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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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women have been serving as so long, serving you the coffee. jenna: i set have his job by the time he left i will see you in the studio. jon: senator bernie sanders steamrolling hillary clinton, 60% of the vote. what a week it has been. this is a special edition, final rodeo in new hampshire on america's news room. >> here to wrap it up this morning, i am mark, clallam. donald trump coming away with his first win of the primary season and it was a big one.
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>> we don't win on trade with the military, we can't beat isis, we can't win with anything. we are going to start winning ♪ again and we are going to win so much you are going to be so >> people want to see a smart happy, we are going to make country. they want to see us take the country back. they want to see great deals, america so great again, may be not horrible deals. we lose money with trade. we can't win with the military. greater than ever before. we can't beat isis. martha: big night for donald trump and john kasich's ground i said last night we don't win anymore. game in the united states that carried him into second place this country doesn't win anymore. bill: that message worked here finish last night, coming in at big time. donald trump tapping into the frustration that many republican 16%. >> at a time when change is in voters feel about his policies, the president's policies i the air, maybe, just maybe we should say. my guest now predicted this are turning the page on a dark would happen and he said it on part of american politics our program days ago. neil left veck, executive because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaign. director of new hampshire institute of politics. [cheers and applause] one final on core. >> and you made it happen. how are you doing? >> i'm great. bill: you said on monday, trumps to lose, he will by a large
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margin because of obama malaise. define that. bill: ted cruz, marco rubio and >> the political correctness. a close third point and fifth we're not beating terrorism, place finish, all now turning sort of running from behind. their attention this morning to trump wrapped it up with make south carolina. >> we have done what the pundits america great again which he and the media said could not be repeats over and over again. that hit home with a lot of done. new hampshire voters. and what the washington bill: i'm talking with establishment desperately hopes 25-year-old, 30-year-old, 35-year-old white men in would not be done. new hampshire. >> lien need someone who can they own small businesses, construction, education. defeat hillary clinton in the they're not voting on social issues. they will tell you that. they are votes on jobs and fall. economy and they all are among >> not just hillary clinton, that group went trump. apparently made the bernie >> yep. sanders as well. they created quite a few raised >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. eyebrows in washington. on me. i did not -- i did not do well there is lot of shock and awe on saturday night but that will within the washington intelligence yaw last night. if you put lot of people in a room and predict what happened never happen again. last night, no one would have bill: interesting response when predicted this. bill: why would they say i'm you consider is the story in a statement, two days have been about debates this past week. with trump because of economic
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policies yet trump doesn't offer hillary clinton conceding defeat addressing one group of voters specifics if you go to the rally, the verizon center on specifically that she lost in a monday night, 4500 people, huge big way to bernie sanders. turnout but if you asked them >> i know i have some work to do specifically why you're voting for him, some of them will tell particularly with young people but i will repeat again what i you, look, i want to find out a little more about what he want have said this week. to do on the economy. if you attended that rally, you [cheers and applause] came away with few details. >> he exudes someone who is >> even if they are not supporting me now, i support winning. they want to win too. i think they feel confident that them. >> this is the promise of in his hands that we will win again too. america and this is the promise it's their opinion. we must keep alive for future but, you know, for some people who believe this is disasterous, i mentioned that to a trump generations. what began last week in iowa with voters here in new voter, and they said, it is disasterous now. they're looking forward to some hampshire confirmed tonight is change. this is big change obviously. bill: as you know, we go to nothing short of the beginning south carolina, and, evan of a political revolution. evangelical vote is significant bill: we have team fox coverage, much more in iowa. byron york with analysis of what at that same rally i met a mother of 10. i'm here to find out if he is happened last night. truly pro-life. i don't think the issue came up let's go to rich edson has been
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in that rally. so i imagine she walks away, and in the snow, close finish in the perhaps is still undecided at that point. so how then in a republican third place category. >> when you look at three primary does he overcome that? republicans who ran behind >> he seems almost like an empty vessel that people pour their donald trump and john kasich it hopes and dreams into. appears after a short finish and the greatest example of this is the anti-nuclear deal rally in resounding victory, donald trump and everybody else, john kasich, washington, d.c. that he spoke out. right behind him you got the of course he he is not against the anti--- the nuclear deal, three, senator ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio all finishing with in a percentage point of but he was cheering for him at one another, disappointment for this rally. people turn to put their hopes marco rubio who seemed ready to and dreams in this candidate. take off after a strong finish it can happen in politics. bill: is that desperation or is in iowa, and for debate that hope or maybe a dash of both? >> i think there's hope and performance saturday, he is promising to do better. quite a bit of desperation. and they are focusing on their i think people were motivated to contest which is ten days from go to the polls yesterday, because they were upset and they now. want change. bill: when you go hunting here martha: what is hillary clinton in new hampshire with your saying about the night she had buddy, right? last night? when you're away from the >> she is using the same campus, who are they voting for? strategy bernie sanders is using >> well, i do go hunting and i
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to gain such support, attacking income inequality and wall went into hunting camp this fall street to rein in wall street, and did some informal polling and every single one was for sanders's folks say that is trump. bill: why? comical given she was paid by >> they just feel like he is the fighter. he is the guy that is going to wall street to talk to wall do it and deliver. they're sick and tired of the street but after last night's for performance she had in the same old politics, the sort of primary results, her campaign corruption around it with big money. and they feel that he is going still does have momentum. to sort of start commanding again. >> people have every right to be his message completely fits that. bill: thanks for being a good host. >> thank you. nailed it. increased but they are also hungry, hungry for a solutions. >> that doesn't fit with the neil levesque. narrative, there are those who want to deny a passion and appreciate your time. good to meet you as well. purpose you show every day for martha: new hampshire deliver ad this campaign. very big message last night. we are going to win the part of that message went to ohio governor john kasich who nomination and collected together. walked into second place here. what is the meaning of that for him? can he build on that momentum as he goes forward? thank you so very much. to south carolina. bill: democrats will their caucus in ten days and then to >> i think finally broke through south carolina for the primary. along with the fact our tv commercials were positive. and the average of polling does have a considerable lead in both i had so many millions of dollars spent against me.
