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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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when you switch to directv. >> you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered". i am sandra smith, here's they harass falkner, andrea tantaros, the host of kennedy on our sister network, kennedy and one lucky guy, fox news contributor and iraq and afghanistan veteran is here and we always tell you you are "outnumbered". >> a big difference. always good to have you. let's get started as the republican race for the white house, that once crowded republican field getting smaller. carly fiorina and chris christie
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bowling out after a disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire meeting seven republicans too rumble the first in the south primary in south carolina nine days from now. the clear politics average polls showing donald trump way out in front in the palmetto state by nearly 20 points over ted cruz who is in second place, those polls taken before trump won the new hampshire primary. ted cruz who came in third place but won iowa doesn't think south carolina wants another dealmaker and when the dust clears it will come down to him and the donald. >> at this point is becoming more between me and donald trump and what we are seeing is conservatives uniting behind our campaign and if conservatives continue to unite we are going to win the nomination and that is how we win. >> in the words of the graham it you are not ready to play don't
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come to south carolina. is the race down to donald trump and ted cruz? >> he will be a bloodbath. everyone is saying the word bloodbath because south carolina has so many evangelical voters and ted cruz did well in new hampshire so he can argue i am coming out strong and i will battled donald trump, this is perfectly suited for ted cruz. he will give donald trump a run for his money. what is interesting is someone like donald trump was able to capture evangelicals in a place like iowa. can he do it again in south carolina. i think this talk of marco rubio being counted out, i wouldn't do it. i would not count marco rubio out. he will work really hard but the bush campaign seems to have what it needed out of new hampshire, a little momentum even a fourth police wind could give some strings to make another go at this and they have a case for that but it will be interesting to watch the battle and a separate battle mentioned
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yesterday, the nfc and afc fighting it out right now. >> much different voting bloc, bigger voting bloc, how will candidates change their strategy? >> here's have solidified a little bit, especially the top two. it really will be a lot of incoming bush versus rubio rubio versus bush. whoever comes in third is going to carry the mantle as the third lane, and many people assumed it would be marco rubio, he was bruised out of new hampshire, had to have a good debate performance saturday, he is a very good debater, he is in a good spot to recover and he and bush will go after each other. lot of people feel of fourth place finish in south carolina is going to be a serious problem. >> the debate saturday night could be a game change. >> they have all been a game change her.
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what you are talking about between marco rubio and bush is pertinent now because you had coming out of the last debate and out of new hampshire marco rubio saying the reason i didn't do well in that debate is i was trying not to shoot inside the tent, trying not to be -- >> with a minute, you have to do that if you're going to get through low war here. >> south carolina, something valued here, marco rubio breathing a sigh of relief now that chris christie is out of a race, that hurt marco rubio and didn't help chris christie and jeb bush is relying on his family history to do well in south carolina but if this polling holds, the averages across the country i think jeb could have problems moving past south carolina. >> he had to send $36 million to come fourth in new hampshire, he is not a very strong candidate. we have seen that over and over
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but trump is the front runner, ted cruz is only fair to weaken him. trump is the front runner and john kasich had a strong performance, his viability after new hampshire i don't think is very great. >> we may have something going here. it is not hospitable territory to him. >> the poll we just cited as we mentioned took place before new hampshire, 20 point lead donald trump has over ted cruz before winning new hampshire. >> one thing about jeb bush, what a sigh of relief for him because he won't be punching donald trump now. he has to take on marco rubio. that has to be a better thing latinos them well, comiknows thn
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the primary race. >> marco rubio is the future and jeb bush by attacking him and everyone else merely preventing the opportunity -- marco rubio may have stumbled but talk to conservatives out there or establishment or whatever, jeb bush, nice guy, great family, not the right time and marco rubio could be that. >> need to continue that chris christie attack because it is the effective, you are not ready for the job. >> chili chris christie does doing that. >> it actually -- criticizing donald trump, jeb looks worse criticizing donald trump than going after marco rubio. >> can he do it? he is not donald trump, has trouble getting a glove on someone to this point. out of those two places above
