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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 11, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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harris: i'm already on the fox news live chat,, click on the overtime tab. they want us to talk about this conversation about sex week. do you really think they do? i guess they do. pete -- [laughter] deterrence. >> but will our coalition partners step up? >> it was terrible. >> relieved passengers happy to be on ground after the captain
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brought the ship to shore. >> and managing to escape. it is all "happening now". >> but we begin with republicans fanning across south carolina, setting their sights on next saturday's primary and almost as many delegates up for grab as ohio and new hampshire combined. others building on momentum and others trying to keep their hopes alive. >> south carolina is known when the campaign gets down and dirty. if not, but when? we think we saw the bare-knuckles. marco rubio and jeb bush trying to drum up support and john kasich as well. two republican contenders dropped out yesterday. the head line in politico.
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both candidates are bruised and trying to rebound in the pawmeadow state. barak obama said this about south carolina. south carolina on the republican side is a viperous nest. would you describe it that way? >> absolutely. they take pride in it. there was a fellow democrat running for congress against roy spens. it was leeat water and when he was elected president. turnip seed had had depression when he was a teenager and that was like he was hooked up up to jumper cables because of shock therapy. that is how broou brutal will south carolina politics can be.
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>> these attacks are personal and not only about policy? >> forget policy. it is very personal. it is a question of your manhood and like a blood sport. south carolina voters want to see how you respond. how you punch and if you punch back. the saturday night debate is going to be utterly fascinating especially with marco rubio trying to rebound from the bad debate. >> i am glad you mentioned marco rubio. he is fresh to the state. we have pulled a few sound bites to give our viewers the direction they are heading a week out from the primary. and we'll go ahead. >> donald trump has 0 foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal is no
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foreign policy. jeb bush has no foreign policy experience. i can tell you today there are things we don't know about isis or terrorist because of what edward snowden did to this country. >> spending all of the time being negative. everything is trashing people. even trump is like all this guy does is attack. he needs to be more positive. i don't know what he's thinking. does he realize the family legacy. you spend time being negative. i don't have time for that. >> that is rhetorical question being raised. >> i love by being positive by saying you are a disgrace to your family. if you are a political junkie than i am, it doesn't get better
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than the south carolina primary. they revel in it and it will be a contact sport. >> charles kraut hammer had a interesting comment over chris christie saying he had a moment where he went hard after marco rubio and took himself down with those attacks. that was charles krauthammer's analysis. do you see the same risk for candidates that will go hard after one or the another. john kasich going after jeb and rubio going after jeb and trump where it is it a risk for them? >> yeah, this is one of the few times i respectfully disagree with charles. we had christie on the the show on the sunday morning after the debate. he didn't think it was a suicide mission. he thought he helped himself. it is not the the way he saw it
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before the voters came in on tuesday night. as far as south carolina is concerned. you have to punch. if you don't, you look like a siszy and i mean, there is a sense of you have to be willing to take a punch and respond to it. as you can see, they are going after each other. and establishment candidates. three of them. kasich, rubio and bush. and they will go after trump. >> and it is like the golden coral and firing squad. >> talk a little bit about trump. that is one of the observations of the campaign seasonses over all. yes, there are drive by of donald trump because he owns it. yes, i was married many times and on the cover of play boy but he is not touched by those attacks. dew feel that could change and the attacks on him are personal?
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>> yes. >> or status quo where they are not focused on trump? >> they have to go on trump. he is the front runner. he's up ten positive 15 polls in south carolina and strong in all of the states in super tuesday. you got a little taste of it in the rubio clip. his idea of foreign policy is negotiating a deal with a foreign country to put a hotel there. they will go after trump on trump's business record which is the only record he has. and i think you will hear about bankruptcy and things in his career. it is all fair game. everybody is fair game. >> you can have a new hash tag, hash tag, no siszys.
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and anything coming up on fox news sunday weigh can watch, chris? >> we are not fully booked so we can't reveal it. it will not just be me and the panel on sunday. >> there is always somebody bigot show. we'll watch for it. we have a big debate on saturday. thank you, chris. >> my pleasure. >> and homeland security secretary jay johnson laying out his agenda in the homeland security address. u.s. custom officers and retraining every tsa screener. this comes after the director of initial intelligence told congress that isis is determined to launch attacks inside of the united states. >> announcing the release of a video showing a video crying.