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which overcame it. polls, both states, and very becomes? surprising or wide victory, not so surprising by bernie sanders. great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. martha: much more interesting better yet, how about over tennis? territory in south carolina. even better. a game changer! bill: byron york from washington your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. examiner and fox news contributor is the first out of no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the shooting. the ready for you alert, only at you write decisive from victory since republican establishment laquinta! reeling. what is the thinking now? >> they were hoping that to the last minute that donald trump, it would happen again this time. this is for the voters a broad rejection, for the candidates the voters represent the establishment. there are two reasons, one on personality, voters viewed trump as strong and big apart from
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candidates this week and small. they reject a lot of the establishment positions on key issues like immigration, trade, entitlements. if you are a card-carrying member of the gop establishment this morning you are very worried. bill: both parties and the message, we start with the word outsider. is that you need to new hampshire or is it national? >> i have seen it everywhere. in the republican race what you have seen is a rejection not just of washington but of all government in particular. if you look at the governors, the gop governors have railed against washington. i am not here in wisconsin and ohio and not part of washington, they didn't want anyone involved in government at all and that is why trump did so well. bill: bernie sanders an enormous victory here. some people saw it, some said it would not get that high. what does it say about the
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clintons and hillary clinton and what does it suggest about nevada or south carolina and onward? >> the republican broadly it was of the establishment, the democratic rejection was a specific rejection, hillary clinton and clintonism. at granny rallies they say bernie is not in the pocket of wall street. he doesn't belong to the big money which they absolutely believe. in addition there is a huge age gap. you saw hillary say she had worked to do with younger voters, she lost everybody up to the age of 65. this is a very broad base. and the southern states, those were african-american democrats, began to vote, they are huge critical part of the democratic
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coalition, they are still supporting hillary clinton. sanders's people always believed ♪ if we do well in iowa, we win in bill: big night nor john kasich. the ohio governor surging to a new hampshire we change the dynamic of the race and voters strong second place finish at down south which haven't looked at birdie yet will take a look 16%. at him and like what they see. his next test, south carolina, offering a moderate big tent message with plans to revive america's economy and shrink the federal government. bill: the messages every calibration of the campaign, from late last night here is how that is what i heard. thank you. that sounded. byron york, we have a band of >> -- not by being extreme, not folks coming up with this first being republican or democrat but reminding everybody perspective, thank you. martha: it could be the end of that we're americans dedicated the line for chris christie, he to shining up america and fixing our problems. [cheers and applause] finished sixth last night, he is maybe, just maybe we're turning now taking a pause from the the page on a dark part of american politics because campaign trail heading home and been there a couple weeks, the family needs to get back there tonight the light over came the and regroup and look more darkness of negative campaigning. closely at the numbers and think [cheers and applause] things over. bill: say hello to tom raft, senior national advisor, >> mary, past and i spoke co-chair of governor kasich's campaign and a winner this tonight and we go home to new morning you say, right?
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jersey tomorrow and we are going second place? to take a deep breath, and see you consider that a win? >> i do, i really do, in terms what happens. of where we started. we go home to new jersey and week by tomorrow morning, we have a long way to go but last night was a kind of a tomorrow afternoon we should know what the vote count is and portal into the next part of the game. make a decision about how we we have the round of 32 to the move from here. round of six teen. bill: sweet 16 onward. >> we'll take it. we'll take it. bill: chris christie bill: how many democrats do you congratulating donald trump on his win. he said it is never easy and the believe in open primary system people of new hampshire have crossed over and voted for the governor. >> democrats can not cross spoken. he and donald trump spoke last over -- night and we will have more to bill: unless you're undeclared. come on chris christie in a >> if you're undeclared then you moment. bill: for the rest of the packet can. is nevada and south carolina, registered democrat can only vote there. palmetto state hosting the first we did pretty well undeclared. of the primary coming ten days a lot of undeclared are from now for the republicans, republicans. saturday the 20th of february, bill: i get it. 50 delegates up for grabs that i guess what i'm going for how many would be typical democratic voters did not like their they, the same day nevada hold options and liked the message of the democratic caucus, the republican caucus on tuesday, kasich. >> i think substantial number february 23rd in that state and but equally weighted of number back to south carolina saturday, of republicans wanted to vote on their side. it's a wash.
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feb. twenty-seventh for the democrats all leading up to the real key, how many middle tuesday, the first of march and group neither republicans or supertuesday added to the polls. democrats, genuinely undeclared you got all that? took a republican ballot. usually bulge of those people in the meantime republican went to democrats. debate on saturday on a cbs, we think this year it was 49-49. criteria are limited. bill: a lot of his message was positive. you have to finish top five new i will not go negative on other hampshire, top three iowa and a guys. series of surveys by candidates the way super-pac system is set up the he doesn't is have to go averaging nationally. negative. and results with ben carson, the super packs can do it for him. >> i don't like that ad as it came down. our advertising -- bill: he did. carly fiorina, you wonder if >> it did come down. they will even make it to it came down the same day. i don't know if anybody even saw saturday based on this. it. we have too many people yelling martha: it will be tough for at each other. we don't have enough resources them. to join in that fight. and series a considering and honestly the money is drying up there is a food fight on all for these candidates in the different levels. lower tier as well at this already some of the super-pacs we'll scorch the earth. that is not who case i can is. point. a huge crowd, 17 i think. that is not a campaign we can run. that is not a campaign we're it is part of the process. interested in running. somebody like chris christie put
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what we've proven there is in a time of time and a ton of effort in new hampshire, felt alternative track that is more like he was connecting with positive and inclusive. them, never turned any numbers. bill: trump gets 34%. is that the final number? >> i think so. donald trump may have taken bill: about that? where does john kasich win next. first place last night and where can he win? >> in 66% of the republicans who certainly did by at long shot, didn't vote for donald trump. but strong showing by the ohio he has, consolidated his base. numbers that have people taking notice of him because frankly he but if you take a look at other side, put our vote with christie wasn't on a lot of people's top es and bush's and others we get three list, some think he may be to the same number. the fact is, sooner or later the the media darling going forward. middle, center right middle martha: new hampshire chris the where the nominee always comes reset button on the campaign. from needs to consolidate. they need to get behind and bill: that was his message last speak with one voice. night. can he do better in south the longer they are splintered carolina? we have lot analysis on that and you can win things at 35%. more straight ahead. bill: so there is more of a the former governor. focus now? with that focus comes affordable >> national campaign, probably care act, expansion of medicaid the best organization in nevada, it starts to narrow. in ohio. this is the way it works and we are part of the process and i support of iranian nuclear deal, keep in in place. feel good about where we are. hi, i'm matt mccoy. in republican primary -- >> the problem the way you posit the question you're making it more absolute terms i think any of those issues require.