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the other one going into florida has a true test, these are florida guys, florida will tell us which one wins. >> they may already be telling us, we don't know because the votes have not been taken. where's the voter in this. the battle among themselves, in new hampshire people said they wanted to tone down their rhetoric, they can listen to the issue. i get that evangelicals in south carolina but they are not single issue voters just because they believe and have faith, i believe and have faith, we have different things we are attracted to, talk about electability, 13% of people thought that was important, there were a issues mother--more import to the. being an outsider is huge. >> the outsider a anger, a huge veteran military population, mccain mobilized that. south carolina consultant team, tim scott, trey gowdy, jeb bush,
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lindsey graham, probably not bring in a ton of votes. >> i would love to know your philosophy. what do you think of the military community in south carolina? where do you see them falling? >> looking for a commander-in-chief, seeing different messages from trump and ted cruz, he is strong on the military and articulating national defense and foreign policy, jeb is newer on that issue and doesn't to delete it. they both i think have a lot of appeal among veterans for trump, same with ted cruz to talk about destroying isis, don't know if we will get into intricacies because there's differences between what ted cruz and marco rubio would do but -- >> voters will vote for donald trump and that was one of the critical things to come out of new hampshire because a lot of pundits said there will be a disconnect and there may be people turned on by his rhetoric but that won't translate to the
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polling place, it did in new hampshire and if he holds that 17 point lead in south carolina at some point -- >> almost comes down to marco rubio and jeb bush, how wide talk people out of being in love with an outsider? how do you wage a war against what you have a flavor for? >> since get an underground bush has gone after john kasich for defense spending cuts and marco rubio going after guys in the debate, already going after jeb, trump for backing policies. >> we didn't talk about ben carson. >> neither have voters. on that note, democratic candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders vying for the crucial minority vote ahead of the next nominating contest as to the relics to blunt bernie's momentum with new attacks on his race record. how that can play out for both
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of them. more potential trouble for hillary as we learn classified in tel in e-mails deemed too damaging to be released to the public, what is widely shared with people who were not authorise to handle top-secret info. after this show, join us for "outnumbered" over time by logging on to"outnumbered," click on the overtime tab, tell us what topics you want to hear about it. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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>> two democrats who want to be president get ready to debate tonight, both vying for the minority vote. hillary clinton picking up an endorsement from the congressional black caucus and unleashing her surrogate on bernie sanders claiming he has been absent from the african-american community during his time in office, this as sanders met with civil rights activist al sharpton yesterday. both candidates looking to get as much support as possible before the nevada caucuses and several other contests in the more diverse south west. in the meantime former naacp president benjamin who recently endorsed sanders says hillary
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should not take the black vote for granted. here we go. harris falkner. talk to me about this. i saw sanders sat down with al sharpton. what do you think? is that a smart move for him? everybody keeps talking about when they go to the south this is hillary's strong place with minorities. is this true? >> how many in the black community does al sharpton represent politically? just curious about that. i know he had a run of politics in high places and i don't remember him doing particularly well in that community specifically because he didn't get there. i guess he has to do this. he feels he needs to reach out. there are others he could reach out to and you could combine this and reach out to young people, i don't know why that read together one night, al sharpton has been in the white
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house so much and been on an advisory sure mr. ferguson, missouri, maybe he thinks by cozying up their he would get street credits or whatever but what he should be looking for is someone to have a conversation about bringing jobs to the black community. that would be maybe some new york businessman, someone we featured in black history month, someone who created jobs for people. i would expect, i just scratch my head. i don't know. >> how much power does al sharpton or harry belafonte have? they seem to be a stop on the campaign circuit but how much do black voters listening? >> there is no one person culturally richard -- that represent any group of people so to give them the benefit of the doubt they would not be able to do that anyway but are they the best representative? i have seen al sharpton go to things like an envelope opening where certain people were
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gathered and he grabs the my can you are welcome to take me on on that but he is first to show up at some of these. >> i saw a funny thing on the internet, how ironic that the guy who wants to raise your taxes is meeting with the guy who doesn't pay them but yesterday on my show i interviewed killer mike who is so incredibly smart, articulated his centrist in bernie sanders, growing up in atlanta, always been enthusiastic and inspired by martin luther king's message and he said he believes bernie sanders is the purest student of that message and is dedicated his life to social justice the way dr. king did and killer might laid out a case that he does not respect hillary clinton, doesn't think black voters vote in a single block and it is insulting to the black community to assume they are going to go one way.
