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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friend first on this thursday morning. i amer nauert in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. a nightmare coming to an end for 6,000 people trapped on a crcru ship. >> passengers are exploding with anger. jackie, good morning. >> passengers so happy to see land again. the passengers made it to new jersey last night. >> videos show passengers stepping on dry land for the first time since the ship set
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out on a cruise to the bahamas. the ship ran into a violent storm forcing passengers to lock down in their cabins for nearly 18 hours. people recorded furniture being tossed around the deck. you can see some of it right here. ceilings gave way as the ship hit massive 30-foot waves and 120 mile per hour winds. damage to the ship delaying its return for days. the experience so extreme some passengers worried they wouldn't make it through. >> when you see the crew praying on rosary beads and crying, it was so scary. >> at one point i held on to the mattress so i wouldn't fall off the bed. i have two teenaged boys. it was just horrendous. >> captain clause anderson's judgment is being called into question. the ntsb is doing an
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investigation. royal caribbean is giving them half off of their next cruz if they even want to go on another crews. >> two deputies shot and killed in a c in a targeted attack. david brian evans opened fire on veteran deputies hitting one in the head at a packed pan ner raw bread in baltimore. he ran to a restaurant neat a senior citizen community and shot a deputy and chased him. >> the suspect took the action because he was wearing a police uniform. we were called to pan ner raw for that subject. he certainly targeted them. >> evans accused of targeting law enforcement before was killed in the shootout with police. law enforcement surrounded a maryland hospital saluting after finding out the deputies had died. >> a dramatic standoff between militia and fbi in oregon may
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soon be over. the final four protestors expected to surrender in just a few hours from now. federal agents moving ohhen in the wildlife hold up armed militia has been protesting federal land policy. in the meantime the nevada rancher cliven bundy arrested by the fbi overnight. he's facing federal charges related to standoff regarding grazing fees. ammon and ryan remain behind bars for helping orchestrate that standoff. we will keep you posted. >> and then there were five. chris christie and carly fiorina throwing in the towel as the remaining candidates set their sights on south carolina. garrett tenney is live for us with the latest from washington, d.c. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, heather. it wasn't the outcome they were hoping for. chris christie came out of new hampshire in 6th place and carly
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fiorina in 7th. for the remaining candidates the fight for south carolina loon gnaw begins. after winning in new hampshire donald trump is hoping to keep his campaign momentum going. >> it is going to be such an unbelievable week and a half. if we can win south carolina, which is an amazing, incredible place, incredible people, if we can win -- i don't want your money. i want your vote. >> trump is expected to do well in the pallet toe state. >> now with christie out, jeb bush is hoping to pick up some of that support and build on his 4th place finish in new hampshire by bringing out the family including his mother and brother former president george w. bush. >> south carolina has been good to the bushes in the past and i am hoping it will be good 10 days from now. thank you all very much.