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he can speak to why he did what he did in ohio. that is the essence of federalism as opposed to necessarily a dictate coming from washington. he made that law work for people of ohio. on the iran nuclear deal he admits what is true. it's a deal. he said if there is moment of a sanction he -- transgression he will walk away from it, hit sanctions very hard. i, i don't think our party right now is in black and white. i think they see that there is a bigger matrix out there. i think frankly the democratic race moving, in my judgment to the left, really leaves a huge opening for republicans in the center. bill: massachusetts and vermont vote on march 1st. he talked about that. >> i know that. bill: michigan votes on march 8th. he is optimistic for that. ohio is winner-take-all on the 15th of march. can he now hang on for three weeks until he gets back in -- >> i think he can. is there act two what you're asking me?
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or go to fighting to protect this country today. as opposed to bureaucracy they get this free calculator are trying to support. just for requesting a quote. bill: you think that is republican message that can win? >> it is his message. eventually you don't have a choice between a lot of messages. some points hour you are. one thing about john kasich, what you see is what you get. i was with my dear friend mitt romney a long time. he used to say authenticity, ought 10 activity. authenticity is john kasich. you won't get anybody anymore authentic. bill: 108 town halls is it. >> 10. but who's counting. >> you are. >> i saw a lot of town halls. bill: thank you, tom. >> thank you guys very much. martha: new hampshire does not come cheap. campaigns poured 10 of millions of dollars in advertising in the granite state. some of them did. some of them didn't. not every candidate got same bang for the buck. garrett tenney in washington. reporter: good morning, martha.
6:16 am
not cheap is right. in iowa, candidates spent $67 million on ads. in new hampshire that jumped to more than $111 million. look at numbers showing how much top candidates in both parties and their super-pacs spent on ads in the granite state. at top, not even close, jeb bush, $36.1 million on ads. that is more than double next highest spender, chris christie at 18.5 million. bush's campaign is celebrating the fourth place finish last night calling it success but martha: locked in a tight battle certainly won that didn't come cheap. look at this breakdown how much for third place, jeb bush and each of the top republican candidates spent per vote. marco rubio, settling into an area where 30 is probably going each vote cost jeb about $1200. to be his, the senator telling that is more than 30 times what his supporters he has finished a donald trump spent per vote. behind bush is chris christie win for his campaign, here he who is now deciding the future of his campaign after finishing is. >> your victory tonight has left in sixth place, despite spending the washington cartel utterly $918 per vote.
6:17 am
terrified. second place winner, john kasich and so now on to south carolina, spent $283 per vote. nevada, supertuesday, we have for ted cruz his third place finish new hampshire was half off day at goodwill. put washington on the run and tonight the outcome is a victory easily got the most bang for his buck, spending just $18 per vote. martha? for we the people. martha: incredible. >> staff writer for the weekly not precisely but basically the less you spent the better you did. standard, good morning. and that's a big wake-up call we talked about donald trump and john kasich but this cluster at for donors out there. very stunning graphics you third base, ted cruz and marco showed us, numbers you showed rubio and jeb bush, making the us. what about on the democratic side, how did that work? argument for the donors and the country that they have very much >> in total democratic in this thing. candidates spent far less than >> it was a pretty good night republicans to be expected with only two candidates. for ted cruz, getting lost a bernie sanders came into new hampshire with huge lied in little bit and the fact is they the polls with gee graphical hit those poll numbers and advantage from being state next oversperformed expectations so supposed to be bad for ted cruz door. and it turned out he won third his landslide win comes down to place. $57 per vote. fox hasn't called it yet but it hillary clinton's campaign, is pretty decisive where he is super-pac spent more than twice right now and gives him a lot of on that at each vote, $119.
6:18 am
momentum going into south like the beatles said, money carolina and that march 1st can't buy love and even in primary which is do or die for ted cruz but he is in good politics can only buy you so much. position, not great position but martha: that is amazing information. good position. martha: you look at ted cruz and turns it on his head. garrett, thanks. when he put together, shares bill: bernie sanders started his campaign calling it a revolution. revalues, what else do you think does that message stick now? held in new hampshire which as what about hillary clinton? what is the state of her you say on paper did not look like it was a friendly place for campaign this morning? >> we will all come together, to him. >> you worked really hard, i followed him around, doing that say loudly and clearly, that the bus tour in new hampshire where e is not supposed to be doing government of our great nation well. belongs to all of us. he benefited from rand paul dropping out, getting a little bit of a boost, libertarian vote not just a few wealthy campaignr which is somewhat significant in contributors. new hampshire and benefited from a little bleeding of soft marco ♪ woah oh oh... rubio support in the debate, ted ♪ with the stars up above... cruz all of a sudden looked like a sure bet if you are a ♪ this is the night... conservative who is not on board ♪ for love... with donald trump or the ♪ (this is the night for love) establishment figure. ♪ this is the night... martha: jeb bush has plastered
6:19 am
all over new hampshire, couldn't ♪ for love... go anywhere without seeing tons ♪ mmmm... come on... of jeb bush signs, they spend ♪ be mine... millions of dollars up here and now he is fighting for this. >> they are acting like this is a victory. as he said last night the campaign is not did. that is a good rallying cry but he has his work cut out for him in south carolina going forward, staying alive but has that favorability, among republican voters. that is the problem for jeb bush to win the nomination. staying in the race, does help keep things model little bit, that helps donald trump to a lesser extent ted cruz. martha: one of vehicles from last night, the you prefer the next president and political experience? you look at this and think about what we have been talking about in terms of jeb bush and marco rubio, john kasich wins this
6:20 am
group in new hampshire, and political experience matters. and ted cruz and marco rubio at 14. and people to think of the google experience -- the outsiders. >> that explains why donald trump did so well the john kasich did good job saturday in leading up to the primary, establishing himself as someone who is a serious guy who talked about all the years he has been in congress, that is good for him now and to give someone a good position as an establishment candidate and the money and resources and organization, that is an argument the jeb bush campaign is pushing out. martha: marco rubio was riding high coming out of iowa and new hampshire was not a fun experience for marco rubio, pretty glad he'd picked up and
6:21 am
went to south carolina. how damaging is that for him? >> it is pretty bad, not irreparable. pecan turn things around but it is going to be a lot harder, something the jeb bush people are saying is can't expect a coronation, marco rubio has to fight for the nomination and that is what you are going to see in south carolina but now that jeb bush is back alive and the campaign is not that marco rubio has more fighting to do and they will take it from all sides. martha: great having you with us in new hampshire and we will see you in new york. bill: donald trump won the night in a stunning smack down. how did donald trump and john kasich looking each other today? that is the next battleground in the fight for the nomination. ♪ live analysis as we roll on. martha: so the clinton camp live in manchester here. regrouping today after last night's very tough loss. they must be trying to figure >> the questions and doubts i have been hearing for so long, i out what went wrong and how to fix the message to try to lure guess we are about 30 years, i those voters away from bernie
6:22 am
am sort of used to it. sanders as this race moves forward. we will keep doing what we do. >> we take this campaign to the entire country. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. we are going to fight for every vote in every state! [cheers and applause] trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" we're going to fight for real you'll know exactly when we'll be there. solutions that make a real difference in peoples lives. giving you more time for what matters most. martha: trying to be positive (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ last night. hillary clinton joined by ed rollins, campaign director for 1984 reagan campaign. joe trippi was campaign manager for howard dean in 2004. both fox news contributors. gentlemen, welcome. good to have you both here. good morning to you. i want to start by showing everybody at home some of these exit polls numbers because they paint a difficult picture for hillary clinton of the sanders strength, under 45, 74% of the vote. independents, 72. top concern, income inequality. 70% of those. top trait, 92% for honesty all went to sanders. he beat her 55-44 with women in the state of new hampshire, a
6:23 am
state that she won last time around and the honest and trustworthy number has been one of the big headlines given everything that has been hillary clinton's plate with regard to benghazi, email server and the like. joe, let me start with you. how serious is the situation for hillary clinton? >> well, look it was a huge night for sanders and it was bigger than even i expected. i expected him to win but not -- i thought she would close the gap more. look, i've always believed the test, the real first test on democratic side would be in south carolina. all those numbers you pointed to do reflect strength sanders has progressives and young people and the question has always been, can he expand out to blacks, latinos, the 44% of the democratic party not white in the remaining states. so far he has not been able to do that. i think one of the reasons he was meeting with al sharpton this morning.
