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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> exciting to see. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis. fox business's melissa francis. and fox news contributor julie roginsky is back. also today's #oneluckyguy, republican strategist, veteran of numerous campaigns, tony sayegh. welcome back, tony. you're outnumbered. >> great to be here. andrea: fresh off the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> granite state, always wonderful to talk to voters. this is a state that prides itself on engaging with every condition kate in a real way -- candidate. harris: you're engaging. >> thank you. you bring it out in me.
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andrea: melissa owns a channel now. harris: can i come on your channel. >> yes. andrea: it was big night for the outsiders as donald trump and bernie sanders score major wins in the first-in-the-nation new hampshire primaries. thises is the hope for the gop establishment to rally around a candidate to take on trump appears shelved for now. we'll get to that in a second. but first, new hampshire by the numbers. sanders clobbering hillary clinton, winning by 22 points. now on the gop side, trump huge, as he would say, trouncing the field winning more than a third of the vote. john kasich a surprise second, and ted cruz taking that third spot followed by jeb bush and one of the big shockers of the night, marco rubio, a disappointing fifth. now "the donald" savoring his first win in politics, take a listen.
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>> we are going to start winning again and we're going so win so much you are happy, we're going to make america so great again. andrea: we have john kasich hoping that his strong finish in the granite state can translate into a big win in south carolina 10 days from now. >> there's magic in the air with this campaign because, we don't see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us, and i mean all of us, to be involved in something that is bigger than our own lives, to change america. to reshine america. to restore the spirit of america. and to leave no one behind. am i right? that's what we're all fighting for. [cheers and applause] andrea: and another governor getting a boost, the former florida governor drawing inspiration from a military veteran in the crowd, a man the va once declared dead. listen. >> i will be a president that
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fixes these things, to honor our veterans, and we just like him, is not dead, this campaign is not dead. we're going on to south carolina. [cheers and applause] andrea: in the meantime the candidate who may have had the worst night, marco rubio, who conceded that his performance at last saturday's debate did not help. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not, i did not do well on saturday night. so list to this. that will never happen again! [cheers and applause] andrea: moment of honesty in politics, tony sayegh. we'll get to rubio in the a second but first, big win for donald trump. this is heading into the south carolina. i want to know what you think about how far he can go? >> very far. in fact i don't think it is an understatement to suggest if you are going to puck a frontrunner in this still crowded field it is donald trump. when you look at the polls and we'll show them later on i know,
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the exit polls, he is capturing the imagination of most republican primary voters in a way your more traditional candidates have not. look at states lining up, particularly south carolina next, he has a double-digit lead as well. if you analyze new hampshire how i want to do it if you want to be fair and objective. break it down into bifurcated race. trump and cruz in the nfc, and rubio and bush kind of in the afc battling for that establishment. john kasich won himself a wildcard slot last night. i'm not convinced his overperformance means he is at the top of the list in the other states. i don't see that road forward quite as clearly i can for trump and cruz and potentially establishment candidate to be anti-trump or cruz but kasich is in this game a lot more than he was yesterday. andrea: i want to toot your horn for you. you and i spoke on the phone yesterday. you called this. you called exact result. you said kasich is surging. you will see him be number two.
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you said this may clear the field. people like chris christie needed to best a jeb and needed to best a kasich and they didn't do that. so almost like, a bowling ball that knocked pins over because rubio had such a bad performance he is in fifth. now they're so far behind trump. >> if you look for the race for third place the story of last night is ted cruz. who was really thought to be dead up there in new hampshire. granted he didn't win a huge percentage but he took third in state he was not thought to be competitive. jeb bush solid draw. he lives to fight. i talk to bush guys many of them on the ground, we have a campaign built to last. not based on momentum wins you get in early states. bush has story. rubio, bad night, self-inflicted wound. he had to own it. did. he is still well within this race. harris: ted cruz spent a little bit of money compared to everybody else.
