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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> that is what drives you crazy. that is what kind of grammar nazi i am. andrea: have a spelling bee to find julie a man. >> fourth grade spelling bee, i'm there. harris: fox slash outnumbered. for now, "happening now." alert. it is game on in south carolina, home to the next presidential primary as the candidates hit the ground running. governor kasich there. and jeb bush has been in the state since last night and marco rubio arrived. and we are covering all of the news "happening now" isis claims responsibility for an attack in damascus. first time they have struck in the syrian capitol are the terrorist growing in power? plus an illegal immigrant in
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a brush with the law. san francisco, did they violate the sanctuary law by holding a man trying to get help? why are elephants on the loose? what led to the stampede. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with the race to the white house. welcome to "happening now". i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. republicans head to the polls in south carolina in ten days and the nevada caucus for the democrat. donald trump and bernie sanders both considered outsider candidates. the gop race. john sich is sich, ohio governor taking second place. ted cruz beat out jeb bush for
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third place and marco rubio followed by chris christie and carly fiorina and ben carson. 50 delegates are up for grabs. john roberts kick its off from spart an burg, south carolina. >> reporter: we flew in from new hampshire. we stayed here. the electorate in south carolina different and much more conservative and far more evangelical. and 66 percent of the republicans identify as born again or evangelical and for ted cruz could be a boon to his fortune. he's been steadily courting them here in south carolina. he doesn't have a lock on on them and marco rubio could make
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inroads here. the problem for rubio, he has to do something to restore voters faith after the debate stumble. i asked rubio what the path for him in south carolina s. this is what he told me. >>y i am not prepared to it we want to finish here and instead of there. we will wait and see how it plays out and how many people campaign and we'll see more in the next few days. i feel good. i really do. i am not just spinning. >> reporter: there is a huge military presence. donald trump makes taking care of the veterans center point in his campaign. the bush family has a long history of respect. the big question. what is the path forward for john kasich in south carolina.
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he doesn't have much of a operation here. polling in the low single digit but he was happy about what happened last night. >> i don't want to say i told you so or brag. the volunteers, i felt the ground grape would work. we need to raise more money and do the town hall format the best we can. it works for us. and we'll see. >> reporter: the strategy for kasich may be to keep his head above watering in the south until it moves back to michigan, and ohio and where he really shines and ark -- marco rubio said the problem for rick perry he forgot what he was going to
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say and my problem was i remembered too it well. >> said it a number of times. >> senator are sanders back in native new york city. having breakfast with alsharpton and make stops on talk shows before getting back on the campaign. hillary clinton is back at home where she has no events scheduled today. ed henry is live with more on this side of the cam pawn. >> reporter: republicans are racing to south carolina. democrats have to go west of the rockies and a debate in milwaukee. and then in to nevada. those caucuses are two saturday ises from now. bernie sanders going to new york
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and having breakfast with al sharpton. it is all about the democrats, and bottom line hillary clinton believes they have a southern fire wall because of the african-american vote and bernie sanders looking at the returns last night and cheering them on in concorde and he was basically saying that the campaign is just beginning, watch. >> together, we have sent a message from wall street to washington, from maine to california. >> reporter: the real challenge for hillary clinton. yesterday i was behind closed doors with volunteers and advisors, they were hoping to close the gap and likely to lose here for bernie sanders and hoping to get it down and slow his momentum. it was a blow out, more than 20
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point margin. and if you look behind the numbers. trouble with independents and young people and she made it clear that she realizes that she has to have a course correction. listen. >> i know that doesn't fit with the narrative and those who want to deny the passion and person that you all show every day for the campaign. >> when you look at the exit polls among democrats, she has a problem being honest and trustworthy. we have heard the republican critics talk about. and democrats arantsis y about that as well. and hillary clinton with a looming fbi investigation will have to deal with in days ahead, thank you. >> hillary clinton had trouble connecting with almost every voting block in that state.