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a lot of people are out of work, frustrated if he laid out a case for a bernie sanders. >> only works so long when policies -- like any pandering, it is devastating to that community which they have, bernie sanders is hoping his outsider candidacy could appeal to that. >> he hopes to just do better than he is expected to do in the state. when you look at the numbers in south carolina in 2008, the democratic electorate, 55% were black, more than half. the latest polling on it is, they did a poll in january in south carolina, 74% of the support of black voters there so he is already saying chances are not that great so i'm just trying to do better than people expect we are going to do. >> you talk about this all the time of the economy has fallen by the wayside but it is one of
9:19 am
the most important issues to voters in the black community african-american unemployment almost doubled. >> significantly above the national average and it has been through the duration of president obama's terms in office so this is a huge point but you don't hear enough. >> indict the obama -- that is not -- >> killer might get the others say they're willing to call on bernie sanders. >> he didn't say that specifically but he did in to the bernie sanders with cornell west. there are people who reach out to him and they are so put off by the president's policies, they think -- >> let others praise you. >> letters's lives praise you. barbara can terrace original straight from my mom. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal getting worse and worse. sources close to the investigation getting new info to fox news about those e-mails on her server. the quince intelligence the is
9:20 am
gene too damaging to national security to release. even added and redacted form, those e-mails for widely shared with individuals not authorized to handle top-secret information. some of the recipients, her top aides, jake sullivan, you heard this, and her inner circle and state department undersecretary for management patrick kennedy. a second source the number of e-mail accounts could be as high as 30. i want to go to you cup of very serious indeed goes to something we have been talking about. a lot of people culpable on this and when you look at the sensitive mature, highly classified top-secret material, this is an administration wide scandal and these names should be thrown in jail as well. >> let me be clear, to quote the president, hillary clinton, anyone under 10 hillary clinton they would be in jail for what has been done because the assumption in the intelligence community is if you check
9:21 am
unclassified means there is the potential for and likelihood that foreign governments are targeting those accounts and gathering intelligence which means that individual and the others associated with an have been passing along to and secure networks information, sources and methods of people on the ground, compromise in real time, this is a real deal, full-blown national security scandal and republicans need to keep pointing that out time and time again. will bernie have the courage to do it? >> not just the names of cia agents or details of special operations missions that this is cut and dried. when you take information, top-secret, off of that server and put it in an open architecture server is a felony of the highest order. immediately ten years in prison. the damage assessments we are all concerned, we all want to know how much was attacked. we won't know that because they can't look at the e-mails said they are conducting a damage
9:22 am
assessment but we will never know because they can't actually -- >> that is one of the questions i have that no one has been able to answer is did the the fbi get access to those deleted it e-mails and they will follow the trail and on wonder what is the connection between the compromise e-mails and highly classified -- not really do you have to have extraordinary clearance to let eyeballs on that but it is not supposed to leave the closed system and the fact they were abstracting and cutting and pasting the information which is a herculean task and wildly unethical and putting it into an open server and multiple accounts, hillary clinton said in her book that the information she had was so sensitive she had to read it under a blanket on pieces of paper in foreign countries so aliens with their x-ray eyes would not -- >> we know they have to have those e-mails, they are very high functioning at the fbi and
9:23 am
other people on the other end who even if hillary clinton is a leading them, all these others are going some place but more than that we also know from this report that huma was saying when she changed her e-mail, she's using a different e-mail, e-mail her here, showed willful intent to take this information and put it on the open architecture server. >> when we talk to contributors, when we have judge andrew napolitano on the couch he will say that is inherently the problem but i want to ask you in the military, my dad is former military, always said she would be one of the markers, hillary clinton would note classified information under the cover. >> she and others would have had -- physical safeguards, digital safeguards, in the dozens with these things especially the high classification.
