for hillary clinton version 3,482. >> exactly. good point. thank you. >> all right. thanks. the time is 53 after the hour. it is on to south carolina for the gop candidates. just how long can some of them remain in the race? who simply can't afford to stay in, next. ♪ [screaming] ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $199 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites.
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tonight we head to south carolina, and we will move through south carolina all across this country. >> now on to south carolina, on to nevada, on to super tuesday. >> we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> and south carolina, we are on the way! >> on to the next one. the candidates now making their way to south carolina. the palmetto state's primary now just over a week away. so will the patterns of the past prove true in 2016? ron meyer, editor at redalert politics here to discuss how the winners in previous elections fared in south carolina. it's interesting, since 1980, south carolina has picked six out of the seven gop nominees. so it's an important state to
2:58 am
win. that being said, mitt romney won new hampshire four years ago, lost south carolina. coming out of last night, who was in the best position on the republican side to do well in south carolina? >> unquestionably, donald trump. he won new hampshire. he's been polling well in south carolina. south carolina is winner take all by congressional district. he's built to win there. the only person that might be able to compete is cruz. when you look at the other candidates that overperformed, whether it was jeb bush or john kasich, it's a waste of time to go there because they have no chance of beating trump in the congressional districts. the question, where do they go? does it matter that they overperformed in new hampshire? literally, where do you travel to? we have the southern states next. after south carolina, after nevada, you have southern states. they're polling terribly in all of them. do kasich and jeb bush even though they overperformed have anywhere to go? you might remember, john huntsman finished higher than john kasich did. but higher percentage points than john kasich. huntsman was run out of the primary in 2012. now everyone's saying, you know, john kasich should stay in.
2:59 am
>> that's because money matters. and my dad was a rational human being to say, you know, how far can we go with the money we have. some of the candidates may not have enough to keep going. >> so that's a question. does -- >> some do have enough but shouldn't keep going. >> jeb has enough money, but where can he win with the way the system is set up? it's proportional delegatewise. we can see this go all the way to the convention because trump has a ceiling. he's not going to get higher than 40% in the proportion states. south carolina is winner take all. that's the one -- one of few states he's built to win in. the question becomes at what point do conservatives and people in different lanes unify and narrow the race? at this point i don't see how we pick a candidate before the convention. >> bernie sanders got momentum, too, going into south carolina. the next week will be interesting to follow. thanks for waking up so early for us. appreciate it. heather, back to you. >> yes. we appreciate everybody at home
3:00 am
joining us, as well, today. and the political race continues. "fox & friends" starts right now. join us back here tomorrow, see you back here at 5:00 a.m. eastern. bye. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember that. >> and for pete's sake, we don't need more deals. we need a proven, principled leader. >> the american people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining american democracy. >> i still love new hampshire, and i always will. [ applause ] >> tv star, still doing well. looks like you all have reset the race. for that, i am really grateful. >> won't go home. we haven't been home for two weeks. we can get a c


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