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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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left this evening. thanks for joining us and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. tonight. this is a fox news alert. the republican field is shrinking just hours after the new hampshire primary. new jersey governor chris christie and former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina both suspending their campaigns, meaning they are dropping out. this after lackluster showings in new hampshire. last night's big winner, donald trump, and the big surprise, ohio governor john kasich. he came out strong and finished in second place. and now the race heads south,just before hopping on the plane and jetting off to south carolina, new hampshire winner donald trump went "on the record." >> donald, nice to see you and thank you for joining us. >> hello, greta. >> last night a whopping victory, 20 points in new hampshire.
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more fun to win, isn't it? >> i love winning. it was a great win. it was a great victory. we love it. >> why do you think that on the democratic side of the aisle that hillary clinton got -- she got clobbered by bernie sanders, 22 points over there. >> yeah it was surprising to see. you know, we are dealing with a socialist, perhaps even a communist. i listen to do his speech last night. that was beyond socialism. so i don't know what's going on over there. that was a pretty big victory for him. >> one of your hometown newspapers the daily news, mort suckerman owns that they had a pretty hostile front page. >> i know&$xj him. insecure guy. losing newspaper. he tried to sell it for the last two years. he can't get anybody to give him a dollar for it piece of garbage. they put me on the cover every time they can. this always put me on the cover to try to sell newspapers. it's going to fold up. i can't imagine nibbing it he has literally been begging people to buy it.
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he is just an insecure guy. is he a loser. >> governor chris christie i spoke last night. had you a long conversation. i assume he congratulated you on your victory. what else did he tell you? >> i just spoke to him a little while ago again. he spoke to me last night. he is a friend of mine. is he a good guy. he is a tough cookie. >> also down in south carolina, that's the next spot you are going, there is a former 2012 romney campaign staff or consultant who has now got this super pac and it's taking a direct aim at you. going up on air. your response to that super pac? >> well, a lot of people have been aiming at me. they are all aiming at me, i guess, and that's fine. so far only driving my numbers up. they should have devoted more time to mitt romney and helped him win instead of looking at taking other people down. but they have all been going after me. i have had had, i guess, bush spent 2 it 0 or 2 $5 million on me.
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he is like nowhere. is he going nowhere. and now romney is doing a pac. romney feels badly because frankly that was an election he should have won. you know it and i know it four years they should have won that election easily and they failed. these exromney people should have focused more on getting romney elected instead of doing super pacs. >> is your strategy going to change much going into south carolina? we're back to population or voting demographic, highly evangelical. are you changing your strategy between new hampshire and south carolina? >> notx, too much. we really hit chord. we are talking about border security. the military, the vets. you know, things thata0g are pretty generic no matter where you are. i do great with the evangelicals. we have a great relationship. and i'm leading in evangelical vote in polling numbers as you know, greta, i'm leading over the nation, throughout the nation i'm leading. and that's a great honor. and i don't to much. really strong military great
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trade deals. something i have been talking from the beginning. we want want really great trade deals which we don't have now. we lose hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars on trade. i mean, just with china alone we lose that you know, i think the message is going to stay pretty much the same. >> all right. the news today and some of the business news today is that sears is going to accelerate the closing of 50 stores. we always talk sort of big picture about politics. but closing auto stores, really going to hurt a lot of families. if you are president today, is there anything you would say or do because these+ families, they are are going to take a big hit. >> well, the retailers have a lot of problems. whether it's sears or macy's or any of them because it's sort of like becoming an older line business. but i don't know, sears it looks like more of a financial play than anything else. you know, something is going to happen. they will either rent those he stores or rerent/i the stores and be knocked down and a building will be put there it will all work out.