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and iranians mocked the capture. and they are notoriously anti- american. jennifer griffin is following the story. >> reporter: to mark the over throw of the shah. this year iran humiliated the united states by reenacting the capture of two boats of navy sailors. and the scene played out in cities in iran and during the parade. actors playing u.s. sailorses are showing hands up as the iranian cantors mocked them and crowds cheered. in an embarrassing twist, iran showed an image of one of the
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captured u.s. sailors weeping. a different impression created by the secretary of state upon their release. >> i am appreciative of the iranian authorities and all indications suggest and tell us that our sailors were well taken care of. >> reporter: those sailors are back home in san diego. they are disappointed in the actions that day. i asked defense secretary carter are how he felt seeing the sailors held at gun point p. >> i was are very, veryangry. americans would not have done that. to see our guys in that situation on iranian tv, that is really not okay. again, we would not have done that. >> reporter: the ital supreme
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leader gave the guards that detained sailors medals. they captured them on the same day that president obama gave the state of the union. the pentagon has not said whether the u.s. sailors will be punished for their actions that day. >> just in, how irs plans to keep taxpayer information safe. >> reporter: the government reform committee is looking in to how irs preserves documents when the courts tell them to do so. the irs had a number of different it issues when the electronic file itting for tax returns went down. and that destroyed a hard drive, this having to do with the case of microsoft and reminiscent with irs official lois lerner who was in charge of the tax
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exempt organization. that shows for conservative groups. that was the massive id theft. they are trying to figure out how it will figure it out. n o preserving all of the hardt drives and devices and not recycling them and the irs is asking for more money. the irs commissioner testifying about the president's budget request and wants 12.3 and that is one.p 3 billion more than this year. >> we are doing more with much less and there is a limit to what you can do with less and we are are well beyond that. >> reporter: the irs could lose three this happened employees and bringing the number of to
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17000 lost. and the public said the irs needs to do its job better. back to you. >> reporting live from washington, thank you, rich. passengers back on dry land after a nightmare on the sea. >> when you see the crew praying on rosary beads it was scary. >> i thought i was going to die. you hear horror stories but you never live them until you are in the situation. >> the crew praying and using rosary beads. will an apology from royal caribbean be enough or will they be punished for going into a forecasted storm. >> prognosis of a trooper not
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>> a police officer shot in a domestic stand off is not expected to survive. his family is saying good bye to him according to the fargo police chief. he is a six year veteran of the department and the gunman was found dead in the house where he barricaded himself for 11 hours. new information on "happening now". thousands of cruise ship passengers are back on dry land after a rough ride in the atlantic. high wave withes and winds battered the luktsry liner on a miserable voyage to no where
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and they are now speaking out. laura? >> reporter: it is cold and windy and down ride miserable. and many say it feels better than being on that ship a few days ago. tales of a trip from hell related and now that people are getting back on land, we can hear the stories on the firsthand account as wobble bely passengers make it back here on the nice drive land. waves, you saw the video. reaches highs of 30 feet and crashing the windows of staterooms and the passengers were told to hunker down and the ship tilted 45 degrees much of the harrowing ride. >> we could not stay in our rom. the way the waves hit the window, it looked leak a truck hit the window and we didn't
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know how long it would hold up. we went in the hallway. >> they put our safety at risk. they basically put us at risk for our lives. >> reporter: it is a good question that a lot of people have. experts questioning the company's decision to continue on in the cruise when there were several storm warnings. it royal caribbean said it was worse than predicted and offering all passengers a refund and a 50 percent off voucher for another cruise. the they have identified gaps in their planning system that they are addressing. meanwhile, the national transportation safety board is looking into the incident telling fox that we are actively engaged with with our partners to determine the best course of
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action in accordance with established international protocol. there were minor injuries and minor injuries to the boat. it is being repaired and going back out to sea next weekend once it passes inspection. >> hopefully without the the 35 foot wave withes. potentially big news. we are learning that a federal judge is ordering the state department to finish releasing hillary clinton's e-mail by the end of this month. february 29th. and we are learning that the e-mails may be released on saturday. this is in light of news items this week and part of it is exclusive reporting from pam harris. we know that the fbi investigation is focused on hillary clinton's server and we know that some of the e-mails were too top secret to be be released to the public and with
10:21 am
held. and we know that apparently there is more aides involved. they were e-mailing with her back and forth through the server. big question for hillary clinton is how long the release takes from the state department. we heard different reports not only from law makers but through the investigation that the state department is not as forth coming as some would like for the e-mails. the judge ordered that the e-mails be released. and we'll see more by saturday. we'll look through this. and bring you more information as we get it. in the meantime a video of a log cabin going up in flames. and a critical meeting with defense secretary ash carter. >> we agreed on the the need to accelerate the campaign.