6:24 am
he is, that's the test. he either got to break out of the groups he has, or, this may be the high water mark for his campaign. i don't think it's over by any stretch, even if this does turn out to be the high water mark. he will, the win last night means he will be around for a long time. martha: but joe, you look at these numbers, shows hillary clinton has a very tough road ahead of her. this is not at all what anyone in the clinton camp pictured when they came into this. when bernie sanders got into the race people thought it was funny, oh, that's interesting. the socialist from vermont is going to run for president and they laughed it off. this has to have them seriously rethinking and have some other democrats wondering if they should have put somebody else up for this job? >> i think all that's true. i don't think any democrats are seriously looking at alternatives or anything like that. they wouldn't do that, i don't i think until after south carolina.
6:25 am
this all gets down, she has real strengths within the party. she always has. the question is, and it was unquestionable that sanders had captured the progressive whites and young people, which ace huge achievement that he has done that. which, was able to do the tight race in iowa and win substantially last night in new hampshire but she does have real strengths and they're going to get tested now. bill: rough night for carly she wanted to stop this before fiorina and ben carson, she they got tested. finished in seventh place, 4%, they're going to be tested with african-americans, latinos, carson 8 plays 2% but neither candidate allowing the result to moderate and conservative white get them down, carly fiorina democrats. martha: right. >> and bernie sanders has momentum. telling supporters she is far can he use it to crack her, her from finished. >> we have a long way to go in in those demographic groups in terms of knowing how things will the party that she has a lot of strengths in. settle out but we feel very that's the question. yeah. encouraged, you have given us martha: got the momentum to be wind at our back. as i said to many view as i sure as this turns to south carolina. walked through the room tonight ed, take a look at the gop side for me. we are going to keep going. give me your big picture of what
6:26 am
[cheers and applause] happened last night in new hampshire? >> trump is back in the front row. bill: ben carson getting a head he's driving the bus. start leaving new hampshire my sense was giant victory for him. before the polls, this after the irony for me is that he really isn't even running a telling fox news only days ago campaign yet. that he will remain in the race he has very able staff but they haven't done kinds of things they would like to do. this is all about him. for the long hall. >> donald trump came up very he had a tremendous victory over big, a few edged last night. some very significant candidates. but the i governor john kasich, i think he goes into south carolina as a big second place finish that is also favorite. you obviously knocked out getting some attention because christie and carson and all of nobody knew who would come in the lower candidates. second and a lot of people were kasich is now the establishment fighting for. candidate but he is not doing here's donald trump. well in south carolina. >> we have to think the equally as important, he has no candidates because they really ran, we have some talented resources, he has no money, not much staff. people and to be victorious against some of these people he is a very able guy and very even if it is for one week but articulate and knowledgeable it will be for many weeks ok? but, he has, his momentum will >> something is going to that i catch up with his lack of am not sure anybody can quite organization. trump will keep rolling here for a while. rubio obviously got knocked on understand. his tail last saturday night and there's magic in the air with this campaign because we don't paid a heavy price. see it as just another campaign, martha: can he come back? >> the problem i can't see he
6:27 am
we see this as an opportunity comes back until florida, march 15th. that is winner-take-all. for all of us. martha: how will this be he has to go through a lot of second, third, fourth. interpreted in the media? i think he stays in because of the host of media buzz, two gentlemen with a very different money and will have better approach, john kasich and donald debates because he has had good trump in the state of new debates, the truth of the hampshire. >> donald trump was expected to matter, trump has a real roll on win big, he did win big here, this thing and it is hard to stop. you don't get a lot of brownie martha: thank you, guys. points for pointing that out, >> good to be with you. journalists love surprising, he came from the back of the pack bill: jon scott "happening now" rolls your way in 10 short and did it the old-fashioned way, 106 town hall meetings in minutes. good morning. >> good morning, bill. trump and sanders victorious. new hampshire, journalists tend to like john kasich and his both of the political outsiders brand of what we used to call taking sweeping victories. what does that do to the race. what happens now? compassionate conservatism, what happens to campaigns of journalists and pundits still folk like hillary clinton, not on the drug bandwagon by a long shot. >> these guys did not rest, they ben carson, chris christie, marco rubio? were everywhere on television we have analysis of the results. last night and everywhere on we look ahead to south carolina morning tv today, john kasich and nevada. "happening now" coming up. was asked now that you are in . the second spot, at least new but directv has been number one in customer satisfaction hampshire, how do you handle that when donald trump comes over cable for 15 years. after you because you can bet we find our satisfaction elsewhere. that is what is going to happen the boy has his stick and hoop.