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everybody was spending in the millions compared to spending by him. he was not intending to do as much as he did. john kasich had another phenomenon happening. we'll drill down later in the hour about republicans an their breakdown for supporting john kasich. he had democrats leaving they felt like they had two choices. not whom you think. their choices were between hillary clinton and not bernie sanders. they were saying john kasich. many of them fell to the way as late deciders for john kasich. so he has done a couple of things. he has gone in ignited those republicans who didn't want to go anywhere else establishmentwise, chose him perhaps. he has also done something for democrats which may signal democrats want more choice, julie. they're not happy with the two choices. they're willing to look outside the party for another answer. >> i think you're talking about independents democrats could not vote. harris: some of them were. >> kasich is right, undecided voters where kasich did so well, you're right.
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irony of all of this to me you had on one hand chris christie we all discussed last week that debate or earlier in the week, whether that debate was going to help chris christie. he strapped on suicide vest and blew himself up and took marco rubio down with him. which is, you know, i don't know if -- harris: rubio will see another day. >> rubio did the right thing. props to rubio standing up acknowledging he had a bad night because he didn't acknowledge that for days and days on end. he did what he had to do. i'm not going this anymore. democrats what is so interesting what happened with the democrats, i don't know if people realize this, i will criticize my own party for a second, hillary clinton got shellacked yesterday, walked out of new hampshire with more delegates than bernie sanders. andrea: we're getting to democrats in the next block. stay on republicans, melissa. julie said something very astute. chris christie took down marco rubio, oned him. they're already taking ads, by all of them, as tony says the
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afc contenders taking out ads in south carolina to destroy each other. does this pave the way for trump while they all kill each other? >> for chris christie this is the second time he entered into a murder-suicide pact with another republican. think about last time around with mitt romney. he did the bro hug. he killed mitt romney in his tracks. this time he took out marco rubio, the other guy that would be out there for the establishment, really, a lot of people thought the best chance to take on trump. he did it again. both times he hurt himself at least as much if not more. here he is coming in sixth. took him so long to recover from that bro hug. now he does it again. i think a lot of people in the republican party would like to see chris christie go away forever. >> let me give you statistics about christie. rudy giuliani did not campaign in '08. went down to florida. big mistake. he got almost as many as votes.
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what does that say about chris christie sustainability in new hampshire. virtually nonexistent. >> i will say this. john kasich as much as he did surprise, almost like getting a stock pick in new hampshire. people were coming up in all corners of the state, keep an eye on kasich. keep an eye on kasich. he got about the same percentage as jon huntsman. jon huntsman was moderate governor. appealed to democrats. obama administration appointee. i don't know if that story sells much further past new hampshire. andrea: i don't see it happening. >> kasich, not all overperformance stories are created equal. harris: i don't know another state where i will have ground staff to do 106 town hall events. they would have to be residents in those states for him to be able to do that because he has to move so many people i would imagine. the other thing, those people coming out of the polls, you're right, these are people who say they have voted democrat in the past, whatever. but they said, you know, at one
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of the town halls he was asked, so are you more like bernie sanders or hillary clinton which was awkward for him you would think. he said i'm right in the middle. >> crazy answer. crazy answer. that was answer designed to obviously get those votes. that will come back and haunt him. harris: can he get them moving forward? >> i'm not sure republicans want to nominate someone who calls himself a moderate democrat. [laughter]. andrea: i don't see a pathway forward for him which only helps the frontrunner. i wish we had more time to talk about media analysis. last time in iowa, second place was a loss. last night it was most important place to be. isn't that funny how that works? all right, new hampshire certainly proved to be a big night, well for bernie sanders. how he pulled off a huge victory over hillary clinton. how the clinton camp is now trying to spin her loss. plus the cover of today's "new york daily news," depicting donald trump in clown face and mocking his supporters, calling
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them mindless zombies. we heard this kind of critique over and over. so is this too much even more the mainstream media? right after the show catch more from the couch on the web. out numbered overtime. we have the political oracle tony sayegh. aka hobnob. fire off political questions. south carolina, i'm guessing he says it will be a bloodbath between trump and cruz. we'll discuss. ♪ announcer: through presidents day at sleep train,
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x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting harris: interesting. melissa: do it again in overtime. harris: bernie sanders crushing it, in new hampshire. very month senator beating hillary clinton by 22 points, giving him fresh burst of momentum going forward. >> together, we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. [cheers and applause] and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a