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what happens to her campaign going forward? we will have the editor for the washington times. if ed is right they hoped to get in 5 or 6 points of bernie sanders and didn't do that and it was a blow out in politics. how wounded is the hillary clinton. >> we are not at that stage. we are far from that stage. when you look at the schedule going forward, the map looks better for her once you get beyond iowa and new hampshire. the southern fire wall and black voters in south carolina. and in nevada. she's done well with the polling in the past p. and this is not crisis situation. there were bad signs in that
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exit poll in new hampshire. entrance polling in iowa. ecking out a win in iowa and stomped in new hampshire, her campaign is rightly looking at the evaluation. and the main question. do they overhaul or tweak strategy. is it polling? is it ground organization or manpower or operation or is there something about the candidate herself. and that's what ed just mentioned. when the exit polling said there is a problem with trust. that is tough iter to correct on the fly. >> she got up on stage at the concession speech and seemed to try to change the topic growing national with her cam can pain and i want to play that for you. >> now we take the campaign to the country. when i started the campaign last
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spring. i new we faced profound challenges in the country. the way too many things are going is not right. the kids i met in flint on sunday. were poisoned because their governor wanted to save money. now people people have every right to being angry. but they are hungry for solution. what are we going to do. >> she seems to be trying to channel her inner bernie sanders about anger and the question is will it work? >> the message was in line with the pragmatic progressive message she's been trying to use as progressive voters are going to sanders. we had our reporters on the ground in new hampshire. if you are independent over undeclared, you can choose
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whether you will vote in the republican or democratic primary. they showed up and took a democratic ballot to vote to sanders and try to keep her from being the democratic nom no. that's how much they are opposed to it her. she's probably okay and has the resources and manpower to win the democratic nomination. but has to look at the general election. more time dealing with sanders, tougher it will be. it is a message of pragmatic and progressive. >> steven diamond, thank you you. >> we have more from america's headquarters. the race goes to south carolina. what impact could that have as republicans try to narrow the field? we'll talk to the rnc chairman
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count and premature to write off the candidates and campaigns, what is your assessment after iowa and new hampshire? >> i think that is right. obviously donald trump had a good night in new hampshire and so did john kasich and the rest of the field will work to figure out how everything shakes out. you are right. you remember mitt romney didn't become the resuchltive nominee until midapril and remember they started 30 days earlier because we had the avalanche. florida went in january and all of the other states jumped in front. this is going to take a while. and one thing i say, once we get to march 1st and 12 or 13 states going in march 1st. you will not have time to say what happened in mississippi, alabama and tennessee. what is the delegate count?
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it is a good thing people are looking at delegates. they decide who the nominee of the republican party is. >> but my memory of 2012, you were dismaid by the amount of sniping that republican candidates did to one another and in your view damaged mitt romney who became the nominee. and now after new hampshire, you have three solid contener,rubio and bush and kasich to try to get in a higher spot in the next go around? >> certainly i don't like to see. that and as chairman of the party i want everyone to follow the commandment. and i know there will be jabs and pushes and shufs. and four yearsing on i was not worried about the sniping.
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i didn't like 23 debates and a traveling circus. and we tried to get control over that. cutting the number of debates is important. but the party chairman can't control everyone's mouth but they can determine how long you have to kill one another. we made the calendar shorter and people can do and say what they want. but it is going to come to an sxend we'll have a nominee and we'll unify. and look at what hillary clinton is serving up. losing to women and young people are not supporting her. and the fbi is all over her had. and where we are at the a good place. we have varsitiy candidates on the field and one of them is going to be the nominee and we'll beat hillary clinton or a socialist from vermont. >> those who say the potential
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line up on the republican and democratic side, they may not be pleasing to a lot of americans. there could be a room for a third party candidate perhaps someone like michael bloom berg. you have said you are not concern body his candidacy. do you feel that way after what happened in new hampshire? >> no. in many regard. it is a blessing to the party. he will come in and go to states like the northeast, he puts new hampshire and connecticut in play. and maybe he puts new york in play. and by the way, how he gets to 270 electoral votes, i would love for someone to explain how that works. and if he does well in that regard and doesn't get to 270. he will love it up to the house of representative to pick the nominee. i wonder who paul ryan will
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pick. i think people love seeing themselves in the paper and can't not stand seeing themselves. it is helpful to us. happy for him to grab a ticket and get on board. >> i know there are questions about donald trump's relationship with the republican party. i know you can't pick winners or losers if donald trump rides to the nomination, does he have the full support. >> any one of our candidates that are running and becomes the nominee will have the best most prepared ground game and data and turn on operation that is ever put together by either national party. >> better than the democrats. >> they will get something special. we are much bigger than the dnc. >> because bark bookkeeper obama pull together. >> he did.
