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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 10, 2016 5:04pm-5:19pm PST

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forward. and that's the memo. now for of the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from his headquarters in new york city is donald trump. so, after some reflection, after your victory last night, who do you think is your main competition right now among republicans? >> i would say all of them, bill. i have no idea. just keep chugging, you know, i keep going forward. we have god good positions. border security. security, now that a we have the isis situation. ever since parisñr it changed a lot, bill it. it became outside big league security. that was important. i think obamacare is a very big issue. i see it, we are going to repeal it or replastles it with something much better and something much less expensive. we have a lot of different things we are going to do. >> south carolina -- every state is different. you know that and south carolina looks to be a battle between you and cruz for number one the evangelical vote which you won in new hampshire.
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and number two, the community conservative vote. we just saw the ad where your guy was saying that he is an establishment whatever he may be. so, don't you consider cruz to be your main competitor in south carolina? >> well, he may be. i mean, he may be, but i really view them all. look how fast things can't happen. i thought marco would be there and marco had a bad debate. we have a big debate coming up on saturday night. we will see how it goes. so far i like the debating. it's worked out well for me. i watched that and it was a pretty unpleasant situation. >> that could happen to you on saturday, could happen to nibble. >> no it's not going to happen testimony to a lot of things will, i hope not. hey, bill, a lot of things can happen. >> that's for sure. >> you said this morning on some other program that nobody really watches, that hillary clinton -- >> -- which one? >> i can't remember. new you are on the bg+ñ forum. you said this morning that hillary clinton is evil. what does does that mean?
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>> well, they asked me one word. i never liked one word comparisons or analogies. but they asked me within word for various people. and she has got -- there is a tendency, if you look at the job she did as secretary of state and the destruction that she has caused, i just -- i don't know what it is, the word evil came to mind. the decisions that they made on sohóñ many different fronts as secretary of state were absolutely insane.0&'8s and i thought. >> the word evil, you invited hillary clinton to your wedding you don't invite evil people to your wedding. >> i could have invited you to my wedding also. >> evil applies to me. >> that's right. i get along with everybody. bill, when i was in business. >> i'm curious about this. inept i could see. you saying her tenure as secretary of state wasn't good for the country. that's more of an
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ineptitude, evil is evil is somebody. >> i could have used inept. a% but that's in your mind though, you know. >> it's in your mind that she might be evil. >> at a certain point, you say to yourself what's going on over&áqñ make some bad decisions? you look at what's going on in the middle east right now you? look at the decisions made by her and president obama. whether you call it evil or inept, i really don't care but a lot of bad things have happened and a lot of death has taken place. >> you don't really think she is evil though? you don't think mrs. clinton is evil? >> well, let's just keep it in abeyance and see what happens. >> all right. bernie sanders, how do you asession the senator? i mean, is he a threat to the country or do you find him amusing? how do you assess him? >> i think he would be easy to beat. you never really know. when people start figuringjx out that their tax bill is going to be 95%. i would think that that far outweighs the fact that he wants to give everybody --
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everything away. somebody has to pay for it, you and me and most other people. when that bill gets down and they start talking about 9 5% tax bill, i think he loses big league. i'm frankly shocked that a socialist may be beyond socialist, may be communist, who the hell knows, but i'm shocked that a socialist is beating hillary clinton so easily. i mean, we will see what happens. but i'm very surprised by it. i think in the end he won't make it but we will see what happens. >> do you believe that >> do you believe that ñz!nie sanders thinks that because i gave you a hard time about immigration. you are never going to be debe able to deport 12 million people and that's impossible. >> yes i will. >> time will tell. do you think that bernie sanders believes what he says that he is going to run up another. >> no. >> 19 trillion-dollar debt and nothing is going to happen? >> no. >> why? >> look, he was a very
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ineffective senator for years. i mean, he hasn't done anything as a senator. all of a sudden he is going to totally change the country around? i don't think so. no, i don't think he believes he can get this through congress. i don't think he even thinks he has a chance. but i think it sounds great for an election for his purposes. >> do you think it's a vanity run? >> no. i think that he does not believe he can get it through congress. you would have to ask him that question. he does not believe he can get it through congress. i fully believe that. >> were you invited to the sharpton/bernie sanders breakfast in harlem today? did they ask you to come. >> i'm devastated that i was not invited. i would have love to do have been there. >> i would have lo to do have been there because there is not a chance in hell toñi quote madeleine albright that sharpton is going to support sanders. i mean, he is a hillary guy. >> i know al sharpton better than i know you. and i have dealt with him for years and years and years. and, you know, when he is
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love donald trump. i love donald trump. but i will say. in fact, he came up to my office not so lock ago to it apologize because on his show which is now off the air which is a fortunate thing he called me a racist. he came up, he literally came up to my office and the way i thought was very nice. i know al. al is just doing his thing, bill. he does his thing. we awful do our thing. he was doing his thing and he continues to do it. >> all right. i'm going to now have some policy questions for you if you will just hang tough for it, donald, as always. then later on the program, miller back fromb. antarctica. he will2z chronicle his ad ventures for us. upcoming. that's why you need alka seltzer plus day night liquid gels. it's tough cold symptom fighters provide powerful relief.