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handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super-pacs. [cheers and applause] harris: after conceding to senator sanders, clinton promised to keep fighting for every single vote. she had this to say. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people but i will repeat again what i have said this week. [cheering] even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. because i know -- [cheering] i know, i have had a blessed life. but i also know what it is like to stumble and fall. so many people across america know that feeting. and we've learned that it is whether you get knocked down that matters. it is whether you get back up. [cheers and applause] harris: but hillary clinton's team already trying to spin her
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loss saying in a memo they expected these results and they will do better in more diverse states. her campaign manager went on to write, quote, the nomination very likely will be won in march, not february. we believe that hillary clinton is well-positioned to build a strong potentially, insurmountable delegate lead next month, end quote. play out the commercial between you two because that was interesting. you called bernie sanders riveting. you said you watched his, how long was the speech, 50 minutes? melissa: i watched it start to finish twice. >> why? melissa: i don't know what is so riveting. obviously i'm not a socialist. anyone seen me on tv knows that is not the case. i called my husband to watch it. the way people cheered for him. he believes it so much and authentic. he stuck it to hillary clinton some times in there. he basically called her an oligarch. he wasn't willing to flip for it this time around. i thought it was incredible. hillary clinton is that popular
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girl that no one likes. she is the girl that we all hated. harris: get that from economist over here. why were you rivetted in why you? >> quite a generous economist. i don't know who thinks hillary clinton is popular these days. you can appreciate no matter what your political principles and beliefs are, someone who can so sincerely and eloquently articulate what they stand for and why they stand for it. you gain an appreciation for where the modern democratic party is, more progressive certainly than the party of jfk and bill clinton, listening to bernie sanders. when you listen on the other hand to hillary clinton, this is the pole-tested focus group, sound bites that create the cacaphony of her stump speech, she delivers in same tone deaf way. i tell you phenomenon i saw with hillary clinton. we're in the political and media. people on the left, even center left agree with the substance of what she says but when it comes
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to giving her credit for it, or asking if they're going to vote for her, they shea no, they don't trust her or believe her. harris: over the messenger in that sense. >> in this case they agree with the message. they don't like the messenger. therefore that is why she doesn't get that support. harris: julie, having all of that said, i don't know if you were as shocked as i were how rivetted as they were, why isn't everybody else in the party rivetted by hillary clinton? >> number one, i'm begging hillary clinton, come up with a message, dude. come up with a message. the problem here is that she has no message. look, 1992, bill clinton, we all knew what the message was, economy stupid. 2008, barack obama, hope and change. this year, bernie sanders income inequality, right? harris: she has a message. i'm a woman. i'm a woman. >> if that is a message it is really poor message or other day got soundly rejected because of what gloria steinem said and i'm a woman. she is not giving people a
9:20 am
reason to vote for her. on issue of electability, most voters overwhelmingly said she is more electable in the november but we don't care. talk about kamikaze mission. we have hand-wringing in new hampshire, said this earlier in the a block, she has over 10% of the delegates she needs to win. she is at 394. sanders at 42. he won by over 20 points. he walks out of new hampshire with more delegates than he does. explain why. democratic party, criticize my own party, have rigged system with superdelegates. harris: eight of them were there. >> six of them. six committed to her. two are uncommitted. that means that she had nine delegates plus six. harris: the party thumbs its nose at people's choice. >> pretty amazing. why she is not as uncomfortable shape as people think. she is still way ahead in the game. andrea: i don't ever want to stop you from criticizing your own party, julie. nothing brings me more joy. >> i'm not flipping, baby.
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harris: andrea: we talked about this too, how rigged almost seems. she has so many superdelegates. you guys are like the plutocrats. forget the oligarchs. it's a problem for bernie sanders because he doesn't have the party backing but he has backing of the people. i do think the message is women. not just i'm a woman. it's my turn. >> exactly. andrea: i think that is not resonating well. look at number, julie. she lost single women in iowa but won women overall. 7% of women in new hampshire are going to hell with the new boyfriend at sanders rally. she targeted women in the speech. kept talking about women's issues over and over. hillary, just stop if i could give you any advice, reach out to all people. harris: right. andrea: stop targeting women. harris: that is what bernie sanders is doing. seeing something similar on both sides of the aisle voices of the people versus whether or not those voices will get heard via establishment. we have to roll. i love it. we'll come back to it. >> all right.
