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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 11, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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as the elephant damages more than 100 homes, shops and cars. and finally an elderly couple nearly gets swept out to sea. they were sightseeing when waves grabbed them. they were rescued and are okay. lucky for them. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, everyone, it's thursday, february 11th, i'm sandra smith and this is a fox news alert. we just made a deal with them, now iran is mocking us again. this morning, they're re-creating a scene of sailors captured at sea. are these really people we should be making deals with? >> no, but we did. meanwhile, the republican presidential field is shrinking by the day. chris christie and carly fiorina calling it quits. as the focus shifts to south carolina who has the edge?
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and who's your daddy takes on a whole new meaning. >> who's this? daddy. >> mamda da. >> a baby cannot tell the difference between his dad and his dad's twin. good morning. ♪ that's great. i love that, i can't wait. >> we love kids. >> welcome back to you. >> thank you very much. >> i love being in a diner for two days. i've never eaten so good. s it night at 11:00, i was going to bed thinking, you know what, i didn't have is supper, i didn't have lunch and i'm still full. >> that's what happens when you jam 25 pancakes down. >> it was fantastic. what's your order? sue -- bring coffee out here! >> that's a different state. >> that's awesome.
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>> thank you very much but they're all watching. a lot of fans in new hampshire. and we thank everybody up there who -- certainly, very hospitable, and the airport diner is great. >> guys, that's home fries and steak. fasten your seat belts we have 48 our states to cover. meanwhile, there's breaking news. heather, you're handling. >> steve will put on 50 pounds by the time he finishes the states. the dramatic standoff between the militia and the knabb may soon be over. the final four protesters expected to surrender just a few hours from now. federal agents moving in, where armed militia members have been since january 2nd protesting land policies. a phone call inside that rescue was streamed live for more than four hours. list ton a clip. >> we're not leaving, we're not leaving. we're leaving tomorrow.
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>> there's nowhere for you to go. >> in the meantime, the nevada rancher, cliven bundy, arrested by the fbi overnight. he faces charges in relation to a standoff with authorities at his ranch back in 2014 over unpaid grazing fees. you remember that story. well his sons, amon and ryan remain behind bars this morning for helping to orchestrate that standoff in oregon. we'll keep you posted. another fox news alert. a police officer shot during an overnight standoff in north dakota is not expected to survive. officer jason moser was responding to a domestic violence call in fargo. police say that he man shot at his wife inside their home and then shot at police hitting officer moser. he's in the hospital with his family now by his side. >> we're losing our brother, one of our fellow officers. i'm sorry.
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>> heart braiseaking. some others a six-year veteran of that department. the situation is ongoing. another tragic story to bring you right now, two deputies shot and killed in what is being called a targeted attack. police say the 67-year-old david brian evans opened fire at veteran deputies at a panera brady restaurant. evans was next door to a senior center which is next door which he killed another officer. listen. >> the suspect took that action because he's wearing a police uniform. we were talking to panera bread for that subject. certainly targeted them. >> evans has targeted those law enforcement officers before. he was eventually killed in a shoot-out with police. and a rams shame game reaching a whole new level. they are now mocking our captured soldiers at a parade.
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these pictures show people gathered for revolution in tehran -- those are the pictures. >> green left. unbelievable. they're showing those in tehran, mimicking the sailors right after they were detained for accidentally crossing into iranian waters. this comes after iranian state-run media released these pictures showing a sailor crying. we have to remember that our administration thanked the iranians for such kind treatment of our sailors. and we see that. >> yeah. and then right after we thanked them, these pictures popped up. and secretary of state john kerry did our show. >> uh-huh. >> he was a little surprised and shocked and dismayed. >> it's also shocking to know,
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even up-tem you should not. these are iranians dressed up to look like the americans. they're mocking them buy kneeling and having their hands over their head. >> clearly, they're seeing this as a celebration. disgusting images coming out of there. >> we took down the great satan. >> they got the people who took our ships. it's not been confirmed, nor have we heard from any of them who are actually in tehran's waters. we find out we cut a deal with these guys. at the same time, we're wondering did we do a good thing. >> and then we find out the guys who questioned them and detained them and stripped the ship were actually given medals of honor. why are we surprised they have a parade? and what about the rising powers about iran, what is the message
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for the enemies in the area that worry about themselves. i think america is backing out of here. i think it's going to be play time in the middle east. >> and i know, you just getting out of new hampshire, you know this has been a major conversation and a major talking point from the candidates on the campaign trail. likely to continue. >> absolutely. it was on the campaign trail. we knew it was going to happen, after we spend years in some cases and millions of dollars trying to appeal to the people of iowa and new hampshire. once the results are in, you're going to have some winners and some losers. yesterday it was announced that christie screen left, and carly fiorina screen right are dropping out. essentially from the daily news cycle, so much stuff in the news it's hard for candidates to get traction. >> and carly fiorina as she pulls out of the race, has a message to women clearly targeted at madeleine albright's
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comments standing next to hillary clinton at a rally. carly fiorina saying, quote, do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote for a certain way for a certain candidate because you are a woman. this is not feminism. feminism doesn't shut down conversations or threaten women. a feminist is a woman who lives the life that she chooses. >> you watch them on the stage, you've seen the interviews, no one ever says they were not competent. and it makes them more questioned. you have people rallying behind you, they believe in you. you perform, governor christie in particular said i'm not ashame evidence anything i did. nor am i upset about any performance that i had. but in the big picture with $1 million i cannot get the energy to get down south. the question for governor
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christie could be did he kill himself going after rubio? did he hurt himself more along the way? the polls show, it didn't help him. >> while you were talking they put up a graphic that showed who we started with on the republican side. as you can see, we're down to the top tier for the most part. and if you put it up for just one second, the interesting thing about that graphic, who is still left as well -- who is in? look at that, jim gilmore is still in it to win it down at the bottom. >> which is incredible. he's put actually no effort in. his resume is fantastic. he's invisible. he's not going to be on the debate stage saturday night. speaking of that debate stage, it's going to be intense, you know why? each of these candidates have to go after the front-runner donald trump. where it was hands off last week in new hampshire, we can't beat him. now it's jeb bush, governor
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kasich and ted cruz, we've got to beat him. >> it will be interesting to see how they target their attacks because ted cruz is the one who recently has said i'm the only one who has beaten donald trump which say fact. >> keep in mind, the great state, the palmetto state of south carolina say lot different than iowa and new hampshire as well. they've got different blocs of evangelicals, military veteran, retirees, professionals and working class voters. and there's a problem for ted cruz who is a super conservative. and karl rove talked about it a little bit last night with bill o'reilly. listen to this. this is something i did not realize after new hampshire. >> cruz has to go after trump. there's a little known number in the results out of new hampshire that ought to give great concern to ted cruz. he very smartly said i'm not going to go out and make a big deal about new hampshire. i'm going to downplay my choices. and i'm going to work like the
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dickens to get the roughly 23% of the electorate in south carolina that are white evangelicals, i'm going to work to get them and maybe i'll get a surprise. well, he came in third but he lost the white evangelicals to donald trump. 27 to 23. if that happens in south carolina and the so-called primary states that vote on march 1st that's where cruz is counting on a big win and being in first. if he's losing white evangelicals in south carolina he's going to be losing them in the s.e.c. state. he is toast. >> on a clear average, jeb bush has got to seek a weapon and it's george w. it's going to be a great ten days. meantime, a fox news alert, a gigantic cruise ship battered by a major storm in the atlantic finally back here on dry land. >> america has been watching this, days of video surfaced of
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this cruise to the bahamas. getting slammed with strong winds. waves as high as 30 feet. critics saying it should never have set sail in the first place in that kind of weather. >> more than 6,000 people on that ship. one of them is jacob. he joins us in the studio. thank you for joining you us. what has been the last ten days been like? >> i don't go back further than the anthem of the seas. you remember the crane that fell? >> sure. >> my mom works on that block. that struck there. we had no idea where she was for the longest time. we finally got to the ship, we thought, okay, it's time for vacation. obviously the whole thing happened with disaster. you can see by the video. >> unbelievable, 30, 40-who have foot waves that you encountered. i was actually on a cruise ship during a hurricane once. and we were all positive that we were going to die. >> for you?
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>> yeah, basically. 10, 11, hours we thought this is it. >> what does it feel like, were you like falling against the walls? >> were you sitting in chairs, laying on your bed? what were you doing? the longes probably holding on to the bed frame. the metallic bed frame. at another point, i'm holding ton the balcony door handle so i don't just fly to the other side. it was intense. >> how do you think the crews handled it? and do you blame somebody for weather? >> i can't -- you see, i want to blame someone. but i can't. the only -- the only force we can really blame is mother nature. we thought that they contained it. >> well, there's criticism that the captain should never have sailed into this to begin with. will you sail again? >> i will absolutely sail again. i love cruising pipe don't think this fear should let me or anyone not go on a cruise.
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flashing back to 2009 radical terrorists trying to take down a flight for detroit. with underwear, if it didn't fail to detonate, over 200 people would have been dead. then the president targeted the intelligence agency. >> bottom line this, potential information to uncover this plot and disrupt a christmas day attack. but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots which would have placed the suspect on the no fly list. in other words, this was not a failure to collect intelligence. it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> really. our next guest, that only happened box the obama administration ordered him and his colleague to delete or modify hundreds of records with radical muslims. bill hainley joins us now.
3:19 am
bill, you're saying this san bernardino, all of this had to deal with the deletion of files. why should we believe you? >> well, because it's a documented event. it happened during the course of my career, hundreds of records were either modified or deleted under direct orders from my supervisors all the way up to headquarters. >> how did your supervisors do that with clear conscience? >> because that remains to be answered. that's one of the residence i'm speaking this morning. these questions have not been adequately answered yet. the bottom line is, why were the records deleted. to this day, they have not given an adequate response. >> what does is it like to feel as though you're thrown under the bus because it's something your administration told you to do? >> well, we took a vow to protect our country threatened by foreign and domestic threats. those who do it take it very seriously. now that i'm retired i'm not
3:20 am
active duty but my vow is still active duty. i can speak to my colleagues, they're willing and able to do the job if they're allowed to do it. >> dhs ace the office of civil rights and civil liberties is an important part of dhs's internal oversight, crcl was established by congress principles. any implication that crcl does not share the important overall mission. >> i'm more focused on addressing it and going forward to approve our approach to counterterrorism. the crcl approach is linked very closely to what is called counter violent extremism. those two things are connected. >> bill, we'll keep in touch with you. you're speaking out. we're all at risk. thanks so much, bill haney.