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(cheers) >> dr. ben carson barely registered in new hampshire finishing behind carly knee arena and chris christie who have now left the race. last night on hannity carson said he strategically never invested time in the granite state and he's in for the long hall. >> i tend fob a pretty conservative person on virtually everything and it is not a message that sometimes resinates every where. i understand that. this is a diverse nation. there are a lot of good people there. new hampshire worked hard and we appreciate what they did but you always have to pick your battle. things should get messy. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders appealing to minority
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voters. clinton will be endorsed by the congressional black caucus. he will be in new york city at a breakfast with al sharpton. >> my concern is that january next year first time in american history a black family will be moving into the white house. >> we muss be prompt (indiscernible). the president makes it clear he will not be ignored. our voice must be heard. >> sanders and clinton will debate tonight in milwaukee, wisconsin. that brings us to who is talking executive director of black sphere dot net says reverend al sharpton has no input on the
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black vote. >> it is insulting this man would go to al sharpton as if he was the purveyor of black thought and the black vote. it is insulting. he might as we will have brought a representative from kentucky fried chicken and said let the bidding begin. it is panned derring to black people. talking to blacks individually and saying hey folks here's the thing i am interested in, he's going to go and interrupt a trip where he should be in south carolina and he's going to make a detour to talk to a man that is insignificant. >> hillary clinton's e-mail c scandal growing once again. a fox news exclusive revealing top aids including huma abedin and cheryl mills handled top secret information on her private server. new documents revealed the state department asked clinton to delete classified e-mails. letters obtained showed the department was concerned about her lawyers handling the information. a new batch of e-mails will be
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released on saturday. >> to ferguson missouri for resisting police reforms which were demanded during months of riots back in 2014. the department of justice filing a simple lawsuit hours after the city voted to amend an agreement then hiked the pay of officers and firefighters costing nearly $4 million the first year. the changes could bankrupt the city. authorities have been scrutinized since the shooting death of michael brown. >> that country just released these pictures showing a captured u.s. sailor crying. this comes after they showed the same people drifting into iranian waters. they said it is disgusted iran is exploiting u.s. sailors for propaganda purposes. we thanked iran for the
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treatment of our sailors. >> the press conference takes an unexpected turn when an air force general fades at the podium. -- faints at the podium. >> hold on a minute. can somebody please -- >> u.s. air force general passing out during a budget briefing. he was eventually taken to the hospital with the case of the flu. >> oh, goodness. >> dangerous cold coming to the east coast for the weekend. it is already cold out there. >> let's check in with maria molina with a look at the bitter cold. >> it looks like what is coming up is much worse than what we have across the northeast and parts of the midwest. we will be seeing temperatures below zero across the northeast. you fabbictor in the windchill will be even worse. we have some snow that we are dealing with. it is lake-effect snow coming
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out of lake ontario and lake erie. many of the areas could potentially be seeing more than half of a foot of snow today. total storm accumulations show it could be up to a foot. in lauder town and places in the new york state freeway could be dealing with heavy rainfall. some of the numbers are at zero and chicago and minneapolis at 5 degrees feels like 16 in new york city. high temperatures are forecast to stay well above average for the teens in minneapolis and the city of cleveland. take a look at what happens on sunday. it will be another cold one out there. the morning low temperatures, and you will see the drastic difference and how much colder it will get out there from parts of the midwest all along the east coast. raleigh north carolina 33
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degrees for the high temperature today. >> maria thank you so much. >> it is 11 minutes after the hour. frightening moment as someone waves a gun behind a reporter during a life broadcast. the search for that man is happening right now. >> hacked again thousands of tax returns. >> half of the state of new hampshire declared officially they want the host of celebrity apprentice to run america. they weren't joking. they were not joking. donald trump and bernie sanders won the primaries. it was a great night for loud men with crazy hair.
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>> it is quarter past the hour. the zika virus discovered in alabama. the college student tested positive. that brings the total number in the united states to 59. 20 states confirmed cases. the hardest hit florida with 14 cases there. the u.s. olympic city is hiring infectious scientists. u.s. soccer star and solo told support illustrated if the games were held today she wouldn't go. >> the manassas nated robert kennedy survived parole. he shot the president on the campaign trail back in 1968. he continues to claim he does not remember firing the fate shall shots. they say he still does not understand the enormity of his crime or show enough remorse. the court-martial is being delayed over the dispute over
2:16 am
classified information. last week the judge ordered prosecutors to share the information with detroit fence. prosecutors say some of it has not been declared for release. it will resolve the dispute but it is not clear how long it will take. the disgraced army sergeant is charged with desertion and misbehavior for the enemy. he faces life in prison if convicted. >> millions of drivers impacted in a brand new air bag recall. lauren simonetti is here with what you need to know. >> they are recalling 2 and a half million cars in the u.s. over the scandal louse tack kata air bags that can explode. in cars like jetta, audi, mercedes and daimler vans. an update that will show you tweets they think you will find less relevant. those tweets will be clear on the top of the line.