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eventually it will all work out. it doesn't look very good right now. i saw that sears has a major headache as a company, you know that. >> i went to facebook and put your picture up and asked somegj michael patrick martin one of the people who likes me on facebook says what does it say about the polarization of the country that a socialist is winning the democratic primary and how you can, donald trump, compete in general election that claimsevw virtually everything will be free. >> because the taxes are going to be free. your taxes are going to be 95%. if you look at what this guy wants to do. frankly5/ they should be about 1 it 5% if you really want to know the truth. everything he wants to give away. you are talking like 95% tax. i will explain it. >> how do you run against it. >> you run against it by explaining just what i explained. >> okay. who is going to pay 9 5% tax? you literally would have to pay 9 5% tax to pay what this guy wants to do.
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he wants to take everything away from one group. with you the truth is once you get the taxes beyond certain point. he is unelectable. >> catherine hagan on facebook page has heard a lot about politicians helping the vets and other people. what about our seniors? i see a lot of questions, if you are president, what are you going to do social security and what about seniors? >> well, yousknow, it's a great question. i spent a lot of time with the vets and helping the vets. people don't talk about the seniors. i'm talking about the seniors and i have been for a long while. the seniors are in a lot of troubling. many people are talking about cutting social security. i am not going to cut social security. i'm bringing the jobs back. i'm lowering taxes. we're going to have a dynamic economy again, greta. and we're not cutting social security. >> we're just today carly fiorina suspended her campaign. job if you know that yet. but do you have any thoughts on carlie suspending hers? >> well, i thought she was very nice. i thought she was very effective in a lot of different ways.
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i didn't know she suspended but, you know, you have to do what you have to do. we will see what happens with chris,3 likewise. >> one other question from facebook. and i know you get this one a lot but this is from pat it says why don't you act more presidential? i like you but i don't like the bad words you insert into your speech. are we going to hear a little cleaner language or softer language or is this donaldmk8u trump? >> sometimes i will copy other people's language. the other day we had 5,000 people in new hampshire, it was amazing. in a blizzard a thousand people. more that be that. a woman got up and used a little bit of a bad word and i said don't you dare use that word and everyone said what's the word? i said here's the word but she used it and not me. we were just having fun. i reused her word i will tell youened the place stood up and it was like a standing ovation. it's called politically correct. we're too politically correct. with that being said, as i get closer and closer to the)÷ goal, it is going to get
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different we started off greta, you were there right from the beginning, 17 people, now we are down to not very many people probably six at the end of the day, maybe even less than that once you get to a certain level it changes, i will be changing very rapidly. i'm very capable of changing to anything i want to change to. >> another billionaire made it into the race mayor bloomberg, at least we hear the chatter. what do you think of another new york billionaire getting into the race if that happens? >> i know michael very well. he is a friend of mine. i hope he gets into the race. i think it would be good. i would love to compete against him. i think we would do very well. i would love to see michael in the race. >> in looking at this. you have never become a politician because you are in politics. what is the biggest thing that has surprised you from the inside or from being a politician that you never anticipated when you were just a billionaire businessman? >> i will tell you what really -- a little bit surprised me but it's a pleasant surprise how smart the american public is how
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much the american cares and how they want to change the country and bring it back. and i have never seen anything like it. it's a slug fest. like tonight i'm leaving as soon as we are finished here. i'm going to south carolina. we have thousands and thousands of people showing up for an event like a rally or whatever you want to call it i set up two at as ago. it's unbelievable. the love they have for this country, greta, is unbelievable. that's a very pleasant surprise. i assumed it but not to the extent that i seen. it's incredible. >> donald trump thank you very much for joining us. i hope you widlñ come back soon. >> i will, thank you. >> a note to all of you viewers. here at "on the record" we reach out regularly to all the presidential candace on both sides of the aisle. , this of course, includesjr secretary hillary clinton we have aggressively tried to book both democratic candidates and both campaigns are well aware ofb. our invitation. each of the campaigns knows their candidate would get a fair interview from me.
