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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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stop taking donations when you know you aren't going to go anywhere. and eddie says not to make any decisions until after the south carolina primary. i got a lot of tweets on facebook for that question. the day after the new hampshire primary i'm gretchen carlson. let's go over now to shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the east, where associated press and "the new york times," among others, are reporting the new jersey governor chris christie is the latest republican to fall. details ahead. and after donald trump's decisive win in new hampshire the focus shifts to south carolina. where the billionaire has long led in the polls. but ted cruz may be the most well-positioned to take on trump there. and today, it seems he's not wasting a moment. also the former governor john kasich with a surprise second place finish in new hampshire. but can the ground game he ran in the granite state work for the showdowns ahead? plus, we'll look at how much money the campaigns and the super pacs are spending. and the price they're paying for each vote.
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also, for democrats, bernie sanders had a crushing victory over hillary clinton last night. but, check the polls, and you'll see that the next state may be a lot tougher for the senator from vermont. it's all ahead, so let's get to it. now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> and good afternoon from the fox news desk, the presidential race is heading down to dixie. the republican candidates ready to duke it out for south carolina, a state with a long history of dirty political tricks. and already the airwaves across the palmetto state are getting pretty nasty. >> don't take my house, mr. trump. >> i'm going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there. >> eminent domain! >> eminent domain. >> we wouldn't tolerate these values in our children. why would we want them in a president? >> there you have it. ted cruz wasting no time taking on donald trump, who led almost every poll in south carolina and
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has since the summer. ted cruz laid low for much of i analysts say he could be trump's toughest competition. in evangelical south carolina. even after trump's blowout victory last night, it seems he's taking the ted cruz threat seriously. >> -- trump more than a million dollars in sweetheart loans from wall street banks and failed to disclose them as required by law, who runs a campaign accused of dirty tricks that tried to sabotage ben carson with false rumors. ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. >> aren't commercials fun? other than ted cruz analysts say if it's not clear whether any of the rivals can give trump a real challenge in south carolina. a new super pac calls our principled pac today announced plans to take down donald trump, its words, by airing attack ads across south carolina. a former mitt romney campaign manager is behind it and she
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claims her group caused trump's loss in iowa. as for the other contentders, john kasich pulled off a second place finish last night but he hasn't invested much in deep red south carolina as of yet. yep bush is bringing his brother to campaign in the state. which george w. bush won in the year 2000. but the bush campaign has long struggled to take off. and marco rubio, whose campaign imploded, in a way, in new hampshire, is still trying to live down his debate performance. then there's chris christie. he is dropping out of the race, according to aides, and allies, speaking to "the new york times" and associated press and others. christie went hard after rubio for using those same canned lines over and over, the thing is, it wounded marco rubio, but didn't help christie's campaign at all. u.s. news and world report was in our hour yesterday and called christie's debate move a suicide bombing. and so it would appear it was. in the end, chris christie came in sixth in new hampshire where he's been campaigning for
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months. he's very low on funds by all accounts and was hoping for a big night in new hampshire to raise money for the fight in south carolina, but aloss with no money -- i should say with no win came no money and it appears the end is in sight for the bombastic republican from new jersey. we have team coverage this hour. the fox business network's gerri willis is here with a look at the money situation for the remaining candidates. ed henry is in new hampshire with bernie sanders' next move after his massive win. but first our own john roberts has moved on, spartanburg, south carolina. what's the latest we're hearing from the christie camp? >> we're not hearing anything official at this point, shep. i talked to some people who are very close to the governor. expected to be probably going to hang it up, but no one has got the official word just yet. we'll keep working our sources and get you that information just as soon as we can get it. i flew down here to south carolina which seems somehow, shep, to be colder than it was in new hampshire with marco rubio licking his wounds from that fifth place finish in new hampshire last night.