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they lost 2 million subscribers. disney light shows might get more spectacular. the theme park filing a patent for them to be used to beam light performances across the sky. burger king is going from burgers to dogs. adding two types of hot dogs to the menu later this month. one is a classic grilled dog and the other comes with chili cheese. back to you. >> to find the fox business network you can find >> more now on our top story. the cruise ship that was tossed around in 30-foot waves during this storm. you can see the people departing there. it is safely docked. dave is live for us in new jersey where passengers are reliving the horror. >> believe it or not. many of the passengers actually spent the night on the ship last
2:18 am
night because they don't have transportation home last night. as you see, the lights are on on royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. we are told that the people on the ship have access to a full restaurant and bar service at this time as they recount their whole ordeal. now many will have breakfast before heading home with their lives following the very tough and frightening weekend on the high seas. the ship was carrying 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members when it departed saturday on a 7 day cruise to the bahamas but sailed straight into a massive storm on sunday. very powerful winds and waves up to 30 feet high bouncing the vessels around. royal caribbean there were minor injuries to state rooms and public areas. they talked to passengers about their ordeal. >> horrible, horrible, horrible. it was extremely bad. i have been in bad situations in
2:19 am
my life. that was the worse. i don't scare easy. that scared me. >> it was horrible. the whole trip was horrible. we got nowhere. felt like we got lied to the whole time about what really happened. it was bad. >> frightening ordeal indeed. loyal caribbean guaranteed refunds and a 50 percent credit for future cruises. >> if you dare. >> puts a whole new perspective on things hearing from those passengers how terrified they were. >> like that one fellow said. true crime reporter this might be a nightmare. awkward moment the anchor has. startling moment for this criminal here. how bizarre is that? oo and carpool karaoke gone
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. a scary moem oent on live tv. a man flashing a gun behind a local nbc reporter in the bronx. the man turns his face to the camera and wave what is appears to be a silver pistol before turning and walking away. authorities now trying to track ma man down. >> the internet couldn't help but notice when the host of a bbc crime show looks exactly like the mug shot of a criminal
2:24 am
seen screen right. on the left the host of crime watchdog an update story of victor licados. the criminal has already been sentenced to 18 years behind bars. >> harry potter fans get ready. jk royaling has another treat for you. >> johnny depp is taking on a new role like never before. >> carly simpkins with sirius xm 115 here with what is trending. >> good morning. the famous wizard in the world is back. jk royaling is conjuring up a brand new harry potter book. it is set to come out july 31st. but this time the young wizard is all grown-up is struggling with children of his own. >> had to think about that for a
2:25 am
second. >> adelle just broke another record. the singer was featured on late night show host james corden's popular segment. her appearance is the most watched late night youtube ever with 67 million viewers. i think i accounted for about 100 of those. >> great voice. >> there's a new house of cards trailer that is out. >> the enter net is buzzing with all things politics these days. netflix is adding to the excitement. the first official trailer of "house of cards" was just released. fans will find it a house divided. >> you have no idea what it means to have nothing. >> you don't value what we have achieved. >> i have had to fight for everything my entire life. >> house of cards returns on march 4th. >> it will be interesting.
2:26 am
>> johnny depp, this is getting a whole lot of attention is playing donald trump in a new film. what's this about? >> we have never seen donald trump like this before. it is a spoof based on his best selling book "the art of the deal" starring none other than johnny depp. >> i am too busy to be sad, kid. let me tell you who i have talked to so far this week. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> i can build you a much nicer one. >> sue them. >> you have got to change your mind about the taj mahal. >> the spoof also stars director ron howard and comedian patton howl. >> he will spin that to suit him i am sure. >> thanks, carly. >> we can hear carly simpkus on sirius xm 115.