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how do you talk to your parents about their health? it's not easy. dr. siegel is here to help us. and here's with a personal story that will help warm your heart.
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we've got some quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. even female puppets need to wear veils in saudi arabia. this bakery mascot was detained by religious police for showing too much skin. in saudi arabia, women are required to cover their hair, and in some parts their entire face. interesting. and a british man who left the united kingdom and joined
3:25 am
isis sentenced to seven years in prison after returning home because he was cold and bored. mohammed udin left for syria in 2013. came back a month later. he complained about cold weather, bland food and he was bored. so he left. the leading caution of death for both men and women, killing more than 600,000 americans every single year. and the risk for heart disease only grows with age. >> so, how do you talk to your parents about their heart health on heart health month about the warning signs of this potentially deadly disease. dr. marc siegel is a member of our team. his dad had heart disease. you're a doctor and your dad wasn't telling you. >> because he's a big denier, my father. he would be sitting there having symptoms and not telling anybody. the first point is you need a go-to person who you're comfortable with. the big tough man is not going
3:26 am
to turn around and tell his wife, hey, i don't feel well. he did tell me after a night of chest pain. i got him out of my car, drove him to the hospital, he got a cardiac stent and he was saved. that's the key, who are you telling? men and women are different, by the way, sandra. you were saying your mother is the tough person in the family. >> not my dad. sorry, dad. i do feel like, women, they don't want to bother their children when they're not feeling well. >> women, have more of atypical symptoms. >> what are they? >> it may be chest pain, shortness of breath. you may be sweating. you might have that with women. women might feel fatigue or nausea. it's a little more likely to be atypical. you're not feeling well. i'd like to overreact to hard disease, brian. even if i don't think it's your heart, i want to get you into the hospital to make sure. >> you could rationalize any of
3:27 am
those things away. not just that i ate at mo's last night or chipotle. >> absolutely. i want to be wrong. nine out of ten times. one time i'm right, i could save a life. you think it's chipotle, i think it is not. >> right. >> is there anything you can tell us today to prevent this from happening down the road? >> number one, this is american heart week. number one, know your risk factors. if you're a diabetic, if you're overweight, if you smoke. april family of heart disease like i do. your cholesterol and blood pressure, you should be carrying that around. if you're treated for high cholesterol, diabetes, you're a smoker, overweight, the older you get the more likely it is to happen. you should see a doctor regularly. maybe your doctor, sandra, is your go-to person. maybe that's the person you call in the middle of night. i get plenty of calls from
3:28 am
patients saying i don't feel quite right. >> can i talk to sandra for a second? >> sure. >> if you roll through that you don't even wait -- >> all right. it's better to overreact, to having any of those symptoms, tell someone? >> right. >> because everyone's worried about the inconvenience of a hospital visit. you know what's more inconvenient? having damage to your heart. we have a certain period of time where we can save you. tiny blood vessels, i can send somebody to a catherization lab, put in a stent. it's miracle medicine these days. >> all right. >> to stent ourselves at home with a stent kit. a shock scene during a pentagon press conference. >> we actually go back to -- hold on a minute. sir. can somebody help me. >> somebody call a doctor.
3:29 am
the emergency unfolding right in front of the media. we'll have that. >> yeah, we'll tell you what happened to that officer. and bernie sanders' secret weapon to take down hillary clinton. is it al sharpton? is that a good strategy? was his lunch any good? ♪ ♪ saturday night don't believe just watch ♪ incredible bladder protection from always discreet
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in his speech, bernie said he couldn't have done it without the support of millions of americans. it's nothing. >> i will tell you one thing about new hampshire, i probably talked to a couple hundred people up there, who voted for everybody. but when it came to the people who were going to vote democrat, i only found one person who was going to vote for hillary.
3:33 am
everybody else was going to vote for bernie sanders. and they love him. >> she canvassed the state. and husband there in the late '90s. >> the whole trustworthy thing. they just don't trust her. the only time she won people over 65 who made over $200,000. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what's going on. >> steve, welcome back home. >> thank you very much, heather. good morning to you. we're talking about politics right now, bernie sanders celebrating his big win in new hampshire having breakfast in new york city with al sharpton. sanders is trying to appeal to minority of voters getting ahead of the south carolina primary. fox news contributor and editor kevin jackson said this isn't the way to do it. listen. >> it's insulting. and as i was about to say, he might as well brought a
3:34 am
representative from kentucky fried chicken and say let's let the bidding begin. it's a pander to black people. he's going to interrupt a trip where he should be in south carolina and make a detour to a man who is insignificant. >> sanders and clinton set to debate in milwaukee, wisconsin. and the city of ferguson suing a city for resisting police reform the civil suit was filed just hours after the city voted to amend an agreement that hiked the pay of cops and firefighters, costing nearly $4 million per year. leaders were confirmed that the charges would bankrupt the city. the ferguson authorities have scrutinized since the 2014 shooting death of michael brown. and two female idaho lawmakers say that laws aren't just for men. so they want them written that way. they now want gender-neutral
3:35 am
language in all laws. oh, boy. don't they have more do up there than that. he want to ditch the words "he" and "she" from all laws on the book. >> in the political offices, with the language, because if i can't see myself in the language, i can't see myself in the office. >> oh, my goodness. well other lawmakers argue that that bill is unnecessary political correctness. what do you think about that? real drama to tell you about at a pentagon news conference yesterday when an air force general faints at the podium. >> we actually go back to -- hold on a minute. sir. can somebody help me? >> oh, that's u.s. air force general james martin. it turns out that he had the flu. and he is okay. some joking that it was the $120 billion budget that made him
3:36 am
dizzy. probably hot and the lady working behind him must have held terrible. >> thank goodness she was there. i fainted one time in my life. it was during a mass on a really hot sunday. boom. did you my sister catch me? no, boom! >> you're not going to have that problem the next couple days. cold. >> very cold. >> yeah, that's right. things are getting a lot colder out there across the northeast and even parts of the midwest but i want to start with the radar. because it's busy in some areas specifically in the pacific northwest where a new system moving in bringing heavy rain and heavy amounts of snow. across the northeast, lake-effect snow, warnings against western new york. and there could be several more additional inches in those regions. otherwise, your temperatures, you mentioned they're going to be getting a lot colder. there's a look at your current windchill temperatures. you can see below zero in chicago. by tomorrow morning, the
3:37 am
temperatures are going to be frigid across the great lakes. and by sunday morning, in new york, it could be just 2 degrees. >> wow. >> maria, thank you very much. >> did you hear that, 2 degrees? >> it's cold winter. you had an option to go south. >> it's cold february, we're going to do it, march is just around the corner. it's a superhero movie like you've never seen before. >> you're going to do a superhero landing -- you paid for it! whoo! superhero landing. you know, that's really hard on your knees. >> practice. they all do it. >> "deadpool" from the x-men franchise is taking a lead role. let's talk to michael tammero who just sat down with the stars. >> "deadpool" hits theaters just
3:38 am
in time for valentine's day. i got to sit down with stars ryan reynolds and t.j. miller. check it out. ♪ >> reporter: you're probably thinking this is a superhero movie, but that guy in the suit just turned that guy in to a kabob. >> this is a passion project of yours, 11 years? >> 11 years. >> to bring it to the screen? >> yeah. >> what was about this movie that you kept sticking with it? >> for starters, "deadpool" occupies a space in the superhero area that quite frankly no other will ever occupy. he's hyper funny. he's a guy that will break the fourth wall. >> wait. >> in particularly in this age we live in a world of superhere rose are very serious. everybody is talking like this and it's end of the world. "deadpool" doesn't care for that. >> i don't care for any of your
3:39 am
colossus, besides nobody is getting hurt. >> this is one of those movies that people will be quoting for a long time, great lines. >> can i watch it again because i missed so many jokes laughing. >> one thing i never brought is a sense of humor. >> i will see about that. >> oh, come on, you're going to leave me alone here with less angry rosie o'donnell. >> is this one of those movie characters you that can see yourself playing over and over again? >> he's been playing this progressive. >> yeah. >> people would say if you could be any superhero character, what would it be, deadpool. >> no one is more "deadpool" than him. it's totally different. it's dark. it's the anti-hero. >> god, you are hard to look at. you look like a topographical
3:40 am
map of utah. >> exactly. >> thank you, that will be 6.50. >> people want to know, ryan reynolds, good guy? >> very nice guy. one of those actors who doesn't get caught up in the whole hollywood scene. >> doesn't live in hollywood? >> no, lives in west whechestew. "deadpool" is in theaters this weekend. the whole superhero genre, this movie you will enjoy. >> it's a superhero genre -- >> thanks, michael. coming up on thursday, who's your daddy takes on a whole new meaning? >> who's daddy?
3:41 am
>> da da. >> da da. >> baby cannot tell the difference between his dad and his dad's twin brother. >> love it. >> they all join us live. straight ahead. two men and a baby. and hillary clinton already in hot water over her e-mails. this morning a new scandal, there's evidence for a blackmail to right things about her. and michael is here. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis
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medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. welcome back. consumer headlines now. 224 people hit in the head by falling ceiling lamps. that's right. and that's why ikea is recalling the lamp you're looking at here. it's called the lock and hide
3:45 am
lamp. and burger king is going to the dogs. hot dogs. they're regarding hot dogs to the menu this month. one is a classic grill dog. the other comes with chili cheese. and turn your bad breakup into something good. several goodwill branches around the country want you to donate your exs's stuff for valentine's day. that's turning things positive. i heard them laughing. >> this is a funny story. this is another story. hillary clinton has claimed that the media are biased against her but there's now proof that she has more control over the press than she's letting on. here with more is fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. good morning, judge. >> i'm shaking my head. i imagine fbi agents going through her e-mails and they're finding rabbit holes.