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taking full responsibility for it, saying it was the debate performance on saturday night that really killed him. saying to people that he dropped the ball. trying to raise some money off of that, as well. and when told that chris christie was looking at dropping out, said there were no hard feelings about what happened, he likes chris christie except he doesn't like the fact that he's a dallas cowboys fan. the man to beat here in south carolina at this point, donald trump the polls are a couple of weeks old at this point. last one was on january the 23rd. but trump had a 16-point lead. he's got a big event here at clemson university tonight to try to roll up a second win now. but another one in the column. don't forget 50 delegates at stake here in south carolina. ted cruz making a big appeal to the state's evangelicals to make up 66% of the republican electorate. did very well with evangelicals in iowa. hoping to repeat here. marco rubio does siphon off some of them. jeb bush hoping that deep family ties here, remember george w. sealed the deal here back in 2000, is going to propel him into a good finish here.
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and john kasich who finished second in new hampshire just trying to keep his head above water through south carolina, nevada, and some of the southern states before the primaries come up in the big midwestern industrial states where he's expected to do very well should he be able to last that long. >> kind of lost in all of that was marco rubio saying i don't have any hard feelings toward chris christie. okay. i believe he said it. but you talked to him about his debate performance, right? what did he say about that? >> i did. and we asked him, i asked him, i said, did you realize at the moment that it came out of your mouth just how much trouble you were in? he said he didn't realize it at the time but later on the night when all the twitter started coming in he knew that something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. but he's able at this point to be able to joke about it. listen to what he said when i asked him to compare his debate moment with rick perry's famous oops moment back in 2011. >> rick perry -- 2011 >> but i mean -- [ inaudible ]
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>> well, i mean, there's a big difference. he couldn't remember what he wanted to say. apparently i remembered it too well. so -- i think that's the biggest difference. but, the -- and i like rick. i'm not saying anything to make fun of him. but, i'm on a plane, i'm going to south carolina. we're going to work really hard. i think we'll get past it. >> now, really interesting that on the plane ride on the way down here marco rubio spoke to the press for 45 minutes, and then did one-on-one interviews after that, shep. i really get the sense that they're trying to take the shackles off of him, showing that he can speak extell pore anyiously that he can take questions at length and respond. rubio also told me because they're starting to get into some of these really big markets, you've got to do more television, more interviews to reach the people you need to hit. >> it is very expensive. now that the new hampshire primary is over some candidates may need to look at how much is
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left in their bank accounts to figure out how long they can stay in this race. the fox business network's gehry willis is here with that. some may get some money after last night. sanders will, kasich will. >> wow he's getting lots of money. his site crashed last night he had so many people trying to give him money. in the hours between 8:00 and 12:30 a.m. he got $2.6 million. bam. winners get the money. let's talk about the money last night. ad spending. that was in new hampshire. let me tell you, money may talk but it whimpered here. bush spent $36 million. how did he end up? not very good. christie, yeah -- >> is that right? >> i know -- >> i can't see that. >> go on. >> christie, $18.5 million. he started the year with $30 million. he's burned through money super fast. rubio at $15.2. the winner, trump, $3.7 million. much less than everybody else, and of course, sanders spent less $8.1 million versus hillary's $10.1 million. he spent less, too. so money is not making the big
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difference here. we just want to mention that the campaign treasure chest spending, as well as super pac money, in business return on investment. this is what we're talking about. donald trump spent $37.44 per vote. pretty good. jeb bush, 30 times that, $1,159.30 per vote. >> per vote. >> not good. that's not a great comparison. people think about what do you get for your dough. that's not a good return on investment for bush. >> the markets turned around. we're up 40 some -- up 20. >> itty-bitty bit. we're talking about negative interest rates and the humphrey hawkins testimony by janet yellen today. more on that on the business network. bernie sanders is already trying to chip away at hillary clinton's so-called firewall after his big, big victory in new hampshire last night. yesterday the thinking was if she can make it less than 10 points, maybe they can spin it into, how about 22 point?
