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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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participating in gossip. emmy is praying. thank you for writing and thank you for being part of "the real story." let's go to shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in south carolina, where the republican candidates are duking it out in a state famous for political dirty tricks. now, the g.o.p. campaign chief is warning that the slugfest could go all the way to the convention in july. from the next faceoff, bernie sanders raking in more cash after his big win in new hampshire, and hillary clinton picking up an endorsement many say?ç could help her in the bate for a key group of voters. market madness. wall street has not taken such a meltdown eight years ago. now down 250. and next, the race to the closing bell.
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let's get to it. and first from the news deck thises in afternoon, we could be stuck with this presidential weirdness for a long time to come. maybe even into the hot of the summer. that's the warning from rube rube's campaign manager suggesting the fight for the republican could end in a battle on the convention floor, something we haven't seen for four decades. the race has narrowed a lot but even after iowa and new hampshire there is still seven who say they aren't going anywhere. most of them are right now in south carolina,q2ç ahead of the first in the south primary. doing well. where the candidates actually stand is really anybody's guess. donald trump had the lead in those last polls, and now acts like he sees jeb bush as a real threat.
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after weeks of pretty much ignoring bush, trump again has >> remember i called him a low energy person? he is a low energy person. i said he is a stiff, and i said if he was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. >> the bush campaign has struggled for most of the race but the bush family is still very popular in south carolina where george w. bush won in 2000. the former president is now set to join his brother in the state next week. as for the candidate, jeb bush is stumping across south carolina and hitting back at trump. >> then he says we're goingblom the plank, blank, blank, i can't say it because we have children here. and by the way as president of the united states i will not use vulgarity in public. >> bush is refer repping some of the language used by donald trump. how will that play in the bible belt? john is live in south carolina. >> reporter: good afternoon to you.
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one of the only candidate not here in the palmetto state was donald trump. he is campaigning in baton rouge, louisiana, ahead of the march 5th primary there,gb but you can bet donald trump was the one that everyone was talking about today. jeb bush at an event here at the vaccine is in restaurant in florence, urged voters not to go with donald trump to go with him instead. one voter who supported trump stood up and asked jeb bush how he planned to address the deep disaffect that voters have with establishment politicians and the mess in washington. >> had a chance to express his view%mq with civility and it wan honest, open moment. people are angry and they have deep disaffect, the question, if i can get people to think about this, is donald trump going to solve that or just telling you what you know? >> reporter: bush told me he thinks that eventually he won the voter over, and that's how you do it here in these
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primaries, one voter at a time. by the okay, today is jeb bush's 63rd birthday. >> marco rubio seems to be up off the canvas and swinging at donald trump. >> reporter: definitely. if you want to rise in this state, particularly, after the drumming marco rubio took in new hampshire, you have to try to knock off the person at the top. the knock on rubio has been he doesn't have the experience to be president, only been? the senate one term. rube you're says he has the most foreign policy experience by virtue of his position on the virtue of his position on the intelligent g;nyd senate and the other candidates don't. >> donald trump has zero foreign policyj1 experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. jeb bush has no foreign policy experience, period. >> if you get the sense that marco rubio is a little more
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aggressive than he was prior to coming to south carolina, you'd be right about that. >> john roberts, thank you. bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting ready to square off in the final debate before the next two contest.;z;z the nevada caucuses and then the primary in south carolina and it's the first time the two will meet since bernie sanders crushed her in new hampshire. mike emanuel is in milwaukee, the scene of tonight's debate. how big is the battle for the african-american vote, mike? >> reporter: it is huge when you consider there are a number of southern states on the primary9ñ calendar coming up in the next few weeks and the african-american community is clinton. the clinton and sanders campaigns are touting new endorsements from african-american and the clinton campaign has a new ad. >> hillary. she is -- more than anyone else in america today she is prepared to be president of the united
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states from day one. >> reporter: don't count bernie sanders out. he is touting an endorsement from harry belmonte and making it clear he intends to compete for the african-american vote. >> what's bernie sanders' message? >> reporter: that he is electable, he is somebody who can bring the country together and that he is electable in november. the debate stage here in milwaukee, at the university of wisconsin milwaukee, is set. you can expect a tough showdown tonight. sanders trying to continue his momentum after new hampshire, clinton trying to stop it. today the sanders campaign is out with this new ad. >> demand that this country work for all of us, rather than the few. we will transform america and that is what this campaign is about. is bringing people together.m >> reporter: both candidates keeping a low profile today,