3:46 am
and they're finding things that are fascinating. they dig deeper, deeper, deeper, finding an entirely new scandal involving her. totally different from top secret e-mails on her server. >> the fellow who writes for the lefty blog the atlantic, mark ambinder, contacted hillary's spokesperson, philippe reines. and he wanted a advanced copy of some of our speeches. said, do you have a copy of hillary rodham clinton's speech to share. and the response was on two conditions. actually, you in your own voice describe them as muscular. you note that a look at the cfr seating plan -- this is the place she was going to speak -- plan shows all the envoys from holbrook to mitchell to ross will be arrayed in front of her which in your own cleaver way you should say certainly not a
3:47 am
coincidence and meant to convey something. and finally, you don't say you were blackmailed. he went on to write a gushing report. >> right. >> now that he's been caught, he said he feels bad, he shouldn't have done it. but nonetheless, is that blackmail? >> well, it's some form of bribery. this is not the type of bribery that is prosecutable. this has been going on for years. everybody in public office has their favorite members of the press. usually, they don't reduce to writing the agreement. one way to look at this, her state department is conferring special favors on someone in turn for something of value. that is arguably a form of corruption. >> but did she have any expos e exposure, given the fact that she didn't per se -- >> the guy who worked for her. it's an example of does the person in charge know what the
3:48 am
underlings are doing. did she create an atmosphere which is normal and expect that her people would leak information, statements she's going to make. official government staptements now, this is not political endorsement. this is exercise of official power as secretary of state. they would leak it in return for that member of the press disingenuously saying what they want to hear. are they going to pursue this, i doubt it but this is again, another example of the corrupt mentality that ran the state department in that era. >> plus, a cozy relationship between the clinton camp and the press. >> and the stupidity -- >> you don't put it in writing. >> to reduce it in writing. >> that's the advice from judge napolitano, if you're going to do something stupid, washington, don't write it down. >> you don't write a contract about conspiracy, except for
3:49 am
this. >> thanks for going to law school. the best 15 years of miss life. coming up, the video is incredible. the man clinging to life on the bow of a sunken ship. almost. about five feet sticking out. they were able to grab him. the unbelievable video behind that. talk about seeing double -- >> who's this? >> da da. da da. >> that little boy can't tell the difference between his dad and his dad's twin brother. the family behind the viral video joins us next -- live. good morning. good morning. ♪ ooh right now, all pcs and printers are on sale! like this hp laptop for just $199.99! office depot officemax. gear up for great®.
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talk about seeing double. watch how confused this precious little 15-month-old gets when his dad's twin brother goes to hold him. >> you want dada? who's that? who's that? >> dada. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i am. >> who's that? >> dada. [ laughter ] >> all right. well that video has gone viral with more than 16 million views. baby reed and his parents stephen and carol ratpojanakul join us alongside twin brother michael and wife careen. mom and dad to my left here. good morning to you. he's so good. i asked is he always this good
3:54 am
and you said yes. at what point did you know this video had gone viral? >> so i posted it to my facebook profile last week on friday and it took off in asia. then it came back to the u.s. it hit like a million views on monday. >> all right. so uncle and aunt were watching him for five hours that day. you came home. what was different that time? >> i think it was because i had been -- we had been singing songs and then reading and playing with him for five hours so he started to think of me in like a dad role. and then stephen also was wearing glasses that day which he normally doesn't. >> where's dada? >> so he got a little confused. >> where's dada? i feel bad -- >> we didn't know if that would work. >> can you point to dada? >> he never gets confused for the most part. but that day, that day he did.
3:55 am
>> well, there's one clear difference sitting here today. you're wearing glasses. is that always the case? >> pretty much. i jerry sandushad just gotten n and i was wearing them that day. it threw him off. >> to the wives on the couch, you never get confused, right? such a fun story you put this on facebook. you thought it would be a fun video for your friends. 16 million views later. >> yeah, it's pretty incredible. we get the funny comments about people. everything from -- obviously saying this is really nice, to people asking where michael got his wine rack on the wall. >> i did notice that. it was fully stocked. yeah. so moms, what do you think -- what do you think about this? >> it's funny because i have a twin sister. >> oh, my gosh. >> so people always ask, you know, does he confuse you with your twin sister, but we've tried the test and he knows who
3:56 am
i am. >> you have an identical twin? and married an identical twin? >> yeah. >> how are you handling this? >> it's a fun ride. >> great family moment. thank you for sharing it with us. >> thank you for having us. coming up, the v.a. accused of not helping our veterans. so here's one way to fix that. >> all the illegal aliens have to go to veterans administration and let the veterans go into any hospital or doctor -- >> well, pete hegseth is here with a real plan to help veterans. that will be at the top of the hour. there he is. sitting next to pete in the greenroom, who's that? the guy responsible for 438 marriages a day. now the founder of eharmony wants to hook you up with a job.
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good morning, everybody. it's thursday, february 11, 2016. i'm sandra smith. this is a fox news alert. it keeps getting worse. first, iran releases the pictures of the sailors crying and this morning look at this. iran recreating the scene of the moment they captured our sailors at sea in a parade. look at this. this incredible picture is amazing. a man clinging to life on the bow of a sunken ship. the unbelievable story behind this. those who lost their lives along with him. and viewers may need to take a double take. an anchor strongly resembles the criminal he's reporting upon. >> whoa. >> look at that. that's an awkward moment. >> it is indeed. live from new york city, this is "fox & friends" for a thursday.
4:01 am
>> thankfully they did catch that criminal by the way. so the anchor's off the hook. >> never see them together. >> if lincoln chafee goes on a crime spree you're in trouble. let's hope you don't have to cover that story. >> exactly. all right. >> heather -- by the way i should point out my wife made chili yesterday and it was heather's recipe. >> i made your queso dip, so we're trading recipes. good morning to you. i'll get you next time, brian. we start off with the fox news alert. there was a dramatic standoff between militia members and the fbi and we are told that will be soon be over. the final four protesters are expected to surrender hours from now. federal agents moving in on the
4:02 am
wildlife refuge were armed militia have been protesting federal land policies. a phone call streamed live for ore than four hours -- more than four hours overnight where they were heard negotiating with the fbi. listen. >> we're innocent people camping in a public facility and you're going to murder us. if only way we're leaving here is either dead or without charges. so you're wasting your time and you're wasting taxpayer dollars. >> wow. the only way we are leaving here is either dead -- wow, or without charges in the meantime, the rancher cliven bundy arrested while on his way to the holdout. he faces charges tied to the standoff with authorities at his ranch in 2014 over unpaid grazing fees. two deputies shot and killed in what is being called a targeted attack. this is a horrible story happening in maryland. police say that 67-year-old david bryan evans opened fire on
4:03 am
veteran deputies at a packed panera bread restaurant near baltimore. evans ran to the senior center nearby where he killed a second deputy. >> i think the suspect took that action because he's wearing a police uniform. but we were called to the panera bread for that subject. he certainly targeted them. >> evans is accused of targeting law enforcement officers before and he was later killed in a shoot-out with police. kim jong un continuing to execute top members of his military staff. this has happened before. the north korean dictator killed his top military commander for alleged misuse of authority and corruption. it's the latest brutal move by un after executing one last year using an anti-aircraft gun. look at this, the images are simply incredible. a syrian refugee clinging to life on the bow of a ship that is sinking. look at that. just the tip coming out of the
4:04 am
water right there. the man set out with dozens of others hoping to reach greece when their boat sank. we have heard that story so many times before. the dramatic video shows him barely holding on with his fingertips when rescue crews were able to arrive. they coached him through the rocky waves and this rescue is happening east of turkey they brought him to safety by helicopter. officials say he was in shock and on the verge of hypothermia, but will be okay. he's so lucky to be alive. we have heard that story so many times before that doesn't turn out that which. >> looks like a movie. unbelievable. >> by the way, if you have kids at home, have them stick around, because later on this hour, we have elmo and cookie monster. >> cookie monster will be here. >> in the meantime, the race is heating up down south in south carolina. >> but the gop field just shrunk by two.
4:05 am
>> garrett tenney has the latest from south carolina. >> reporter: good morning. chris christie and carly fiorina have decided to suspend their campaign. and donald trump drew a huge crowd last night at clemson university and seemed to have one target, his old pal, jeb bush, who finished fourth place in new hampshire. >> the last thing we need is another bush. that i can tell you. he's gotten so much money, they put them in these pacs which they're crooked as hell, they're horrible. they're horrible. the pacs aren't supposed to be running the campaigns but they are running the campaigns. his brother is giving him a great ad, great job, brother. >> reporter: with chris christie out of the race the ranks of the established candidates are thinning and jeb bush is hoping to capitalize only that in the palmetto state by making it a family affair.
4:06 am
bringing his mom and for the first time on the campaign trail his brother, former president george w. bush. yesterday, jeb didn't waste any time going right back at trump for his latest attack on that strategy. >> he attacked my mother for campaigning for me. i mean, we're reaching a point in our country you can't have your mom show up to campaign for you? of course they're going to campaign for me. they love me, i love them. i'm proud of being a bush. i'm rounding with my record. and running with detailed plans to fix people's lives. if donald trump wants to go after my brother, man, i don't think that's helpful. >> reporter: and ted cruz who came in third place in new hampshire is bringing out his family with this new ad airing in south carolina that attacks donald trump and features cruz's daughters. south carolina's primary is known for being a slugfest among candidates. up next for the gop is a debate this saturday. just one week before the votes are cast in south carolina.