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things you can't spin. sanders beat the former secretary of state by that whopping number. of course most polls had picked the vermont senator as the winner heading into yesterday's primary. but survey shows sanders could now face a very tough fight as the campaign shifts to the rest of the country. most political analysts have said that they expect secretary clinton to score well among minority voters in the next two contests, in nevada and south carolina. let's continue team fox coverage. ed hen try's in manchester still this afternoon. we just got some big news from the sanders camp about the fund-raising frenzy, $2.6 million. wow. >> $5.2 million they raised overnight. they you know, that's big money. that's more than we've heard anyone raising in less than 24-hour period. but bernie sanders, you know, after iowa, raised something like $2 million or $3 million in the 24 hours after he almost tied things there. and so look, he has the fuel to keep going. and you're right, that the
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clinton camp believes once this race starts changing, and we see more african-american voters, down south, things are going to get better for her. and that's why today we saw bernie sanders in harlem having breakfast with al sharpton who afterwards said this to the media. >> i think it is very important that he sent the signal that on the morning after a large victory, the widest margin we've seen in the history of new hampshire, he would come to harlem and have breakfast with me. >> and he said no endorsement today. but al sharpton will also be meeting with hillary clinton in new york city next tuesday, shep. breaking right now. carly fiorina, the only woman left in the republican field, i guess the only one from the beginning, has just announced she, too, is dropping out. ed henry still with us. ed, this should come as a big surprise to no one. it has felt like over the last week, even months for that matter, that her main job was -- has been secretary of state
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hillary clinton attacker in chief. former secretary of state. and now she says in a facebook post today, i am suspending my campaign. my full statement is here on facebook. you want to go see it you can go see it. but from the category of things that are not surprising, but really weren't expected at this moment we bring you that. >> yes. because in a big turnabout in 12 hours or so. last night in new hampshire carly fiorina said she's staying in and her supporters were cheering. she was in the single digits but she was hopeful maybe down south she would keep this going. but abruptly here, announcing she's not going to keep it going. i think what it means, more than anything, when you hear that on top of the news of chris christie apparently suspending his campaign, as you noted at the top, this field is winnowing. and there are going to be republicans around the country saying, good. no offense to carly fiorina or chris christie, but there has been a frustration from some grassroots republicans around the country saying there's simply been too many people on the stage, and for the people who want to stop donald trump, they want to see, you know,
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establishment candidate coalesce around someone and the people who are supporting donald trump, big victory here in new hampshire last night, they're saying get some of these other folks out of the way to see whether donald trump can trample the rest of the field, shep. >> gets it out of the way. i'm sure that's what a lot of people want. i'm sure that's what some of the candidates want. the candidates are pointing at each other like this, you, no you, no, you. carly fiorina's out. well she wasn't really a player. chris christie had faded into irrelevance except as suicide bomber as described by david cantonese. the others, you have donald trump and then you have everyone else and everyone else has split everything up. donald trump has not shown he can get more than 34%. 34% does not win a head-to-head. >> and let me give you a nugget i picked up from a top aide to chris christie last night here in new hampshire who was saying look, in their internal polls they found out that something like that for donald trump supporters, 40% said their
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second choice was chris christie. so this was an internal poll that the christie camp had done that said look if donald trump were not in this race they believe that chris christie would have knocked it out of the park. but the reality is. donald trump is here. he's here to stay. and for folks like chris christie there was not enough oxygen in this race. the other thing is we don't want to overstate money because if money was everything, jeb bush would be running away with it, given what his super pac has spent. that hasn't worked for him. he's still in the race but he's not at the top of the heap. nonetheless, bernie sanders as we noted a moment ago has the fuel to keep on going. carly fiorina, chris christie, if you're just not placing anywhere, your donors are going to dry up real fast. >> but marco rubio and jeb bush, should one of those two decide to not go further, then you would think that those voters would have to go somewhere. >> yes. and that's going to be the question. do they feel like they're going to jump in with trump. do they feel like no, ted cruz all of a sudden, who's really kind of an icon klaasic fellow