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>> the coalition gulf state partners said they will continue their activities as well. saudi arabia's defense minister, for example, that the kingdom is reinvyingoring their commitment to the air campaign which is welcome news and contributing on the ground. >> that is defense secretary ash carter that the countries have agreed to step up efforts.
10:26 am
that is possibility of gulf troop nations put troops on the ground. that is a scenario that iraqi leaders are warn withing against. >> it is like the countries are taking the isis' threat seriously. >> it is better than nothing, even very late. isis seized part of iraq and syria. we have called here in the congress and also speaking with arab politicians about the necessarity of having arab forces underground in syria and you mentioned that the iraqi prime minister don't want that. that is because that obstructs what they are doing. >> because they are aligned with iran? >> iraqis are under the influence of iran.
10:27 am
the iranian guards are controlling the militia that are moving on the ground. and in syria, iranians are the allies and we know that hesbollah is operating with iran in iraq and syria. and no way the iranian regime would accept a pro american regime to go defeat isis on the ground or partially so. >> the human wave that is coming out of syria, the migration of people trying to escape the blood shed there is beyond comprehension. millions of people on the move. will this exacerbate the problem or help them stay in their home land. >> it is either or, or. if we are successful they will stay. if not it is not.
10:28 am
i briefed members of british parliament and forming a joint task force, we have mentioned it to the europeans, that they need to intervene in the initiative the aegia n sea. you need to help in creating a free area inside of syria in the northeast so the refugees don't have to leave syria the europeans are beginning to understand and may begin an nato nakz the a geian. >> is turkey on the same page as greece and handling the migration. >> in principle they are. both greece and italy and turkey are members of nato and trying to bring in nato to act. the italians want the refugee to solve their issue on the libiab
10:29 am
coast. if you don't help me in what i want to achieve on the syrian, turbush border. i will release the refugees. there is a difference. >> the russians are supporting assad in syria. does that mean that his side has to win the civil war there or can nato perhaps tip the balance against assad. >> the russians have two years of time where they have helped assad and the battle of aleppo will be the selling grad. and they will seize the sunni city. and if nato intervenes with the turks to stop that advance by a different means, then we'll have a stable situation. if the arabs move in. this could lead to renegotiation once you have a balance on the ground. now you don't have a balance on
10:30 am
the ground. walid, thank you. and stocks plunge in a triple digit selloff. what it means for the bottom line and economy. >> marco rubio's campaign eyeing a new set back in new hampshire. could he lose the primaries and still win the republican nominations. >> so the other night at the debate i got critized for saying the same thingtimes. i will say it one more time just for fun. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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>> talking politics now. and finishing third in iowa and fifth in new hampshire. rubio is making his case in south carolina. they are opening a door to an alternative scenario. and in an article entitled rubio eyeses brokered convention his campaign manager said we could look at may or the convention. i would be surprised if it is not may or the convention. what is the the possibility of a brokered convention. ford oconle. and former strattist. and chuck rosea is a democratic strategist. could this go all the way to the convention.
