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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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pilot. "the bridge of spies" tells the story of how francis powers finally went free, 56 years ago today. >> your world with cavuto starts now. >> the battle on both sides is heating up and neil cavuto is live in new hampshire where it all went down. get ready. it's your your vote and now it your world. >> we said there would be a winnowing out during this procedure. carly fiorina is now out and chris christie could soon follow her. where do we stand right now, my friend had. >> always what happens, neil, after a couple of contests, you
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get that winnowing out process. even though her campaign was lean and mean and running on very little money, you can't keep it going forever. i think her big play wasn't necessarily for the nomination but maybe as a strong candidate for running mate. i've talked to campaigns that have said she would be a strong candidate. the other one, chris christie, i am hearing from people familiar with his campaign that at the very least, his iowa staff has been sent back to iowa. it it may only be a matter of time before he drops out. who benefits interest this? talking to folks in new hampshire who were undecided for the candidate, those who said they were for crist oo and maybe for rubio, they're the one who is could benefit from them drop
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being out. >> in that state you've been seeing a lot of donald trump polls that he could win by the same margin there has he did in new hampshire. he learned the ground game in a little more than a week after iowa where he was fierce live criticized for not having an operation to get out the vote. that was then, there is a very different donald trump now and i found out just a little while ago before all of this christie news was hitting. >> good to you have. congratulations. >> thank you, neil. >> did you have envision this day? >> well, i like to win in life. i've done very well at life. i win. who would know it's pt would be by this sort of a number so early because i've been doing very well in all the polls. it's all about we make america great again, a very simple message and concise measure. >> is the peshl zeal or
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satisfaction you get back at the time that you announced that you would be srt of a know that that that turned out not to be the case. >> you have to be ail to come back in life a little bit. i have a great business, i built a great, great company. it have very much little debt. one had you're building it, you have to take little risks and you have to make sure if times go bad and things go a little bit badly, you can handle it. you have to prove you can handle things. it no different with this. you have to go out and prove you can handle it. i was hit pretty hard. mortgage zwlukerman, he owns "the daily news" and every week this do a cover story. >> but that's not even journalism, donald. >> no, it's not.
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>>s i a disgrace. he's a low life. i know him for a long time and he's a low life. to do a thing like that is a did grate sell the newspaper and there were no bidders. not even for $1. so you. it on the newsstand and maybe a couple buy it if my picture is on it. >> i was surfing through all the champions saying,ee, maybe he has shot, maybe he has a shot. what do you think of that? >> it is funny. before they were saying, oh, he's just doing this for fun, he's just doing it for his brand, he's just having a good time. all of a sudden i watch yesterday and they're saying, these great collars and their ed
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new hampshire was amazing. so was iowa been ekk. and actually, without the ben carson problem in which they really tack advantage of great interesting, you already have an ad running now, featuring kids making fun you. >> el workthe process begins. they're spending. many millions of dollars probably over $100 million. welcome to the world of politics. jeb bush, he couldn't get a job in the private sector now all of a sudden --
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>> well, to be fair he has had jobs in the private sector. >> yeah, of. >> well, he has been gunning forle tw you've seen the guy, he's a lightweight. and you have some very taenlted people. what happened to chris christie? there's talk today that later today he's going to suspend his entire campaign. lloyd enough, his attack on marco rubio did hurt marco rubio. >> totally. >> but it didn't help him. what happened? >> it was very unusual. it did hurt -- really, i don't know if the word is mortally
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wounded but it certainly. >> chris called mo up last night, he's a good friend of mine, a it will ejted guy. he didn't come out where he wanted to. he's atle%. i thought he'd be hire than that, also. >> it interesting when i speak to come of the candidates with as well as with chris harper mercer, when i caught up with him at unof. . j request what do you think of that? >> i like ben carson also.
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i like him a lot. i think he's a terrific guy. that was not his fault the other night at the debate pup couldn't hear anything. you couldn't hear the announcers. you know, when he was stuck backstage ifif if sfrnchs but it was not ben's fault. could you not hear anything glup heard everything perfectly well at the fox business today. >> honestly, you did. >> let me did you a little bit about -- if you were to be the nominee, i know ilt early, you remind of that, but do you look at tern types, governor, be be
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zbrorks. p number one, i want to win and i grchlgt fwr. i don't want to get into it because i ju don't want to be fwroskt of so you need someone who -- i think in my no. plit can kwrk zwrnchting.