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and it is bye-bye new hampshire and hello south carolina. less than 24 hours after the polls closed in new hampshire, the 2016 candidates already in south carolina getting ready for next week's south carolina primary. the state reporters andrew shane maybe has been on the grounds for weeks and is live in columbia, south carolina. what are the voters looking for in south carolina? >> well, i mean, at the moment they seem to be lookingi@sñ for donald trump. i mean, based on the polls that we have had since august, donald trump has leads them pretty consistently he only lost one to ben carson during summer in the fall. for the most part that's what's been happening. ted cruz is the secondxñ choice at the moment. he is pretty much going to be using the same kind of tactics that housed in iowa to get social conservatives and evangelicals on his side. and then we have marco rubio. we haven't had a poll in about three weeks. so it's going to be interesting to see how -- what happened in new hampshire is going to play out for him in south carolina. >> when you turn on the
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local news or the tv and you drive down the street, is there one candidate who you see flooded with -- i mean, who is saturating the airwaves and the yards? >> you know, it's a little bit of everybody. it's more along the lines of the pacs and how they are maybe even launching some attack ads at this point. you see a lot of ads aimed at marco rubio lately, for instance. we have seen ads that have been targeted at trump and at cruz. there are a lot of ads, youel know, for jeb bush from his pac especially. jeb bush is making south carolina really a major stand for him. his brother and his father, you know, won the primary here. his family has a legacy here. if he is going to really make an inroad in this campaign, it's going to be here in south carolina. he has got to make it here in south carolina. >> do you expect former president bush 43 to be campaigning for his brother? any word about that? >> out understanding is, yes, we are going to go see 43 here. see george w. bush come and campaign for his brother.
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when? where? we are still maybe waiting to hear on that. there is already a radio ad being aired down here featuring george w. bush advocating for his brother. next we get the real thing. >> andrew, thank you. a little trivia, newt gingrich won 40 years ago, 40%, number two was mitt romney 27. 13 points behind. anyway, andrew, thank you. and ohio governor john kasich surging in new hampshire to finish in second place. governor kasich's strong finish breathing some life back into his campaign as the candidates head south to south carolina. >> we are going to start winning again and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. [cheers] >> our disappoint tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> we are going to make americae so great again. maybe greater than ever before. i love youi thank you, new hampshire. >> i'm going to south carolina.
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[ laughter ] i can take my coat off. >> you may have watched me last night, i was disappointed in the way it went. our people there on the ground worked really hard. they were walking in the snow. knocking on doors. somebody got bit by a dog. it was tough. >> the great thing with iowa and new hampshire has narrowed the field and it's given south carolina a clear choice. >> we are going to do as well as we can here and then we are moving on. i'm really looking forward to the south. i'm really looking forward to the midwest. >> but here's the good news, we have a game coming up. there is a future here for us and for this campaign but more importantly for this country? now south carolina is going to play the role that it has always played in presidential race. the historic role of choosing presidents. >> this is the chance before us. we cannot let it pass us by. south carolina will be definitive and determinative and i need your vote. come out and help us. i need your support. >> we need a leader that believes in the american people, that believes that we're on the verge of greatness again. that believes if we get government off our backs and make government work thelp way it used to, that we're rise up. >> so, new hampshire, i want
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to thank you. we lo you. would going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it remember, you started it. and the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill, a.b. stoddard and abc political director rick klein. rick, if you look at the numbers we're]9 to seven republican candidates. if you count governor gilmore. big change today. >> it is the field has winnowed at the same time there was another contend iter entering the mix with john kasich in a strock second place finish that puts him into the first tier. i think this blowout opens more possibilities for republican. it hasn't provided any real clarity. south carolina may. if it doesn't we are looking at a long campaign. long as long as slog to the nomination. >> note for jurors that's donald trump speaking live in south carolina. we are monitoring that as well as a jeb bush event. something happens, we will bring that to you. big winner besides donald trump last night? >> i think ted cruz has not been given credit for coming