9:24 am
they knew what they were doing. >> not to mention the training end, she knew what was classified and if she doesn't care argument is i am incompetent which is not the best to the commander in chief. is the white house watching this? the latest humiliation for the u.s. coming out of iran. talbot rogue nation is using the capture of our american sailors as propaganda time and time again. plus the war against isis and why it could drag on for years. dire warning from the president's envoy to the coalition to fight the terrorists. if they could ever catch you. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money.
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think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. ♪ ♪ harris: iran is doing it again, provoking america. this time with a parade mocking the capture of our ten u.s. sailors last month. the reenactment marking the 1979 islamic revolution with iranians acting out the roles of both
9:29 am
captives and armed captors. today's parades in tehran included the usual calls for the destruction of israel in the united states. iranian state tv releasing video e apparently showing one of those sailors crying. if you will recall when we first saw that awful video of our sailors with their hands behind their heads, guns trained on them, many of us predicted that the iranians would use that propaganda like this, and they have. watch. all right, well, we won't watch, because we can imagine what that would look like. you know what? when you see these pictures, because we had stills, and now we've watched the full video. all you can think of was, this was planned. >> absolutely. and sitting here, my blood
9:30 am
pressure is boiling in realtime. i mean, this is the manifestation, the picture of the complete capitulation of the united states, the manifestation of weakness and appeasement to a regime that was literally founded on opposition to america in their regime. and that is what the iranian regime is about. and through our nuclear deal with them where they will pursue and get a nuclear weapon eventually, they're saying to their people, yeah, we're doing a deal with the americans, but we will always thumb our nose. and under this president, obama, we can get away with it. and they've got a countdown clock in tehran, and they're going to get away with everything they can before the next commander in chief. harris: well, and the countdown to this started thursday. friday, when one of their officials said we are going to continue to fund hamas -- >> of course they are, harris, and they're going to do it in the future under a nuclear umbrella. look at north korea -- harris: so what about the argument that it would have
9:31 am
happened anyway, they would have gotten access to in anyway? >> they would have gotten access to what anyway? harris: so all of the nuclear and, i mean, working with other countries who potentially could be helping them behind the scenes. >> unless we were ever serious to do what was needed to prevent it. they may have potentially pursued it, but there were means by which you could have prevented a nuclear iran. sandra: i don't know, when i woke up and saw those images, i could not get the words of john to kerry out of my head, him thanking them for the release of those soldiers, for resolving the crisis that they created. to me, that's -- andrea: sandra, you are so on point. for the secretary of state to sand up and thank them -- >> look at that picture. andrea: humiliating us, it's disgraceful. but i think the most important question that needs to be asked is we were not outgunned. the iranians were e woefully outgunned in that moment. u.s. navy are directed never to
9:32 am
abandon their weapons, never to stand down. so look at the situation. harris: what happened? andrea: we were not outgunned. they left their weapons, and they surrendered on their knees. somebody had to give a standdown order. this is the question everyone in the media should be asking, and no one's asking it. who gave the order, the standdown order to abandon their weapons? i talked to many folks in the military, and they say it had to be someone with authority to do something like this. or, harris, we talk about these side deals. in islamic culture so many times you see them trying to flex their muscles and use this as propaganda. was there a side deal done to allow us to humiliate us for a reason? harris: and it wouldn't have to be quite that spelled out in specific, it could have been wording of rules of engagement in the future -- [inaudible conversations] andrea: no, no, no, this is unprecedented. no. this is unprecedented, that u.s.