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who is not very popular in washington will all of a sudden some of the establishment guys go to him? >> well, we'll find out. continuing coverage on what is now breaking news, at least one fewer republican candidate, and maybe two. we'll have continuing breaking news coverage after this. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. another one is gone. carly fiorina now makes it official, posting on facebook because 2016, she's out of the race and there's a statement
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there. carl cameron is our main guy on politics and is live with us now somewhere out there on the campaign trail. i mention, carl, this is something not surprising. but for this moment at least, not expected. >> well, she had said that she was going to continue on. she said that she intended to campaign far down the campaign trail, regardless of her status at the polls. but carly fiorina today has decided to cut it off and suspend. now she says she'll continue to travel the country and continue to advocate for the causes, issues and policies that she believes in, and no doubt she will. her best showing was in the second debate, the one that took place at the ronald reagan library. so powerful was her performance, in fact, that she had gotten a big bounce in the polls. and had become really very much the center of attention. but it was quickly quashed by a series of harsh attacks from her rivals, and since that point she's struggled to be on the prime-time debate stage. she got to the prime-time debate stage and had a great
12:19 pm
performance and was credited in a number of cases for actually having called out donald trump and pulled him up short in his boots. it just didn't seem sustainable. she had problems with finance. she had problems with organization and getting attention. it became difficult when she slipped to the second tier. she complained bitterly that she had been essentially mistreated by some of the debate moderators, and debate organizers who didn't let her back on the prime-time stage and that hobbled her. this is a clear problem with a very, very crowded field. she was the only woman. she was also hobbled by the constant assertion instead of running for president she was somehow running for vice president. she argued that was completely unfair and suggested in a number of ways that it was sexist to assume so that she as a woman was running for president. her criticism and attacks on hillary clinton were in some cases far more potent than any of the other republicans because she was a woman. it's a loss to the republican party to not have a woman on subsequent debate stages and in
12:20 pm
the campaign ahead but carly fiorina, one of the most successful businesswomen in america, has now left the race, but do not expect her to go away. i think it's entirely possible that she'll be part of the convention, and if there's a republican president she could certainly be part of thatstrati. it was a necessary and a valued voice. one that's now silent. >> there is another debate coming, and there was no podium for carly fiorina. it's my understanding there was most likely no podium for chris christie, either. so getting traction would have been more difficult now, no? >> yes. we've seen this year that the big money advertising, as years past have sometime s driven the race has been eclipsed by the debate, the coverage by the newscast and by the candidates' ability to get heard. donald trump has definitely rejiggered the game. and so chris christie finds himself with a similar problem. it was a disappointing showing last night. new hampshire was one of the states that he thought would
12:21 pm
really launch his candidacy, and clearly it was not the kind of outcome that he sought. chris christie has not made the decision to suspend his campaign yet publicly. but there is -- he acknowledged last night that he would be returning to new jersey today in order to make that assessment. he's a straight talker and as he likes to say, tells it like it is. so, for the purpose of his reputation, it seems unlikely that he would hedge, and let this go too long. christie also has a lengthy future ahead of him. he could be a running mate, a cabinet secretary, perhaps the attorney general. and let's not forget that carly fiorina and christie could both come back in four years, or eight if there's a democratic president, they'll be on the race, they'll be back in new hampshire and iowa in four years, and if there's a republican presidency, well, they could very well be part of that administration in both cases, shep. >> carl cameron live on the road. thanks so much for the insight. so marco rubio has no hard feelings towards chris christie after the takedown that -- from
12:22 pm
the debate. that's what he said. so we'll see what happens next for donald trump. next is this brand-new super pac that says we're going to take down donald trump. its only mission. details on that are next. you totaled your brand new car.