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in third place in new hampshire. spending very little money, using his energy and whatever resources he put into it effectively. it's not ted cruz did -- to beat bush and rubio was a big victory for him. and i think he is well positioned for south carolina. so, i thought that he was another victor and obviously kasich -- he put everything in and he did not come in close to donald trump buy he came in ahead of everybody else. that does give him a ticket to south carolina he is probably not going to do great there. he has a long game. look to michigan, ohio. he has a good crowd gathered tonight waiting to see him. i think rick is right. redon't know. >> will the pour in for kasich based on that second place win in new hampshire. >> he will get enough to play in the second round. here's the thing the establishment lane is still so crowded. if@q!%váu were on the sidelines or between candidates. you don't have any more clarity now. you still have rubio, jeb bush is able to get to the
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next round as well and you have kasich. i don't think it's going to be determinative. i have talked to those people and they say they have the mechanisms to collect it and hoping to get the surge. i don't think it's did going to be anything like the money bomb for bernie sanders on the left. >> your chance to vote at home on twitter. do you think candace aggressively attacki other candidates helps their own campaigns tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you your votes throughout thec show. governor christie was dogging him and he hift him hard after the that debate. >> that's true. the benefit did not christie. it certain live helped kasich and bush. i think the problem for rubio going in and having done a fifth place showing in new hampshire to south carolina as rick said now there is more crowded establishment bucket. and it's going to be really tough for him. whatever doubts have in hoping that he was the one about him possibly being unready and untested, you
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any, were really exposed. i think people, you saw them late break away from him in new hampshire for kasich and bush. actually, if they don't like trump and cruz, they will look at bush but they will look at kasich, too. >> i think christie getting out helps donald trump because is he a blunt straight talker that people think trump is that helps trump if christie is out. >> big thing that helps trump is the continued confusion in the rest of the field. as long as there is four other guys in the field he. that's why votes in new hampshire. >> 77% say no it doesn't help. it sure seems to have an effect in the voter box. i think people know they are not suppose to safe no to that one. anyway, both of you stick around. this is a fox news alert. two maryland deputy sheriffs shot and killed, murdered in a shoot juliet with a suspect. witnesses say one of the deputies was talking to the suspect in a panera restaurant in abington when the suspect shot the deputy in the head and took of off the second deputy was shot
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and killed while chasing the man and shooting the suspect dead. the 68-year-old+ suspect had outstanding warrants in two different states, including assaulting an officer in florida. the identities of the two deputies have not yet been released. and senator bernie sanders clobbering secretary clinton at the polls. new hampshire. can senator sanders keep up the momentum? that's next. also, as the republican presidential field shrinks, are the candidates still in scrambling to change streegdz woo endorsements? streegdz woo endorsements? we will take you back announcer: through presidents day at sleep train,
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i don't know what we would have done tonight if we actually won. this is a pretty exciting event. >> we won because we harnessed energy and excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed. >> i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people. >> with voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. [cheers] >> senator bernie sanders coming off a huge win in the new hampshire primary. the big sanders'' win coming after some prominent women pulled the gender card for secretary hillary clinton. former secretary of state madeleine albright said quote there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. feminist activists gloria steinem said some women are supporting bernie sanders
11:23 pm
