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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> dealing with a perfect valentine's gift. i will be in orlando on the 16th, the day after in casselberry. meet me there. bill: thank you, guys. we go to the campaign. republicans getting southern exposure. all focus shifting to south carolina with the six remaining candidates crisscrossing the state ahead of next saturday's primary. as we say good morning. do you eat grits? martha: good morning. sure. bill: i like mine with butter and sugar. martha: with a little shrimp. in south carolina we like all that. bill: we're back in new york. i'm bill hemmer. good morning to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. donald trump dominating the polls in the palmetto state. here is his rally. he was there at clemson university. they say there were 3,000 people in the arena. he says he is ready to sweep the
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primaries. >> considering the fact that the subject matter is a little bit depressing, believe me, if you vote for trump, and again, i don't want your money, i want your vote. you vote for trump, we win here. we'll run the table. if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up, we're going to run the table. we will make america great again. that i can tell you. okay? bill: other big headlines now out of new hampshire, the republican field indeed narrowing, carly fiorina, governor chris christie dropped their presidential bids, leaving a field of six. that includes trump. john kasich, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, and been carson. martha: those are the remaining standing candidate out there. john robert live this morning in florence, south carolina. so, john, south carolina is well-known for some pretty tough politics. how is it looking down there?
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reporter: bare-knuckle they call it. punches started flying. in a restaurant in florence where jeb bush will hold an event in a little while, barely here 24 hours, already the ground is beginning to scorch under people's feet as candidates attack each other mercilessly. ted cruz attacking donald trump not being conservative. trump who you saw in the big event at the livestock arena at clemson university, which is interesting, he drew that big of a crowd in the conservative state which may bode well for him, focusing most of his fire on jeb bush. bush relying on deep family ties to finish well on february 20th. here's trump. >> i don't want to waste money on ads for the guy because he spent $20 million on negative advertising against donald trump. i don't even know this guy. $20 million. remember i called him a low energy person. he is a low energy person. i said, no, i said he is a stiff and i said if he was in the
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private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. other than that i think he is excellent. reporter: bush meantime is battling on three fronts, hitting trump for not being serious candidate, rubio for lacking experience to be president and ohio governor john kasich for once calling for deep cuts in military spending. for his part kasich trying to glide above it all, continuing a positive campaign that catapulted him into is being place in new hampshire. >> i'm not going to be a pin cushion or a marshmallow but i'm not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. i'll tell you why. if this message works, it is fantastic. reporter: there's a lot at stake in south carolina, the delegates are proportionally allocated. 50 up for grabs. nearly as many as iowa and new hampshire combined. people want to finish well, martha. martha: great state. marco rubio obviously didn't have a great time in new hampshire.
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what is he doing in south carolina to try to turn that around? reporter: spending most of the next nine days in south carolina talking to as many people as he can. martha he is focused on the debate in greenville on saturday night. he had a near rick perry moment some people say. what hopes to have in south carolina the kind of moment newt gingrich had in 2012, where he hit one question out of the park, went from well back in the pack to win south carolina. that is what rubio's hoping for. see if he gets it. martha: john, thanks. bill: we mentioned donald trump he is up big in south carolina. latest "real clear politics" average of polls, trump up 16 points over his nearest competitor, ted cruz. chris stirewalt, digital politics editor. well-esconsed in washington, d.c. good morning to you, sir. if you did not think before this race is getting real in south carolina as it always does, chris. >> as it always does.
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south carolina plays a different role than originally did. south carolina used to be confirming moment for a long time. it demonstrated with the selection of newt gingrich four years ago, south carolina play as different role. the role likely to play is accelerant on the fire. republican party is staring down barrel of what could be a very fast nomination for donald trump which concerns many in the party but of course pleases his supporters, or, potentially a long, unpleasant fight that grinds all the way to the convention. that is the what jeb bush is hoping for. that is what he is trying to do. get marco rubio all blown up in south carolina, keep the field muddled and keep grinding forward. south carolina is going to be intense and going to be ugly and it is going to probably clear out more underbrush on gop side. bill: first on jeb bush. he spent a lot of that money. a lot of that money aimed at marco rubio frankly. that left trump somewhat
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untouched, has it not? >> the theory for jeb bush who is not well-liked in his party if he can simply destroy and break down, he has been successful to a certain degree, if he can continue to break down second-tier candidates he can be the last sort of traditional republican standing. that doesn't exactly spur a great burst of goodwill in the party to do it that way but he could possibly beat into submission that lane of the party and be only option available to them. however, ted cruz looks awfully good in south carolina. certainly republican establishment is not warming to him. they would much rather have something else but, if cruz does well in south carolina and demonstrates he is only guy to beat donald trump people might start looking at him in different way. bill: you wonder where cruz campaigns in this state? he went to myrtle beach, northeastern corner, orrery county yesterday. that is the force stop, you make the case why he is one to watch.
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after next saturday why would you say this race will be much different than it is today, chris? >> either jeb bush can kill marco rubio or he can't. if rubio comes back, if rubio has the debate performance john rob better was talking about, rick perry comparison brutal, i don't know that it was that bad. if marco rubio can bounce back in south carolina and finish third and be up there, then you will start to have separation, then he can shake off jeb bush finally. john kasich doesn't have a path forward in the republican party, you start to see three-man race. you start to get the trajectory. if bush undoes rubio or rubio fails in south carolina things stay muddled. that is good news for donald trump. bill: watch where they go. chris stirewalt in washington, d.c. appreciate your analysis. fiorina is out. christie is out. they have been good friends of our program seeps like for the last year. we thank them for being so willing to come on our program to talk about issues.
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they contributed greatly to this battle i believe. martha: a lot of people out there with very strong voices who have contributed a huge amount to the conversation going on in this country and chris christie and carly fiorina are two of them. with regard to marco rubio in south carolina, he has trey gowdy and tim scott in his corner. they will work very hard to try to rehabilitate marco rubio from damage that happened in new hampshire. long road ahead. we'll see where it is going. in the meantime, how about this? new questions being asked after the delegates were awarded for the democrats from new hampshire. you feel like you saw what happened in new hampshire, right? that bernie sanders hammered hillary clinton in that state. defeating her by more than 20 points in the vote. this is the vote. 60% to 38%. but, have you heard about this? despite the loss, i mean it is all about delegates, right? add up delegates across the primaries they're even, even-steven in new hampshire coming out of that state.
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clinton already had six superdelegates. do you know what a superdelegates is? democratic officials and party insiders, regardless how the people vote in the state, well, i pick this person. that could bode well in future primaries as welshes because the race is not close in some other areas. she is working on more than 360 superdelegates across the country to being committed to her. so far he convinced eight of those superdelegates to side with him. there are hundreds still up for grabs up there. bill, this reveals asking that i think people are getting a closer look at. they don't like it one bit. makes you wonder why show up for the primary if it is decided for handful of people with superdelegates who coronated one person. bill: we learn ad few things in iowa, didn't we? >> we sure did. it is not pretty out there, folks. bill: ten minutes past. jeb bushes, as we mentioned he is on the attack. first in south carolina.