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>> good morning. it is thursday february the 11th. a vacation nightmare finally over as a cruz ship returns home. >> the cruz from hell. >> horrible, horrible, horrible. >> terrified. why the ntsb wants to open an investigation.
2:31 am
>> they will set their sights on south carolina. >> it is going to be such an unbelievable week and a half. >> the question for people in south carolina is whap kind of person do you want behind the big desk? >> this is the chance before us. we cannot let it pass us by. south carolina, i need your vote. >> all while bernie sanders celebrates his new hampshire victory with al sharpton. >> the anti cop super bowl show. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> it is now half past the hour. coming up new overnight 6,000 people trapped on a cruz ship as it was battered by 30-foot
2:32 am
waves. jackie ibanez is here with us. >> the anthem of the seas making its way into bay own new jersey last night as passengers cheered to finally be back home. >> some passengers didn't have transportation ready when they docked so they had to spend yet another night aboard that ship. people outraged immediately with the horrifying ordeal as soon as they hit dry land. >> the cruz from hell. >> the waves were hitting, it looked like a druk. sounded like the truck was hitting the window. didn't know how long it was going to hold up so we went outside the hallway. >> they ran into a vay lent storm off the coast of north
2:33 am
carolina. they locked down for almost 18 hours furniture tossed around decks and ceilings giving way across the ship. hit 30-foot waves and 120 mile per hour winds. damaging the delivered return for 27 days. the judgment is being called into question right nows a the storm was forecast days before he cruised into it. they are considering an investigation. four people were hurt in the storm. passengers even offering a refund and half off their next cruz if they want to take another cruz that is. >> jackie ibanez. deputies shot and killed in a targeted attack. police say david brian evans opened fire on veteran deputies hitting one in the head at a packed pan ner raw bread restaurant northeast of baltimore. he shot and killed a second
2:34 am
deputy who chased him. >> i think the suspect took that action because he was wearing a police uniform. we were called to the scene. >> evans was killed in a shootout with police. several law enforcement surrounding a maryland hospital saluting the deputies after they found out they had died. >> the dramatic standoff between militia may soon be over. the protestors expected to surrender in a few hours. federal agents moving in on the wildlife hold up where armed militia had been since january 2nd protesting federal land policies. new on the nevada ranch are drive ven bundy arrested by the fbi overnight. he's facing federal charges in relation to a standoff with authorities at his ranch back in 2014 over unpaid grazing fees. his sons ammon and ryan remain
2:35 am
behind bars after orchestrating the oregon standoff. >> back to politics. the race for the white house down south by two candidates. garrett tenney is live for us with the latest from washington. garrett, good morning. >> good morning. the race of the so-called establishment candidates are thinning. the bush family is helping him do that. they are expected to hit the campaign trail for the first time in the race in the paulelmo state. he is featured a several tv ads. >> we can make the tough decisions to keep america safe. he will be a steady hand. >> bush come up and give his brother an ad. great job, brother. great job. then you have other people like jeb who spent more money than
2:36 am
anybody else and he's down toward the bottom of the pack. he's a low energy person. i said he's a stiff and said if he was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. other than that i think he's excellent. >> after a big win in new hampshire donald trump comes into south carolina with a lot of momentum and a lot of support. take a look at this crowd of several thousand people who came out for a rally at clemson university last night. second place finisher in new hampshire john kasich doesn't have a large campaign organization in south carolina and brought out voters from the other party. >> i believe the vestiges i have along with my record balancing budgets cutting taxes washington getting us to balance surpluses, big job growth, the same in ohio, i believe that that message works. i not only think it works with
2:37 am