because that's where all the young men are. we will see what voters think about. >> that bernie is the best we need him badly for our nation. >> america is going to have a revolution. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> he is the best candidate out there. best person for the job. >> you guys voting for sanders just because you want the attention of boys? >> absolutely not. gloria steinem proves that herj feminism is out of touch with what millennial feminists are attracted to in this campaign. >> when you are young, you are thinking you know, where are the boys? the boys are with bernie. >> no one has had a more done sis tent records than bernie when it comes to women's rights. need more rights and support. >> bernie, bernie. >> just remember, there is is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> [chanting hillary] >> nobody is going to hell. it was a joke. >> i'm just glad that she is a woman but she is also the most qualified candidate out there. >> i feel like she is a good
11:24 pm
strong candidate. >> voting for who we feel is right for our country and it shouldn't have anything to do with the sex of who they are. >> so is secretary clinton in trouble. dennis do you think goes "on the record." good evening, sir4ó is. is it fair to blame the candidate for some dopey things your supporters say? westerny sanders, chic magnet, who knew? >> gloria steinem saying that's where the guys are. >> when you are in a campaign people coming from the sidelines from the center of the ring they will say things, we have to hold the candidates to what they say. and i think that hillary clinton's challenge is going to be to address the economic issues that bernie sanders has brought to the forefront. if she fails to do that she fails at her own peril. >> he had a bad night in new hampshire virtually a ty in
11:25 pm
iowa. >> delegates are not a function of the caucus and election process. that's what people have to watch. i think it's going to be a tough thing in the democratic party. if a candidate gets the nomination, based on a super delegates, because that doesn't really reflect the will of the peopleók within the democratic party. i think she still has a chance to get the majority of the delegates on her own. she is going to have to go back to the concerns that the american people have about wages, about jobs, about the nicketdable inequitable diswrix of wealth. the issues benchy sanders has brought forward and gotten traction on. >> going to south carolina. read an article by the woman lauren french in politico today thursday the congressional black caucus will be endorsing secretary clinton and six members will be down in south carolina to campaign for her. i think south carolina she doesn't have to win it but it sure would help her to win it. is that a big endorsement? >> it's quite significant. the caucus has political impact.
11:26 pm
but even more so, that together with the ministers in south carolina can help turn the vote out heavily in hillary clinton's favor. because, you have to remember, it's not just the top down word from washington, it's hearing from people inside the church in the communities. >>i] look, senator bernie#ñ sanders says that he wants free college. she says affordable college. free college, lick we would all like free things. i would like free things too but if it's impractical. at some point isn't he going to say who is going to pay for. this even if he took all the billionaire's money is he not going to be able to pay for this college. >> part of the plans he brings forward he has to make a case how you will play for -- pay for it you can't do that in soundbites in a campaign. he has to lay that out. reallocation of the money in this country could occur which would bring about the ability more more kids to go to college. no question about that let me give you an example, greta, we blue 5 to $6 trillion in the war on
11:27 pm
iraq. just think if that was. >> can we start on waste and fraud. we spent $44 million on a natural gas gas station. nobody is running on that. >> greta, one of the first committee meetings i was at in congress turns out the department of defense, this was 16, 18 years ago had a trillion dollars in accounts they couldn't reconcile. >> i will take the last word on of this. before starts taxing everybody. >> who says we need more taxes. just have to reallocate the money. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you, greta. >> are evangelical voters path to victory in south carolina? and will the fight to pick up those votes spark round 2 in blistering new
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new hampshire already in the rear view mirror, the 2016 candidates fleeing to south carolina for the next primary test. south carolina is not iowa. it's also not new hampshire. so, what are voters in the palmetto state looking for as the race heads south? "times" magazine zeke miller is in southchñ how was the flight down on the the governor kasich plane? >> you know, he was very joyful, let's just say. he was pretty confident with his strong second place finish there in the state. thought it would give him some momentum. came back and talked to us a bit "on the record" and said he was pretty confident coming in here and hoping to do well down in south carolina. >> all right. so what is the strategy down in south carolina? i realize you have only been there 12 hours. you have guys don't sleep