9:33 am
navy sailors would be so, so, i mean, in a position of power with their weapons and leave them on their hands and knees and surrender and then cry. i'm sorry, someone gave a standdown -- kennedy: can i ask one question x this is another one i have not heard satisfactorily answered, and i will ask you, pete, as a military expert, why were they there in the first place? >> the united states military has always been the guarantor of shipping lanes -- kennedy: but is that particular part of the ocean, is that considered one of the open shipping lanes? i mean, i understand -- >> why should we be asking questions of where our military should go? we should have the ability -- kennedy: i think that's a very valid question. why were we there in the first place? it doesn't negate the fact that iranians are total jerk faces, but why were those boats there in the first place? and by the way -- harris: and why didn't they utilize what they had onboard? andrea: the iranians were woefully overpowered by the united states of america. we never, when we are in a position of strength, do that,
9:34 am
ever. it's unprecedented. there was a standdown can order given my someone in authority. the question everybody should be asking, who gave it? harris: i want to know what happens next, because if there were any changes in how we were going to be dealing with that, are they looking for other opportunities? we'll move on. a meeting to mark the new stage in the islamic state savages. that's what ash carter said of this meeting yesterday. he expects them to endorse a u.s. plan to step up the campaign. here he is earlier at nato headquarters in
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only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. ♪ ♪ why you gotta be so mean? andrea: over the years president obama has compared his republican opponents to hostage takers and iranian hard-liners. now the president returning to springfield, illinois, the place where he launched his white house bid, to decry the lack of civility in politics. listen. >> but it's been noted, often, by pundits that the taupe of our politics -- tone of our politics
9:44 am
hasn't gotten better, it's gotten worse. one of my few regrets has been the inability to reduce the meanness in politics. andrea: he's actually made it worse, kennedy. kennedy: he is constantly poking the hornets' nest, he is the reason there is so much stagnation between congress and the prime minister, and he's a very -- the president, and he's a very defensive person. anytime someone says something about him, he turns on a dime p he actually gets quite mean. he has admitted one of the big failures of his presidency has been the tone in washington and the fact that he hasn't changed anything. there's a lot less hope in washington, d.c. and i think more that alone if that is the thrust of your campaign, you have utterly failed. andrea: it seems like, sandra, his last campaign for the white house the tone shifted to an even darker place. it got really nasty. and i remember talking to friends who had been press secretaries before, and we said, you know, it wasn't like this. they're actually saying and
9:45 am
calling people out as liars. that was one thing you didn't do before. so it has gotten really nasty. is that his fault? sandra: yeah, it's not just his fault, people in general feel that in this country, and he described in this speech, by the way, the poisonous political climate that pushes people away from participating in public life. he said it turns folks off, it discourages them, makes them cynical. and i'm thinking, actually, it's inspired them. with what we're already seeing as far as voter turnout, it's angered people to the point that they're going out in large droves in this election cycle. >> i think that explanation is -- his, obama's -- is such a sham. polarization is not necessarily about ideology, it's about people. and he became, he built strawmen and knocked them down while talking about wanting to be an honest broker. he talked about wanting to work with congress but never actually called congress, talks with leaders -- talked with leaders. look at ronald reagan, who was as conservative as maybe obama was liberal, who had great relationships with people on the hill in washington and found
9:46 am
ways to get things done. barack obama himself has a smile on his face, talks nicely but below the scene is extremely personally devisive. harris: you know, one thing i would love to ask the president because he had a reputation as a community organizer, why didn't he choose the community of congress to organize? >> such a great question. harris: what was it about that bicameral unit that he thought, no, i'm not going to have the beer summit that i had over the professor gates' issue? i'm not going to engage at that level? i do think in the beginning there were the hopes of, as he said, summoning everybody's best angels. i'm paraphrasing. but what changed? it happened very early on, and by the time you got to a race for a second term, it seemed like, you know what? people felt left out of the conversation because of the ones, the choices that he made on executive order. it wasn't the number of them, it was the things that he did. he left them out. kennedy: i'll tell you exactly what it was. one, he was in over his head
9:47 am
and, two, he realized he wasn't good at his job. people are so angry and that again points to the failure of the administration. andrea: but, kennedy, is it the anger and you combine that with the internet? let's broaden this out real quick. we've got to go, but you see the nastiness online, and this is a bigger discussion. the nastiness not just coming out of president obama and the left, but on the right too. this election season is meaner than ever. the tweets, the comments, the posts. kennedy, speak to that. we are taking -- you and i, we show each other some of the stuff we get on the set, it's brutal. kennedy: it's something. i will say this, the immediacy and the fact that people have a place to vent -- harris: anonymous toly. kennedy: yeah. but it also changes how people discourse with one another, and civility has certainly fallen by the wayside. andrea: it sure has. all right, forget going to class. kids at one public university are getting a free pass from their professors to go to sex week. what's that all about?