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>> i'm taking him on. he is not a conservative. he is a person that tries to insult his way to the nomination. he is great entertainer. all the things we know what he is but not a leader. bill: that is bush on trump. one of his many targets. will the attacks turn into votes? karl rove weighs in a moment. martha: this is very disturbing story. american sailors mocked by iran during a military parade. the latest on the islamic republic's propaganda that has people rightfully outraged. bill: also all the politics is going and filling up your headlines, this is happening as well. the head of our intel saying that isis wants to attack us here at home within the year. what are we doing to stop them? we'll ask homeland security committee chair mike mccaul. he is our guest live to talk about this from james clapper just yesterday. >> isil's estimated strength worldwide exceeds that of al qaeda. isil's leaders are determined to strike the u.s. homeland.
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a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth. martha: big story as we get breaking news out of iran today. state tv releases video that shows a u.s. sailor crying while he was being held by the revolutionary guard last month. he was part of a group of sailors detained for accidentally crossing into iranian waters. the u.s. navy condemning footage, calling it quote, outrageous and unacceptable. there is more.
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iranian soldiers also mocking those captured soldiers, playing their parts at a parade that marked anniversary of the islamic revolution. this is so unbelievable. people in tehran dressed up as americans, part of the celebrations of the mullahs coming to power in 1979. we'll have more on this story as we go forward. ♪ >> isil, including its eight established and several more emerging branch has become the preeminent global terror threat. isil's leaders are determined to strike the u.s. homeland. bill: well, james clapper, director of national intelligence, strong comments about the growth of isis. my next guest just recently wrote the book, "failures of imagination." that is mike mccaul, chairman of homeland security committee. live in d.c. thank you for coming back here. >> thanks, bill. bill: a lot of that testimony
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along with lt. general vince stewart heads up dia. they talk about safe havens and how often and how many places they have grown. where are they now, sir? >> after the arab spring that created power vacuums across north africa, middle east. that is where primarily they are. of course the caliphate in iraq and syria is where isis headquarters are but you know what? they're branching out as we apply more pressure to them there, they're spreading into libya, primarily and really sort of taking over libya and parts of egypt as well. they're also very prevalent in indonesia. bill this is really global phenomena, if you will, of jihadists. they use the internet in powerful way to spread their message. bill: also apparently using the refugees. groups of refugees coming into europe. what are we learning about that now? >> half a million refugees in europe.
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we know that many of them have, are terrorists, isis in their own words want to use refugee program to infiltrate the west. that includes europe and the united states. and that's why you know, i introduced my bill that passed overwhelmingly to put a pause on the program till we have proper assurances they can be vetted. and signed off at highest levels before they're brought into the united states. very common sense, unfortunately the president issued a veto threat and senate couldn't get their job done. bill: so there is nothing moving on that then? >> the only thing that is moving are syrians coming into the united states. that's my biggest concern. bill: they have passports, and they can make passports. because they have this printing ability. i mean, you put the safe havens with the refugees and passport operation, i mean, what are you doing? >> well they took over literally like a printing press of ways to make passports in syria. we know that.
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we know that 35,000 foreign fighters have converged into the caliphate from 120 different countries. 6,000 of those have western passports, which is why we passed the visa waiver program, bill, we passed in december, to say if you traveled to iraq and syria, sudan or iran, you have to get a visa. you're not visa waiver-free from that. the sad thing i had hearing yesterday, the administration is now basically defying the law. secretary kerry very next day after president signed it issued a letter saying that creating all these exceptions that we never put in the law. and it's in my view putting the iranian deal over the safety of the american people. bill: you want to know who is taking this serious i, i know you are, clapper and stewart are, that is evident by their testimony yesterday. it was also revealed that the northern town in iraq called mosul, run by isis will not be
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liberated this year. rines counter to the administration said. that means this is a threat passed to next administration. what do you think about that? >> these elections are very important. whoever the next commander-in-chief is will inherit a mess this is generational struggle. it won't end in my lifetime or yours. i hope it end in my children's lifetime. this is not going away anytime soon. in fact the threat environment is the highest i've seen since 9/11. bill: wow. everywhere or here or where? >> i would say particularly to europe. i think they are very much wide open to the threat. but as isis is getting better at external operations like we saw in paris, like we saw in san bernanadino, the russian airliner, we are stopping a lot of bad things from happening but you just can't stop it all. that is my biggest concern. bill: no question about that. house homeland security chair, thank you, mike mccaul. thank you for coming in.
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your book is called. "failures of imagination." thank you for your time today. >> i appreciate it, bill. bill: 20 past. martha: all right. we'll take you all around the state of south carolina today as we look at some campaign stops. here is marco rubio in south carolina this morning. he is talking to a pretty big crowd, pretty big turnout for him. we'll see how that goes. we'll show you some other live events boeing on as well. bill: a lot of stops 10 days and counting. exclusive new details on the hillary clinton email investigation. why some say top secret intel may have spread much further than she has said before. >> you now know why the fbi thought it had to get involved here because the serious nature of the documents and the fact they were classified and sitting in someone's office in washington, d.c.
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bill: west point cadets going undercover online to fight isis recruitment to have a social media campaign where they direct them to site to moderate muslim views. that from west point. martha: fox news exclusive here. a government official con firming that at least a dozen email accounts handled top secret information they found on hillary clinton's server. you may remember those emails were recently deemed too damaging to national security to be released in any way, shape or form for people to look at. joining me now, judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. great to have you here. great reporting by catherine herridge on this. what have we learned? >> we learned from catherine and other colleague pamela broken and their sources mrs. clinton's top aides regularly received from mrs. clinton via her
6:25 am
private server, top secret emails. these are emails which the aides lacked security clearance to receive. this tells us a couple of things. one, mrs. clinton was so reckless in the manner in which she sent out top secret emails, knowingly sending them to people who weren't authorized to receive them. we know too, their acceptance, discussion and transfer of this is felony. we know, three, the fbi has leveraged. the justice department can indict her top aides and trade with them. what would they want? testimony against mrs. clinton in for a deal with them. that is the way the government works. martha: cheryl mills, huma abedin, patrick kennedy, all those names come up with regard to people in the circle. one of the things that strikes me, it appears that hillary clinton felt like she could run her own little sidebar to the government, right? she had, and they appear to have
6:26 am
believed that within their circle, they had a circle of trust. they weren't worried about passing this stuff around because they all worked together, know each other very well, and there was understanding that was okay. but that is not okay, is it? >> no, no it is not okay. in the process of exchanging top secret emails like you and i exchange email what studio i'm in and have interview with you, wittingsly or unwittingly, doesn't matter under the law, exposed the nation's most important secrets to persons who would cause us ill when they get those secrets. let me tell you what the fbi is not able to find. an email account of the state department and mrs. clinton's name. mrs. clinton used her private server for all of her governmental email. so, that -- martha: she claims that was completely legal. >> well it is certainly not legal for her to have caused top secret information to go to this
6:27 am
non-secure site. who did she talk to with the top secret information with, aside from her aides. the president himself. the president himself sending her email, he must see up there. doesn't say it says, clinton. martha: the question becomes what the department of justice does, and how much longer it will take fbi to make conclusion from their investigation here. what do you think the time frame is? >> jim comey, director of the fbi told us in october he expect ad recommendation by january 15th. that is a month ago. in fairness to him and to the fbi, they keep going down these rabbit holes and find more things to investigate. the investigation alone about whether or not she gave favors to foreign governments who hired her husband to give speeches and contributed to the clinton foundation, that investigation alone has hundreds of thousands of pages of doesn'ts in it. so the fbi's goal i believe is to make a discrete set of recommendations at one time. they're in no rush. they're not political.