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our principles pac. you'll be hearing more about them. they now claim, hindsight, that they are the ones who are responsible for the fact that trump did not win in iowa. fast forward to yesterday, when it came out the super pac comes out and says, our sole job is to take down donald trump. who do they support? they support the taking down of donald trump. they support everyone else. if you're one who believes, and this statistic might back it up, that it's donald trump versus everyone else at this moment within the republican primary,
12:26 pm
then they work for everyone else. and they are headed by a romney fund-raiser who was involved during mitt romney's campaign and is now heading this pac and she says we took him down in iowa, and we're going to try to take him down hence forth. glen hall is with us, the u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal" newspaper with which we have corporate relationship. can they do this? do they have the money? do they have the organization? what do we know about them? >> not a lot. they haven't had any filings yet. they say they've got millions to spend. they say they put out hundreds of thousands of flyers in iowa, and we've seen some of the commercials that they were running, so they've got some funds. and you know, as you said, they don't have a candidate they support. they're only anti-trump. >> which means they support whoever it is comes out other than trump. because you just have these group of candidates, some are different. i mean ted cruz is running more evangelical, marco rubio, some others, but they're all not trump. and trump has 59% negatives, and
12:27 pm
he only gets up to 34% of the voters. so if there were just trump and someone else, in theory, in theory, there would be no trump. >> right. if they could winnow the field. but right now they have not been able to do that. we saw a little bit today with fiorina and christie. they were at the lower end. at the upper end with rubio, cruz, kasich and bush, they're in for the long haul. i don't see them dropping out soon. so there's no winnowing. so these groups are coming in from the outside. remember this was the second one. we had one earlier before, showing that the establishment side of the gop is afraid of trump in a lot of ways. he's not on message with them and he brings a different kind of appeal that they don't know what to do with. >> but i keep hearing that now maybe trump is the one who seems like more of an establishment candidate to the establishment which turns everything i've ever heard upside down but it is what you hear the chattering, people say. >> he is creating a new lane, right? he's got a lot of people who are very on message with him. one thing we also saw in the numbers last night and also in iowa with trump is that he's not growing his base much more.
12:28 pm
we're not seeing late deciders coming in in favor of trump. they came in in favor of kasich last night for example. so he's not coalescing a bigger party. but he brought new people in. >> you wonder if what this pac could do, and i'll be interested to hear your thoughts on this, there are a number of things that donald trump has said he will do that he can't do. he can't get mexico to pay for a wall. it's a concept a lot of people like but he can't do that. he can't get all these people kicked out of the country, because there's a congress. this is never going to happen under any circumstances. it seems like so much of what they're gravitating toward is this anger that is real out there, and maybe in some cases misplaced. but you can't tell the people that if there's tens of millions of them. >> that's what's been playing out very well for trump, right? there is a dissatisfaction. economic dissatisfaction. concern about the security of this country. and trump, in their language, tells it like it is. and they respond very well to that. they want to hear tough talk. >> but i think what i was asking was, can this pac demonstrate in some way that i haven't thought of how the things that trump
12:29 pm
says he's going to do, he cannot do? >> well, they've been trying to do that. they've also been trying to point out the inconsistencies in his message, right. where he previously has endorsed clinton, had previously endorsed policies of obama. so they're trying to show that he's not a true conservative, that he's not a true republican but more of an opportunistic one. >> what is most interesting to me is that it is necessary for someone to show that. how is it possible that it's necessary that someone show that. that's the part that i just don't understand. living over here in a fact-based world as we do here in this room, i don't understand how you have to point it out to anybody that none of these things are based on fact. it's confusing to me. you're a news editor at the "wall street journal." how do you process this? >> i think what it is, it comes back to the fact that the republican party, after the romney loss, was looking for a new message. and was trying to get a new message out there to brand the party. they were starting to find it, and trump disrupted that whole process. so there are people out there who want to hear what he's saying. whether or not it's fact based.