4:07 am
steve, brian and sandra? >> wow, a big debate as well over the weekend. thanks so much, garrett. six minutes after the hour. >> we have a fox news alert for you. outrage this morning after the country of iran released video of a u.s. sailor in tears while he was being detained last month. >> this is what happens when you have a commander in chief who's utterly spineless. in the middle of the nuclear negotiations the ayatollah khamenei attended a rally where they burned american flags, burned israeli flags and chanted death to america. and obama and kerry did nothing. you know, not too many days ago an iranian drone buzzed the uss harry truman. we should have shot down that drone. this weakness is unacceptable. it invites more aggressiveness, more threats from iran and the enemies likes disgusting that j kerry would thank the iranian government, would appease them and basically allow for the public humiliation, tweeted out
4:08 am
by the supreme leader by the way. this is not something you can say done by low level people. this is how they roll. we unilaterally concede one thing after the other to the iranians. >> and dominating the region. >> and this morning it only gets worse, the new pictures showing the sailors being mocked. this is the iranian revolution day parade earlier today in tehran. >> that's right. those are iranians dressed like americans. >> yes. this is a parade. they're being paraded out like -- >> that's tweeted out. >> yeah. here to react, fox news contributor and veteran pete hegseth. lots to start with. >> jeb had it right, this is a manifestation of weakness and appea appeasement. we engaged with them through the nuclear deal, they saw it not as engagement, but appeasement.
4:09 am
>> the deal went through even though they did this. the deal went through. >> all the other things from ballistic missiles to drones, buzzing our ships. all the things are signals. not just to us, but to the rest of the world. that while they sat at the table with us and got a deal that was advantageous for them they are now able to project their power and their strength to their sunni rivals in the region. this parade on the revolutionary day for regime is still harmful to america. >> iran is moving the nuclear facilities out of the u.n. inspectors sites into other sites. that's written up in "the new york post" by benny abney. there will be hearings on capitol hill today about this. >> why would we expect anything less? look at north korea. bill clinton held up the north korean deal in the '90s that we were going to prevent a nuclear bomb and iraq is doing the exact same thing. they're lying to our face and mocking us openly. >> they're sharing technology.
4:10 am
>> of course they are. this is what folks who don't believe in freedom and oppose america do together. >> you can see the sailor captured on camera, he's crying. they didn't release this until a month or two after the fact. at first i felt bad for him, but then i was thinking i feel bad for him knowing that a lot of guys over there feel like the commander in chief doesn't have their back. >> yeah. that's right. you can understand the mixture of emotions that's not how he would want it to manifest itself. but here he is, captured, doesn't know what's going on. got cameras in his face. wonders if i'm here for one day or 444 days. that's what's going through his head psychologically. but this regime, think about it, they waited two months to release this portion of it. they have slowly trickled out the video in piece by piece to continue the humiliation of america. that's their point here. >> the thing i would be wary about, they know if a republican gets in office, the fun is over. no matter who gets in. i'm worried about what's going
4:11 am
to happen until president obama leaves office, because they know that this is their window of opportunity. >> a lot can still happen. >> there has to be a countdown clock over there. whatever we want to do to reshuffle the board to get away with, to reorder things let's do it before there's a commander in chief, as ted cruz with a spine, who will shoot down that drone and live up to the terms -- scrap the deal. even in iraq, it's amazing to see how they iran is using their influence nefariously to advance their goals. >> and you have been an advocate with the problems at v.a. at a town hall meeting, a voter spoke out with a resolution to the v.a. problem. we want to get your take on this. >> -- settle the veteran administrations problem. let all the illegal aliens have to go to the veterans administration and let the illegals go into any hospital or doctor -- [ laughter ] >> laughing there, pete, but i mean, is that a joke? >> no. i've heard that a lot.
4:12 am
i hear that from vets all the time. because they look at this administration, bending over backwards for illegals across the board. and then vets still squalored in poorly run v.a. facilities. it's actually a great suggestion. if you force congress to use the v.a. guess what -- >> it will get good. >> tomorrow, good. they'll have choices which is all a veteran wants. >> who's in charge of the v.a. in the senate? >> well, it was bernie sanders and bernie sanders -- >> how did he do? >> terribly. all he wanted to do was spend billions more. that was his only answer. and he denied that there was a problem. for months and months and months until finally having to admit there was one. he's trying to take credit for reforms. he was the impediment for reforms and others had to force his hand to do it. >> because he condemned the v.a. and condemned single payer health care and that's what he lives for. >> ideological opposition. that's right. >> thank you, pete. coming up on a thursday, you never have to tie your puppy to a tree again. just put him in a box.
4:13 am
but is that really a good idea? we'll tell you about that. you know, the dog parker. >> we'll tell you about that one. it sure sounds good. bernie wants everyone to have free stuff! >> except for vets. >> tuition free. free. free. free. free. >> come on, who's going to pay for all of it? our next guest is an economics professor and he said you'll want to give that free stuff back. >> really? hey, good morning. >> good morning. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton 68%. she congratulated senator sanders and vowed to fight harder and then strangled an unfortunate intern who just got a little bit too close to her when the results came in.
4:14 am
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i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition free. make colleges and universities free. colleges and universities tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. free. free. free. free. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on, didn't your parents ever tell you nothing's free? the young voters though they seem to love this idea. of free college. but that's not his only costly plan. >> yeah, we're going to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. we must strengthen and expand social security. i believe in a medicare for all single payer program. >> all right. so who's going to pay for all of this?
4:19 am
we have an associate professor as well as the chair of the program in business and finance. he joins us now. we need your expertise. what is this all free stuff going to cost us? >> it's definitely not free when you talk about his medicare for all plan, free college, you talk about the infrastructure improvements, you're talking of spending of 16 to $18 trillion over ten years. >> let's talk about this for a second. the sheer numbers. obamacare costs less over ten years, $900 billion. then one year of bernie care, you said $14 trillion that would cost the american people? >> that's actually probably going to be low because that $14 trillion amount includes huge expectations around cost cutting and at the same time it includes all sorts of promises of bernie sanders that the expansion to coverage that he's going to provide -- >> you're being conservative with your numbers here you're saying? >> i think the $14 trillion is really conservative, yeah.
4:20 am
>> so then he just spoke to this $15 minimum wage, this would cost how many jobs? >> it is hard to say. you're talking 6 million jobs. these are some of the numbers that have been thrown around, but the real point here, we have no idea what a $15 federal minimum wage would do. even economists on the left who generally support smaller increases for minimum wage say, whoa, this is unchartered territory, not a good idea to go there. places in new york and san francisco where costs are high, okay, maybe the effect is smaller. but middle america where the cost of living is a little lower, you move from the $7.25 up to the $15 an hour, the carnage could be huge here. the businesses can't afford that. >> so "the wall street journal" -- you heard him talking about strengthening and expanding the social programs. "wall street journal" estimates the cost of sanders plan to bolster social security benefits amount to $1.2 trillion over a ten-year period. >> add that on top of the education, $750 billion, add on
4:21 am
top of medicare, you're in the 16 to $18 trillion range. we have not seen increases like that in government spending since world war ii. i mean, and these are historical increases. >> why do you think that -- why do you think people are embracing him so much? i mean, he just ran away with the victory in new hampshire. >> isn't what he's promising -- doesn't it sound nice to you? doesn't it sound nice to get free college tuition or free health care or sound nice to get social -- >> what has socialism done to countries who have embraced it? >> the real issue here, it undercuts the vibrancy and the dynamic of an economy. what you do with socialism, we want to take what we have now, we want to spread it around. but that's really not the genius of a market economy. the genius of a market economy is how it creates new and better things. right, we want the upside potential of innovation. the policies he's talking about might spread around the wealth a little bit more now, but it totally undercuts our ability to do new and better things in the
4:22 am
future. his plan is about the present. he's thinking very short term here. we ought to be thinking more long term about what's possible and how we unlock innovation and growth. >> how do you run up against that though? when he's promising so much free stuff, that's a tough political environment for anybody to run against. you explained it for us. bernie's socialism plan, what it will cost us. that $15 minimum wage and the cost of jobs is unbelievable. thanks for summing it up for us. remember when hillary clinton said this about how much money she had after leaving the white house? >> we have no reason to remember, but we came out of the white house not only broke but in debt. >> but wait, there's more. and he's the guy responsible for 438 marriages a day. now the founder of eharmony wants to hook you one a job. dr. neil warren is here with all the details. need a job? he might help.
4:23 am
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4:27 am
that's how much it will cost to park your dog in a box in new york city. the dog parker company hoping to expand around the country. >> shouldn't it be dog barker? bob barker? >> might have something there. >> no kidding. meanwhile, technology used to find the perfect soul mate for a lot of people will soon be used to find the perfect career. popular dating site eharmony is using the compatibility metrics they have developed over years to match people who want a job with companies that have jobs. >> here to tell us how it works is founder and ceo of, dr. neil warren. tell us about it, how does it work? >> first of all, it's not too hard to help people get a better job. 70% of people in our culture don't like the job they currently have. for one reason or another. people leave a job because they really leave a boss. there isn't a good personality fit -- >> like a relationship. >> yeah, it's a relationship.
4:28 am
so that's where i think we can make a contribution and that's what we want to try to do. >> how do you propose to do it? >> well, first of all, four things that we want to try to do. first, we want to help to make sure that the applicant has a culture fit with the company. >> okay. >> that really works. number two, we want to help make sure that the person has a skill in the background to do the job they need to do. >> that helps. >> number three, there need to be a personality fit between the applicant and the person they're going to be supervised by. number four, there needs to be a really good personality fit between the applicant and about ten key people around the supervisor. >> we were talking about this this morning in the newsroom. i was talking with somebody who found her husband on one of these dating sites and i asked, were you truthful when you filled out the application for the personality profile and she said yes. i said, but think about a job resume, how many people lie on their job resumes to get a better job?
4:29 am
the key though to finding the perfect fit with this kind of relationship, you have to be honest. >> yeah, you do have to be honest. it's absolutely key. we have a lot of -- we make a lot of efforts to determine how honest you are. and we have -- >> can you catch them if they're telling a fib? >> oh, yeah, we can. we let them go. we let 16% of the people go. >> so you get people applying for employees and those who won't new employers? >> oh, yeah. >> are you open to just any company or anyone who wants to list on your site? >> well, we start off with 2.5 million jobs that we already have available to us. >> wow. >> and then we'll bring in the applicants. we will use -- eharmony has gotten pretty big. we have had -- >> do you make any guarantees that you'll find somebody a job? >> no, we don't make any guarantees but we could, i suppose.