6:28 am
their eyes are not on the bernie sanders-hillary clinton race. their eyes are on national security and criminal laws of united states of america which they have sworn to enforce. martha: both sides feel james comey is person of great integrity and he will make the recommendation based on what his investigation finds. >> i echo that. martha: what happens? >> then a decision for attorney general loretta lynch. she has a conflict because of her political contributions. they may call it politically. may call it on the straight-and-narrow. if she reject as recommendation from the fbi to indict, the repercussions against mrs. clinton will be in nye view as catastrophic to her political career as if she had been indicted. martha: judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. bill: fox news alert. standoff in oregon may have reach ad conclusion. what the fbi has done and how that is going over with those leading that protest. we'll update that story in a moment here. martha: jeb bush vowing he will go after donald trump in south carolina.
6:29 am
karl rove will analyze that strategy and whether or not it will work for jeb bush. but first, this from donald trump. >> i've spent less money than anybody else. and i'm number one. right? [cheering] so i've spent less money and then you have other people like jeb who spent more money than anybody else and is down toward the bottom of the pack.
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bill: oregon we're getting word standoff could be coming to an end. fbi surrounding protesters camped out more than a month. nevada assembly woman, acting as mediator trying to get last four holdouts to surrender. >> i am with you in spirit. god is with you in spirit. as we walk out we don't need our weapons. they can not fire upon you with the world watching. do you understand? bill: that from late night last night. more on quickly developing story this hour here in
6:33 am
"america's newsroom." ♪ >> trump fills the space because he says things that people want to say or want, believe, they believe that they don't want to say it out loud kind of deal. people are angry. they don't think the system works for them. so the question is, i've got to resonate by saying i'm not going to insult people. i will insult trump. if he goes after my mom or something like that, but i'm not going to take broad numbers about people and disparage women or say hispanics are all rapists. martha: jeb bush, calling out donald trump saying that the republican frontrunner is a bully and entertainer. that is a phrase he used quite a bit to talk about mr. trump, tapping into people's anger. jeb bush says the florida former governor told megyn kelly he is the only true conservative candidate willing or able to take on the real estate mogul. karl rove joins us now, former white house deputy chief of staff to president
6:34 am
george w. bush and fox news contributor. karl, welcome. great to have you here. >> thanks, martha. martha: this well thing moves to south carolina the you've seen politics in south carolina before. will it have any impact on donald trump. >> we'll see if it has impact. we saw both yesterday ted cruz in speeches and on television launch attacks at trump. trump responded with a tv ad. we saw jeb bush attack donald trump. my sense we'll see that escalate. the lines of attack will be different depending on candidate but they will all be aimed at what appear to be, what they think appear to be the weaknesses for trump trim in south carolina. as for example, in trump, in cruz's case he will go after him on social issues saying he supported partial-birth abortion and was for abortion rights. bush is going to make an attack yesterday, he brought up the bankruptcies which i think is one of the real vulnerabilities of rum traumatic larly in south caroline where there are a lot
6:35 am
of pop you youist conservatives who wouldn't understand why, with all his vast fortune do right by people got hurt in his bankruptcies. >> this has been so fascinating to watch so far. when you look at iowa, you look at new hampshire, came in much closer to the way that the polls looked. that is the question that remains for south carolina because donald trump has a very large lead in south caroled line right now and you hear a lot of support for him down there, because people are second quarter and tired of the way things are happening. they are supporting him. here he is last night at a clemson rally. watch a little bit of this, karl. >> you have a guy like bush, who has this big fund. [booing] it's terrible. i will be honest. the last thing we need is another bush. here's the statistic just came out. in new hampshire, he spent $39 million and what is he forth or fifth? martha: it is extraordinary.
6:36 am
when you looked at the money spent by candidates and the winners list, it was upside down basically, karl. >> yeah. martha: less people spent, better they did. the more they spent the worst they did. that has to leave a lot of donors feeling a little queasy this morning. >> yeah. i think that's right. and misspent in some instances. i would make a point about this though. i'm not certain how compelling it is in a republican primary to make the argument, my opponent spent a lot of money, i just don't. particularly if you are a guy goes around claiming who is gazillionaire self-funding your own campaign. second point in south carolina i would be careful about dismissing everybody named bush. there is new poll out that george w. bush has 87% approval rating among republicans. dismissing, trump doesn't seem to understand, south carolina has been very kind to george h.w. bush and to george w. bush over the years. i wouldn't be so quick to be so dismissive and petty about a
6:37 am
family that is revered in many corners of south carolina. martha: the guy in between these two, that it feels he is not getting enough, sort of attention for how well he did in new hampshire, i think that is probably a fair criticism. and how well he might do in south carolina is ted cruz. >> yeah. look, cruz has got a lot at sec in south carolina. in fact i think he has got more at stake than anybody else. he played new hampshire very smartly. he said i'm not going to raise expectations. i will talk about it is uncurved state, not a lot of social conservatives. then i will work the 23% of elect core rat white evangelicals and i will surprise. he came in third. looking at exit polls you were talking about the other night, in fact i heard you say this, in the fox exit polls trump beat cruz among white evangelicals 27-23. among "new york times" version of it, 28-24.
6:38 am
south carolina has a lot more evangelicals. if evangelicals go to trump not cruz, cruz is sunk. not only south carolina, but seven sec states, southern states vote on march 1st, cruz's strategy is, do really well, if not win south carolina. he would like to win south carolina but he really needs to win march 1st states and build on south carolina. if he doesn't take white evangelicals in south carolina, trump wins them then the cruz campaign is probably nearing an end. martha: that is exactly america sure we look at closely between these two people. you're absolutely right. real quick question, asking about superdelegate issue on democratic side and bernie sanders won in landslide they came out with basically same amount of delegates coming out of new hampshire. what is that like on gop side? what is that like on gop side. i'm getting a lot of questions on twitter. give us that real quick.