republicans but come the fall the blue collar democrats who can't believe their party is moving toward some socialist philosophy, i think i can get them in the fold as well. >> up next for the gop candidates is a debate for saturday one week before the votes are cast in south carolina. heather? >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you, garrett. >> ted cruz declaring it is all about him and donald trump now saying he is the only candidate that can stop the billionaire businessman. former white house advisor karl rove says now is the time for cruz to attack. >> cruz has to go after trump. he smartly said i am not going to go out and make a big deal about new hampshire. i am going to down-play my choices and you going to work like the dickens to get 23 percent of the electorate in new hampshire that are self identified white evangelicals. i will work to get them and maybely get a surprise. he came in third. he lost to white evangelicals
2:38 am
21-23. if that happens in south carolina and the states that vote march 1st that's where cruz is counting on having a big win and coming in first. >> both candidates wasting no time releasing new political ads attacking each other. ted cruz comparing trump to a doll accusing him of prepending to be a republican. >> trump saying he flip flops on immigration policies. >> both trying to appeal before the primary. clinton endorsed by the congressional black caucus. sanders celebrating his victory in new hampshire at a breakfast in new york city with al sharpton. he also took a shot at bill o'reilly last night on the late show with steven colbert. >> bill said, this is the reason
2:39 am
why people might want to focus. bill said if i won the presidency he would move to ireland. electing me president is a two-fer. you got bill going to ireland. >> let's keep bill here. we like him here. >> sanders and clinton will debate tonight. >> dangerous cold about to set in across the northeast. we are tracking the timing. >> we have cold arctic air in the northeast coming up for the weekend in time for valentine's day. it seems like we have cold air in place right now. but it is going to be getting a lot worse. with the cold air in place we are dealing with isolated snow showers across most of the region in the northeast. downwind of the great lakes that's where you are looking at some of the heavier snowfall. that's where we are seeing the snow accumulating as well.
2:40 am
one band that is persistent off of lake ontario. some of these areas could be picking up more than 6 inches of snow today and that's in addition to what you picked up yesterday. we could be looking at accumulations exceeding a foot. current windchill temperatures are bad single digits in minneapolis below zero in buffalo, new york and also chicago. here are the forecast morning low temperatures for saturday morning. they are going to be in the single digits in buffalo below zero in chicago and the cold air impacts the corridor as we head into sunday morning. let's head over to you. >> all right maria, thank you. cold out there. 45 minutes after the hour. stepping up the fight against isis on-line. tell you who is taking matters into their own hands going under cover on the internet. >> hashtag again. thousands of tax returns targeted in a brand new attack on the irs. is your information safe? >> it is very serious and everybody is talking like this.
2:41 am
>> we will go one-on-one with ryan reynolds. why his super hero movie is different than the others.
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up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right >> thousands of tax returns targeted in a brand new hack. >> cheryl casone in ofrom our sr network with what you need to know. >> the irs identified a cyber attack on its system. it is aimed at stealing tax refund data. it is popular with identity thieves that could generate e 5 pin numbers. the thieves could file a tax return and yes get a refund from the federal government. 64,000 socials were targeted of which 101,000 were used to access an e-file pin. the agency says the data is not enough to file a fake return. in a statement the irs said
2:45 am
personal data outside of the irs they used mal wear for e pens for stolen social security numbers. personal data stolen elsewhere. no personal data was by irs meetings. the irs is marking accounts to protect against tax related identity theft. ladies, back to you. >> thank you, cheryl. >> a team of west point cadets using their skills to fight isis on-line. it is sponsored by the state department. they worked under cover to steer them away from isis recruiters. they directed targets toward accounts and contacts of moderate muslims who could convince them otherwise. they took second place for their
2:46 am
efforts. >> the future is almost here for real this time. >> the first real hoor board is set to go on sale in april. a new mexico company created the hoover. it flies for about six minutes before it has to be recharged. it will cost 15,000 dollars. just 15 grand rapids. all of the hover boards are on sale now and they are on two wheels. >> and the cost of recover he reafter you are injured. >> the time now is 15 minutes before the hour. the super bowl dance is derailed and goes spiraling down the stairs. >> brian kilmeade is coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me tell you what is coming up over the next three hours. the nightmare is finally over.
