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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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less than 24 hours after voting concluded in new hampshire, the republican caravan is already in south carolina. minus two of its passengers. the gop's only female candidate, carly fiorina, is out. and new jersey governor chris christie is also out. the chief political correspondent carl cameron is in seabrook, new hampshire, with a political view tonight. good evening. >> reporter: hi. the new hampshire primary is in the history books. both carly fiorina and chris christie were not likely to make the debate stage saturday because they couldn't neat criteria of the necessary pole numbers.
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that made it hard to get oxygen. there was the question of money and poor showings as well as in iowa, christie wasn't very much of a competitor. this ends their candidacy. the only woman in the race came in third among the governors. didn't give them a lot of running rule of. they have both suspended their candidacies. that means they're over. they could both come back in but almost never do. it is official. they are officially suspended. now we have only six major candidates to go forward in the republican primary in south carolina. >> all right. stand by. we'll be back in a moment. let's turn to the democratic side where tls picked up a huge win. they are heading west. and the nevada caucus a week from saturday. today sanders was in new york where the senator met with with reverend al sharpton. brass to perhaps to get the
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black vote. and despite her new hampshire drubbing, clinton's team appears focused on the general election. a serum pack supporting her release ad new ad featuring donald trump as commander in chief. the chief white house correspondent ed henry is in new hampshire. it seems hillary clinton is in for a longer, more expensive battle for the nomination. >> that's right. good evening. it might be wishful thinking on the clinton team's part to say we'll be facing donald trump. they have to get past bernie sanders. he raised an astounding $5.2 million overnight. trying to calm everyone down with a memo saying the first four early states only have 4% of the delegates needed. the first 15 days of march there will be over 1,800 delegates. they said look, democrats vote proportionally so the democrats are divided. it is not winner take all and that could make a big
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difference. take a listen. >> you don't have to win everywhere in the primary process. he will have the resources to the all the way to the convention. >> you put that money all together. even if hillary clinton does survive, it will be a long, bloody fight. she has to get through nevada first. >> that's right. bernie sanders has more paid staffers. even though she's been all of this money and they say that look, clinton has an advantage among hispanics in nevada, the advantage with african americans in south carolina. look for sanders to start talking more and more about his immigration roots in the days ahead. growing number brooklyn, the son of a polish immigrant. and i'm told by sanders' aides, they've cut an ad with
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african-american friends of his who were there in 1963 when bernie sanders was arrested for standing up for african-americans getting voting right. >> carl in the past south carolina really gives the race a lot of focus. and may be even paired down the field more. is that how many republicans are at south carolina? >> no. quite the contrary. the current calendar, the 2016 rnc put this together, accelerating the race to get it over quickly. about half the republican convention delegates would be available to win by march 15th. the first day on which there will be winner take all. as ed was talking about, they are all proportionally allocated. it was based upon what happened. the idea that mitt romney was leading in the polls but a lot
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of republicans in the field. the idea was to avoid and it turn things upsight down. after the win with a lot of momentum. he is self-funding and he has been doing a lot of campaigning in the southern states that makes up the so-called s.e.c. states in the south. ted cruz has an opportunity for a big comeback after a disappointing third position when he was complaining with roe rubio got tons of attention a s that bounce. so don't look for southerly to work as a team. he have the money to keep going. >> could it get negative there. thank you. six gop candidates are
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popping that across the state today. in spartansburg for what could be an emic battle. >> the lights are barely on. ted cruz boasting that his third place finish in a state he was his ticket forward. one of the most important is that the only one who can beat donald trump is me. >> right through bible belt, 66% of the republicans in south carolina are evangelical or born again. a group instrumental in propelling cruz to victory. donald trump is appealing to the disaffected voters in new hampshire as well as the huge military vote here. ahead of the vote in clemson,. n
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>> ted cruz. >> after being left at the side of the road in iowa, jeb bush come into south carolina with a head of storm from his brother. he is expected to campaign for him. >> he said we're going to bomb, using a vulgarity. and i for one as a candidate for president, here's another commitment to you. unless i'm caught with a camera that i didn't see, i won't use pro fanlt in public. >> the bush surge in new hampshire was the wort possible outcome for fellow the republican marco rubio. on the way to south carolina, he pledged to do better. >> in seven of those debates, did i very well. aid bad incident at the beginning of this debate. it is on me. we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. >> big a question in the