6:39 am
>> some people are elected superdelegates 10, 12 years ago. republican made mistake last couple years. they granted automatic status as delegate to the state chairman, national committeeman, national committee woman. three votes per state. in most instances they're bound to vote for outcome of their state, not free agents. democrat superdelegates, 712, completely free agents. that insurance policy if hillary clinton gets indicted, clinton delegates and superdelegates will unite together someone other than bernie sanders in my opinion. martha: everybody showing up at rallies thinking their vote will really count and place it. it is astonishing revelation about how it all works. karl, thank you very much. >> you bet. thank you. bill: here's some confidence for you. the dow is off triple digits in nine minutes of trading. we are well below 16,000 now. a lot of questions about the strength of the global market. a lot of questions about what janet yellen, federal reserve chair had to say yesterday,
6:40 am
about things that he is saying just are not positive. having big effect so far on stocks. we'll watch it. meantime, we're watching marco rubio. he is live now outside of hilton head, south carolina. that is a town hall, trying to recapture the momentum but says he will not to on the attack against donald trump. john kasich saying pretty much the same thing, pledging to run positive campaign. will that work when you're running against donald trump? we will debate that next. >> donald for short term he doesn't have any policy position. he tells you what he will do but won't tell you how he will do it. i don't think you can keep saying, trust me.
6:41 am
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martha: the u.s. senate voting unanimously for a bill that would tighten sanctions against north korea. after pongyang's most recent nuclear activity it would put financial pressure on come jong un's regime and try to defund
6:44 am
its nuclear ambitions. vote inspired a test what is called a hydrogen bomb. there is lot of question about that and rocket launch as well. candidates marco rubio and ted cruz taking a break from campaign trail to cast chose votes yesterday on capitol hill. >> when a republicans are doing this stuff to each other the democrats are sitting on the side just cheering. they love it. they love this stuff. they love to see it. love to see the media pit us against each other. >> when people go negative because they got something they're not doing right to connect. i would rather be connecting an being positive. bill: there is rubio and kasich taking a page from ronald reagan's 11th commandment, do not be critical of other republicans. the question whether or not that strategy can work in 2016. donald trump is verbally sledding his competition. doug schoen. monica crowley, opinion editor for "washington times," both fox news contributors.
6:45 am
hello you to both of you. no republican on republican violence, that a good strategy? >> they want all to be happy warriors. nobody thing for senator rubio, john kasich saying i will not come out to attack fellow republicans. very noble. we'll see how long it lasts because frontrunner donald trump has rhetorical machine gun he is not afraid to use. uses it almost on daily basis. that is why he is leading the pack. interesting to hear them say this we'll see how long it lasts. remember, they have super-pacs that are not constrained by this vow of positivity. they can certainly launch attacks. bill: curtain wean knee and that soup -- between me and that super-pac. doug, you always start positive and nice. but it only lasts so long. >> that's right. look where rubio finds himself. he was the subject of what you call a drive-by shooting by a former candidate chris christie,
6:46 am
knocked him down nine or 10 points in new hampshire. now he is saying let's all play nice. give me a break. he has been eviscerated by negative communication. he now doesn't want it. governor kasich really, i guess has a positive message but he finished in second and it is pretty hard to see where in south carolina or the sec primaries he will get any votes. bill: we'll find out about that. kasich said, what, i'm not a pin cushion or a marshmallow. i will not absorb them without being tough. >> that is true. bill: i thought what was leaked from the bush team late on tuesday night was fascinating. kasich wants to gut the military, a big issue in south carolina. rubio not ready to be president. he proven that. that is the argument he is making here. trump, i'm only one willing to go after him. how do you see the argument in south carolina? >> there are basically go lanes. you have trump-cruz dynamic and more establishment rain of kasich, bush and rubio. there is infighting between those three and going after the
6:47 am
top tier which is cruz and trump. jeb bush realizes he came in forth. okay. trying to spin that as positive and still has resources to go forward. those attacks might be somewhat effective in south curl line, a veteran-heavy state. also, it is the establishment in south carolina does have some influence. so he is angling to be the alternative to cruz and to trump. that is what the establishment panic now is all about. bill: if you were analyzing this or even giving them advice, doug? good strategy? >> this is trump-cruz election in south carolina. bush is desperately trying to find a way in this leaked memo to me is memo reflection of desperation of his candidacy. bill: you both think this is trump-cruz battle for first? >> correct. bill: others are having their own primaries within a primary? >> correct. third, fourth or fifth. >> to position themselves to all term i have to the populist donald trump and true conservative ted cruz.
6:48 am
bill: what do you write about in the "washington times"? >> my column about the revolt happening on republican side. there is revolt happening on democratic side. i focus my attention on the voters revolt. why donald trump is leading the pack. why ted cruz gotten so much traction. voters are in open revolt. political earthquake we started to see both in iowa and new hampshire has only begun to shake. bill: can cruz beat trump in south carolina? >> he can. i don't think he will. certainly possible if he mobilizes evangelicals the way he did in iowa. a word about monica's piece. she's right. it will get worse. it is happening on the democratic side. the only surprise about 2016 is that the whole election is a complete unknown. bill: that it? >> ted cruz also i i want to pot out, senator cruz has very sophisticated ground operation in south carolina and across the south. bill: can he beat trump in south carolina.
6:49 am
>> possible to give him run for his money. >> i'm betting donald trump. bill: as a democrat will you see the day that the democratic party allows bernie sanders as their nominee? >> i hope if he gets majority of the delegates as george mcgovern did in 1972 that bernie sanders is allowed to be nominee should that happen. >> you know what i think? bill: whoa, whoa. that wasn't yes or no. >> that is unabashed, yes, bill. if he wins he should get nomination. with the superdelegates as i was saying to martha before, it looks likes process is rigged against them. >> my opinion on democratic side neither one is going to be the democratic nominee. neither mrs. clinton nor bernie sanders. bill: whole biden, bloomberg. >> the game is far from over. >> more to do with the fbi i think. >> correct. bill: thank you, doug and monica. martha, what's next? martha: new hampshire feeling the bern around hillary clinton struggling, new reports michael bloomberg sees opening in the
6:50 am
democratic presidential race. will former governor get in and what impact will it actually have? what a-list actor taking on the role of donald trump with a brand new video is now going viral. who is that? >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. i can build you a much nicer one. real estate. if he is stuck in quicksand, he's gone. sue them, jerry. sue them! murph, you have got to change your mind about the taj mahal. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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>> you're donald trump. >> that is my name and you can not wear it out, trust me. you must really want this book? >> all the stores are sold out. >> do you know this is the second best-selling book of all time? after the bible. which took 12 guys to write. you know what?