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>> i think it's disgusting. i think they're disgusting. i think secretary kerr rip should be nechltd sfwrchlt ten your people there. i n (i think the disgraceful bhip heard his voice, i said this is not a nice, friend lip sound. that's rough cookie. i'll tell whaul, how kerr oo and obama aa allowed that deal to go through, it's one of the worse deals offin fwrfl and then ask
1:11 pm
you why zbrrchlt zbrrchlt zwrrchlt when i talk to young people about you tlarnd lot of young voters spocking sfrouchltobvious le they're very in your sfriechlt sfwrirchlt. >> >>. >> do you have feel come fold adoctors and to remind folks of that? >> a lot of people know.
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i've built a great, great company pup saw that when i did my filings, my sec filings. everyone was ams.ed how little debt the cash flow. in a way i'm okay with it. it like whatever it takes. i'm getting a lot of vote and we're getting a lot of support. tonight i'm going to south carolina, we'll have at least 10,000 people there. i think much more than that. we set it up three, four days ago and we're going to have a crowd of more than 10,000 people. up know, it's fine. i think most people nochl but it's not a bd thing to get out there. we have great projects all over the world actually you know weerl world wide and i. >> as you know, we've already seen michael bloom werg twices out pictures of himself. other sure to follow. u sayer what do you think?
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>> i hope who runs. i'd love could to compete against bhiek michael bloomberg. >> who do you think he takes votes more away from in. >> i think he can take the gatt's sfwrrks i would love it see michael run but i think it not going to be very easy for him to be honest would you. >> wrach again. i think if in. >> we won pi bigger numbers than the polls were saying. the polls were saying 3/2 and we
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had 36. >> donald trump, thank you very, very much. >> you know what's remarkable by drm, fwrrk aree go. >> in the case of carly fiorina, they're out. rumors that kris tady yp did. >> what happened and why? stay with us. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit.
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serving my country but that's not what i'm here about? >> that was a couple of nights ago. seems like the world has just gone a 180 since then. chris christie riding the wave of his performance. he certainly hurt marco rubio but he really didn't help himself. now he's on the brink of dumping out of the race we're being told. but that item two, po ho better than an attack dog, chris christie. what do you think, pat is this. >> i think it makes some sense actually. first of all, crumb and crist eare friend. >> they didn't really go after each other. they zig each other.
1:19 pm
a and. >> we won't get into that. so they're friends. they like each other. the gore -- excuse me, the clinton/gore smashed that whole thing about needing to be different. but thieves guys are literally border states, right? >> border states and a intelligent state. concern with terrorism high. we're forgetting the issues bothering americans right now. they are really into whether or not someone is going to make us security, what are we being threatened with overseas and -- >> do you want someone who is a very controversial guy hooked one another controversial guy? >> why not? this is a controversial year. let me just say the other thing, looking toward if you heap were elected, then you've got somebody has vice president who can really be a ram rod, who kel that may not be meaning
1:20 pm
anything. we pa many twrrnl but he picked walter mondale ash guy from the establishment, a senator, to assuage people with concerns they might have had. >> that was bad. and the other person hfs consider are rrk why are. >> but we needed to make the party comfortable. >> right. >> because we were really out of line. >> trump is running away way too early. >> who fits that fwoul complement him? >> well, it depends on what are you complementing?