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palmetto state. how will john kasich fare? he has very little. the pledge to resist the famous bare knuckle politics. >> i'm not going to be a pin cushion or a marshmallow but i'm not going to spend my time destroying to trash other people. >> reporter: the latest poll are a couple weeks old but at last count, donald trump led by 60 points. to portionally allocated. >> john rob yigs bouncing around, thanks. please join me freeway night for a premier of a new special. we'll talk about what is driving this unprecedented wave of
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political insurgency. >> i think faith voters taken or the grant. they assume how they are going to vote. i think that's one of the reason i've taken had effort for this 50-state tour. i want to get christians, evangelical christians to vote. i'm not going to tell them who to vote. >> that debuts friday, 10:00 p.m. eastern. 8:00 eastern saturday and sunday. a political homecoming for president obama. moments ago, he where he got his state start at senator. take the addressing state
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lawmakers, something in state lawmakers in. >> nine years ago to the day that i first announced. >> for it was overshadowed by a high court decision that threatens on undermine his very legacy. and the latest legal setback for the white house, the supreme court has ruled that the president's clean power plan, an aggressive effort to control greenhouse emissions from existing power plants, must be halted pending further review. >> this is pure and simple a climate change regulation. no matter what your opinion on climate change is, this regulation would be all pain and no gain. >> the justice' 5-4 decision has kept increasing doubt about the key legacy items. including executive actions on climate change, immigration, and attempts on strengthen obamacare. >> over the last seven years,
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this president has pushed some of the costliest regulations in the history of the republic. club the clean power plan, the ozone rule. >> many republican lawmakers accuse the president of executive overreach. some think that's why the high court's move is so pivotal. >> the president is again attempting to accomplish through his administrative bureaucratic decisions. >> an executive power rebuke that could have a plan. after all a new president takes office in january and could point three high court justices. with three will be in their 80s by election day. and another will be in his late 70s. >> obviously undergoing the 2016
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election. the epa can needs in. live on the north lawn. thank you. federal reserve chair janet yellin said the bank will be cautious about raising interest rates in the coming months. the economy has hit some turbulence. the s&p 500 down a third. the u.s. is calling out russia for actually helping isis through its support of bashar al assad and his regime in syria. a russian backed offensive in northern syria. iranian forces are also battling the fighters around the city. the president who promised to end the nation's longest war, is
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sending more trumans afghanistan. here are the numbers and did reasons. >> for the first time in a little over a year the penn is semiing a battalion of 500 soldiers to halt an advance by the taliban. it pull all u.s. troops out of be the province. 14 months later the taliban have made a come back. the 287 infant ri out of new york will be going. they have pushed the slow the drawdown. current rules of engagement prevent striking the taliban except in self-defense. >> our country has made a decision that we are not at war
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with the taliban. >> general petraeus who glamded if a recent op ed. we do not need a big truman build-up in afghanistan but we should take the gloves off of those who are there. >> last month, one soldier was killed and two others injured in a fire fight. another sign that u.s. forces are still engaged in combat in afghanistan. >> i think the taliban know they couldn't gather in larger formations. we've seen they've taken advantage of the reduction of the number of coalition aircraft. >> air strike in 2015 were down two-thirds from the year before. the number should fall to 5,500 by the end of the year.
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>> announcing number provides the enemy, maybe in their energy. >> they will have to go to feerm u.s. base turned over to the afghans, making this deployment all the more challenging. >> that live at the penn. thank you. this is a. in news alert. broadening sanctions over north korea over the program. the vote was 96-0. the difference between the two bills are expected to be resolved quickly and senate democrats they expect president obama to sign this measure into law. here's what some of our fox
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affiliates around the country are covering. fax, as a plan to for this. some are questioning the timing. snls it could help appeal to conservativeert a civil rights lawsuit against ferguson. this come one day after the city council voted to revice an agreement after improving how the courts treat minorities there. had it under scrutiny. one of the big stories in look, last public schools declare themselves a safe zone from immigration agents. the district says graegss and customs officers can no longer set foot on school property without permission.