6:54 am
it is boring. very boring. bill: that is johnny depp good stuff. starring at donald trump, latest spoof from "funny or die." comedic website, turning trump's best-seller, art of the deal, to a 50 minute mock bio pic. with a lot of cameos like henry winger. i have not heard trump respond to this. perhaps he has. loser. martha: you have to have a sense of humor if you will get into this game. pretty funny. bill: "funny or die." martha: all right. so the fbi is moving in to surround that oregon wildlife refuge where four protesters are still holding out. now the standoff lasted more than a month and it could be finally coming to an end. william la jeunesse live in our west coast newsroom. so, william, what, bring us back up to speed on this whole thing. what led to this? reporter: tell you the last straw, martha, came yesterday when one of the protesters seemed to taunt the fbi by
6:55 am
bursting through a barrier on atvs, speeding back inside when police gave chase. that follow this is stunt over the weekend doing doughnuts in a government vehicle. >> it is a u.s. government vehicle. see that? it's a u.s. government vehicle. and i think i'm going to take it on a little joyride you know. yeah. yeah. start this baby up. you have another charge on me, fbi. reporter: last night the fbi began to move in. holdouts called a nevada lawmaker who urged men to give up peacefully. here is audio clip from that conversation over youtube. >> we're innocent people. in a public facility. if you're going to murder us, only way we're leaving here is either dead or without charges claim. to you're wasting your time. you're wasting taxpayer dollars. reporter: one point you can hear the fbi say, come out with your hands up. to avoid an armed confrontation,
6:56 am
the holdouts agreed to turn themselves in this morning at 8:00 a.m., leaving their weapons in their vehicles. martha? martha: wow, incredible. as you say last night they arrested man who really started whole thing, right? reporter: yeah. cliven bundy is the 74-year-old rancher whose dispute over grazing fees in nevada arguably started whole movement. last night the fbi arrested him at portland airport on charges interfering with federal officer, the same filed against his sons for taking over the refuge in oregon. bundy planned to meet up with the remaining holdouts at the refuge but no way the fbi would let that happen. that surrender should take place in one hour. dan springer is there. we'll have it for you live. martha: thank you. bill: back to the campaign, look, in south carolina you will watch these candidate for the next 10 days or so. you have debate this saturday night in greenville south carolina.
6:57 am
marco rubio will try to re-establish his momentum from this day going forward. bret baier will analyze all the back and forth now. there is a lot to play with in south carolina. we'll talk to bret coming up, top of the hour. world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. ..
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>> republican candidate spreading across south carolina trying to draw up support for next week's primaries coming fast and furious at this point and no time to rest for these folks, john kasich fresh off his second place finish in new hampshire holding a town hall this hour and a restaurant is said to have drawn a pretty huge crowd. america's newsroom, i am marissa mccallum. bill: if the polling is right, john kasich delivering enough pitch to maintain his momentum
7:01 am
without getting nasty, defying the polls and pundits. >> i said to everybody if we can withstand the beatings we got in new hampshire and beat those people, and the light overshadowed the darkness, and turning a page about the way the policy issues operate. martha: bret baier joins us, good to see this morning, john kasich is hoping things are turning the page, history is a guidance of carolina, generally not the case, maybe it will be different this time but what do you think? >> highly doubtful. i don't think south carolina is the place where the negative ads just start flowing and there are ads and super pacs and i would
7:02 am
expect the barack john donald trump to be intense. it hasn't really as of yet although there have been negative attacks i think there will be a lot of them in south carolina ahead of this primary. john kasich is not well positioned for south carolina but he has momentum out of new hampshire. the biggest winner is donald trump and he is well positioned, ted cruz also lines up with south carolina and coming in third in new engine gives him a boost as well. martha: ted cruz is someone to watch in south carolina, he has a natural base with evangelicals and if someone is looking for alternative to donald trump he may be where they go but jeb bush, john kasich and the rest hope it will be families in terms of the negative stuff, one of the questions about that, he is such a public guy, what can you dig up on donald trump that you haven't already seen, some suggest he is putting new
7:03 am
material out there that might be problematic, here's an interview he did with greta van susteren. >> we are down to not many people, six at the end of the day wore less and once you get to a certain level it changes. i will be changing rapidly. i am very capable of changing to anything i want to change to. "imus in the morning" when you can see that being used in one of those ads. >> reporter: you can hear it right now. i can change into whatever want to change into an showing past statements on in number of fiche is where he was aligned with the democratic party in the past. expect that to come up. his business dealings, there will probably be at the deal with at and some of the things that did not work for donald trump in his business past and in south carolina it goes down the personal pac pretty quickly as we saw with john mccain and other candidates.
7:04 am
it could get ugly. another story is marco rubio and whether he is able to bounce back. he is joking today about the glitch if you will let the debate, saying i will keep saying and he said i am the opposite of rick perry, former texas governor, said he couldn't remember things in the debate. i remember them too well. started to joke about it. i don't know if that will help but he needs a finish in south carolina because the fire wall of nevada that the marco rubio campaign talked about is a little down the road. >> and we see how quickly things tighten as you get closer in and we just saw him on the stage with trey gowdy and two different sections of south carolina where they have their strengths, how important is that? >> endorsements overall i don't think mean that much this cycle. it is more anti-establishment,
7:05 am
anti-washington, but tim scott and trey gowdy, well respected in south carolina could move indeed. martha: thank you so much. join brett tomorrow night for the premiere of the new special on the voter revolt because this is the story of the moment, what is happening with donald trump and bernie sanders across this country and where it came from. we will talk politics to veterans of the field and everyday people like you and find out what is behind this wave of political unrest, a voter revolt debuts friday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern and you can see it again at 8:00 eastern on saturday and sunday as well. bill: there is outrage after the release of this, he and nine others were captured by the revolutionary guard month ago, the navy condemning the video which was aired on iranian state tv.
7:06 am
compounding the insult, the sale this mock today in some corporations that marked the 1979 revolution that toppled the shah. jennifer griffin has more on this. let's start with a propaganda, that is what this is. how and why is iran using it? >> reporter: today marks the overthrow of the shock, beginning the islamic revolution, celebrated with parade across the country. this year iran used the opportunity to humiliate the united states by reenacting the capture of ten u.s. sailors was two navy purpose rowboats wanted into iranian waters and surrendered at gunpoint to iran's revolutionary guard. actors playing u.s. sailors are shown submissive flee with their hands up as their iranian captors mock them and the crowds cheered. connell: where are the status now and what we know about in?