4:30 am
we -- like on our marriage site we've had 2 million marriages and our divorce rate over the last ten years is 3.86%. so we have gotten pretty good. if you can get that broad based compatibility, then -- >> you go the job and then find the spouse on the job, so you have the perfect job and the perfect spouse. can you promise that? >> not yet. >> let me tell you, somebody says to me, what's more important -- the job or the marriage? i say the job. get the job right first. >> that's the foundation. >> and then get the marriage. but you see, the you don't have the -- if you don't have the right job you'll drag the marriage down. every night you come home and come plane about the boss. >> love at first direct deposit. >> makes sense. dr. neil warren, check it out, coming up on a thursday, the video is unbelievable. a couple nearly swept out to sea by a rogue wave and kuwawait --e
4:31 am
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according to google, ben carson was the least searched for republican canada during new hampshire's primary. mostly because he's standing right where we left him. [ laughter ] there. >> they have been killing them over the entry. >> so cruel. >> they couldn't hear back there because there was a lot of applause. >> such a painful moment. >> it was painful. it was hard to watch. >> then donald trump stood next to him. i will say this, it was kind of
4:35 am
weird seeing ben carson blow up his party at the end, and he went home again. >> maybe he needed clean clothes. >> everybody needs clean clothes. >> we need headlines. good morning, heather. >> good morning. that cruise ship in the major storm is now back home again. it's finally on dry land. so are the passengers. the storm that rocked the royal caribbean ship with waves as high as 30 feet and strong winds, well, one of the passengers who was on board that ship jacob ibrag joined us this morning to talk about the ordeal. listen to this. >> well, i was probably holding on to the bed frame, the metallic bed frame. i stayed in one spot and i was hold tong the balcony door handle so i don't fly to the other side. >> he said, despite that he plans ongoing on a cruise again. all the passengers are being given a refund and half off the next cruise. a sightseeing trip takes a frightening couple as a pair is watching monster waves after a
4:36 am
storm in france when the man was pulled away from the shore. look at this right there. his wife ran out. trying to help him. the waves then pulled her in as well. luckily, there was that bystander in that yellow jacket who managed to help them escape the wave's grip and they're all doing okay. thankful for that other person who was there. talk about a startling resemblance. take a look at these two. the internet couldn't help but notice when a host of a bbc crime show looks exactly like the guy in the mug shot. the criminal screen right, on the left you can see jason muhammad, co-anchor of the crime watch. he was doing an update story on the criminal. despite all the speculation is that host a criminal, well that guy is serving 18 years behind bars. not the same guy, they look alike. back here at home, a scare in the stands at the university
4:37 am
of kentucky. watch this, ouch. a dancing fan carries a girl down the stairs, watch this. they walk, walk, walk, trips and he drops her. the guy is darren moscow. they call him the boogie man. he picked her up after she started dancing with him. they both fell hard on the concrete steps. she has some scrapes and bruises, but otherwise is okay. thankful for that. yikes. >> i can't watch that. >> too many beers? >> the boogie man is now the might drop you on concrete man. >> no thanks. well, it's not too bad here in the northeast right now, but you know what, the polar vortex is coming and it will be cold in the next 48 hours. isn't it, maria? >> yeah, we'll be seeing the arctic air dipping down into the parts of the midwest and the great lakes and the northeast. but i want to share with you this photo out of idaho. this is a very rare snow formation. that wasn't man-made. those are actually naturally
4:38 am
occurring. called snow rollers. they're very rare because you need the perfect amount of snow density, water density, temperatures. and even strong winds. now, you need strong, steady winds. if you get gusty winds, the snow drifts. that's out of idaho. i have not yet seen that myself. hopefully i can manage to see some snow rollers out there. again, those are naturally occurring. the radar is relatively busy across two areas, one in the pacific northwest where we have a storm system moving in and bringing in heavy rain and snow and across the eastern u.s., across the great lakes, lake-effect snow. it's continuing out there especially off of lake ontario. that's where we're expected to see several inches of snowfall accumulation. the cold air mass will continue to spill southward. here's a look at your current windchill temperatures. in new york city it feels like 14. it feels like 12 below zero in
4:39 am
buffalo, and in chicago. it gets much worse. these are your forecast temperature, not your windchills. your windchills will be much colder on saturday morning in chicago, it could be 5 degrees below zero. by sunday morning the cold air spills eastward and we could be looking at a temperature of just 2 degrees in new york. 3 below zero in boston and below zero in buffalo, new york. get ready again, that cold air is coming out. >> who says the earth is heating up? 21 minutes before the top of the hour. on february 21, the nation's best race car drivers will be competing for the 15th annual daytona 500. looking to defend his 2015 title is team penske's joey logano. >> first of all, i'm sorry, i was caught up in watching you in the moment. are you going to have another moment? >> i sure hope so. that's the biggest race of the year, the daytona 500. such a special moment to drive your car into victory lane, last
4:40 am
february. so we want to do that again. >> i don't blame you. you started racing, driving cars when you were 6 years old. how old were you when you first went 100 miles an hour by yourself? >> oh, a tough question. i was probably 13 or 14. in a race car though. in a race car. so that's okay. >> on the track, right? >> on a track, yeah. >> so joey, what did you learn about last year that you're going to try to replicate this year? you mentioned that you watch all your tapes back, just like a quarterback watches his season. >> and brian, you watch yourself at night. >> each racetrack is different, you have to learn that discipline of driving that works for you. when we go to daytona or talladega, they're in a big pack, so you work this draft a lot. it's like a high speed chess match and you have to learn what the other drivers are doing out there. you have to work with your spotter, on top of the grand stand who's telling you where things are.
4:41 am
you have to keep moving forward with that and i think we learned a lot last year how to race on the speedways. >> even though you won last year, what was one mistake you made last year? >> there's plenty. after i rewatched the race, i rewatched it a couple of weeks ago, and, you know, it was funny. i know how it will go and i still get nervous watching it. i'm still nervous and sweating about it. maybe i blocked the wrong car, or made the wrong move at certain points during the race that i can definitely clean up. so it's just all about fine-tuning it. it's not reinventing the wheel, but fine-tuning. >> what do you do to prepare for the race? is there a pregame meal, what's involved -- >> i pretty much eat whatever i can, it's 3 1/2 hours in the race car. >> carbo load? >> absolutely. as far as being ready, i work with my race team, going over the strategy. you know, the preparation for what we do starts weeks and months before we get to the
4:42 am
racetrack. building a car. >> are you superstitious, do you wear lucky socks or -- >> no, no. i think that's kind of disgusting. >> well, you can wash them. >> it's a distraction too. >> wear the socks from last year when you won -- >> no no. i sweated a lot that day. smell like champagne after the race. that's a good thing. >> win the race and just be loyal to the show again and come back -- >> i'll come back. i love coming back here. >> by the way, that's coming up, the daytona 500, february 21, 1:00 p.m. on fox sports. >> thanks, joey. coming up, students shown this video as part of black history month. it shows white athletes getting a head start over the black runners. do kids need to be taught about what some are referring to the film as white guilt? and sunny days are coming your way right here on "fox & friends." this morning, special friends elmo and cookie monster are here with a surprise just for you. >> cookie. i've been on my feel all day.
4:43 am
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at quick animal headlines this morning. people running for their lives when a wild elephant goes on a rampage through a town in india. it ran for hours we're told, damaging more than a hundred
4:47 am
homes, shops and motorcycles. once tranquilized, officials needed a crane to lift and move it. and a guide dog in training can't control his excitement when meeting famous disney pup pluto for the very first time. asia's trainer brought him to disney land to practice socialization and obedience in a crowd. looks like they're doing pretty well. steve? >> yeah. that's just goofy. meanwhile, moving on, parents at a virginia high school are outraged after their children were shown this, which has been referred to as a white guilt video as part of black history month. athletes at a track meet, two are white, getting a head start while black runners are shown running into roadblocks like slavery. was this a way to create a divide among some students? joining us with his reaction is radio talk show host and member
4:48 am
of the richmond community, craig johnson. good morning. >> good morning. guys, a pleasure to be with you. >> great to have you too. the video is about four minutes long. you say it is out and out deception. why? >> well, it's partial history. the simple fact of the matter is that slavery and discrimination have happened since the dawn of time in every culture. you have had black barberi pirates enslave white europeans, you have white europeans enslave blacks. you have black on black capturing of slaves. selling them to jewish and muslim middle men who sold them to europeans. the entire world, steve, participated in slavery. but only england and america fought to end slavery and you still have slavery in certain parts of north africa to this day. blacks are enslaved by muslims. to this day, okay? so it's this whole thing where
4:49 am
in america our -- my parents generation fought that battle. martin luther king died to be judged by your content of your character, not the color of your skin and the poverty pimps need to beat their swords into plowshares. roll their sleeves up and get busy with real issues that these children are going to have to face once they leave school and go into a very, very increasingly competitive marketplace. >> this is not historical. this is not looking back in the rearview mirror. it is saying that if you're african-american today, the deck is stacked against you for the entire life. there's been a reaction. a lot of parents are upset about it, saying this has no place in the school district. the enrico school district said this. while we as educators do not object to difficult and constructive conversations about american history and racial
4:50 am
discourse, we understand why many people feel this video in particular was not the best way to deliver such an important lesson. all right, let's say you're the producer. and they said, okay, craig, we'll give you five minutes to make a video. what would your video say? >> my video would show the overcomers who have come up against this and also, it would show the achievement and would show the great leaders like booker t. washington, frederick douglas, dr. king. and the types of leadership that they have given and would show the possibilities that all people can come together and achieve things and might even include dr. carson's statement that when he cuts your head open and peels your skin back, steve, we all look alike. >> exactly. great message. all right. craig, we thank you very much for joining us live from richmond, virginia, today. >> okay, thank you. >> always a pleasure. all right, coming up on this
4:51 am
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all right. "d" is for dancing and that's what our next guests love to do when they take the stage for "sesame street's" live spectacular show called "let's dance." >> that's right. molly jackson is the performance director and she joins us along with elmo and cookie monster. molly, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so you're in the midst of nationwide tour, you're in new york city. >> absolutely. we are so excited to be here in new york city. we are at the theater at madison square garden. our show opens tonight there and
4:55 am
we're here until february 21. >> what makes you think they're ready to perform? >> these guys are always ready. let's show off your dancing moves. >> there they are, ladies and gentlemen. sunny days. here we go. ♪ >> elmo is going to sing and dance today. >> oh, yeah, let's do it. ♪ sunny days, we'll find our way on our way, it will be very sweet ♪ ♪ can you tell me how to get to, how to get to "sesame street," can you tell me how to get ♪ >> yeah! >> come on, everybody! ♪ can you tell me how how to get ♪ ♪ can you tell me how how to get ♪ ♪ can you tell me how how to get ♪ ♪ can you tell me how
4:56 am
how to get ♪ ♪ can you tell me how sunny days ♪ ♪ sunny days ♪ can you tell me how to get ♪ sunny days, can you tell me how to get ♪ ♪ to sesame street yeah! >> awesome. by the way, the show will be at madison square garden february 11th to february 21st. get your tickets >> check our website. thank you, elmo and cookie monsters. for more information. >> or twitter @sesame street live. >> that was awesome. no one pulled any hamstrings. bankruptcy, no longer a dirty word. it can help save your home. >> and bob massi will be here to share how you can do it if you need to, in the next hour. ♪ [ music ]
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all right. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, february 11, 2016. i'm sandra smith. this is a fox news alert. first iran releases pictures of our sailors crying and this morning take a look at this. iranians mocking those sailors in a parade through their streets. >> that's not good. meanwhile, bernie sanders' secret weapon to take down hillary clinton is al sharpton? could that possibly work? there they are, having breakfast. and he just won the super bowl, so what's peyton manning up to now? >> a dream come true. good to see you, buddy. >> oh! >> he lost the game of egg russian roulette to magic johnson. >> who knew? >> i guess -- >> let me just remind you, morning are better with "friends."