1:21 pm
you want to be complemented because you want to unite the party are maybe are you looking for stayand, crumb, cruisy -- >> they like eechl other. >> it would be a great moment at the convention. wuf i think that kristy shu being from yrnl all right. marco rubio is in a world of hurt rye now the. he acknowledged it. bobby jindal, a big time supporter, saturday maybe it time to step back. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage
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all right. south carolina the focus right now. any candidate worth his or her salt -- without a her, carly fiorina out of the race, trying to make a stand there. pu it really doesn't take long if you think about it. right after the last -- i thought it would be neat for a guy to kind of hang out, stay a week more in new hampshire, just see what happens. because the people then kind of think, wait a minute, you're up and gone, you're done with us and moving on. i know that's just the nature of the beast. we're stave hearin we're staying here. we love it, we love it. >> bobby jindal is staying put. good to have you. >> thank for having me. >> marco rubio admitted he didn't have a good faring and a few days after that acknowledging that, should he have acknowledged that about his
1:26 pm
debate performance right away to mitigate the damage? what do you think? >> well, neil, a couple of things. i'm glad he admitted it wasn't a good night for him. i'm more of a substance versus style person. he got a lot of criticism for saying the same thing over afrd over. president obama is he incompetent or idy lodge cap. he has intentionally made more people relied what does that have to did with the matter at home, the moments, the questions that were coming up and he pifthed. he did seem to pivot right back to that sort of stumpel speech. >> look, it was not a good night for him. it was right for him to admit that and make changes.
1:27 pm
one debate is not going to make or break this campaign. it's a marathon, not a sprint. let's be honest, drumm it dip if i think for bernie sanders, let's make the announcement on your show, the socialists have taken ofrp the democratic party. the reality is that hillary clinton hopes they'll give her their line on the ballot, bu they may go the real thing. there was a clinton who at one time said the era of big government was over. that doesn't seem to be the case in the democratic party. >> i know you're not a fan of hillary clinton and all but in the marco rubio case, he did dial this back. he said he's not going to let that happen. he's maybe fortunate this that, certainly can't debate this weekend because he wouldn't make the debate if he wanted to, that
1:28 pm
his biggest tormenter is gone. but did christie reveal a weakness that the candidate should address that, he's almost too scripted, too picture perfect, taking nothing away from his brains, just general eloquence and smarts, but that christie revealed a big run vablt. >> i think it was bun you look at the one of the big issues of this race, ilt our foreign policy. i think he's got more foreign policy knowledge, experience. he's for a bold foreign policy where our enemies can trust us and our enemies will fear us again. >> how would you get him to be different, to do that or get that across. i talked to many. >> ilt the idea that, wait a
1:29 pm
minute, you're a little too polished. ism get that, too, governor. but is that i don't know. >> neil, a couple things, nobody has ever accused of me being too part look this, from continue taking the fight to hillary and not just attack other republicans. the reality is he's had a very good campaign, had a very good career. he's principled conservative, led the fight in many areas. he's successfully going after a part of obama care. the billions were supposed to bail out the insurance companies. allowed the v.a. to fire extips when did this strategy has been
1:30 pm
working for hmm. he need to talk directly to votes are. let the democrats be the party. they've got one candidate from the 90s, hillary clinton, another kpd from the 60s, bernie sanders. marco should continue focusing as assy, if in my terms as goff, i focused via very the thank it the. >> of. >>. >> i be well. we have lot more coming up. hillary clinton, to government's pointbe, frkt sfwrirkt and what
1:31 pm
about recent polls, pitting each of these guys against the republican guy proves it. bernie is the biggest threat, no hillary.
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1:35 pm
so you have al sharpton, meeting with bernie sanders and you start to question whether this is the beginning of a rather seismic moving within the democratic party, the african-american community has been almost a monolithic force behind hillary clinton is this a stein that it may no longer be the case or might not be as much. secretary, it's always good to see you. how are you? >> it's been a while. it's always good to be with you, though, neil. and i'm great. thank you. i'm great. >> i assume and i suspect you're supporting secretary, clinton? >> i am supporting secretary clinton. >> you share madeleine albright's view, as a woman there are special makes in hepll if you do not support her in.