7:07 am
>> reporter: privately pentagon officials say they're disappointed in their actions. another example of how iran is using the incident for propaganda at home, yesterday iran released a video that included this image of one of the u.s. sailors weeping, another embarrassing twist in this propaganda battle. i ask defensible jerry ash carter recently how he felt about seeing his sailors held at gunpoint. >> i was very increase, i will get the international law but ito you, americans would not have done that, to see our guys in that situation on iranian tv, that is really not okay. and we would not have done that. martha: leaders in tehran had a different reaction. ayatollah khamenei gave the iranian guards to of the teen usa of this metals recently, the pentagon has not said whether the u.s. sailors will be
7:08 am
punished for their actions, when asked when we can talk to the sailors and hit a point of view pentagon officials simply say the incident is under investigation. bill: updates live from the pentagon. martha: the irs commissioner facing questions on the agency's budget. john, skin and --koskonin looking for more cash. >> reporter: it is the time of year the president had his budget request out, since agency heads to explain why they need more money, $1 billion is what the irs is asking for, additional funding for the next fiscal year over what it has gotten this year, the irs says it can't do the job efficiently enough with the money is getting with the budget cuts it has gotten and it needs that cash. >> it is a major step in the right direction and i can assure
7:09 am
congress we will use these resources wisely and efficiently. but the irs is under significant financial constraint. >> reporter: will total $12 billion next year. congress approved the president's request, the irs is working with 17,000 fewer employees than it had in 2010 and is dealing with 7% increase in tax filing since 2010. martha: it could get some tinges out there. >> absolutely. there are two hearings, one on the house appropriations committee, second in the house oversight and government reform committee. some of the republican members of those committees are asking to impeach john koskinen over the law was lennar investigation, she was in charge of the tax-exempt organization, the agency that was delaying the number of tea party groups and conservative groups to get tax-exempt status but there's also the protection of taxpayer identification, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer information stolen and the ira's just announced 100,000 taxpayer
7:10 am
ids create in numbers, that could lead to using and to steal money from the irs under assumed names of republicans are saying they can't do the job they have done, protect taxpayer id but you have the irs saying the reason is we don't have enough funding and need more money and expect to go round and round. bill: another candidate dropping out of the race. could another drop in? michael bloomberg, does he have a shot? black in new and the targets -- who is behind it and will it make any difference in south carolina? plus this. >> we go back -- hold on a
7:11 am
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trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ bill: the family escaping as job fire burned their log cabins to the ground, that's what miserable for miles away, greene county, va. the roof collapsed of yards later, firefighters said they will let it burn out,
7:15 am
no word on what caused this fire. >> advisors for michael bloomberg reported pc the results of the new hampshire primary as a potential opening for him to decide to get into this race. senior adviser to john mccain's presidential campaign is quoted in the wall street journal as saying the current field is a week and unelectable, quote, any combination of them in a general election would open a path for an independent candidate. there's a big opening in the middle of the electorate and bloomberg is on point in that debate. let's see what the panel thinks about that idea. republican political analyst and campaign consultant executive vice president, fox news contributor and david goodfriend former deputy of staff secretary to president bill clinton. welcome. let me start with you. what the using. is this a likely candidacy for michael bloomberg?
7:16 am
>> he has concluded three things to entertain and set himself to these entertaining this, that hillary could lose the nomination and bernie sanders is not an acceptable alternative on the democrats side and that donald trump can win the nomination and here we are again just two days after devastating loss in new hampshire with more bad headlines for hillary clinton which is going to be a problem for her leading up to south carolina. bloomberg's problem is the following please use unacceptable to those. if you walk down the middle of the road you will hit on either side. for conservatives they are not going to like is global warming positions and gun-control positions. for democrats, this idea of wealth inequality in income inequality they don't want to wall street billionaire who calls himself a fiscal conservative. tendency as space for him outside the northeast which will hurt democrats in the general election. martha: my audio is breaking up the little bit. let me go to you for a moment is the idea about michael bloomberg
7:17 am
and whether he can get in. a superdelicate issue, what happened in new hampshire hard to figure out a way hillary clinton won't some of the nomination regardless how many people elect bernie sanders. >> i want to agree something tony said which is the bloomberg candidacy as since hillary clinton is not the nominee. that is correct. if bernie sanders is on one side and donald trump is on the other that leaves an opening in the middle for michael bloomberg, hillary clinton will deny him that opportunity. i think she will be the nominee and she does have the chops to capture and go after the center. martha: the latest bernie sanders ad. talked about what his platform is and whether or not that is actually getting any real attention, he has great ads, probably the best political ads we have seen this season in terms of look and feel and how much they attract attention. here is his new peace. >> when we say to get their and
7:18 am
demand this country work for all of us rather than the few, we will transform america and that is what this campaign is about, bringing people together. martha: he wants to transform america, once free health care for everybody paid for by the government, he wants the government to pay for college for everybody, and it is pretty tough to see what he doesn't want the government to the fore recently except perhaps your groceries although i ensure you like to see a lot of people get that covered at all by the food stamp program, is it getting lost in the shuffle that this nice older man from vermont wants to make this a socialist country? >> hillary clinton is following right behind him. bernie sanders is winning the argument. this is the big story of the first 2 contests in iowa and new hampshire.
7:19 am
democrats, the plurality, 43% identified themselves as socialists. most democrats identify themselves as progressives. this is not the democrat party. what you have seen consistently is bernie sanders setting the terms of the debate, winning the argument among the people and hillary following suit, not getting the same reaffirmation from the electorate because they don't view her as authentically the champion for their issues the way they view bernie sanders. >> at what point does he turn his focus from wall street as the big bogeyman in our room to his own party where he is about to get into the difficult situation under this superdelegate regime? why isn't he saying they are the big problem, they're the ones who will shut out, not wall street? >> you are going to see some internal party debates over the soul of the democratic party but there is nothing unusual about that. we have seen that in prior elections as well.
7:20 am
something i always point out is the independent candidates, progressive candidate from my home state of wisconsin lost the presidential election but absolutely influenced fdr to put in place a new deal. in this case the same dynamic, an independent, someone on the outside of the democratic party but trying to move the party in that direction is not unusual. we have seen it decades. "imus in the morning" when you are not bothered by his wanting to transform america? >> i don't see it that way. he -- when he said at georgetown university's that every time this country has reformed and included that has been cast as socialism or communism by the other side including medicare and obamacare blue and chef >> how big the government gets is a purely political description. >> that is an argument every
7:21 am
republican wants to have be the terms of the debate in the general election, that is why few much better off in some respects with bernie sanders of the hillary clinton has -- martha: thank you very much, keeps it interesting. good to see you both. >> hillary clinton might have bigger fish to fry than bernie sanders, new revelations on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. intel found on her private server was handled by her top aides. what does that mean? >> the nightmare's over for passengers on a cruise ship tossed around by 30 foot waves in a violent storm. >> i thought we were going to die. you hear horror stories but you never really live from cancel your actually in the situation. this was supposed to be my 25th wedding anniversary and it turned out to be a nightmare. i will remember this for the
7:22 am
rest of my life.
7:23 am
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bill: a bombshell and the e-mail scandal blogging hillary clinton, top secret in telling her e-mails passed through at least a dozen different accounting fluting those of her top aides. cheryl mills and jake sullivan. michael goodwin, fox news contributor, here to talk to me about this. two major points. the issue stays there for the public day to day and all say there is a shifting response you have heard from her. where did this points stand? >> the two tracks are political and legal. politically we saw in new hampshire house this has really
7:26 am
taken its toll on her. the question of honesty she lost by 95-2 or something like that or 92-5. it was 91-5 that you were not far off. that is an amazing reflection of how serious the erosion of purchase worthy measurements are among democratic and independent voters. secondly i think every time there is a new report, kathryn heritage did this work because nobody else seems to be understanding how significant this is but every time there's a new explosion of details of this with more people -- these involved the 22 e-mails that are so sensitive, top-secret that the justice department or the state department cannot release from effort. they were being viewed by lots of people on her staff as low they were routine scheduling.