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that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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it appears hillary clinton isn't the only one being investigated for using her server. >> a u.s. government official says more than a dozen e-mail accounts handled the top secret classified information put on hillary clinton's server. the official said the accounts not only include clinton's but also her closest aides. >> they are concerns we take seriously. and going forward, we'll take steps to address those concerns. >> beyond this week's letter confirming the investigation is focused on mrs. clinton's server, the bureau has not said who was interviewed. testimony before the house benghazi's committee. he knew about the personal
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e-mail account from the beginning but didn't understand she was doing all state department business on it. even though clinton used the address. >> he did not have knowledge of the computer server that she had set up. she set it up at her residence. >> new documents show that in june kennedy instructed the clinton lawyer to delete 25 e-mails from the back-up hard drive because they contained classified information. the topics ranged from north korea, a conversation with china's foreign minister, to an arms treaty. >> this quipt cautious letter was damage control for mrs. clinton and her presidential campaign. you understand why the filibuster had to come in and intervene. >> the former intelligence officer said there is a universal feeling that the clinton issue is far more sensitive than the general community realizes. and they are evaluating the eye built of any exposed operation.
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the head of the center for disease control says more money is needed to find and understand the zika virus. dr. tom frieden made his plea today. meanwhile, scientists are trying to combat zika by building a better mosquito. the high-tech fight against the virus that spreads the old-fashioned way. british biotech company has produced a genetically modified version of a mosquito. when it mates, the offspring die before reaching maturity. they say this mosquito has shown promising results in tests outside the u.s. >> we've reduced the mosquito population in these towns by over 90% within about six . which is hugely more than you would expect if you were using conventional tools like
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insecticides. >> part of it is they miss the breeding cycle. >> it is not like these mosquitos are in the swarm of, in the rice fields, in the rural areas. these months thrive around people. >> the idea of waging war with genetically modified insects has raised concerns about the eekological impact. but they say it is safe than many mosquito control methods. >> you're trying to wyomiipe oul insect life. ours is trying to combat the one species spreading disease at the moment. >> reporter: researchers at the university of georgia are come batting to develop a single shot vaccine to protect people against the zika virus. they hope to have it ready in five to seven years. >> for emergency use, the vaccine could be on the market much faster.
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if it is needed. it depends how fast zika spreads throughout the americas and the united states. so that time frame could be as fast as two years. >> at least a dozen groups are working on developing vaccines or treatments. meanwhile, they are seeking to conduct approval for a field trial of the modified mosquitos in the florida keys. tonight they say they do not have a time line for when they will complete the evaluation. >> live in atlanta. thank you. with both presidential races extremely competitive so far, it appears we may be taking a long and winding road to the conventions. we'll lay out the path, next.