11:32 pm
when you are on the campaign trail. what are you discovering? >> right now, there are two different races going on. you have the donald trump, ted cruz race probably for first. you have the three main establishment sort of accept trick republicans marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush who are fighting their own separate race for trump and ruz this is going to get very nasty already it is with the cruz super pac. preparing to release ads against donald trump to to try to beat him again here and maybe put an end to the trump phenomenon. on -- in the establishment line, it's a j)afñ to become the third candidate in the race. the alternative to beth tedj cruz and donald trump. and right now, it's a jumbo. you have marco rubio after debate performance fallen in the state certainly as well as like we saw in new hampshire. he needs a strong performance here. john kasich is looking to sort of repeat his performance in new hampshire. he can't win here but he can spoil the other two and consolidating them. jeb bush really needs to win. he needs to beat the other two in that lean now -- lane
11:33 pm
now in this state. he has to rely on ground game in order to do that. >> zeke, just a note to the viewers. we have governor jeb bush tomorrow. of course, he has to do a big showing in that state as well. zeke, thank you. one thing south carolina -- >> thank you. >> south carolina iowa lots of evangelicals. will the evangelical voters pick the winner in south carolina in the "on the record" political panel is back. a.b., the evangelicals, they picked cruz, essentially in iowa. but they certainly have been in full force behind donald trump despite the salty language. >> right. and cruz is going going to try to make sure that that changes. 65% of the primary electorate. republican primary electorate there in 2012 identified as evangelical. and cruz, as i said before, is well positioned there. they're really going to have to -- they going going to try to discredit each other. cruz already knows that evangelicals are not looking for sort ofz/-[ religious purity
11:34 pm
in donald trump. they are looking for other things. and so he is going to have a challenge trying to fend off trump's poll numbers. but,9$dok, polling in south carolina is old right now. we don't have fresh data. we are all waiting to find out what's going on this. is a state where the establishment used to sort of reign supreme. not anymore. this is a state where republicans in primary pick nominees. not anymore because everyone since 1980 but newth gingrich won four years ago. so so -- >> -- by a big margin. >> in the race we can say oh, anything can h hoping theres a large military vote. is he is hoping that the bushes, you know, have really good feelings there and people are going to be good for him. is he hope for a good ground game with donald trump in the race we don't know that south carolina is going to do what it has always done at all. >> rick, we have got senator lindsey graham endorsing governor jeb bush and congressman trey gowdy and senator tim scott have gone rubio. >> and there is a lot of factors in south carolina that are different. one is it's an open primary,
11:35 pm
which means you can choose which side you want to play in. >> like new hampshire. >> like new hampshire. like iowa it's more evangelical. it's not as conservative evangelical, necessarily. there is a split even among evangelicals, moderates and much more conservativex' elements. the democratic primary is entirely different because it's so overwhelmingly african-american, more than half. we didn't see in new hampshire or iowa. a.b. is right, we don't know what to expect there. there are a couple of different mini races going on right now. i think trump benefits from fighting among the other guys. if he can continue to see steam in new hampshire. >> does rubio find in south carolina that the new hampshire debate doesn't carry with them? >> i think he did something really savvy and something rare in politics. last night in his speech he said i made a mistake. i screwed up. it was a bad debate. couple days saying otherwise. this, i think, changes the story it was donors because they were starting to get worried about him if he said that was a good performance. gives something to talk about you. no he is not talking about
11:36 pm
the bad debate but what better he is going to do next time. >> thanks very much. a ruling by the united supreme court that is going to shake the white house. that's straight ahead. good news tonight for terrified passengers on terrified passengers on board this nightmare cruz my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen.