10:35 am
>> as long as we have a wide field and muddled mainstream. donald trump will skate to the nomination. it depends on what happens on the mainstream. for marco rubio. it is too early to talk about that. he's got to finish third in south carolina and rack up the delegates. >> chuck, how dew see it? >> he said it once and he said it better than rubio. he is right. he called the motomainstream. all of the people in the the middle figuring out who will be the alternative to cruz and trump. they are like dogs barking at a parade. and the campaign manager has to gen it up. >> and on marco's part. this is a message to donor to
10:36 am
stick with me. and message to bush and kasich. saying i will not get out. delegates become win or take all. and if you have a two man race someone will win it. three man with rubio, cruz and trump. we could go to a brokered convention. and major number is 1273. neither way, 1237. let's help our viewers dot math. 1237 on the republican side. you have enough to win the nomination. the thinking is that so many candidates are in the race if don would trump doesn't get 1237 or ted cruz doesn't, then the other candidates who might remain, could force a brokered convention. is it the stuff of pulp fiction,
10:37 am
chuck or not. >> no one told me we would do math today. i throw the flag down. ford makes the best point. when it is win or take all. trump and cruz takes all of the air out of the room and it is harder. we have never seen an electorate this anti- establishment and i would say donald trump would not get out of october. what do i know? this year anything can happen. and i will quit saying i know. >> chuck, best way to have a brokered convention is for ted cruz to run up the numbers where evangelicals are the majority. that's the closest way you will get to a brokered convention. march 15th. trump wins with the votes and that is 15 percent of the votes out there. >> donald trump did well with
10:38 am
evangelicals in iowa. >> he did. but as we move to south is carolina, evangelical like to bar-b-que different as chuck knows and they are more attuned to the the church and that's where ted cruz has to make his mark. if he doesn't do well in south carolina, we may not be stopping the trump train at all. >> you have kasich and bush and rubio shooting it out in south carolina, chuck, do you expect that one of those guys is going to have to fold in the tent after south carolina or will it go to may and beyond. >> two things about south carolina and ford brought up the most important one. bar-b-que. and south carolina liked more vinegar base. second, they will get out of money. bush has a super pac and others have rich. but kasich doesn't have a super pac and you you can't make a long hall effort because of
10:39 am
money. >> people don't leave the race because they don't see a path of nomination they leave because they are out of money. >> smartest i have seen. >> cam 59101. >> janet yellen testifying and the dow sees a triple digit plunge. they are anxious over the well-being of the european banks. peter? >> janleielen wrapping up her testimony and sticking to her guns on fed policy for the second day. despite the ongoing drop in stock markets and the global economy that is showing considerable weakness, the fed remains committed to returning to normal money policy. and including higher insurance
10:40 am
rates. she cautioned that the turmoil could hurt the economy and force the fed to change plans. for now she suspects moderate growth and said it is premature to forecast a recession as some fear. >> we are watching developments very carefully. i would say there is always some chance of a recession in any year. but the evidence suggests that expansions don't die of old age. >> reporter: as you recall, the fed raised the key bench mark interest rate by a quarter of a percentage mark. that led to it higher rates on shorter are turn types of credit and including business loans and home equity lines and the feds hold the next policy meeting in
10:41 am
midmarch. >> thank you. a roof caves in on a house engulfed in flames. more on this incledible voochlt and whom supports whom? and how does a caucus work? we'll have a new app to check out.
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10:45 am
but they made it out safely. no word yet on the cause. all right. so maybe you want to simplify your understanding of the political process. a new app is doing just that. douglas kennedy outside of our new york newsroom. >> reporter: these days, young people have an aversion to traditional politics and not helped by social media. >> it doesn't focus the conversation or look at the issue. >> reporter: for years, stefan would update the facebook page of how he was feeling and when it came to what he believed, he kept it to himself. the social media is great socially. but not politically. >> with an open platform by facebook. you go all over the map with opinions. >> reporter: and keeps the
10:46 am
young people alienated from the political process. less than half identify with the political party and less than 20 percent feel politically engaged. two all- time lows in recent american politics and one of the reasons that so many new hampshire millennials flock to nonmainstream candidates. and the main reason that james wyndan co-founded the brigade. he calls it the tinder of politics. >> like tinder, users swipe their opinions on political issues. >> they make it easy and fun and political on line. >> reporter: users are presented with provocative questions and swiping agree, disagree or unsure. and it puts them in touch with like- minded individuals for more information and discussion.