12:30 pm
it kind of reflects the mood of a nation, which is somewhat more emotional perhaps than logical. >> how much of it is about the media's lack of attention to detail, on the point by point of his assertion? how much of this is our fault? >> well, i think there have been a lot of media coverage. fox and the "journal" and elsewhere that pointed out the practicalities behind some of these ideas. but again it comes back to that emotional underpinning. the people, i don't know that they expect trump to accomplish these things but they appreciate that he's putting the bar out here. if you think about him, he keeps going back to his book and he says, you know, you've got to say i'm going to start all the way out here in order to come back. i think a lot of his followers think that's what he's doing. >> they described it to me in new hampshire, regular people at the bar watching a super bowl game, regular people talking about football, not politics, they describe their vote for alternately donald trump and bernie sanders as screw you votes. and they did not use the word
12:31 pm
screw. the you in this case is the establishment who both sides say has not been paying attention to them for years, has not been doing what the establishment said it was going to do. where it said all kinds of things it never really intended to do. >> gridlock in congress. >> the lack of accomplishment to address the things that people felt needed to be addressed focused in the wrong places. these are the sort of underlying bed rock sentiment that is driving a trump campaign and hurting the establishment. and you're starting to see the establishment candidates trying to reframe their message to draw that appeal in. and i think also with the super pacs that we started about talking that is an reflection of the fear that the candidates that are opposing trump have in terms of taking him on head-on. those who have taken him on head-on haven't performed very well and trump hasn't been harmed by it. so an outside group might have a better chance if that's the goal of the party. >> we'll watch it. thank you. there's a new round of fienger pointing in the proxy war in syria. remember the united states and russia are at war, a proxy war, that's happening in the theater in syria. the united states blaming russia, while turkey's president
12:32 pm
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middle of the commercial news now, prosecutors in taiwan say three executives at a construction company face negligence charges after dozens died in a building collapse during last week's earthquake. the executives accused of overseeing shoddy construction of the 17-story building. witnesses say cans and foam fell out of the building's support columns. the driver of a runaway school bus that hit two children left her seat before hitting the parking brake. that's from the indianapolis star newspaper citing a police report there. prosecutors say they have not decided whether to file charges in last month's crash. the school principal called a hero for pushing kids out of the way before the bus killed her. and legal pot is now a
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the russian slad putin's deadly bombing campaign in syria is helping the islamic state even though he claimed he's targeting the terrorists. he is not. that's according to the obama administration's point man for defeating isis. he told congress that russian air strikes in northern syria are drawing rebel fighters away from the front lines against the militants against isis, and into the fight against the forces loyal to the murderous dictator bashar al assad. surprise, surprise. exactly what we've been reporting would happen here and has been happening here for months. officials say russia's bombing campaign has been helping syrian government forces advance on the rebels in aleppo, syria's largest city. analysts say the offensive could lead to one of the biggest
12:38 pm
battles yet in the proxy war which is ongoing at this moment though our leaders will not admit it, between the united states and russia. it's true, it's happening, and they won't be truthful about it. officials say tens of thousands of syrians are already gathering at turkey's border to try to escape the fighting. lea gabrielle is here with the details. the situation seems to be getting worse. >> it seems to be getting really bad. the commander for the free syrian army is predicting a quote massacre in aleppo, according to sky news he said that ifindiscriminate bombing in and around that city continues, the city will fall to assad regime within days. now, mean time the united nations says displacement camps on the syrian border with turkey like this one are already overflowing. if syrian government forces surround parts of aleppo the u.n. estimates up to 300,000 people still living there could be cut off from food and other humanitarian aid, unless access across the turkish board could be negotiated.