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officials in north carolina want the u.s. supreme court to get involved in an issue of racial politics ahead of the state's presidential primary. shannon is here with details. >> the state is fighting to block a lower court decision, finding the two north carolina districts were crafted with too much rely upon race and must be redrawn by the end of next week. pat mccrory and other state officials say that is nearly impossible. and could throw the state's entire voting process into disarray. the state's emergency requests went to chief justice john roberts based solely on the region it comes. from he can refer to the full court for decision but time is clearly of the essence. in the request to roberts, it states this. quote, north carolina's election process started months ago. thousands of an sentee ballots have been dribtd to voters who are filling them out and
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returning them. hugs have already been voted and returns. they are calling them, quote, racially biased, apartheid voting districts aimed at disenfranchising african-american voters. the chief justice has asked to file apply to the emergency request by next tuesday. just three days before the deadline to get the two congressional districts redrawn. >> thank you. america's election headquarters in depth. much like the general election is about the electoral college. it is primarily about delegates. how are we doing so far? james rosen tells us we've barely begun. >> there is so much going to happen. if you don't have a seatbelt, go get one. >> you'll hear lots of numbers tossed around in the gop presidential primary. the one that the maers most is 1237. the delegate majority needed to clinch the nomination. by the end of february when
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south carolina and nevada will have weighed in, 95% of all delegates will still be up for grabs. >> a trump lane, clear. a cruz lane, he has evangelicals and the libertarians. and then you have a third lane of all the establishment republicans. >> reporter: 13 states will vote on march first, super tuesday. by wednesday, nearly 90% will still be unspoken for. by march 12, another 11 states will have weighed in. but rnc rules make all early voting states proportional. >> you remember mitt romney didn't really become the presumptive nominee four years ago until about mid-april. so this is going to take a while. >> reporter: not until march final will we see the first winner take all contest in florida. a state the front-runnerers may skim because it is the home state of marco rubio and jeb bush. >> they will narrow just organically because people run out of money and people run out
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of time. and i'm in it for the long haul. >> reporter: for that long haul, cash is critical. both for grounds game and tv ads. the super pac all record tens of millions o'of cash in january and donald trump doesn't to have worry about money. leaving the surprise second place finisher in new hampshire as the candidate most urge endly in need of a seatbelt. >> trump has a real roll on this thing and it will be hard to stop. kasich is now the establishment candidate but he is not doing well in south carolina. and equally important, he has no resources. no money. not much staff. >> exit polls show new hampshire republican who's write the economy and jobs as their top issue who worry about terrorist attacks, angry with the government or call themselves an independent, all broke for donald trump. those for the one that shares my views broke for kasich. >> thank you. donald trump with a huge win.
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he and most of the republican contenders head south. not everyone is going. we'll talk about it all with the panel when we come back.
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i don't know what we would have done if i'd won. >> the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. >> maybe just maybe we're turning the page on a dark part of american politics. because tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. new hampshire, i love you. we're not going to forget you. you started it. remember, you started it.
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>> as you look at the republican side, the final votes tallied here 100% in. donald trump with a huge win. john kasich with the second. the rest of the field is smaller now. you can see the candidates who have dropped out of this race so far. and you can see back to governor perry and walker. chris christie and carly fiorina are among them dropping out. you look at the democratic results from last night. and bernie sanders again with a big, big win. let's bring in our panel. set the table. ron, singled indicated columnist. let's start with chris christie and carly fiorina stepping aside.
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obviously he had to have a good night. despite the remarks about rubio, he didn't have the benefit. >> that happens. you can score a big hit on somebody but that doesn't guarantee you're going to succeed. in fact often it hurts you. what happened to chris christie was a political suicide attack. he looked a little bit, i thought, overbearing. even if hit no effect on him, it didn't help him. by bringing down rubio, which rubio admitted, it helped all the other main stream candidates. >> i think christie and carly were two of the better in the field. we saw the same thing happen in 2004 on the democrat side. and it affects them.
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i think christie has done a service to his party and the country and rubio. rubio has been somewhat of an empty suit. he did have to learn a lesson. he has to get beyond his talking points and be able to be more of a politician. rubio has to be better than he was last weekend. >> neither one has endorsed anyone. >> i would think it would be hard for chris christie to endorse marco rubio given all the things he said this past week. he has an affinity toward the governors. he spent much of his time. there's been time when chris christie had an open shot at donald trump and he hand taken it.