6:28 am
and here is what he said. the girl - her faceless doll. >> somebody wants to mess with and you have your cabbages. me they are missing with the wrong guy. i am not going to sit there and and you...have your foot stomping. be a marshmallow and have i sure do. somebody pound me. (vo) don't be a settler. get a $100 visa prepaid card the guy was a congressman, balance the budget, i was a military reformer, have been the when you switch to directv. governor of ohio, all the positions, we have seen jobs, do something! get on the floor! jobs created and problems oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. solved. we are going to sit back and take a pounding from anybody. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. martha: donald trump the label why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? on every candidate, low energy that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring guy, kid behind the desk is how to protect you from identity theft. he labeled marco rubio, how will we not only alert you to identity threats, be labeled john kasich? if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars >> so far he hasn't bothered on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. because john kasich was an asterisk and it is from going after the weak spot but one of the reason john kasich did well is he ran a pretty relentlessly positive campaign. didn't do what chris christie did, wasn't picking fights with the others, probably doesn't want to ruin that image.
6:29 am
at the same time john kasich also is a media darling right now and has his moments in the sun but at the same time is running a one state campaign, doesn't necessarily have resources to do well in a lot of states unless he can ride that momentum. martha: me's relationship with donald trump, the daily news this morning, he has a scary clown face and it talks about people being brain-dead, obviously not flattering. what about the other outlets out there? >> the daily news depicted trump as a clown and he got into the race, doesn't want to get off of that, on fox and friends, he is an insecure guy. huffington post had a screaming red headline, new hampshire goes racist, sexist, zina phobic, not exactly a classy move to attack the voters because they don't like the outcome. i think all of these folks who
6:30 am
don't like donald trump and call him evil and racist and all of that are having a hard time swallowing what happened in new hampshire. maybe they should spend time analyzing why trump has tapped into -- martha: what is on people's watching tvs get sharper, you've had it tough. minds? they said they would only put donald trump in their bigger, smugger. entertainment column, would not cover him as a politician. i don't know what they do with and you? rubbery buttons. this outcome. >> that was a stunt, the enter the x1 voice remote. huffington as given at but no now when someone says... intention of covering from which show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. any veneer of conductivity and voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, from feeds off of this. you are back. he loves this, must be up on the x1 voice remote is here. others. his base do not like the media. martha: they are all over you. thank you very much. bill: there's a battle for third and fourth place, we will show you that in new hampshire and a couple questions, who has an edge in the south? are the issues that need different than they are here in
6:31 am
new hampshire? chris ted cruz from last night. >> i want to congratulate donald got breaking news of the associated press now, this is how italy's. trump on an impressive win and the final finish in new hampshire. john kasich had a good night it says that ted cruz will tonight. finish third. but the real winner, the real jeb bush will finish fourth. marco rubio will finish fifth. winner is the conservative that is the official word a grassroots. moment ago from the associated press. there are rumors out there with ♪ woah oh oh... chris christies but nothing confirmed right now. ♪ mmmm... come on... we'll keep our powder dry. martha: we'll get information on ♪ be mine... the christie campaign and where it goes from there. i think going from the bottom up, it was a tough night for is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures marco rubio, there is no other way to look at that he was and my gum and it was uncomfortable. candidate came out iowa with just a few dabs is clinically proven to some momentum with upside surprise there. seal out more food particles. had a tough debate. super poligrip is part of my life now. that got in his way clearly in iowa. who benefited? i think john kasich benefited. late deciders broke for trump and broke for kasich. some people who may have come into this with a little bit of marco men tum, wanted to look at john kasich who spent a lot of
6:32 am
time on the ground here. the story going forward there is a revolution going on in the .. electorate in this country, bill. and as our prior guests said who would have ever thought sitting here after iowa and new hampshire with donald trump and bernie sanders coming out the big name winners as we head into the south carolina? bill: that is interesting. think about marco rubio got in the race and how ticked off the bush team was. if you take 11 points away from marco rubio where do they go? we could have completely different picture. that is not what we're dealing with now. i want to say one final thing about new hampshire and experience you and i have here in this state. normally talk about politics seen among your phamly, sometimes you draw the curtain and don't go there in conversation. it is extraordinary thing to walk around the town, ask people who you voted for. hii'm here to tell homeowners i voted for. that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live ba, ba, ba. a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. brother, stir, -- sister, call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. neighbor best trend gone in
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6:34 am
mobile entertainment, family and homes. we grow as you grow. always evolving. to work for you how and where you need it. this is your network. the network of at&t. >> we are going to start winning again and we will win so much you will be so happy we are .. going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. bill: donald trump celebrating a big win in new hampshire. now to break down the other winners and losers here and looking forward to the next contest as well, fox news contributor, and crops from washington times. thanks for hustling, way to make
6:35 am
it under the line. charlie, i want to start with you. just put a bow on last night. what did you learn from new hampshire? >> the one big take away is democrats don't like hillary clinton, we knew she was not going to win but the fact she lost by 20 plus points is staggering. the biggest winner of the night is donald trump coming out of iowa where we had a decent finish. and in second place is john kasich, and john kasich is a national campaign. and affected donald trump is the three main rivalries to deal with it in third fighting, put to man a very strong position.
6:36 am
and and as we coming to the final days she will not win new hampshire, and and every demographic group, and every age up to 65. it is a broad base defeat. and if your hillary clinton you are looking at this and saying i have a problem and it is not just -- every age group. bill: is exclusive to new >> they provided us with hampshire? beautiful snow falling all the or is it an erosion with the the state's already? time and it has been terrific, >> that is a question, if you thanks very much.