7:27 am
>> the other major issues this put pressure on the fbi and the white house. how? >> every revelation adds to the weight that in the public domain that she should be indicted and she isn't, this raises the bar on them. makes it a tougher held for them to climb if they did not indict her. it must be explained to the public after all be run offs, all the insiders telling what is going on. the fbi has confirmed publicly it is investigating her handling of classified e-mail. all of this creates a burden for the justice department of the white house. why shouldn't she be indicted when we know others were. >> this goes back and forth. do you think they will? >> i personally do not. i believe president obama has given her the all clear. with jay carney saying he wants her to win. if the president basically wants
7:28 am
her to win and has effectively endorsed -- they will not use that word, you have to say that in there he knows, he has determined she will not be indicted because he would not be endorsing her if she were going to be indicted. she is the one that will ultimately make this decision, would not -- >> kathryn heritage and pamela brown reporting. is it possible this is a squeeze play on her top aides? do you see it going to? >> the fbi could be using selective leaks to put pressure on them so i doubt again that is the case. i think these are in my opinion people within the fbi and think this is serious enough who are concerned that it will not get the proper handling because of a political nature of it. >> michael goodwin from the new york post, nice to see you again. years martha.
7:29 am
>> the federal government is filing a suit against the city of ferguson after the deadly police shooting and the protests that followed. hear what they want the city to do, something ferguson leaders say they simply cannot afford. >> an action figure, donald trump as an action figure, not meant as a compliment as you will see, brand-new poll, check that, brand new ad from a republican rival named ted cruz. we will debate how effective this is next. >> too big to fail. >> i gave money to nancy pelosi and anthony wiener. ha in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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7:32 am
bill: ted cruz taking aim at donald trump, this and slamming the front runner, features children playing with a prompt action ball, slams trump as a phony conservative. >> that is a loud dumb.
7:33 am
i'm going to take your house with eminent domain. and park my limo there. >> we wouldn't tolerate these values in our children, why would want them in a president? bill: it goes from there. leslie marshall, syndicated talk show host and fox news contributor, hello to both of you. i am looking through my notes, neither one of you like this that. got a sense of humor? >> listen. i have always despised people who use children in political ads, don't care if i agree with the shoe or disagree with the issue. any adult who wants to run for president should not coopt children to carry his message and there are some good points in the ad. if made by an adult about the political positions of donald trump. i don't agree with all of them but the fact is trump has
7:34 am
resonated with so many american republicans and conservatives despite some of his liberal points of view. as for giving money to both sides if you talk to anybody who does business in this country, big companies and big individuals like donald trump to indeed give money to both sides because they operate in a political environment and need both sides. >> tea party much said that. back to the spot, trump is the republican, i would give the money to be my friends. i took it tongue in cheek but apparently neither of you do. >> hell has definitely frozen over because we agreed today. i think it is terrible to use children in the sensationalistic mother and i'm a mother of two, 78-year-old, for political gains. to go further just looking at this from a business and political standpoint everyone is talking about the ad and the kids but it is not necessarily
7:35 am
helping ted cruz or hurting donald trump so it didn't do what ted cruz wanted so i think it backfired. >> if you're analyzing this commercial, the words that i used because soon it will be leveled by an adult and not kids. here is donald trump from last night near clemson university in northwestern part of the state of south carolina. watch. >> people are tired of losing in this country. we are losing all the time. people are tired of stupidity and we are not going to have it anymore. we won't have it. we had a case where somebody was talking about the danger is they think i have. i am not an angry person. we are a angry about the way our country is run. >> he takes his message from new hampshire to south carolina. is south carolina much different from the voters in new hampshire who have clearly spoken? >> i think he is going to do --
7:36 am
donald trump is going to do very well in south carolina and his message is resonating with the americans are sick and tired of the political class on both sides ended seems both parties are getting that message that the outsiders or those perceived as outsiders are going to do very well against those who are perceived as operating from within the system although it is hard to understand how democrats see bernie sanders as an outsider. he has been in politics almost his entire life. bill: which is a long time. and he would not disagree with that. he has been in d.c. forever. is it donald trump vs. ted cruz in south carolina or is there something lurking out there the we have not seen? >> i think we have seen a heck of a performance in new hampshire by john kasich although i do think south carolina is going to be between donald trump and ted cruz, south carolina has a lot of evangelical voters that are
7:37 am
republicans and donald trump is going to bring some of those republicans who want an outsider, not establishment person, non politician or some of those independents who are not happy with the rest of the field who like some of his proposals regarding immigrants or muslims so i think ted cruz is going to do a lot better, polls are showing evangelicals but i think donald trump controlled zone to a degree in that state. i don't see john kasich and marco rubio measuring up. >> i want to see what kind of crowd the 40 third president gets. and what day they decide to rule him out and what he says and what attention that draws. there is a memo leaked on tuesday night that lays out jeb bush at strategy. he is going to say this about john kasich and this about marco rubio and this about donald trump. >> he spends $60 million in eight months going from the presumptive front runner to
7:38 am
bottom of the pile that now he is surging back from fifth place. i will believe it when i see it. i think it is over for jeb bush, politically speaking he is a dead man walking. bill: we will see. thanks, 22 before the hour. >> the feds are now suing the city of ferguson, missouri, the justice department filing a lawsuit after the city refused to fully approved an agreement to radically reshaped their troubled police force. ferguson's government says the agreement would cost too much and it could send the city into bankruptcy. matt sins live in chicago. how did we get here? >> after those historic and fiery protests in ferguson which many of us remember and the allegations of racism and the department of justice went into investigate the police department to make sure it was operating according to constitutional law. after a lengthy investigation
7:39 am
they released a scathing report among some of its complaint against ferguson, the city is routinely violating residents's rights, ms. using law enforcement to generate revenue, there's a pattern of unconstitutional police conduct in the city indeed an evidence of racist jokes by ferguson police officers and court officials so over several months the city of ferguson and the doj and negotiated how to fix this and came to an agreement. tuesday night ferguson city council voted to adopt that agreement but with last-minute changes, those not agreed upon by the doj. the tone of the finding, it's suggestions to remedy the problems would bankrupt the city costing $3.7 million in the first year. the doj did not take lightly to ferguson's last-minute move and immediately filed a federal lawsuit against the city. martha: where does it go from here? >> loretta lynch said the doj painstakingly worked with ferguson over several months,
7:40 am
agreed upon these changes but they are done negotiating and ferguson might end up paying for its last-minute decisions. >> is extremely unfortunate the city has chosen to litigate this matter rather than move directly to these remedies every form this that have proven a benefit to the city and avoid cost litigation. >> there are critics who say ferguson was smart not to pass the degree because if this goes past president obama's time win office which it likely will happen, interest in it might die down. this morning we reached out to ferguson and we have not heard a response. martha: thank you. bill: hundred american soldiers on the most dangerous and volatile part of afghanistan. this while the war continues. jack king with us in a moment. >> finally back to shore after a stomach turning right on this
7:41 am
cruise to nowhere. you cannot believe what this went for a. the storms headed their way without their drilling. >> they knew what to do. >> you see the crew preying on rosary beads and crying, it was so scary. ♪ woah oh oh... ♪ mmmm... come on... ♪ be mine...