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excellent point. harris: i know you will. huge victory for donald trump last night. big percentage gap there as well. who came to support him and why? was it terror fears, economy, being fed up with the federal government? or all of the above? exit polling will give us a closest look. the oldest presidential candidate bernie sanders earning support of some of the youngest voters and another key voting block that hillary needs most. we were talking a little bit about it.
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9:27 am
john kasich coming in a distant second with 19%. when it comes to those worried about another terror attack in the u.s., 35% chose the real estate mogul. and a crucial set of voters also helping push trump to victory. 35% of independents picking him over the rest of the field. tony sayegh, i will ask you, since you were on the ground there, do any of these numbers surprise you? on the economy, i was surprised coming in second, bush third. bush had a great economic record in florida i have to say especially somebody who study this is thing. the state did really well. how does he come in third after kasich? >> for trump, this is what authenticity gets you. doesn't almost matter what your record is sometimes or your rhetoric might be. when donald trump goes out there and says we'll be winning again, we'll make america great again, create so many jobs. we're going to beat isis, destroy the, put the expletive in there, people believe him. it is reinforced by his own authenticity.
9:28 am
if you look at a bush, that is one of his challenges. he is part of is it establishment. as to your point, melissa has a great record almost doesn't matter as much. andrea made the right point before on this front. impossible to destroy donald trump conventional way through all paid media. why? 60%, 65% turnout from new hampshire. lots of non-affiliated independent voters coming out for trump. people who had not previously voted in republican primary in new hampshire. republican structural candidates don't know how to talk to these people. donald trump, to lesser degree, john kasich, clearly do. melissa: maybe he will be good with the economy because he has lots of money. he made it, lost it, made it back. andrea: a lot of people are on his payroll and they're happy. i have a lot of people working for me. they love it. i do think that helps. but i think you hit the nail on the head too, tony. it is message. it is very simple. it is relatable. it is authentic.
9:29 am
that is what voters want. the difference is, the establishment push out 43-point plans. mitt romney did it. jeb bush did it despite his good record. melissa: detail and substance, i thought people wanted detail an substance? andrea: advisors fulling them to put voters to sleep. authenticity and brand loyalty, melissa, 53% of the voters made up mind up for trump a month before. and stuck with him. that is huge. melissa: harris, ask you about the other poll, angry with the federal government. 42% of those people went for trump. only 15 went for cruz. he is supposed to be anti-federal government and supposed to cast himself that way. harris: i put that in the category who owns the microphone. he may have a lot to say but trump soaked up all microphone time. kind of what is going through my head, how the play the game. he plays it differently. in fact percentage of people who
9:30 am
don't like him, almost as much as people who voted for him last night. he is not worried about that he is playing spread. the spread says i have to beat the guys by this much. not that he is playing for biggest number. he is not going for 60%, he is going for 60% better than anybody else. that is different way of playing the game. it is very hard to take on opponent in conventional game, playing the spread and you're trying to rack up how many numbers. >> absolutely. melissa: how would you go against him? >> trump? melissa: yeah. >> would have to get a lot of people to drop out. more dislike him than do like him. he didn't get over 50% of the vote. he needs everybody, basically need to have cruz-trump primary or a trump rubio primary. whatever it is he needs alternative. may still get the nomination. that is fastest way to stop him. while the bloodbath goes on it will be much harder to stop him. melissa: move on to the democratic side where exit polls what went wrong for hillary clinton and so right for bernie sanders. the vermont senator winning a
9:31 am
resounding 83% of the young voters. can you imagine? compared to 16% for clinton. check this out. sanders dominating among those wanting an honest and trustworthy candidate. go figure. 91% to 5% for clinton. clinton also losing voting of group she needs the most, women. women, women voted for him instead of her! sanders getting 55% of that bloc to clinton's 44%. julie, how do you turn those numbers around? >> well you start off what i was saying earlier which, andrea pointed out earlier, she needs a message. she needs to tell people what she is for. not enough to trot out woman say vote for me. melissa: why do women not like her? >> i don't think a matter women are not liking her. women and men have same concerns what do you stand for. you raised a good point. make america great again. not hard.