10:21 am
bark bookkeeper obama d. he did, and now we have something better especially when you compare us to the dnc, which is not doing well right now. and that is a well known fact and most journalist agree that the dnc is a bit of a disaster at the moment. >> we'll see what happens come november. good to have you on. >> you bet. in the meantime overseas, world leaders are meet nothing belgium to figure out what to do with russia aggression. russia intervention means things are changing as the sieve issil war drags on and apparently at a crucial point. what can be done to end the blood shed? we'll talk about that next. and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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quick look at marco rubio who is holding a rally in spart perran burg, south carolina. there is a notable change in tone after his finish in new hampshire, apologizing for his performance in the debate and promising a change. and his first event in south carolina as we look toward that primary that happens in ten days, jon? >> secretary of defense ash carter meeting in belgium today. planning on beefing up the troop presence in the face of russian aggression. and hard to handle the influx of refugee. >> we are getting word that the terror group claimed responsibility for an attack in
10:26 am
damascus, the assyrian capitol. secretary of state john kerry makes a push for more negotiations over syria. you know the numbers, more than 200000 dead and that's the estimate. and 4 million fled the country and a new wave happening this week as well. russian air strikes are targeting civilians and government forces push in the city of a leppo. russian plans decimate a leppo and hundreds of thousands of civilians plan for a siege and blocka blockade. it is time to say bankruptcy for american and western policy in syria. charles, you were recently in syria in september.
10:27 am
there is a noticeable change in the news that we are getting from syria that is signaling that all of the blood shed, now we are at a new level and that assad really looks to make moves along with russia. what is standing out with you about what you are hearing about the situation on the ground and why it matters. >> between september and now the regime was on the defensive and losing, the russians stepped in with massive firepower to support them from the ground and air. and they can surround parts of a leppo which was in rebel hands for a number of years. it is a time of victory for the regime which they must be pleased about. but the turks and saudis and others back up the opposition,
10:28 am
step up the game the situation will be reversed and the war will go on. >> how do we end this? >> there is only one way to end that is a diplomatic situation. there is a meeting in munich. it would agree on a solution. and go back to the geneva and stop arming both sides and giving all kinds of support to both sides to bring the war to an end. if the war doesn't end, the the country remains an area of chaos in which groups like isis will flourish. >> we know what is happening on the ground in syria. we know that assad does surround these cities and starve the people inside them. and that's what is going to
10:29 am
happen for aleppo. and the author said we are morally compliceit in this as the united states of america because we haven't done more on on the humanitarian side. what is the appropriate role for us now? >> there are two things. there is a political level in which the united states has failed from the beginning. it made a judgment in 2011, that the regime could be easily overthrown and we have seen hindsight in the past five years that the regime was strong militarily and degree of support from the population. the moral failure is that there are meetings sponsored by the united nations and not nearly enough money is raised to feed the people in the camps and borders of syria and they are leaving because they can't feed the children. the post is right to say there is a case of moral bankruptcy by
10:30 am
the western powers. it is not just now, it has been from the beginning. >> you reflect back on the last presidential election. president obama said assad would be going soon. and obviously we know that that is not the case. secretary kerry in addition to the diplomatic know solution is talking about a plan b. new military action. we have supported the rebels in limited fashion on the ground. what would a plan b look like if there is another military side or component to our solution or trying to help for a solution in syria? >> if john kerry imagines there is a military solution i would say that he is mistaken. there is only a diplomatic solution to syria. u.s. and russia are backing different sides and escalate it until syria is all
10:31 am
dedestroyed or they can stop it now. >> we have seen them come together and it hasn't worked so far. we will continue to watch what is happening in syria. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you. >> federal reserve chair testifying on capitol hill since the first time of an interest rate. and why it has stocks on the upswing. plus, senator marco rubio following a fifth place finish in new hampshire blaming himself. and reassured supporters he can't recover. can. >> let's start with the the if you recognize that barak obama knows what he is doing. he knows what he is doing. he's trying to change the country are the the notion that barak obama. >> there it is memorrized 25 second speech. eat thanks to mom and dad and their safe