6:37 am
look at iowa, it is not jon: got to see you tomorrow. broadbased defeat, but we have two states and look at iowa and liberal states, and when the identifies as the socialists and jon: big wins by donald trump you explain it away. and bernie sanders in new she barely was able to keep hampshire, the presidential race turns to warmer climates, south bernie sanders at bay. carolina and nevada where establishment candidates are there is no getting around it hoping for a better reception. and we wait until we get to welcome to "happening now". jenna: donald trump getting his south carolina for firewall. and bernie sanders is cutting first win in the nation's first primary, following through on into a lot of people who were donald trump's poll numbers and voters since 2008, he won women doubling the vote total at the closest rival and overwhelmingly. is it one off? we will see. bill: trying to address this, you have two test tubes. and the issues in new hampshire it before in iowa is much
6:38 am
different tour any different for nevada and south carolina. for republicans and democrats. >> what they're going to be from candidates like ted cruz, the silver lining for them going forward to face off south carolina, the electorate is of little bit like iowa and there are more evangelicals down there and what we will see from ted cruz especially is a campaign tailored toward that. there is a limit to how successful he can be. what we saw last night in iowa and new hampshire, donald trump does very well among the big issues republican voters are concerned about. economy, terrorism, foreign-policy, and the economy. immigration, economy and terrorism and obviously that will continue to be something
6:39 am
very important to voters in south carolina or nevada. the religious aspect is a big deal going forward. bill: not as significant in iowa. what i heard in new hampshire, a 25-year-old white man, 35-year-old white man, they own their own small business, construction or education, they all went from and the reason they did that they will tell you is because of jobs in the economy and that was the driving motivation among that small group. >> trump is with the electorate, the most interesting numbers in the exit polls was the fact that they overwhelmingly agreed with his suggestion to ban muslims at least temporarily from coming into the country. that is not something you would
6:40 am
necessarily expect among the electorate and new hampshire, and seems very in sync with voters and i what, to see iowa as an out liar, it requires more organization and reconcile in new hampshire, he seems to have like bernie sanders, very broad based, not just limited among certain people, it is across all demographics. bill: a lot of this is gut reaction, what we are trying to figure out initially. i would tell everybody at home given a few days to marinate, come back in 48 hours after you have thought about. thank you. appreciate both of you. martha: jeb bush is part of the logjam that backdrop in center place area in the republican race last night in new hampshire but is heading to south carolina, the campaign is very
6:41 am
much alive, senator lindsey graham joins us with an inside look at his candidate jeb bush and lindsey graham, first, jeb bush. >> washington needs to become once again the servant rather than the masters of the american people and i know how to do this and i will restore the proper balance. government cannot grow faster than our ability to pay for it in the bush administration it will not do it. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit bill: jeb bush saying his campaign is in it for the long term, saying new hampshire has the official be reset the button in this race. >> the pundits had it all figured out when the iowa caucuses were complete, they
6:45 am
said the race was a three person race between two freshman centers and the reality tv star and the reality tv star is still doing well but it looks like you all have reset the race and for that i am really grateful. bill: south carolina senator lindsey graham and a jeb bush supporter, thank you for your time, let's get right to it. where do you think jeb bush's campaign is now after what seems to be a fourth place finish based on what we are seeing? >> alive and well, growing in south carolina. south korea annette, going to do very well here and new hampshire help the lot. bill: governor john kasich. apparently a memo went out last night from the bush team and this is what it said, no chance in south carolina, no national organization to compete. i don't think you would disagree with that the john kasich will come heart. how do these two contrast?
6:46 am
>> i like john kasich, jeb bush is a better fit for south carolina. state legislature, our governor turned down obamacare and medicaid expansion rightly so, jeb has been steadfast in wanting to grow the military, john has been a budget cutter. i like john kasich, he is a great governor, jeb bush will play well in my state, 41, 43 did very well here, jeb is the most tested guy in this race, ready to be commander in chief, eight hurricanes and four tropical storm iselle 18 months, pretty good crisis manager. >> what the bush team is saying about marco rubio, he lost momentum and then expose, completely unprepared to be president. you heard what marco rubio said? he blew it in the debate, will
6:47 am
get another shot saturday. >> they did from the same well. marco rubio is very smart, talented. i like him a lot. between marco rubio and jeb bush, jeb bush is best prepared to be commander in chief on day one, iraq and afghanistan 36 times, 33 years in the air force, i feel comfortable, he has been tested, he has been a crisis manager. at the end of the day he has the judgment, background and experience better than marco rubio but having said that marco rubio is better than hillary clinton, bernie sanders, people of south carolina will look to someone they think is the most conservative and electable and jeb bush has one hell of a resonates -- resume in doing difficult things. bill: what the memo said about
6:48 am
donald trump, jeb, remains the only republican candidate willing to take on donald trump and willing to stand up for conservative values. i do believe ted cruz would take exception to those points. >> i can tell you is this, donald trump did well in new hampshire. he is a disaster for the republican party, he is not a tried and true republican, and background and experience is ill suited along with temperament to be president of the united states. we are in a war we cannot afford to lose, donald trump is unfit to be commander in chief. the last thing, may sound good to you to ban all muslims but if you want to win this war you need a president who can put a coalition together in the middle east to deal with radical islam, an enemy to the world, 41 and 43 know how to build coalitions. this is a referendum on commander in chief in my state
6:49 am
and i am confident people will take seriously they vote for in south carolina in terms of electability and the the the the to be our nation in time of war and that is not donald trump. bill: jeb bush from cbs this morning, i want to play and you react. >> the field will winnowed down eventually. i am a patient person and which it happened overnight. that is the obsession of the pundits want it to happen but it will happen and when it does i am the one candidate who has taken on donald trump that does not believe he is a conservative. bill: i expect to hear that message a lot. you note this game. and is still standing this weekend? >> i don't know. chris christie ran a hell of a race. jeb bush is taking on a guy
6:50 am
destroying the republican party, we have a problem with hispanic voters, what did we learn? they think our immigration positions are against them more than it is about solving broken borders and donald trump has a disapproval rating with hispanic with growth potential, jeb bush could do very well with the hispanic voters, he could do well with young people, he is a problem-solving person, donald trump is a bold in a china shop person? i want to win this election to the people of south carolina if you want to be hillary clinton or bernie sanders you need someone who can pull together a coalitions that can grow the republicans. politics is a game of addition, not the direction and i have not seen somebody play politics so poorly as donald trump, in the republican party. bill: thank you. come and visit us. we will be there. martha: next the south carolina where lindsey graham, most of
6:51 am
the candidates have scrambled their way to south carolina over night last night, slugging it out there already. the state has a reputation for being very tough for politicians to navigate. >> now it is on to an nevada, south carolina at and beyond.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> tonight we head to south carolina and we moved to south carolina all across this country. >> so now on to south carolina, nevada, supertuesday. >> we are going now to south carolina, we are going to win in south carolina. >> south carolina, we are on the way. indeed you get the message? they are moving to south
6:55 am
carolina. ahead of the february 20th primary, these are coming fast and furious, a few days away. so what are the republican candidates have on the schedule? >> the top five finishers in the primary, donald trump, john kasich, jeb bush and marco rubio heavy ands in south carolina today, the most momentum from and ted cruz are the same two candidates who do very well among the southern south carolina voters. the question is what will happen among the establishment candidate? will john kasich at second place finish be enough to keep him at the top of the pack? will jeb bush's brother the former president make a difference on the campaign trail in south carolina? will marco rubio's poor performance at the last debate be enough to prove he has what it takes to be commander-in-chief? ten days to make a difference before the primary and is a big one, winner takes all with 50 delegates up for grabs. martha: it sounds like that tees
6:56 am
for a very interesting saga. democratic candidates also, at nevada and south carolina. >> reporter: that is next for hillary sudden there's and bernie -- barry sanders and hillary clinton. a fire wall in the south to do, he needs the support of minority voters which is one reason this morning he had breakfast in harlem with the rev. al sharpton. chris christie went home to new jersey to reassess, in his words, take a deep breath. martha: we will hear more about that tonight. bill: marco rubio could not continue his momentum out of iowa. how does he get his mojo back? bernie sanders wins by 20 plus. can bernie sanders go the distance? >> thank you all very very much,
6:57 am
my goodness. i don't know what we would have done tonight at we won. simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at . . . .