9:32 am
put it on baseball hat. bernie sanders, inequality a thing of past. put it on bumper stickter. with her what is it? i'm a woman? it's my turn? most people in the democratic party think she is more electable candidate and they don't care. melissa: i'm glad you brought that up. i want to put that number up. if top candidate quality was electability, hillary clinton 79% to 19% for sanders. andrea. andrea: julie is absolutely right. they believe in the democratic party he is not electable. party infrastructure, dnc wants all the big bank money. golden sack money. you know they better than anyone, melissa. they have a real problem. if the establishment on left is perceived circling wagons around bernie sanders. i think that infuriates voters even more. melissa: agreed. >> here is quick thing on her message.
9:33 am
it is my turn, equal pay and i'm a woman. bill yelling at everyone for being sexist, the fbi, melissa, came back last week and came out, this is really unique, they came out and said we are investigating her because she kept saying no they're not. the fact that the fbi came out and confirmed it does humiliate her and points to the fact she is full-blown liar. big deal. she can't overcome that. harris: i would say this about hillary clinton too. look at difference what campaigns are doing today. bernie sanders is coming to new york to meet with black clergy and other members of the african-american community. he is conceded he is weak in areas like minority groups and latinos. she is rearranging deck chaser with the new staffing reportedly put into place, reportedly putting into place, reportedly. right, look at just difference in messages there. a couple things happened. fbi investigation confirmation. if you have some of the people talking about paid speeches now, coming out. members of the goldman sachs,
9:34 am
remember days she came in as paid speaker for $225,000. her message was tailored very differently than it is now. it isn't that she doesn't have a message but -- >> we have point out narrative from hillary and establishment democrats is, wait till we get to south carolina. wait till we get to all the other state that have minority populations where she does well. think about the growth demographic in democratic party, unmarried women, who won that? bernie sanders. who is winning millenials and every other category except 65 and over bernie sanders. who is winning every category other than $200,000 an over? bernie sanders. super tuesday is not just about the south. massachusetts, minnesota, colorado. states where bernie sanders could do well. he is up on the air with big media buys. keep a real sharp buy on his opportunity to grow with this
9:35 am
new hampshire win. harris: couple of those states, american society, colorado, are caucus states are really different. people can galvanize themselves. julie what did you want to say real quick. >> her fail-safe, has to hold on to this minorities. if she doesn't, she is in real trouble. so far she is good so far. harris: releasing new images of one of the american sailors the rogue nation captured showing one of men wiping tears away. what american response should be to another provocation by iran. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at ♪ harris: iranian television released brand new images when its navy captured our 10 u.s. sailors last month after claiming the americans had
9:40 am
crossed into into irrarian international waters. pictures and video, we'll not show the video. it has horror music plays underneath it, very disturbing. it appears to show one u.s. sailor crying and wiping his face. we can not independently confirm this but appears to show. this is one day after director of national intel gave lawmakers a grim assessment of global threats facing next president. with iran and islamic state savages atop the list. watch. >> iran continues to be the foremost state sponsor of terrorism. north korea continues to conduct test activities of concern to the united states. despite its economic challenges, russia continues aggressive military modernization program. china modernizes missile force and striving for second strike capability. chemical weapons pose a threat in syria and iraq. in syria and south asia, more cross-border operations underway
9:41 am
in the middle east, than anytime since the 1973 arab-israeli war. isil established most developed branch out sight of syria and iraq and libya. needless to say many more threats to u.s. interests worldwide which we can address which are covered for the statement in the record. i will stop my litany of doom here. harris: litany of doom. i want to add two more pieces of information, defense secretary ash carter in brings sills trying to save the anti-isis coalition. canada is reportedly set to quit anti-isis airstrikes later this month. what is happening with the countries who were with us? >> harris, reality we never really built ability at this isis coalition. it was only in name only. when american president doesn't back up his words and administration policies with intervention as he suggested he would back in syria back during the old red line, when you have american administration who seems very set on a narrative of containment for a global terrorist threat that is now in