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>> that was senator marco rubio putting the blame on himself for a fifth place finish in new hampshire. there was a live shot of him in south carolina. and we'll bring in julia and former house director. and ian director for american cross roads and you have different perspectives on whether rubio can recovery from the moment in the debate and new hampshire. ian, why can he? >> we need to step away from our fifth cup of coffee and you go back to the presidential winners in 36 years. virtual all of them had a momentum that was stunted and how they respond to adversity is how they show their presidential campaign. he can show he can be
10:37 am
a candidate that can beat bernie sanders or hillary clinton in the fall. >> julianne? >> i think ian. he had a momentary fall and it is hard to know if that will continue in nevada and south carolina. he is a candidate that democrats fear. they don't want to go up against a marco rubio or kasich is. these are formidable candidates in the general election. the problem be for the republican party, there is a theory that the antiestablishment is ascend end and establishment in the decline. rubio and kasich and bush are divides the establish. and trump will get a fro pass and he will remain in the 35 percent ceil issing until the
10:38 am
establishment takes the one vote and one candidate and stop giving trump the pass. trump in a general election 60 percent of the voters have an unfavorable vow of donald trump. and most republicans think that donald trump is a disaster and don't think ted cruz would be better. >> you are mapping out the position of battle of the establishment and what impact that might be having. >> i am curious about what julianne saids. too many candidates and no one going after trump. >> i think there was a premature optimism that rubio would come out of new hampshire like a ball of four and coa lease the establishment around him. we have south carolina and nevada and 11 primaries on march 1st. you will see that and may not come to march 2nd. it is it three weeks away and
10:39 am
you will have a three- way fight between donald trump and kasich and rubio log jam with christie now out. >> he's not out yet by the way. i get. it everyone is talking about it and you are right to point it out. we don't have an official suspension. and there has been false reporting about that. if you compare the republican party to the last presidential cycle. infighting amongst the party and get to the final candidate will damage the eventual candidate when there is one. we'll go to you jackson. preib bus just talked about this. >> four years ago, i wasn't so much worried about the sniping. i didn't like 23 debates and a traveling circ is. and we tried to get control over. that i said many times that
10:40 am
cutting the number of debates was important. the party chairman can't control everyone's mouth but can control how long you have to kill each other. >> is that true. will he be able to do it this time around? >> as a democrat, we like to see republicans cutting each other up. and that's what we get popcorn for. but it goes back to reagan's 11th amendment about not hurting your fellow republicans. and the other debate is whether or not the republican party will field the candidate. donald trump is not competitive in the general election. ted cruz is probably not competitive in the general election be. it is it very unfavorable to hard right or left. marco rubio competitive. and i like him and he would be bad for the democratic party.
10:41 am
and john kasich very formidable if he can get the money and name recognition in the south and super tuesday states. but the major question for republicans. do you want marco rubio and jeb bush or john kasich. do you want an establishment candidate have republican base or appeal to independents as well. and that's the struggle that the republicans haven't answered the question about. >> one of the things that marco rubio is talking about that. it is interesting to see if that is appealing and who there is a combination. julianne and ian. i hope to have you back. thank you. federal reserve janet yellen on capitol hill. saying that the fed is wary of
10:42 am
raising interest rates again. and reporting live on capitol hill. >> reporter: they are prepared to raise gradual increases in the interest rate if the economy continues to improve. but the chairman janet yellen told the house on financial services, they are monitoring a slow down globally and a drop in commodity prices like oil and that is a quite. financial conditions in the united states have become less supportive of growth with declines with the stock prices and higher borrowing rates for risky bowerer ares. she is worried about the limited credit and weak growth abroad. and significant increase in the
10:43 am
value of the u.s. there. john? >> adam, thank you. back in the headlines after an incident that is called a major set back between police and immigrants. and there is this. scary moments on video with a wild elephant goes on a rampage. we'll show you what happens next.