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martha: well outsiders took the inside track last night and they cruised to astounding victory in new hampshire. donald trump, bernie sanders, emerged, two very big winners from last night riding a surge of voter anxiety, resentment against the political establishment and those were the sentiments that ruled the night last night here in new hampshire. welcome, everybody. hour two now of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. new hampshire voters sending a clear message tilting away from the mainstream, however this contest still in very early stages. here is donald trump on nbc today. >> i said i was going to do well there. we really did, even better than anticipated. and i think south carolina frankly, will be very similar to this. there is something going on. it is a movement.
7:01 am
people want to see a smart country. they want us to take the country back. they want to see great deals. horrible deals. >> people in new hampshire took a pause and said at least not related to donald trump but, for the other people, the 60% that voted they wanted someone who had proven leadership record and i do. my case is won that look, we can be angry about the status quo or we can fix it. >> we finished shorter than we wanted to. i think it had to do with the fact saturday night and last three days and coverage. that is on me. that ain't never going to happen again. we'll win this campaign and win this primary. >> if somebody pounds me, i will not take a pounding. i'm not a pin cushion or marshmallow. i think people are tired of the negativity. i think ability to talk about what you want to do. you know reason a lot of people go negative is because their positive doesn't work. bill: that from last night. now this morning. team fox coverage. chief white house correspondent ed henry following the clinton
7:02 am
campaign and the sanders campaign. we want to start with molly line live here in manchester with latest on democrat. start there, molly. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, bill. vermont senator bernie sanders pulled out a huge win in the granite state. it was not unexpected. he was leading in the polls but march -- margin of victory was draw dropping. he won key demographics youth vote and even won among women. he got 60% clinton, 38%. focused on equality and slamming financial industry, increase in minimum wage and free college. clinton camp consistently tried to paint his proposals unrealistic. it is clear, his message resonated here in new hampshire. >> this is the promise of a america, and this is the promise we must keep alive for future generations. what began last week in iowa,
7:03 am
when voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight, is nothing short the beginning of a political revolution. [cheers and applause] reporter: clinton's loss is particularly stinging because the granite state has long been good both to she and her husband, both enjoying comeback victories in campaigns past. secretary clinton vowed to fight on. in it for the long haul. >> i know i have some work to do particularly with young people. i will repeat again what i have said this week. [cheers and applause] even, even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. reporter: sanders and clinton face off in another debate tomorrow. the next step in this race, heading off to south carolina and nevada is said to favor clinton largely because there are greater minority populations in the state, african-american and latino. the big question whether or not bernie sanders can draw in minority vote as well.
7:04 am
bill? bill: good deal, molly line looking at the democrats today. thank you for that. martha? martha: let's bring in ed henry chief white house correspondent. >> good to see you both. martha: boy, you watch all of that play out, this was not supposed to happen. hillary clinton was told during the obama presidency that some people had remorse, that they wished she had been elected. so she had to have come into this process feeling this is my moment. >> look, he is from a neighboring state of vermont. go to the polls last year in new hampshire. he was still from vermont then. she was winning by 40 points. martha: right. >> if the neighboring state thing -- no, it is about independents broke against her. that is problem for her in the general election far beyond what is going on in democratic primaries. you were doing exit polls. in whom you find honest and trustworthy, these are democratic primary voters saying we don't trust her. we'll go with bernie sanders.
7:05 am
i was in the clinton camp yesterday, talking to advisors. want to get it down to loss of single-digit to slow the bernie momentum. looks like a blowout. 20, 21 polls. bill: polls were right. >> the polls were dead on. second thing i talked to a friend inside the clinton camp who said he was knocking on doors yesterday in nashua and several people saw his sticker that said hillary clinton and said, i can't decide. i'm not sure if i'm going with her, i got another -- the guy started saying well look, bernie sanders is streaming. the voter stopped, no, no. i'm not deciding between clinton and sanders. i'm deciding between clinton and calling sick. you've been talking for this a long time. how you can vote and cross over. that doesn't happen in a lot of other states. however it tells me that the democratic party is saying, boy, we'd love to have more choices. john kasich is somebody gotten things done. he has experience that maybe hillary clinton does but more likeable. what does that mean long term?
7:06 am
means this morning joe biden, elizabeth warren, a lot of those folks are thinking gosh, why didn't i get in? bill: very interesting. part of what we love about the process i think i speak on behalf of all three of this when say that is the intimacy of iowa. the intimacy of new hampshire. you can't drive a block down the street without seeing an event here. >> yeah. bill: it is invigorating experience as an american to see that process. but today it -- the lid comes off as you go down to south carolina. >> jumping all around. bill: times 10. we move to march and goes higher than that. >> yeah. bill: if sanders built for a bigger campaign? >> today, no. medium term maybe, for couple reasons. number one, talking to his campaign manager jeff weaver last night told me couple anecdotes. they're getting million dollars or more per day coming over the internet. that allows you to mount a national campaign. he was not built, you're right,
7:07 am
for national campaign. he is getting money for it. maybe he can put the infrastructure together. jeff weaver said don't try to get a flight from manchester to las vegas last couple days. what he meant was sanders team is sending army of people. all ground troops are going to nevada. republicans going to south carolina next. democrats go to nevada and then south carolina. the republicans flip other way. south carolina and nevada. bill: nevada is caucus. >> other quick point, the african-american vote. that is southern firewall for hillary clinton. she will get the african-american vote. bernie sanders is in harlem having breakfast with al sharpton. second point on african-american vote, sanders camp they cut a couple spots they haven't put out there. one of them, bernie sanders was arrested at young man, young white man, trying to get african-americans the right to vote. and we haven't heard these stories yet. bernie sanders hasn't fully told this story. so there has been this assumption hillary clinton has got the african-american vote
7:08 am
locked up. you know what? she has new hampshire locked up. she could have iowa this time. momentum changes. martha: people are not monolithic. we see that emerging in different groups across the country. one thing i find fascinating about last night is the money picture. talk about the money bernie sanders will start garnering and has from the grassroots. people at the top of the winning podiums last night are the one who is did not spend money. trump didn't spend money. >> right. martha: cruz has a pretty good backer. look at bernie sanders. >> yeah. martha: the money, big money was in hillary's camp and jeb bush's camp. they spent millions and millions of dollars. >> didn't have kind of big money hillary clinton had. he is starting to gain it. here is final point why money matters, even if hillary clinton ends up surviving and winning nomination, republicans are stuck with winner take all, 25% in ohio, you're getting no delegates. on democratic side it is