2:47 am
we have will have a passenger from the cruise ship. the waves were higher than the actual cruise ship itself. the gop field is narrowing every day. chris christie out. carly fiorina out. what does it mean for those that are left. judge napolitano is here to talk about the e-mails from hillary clinton. it talks about some type of bribe to the media. ralph peters is here. iranians released photos of our sailors crying within captivity. he name dropped joey lagano. live in just a minute.
2:48 am
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and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. new become lash for beyonce. this time from angry fans.
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they were mad that her performance at citi field that could take this summer. when her dancers dressed like the black panthers with the message, social media then exploded with anger. one fan tweeting, sorry, no one in my family or friends will be coming to your ballpark as long as she performs. another says she's a cop hater and mets have been always been pro law enforcement. a dancing fan picks up a girl and then drops her down the stairs. daryn moscow known as the boo y boogeyman picked her up and then dropped her. he said he was sorry. >> heather. >> i'm not trying that again.
2:52 am
it's a superhero movie like you have never seen before. >> you're going to do a super landing -- wait for it. whoo! superhero landing. it's really hard on your knees. practice, that will do it. >> known for the x-men franchise. "dead pool" is steps into the spotlight. >> superhero movies, debtpool hit theaters just in time for valentine's day. i got a chance to sit down with stars ryan and t.j. miller. >> that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a kabob. >> this is a passion of yours, 11 years. >> 11 years. >> to bring it to the screen? >> what was it about this that
2:53 am
you kept sticking with it? >> dead sppd pool occupies a space that he's hyper funny. everybody is talking like this. but dead pool doesn't care about that stuff. >> i don't time for your x-men bull colussus, besides, nobody is getting hurt. >> this is one of those movies everybody will be talking about for a long time. >> can i watch it again, i missed so many jokes laughing. >> a sense of humor. >> we'll see about that. >> oh, come on, you're going to leave me alone here with less angry rosie o'donnell. ♪ >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> okay.
2:54 am
>> wow. ♪ >> you can catch "deadpool" in theaters tomorrow. check me out at fox light michael. >> i heard great things about that movie. >> i'm tired of the superhero genre, but i love this movie. very different. >> thank you, michael. the time is 6 minutes to the top of the hour. passengers outraged after vacation at sea turns into a nightmare. the ntsb now looking to investigate. oh, together again. michael, get this 70 years in the making. a world war ii veteran finally reunited with his wartime girlfriend. need ♪
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2:58 am help sense danger before7 was engiyou do. . because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. outraged cruise ship passengers calling for the ntsb to investigate after their ship was caught in 30-foot waves during a nightmarish visit to the bahamas. >> the dramatic standoff between the militia and fbi may soon be over. the final four protesters expected to surrender in just a few hours. and the gop presidential field shrinking.
2:59 am
chris christie and carly fiorina are out. who do you think has the best shot in south carolina? weigh in now on our facebook page. ♪ and now time for "the good, the bad and the ugly." first, the good, a world war ii veteran reunites with his wartime girlfriend 70 years later. >> a wonderful feeling to see this woman that i haven't seen for 70 years. she had a smile that would melt you. of course, i was melted. >> the vet flew from virginia to australia to meet her. both are single after previous marriages and they plan to spend valentine's day together. and a rampage throughout an indian city with an elephant. people running for their lives
3:00 am
as the elephant damages more than 100 homes, shops and cars. and finally an elderly couple nearly gets swept out to sea. they were sightseeing when waves grabbed them. they were rescued and are okay. lucky for them. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, everyone, it's thursday, february 11th, i'm sandra smith and this is a fox news alert. we just made a deal with them, now iran is mocking us again. this morning, they're re-creating a scene of sailors captured at sea. are these really people we should be making deals with? >> no, but we did. meanwhile, the republican presidential field is shrinking by the day. chris christie and carly fiorina calling it quits. as the focus shifts to south carolina who has the edge?


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