1:36 pm
>> anyone who has looked at this campaign knows we need a tough woman for tough time, whether you're a man or a woman, neil. >> what do you make of this african-american community given, i guess, that that's a lock for hillary clinton? and then out of the blue al sharpton and bernie sanders are meeting bhap do you make of that? >> the reality is al meets with all of the president dps candidates. he's net with hillary clinton i think as americans we all want to believe m'sage of hope and believe in dreams for a better future. but. we also know that those dreams have to be attainable. that's why you see large numbers of african-americans supporting hillary clinton. she really is the tough leader we need for these times. >> but do you think they're a given? by that i mean having been around iowa and around new
1:37 pm
hampshire with the feel the bern loyal vermont senator, they feel more of a bern for him. >> we have had 14 more to go in just the next three weeks. >> but it it's not an encouraging start, right? would you worry? >> i'm not worried because i've been around, as you said, for long time, neil. we've had two contests in this country. the reality is the next three to kwour weeks is going to tell us how we can translate doctor is about. i think you're going to so a very strong and forceful campaign begin to take hold, even more than it already has. >> i was talking to a number of bernie sanders's loyalist who is feel the clinton machine is going to come at bernie sanders
1:38 pm
and that they fear for the worst, even sanders himself hinting as much in his victory speech last night. what do you think of that? >> i think i'm very proud of how the krakt can reque-- the debat they're held on weekends and late at night dpoup think this is by -- do you think this is by design? >> no, i think what people are reacting to is the message of hope. i think the reality is we all want better future for our childre children. but at the end of the day, you've got to take those dreams and turn them to reality. >> i think you and others have
1:39 pm
said he's been around a long, long time. if he could did it, he would have done it already. is that the gist of that argument? >> there was a great actor, osy davis. he said it not the plan, it the plan. it's not the wrap, it's a map. >> i think as we look at these contests going forward, i think the morning the person people focus on what's doable, hillary will be elected. >> but if he ended up being the nominee, would you be go against -- >> believe that hillary clinton will be the nominee and this message of hope is not going to be -- >> if he were the nominee, could you accept it? >> my nominee is hill hull aaryn and she's going all the way. >> i think you're blocking,
1:40 pm
secretary, i think you're blocking. secretary, very nice catching up with you. alexus heis herman, a very, verd hab secretary. donald trump has told the daily news where to get off. these are still more the exception than the rule. shouldn't it be incumbent upon the media to say stop? after this. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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all right. you've probably seen the "new york daily news "i cover. it made a mockery of trump and his victory but even of his followers, saying they're essentially as brain dead as he is. i've come to join lenny clark, a
1:44 pm
boston area comedian. >> neil, it's great to be here. look, you teamed the college out. there's nobody here! >> calm down! >> nailed it. >> where are the kids? >> that i-the-left with bernie. they're all with bernie. it's like dead concert. we're going with bernie! >> i've never seen them go to class. >> i was at a party up there once. >> you were? >> yeah. >> i'm sure they go to class. >> we love st. anselm. >> are they making a ton of money? >> they're cleaning up. >> what do you make of the criticism? that was an ad. >> it's going to back fire! zombies are in! that's the big thing. kids love zombies. he's going to get the zombie vote. >> who is getting the zombie vote? >> trump.
1:45 pm
>> but who is upset more? people are upset because the media. >> you know why the media is upset because trump is winning. if trump keeps whipping, tc win media loses control of the masses and they don't like that. >> every step of the way they dismiss him. you don't have to be a trump fan. >> there were a couple faux passes up. >> had ernie boch on. >> how did he make all his money, a boston businessman -- >> selling cars and other investments. he threw this party for donald
1:46 pm
trump that was amazinamazing. i did a bit part on "the apprentice" once. the point is when donald trump landed at the airport, there must have been a thousand people throughout just to see him land. it was john f. kennedy. it was just like it used to be for kennedy. >> you mentioned something interesting before we went on here that you think his support understated and i think so, too. i think there a lot of people who for whatever reason will refuse to admit they like him. >> everywhere i go, people are going people are dropping like flies. i just hope bernie can live long enough to beat hillary. >> now, his health is not -- sbl that's what they say -- they always say that!
1:47 pm
ruff kidding me? he's a 74-year-old devout socialist, devout jew. i'm a friend of the jew. my wife divorced me, said it's just business. >> incredible. all right. the censors are getting a little upset right now. let me ask you, you know pat goodell, right? >> yes. >> we have pictures of him with jimmy carter. look at this picture. >> wow! >> but he's not even looking at carter. he got him into the oval office and he's not even looking at jimmy carter. what's that say to you sm. >> i don't know. i know this. i know jimmy carter is staying alive because he thinks president obama is making him look good.