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sea those numbers continue to decline. thousands of people on board the nightmare crews cruise will be home tonight. violent storm. anthem of the seas will dock at 9 p.m. eastern tonight in new jersey. that's tonight's speed read. and the supreme court dealing a blow to president pret obama's e.p.a. executive action. that decision could have a major impact on another one of president obama's executive actions head to the supreme court. immigration. fox news correspondent shannon bream is here. shannon, what happened? >> this is a a-4 vote. it appears that it caught the white house off guard it has to do with the e.p.a.'s new carbon emissions rules. going to kill the coal industry in the u.s. a number of states had gotten together with utilities, gone directly to the supreme court saying please block this rule while the underlying case is playing out. the white house wasn't expecting it but did it a-4 vote blocking it without explanation. raises question next big
11:42 pm
question they have executive action, executive branch which is immigration. you will remember the president took a lot of unilateral action with regard time congratulation. the white house says it's all within its power and completely legal. the court will decide that soon we will have the decision in june. hear the case name of the people are asking questions now, look, if the court is willing to step in here and block this e.p.a. rule they saw possibly as overreach. what does it mean potentially for other decisions that are coming including that big immigration case. >> so was the white house shaken? >> they said it was unpress debted. they are saying that they feel confident can ultimately they will prevail on the merits.4ñ clearly they are upset about this because by delaying implementation it could bleed over into the presidency. what happens with the epa rules. >> and the case that's going to be argued? >> argued in april we believe. >> the court will decide it by the end of june. >> right. in the middle of the presidential election. >> this one didn't go straight to the supreme court. this actually went to the regular procedures? >> the immigration did. it's winded its way through the courts.
11:43 pm
it will be heard on the merits. >> shannon, thank you. we will be watching, thank you. horrifying news08 tonight. vladimir putin may be helping isis. catherine herridge is here next. >> you are looking live. >> this is absolutely chilling. >> "on the record" taking tout scene. >> go inside the story and "on the record." >> i love taking you behind the scenes. >> when the news breaks, greta is on the case. >> investigating on the ground. >> with big interviews. smart questions. >> get something now you are probably not going to get from the media. >> and the facts you won't find anywhere else. no one gets the story like greta. don't miss the smart choice "on the record" week nights we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna.
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muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. terrifying news about the war against isis. a russian vladimir putin putin helping isis in syria. the obama administration wants point man for defeating isis gave this warning today.
11:48 pm
>> we are working with local opposition farces to move east to fight isil. was a very sophisticated endeavor but as the russian air strike campaign has begun, particularly north of aleppo, those appealed off that line to go fight the regime advance. this is causing real problems for the counter isil campaign. we he tell the russirwt( very clearly you say you are fighting isil what you are doing is having detrimental effect in the fight against isil. >> fox news correspondent catherine herridge is here. causing a real detective tri meant in the fight against isil. >> that's whatd[ he said toted. with the russian air strikes, this siege of aleppo now by the syrian forces and then support by iran they're effectively creating a humanitarian crisis in this city. >> deliberately? >> clearly delinquent -- deliberately. >> is there any sort of defense. >> i don't know how you can defend taking 30,000 people
11:49 pm
and cutting off food and water to them and calling that anything but coordinated. >> what's the obama administration doing with this? where is this great coalition we have that is supposed to be fighting this? >> one of the other things that's now clear with the testimony that the u.s. is is not willing to bring in the assets it has to instigate a no-fly zone to offer some protection for aleppo. that is what wouldçmk beh required. it's not a step the u.s. is willing to take right now. >> i thought we had a coalition. maybe if we are not willing to do it for whatever reason, where is this grand coalition that is supposed to be doing this stuff. >> someone has to lead the coalition and we are not willing to take that step right now. >> why? >> i can't speak to that i can tell you what is happening in aleppo is coordinated. it's between the syrian forces, the russian air strikes. and then, also, iranian support. so you have this sort of access that's cutting off 30,000 people and at this point the u.s. is not going to intervene. the other thing we learned today is that the administration feels that as much as they would like to see assad leave, that this would create yet another power vacuum in syriaened a
11:50 pm
create a new opening for isis. >> it's very sad. >> for sure. >> it's assad, russia and iran. >> working in concert. >> against these people in aleppo. just incredible. >> yeah, very sad. >> catherine. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton be dogged by questions over her private email server. is her growing email serve iser to blame for her trouble with voters? >> >> everything i did was permitted. >> my use of personal was allowed. >> i he fully complied with every rule that i was governed by. >> there was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how i was going to"n communicate. >> i never sent classified material on my email. >> there was no law. there was no regulation. >> so how do u.s. national security agencies and departments handle classified information?