5:01 am
>> after he went and drank all that beer? >> magic was trying to get him to play for the rams next year, because los angeles has a team. >> i played many dumb games having drinks. i never heard of egg russian roulette. >> unbelievable. it's -- >> what do you do, where do you play it? >> you get a dozen eggs and you make some hard boiled. then you go in and you can randomly pick it. then you have to pick the hard boiled egg or the uncooked egg and slam it against your forehead. magic had one, peyton had two. >> given the fact that they wanted something funny, i bet they knew that peyton would get the raw egg. >> you think it was fixed? >> absolutely. >> egg gate. >> what can you trust? >> you were looking for something to do on valentine's day, there you go. >> that's right. me and my wife we'll play egg russian roulette. >> heather nauert is --
5:02 am
>> you have egg on your face anyways. >> sometimes a whole omelet. >> good morning, everybody. i have a serious story to bring you right now. a ton of breaking news happening overnight. first the fbi is preparing right now for a final four militia protesters to surrender later this morning in oregon. the dramatic armed standoff began january 2 in a dispute over federal land policies. a phone call from a friend to people inside the refuge was streamed live for more than four hours overnight.esters are over negotiating with the fbi. listen to this exchange. >> innocent people are camming in a public facility and you're going to murder us. the only way we're leaving here is either dead or without charges. so you're wasting your time and you're wasting taxpayer dollars. >> wow. the only way you're leaving here is either dead or without
5:03 am
charges, he says. well, in the meantime, nevada rancher cliven bundy arrested overnight. he faces charges from 2014 over unpaid grazing fees. we'll keep watching this story. a police officer in the hospital this morning and not expected to survive after he was shot by a domestic violence suspect during an overnight standoff in north dakota. that standoff ended just moments ago. fargo officer jason moszer is in the hospital at this hour. his family and fellow officers are now saying good-bye. >> tonight we're losing a brother. one of our fellow officers. i'm sorry. >> he is a six-year veteran of that police department. we are praying for him and his family this morning. well, another tragic story to bring you right now. two deputies shot and killed in what is being called a targeted attack on police officers. cops say that 67-year-old david
5:04 am
bryan evans opened fire on veteran deputies at a packed panera bread restaurant near baltimore. evans had run to the senior center nearby and that's where he killed the second deputy. >> i think the suspect took that action because he's wearing a police uniform. but we were called to panera bread for that subject. he certainly targeted them. >> evans is accused of targeting law enforcement officers before, he was later killed in a shoot-out with police. and in this one, iran's shame game is reaching a whole new level. today, take a close look at this. they are mocking our captured u.s. sailors at a parade. these may look like americans, but they are not. these are iranians at that parade, gathered for revolution day in tehran. mimicking the sailors right after they were detained for accidentally crossing into iranian waters in january. well, this comes a day after iranian state run media released these pictures showing the sailors crying. our navy says it is disgusted
5:05 am
that iran is exploiting our sailors for its propaganda purposes. they did not treat our men and lady well over there, despite what administration officials have said. >> you mean our new best friends in the middle east, they're fantastic. >> unreal to see that. >> it shouldn't be. we saw it hours after we find out that we were saluting the iranians for returning our guys back and one woman for going into their territory, and heralded our new relationship by the fact this wasn't a prolonged engagement like last time, like the british had to deal with. now video of them being detained, and then we find out the boat was stripped. and then we see the guys that detained them get medals, and now they're being depicted in a parade of glory. >> i had to go back to john kerry's initial response to the release of our soldiers saying that iranian authorities -- he wanted to thank the iranian authorities at that time and he
5:06 am
said it was a testament to the critical role that diplomacy takes. really difficult to read and hear those words after seeing this. >> i would expect nothing less from the country of iran. just think about it, they're using it for propaganda to look like they're beating us. my only worry is what other video, what other pictures do they have out there? they have been meting them out every couple of weeks, embarrassing video for the men and the woman. and meanwhile, on the right, they are talking about it nonstop, but the big news in the 2016 campaign who is no longer in it. >> chris christie and carly fiorina they are out. they suspended their campaigns ahead of south carolina. and carly fiorina in her exit had a very strong message to women. this of course is in response to madeleine albright standing next to hillary clinton, supporting her. she said in her exit, carly fiorina, do not listen to anyone
5:07 am
who says you have to vote a certain way for a certain candidate because you're a woman. that is not feminism. feminism doesn't shut down conversations or threaten women. a feminist is a woman who lives the life she chooses. strong exit by carly fiorina. >> and christie as well. meanwhile on the democrat side, you have bernie sanders sat down yesterday morning with al sharpton. uptown here in new york at sylvia's famous soul food restaurant. and what they did, they met for half an hour. and what he is trying to do, he's trying to court the black vote. which hillary -- apparently hillary is going to be meeting with the mothers of trayvon martin and eric garner. well, yesterday, there's bernie. he goes in, sits down with al sharpton for a half an hour. al sharpton said he would wait until he meets with hillary before he decides which of the
5:08 am
two democrats to endorse. >> well, i mean, you have a few things here. evidently bernie sanders has a track record in the '60s of sticking up for civil rights and having an african-american good friends in school. so maybe he does have a reservoir of support. you wouldn't think. he got millions of dollars pouring in after his definitive depete of -- defeat of hillary clinton. and there's a lot of condemnation coming after the clintons for what they say was an overpush for incarceration during the late '90s that happened during clinton's reign and he said he regrets and the african-americans, one of the stop issues is incarceration and that they think inordinate amount of blacks are in jail right now. >> some people think that sharpton is not the right choice. kevin jackson who was on with megyn kelly last night saying this isn't right. >> al sharpton? >> it's insulting, and as i was about to say he might as well have brought a representative from kentucky fried chicken and said, let the bidding begin.
5:09 am
it's a pander to black people. instead of talking to blacks individually and saying, hey, folks, here are the things i'm interested in, he's going to go and interrupt a trip where he should be in south carolina and he's going to make a detour to go to talk to a man that is insignificant. >> you hear from others that sharpton is looked as a leader in the black community. the president upped his prestige bringing him to the white house so often so maybe he's the right person. >> well, he's meeting with him just to have breakfast. obviously, did his research and sees that as a necessary role in this campaign. >> they both will win the black vote. dr. charles krauthammer had this observation on "special report" why the former first lady needs to reach out to them as well. >> we were debate doing the e-mails have any effect, this whole sort of the baggage that she carries. on the honesty issue, the spread was 88 points. saddam had a smaller spread than that on honesty and essentially authenticity.
5:10 am
and it turns out that it has had a profound effect on democrats, imagine what it would do in the general election. and look, i do think that her advantage on the question of african-american and hispanic constituencies is the only remaining question. if she can hang on to them, she will fend them off. if she -- if that barrier collapses, then she's out. >> some say that there's pressure on president obama now to make it clear like jay carney said on another network, she's his pick and that would help with the african-american community, logic would you lead there. but going back to the republicans what's at stake, south carolina is a different country from new hampshire. steve, you'll back this up. you have a much more conservative community that's going to be the focus of five military bases that are in south carolina. evangelicals there, retirees, professionals and working class voters. the patriotic theme will
5:11 am
certainly ring true there. >> sure. and the people who ted cruz was able to get to go out and caucus in iowa, the evangelicals, well, according to karl rove he's looked at all of the exit polling and mr. trump actually trumps cruz with them. listen to this. at least he did in new hampshire. >> cruz has to go after trump. there's a little known number in the results out of new hampshire that ought to give great concern to ted cruz. he very smartly said i'm not going to go out and make a big deal about new hampshire. i'm going to down play my choices and i'm going to work like the dickens to get the roughly 23% of the electorate in new hampshire that are self-identified white evangelicals, i'm going to work to get them and maybe i'll get a surprise. well, he came in, you know, he came in third. but he lost the white evangelicals to donald trump 27-23. if that happens in south carolina, and the so called
5:12 am
s.e.c. primary states that vote on mar -- march 1, that's where cruz is counting on jumping to the fore and being in first. but if he's losing white evangelicals in south carolina he's losing them in the s.e.c. primary states and he is toast. >> it's on. south carolina is coming up. got a much different vote -- different voting bloc there. talking about the diversity. hillary clinton saying she's going to do much better there because of the diversity. half of the democratic voters in the state, african americans. >> i was going to add this to ted cruz. ted cruz, come on "fox & friends." he has not been on the show for a couple of months. we call him every day. he has declined to come on the show. we call john kasich every day, he doesn't come on the show. we'd love to have him. we call bernie sanders every day. we'd love to have hillary clinton. we call them every day, but for some reason, ted cruz, john kasich, bernie sanders and hillary clinton just haven't picked up the phone and return
5:13 am
our call. >> ted cruz is complaining that fox did not give him his due after winning iowa. i don't know what he's talking about. he said, i came in third place, let's see if they give me the same due as marco rubio. what marco rubio and what does chris christie and what jeb bush will continue to do, they come on when asked. that's it. so, i mean, that -- whatever you say about chris christie, he gave it 100% and you called them or let the word out they're availability -- they're available, he came on. >> the phone is ringing. the outrage is growing over beyonce's performance at the super bowl. did she pay tribute to the black panthers? and what does she really know about the black panthers? we'll run down the facts coming up.