9:48 am
and directions to that just for a friend -- [laughter] it's an example of another political correctness issue gong amok. [laughter] ♪ ♪ heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a minute, but first to jenna lee and what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jenna: the dow is down, you have the fed chief testifying about the threat to the united states' economy and tanking the markets as well. she's not but a lot of variables are. peter barnes will be with us with an update on all of this. also, donald trump not only won new hampshire, he's also leading all the polls in south carolina, as you know, where republicans vote next. he's coming under increasing scrutiny, and the campaign may be about to take an ugly turn. chris wallace will be joining us on that. plus, an update on the story about only scary moments on the high seas a. cruise ship hit a storm, passengers suffered. they're back home safe, laura ingle talks to a few, and she's going to join us live. sandra: they're happy to be home. jenna, thanks. jenna: absolutely. kennedy: it is that time of year again. sex week. it is underway right now at the university of utah.
9:53 am
yeah, the taxpayer-funded school is partnering with planned parenthood for the event they say it's all to help, quote, deconstruct reproductive oppression. that's great. among the activities are hip-hop feminism workshops and a chance to make your own safe sex kit. but what would sex week be without prizes, of course? students can win -- [laughter] a free vasectomy, a 12-month supply of birth control or 365 condoms, one for each day of the year. some professors are even offering extra credit or tardy make-ups if they attend. so i see some good news and bad news in this, pete. i will start with the -- >> thank you for starting with me. kennedy: i don't think that's a win at all. if you're between the ages of 18-22 and you're a guy, that may seem like a great idea, but reversing course on that titanic -- >> who's diving in for that prize? yeah. [laughter] probably not trying to win first place on that one. [laughter]
9:54 am
andrea: and wouldn't that be a bit of a red flag? >> hold on one second. words like reproductive justice -- sandra: yeah, it's meaningless. >> it's absolutely and utterly meaningless. we had events like this when i was a freshman at princeton, joys and toys of gay sex -- andrea: you do that naked thing at princeton -- >> that's a whole other -- kennedy: that's quite beautiful. >> it can be beautiful. kennedy: the thing that i thought was positive about this is when we talk about college campuses and sex, we're talking about every college and university as though it is a den of sexual assault where men are vilified. but here there's actually a positive spin on it. isn't that somewhat good news? andrea: well, i do think that some colleges, there are instances where they can be dens of sexual assault. i also think there's instances where they're not. i think the issue is very complicated and very gray. this one specifically though, think about this, they're
9:55 am
spending a lot of money to go to that school. a lot of money. and they're not there to learn at these issues. it's sex week every week at every college and university. [laughter] they don't need help. it's sex week in america everywhere, in every crevice of the nation. people are on tinder, having polygamous relationships. we are an oversexualized culture, and we don't need to pay money to go to a school to have them give us free vasectomies and condoms. harris: how are they being oppressed, is my question. look at the more than 100,000 children waiting for adoption, how many babies are born that young women say they don't feel they can take care of right now. not everybody who goes to the sex week valentine's party -- you didn't even read the entire list, we shouldn't read them on the air, all the prizes that they can win. >> no. harris: just because you have the choice to use 365 condoms doesn't mean you're going to. i mean, these kids are making different choices. so how are they oppressed? i've never met anybody who says
9:56 am
i went to college, and no one would let me have sex. sandra: well, they're going to have a performance by a group that believes health and pleasure are human rights. i thought you would appreciate that, kennedy. look, the timing of this is crucial. they're doing this ahead of valentine's day weekend to make sure everybody has proper contraceptives -- kennedy: i can't think about it any more, pete -- i'm only one woman. more "outnumbered" coming up, we'll be right back. equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! philips lifeline gives betty white peace of mind
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harris: i'm already on the fox news live chat,, click on the overtime tab. they want us to talk about this conversation about sex week. do you really think they do? i guess they do. pete -- [laughter] deterrence. >> but will our coalition partners step up? >> it was terrible. >> relieved passengers happy to


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