11:51 pm
former ambassador to the united nationsdñ john bolton is here to go "on the record." just to get started. the question of having a serve are in the basement forbidden. forget whether it's classified or unclassified. you are not supposed to have government email. >> right. what she did was do government business on a private email server. that's obviously wrong. that's just a matter of common sense. and even worse, over this personal server, she sent and received classified information and clearly knew it it that's why so many elementary security precautions have been violated here that's just hard for people who have been in the government and actually had this kind of classified information to understand how she got away with it for so long. >> all right. the information would are getting obviously is from anonymous sources. we haven't yet seen exactly what it is. presumably though if it's wrong and those emails are there, this will go to a grand jury, right? >> i think it's almost unavoidable. take any of the defenses that she has raised that$áu just saw in thoseww clips,
11:52 pm
that the information was not marked classified. in the emails, number one, that's irrelevant. and number two, it's an unarguable admission of guilt. if you put classified information unclassified email and stamp it classified when youw3 send it that's saying you know you are too long something wrong. of course they didn't do that. >> you know, 22 emails that will not get released because they have a classification top secret. >> beyond that. >> which is sort of -- i don't know if interesting is the right word. if those are impermissible to have but they won't be released, i don't see how those would ever go to a grand jury because you have got to let the grand jurors see them and you have got to be able to let the accused confront them. so those 22 gone, right? >> i'm not sure. w÷ujink with adequate it might be possible at least to discuss the substance of them. you could give them to the court for in camera review. >> what about open trial. >> you would have to limit discussion of them to the
11:53 pm
subject matter in court. but i think that's also part of the pressure that the prosecutors could put on. i think it's evidence that could be used in a subsequent phase to show harm to the united states if russia or china or others compromise that server. >> i see the obama administration in a position where it has to have it present to do a grand jury because otherwise it looks political if it doesn't. there is so much uncertainty because everything is anonymous. at least if it's present to do a grand jury, 16 to 23 citizens, not the obama administration, not the republicans, but they will make a determination looking at it. >> i think a lot of people are very cynical about obama. i'm certainly not going to defend him. the possibility of political abuse here is present. but let's not forget, obama could see a stain on his legacy, too, if he is seen as tanking a legitimate prosecution for political purposes. and i believe within the fbi and be with the justice department, the people believe very deeply that if you can't prosecute high
11:54 pm
level officials, then you don't have a rule of law anymore because the lesser(h ranking officials say but why are you prosecuting me when you didn't prosecute the secretary of state? >> well, so awkward the timing of this is also, you know, awkwardm because of the race going on. but anyway he we will see what happens. anyway, ambassador, thank you, sir. >> glad to be here. >> coming up, do you know the political know all's? and do they really know anything? i will explain off the record. that's next. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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11:59 pm
nomination from her party then senator barack obama did. forget the pundits. they liy%fób to have fun like you talking about it no one knows who is going to win the two party nominations. last night donald trump and bernie sanders both won big. no, yuge. it'sxi only two down. lots of voting to do. when it's your state's turn don't just tweet about the candidates. go out and vote. that'skwj my off-the-record comment tonight. campaign flash. new hampshire winner donald trump is ending his speech in fr-c"ijt a large crowd at a rally at clemson university. former florida governor jeb bush speaking at his town hall event today town hall vfw post senator lindsey barack obama graham. ohio governor kasich touring a steel factory after his strong finish in the new hampshire primary. that's tonight's campaign flash. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. do you think candidates aaggressively attacking other candidates helps their own campaigns? here are the results. 80% say no.
12:00 am
20% say yes. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, the fallout from the new hampshire primary causes two more gop candidates to drop out of the race. you know what this means, people? "red eye" jim gilmore is now up to seventh place. and on the democratic side bernie sanders beat hillary by 21 points. to put that in perspective, 21 is larnler than the age gap between -- larger than the age gap between bill clinton and monica lewinski. and burger king will now sell hot dogs. i guess they are moving away


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