5:14 am
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. beyonce's super bowl performance was not a smash hit with everybody. one group is holding an anti-beyonce rally next week outside nfl headquarters calling the performance racially charged and outrageous over references to the black panthers and the black lives matter movement. so what's going on here?
5:18 am
fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. is here to explain. >> good morning, steve. >> for the folks who did not watch the halftime show, what happened? >> well, at one point during the show, beyonce and her dancers they formed an "x" on the field. and some had interpreted this as a tribute to malcolm x, the assassinated civil rights leader. beyonce and dancers were all dressed in black. they raised a fist like the black power salutes that we saw during the civil rights movement and even at the olympics and black berets. why black berets? some have likened them to the -- to what the black panther party wore in the '60s and '70s. they were a criminal, violent group, dedicated to marxist change in america. and responsible for a lot of violence including a lot of black on black violence in the african-american community throughout the united states. so that's what stimulated this. >> okay, but the outrage is not
5:19 am
just over the performance but also she's got this new single out called "formation" with a video. >> it's a compelling video, i watched it several times. it features a scene of an african-american boy wearing a hoodie before a line of police officers with the words stop shooting us on a wall. this outraged members of the national sheriffs association. they turned off the tv when beyonce appeared during the super bowl, saying they consider this song absolutely anti-police. a lot of other people like peter king have tweeted, beyonce formation video fb 50 was anti-police, shameful. cops deserve support, not criminals. so twitter users were also angered. they quickly pointed out that beyonce actually had a police escort to the super bowl stadium for the performance. >> yeah, i saw that. okay, but what about beyonce's supporters? >> they're saying beyonce is a great artist and she's proud of
5:20 am
the message of both the video and the performance. and supporters say the music video speaks to her heritage as a black woman. and i have watched it, and it does. one supporter tweeting when she sang about single ladies, you were all hailing her as a queen. but now that she's singing about being black, it's boycott beyonce. here's the point. the point is that there are a lot of civil rights leaders that beyonce could emulate and talk about. black panthers are not someone that need to be emulated. >> peter johnson jr., explaining the controversy behind the controversy. thank you, peter. all right, coming up on a thursday, bankruptcy is no longer a dirty word. it could save your home. so when do you file for bankruptcy and how complicated is it? bob massi, the property man, he walks us through it coming up next. he just won the super bowl, so what's peyton manning up to? it's egg-citing. >> good to see you, buddy. >> oh!
5:21 am
>> oh, the yolk's on him on "the tonight show." more video straight ahead. hi, folks. i'm matt mccoy. for people as experienced as you and me... [ tires screech ] ...careful driving just comes naturally. all that experience should be worth something. and it is... with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. switching saved me hundreds. in fact, $420 is the average amount drivers age 50 and over save when they switch. and with lifetime renewability, my coverage isn't going anywhere. that's the hartford's promise not to drop me even if i've had an accident. if i have an accident, whether it's my fault or whatever the situation is, i've still got insurance -- it's very, very comforting. drivers 50 and over, like us, should be rewarded for our years of experience. [ female announcer ] save $420 on average and get lifetime renewability. get a quote. you won't be sorry.
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all right. some headlines now. we begin with the medical emergency at the pentagon when an air force general faints at the podium. watch. >> we actually go back to -- hold on a minute. sir. can somebody help me? >> that's u.s. air force general james martin. he had the flu. he tried to work his way through it and passed out. and this brit returned home
5:25 am
because he disliked the cold water and bland food and he was flat out bored trying to train to be a terrorist. he's a 29-year-old mohammed odin. i hope he doesn't get bored behind bars. and this is a bridge too far, this mascot was detained by religious police for showing too much skin. can't wait to see the mug shot. in saudi arabia, women are required to cover their hair and in some parts their entire face. no word if there was a clause on pup pets. on a different note -- >> it's a term homeowners overwhelmed by debt fear the most. and it's the subject of this week's "property man" with bob massi right here on the fox news channel. >> when you call them, they gave you an amount to bring you current on the loan? >> yeah. >> you sent a check in? >> it cost almost all my savings and my checking account at the time. but yes. >> he sent them all of the money, plus fees and interest. guess what? >> two months later i received the letter in the mail, saying that i'm being foreclosed on.
5:26 am
i then called the lender and they told me that instead of accepting my check they were going to foreclose on me. >> that man saved his home by filing for bankruptcy. the host of "the property man" bob massi said it might be the answer for you too. he joins us. >> good morning. >> for someone who saw his story and says this might be something that they should consider, what happened next? he suffered the stroke, his house went into foreclosure. how does the story end? >> well, what happens, he found a very competent bankruptcy lawyer who showed him the different remedies through bankruptcy court which many people think is the kiss of death, but took and saved his home. put him into the bankruptcy and what happen, sandra, the judge ordered a mandated mediation. and through that mediation process was able to work out a loan modification and ultimately
5:27 am
save his home. so it's an ending to a great story by a competent lawyer and a judge that was proactive that allowed this man from a horrible medical tragedy to save his home. >> what's interesting about this, bankruptcy is such a taboo word it once was isn't necessarily any longer. so now people are exploring their options. there's really two types of bankruptcy. chapter 7 and chapter 13. what are the main differences between the two, bob? >> yeah, you're right in that bankruptcy is not what it used to be. it's become a way of life because of the real estate crisis in the last seven, eight, nine years. it's something that lenders and creditors have to deal with. chapter 7, your liabilities are so far ahead of your assets, it's generally what we call a no asset estate. where you say, look, i just can't get out of this debt. credit card debt, deficiency debt from a foreclosure, they go to bankruptcy lawyer, and if you make, sandra, a certain amount of money in your jurisdiction, you could qualify for that.
5:28 am
but chapter 13 bankruptcy is what we call a wager earners reorganization, you don't fit into the mold of the 7, but you can get debts discharged by paying back into the plan usually over a five year period. a competent bankruptcy lawyer will tell you which one you can't fit into. those are the two most common types we see. >> but in a day and age where we look at our credit scores as gold in this country, what does filing for either of the bankruptcies plans, what does it do to my credit? >> it aftfects it, no question. but the fha has said after a certain amount of years of a bankruptcy, we will look at your fico scores and see if you can qualify or a loan. people that are going to buy vehicles what they basically do, finance companies say you have to put more money down, pay more of an interest rate. the lending world, you deal with this in your specialty, they
5:29 am
have adapted to what happened because so many millions of people were forced into bankruptcy because of this crisis. >> it behooves everyone to keep people in their homes, so it's a good thing to know you have options. thank you, bob massi. you can see "the property man" on saturdays at noon and sundays at 3:00 p.m. right here on fox news channel. awesome show. coming up t v.a. accused of not helping our veterans so here's one way to fix that. >> let all the illegal aliens have to go to the veterans administration and let the veterans go into any hospital or doctor they want. >> all right. veteran pete hegseth has a lot to say about this. he'll be on next. she's usually serving up laughs on the greg gutfeld show. >> i have been arguing that mike xxl is superior to the original.
5:30 am
i can see you nodding that you agree. >> and joanne nosuchinsky and her sister will be here "cooking with friends." ♪ with advil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain? advil.
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theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. all right. your "shot of the morning" all about egg on peyton manning's face. >> i had dreams growing up i'd maybe have chance to play magic one-on-one some day. i never thought -- >> this is it. dreams -- it's a dream come true. good to see you, buddy.
5:34 am
oh! >> you have to wait for it there. >> he went full bore, manning and magic johnson playing egg roulette. egg russian roulette. some eggs supposedly are hard boiled, the others are uncooked. >> okay. so brian kilmeade fully described this. the first person to smash two raw eggs on their head loses. this time peyton lost. but magic got one? >> he did smash one of the head. then they both went hard boil and peyton would lose because he smashed the second one on his head. so of course they were given complimentary hoodies so they
5:35 am
didn't ruin their entire outfit. >> you know what, egg russian roulette is complicated. in the real russian roulette there's only one. >> it's like raw fun. in the cabin, in the middle of nowhere. >> they're not wasting eggs back then. >> stick to scrambled. >> heather? >> i think it looks like fun. did you learn that from little brian who went off to college? >> i know about it, but i watches twatch "the tonight show." >> good morning to you all. i have a couple of headlines to bring you right now. the justice department suing the city of ferguson, missouri. why? because the city council didn't approve all of the reforms demanded by the doj after last year's riots in ferguson. city council members voted to amend the contract with the doj that hikes the pay of police officers and firefighters and changes the code of conduct because it would cost nearly $4 million the first year alone. well, leaders there say they were concerned that those changes would bankrupt the city. the department of justice filed
5:36 am
the lawsuit and then ferguson authorities have been scrutinized since the 2014 shooting death of michael brown. a voter at a jeb bush rally has a solution to the problem at the v.a. listen to this. >> let all the illegal aliens have to go to the veterans administration and let the veterans go into any hospital or doctor they want. >> did you hear that one? the crowd laughed a bit at the guy's suggestion to send illegals to the v.a. to get their care and give our veterans better care. but fox news contributor pete hegseth who served in the military said this is absolutely no joke. listen. >> i hear that from vets all the time. because they look at this administration bending over backwards for illegals across the board. and then vets still squalored in poorly run v.a. facilities. it's actually a great suggestion. >> hegseth says vets really want health care choices. two female lawmakers in idaho are trying to show that girls do belong. they say that so many of the laws in that state are written
5:37 am
with the word he in them, so they now want the language to be gender neutral and say he and she instead. >> if we're going to increase women's participation in the political offices i need to see myself in language. if i can't see myself in the language i can't see myself in the office. >> wait, we have to go back and read you all the laws on the books to add she to it? okay. well, the state has already scrubbed the words husband and wife in the law books and replaced them with spouse. i guess things are quiet up there. talk about seeing double. watch how a confused 16-month-old gets when his dad's twin brother tries to hold him. watch this. >> do you want dada? who's that? >> dada. [ laughter ] >> how cute is that? well, that family stopped by "fox & friends" earlier where we put the theory to the test.