12:39 pm
even for those who made it to the refugee camps near turkey, we're hearing how desperate their situation is. >> translator: we were forced to flee by the russian bombings. my wife's foot was wounded in the cobombing. we need help for our children. we need camps. we need medicine for the children. clothes. food. pills. >> but turkey's president says that his country cannot shoulder all the weight, shep. he says turkey has already taken in 3 million refugees that includes iraq, and it will continue providing assistance but on the syrian side of the border. >> and turkey's president has given the u.s. all kinds of lip now. >> shep, he's pretty upset because he says, you know, the u.s. has been supporting syrian kurdish fighters, known as the pyz in the fight against isis but turkey's president says that the pyd has ties to a terrorist kurdish organization one that even the u.s. has designated as a terrorist organization listen. >> translator: american officials are saying the pyd is not a terrorist organization. i call on america, how many
12:40 pm
times have i explained this to you. are you on our side or the side of the terrorist pyd and pkk organization? >> and, in fact, the pkk that you just heard him mention has been fighting for kurdish autonomy in southern syria for about three decades, and, shep, turkey's president says that washington doesn't understand the connection between those two groups. and that that -- the -- the issues with those groups has -- have turned the region into a quote, sea of blood. >> lea, thank you. let's turn to william cohen now, former republican senator who was secretary of defense under president clinton. he's now the chairman of the cohen group which calls itself a global business consulting firm. sir, thank you so much. >> well, good to be with you. >> it's easy to understand how this is confusing and doesn't make a lot of sense to people because our government is not always straight with us about what's going on. could you help us understand how part of this is about the kurds in the north who have been doing the fighting, who are friendly with what we're doing, and have been forever, at odds with
12:41 pm
the -- the other kurds who are across the border up in turkey? >> well, turkey has had a challenge for many years now, the pkk. and this is a terrorist group that has been launching attacks inside of turkey itself. so, that doesn't come as a surprise. what is a surprise to me and has been for a long time is the united states contains to dither on the issue of whether we're going to provide support, namely a safe zone for the hundreds of thousands of people who are now trying to flee syria. you have to think about this in terms of the magnitude of what is taking place. 250,000 people have died already in this conflict. 12 million have been rendered homeless. that's -- we talk about new york values. consider the entire new york city rendered homeless, plus another quarter of them. and yet we seem to be indifferent to that. i think we have to provide a safe zone, it should be enforced by a no-fly zone, and tell the
12:42 pm
russians they've got to stay out of that zone because we have to provide some method of providing help on a humanitarian basis for tens and hundreds of thousands of people, or we are going to witness a humanitarian crisis which i think is a stain upon the united nations, upon the west, and certainly upon russia itself. >> okay, fine. i've heard this argument, and it is not a new argument. but part of this argument is as follows. russia is left with its only real foothold in that region in syria. it has been propping up this murderous dictator for months and now years. we are in a proxy war with russia, and if we put in a no-fly zone and tell russia you can't fly here, what do we do when instead they fly there? and has this just escalated into something that no one can control? >> well, first of all, nato is very much involved in this. we should go to the united nations first, and assume that the russians will veto any kind of u.n. security council resolution. what is the function of united nations at this point if it's
12:43 pm
simply to sit by and watch idly while hundreds of thousands of people die and starve to death? so what is the u.n. doing? the answer is not very much at this point. so we need to convey that the united nations, if it does not take action, nato takes action, because nato is going to be destabilized with all of these hundreds of thousands of people fleeing syria, coming into europe, some of which contain some terrorist groups, to be sure, and so we've got a nato problem now, and it should be nato taking the sanctions, which include turkey and other countries, but especially since saudi arabia has pledged to put some ground troops in, uae has pledged to join the fight, there has to be an arab face on this, but we have to take a leadership role, as well. the united states has just proposed a budget of some $7 billion increase for fighting isil. so, it's one thing to say we've got the money. but where's the action? what are we doing to actually tell the russians, you can't engage in a systematic des
12:44 pm