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the showdown in brew city. >> mike emanuel, thank you. south carolina is long known for using campaign dirty tricks. and there are early signs this race is about to get-áó
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bring in sarah center. back in -- the john mccain accusation, even for south carolina, it was pretty dispickable. >> very much beyond the pale. south carolina is known for really dirty politics, it's the first in the south presidential primary, also known for some of the zane 'er politics as well. that's where politics gets personal, and even for that the rumors from 2000 were beyond the pale. >> what are we to expect this time? >> i think it's one of the first times we might see candidates it get a little more personal in terms of attacking each other. donald trump has not been afraid to level insults, basically everyone in the race, but he'll do it to your face. in south carolina it's more much i would not be surprised if you heard about some things in donald trump's path that have
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not been publicized before. he says he is a self-professed christian now and also been married multiple times, and in terms when you think of a squeaky clean record, trump does not necessarily line up with that you'll probably hear a lot more about that than you heard in the-week-caucuses or the knew. primary. >> the religious play is effective in south carolina. >> yes, it is effective. when you look at south carolina republicans, they aren't necessarily as -- aren't as many christian conservatives as the percentage of those for the iowa caucus but much more religious. republicans participate in the south carolina primary than in new hampshire. state in terms of the republican primary. what you'll see is marco rubio and ted cruz fighting for the vote. but the south carolina primary hases a large contingent of business-minded republicans as well. a little more diverse.
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>> it's really two states nor now. i guess the north and west there would be more of a fundamentalist, religious area, and then once you get down on the coast, money matters. so i wonder if you'll see cruz and some of them up to to the northwest and then trump down along the coast. >> you'll see trump along the coast. probably see jeb bush on the coast quite a bit as well. that's prime territory, south carolina is a military base so we'll probably be talking about defense and national security much more than in the previous two nominating contests. >> it's a little frustrating not having any polls to look at, though sometimes they're not very right. they were in new hampshire. i wonder if the campaigns have internals that reporters like you are aware of that might give us an insight. >> you know, usually when campaigns share internal polling, unless they want it to get out, they can say it has to stay off the record.
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but i would be very surprised if any of the major campaigns are not doing daily tracking in south carolina to see where their numbers are. the numberslóén'! have shifted e christie and fiorina dropped out. that was 11% of the votes in new hampshire, and that can make a difference. >> sometimes how they act, tell us what their polls are telling them. i wonder if we got a sign of that today when donald trump started taking shots of jeb bush again. he had been off the radar for time, pero no mas. >> i think donald trump is riding the wave from new hampshire and is feeling confident and jeb bush is just his favorite tarring: he loves sticking it to the establishment >> you're probably absolutely right about that. it's great to talk to you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> dozen of prison guards and
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officers offend themselves in handcuffs this morning, accused of taking braves and trafficking in drugs,÷>xv8:y and it's not an isolated incident. these suspects worked at nine different prisons. ahead, details of the accusations that could.the guards behind bars. we're continuing to watch the dow. the volatility is insane. going from 100 down do 200 done and we have not seen anything green. stocks are selling off. oil has reached new lows and wait until you hear about gold, as the commercial will tell you, it's solid. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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a jury in new york just convicted man in the death of a police officer, even though the guy was not driving the vehicle that hit the cop. we reported on this last month. it's a bit of a weird one.zd happened in 2012 on long island east of new york city, obviously. accord together prosecutors this guy, james ryan, was driving drunk when he crashed alongside the long island expressway. he got out of his car and that's when an suv smashed into his car and hit the officer who was investigating. his name was joseph oliveri. a jury found james ryan guilty on ten charges, including manslaughter. they found him not guilty on the most serious charged, aggravated vehicular homicide. still faces up to 20 years in prison. remember, he got out of his car,
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somebody else hit him, that killed the cop. yet he is going away for 20 years or so. we haven't had sentencing yet. set for next month. the d.a. says it sends a message that people responsible for the outcomes of their action. ripe's attorney says he does plan to appeal. dozens ofmç guards from prisons across the state of georgia now facing federal drug and bribery charges. prosecutors say the guards offered protection in exchange for cash, and wore their uniforms during drug deals to avoid getting caught. trace gallagher is live in the west coast news hub. what else are the officers accused of doing? >> reporter: more than 40 prison guards have been arrested and there are eight federal indictments. the prison guards thought they were working with a drug dealer from a mexican cartel who turned out to be an undercover fbi agent, and the indictment says they were not just helping smuggle droughts into the prisons that it were using status as correction officer to protect various drug operations across the state of georgia.