10:47 am
if users get ready involved they are hooked up with national advocacy groups. >> you can express your opinion and take actions and create change. >> reporter: brigade encourages young people to write their own opinions to distribute to their friends or general public. >> this generation wants to talk about the issues and connect and think about things differently. >> reporter: he said because they are connected differently. that is it for me, back to you. >> douglas, thank you. a huge discovery back here on earth that proved albert estien was right. we'll explain, next. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. if you're feeling the bern, we'll really help you feel the bern. your wallet will be going up in flames. south carolina is next for the gop. that has a lot of veterans. who do they think can handle the huge problems with the v.a. the wildly podcast on the serial retrial. one of the attorneys will give us the real story at the top of the hour. well, a brand-new discovery that's really making headlines today. new information on albert einstein's theory of relativity more than 100 years later. scientists saying that they heard and announced the recording of two black holes colliding. they say it's the first direct evidence of gravitational waves. ripples in space time, if you
10:52 am
will, that einstein predicted. we have the chief astronomer and director of the planetarium in philadelphia. derek, we saw these headlines crossing. it seems like a big deal. there's comparison of galileo. it's all in a language that's difficult to understand. tell us, why are scientists so excited about this discovery? what does it all mean? >> the reason why scientists are so excited about this, you have to think about what it's like to be an astronomer probing the universe. everything is very, very, very far away and you're looking into a dark probe. you don't have a complete picture. what has been discovered is that gravitational waves as predicted by einstein really do exist. what the gravitational waves do is they carry more information about phenomenon happening out in the universe than we never knew existed. so it's as if we're completing a picture that we didn't have a complete picture of before and
10:53 am
now we understand something totally new about the universe. >> what can this information help provide us with? what will it tell us about the universe that we didn't know already? >> so there have been all sorts of collisions of very, very massive objects, like black holes, or there are stars that spin around very, very fast and very close to each other and they're at distances that don't allow us to see them. but because there's so much of this activity in the universe without the use of gravitational waves to see them or know that they're there, we didn't know that all of this was going on. so now that we have a detector that will show us more of this, it helps to complete the full picture of what's going on out in the universe. let me give you a really quick analogy, jenna. this is as if you have kids playing in your backyard. when you look out your window, your window only shows you two of the kids playing and you can't really see what they're doing. with the new way of looking
10:54 am
through the window with the gravity waves, let's say, you now can see all ten kids and you can see what they're up to and because you can see them all now, you realize they're about to do something you don't want to have happen. >> that hits home for me as a mom. you need to see all the kids. >> exactly. right. now you know to go outside and do something. this is what it's like for astronomers. we're able to see, have a detector, that will allow us to see all of this other stuff happening in the universe. >> how do you expect it to change the world of science? >> well, it changes the world of science in a significant way in that einstein predicted that this should be the situation 100 years ago. so that now gives us further confirmation that what einstein said about how the universe is built, how it's -- how it does what it does, that gives us even more confidence in that work. so it changes science altogether in that we now have a view like we never had before. it's as if we're just using a
10:55 am
telescope for the first time, like galileo did. so now it changes our view. >> that's, again, the comparison that's being made. we started the segment by saying we now have heard the sound of two black holes colliding. we don't have that to play for our viewers. what does it sound like, derrick? >> the way these sound is they call them chirps because what happens is that the mechanical energy that comes from the gravitational wave can create a sound that goes from a low frequency up to a higher frequency and then suddenly stops. so we'll be able to hear these sounds in the next couple of weeks, i'm sure, but it just sounds like a little chirp. doesn't sound like anything exotic but it at least gives us something we can go by. it's not that astronomers are listening for them, but the gravitational detectors can detect them. they have enough sensitivity. >> were you excited when you saw
10:56 am
this headline? did it pump you up, derrick? did you get all excited? >> yes. yes. i am excited about this. i've been following this for some time, actually a few years. this is a much better detector than the very first ones that were created over a dozen years ago. >> it's great to have your perspective and give us some understanding of why it's such a big deal and some more appreciation for einstein as well, by the way. great to have you in the program as always. thank you so much. >> thanks, jenna. valentine's day is coming. that means flowers, chocolate and all of those things f. you're a penguin, your favorite fish served up with love. the final 30 next. everyone's lookin' red carpet ready. my man, lemme guess who you're wearing... toenail fungus!? whaaat?!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine... ...used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. jublia is workin' it! most common side effects include...
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time for the final 30. even penguins deserve a little love. they're all dressed up in
11:00 am
tuxedos. they're getting little fish served in heart shaped blocks of ice. they want to get them in a frisky mood. >> that's all it takes? >> nothing like a cold fish to get that going. thank you for joining us. >> have a great day, everybody. "the real story" starts now. welcome, everyone. wall street getting whacked again today. wish i had better news. let's start with a quick look at the big board. right now down 344. stocks still not recovering from the start of the year as oil prices continue to fall to their lowest levels now in 13 years. dragging the markets right down with them. gold on the other hand is rocketing as investors look to hold on to something a bit more secure in a volatile global market. we're going to keep an eye on the markets throughout the show. we're going to bring you an update just 30 minutes from now. meantime, back to politics because donald trump will be rolling into south carolina with a very comfortable lead in the polls. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is


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