1:42 am
when i interviewed him, i walked through a series of objections that people raised about donal . do you think that donald trump is a man of good character and chris christie said absolutely, i do. >> let's take a look at the speeches from last night. >> the votes are still being counted. the exact results are unknown. right now it appears we're effectively tied for third in new hampshire. >> understand that this is a race not to be on the back bench of the united states senate. we're electing the president of the united states. a person that has to make tough decisions. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this. that will never happen again. he expected full coverage from fox news. he did finish third and we did mention it was a significant
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moment. new hampshire doesn't line up for ted cruz. >> but remember, it is always our fault no mat here wins or loses. i think cruz comes out as the strongest nontrump candidate. bush, he spent a lot of money. he got fourth. rubio got his really hard. i think he has a chance in the coming debate to undo that. and kasich is a guy who doesn't have a lot going for him outside of new hampshire. he put all his resources there. and he is the poor man in the field. south carolina is not exactly his play. cruz has money and evangelicals. south carolina is about 60% of the electorate, about 23%. he has conservatives there. i think it is his territory. and i think so. of all the challengers, who will be the one, the last man standing.
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i would say you have to put your money on cruz. >> i have two days. i have to count my money first. >> trump is by far the front-runner. cruz right now is the only one who clearly has a shot at taking him out. the vaunt establishment lane looked like it was built for clown cars. >> that trump win. you're talking about lapping the feel. and we could get a big ground game. >> he talked about it in his speech. his celebratory speech. you talk to people in new hampshire who would have been responsible for such a ground game and they didn't have much of a ground game. he was able to do what he was not able to do in iowa. get people the polls based on enthusiasm about donald trump. not because they had a big ground operation. i will say, i do think ted cruz
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deserves a lot of credit for what he did in new hampshire. third place in new hampshire. he spent $800,000 in new hampshire. jeb bush spent $36 million combined between his campaign and his super pac to come in fourth. ted cruz came in third. he's had 27 days in the state. this was not a priority for ted cruz. he comes out looking pretty good. >> it favors bush much more than cruz. in new hampshire. yes. cruz overperforms no, doubt about it. >> next up, bernie sanders crushes hillary clinton in new hampshire. can he break down her southern fire wall? is that there anymore?
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snixt still remaining neutral that he supports the candidacy and would prefer to see her at the nominee. he won't officially embrace her unless and until it is nominee. but i don't think there is any doubt that he wants hillary to win the nomination and believes that she would be the best candidate in the fall, and the most effective as president in carrying forward what he has achieved. >> former white house press secretary talking about the president and his support, he says, of hillary clinton in the democratic
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nomination. meantime bernie sanders today in new york in meeting with al sharpton, talking about, among other things, support by african-americans as he gets ready to head down to south carolina eventually the democrats first head to nevada. he will have a lot of support financially, the sanders campaign put out a statement saying in the 18 hours since the polls closed in the granite state, sanders' campaign has raised more than $5.2 million. shattering the campaign's previous campaign for money raised in less than a day. the average donation since sanders' speech $34. we're back with the panel. ron? >> i think that just like we saw hillary clinton taking women voters for granted, that she might be taking black voters for granted. if i'm bernie sanders i run to the left of hillary and to the left of barack obama on racial disparity and sentences. and i talk about how the clinton white house, they are tough on crime punishment put a lot of african-americans in jail. who would be out under
1:51 am
sentences that -- new sentencing guidelines that congress has since passed and even president hasn't used s clem means power to free these folks it would be a good way for him to stand up to the president and to stand up to hillary and to show the community i'm more than just talk. >> we should point out that the reason they are going to nevada, the democrats, before south carolina harry reid insisted that nevada had to be next in line. they are heading to nevada. steve, it seems like the sanders' people are exuding confidence even though organizationally clinton probably has the upper hand across the country. >> yeah. i think that's true. although sanders has done some advance spending in some of these states that's coming up. i think they have every ride to exude confidence in part because of what they have done. i think new hampshire resets the race. i think new hampshire would have reset is the race if he beat her by 10 points but to beat her by 20-plus is just extraordinary. i don't care that he lives next door. it's a big moment, i think, in drark politics today. the $34 a minute that he raised is truly extraordinary a $.2 million