7:09 am
proportional. in south carolina can quote-unquote win african-american vote if bernie sanders cuts into it, gets 25%, 30%, does well with the white vote, he will keep in these states getting percentage and splitting delegates. that means a long, bloody struggle that the inevitable clinton campaign does not want. bill: feels like 2008. >> long, bloody struggle. bill: ohio is winner-take-all for delegates. viewers need to understand this. there is debate saturday night for republicans on cbs, greenville, south carolina, birthplace of the tea party. criteria is tight. you have got to finish top five in new hampshire. you have to be top three in iowa and then a mix of national surveys and also polling in south carolina. >> yeah. bill: we're trying to figure out how many are on stage saturday night. it is possible there could be only five republicans on that stage. >> right. you know what? i think a lot of republican voters are saying it is about time. fox and other networks were
7:10 am
having the second debate. you guys did fabulous job with them but, and idea was you don't want to lock people out if they were only 1% polls earlier. would be unfair to decide who the five are. we would have taken a lot of heat. we're starting to move forward. you have to winnow it down and figure out who is the potential folks here. bill: that is what the process is about. >> it is ugly and gets nasty fast. bill: you think iowa or tough or new hampshire on inside of these campaigns. wait until you get to south carolina, holy cow. >> think a bill: clinton-obama in 2008? >> our colleague bret baier was telling me earlier that there is a lot of chatter about money that is going into south carolina already in a quote, unquote stop trump movement. people throwing all kind of stuff at him. martha: he has not had a lot of stuff coming his way. these guys are infighting to the point where christie and rubio may have blown each other up over course of last weekend. >> who survives? it is came of survival.
7:11 am
bill: do we have 30 more minutes. >> i will stay. i will talk. what do you want? what do you got? let's do it. bill: thank you, ed. great to be with you. hillary clinton may have been burned by her ties to president obama. is that what the polling tells us last night? how much do the republican anti-obama message resonate? we'll have a look at that in a moment. also this. martha: we're talking about marco rubio and his momentum which ground to a halt in the granite state. why he says he fell short and what his plan is to get back on track in south carolina. >> we must -- if we don't win this election, we may lose our country. if we don't win this election, my children and yours will not inherit the greatest nation in the history of the world which is what our parents and grandparent left for us.
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martha: senator marco rubio looking to rally the troops after last night's tough finish in new hampshire for him. the florida senator praised his team and then he did something interesting. he put the blame for what happened in the debate squarely on himself. >> so i know many people are disappointed, i'm disappointed with tonight. i want you to understand. i want you to understand something. i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you.
7:16 am
it's on me. it's on me. i did not, i did not do well on saturday night. so listen to this, that will never happen again! [cheers and applause] martha: hear the crowd respond at rubio headquarters last night. joining me now republican congressman from south carolina, trey gowdy, chairman of the benghazi select committee and marco rubio supporter. congressman, welcome, good morning to you. good to have you with us today. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. martha: tell me your thoughts what happened in the debate and ownership that the senator took for it last night? >> well, those of us who know marco are not at all surprised at what he said last night. he is one of the more principled, honorable character-laden people that i have been around and he is a brilliant communicator. i think part of it is that he is judged against his own standard. he is so good in debates, whenever he is not perfect it stands out and i would just encourage people, look at some
7:17 am
of the answers he gave later in the debate, martha. his answer on building sunni coalition was fantastic. his answer why he is unabashedly pro-life and definition of conservatism. i get that is not what people saw, but, 80% of that debate was typical marco rubio. those of us who know him are not surprised he would take responsibility but we're going to give him a boost in south carolina. martha: just staying with that subject for just a moment, charles krauthamer was asked about the outcome last night. christie did not do well either and you know, so raises the question about what happened between the two of them last saturday night in that debate and whether or not it was a positive thing for the republican party. here's charles krauthamer. >> christie has shown us that you can win a dramatic exchange in a debate, and end up dead. you wound your opponent but that was essentially a kamikaze attack.
7:18 am
martha: your thoughts on chris christie and what he did at that debate. >> well dr. krauthamer is one of the smartest people i ever been around so i will not disagree with him, not publicly at least. in this particular instance is right. what chris christie did was in-kind contribution to the democratic party. there was no chance chris christie was ever going to be our nominee. he certainly will not do well in south carolina if he bothers to come. marco rubio can win in november. in fact he can win, more likely to win than any of our other candidate, what chris christie did is hurt marco rubio. but he didn't help himself. in the process he helped whoever the democratic nominee is. martha: when you look at matchup, donald trump's very much ahead in south carolina right now. then you've got ted cruz who won would expect would do very well given the demographic in south carolina as well some why would voters be looking past those two to marco rubio in your opinion? >> well marco rubio is every bit
7:19 am
as conservative as ted cruz. there is no difference in their voting record, no significant difference. what i will tell folks if you want effective messenger, if you want the best commune tore we have on our team that can win in november, a principled conservative by any reasonable standard of definition, he was brought into politics by jim demint who used represent the very district i'm sitting in. if you want principled conservative who can win in november you need to pick marco rubio. the notion that ted cruz is conservative and marco rubio is establishment is dumfounding and also inaccurate. martha: i want to get your thoughts on donald trump before we go. i had a huge win in new hampshire. his numbers look pretty similar at this point in south carolina. >> yes, ma'am. he has tapped into a legitimate frustration and anger that i feel in my own district. a lot of us share it. the question is, what do you do with the frustration and anger?
7:20 am
what i want to do is win in november. i want to control the executive branch. i want to pick the next supreme court justices. i want a foreign policy actually is coherent. so i get the angster. i get frustration. i want to translate that into victory. so in other words, making a point is fine. and the point has been made. i am much more interested in making a difference. the way to make a difference is to win in november. and marco is our best chance to win. martha: congressman trey gowdy, always good to have you with us, sir, thanks so much. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. bill: our next guest says there is one reason why donald trump won big in new hampshire. he called it days ago. he is next in a moment. republican say hillary clinton is more of the same. will her ties to president obama drag her campaign down? clinton and trump, analysis next. >> we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. it is a total disaster.
7:21 am
we're repealing and replacing obamacare. it's gone. we're getting rid of common core. we'll educate our children locally.
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