5:38 am
>> stephen also was wearing glasses that day which he normally doesn't. >> where's dada? >> so he got a little confused. >> where's dada? where's dada? i feel bad -- >> we didn't know if that would work. >> can you point to dada? [ laughter ] >> i can't figure it out. well, that original video has gone viral with more than 16 million views. and those are your headlines. what a beautiful little boy right there. >> baby reed. so sweet. it was so sweet. >> thanks, heather. well, we have another sweet beauty on the set right now. she's a beauty queen and an actress and she's always bringing the comic relief to fox news channel. >> and a news woman. you know her best as a correspondent on "the greg gutfeld show" for example. >> nutrients come from the olives in the martini. joanne nosuchinsky. >> these kids don't know how good they have it. when i was their age, i would have loved that kind of
5:39 am
exposure. back then, i was auditioning for the oscar meyer weiner commercial in the supermarket. >> i think mike xxl is superior to the original. i can see you're nodding there. it would taste like bloody mary's, maple syrup and regrets. >> whoever put that package together -- >> that was so well done. why don't go ahead and read the intro. >> well, we have no regrets in asking her to cook for us this morning. joanne nosuchinsky and her sister mary are here. >> well done. >> thank you for joining us. >> are you "cooking with friends"? >> do i cook with friends? >> yeah. >> no. >> we should point out, you don't cook at all. you for the most part, went on the frank's website and stole this recipe, because you order
5:40 am
in. >> and we always order things with buffalo sauce. >> of course. >> go ahead, mary. by the way, mary, you're a financial planner. >> and a cook. >> this is cost effective. >> tell us what you're making. >> buffalo chicken dip. we have two cups of shredded chicken. mary is adding the softened cream cheese. excellent work, mary. >> you're scared to cook chicken like we are, they make great premade rotisserie chicken and pull it apart. >> you're miss new york 2015, is this included in your diet? >> no. i didn't eat for a year so this is all in my diet for the rest of my life. this is bleu cheese. if you don't like that dressing, you can substitute. we have ranch dressing. you can add cheddar cheese or jack cheese. >> that's a lot of sauce. >> but it's a big dish. you want the flavor. >> and then you stir? >> that's unbelievable.
5:41 am
>> i'm going to forgot this. >> write it down. >> but you're making your sister do all the work. >> mary doesn't want to do it. she's reluctant -- a reluctant start. >> she's not stirring, but folding. >> what do you with the bleu cheese crumbles and the -- >> as soon as we put it in here, we'll top it with the bleu cheese. >> we. >> then we put it in a faux oven. >> faux oven? >> we have a fake oven. >> so we spread it out, make it nice and even. >> this is a crowd pleaser. >> this is. you can make this for any occasion. like on tuesday. you know? >> happy tuesday. >> valentine's day is coming up. >> men love it. >> through the magic of television, take a look at the finished product. by the way, this has been driving the entire staff crazy
5:42 am
because it smells fantastic. >> our cooking smells amazing. >> and the option is celery and bread. you're giving people a choice and you're not judging them. >> i do judge. >> fantastic. >> in my head. >> you guys get along really well? >> we're besties. >> that's sweet. >> that's nice. >> yeah. go ahead and dig in. i haven't had breakfast yet so this will be interesting. >> i'm sure your stomach line willing love it. >> you have a mouthful -- how is it? >> it's delicious. i taste the frank's sauce and it's got a little ranch. >> i sense a new family tradition that started today. >> all right. thank you. thank you, joanne and mary. >> nice meeting you. gutfeld is one lucky man. the recipe is so simple, yet we'll put it on the website. well, breaking story this morning that we have for you, iran captured sailors in a parade there. colonel ralph peters will react to the story, we have been bringing it to you all morning long. and the worst vacation is over. >> i have been in bad situations in my life, but that was the
5:43 am
worst. i don't scare easily, but that scared me. >> cruise passengers arrived home after a nightmare at sea. you will hear the first hand account, only on "fox & friends." what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this.
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the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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i'm bushed! i've been on my feel alyea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. fox news alert. outrage this morning i'm sure in your living room after iran releases new video of u.s. sailors in tears while being detained last month. and this morning it only gets worse. the new pictures show the sailors being mocked at the parade here in iran. here to react is lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel, i'm outraged. am i wrong? >> well, you should be outraged. but not just at the iranians,
5:47 am
because, brian, past a certain point you can't blame the iranians for taking advantage of our fecklessness. i am much more concerned about the deteriorating situation in our military. i mean, look what happened here. you know, the code of conduct was violated. we had sailors gave up without a fight. they're not held in the hanoi hilton with john mccain for five years, but held for 16 hours. you have them breaking down and as furious friends in the military have observed, they got their equal opportunity training, their sexual harassment training, but didn't get the code of conduct training and that is you never surrender of your own free will. and if captured, you give your name, rank, service number and date of birth. that's it. you don't break down, you don't do advertisements for the iranian regime, et cetera, et cetera. so there are questions we have to answer. one -- and the navy is being
5:48 am
quiet about this. the lieutenant in charge surrendered on his own or was he ordered to surrender without a fight by a higher authority in the navy? if so that's even worse. but brwe have come to the pointe have to decide what's the the purpose of our military? is it to -- is it social engineering to redress old grievances, real or imagined or to fight our nation wars -- >> colonel, it's not clear that they breached the waterways of iran. number two, the "uss harry truman" was hovering around and doing things they didn't like, was the "harry truman" pulled back and why has the navy not come clean, why haven't we talked to the guys, why haven't they been made available to us? is that too much to ask? >> i think the navy is embarrassed by this. but let's be clear about what happened. whether or not those two patrol boats entered iranian waters and it's in dispute, whether or not
5:49 am
they did, nonetheless, the way the iranians behaved in legal terms was an act of war. >> but they -- but we hailed them for their actions. >> so we are told. yes, yes. and that's the problem. when you've got a military that's conditioned not to fight to avoid conflict at all costs, when you've got a secretary of state who thanks the iranians for handling how they handled this situation, again, i go back to the beginning. how can i blame the iranians for making fun of us when we set it up ourselves? you have to worry because at some point this is going to spin out of control. the iranians will keep getting bolder and bolder and people are going to die. if not in the persian gulf, elsewhere. >> colonel, thanks so much. you fought the wars, you're right about the wars and you have contacts in the pentagon. thank you for joining us this morning. fox news alert, what's it
5:50 am
like being locked in a small cabin for hours as waves crash over your head? >> i have been in bad situations in my life, but that was the worst. i don't scare easy, but that scared me. >> passengers arrived back home after a nightmare at sea. the stunning first hand account next. but first, let's check in with martha maccallum who always puts a smile on your face. but these people left from new jersey where you hail. >> that was awful. good morning. good to be back here in new york and in our programming we'll basically be heading on to south carolina, folks, where this game is expected to get pretty nasty. there are lots of indications that's already under way and where ted cruz and jeb bush may be the primary ones trying to take down donald trump. chris stirewalt and karl rove report on that. and hillary clinton has new problems with the scope of advisers who may have handled the highly classified information. what this could mean for the clinton campaign going forward. bill and i will see you in a
5:51 am
couple minutes.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
time now for some quick consumer headlines on this thursday morning. first up, 224 people hit in the head by falling ceiling lamps. they look just like that. that's why ikea is recalling this lamp. it is called the lock and hide lamp. burger king is going to the dog, hot dogs that is. the chain adding two types of hot dogs to the menu later this month. one is a classic grilled dog, the other comes with chili cheese. they both look delicious. all right. now, nightmare days coming to an end for people trapped on a
5:55 am
cruise ship being hammered with 40 foot waves. >> that ship docked in new jersey, bayonne, new jersey and passengers not very happy as they arrived. >> joining us right now from bayonne, new jersey, dave kitchen. tell us about battered by storm. >> reporter: yeah, certainly a frightening experience for so many people actually getting off that ship right now. a lot of them actually spent the night on the ship since it docked here in cape liberty in newark, new jersey, last night. people stayed overnight because they simply didn't have transportation to get home as of last night. they had access to full restaurants and bar service overnight. many will have breakfast here before heading home to try to get on with their lives after a very rough and frightening weekend on the high seas. the ship was carrying 4,500 passengers and crew members when it departed on a seven-day cruise to the bahamas, but it sailed into a huge winter storm on sunday. very powerful waves and winds up
5:56 am
to the -- waves were up to 30 feet high and bouncing on the vessel. of course, we talked to one passenger. here's what he had to say. >> for the longest time i was probably holding on for the -- to the bed frame. so i just stayed in one spot. at another point i'm holding on the balcony door handle so i just fly to the other side. it was intense. >> reporter: well, the good news royal caribbean officials gave everyone a full refund and a 50% off deal for another cruise. but the ntsb is also considering an investigation. >> you know what you don't get back though is the week you took off of work. >> that's true. >> that's the tough part for a lot of people. >> dave kitchen, thank you. >> we'll continue live from new york in just two minutes. want to get their hands on.
5:57 am
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>> dealing with a perfect valentine's gift. i will be in orlando on the 16th, the day after in casselberry. meet me there. bill: thank you, guys. we go to the campaign. republicans getting southern exposure. all focus shifting to south carolina with the six remaining candidates crisscrossing the state ahead of next saturday's primary. as we say good morning. do you eat grits? martha: good morning. sure. bill: i like mine with butter and sugar. martha: with a little shrimp. in south carolina we like all that. bill: we're back in new york. i'm bill hemmer. good morning to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. donald trump dominating the polls in the palmetto state. here is his rally. he was there at clemson university. they say there were 3,000 people in the arena. he says he is ready to sweep the


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