1:48 pm
>> you're not offended? when you meet the president, you look him in the eye. >> do you find pat to be a bad patriot by not looking at the president of the united states? because we do. >> it's the president of the united states. listen, i respect the president. >> i don't respect pat -- sbl you' -- >> you're out, pat! as donald trump would say, you're fired! >> more after this. >> you're right. [thunder rumbling]
1:49 pm
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we're at the bifl campus, this is our final segment here in new hampshire. i've had a chance to reflect on an incredible run in this incredible and beautiful state.
1:52 pm
>> welcome! >> continuing to get dagger looks from my fine crew here. i said, guys, what do we do? 19 degrees. see, it was 17 when we got here. so it's already -- i guess not. how are you doing? >> 85 degrees under cloudless skies in los angeles. >> you did that deliberately. you said it was 85 degrees. >> did i. good for you and thanks for remaining us. >> i'm right next. you don't even see it. >> feet warmers. i think you've got something in there. >> i'm cold, jack. but i know you don't care. we survived, right? >> stay and ski.
1:53 pm
>> i can barely walk on this stuff. are you going to work with us? >> i hope so. >> i bet we do -- >> jello shot. >> not jelly. >> whatever it is. exactly what happened. just like it stayed. >> it didn't stay in des moines. >> it just got out. you know, i'll tell you all about it. >> any idea who this guy is? >> what do you think about him? >> extremely handsome. >> i like the woman who said that i was handsome. >> handsome. >> very handsome. >> i love his tie. >> great posture. >> his hair looks nice. >> i think my toupee has gotten better. >> i would want to have a beer with him? probably not. >> no, i don't think so. maybe a glass of wine. >> yeah, i would have a beer with neil cavuto. >> you are a beer swilling sex
1:54 pm
symbol in the granite state and i'm very proud of you right now. >> yep. oh, boy. >> jeb bush has been coming after you. he said that i, donald trump, am i totally gifted politician. in a good way or a bad way. >> wow, did you bring knives with you? >> if i could break out of my shell i might get somewhere in this business. >> love the beatings, john, love them. >> he didn't hear you. >> no. they didn't have speakers. >> do you think it is just too cold here? it kind of numbs them? >> no. i think there's too many of you guys. >> i'm amazed the number of people who refer to him as governor kasich. it would be like if they called me cavuti. >> kasich. kasich. kasich.
1:55 pm
yikes! >> isn't donald trump leading in the polls? >> i don't think he has a snow ball's chance. i'll buy a ticket on the titanic. yes. i'll support him. >> tell us how you feel. we're never quite sure. >> a lot of you got back to me on the candidates using her music. the tweeting, whatever. you want to know the odd thing here? i arrived here this past weekend in manchester. look what is in my room? do you see that? that's an adele song sheet. coincidence? i think not. i don't know about the new flavor but you have to be happy with what you're hearing and seeing tonight. >> the race goes on. the battle is on. but business is just getting started. >> we've had great fun here. it's easy for me, there is
1:56 pm
actually a little heater here for me that does absolutely no good. a couple days ago when we didn't have the heater, it did no good at all. it was like under 19 degrees. allison thought i was whining. she's young enough to be my grand daughter but i'll let it go. the crew was out here a lot longer than i am even though they marvelled at my teleprompter reading skills. you're welcome. thank you. the one thing i do love about coming to these states, talking to people, being with people, a lot of people work very, very hard. they are working very, very hard. they've been great sports. i hope they get back safely and i hope to see you again in the next primary state, south carolina. as expected we are learning that chris christie will not likely be there after communicating with all his top loonlts across the state and the nation.
1:57 pm
we understand now that chris christie is ready to drop out of the presidential race. one more, carly fiorina today, and as we've been predicting, this field is winnowing down. chris christie, with such high fanfare is gone. we move on. what if one piece of kale
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limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today.
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hello, everyone, i'm eric bolling, with greg gutfeld and kimberly guilfoyle and this is "the five." this is a fox news alert. new hampshire has been decided and we're seeing the fallout already. just moments ago, chris christie announced he has suspended his campaign and earlier today, carly fiorina also dropping out of the race. this come after donald trump and bernie sanders dealt huge blows to the opponents last night, winning the respected primaries by a land slide. we warm to talk about the recent dropouts. mud is thoughts? >> he is like


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