9:42 am
40 countries, while its own administration officials are testifying in front of congress what reality is, you don't have the confidence of your allies. and they're not going to follow on aer rand like this which they view as folly. the next administration has to make a very important decision to listen to military leaders the. harris: be on the same page. >> be on same page, set out policy to back up our allies. you can not expect moderate sunnis like in jordan and saudi arabia and egypt to join a coalition in which their soldiers are going to have to do most of the fighting if they do not believe the american administration is firmly behind them. harris: all right. just to take a page, andrea, by the way she very rarely takes notes when other people talk. andrea: these are my notes. i'm nodding but nodding feverishly. >> i take notes when all of you talk. harris: the questionable nature how we even take care of people who are with us yesterday,
9:43 am
tehran saying it absolutely will keep in its policy funding for hamas because in its policy is to hit israel. in its policy is to do that. if that is how we take care of people who are with us there is a lot of question what we will do for other people who are with us. andrea: no question. this is the most important topic today and on this show. that coalition was never existent in the first place. you look at what pictures show out of iran today. harris: yeah. andrea: this is what secretary kerry ink that iranians -- thanked them for that. he thanked them for that. one of our soldiers humiliated and weeping. we thanked them for that. a reminder. what clapper said, harris, that is incongruent with what white house is saying. skewers the notion we're winning. there were 30,000 a year ago. there are 30,000 today.
9:44 am
if we go 10 more months, it will being untenable to defeat. >> all i'm going to say, if we say all these very strong words let's put action behind it. are we committing ground troops, are we committed to fact we're not going to be carrying saudi arabia's water for them we have at least since the first gulf war? be honest what we have to do. you and i agree that is very huge decision i'm not certainly prepared to take. if we say not doing anything about isis fill out saks e exactly what we're going to do. it requires americans on the ground. arab allies who are not our allies, saudi arabia, call it for what it is. harris: you don't think we can get it done by training there? >> of course not. harris: we spent a billion dollars training handful of people. >> five. you know where they're going? they will give it to the wahhabis to go against us. harris: we'll move on. hillary clinton and her camp often complain how the media treat her. a bombshell new report about the lengths one long-time hillary aide went to in order to get
9:45 am
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harris: making more hump day "outnumbered." first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now" now. hey, jon. >> hey, harris.
9:49 am
marco rubio set to arrive in spartanburg, south carolina, holding a rally after a fifth place finish in new hampshire last night. we'll ask a couple political experts if the florida senator can rebound from the shaky debate performance. bernie sanders doing a victory lap in new york city. he met with the activist al sharpton today, before making appearance on "the view." we'll get update on democratic race. we'll watch the markets after fed secretary janet yellen testified this morning she is again open to dropping interest rates if the economy remains shaky. we'll have it for you, ahead, "happening now." harris: we can't wait. >> thanks, harris. andrea: we'll tell but the lengths hillary clinton's staff has gone to in order to get favorable coverage from the press. media website, gawker, obtaining emails from 2009 through a freedom of information request.
9:50 am
they asked for a copy of clinton speech set to deliver later that day. hillary's long time aide, phillipe raines asks for three conditions. you in your own voice need to describe them as muscular, unquote. them being clinton's words. second demand, quote note that the seating plan was certainly not a coincidence and meant to convey something, end quote. and the third demand, you don't say that which were blackmailed! end quote. the editor made good on the request, writings an article following instructions and when reached by gawker he said the exchange is an incomplete record what happened, adding quote, it made me uncomfortable then and makes me uncomfortable today. meantime look at today's "new york daily news," front page. look at this. depicting donald trump in clown face. it comes with a sharp jab at those who support him. the headline reads, "dawn of the brain-dead."