1:52 am
overnight. if i had to wager, i would say it probably spiked when hillary clinton was speaking last night, giving her concession speech because if you wanted a perfect 20 minute example of what i think a lot of people believe is wrong with our politics, watch that speech. where hillary clinton talks about the need to get big money out of politics. to reduce the influence of wall street. i mean, it was every one of these things on which she has been guilty. she would be the "avatar" for that on a democratic side of the ledger and she is criticizing it because she needs to fight off bernie sanders. it also gives us some indication of just how seriously they are now taking him. they didn't before but they are taking him seriously now. >> you know, we talk a lot about the establishment fight and the outsiders on the republican side. there is an establishment fight on the democratic side. she is leaving new hampshire actually it turns out with more delegates than bernie sanders even though she loses by 22 points because of super delegates and the way democrats have it stacked up. those are insiders, inside
1:53 am
the party, elected officials who she has on her side. and, yet, she lost huge. >> if she keeps loading by three touchdowns, it won't matter how many super delegates she has, there is no way that the party could engineer a victory for her because it would cause a riot that would make 1968 look like a picnic. so, it matters what happens in the results, despite the fact that perhaps if we're way down the road. and it's a very narrow margin like reagan, ford, 1976, the weight of the party might make a difference. right now, i mean, she took such a she lacking and it shows. i mean, look -- we were debating do the emails have any effect? this whole sort of the baggage that she carries. on the honesty issue. the spread was 88 points. saddam had a smaller spread than that. on honesty. essentially authenticity.
1:54 am
and it turns out it has had a profound effect on democrats. imagine what it would do in the general election. look, i do think that/qxpñ her advantage on the question of african-american and hispanic constituencies is the only remaining question. if she can hang on to them, she will ç]d them off. if she -- if that barrier collapses, then she's out. >> quickly, ron, on the honest and trust worthy. how much do you think -- you know, we talk about the email scandal, but, really the wall street side is what bernie sanders was hitting. >> look, trust is something that infuses every policy issue. that was the problem with the email scandal. not that emails necessarily in the democratic primary they can make all the promises in the world. if they think you are not good to your word. bernie sanders love him or hate him awfully authentic. >> next up, you have your say on our contenders app.
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well, that's cool. i haven't seen that it's time to check out this week's results from the new "special report" contenders app. we added the results from the fox news app. the statement about gun control that was most agreed with was, quote: law abiding gun owners are not the problem in this country. the problem are criminals and criminals don't care what laws you pass. you can pass all the gun laws in the world that you want, it will not stop the criminals that statement belongs to florida senator marco rubio. here is how all the candidates did. the scale was 1 to 100 with one meaning complete disagreement and 100 total agreement. users also ranked the middle class topic as a fairly important issue. ranking it ony. average 4 out of 5 stars. so we had the panel take thex quiz. so, steve, what do you think? what did you end up with. >> that was pretty
1:58 am
interesting, actually. i ended up with ted cruz who just finished below marco rubio on that one. >> you couldn't find one. >> in< flunked. >> you flunked? do you know how it was. >> i had my daughter show me how the technology thing worked. tweet you right like. like brit was doing the other day. >> they are all statements by politicians who have poll tested. salutism,%/g slootism and red herrings. i don't agree with any of them. >> always attack the media, right? rubio and sanders is number two. >> wow. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" tonight, fair, balanced and unafraid. no onl >> it is thursday, february 11th. a vacation nightmare finally over as a storm battered cruz ship returns home.
1:59 am
>> the cruz from hell. >> i thought we were going to die. >> horrible, horrible, horrible. >> why the ntsb wants to... >> they set their sights on north carolina. >> it is going to be such an unbelievable week and a half. >> the question for people in south carolina is, what kind of person do you want behind the big desk? >> this is a chance, we cannot let it pass by. south carolina i need your vote. >> that happened while bernie sanders celebrates his new hampshire victory with al sharpton. >> the hollywood transformation taking the internet by storm. "fox and friend first starts right now.
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>> good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friend first on this thursday morning. i amer nauert in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. a nightmare coming to an end for 6,000 people trapped on a crcru ship. >> passengers are exploding with anger. jackie, good morning. >> passengers so happy to see land again. the passengers made it to new jersey last night. >> videos show passengers stepping on dry land for the first time


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