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first - they limit where you earn bonus cash at you? then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? continuing now with last night winners of the new hampshire primary trump. china announced it's selling $366 million more merchandise to we americans
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than we americans sell back to the chinese, 366 billion-dollar trade gap. specificallyéhbmñ specifically, how will you fix that? >> you know this is my big point i have been talking about it for years. >> i know. i want to know how you are going to do it. >> listen to me i will tell you, okay? we are going to have to go -- one of the reasons they are able to do it is because they devalue their currency to such an extent. they are the single biggest curb is i minuter that's been manipulativer that's been on this planet. they, by the way, bill, just in case you don't know it it, they tax our goods going into china. it's a totally unfair deal.ú!y=@ and what's happened every time they devalue their currency they make it impossible and more and more difficult for our businesses to deal with china on the other side. the gap is getting bigger and bigger. it's really called the deficit.
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the deficit is getting bigger and bigger. unless we have somebody very smart and very tough that understands it and our president does not understand it, but i understand it better than anybody, we're going to have nothing but trouble. >> so you are going to say to them. >> $505 billion this year. >> i'm going to slap a terrify on all chinese goods coming into the united states. okay. they then are going to say to you. >> bill, yes. >> president trump, we are going to sell all of our bonds that we are holding for america's debt. we're going to flood the market with them and crash. >> that's all right. >> your currency. that's what a trade war would do. >> they are not -- no, no, no. they wouldn't crash -- they won't crash our currency is. they will crash their economy. that's what they are going to do if they start playing that. >> it's going to be bloody. >> let me explain something. we're too dependent on china. we're too dependent. the likes of which you have never seen if they ever did that. that's what would happen, bill. >> okay.
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>> you know what people don't understand and our dealings with china, we have the cards. they don't have the cards. >> it's a blink fest. >> we have the cards because they need our economy. specific answer and i appreciate that. so now let's go on to your statement you're going to95 deport 12 million people. as you have to know, each one of the 12 million people here illegally is entitled+vx to due process. that means that if donald trump as president issues a deportation order they are entitled to a court hearing in front of a judge. with 12 million people takes up -- >> -- excuse me, bill, if they're here illegally they may or may not be. just like the argument we had about the anchor babies. in my opinion you don't need. >> i'm telling you all settled law says once you're here you are entitled to our constitutional protections, every single case. all right. just so you know. >> i disagree, okay? i disagree. that doesn't mean i wouldn't
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do that that doesn't mean i wouldn't do it. >> they will block you. >> if they are here illegally. >> obama just got blocked. >> they are here illegally. >> that doesn't matter they are entitled to constitutional protections. o bama got blocked on a his illegal immigration amnesty and b telling the coal companies that you can't have a certain amount of emissions. he got blocked on both ofxd them. >> you and i had an argument not so long ago about the anchor babies where somebody comes, has the baby here and forever going to be taken care of. >> that's wrong. >> everybody said you need a new constitutional amendment to end that. they turned out to be wrong. i turned out to be right. you just need an act of coming. you don't need a new constitutional amendment. and we had the same discussion. >> you change the law but not retroactively. not retroactively. >> okay. so, bill, what you're saying would mean that if somebody just walked acontrols the border, just walked across and they are here for a couple days and border patrol catches them, they can't bring them back, we
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have to go through a whole long process because you are not right about that. the act of crossing, they can repatriot right away. if they're here and established, they get the due process. all right. one more thing. >> i disagree. >> all right. okay. that's what makes our we have li you know that all right. in colorado, they legalize pot, okay is billion-dollar industry, a billion-dollar a year industry in colorado. and all of the dealers, all the purgers are going to colorado, loading up on the free pot because it's legal, not free. legal. and then zooming around the does that concern you? >> it's a real problem. >> what would you do? >> there is another problem. colorado, the book isn't written on it yet, but there is a lot of difficulty in terms of illness and what's going on with the brain and the mind and what it's doing. so is, you know, it's coming year or so. it's going to come out. >> what would do you to stop
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it.xd as president? >> i would really want to think about that, bill. in some ways i think it's good and in other ways it's bad. i do(ólcv to see what the medical effects are. i have to see what the medical effects are and, by the way. medical marijuana, medical? i'm in favor of it is hundred percent. but what you are talking about, perhaps not. it's causing a lot of problems out there. >> but you know the medical have a headache and he need marijuana. >> it really does help them. >> okay. was that fun? fun interview? another one? fun? you like the show better than anyone, right? >> it's always a pleasure after one hour sleep coming in from new hampshire to be on your show. always a great honor. >> but you still can. even though you don't have any sleep. i don't know how that happens. >> that's good. i don't know, maybe it's -- >> once again, congratulations on the