9:51 am
it adds quote, clown comes back to life with new hampshire win as mindless zombies turn out in droves. melissa, i will go to you first on this one. not the first time the "the daily news" has had ridiculous cover. went after people praying after san bernanadino. i'm embarrassed worked for them. insulting people who voted for him. this is theme we see. you say something positive about trump they call you stupid. republicans have been doing it on the right for months. melissa: this is really takes to a new low for me. what they're doing attacking voters because they don't like the outcome. that is what is kind of amazing to me. not even going directly at policy, or taken on another level, calling the voters stupid for doing what they want because they don't like the outcome. to go back to the story about the clintons blackmailing journalists having been in journalism a long time, he loves as reporter owned it and admitted it, felt dirty about it. talked about the transactional nature of journalism, falling
9:52 am
into the trap, this is important, when people read stuff you have to understand a lot is going on behind the scenes. fullness of time any journalist confronted by prospect, gets in a situation where it starts to feel transactional and listen to gut push away, being scrupulous at all times will not help you get scoops. that's why they do it but will help you sleep at night. he was honest, i respect that. andrea: there are transactional exchanges. we know this happens in the media. people who deal in media relations and people who deal in the press. harris: that happens, sure. andrea: trade stories. positive one on this person, do negative one on this person. harris: do anything if it is negative or positive. stay away from it. don't ask me this particular question. individually journalists make up their own mind and per their organizations they're exposed sometimes. but the greater danger in all of this to me that they are vilifying the process of democracy in this country. melissa: yep. harris: you know whether it is donald trump -- who else would
9:53 am
they do this too is my question to? will we see more of this? because, i really think this opens the door for everybody they don't like, will they do this to them. really vilifies the process we all hope to be part of, that is the democracy. andrea: they have been doing this specifically. you see, charles cook, writer for "national review," tony, he tweeted out i should give my job to somebody else. a tweet, meme from "national review," trying to make me seem stupid. a girl talking about bio riddisms. i have gotten my fair share folks on right and left and calling me stupid. i should give up my job according to men in the republican party. >> elitist media is getting rejected soundly both on left and right, correct? melissa: correct. >> some things belong on editorial page. that's fine. that doesn't mean they belong on front page. andrea: great point. sorry, julie, we'll get you in the next bloc. some folks struggling to find romance for valentine's day.
9:54 am
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melissa: finding yourself alone this valentine's day you might want a proofreader. new study by the app, grammerly, and dating website, eharmony, men with profiles with spelling errors 14% less likely to find dating success. but men who correctly use the word, whom, get 31% more responses from women. julie roginsky. >> i'm a, i love good grammer. this is for me. i don't online date. i hate grammer. number one deal breaker, but know how the use the word whom properly, got to use it properly, can't fake it, sign me up. melissa: guys make one mistake. two is too of. kind of means you're going too fast, you don't care, you're not smart. andrea: julie, if they're cute, get them hooked on phonics. >> i don't even care if they're cute, use good grammer. andrea: i don't have this
9:59 am
problem my man has perfect grammer. he doesn't need a manuel for that or anything else, for that matter. >> would you like to follow that. andrea: selling skills. harris: i'm married. >> i'm very happy i got married before the proliferation of online dating if this is criteria for success. my game i thinks, was relatively good. my grammer consistently bad. -- grammar. harris: your grammar is great in person. >> i'm a bert talker. melissa: you are quite a talker. why andrea calls you hobnob. andrea: your wife didn't care about your spelling errors? >> she does. she is actually the better writer. that is why we're a good team. i talk she writes. harris: i love that. melissa: doesn't everything have spell check and grammar check? hard to make an error.
10:00 am
>> that is what drives you crazy. that is what kind of grammar nazi i am. andrea: have a spelling bee to find julie a man. >> fourth grade spelling bee, i'm there. harris: fox slash outnumbered. for now, "happening now." alert. it is game on in south carolina, home to the next presidential primary as the candidates hit the ground running. governor kasich there. and jeb bush has been in the state since last night and marco rubio arrived. and we are covering all of the news "happening now" isis claims responsibility for an attack in damascus. first time they have struck in the syrian capitol are the terrorist growing in power? plus an illegal


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