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martha: the army is sending hundreds more u.s. troops to afghanistan, the first such deployment since combat operations were declared over. in 2014, 500 soldiers will head to southern helmand province to counter a surge in taliban in that area. this move comes as president obama tries to bring troops home before he leaves office. what is going on here?
7:45 am
retired four star general comments and fox news military analyst general keane, good to see you, good morning. the president has told us for years to end board in iraq and afghanistan, now you see and escalating situation on the ground in afghanistan. is it not? >> oh yes, absolutely true. this has been a deterioration situation for well over a year when we stopped combat operations. what is so frustrating about this, this is not a surprise and so disappointing. we are moving in the same direction and they did in iraq which is a debacle and that is driven by u.s. policy decisions. the key u.s. policy decision in afghanistan driving this situation, the president of the united states and his team may arbitrary, forced level decisions, overrode the general's recommendation and drew down our too rapidly and too steep and that is the issue.
7:46 am
the afghans were not ready to cope with that taking 100,000 combat forces out and also deal with the surging taliban who were trying to take advantage of the situation once combat forces were out and we were no longer in combat operations. these were policy decisions from the white house, not from field commanders. martha: we don't hear anything about it. we are still at war in afghanistan, sending 500 more army soldiers into action, they would say thained, is that your understanding? >> these troops won't do anything with the worsening security situation other than protect other americans and secure a military base, they won't be in combat operations. let me explain to our viewers so they can understand why the situation is deteriorating. we always provide to the afghan intelligence, logistics', medevac, attack helicopters and
7:47 am
fighter aircraft. we pull all of that out except the fighter aircraft, that is 64% less. those are the same resources we provide to our forces, the afghan forces are infantry. those are the same resources we provide nato forces to include the brits so if we took that away from our combat forces in afghanistan when nato forces pull that away from them they would suffer as a result of it. why are we surprised the afghan forces don't have that capability when we pull it away, they are deteriorated in terms of the security situation. that is what is outrageous. our commanders tried to tell washington they should not do this and we should do it much more slowly until afghans fill that capabilities themselves. martha: we spend billions of dollars, human life, all kinds of losses in order to make the sacrifices for afghanistan, the president himself said that was
7:48 am
where we should have been in the first place, president bush never should have gone into iraq, afghanistan is where the threat was from and the taliban was the enemy at that point so now you have a situation on the ground as the president gets close to ending his second term and you look at the report card in afghanistan the taliban is now resurgent in afghanistan despite all the efforts of our troops there and so is al qaeda and so is isis in afghanistan now as well. they have a triple threat that didn't exist before. >> absolutely true and the president and his team recognize there's a problem there and it is not going to do what needs to be done. we have a new president obviously january 20th of 17 -- january of 2017. us is the democrat or republican, will say what will it take? what do we need to make this right? that is the simple question that will be asked and i guarantee there will be a different response than we have been
7:49 am
watching in front of us for the last couple years and the other thing is the insurgency in afghanistan, that hasn't been defeated that allowed to have a safe haven and there are two safe-haven the taliban has in pakistan, to tolerate that is outrageous because pakistan is supposed to be our ally and they are aiding and abetting the taliban in those sanctuaries. we should have knocked that awful long time ago. peter: one is frightening because the taliban created a sanctuary and safe-haven for usama bin laden and we saw what happened then and now we have a similar situation that continues in that country as well. thank you sell much, good to speak with you. bill: finley park in boston like you have never seen it before. give sliding home in new meaning. ♪
7:50 am
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voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting martha: all eyes on south carolina and nevada as those states have red hot race for the white house, gloves coming, as both sides look for a long slog over the summer. guessing thing chris wallace, watching stocks and global economic fears. another financial crisis coming up on "happening now". martha: red sox fancying fenway a different way. this is such a brilliant idea, a ski jump in centerfielder, sliding all the way to home plate they go, fenway hosting a
7:54 am
big air, sea and snowboarding event, featuring the best athletes around the world. can't think of anything more fun than watching this. i wish i could do it myself. you do this kind of finger. bill: they went from vermont -- on wheat ago. back at the dock, passengers back on dry land, that cruise ship granted stormy weather last weekend, this was a rough ride. live at terminal bay in new jersey how are they doing today? >> reporter: painful descriptions of the trip from hell for thousands of passengers making their way back on land in new jersey, they are back, getting back with their lives but these waves reach heights of 30 feet, where passengers were
7:55 am
instructed to hunker down as the cruise ships sailed in hurricane force winds for 10 hours sunday afternoon, the ship, 45 degrees for much of that era when ride. >> we could not state in our room, the waves hitting back window looked like a truck, sound like a truck was hitting the window and we didn't know how long it would hold up so we went outside the hallway. >> reporter: they put our safety at risk and they basically put us at risk for our lives. >> reporter: weather experts question the decision to continue with the cruise when there were several storm warnings out there before they left. royal caribbean said those storm was worse than they produce and are offering all 4,529 passengers a full refund and voucher for 50% off their necks ride because of what happened. bill: the cruise line says it will make some changes.
7:56 am
like what? >> reporter: a spokesperson has come out and said these customers never should have experienced what they did and an executive said they identified gaps in their planning system that they are addressing and offered them. >> we are looking at everything we did, find ways to do better and make whatever changes unnecessary. >> reporter: there's talk of an investigation, national transportation safety board looking into the incident saying, quote, we are actively engage with u.s. and international partners to determine what would be the best cause of action in accordance with established international protocol. the ship you see behind us is getting repairs done and they will go back out next weekend once they are ready for sailing again. bill: thanks. martha: hillary clinton and
7:57 am
bernie sanders in a pitched battle to win the support of african american voters and one of those will win a key endorsement today. >> with his should have taken a left at the river. >> excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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bill: i give these candidates a lot of credit, because i feel like i need a nap today. martha: were you happy to be home in your own bed last night? [laughter] bill: yes, it was good. martha: it was fun. we learned a lot. great trip. good to be back, everybody. have a good day, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ jenna: we're awaiting a major endorsement in the democratic presidential race as the two candidates get ready to face off in their first debate since the new hampshire primary. i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. the congressional black caucus expected to throw its support behind hillary clinton, and the group's backing could have a big impact in south carolina and nevada ahead of the next contests there just as clinton comes off a dramatic loss to bernie sand ors in new hampshire -- sanders in new hampshire and as the candidates gear up for a debate tonight in mill withdraw key.


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