nation, genocideal attack upon innocent people and have the world turn away and say, sorry, we can't help. >> well we're at war with russia at this moment, aren't we, sirp? aren't we by every definition in a proxy war with russia? and wouldn't that be a step too far that could turn all of this boiling cauldron into a war to end all wars? >> no, it's not a war that's going to take place. but what you have to have, secretary kerry is trying to negotiate a peace settlement. you can't go to the table with a stick, when you're fighting a russian bear. and so you have to go to the table with something that says russia, you were supposed to be fighting isil. you've been killing all of the rebel insurgents against assad, your favorite pawn over here. and so we can't sit by and let you continue to do this. so you will have all of nato, you'll have all 28 countries, if that's what you're prepared to do in terms of continuing your bombing activities, then you will have to bear that responsibility. but i don't think we can just
12:45 pm
sit back and remain silent and on the sidelines on this. >> william cohen. thank you so much. appreciate your insight very much. cold war, party of two. cold war, party of two. your table is now available. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. twelve minutes before the hour. more u.s. soldiers are heading to afghanistan as america's longest war stretches into its now 15th year. the pentagon is sending 500 troops to helmand province. that's in the southern part of the country, and officials say the taliban have been making a comeback there. the forces are rotating in to replace a unit already on scene. there are nearly 10,000 american troops currently on the ground in afghanistan. jennifer griffin with the news on this from the pentagon. this is a significant move here, right? >> absolutely, shepard. remember, combat operations were declared over in afghanistan a little over a year ago. now for the first time, the pentagon is sending a battalion of u.s. soldiers to halt an advance by the taliban in the
12:49 pm
volatile helmand province, a serious about-face for the obama administration which pulled all u.s. troops out of helmand province handing over u.s. bases at the end of 2014. just 14 months later the taliban have made a comeback. the army 287 infantry battalion out of fort drum, new york, we learned will be the unit going to helmand. the u.s. military no longer has any bases in helmand province. the 500 u.s. soldiers will have to go to a former u.s. base, turned over to the afghans, making this deployment all the more challenging. >> the taliban have been gaining momentum for awhile, right? >> absolutely. in fact, last week the outgoing u.s. commander told lawmakers that a quarter of afghanistan is at risk of falling to the taliban. one reason he said may be a decrease in the number of u.s. airstrikes last year. >> i think the taliban know that we downsized. and i think the taliban understand that in the past, they couldn't gather in larger formations. i think we've seen this year that they have taken advantage of -- of the reduction of the
12:50 pm
number of coalition aircraft. >> airstrikes in 2015 were down two-thirds from the year before. last month, an american special forces soldier was killed, and two others wounded while advising afghan troops trying to push the taliban out of helmand province. another sign that u.s. forces are still engaged in combat in afghanistan, shepard. >> indeed they are, jennifer, thank you. >> the pharmaceutical the many new lawsuit targeting martin shkreli. that's next. everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition.
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the so-called and of the most most hated man of the
12:54 pm
moment could be in legal trouble over an album he bought. martin shkreli paid $2 million for the only copy of an album but wu tang change. he shelled out the millions to, quote, keep it from the people. trace gallagher has this little gem. tell us more about the lawsuit. >> 34-year-old jason koza drew nine portraits of the wu tang clan and in the complaint the aist lawyer says mr. koza was happy when his work appeared on the web site but he never granted a license for his work to the copied or displayed anywhere else. the reason the artist is suing
12:55 pm
martin shkreli is because he said shkreli allowed the work to be used last month. when martin shkreli bought the only copy, he agreed not tho commercialize it for 88 years. >> i mentioned his now sort of infamous appearance before congress. his lawyer is again defending that spectacular behavior. >> right, right, yeah. the house oversight committee was questioning martin shkreli why he raised the price of his anty infection drug from $13 to $700, he took the fifth and later he sent out a tweet calling committee members, quote, imba sills.
12:56 pm
the house committee has not yet issued a response on that quote. >> maybe that was ben rothman's first congressional hearing. nice to see you. >> we'll be back with a look at one of the most dramatic moments in all of the previous cold wars which just played out in a hollywo hollywo hollywood blockbuster. 'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin,
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on this day in 1962, u.s. and soviet union yet initials med on the so-called bridge of spice for a so-called prisoner swap. the soviet agreed to trade the
1:00 pm
pilot. "the bridge of spies" tells the story of how francis powers finally went free, 56 years ago today. >> your world with cavuto starts now. >> the battle on both sides is heating up and neil cavuto is live in new hampshire where it all went down. get ready. it's your your vote and now it your world. >> we said there would be a winnowing out during this procedure. carly fiorina is now out and chris christie could soon follow her. where do we stand right now, my friend had. >> always what happens, neil,


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