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listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! >> we have new video shows chaos after a elephant rampage. authorities were able to tranquilize the elephant and take it to a camp and she will be returned to the forest. police in san francisco coming
10:47 am
under fire for a possible breach of the san francisco security law. handing this man over to customs officials after he reported his car stolen. that's the type ofuation that the sanctuary laws are supposed to prevent. officials are looking to preview his case to see if he can stay in the u.s. rebecca, to you first, he reported his car stolen and the police found it and said come can pick up your car. and when we did that, he was arrested by immigration and customs enforcement and they kept him in jail for two months before they finally let him go. is that a violation of the sanctuary city law? >> it is violation of the policy of the san francisco set. whether there is enforceable
10:48 am
rights that he has is unclear. san francisco decided what we want is for people feeling safe to report crimes and they can say i have been assaulted and without worrying they will be handed over to immigration authorities. someone violated that rule in the city of san francisco and that shouldn't happen in the city of san francisco. it doesn't make the country safer. >> but those lawses are coming under investigation after the kate stienle killing. many people say you need to look at sanctuary city laws. >> i know that case was horrible, jon, but this law is designed to protect people like this man. who is a crime victim. when people are afraid to let police know they are victimized by crime or attacked or
10:49 am
assaulted then that increases crime rates and lets criminals go free. this law is in place to help this person toe they are safe talking to the police without the fear of being sent back p home. >> what if you are supposed to do if you are a federal ice agent in san francisco? you are supposed to it enforce the law. >> san francisco can't tell ice what to do. the question is should san francisco police officials, paid for by the city of san francisco, should they spend their time to bring ice in and get people deported when they haven't committed a crime. san francisco said we'll use our resources to enforce criminal laws. the federal government can do what they are going to do. but it is not san francisco's
10:50 am
priorities. >> he was fleeing violence in el sal vadorwhen he camedoer, his home country when he came here. he never managed to become an american citizen. you said it could backfire if police in san francisco arrested people like him. >> it will backfire because the crime rate will increase. when people are afraid to go a police officer and say hey, my house has been broken into, my car has been stolen or i've been sexually assaulted or raped. what san francisco has instituted is something valuable to all citizens where they are not afraid to go forth, let this police officers know that they've been victimized and they'll still be safe. it makes us a lot safer. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> plus the move by the supreme court means a big chunk of the climate change agenda will be
10:51 am
blocked for now. how will this play in the presidential campaign is one of the questions we're asking next.
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now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. hi everyone. coming up on the real story, the associated press says chris christie suspending his campaign soon. chris wallace weighs in. plus ohio governor john kasich thanked one of his key supporters for a household item he says changed the world. we'll ask former senator hum free. the captain blaming the forecast. we'll get the real story on that. join us. top of the hour.
10:55 am
>> the supreme court dealing a major blow to the president's climate change agenda. the court siding blocking the president's rules designed to reduce carbon emissions. at least this is happening for now. we have the details and this unusual move from the court. shannon. >> this is a temporary stay opt epas plan to eliminate carpet emissions from power plants. the supreme court could have a long term impact in regard to environmental issues. the underlying case involving the rules much in play. by the court deciding in a 5-4 vote to belong the epa regulations for now, the justices have pushed back the time line for compliance and the reality is this could drag beyond the next presidential election. west virginia where the coal industry has been reeling led the fight to get the supreme court to block the emissions rules. here as patrick.
10:56 am
>> this administration has time after time after time extented executive actions in a matter that violate the statute and the constitution. >> the white house was caught off guard calling it surprising and unprecedented. the senior administration source says the president is confident in his use of executive power whether it be on environmental issue, immigration or health care. by the way, the issues will be before supreme court with zithss dubai late june. >> thank you. we'll be right back with more happening now. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. final 30 op a man out walking his dogs when a squirrel
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falls right near him. now the squirrel is choosing to stay and hang out with his new very best friend. awe. >> i prefer winston. not the squirrel. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great day everybody. the real story starts now. >> continuing the political real talk, bernie sanders and donald trump following through on the poll conditions as the campaign full steams ahead. hi everybody. i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story. mr. trump coming up with his first victory of the season. doubling the numbers of ohio governor john kasich. senator ted cruz was third in a tight race between jeb bush and marco rubio who says he will not let voters down again. chris christie is mowing over his campaign's future after his dismal performance. here are some highlights for


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