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the feds say the guards would wear their uniforms so police would not bother them, and in return for protection the guards allegedly accepts thousands of dollars in bribes. most of those arrested were line guards, those who have direct contact with inmates, but five of the suspects were part of an elite tactical unit that works to recover drugs and other contraband from inside the prison. >> this seems to be somewhat itw 0
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>> the feds believe they were moving multiple kilos of methamphetamine into atlanta. you toss in a few shady brian guards and you have -- prison guards and you heave yourself a thriving industry. the indictment also says snitches were dealt with very violently. >> trace gallagher, live. as you were telling that story we got word of another one out of washington state. a 50-year-old guy who owns a clean and sober series of facilities, residential facilities, busted for selling drugs. found another bun of them, meant neglect, a quarter pound of heroin and guns. the deadliest prison right in mexico days before pope francis is visiting. happened monitor ray. between supportersers of rival gangs and the inmates torched a storagecgyo;m4 area. outside relatives of the
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prisoners banged on the gates demanding information. officials say 52 inmates died, another dozen hurt. the olympics in brazil? some american athletes are questioning whether it's safe for them to go there to compete. scientistsed have claimed zika a global health concern. now officials are responding to the summer games. what happens when lobster gets grilled, baked, and paired with even more lobster? you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab, and the other with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, it's a party on a plate! and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming and start eating. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles.
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some olympic level athletes are not sure whether they'll go to the olympics because of the zika virus. scientists say it hit 22 countries so far and brazil is home to a serious outbreak. zika is spread by mosquitoes, linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be bosh
12:23 pm
withabnormally small heads. thousands of cases in brazil. that has some athletes questioning whether it's safe to go there the u.s. olympic committee is trying to provide some reassurance. the ceo says the committee is hire two infectious disease specialists to advise about the virus and how to protect themselves. >> the u.s. women's goalkeeper, hope solo, spoke with week, taking a strong position and telling sports ilustrated that female athletes should not have to make a decision that could sacrifice the health of a child and reiterated her position saying, quote, if the olympics were today i would not go. but with six months before the games she added there's time for athletes to get their questions answered. meantime the ceo of the u.s. olympic committee sent a letter to olympians saying your well become in rio is our highest priority and also noted there is a risk in international competition, and of course this
12:24 pm
is scary for women who might be pregnant at some point in the near future because there's no vaccine or treatment for the virus. >> kenyans have been sag -- suggestions night not go but they're knocking that down. >> right. the head of kenya's olympic committee was quoted saying they would not risk taking their athletes to the olympics to brazil if the zika virus reaches epidemic level. that would be a shakeup because some of the best middle and long dig stance runners are 9÷ó he said today that is it was a mistake. organizers in rio said they would not cancel the games scheduled for august, but it's worth mentioning that's a time of year in brassel where they say the mosquito levels are lower because it's actually winter in brazil. >> thank you. the wife of a man accused of
12:25 pm
intentionally killing his own son by leaving him in a hot suv has filed for divorce. the wife from the wife's attorney who called it's private matter and wouldn't comment. prosecutors say justin harris left his 22-month-old -- should i say 22-month-old son named cooper to die inside a hot car. happened in georgia in june of 2014. we reported on it extensively. since then he is locked up, awaiting trial on charges that include murder. until now his wife had been standing by his side. investigators say he was unhappy with his marriage and living a double life and on the day his son died he sent naked photoso&f himself to multiple women, defense attorneys are saying accident. set for this april. there's word the russians are lying again and accusing the united states of bombing the same city they've been bombing to help prop up bashar al-assad.
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ahead developments in the proxy war between the united states and russia. dictator, lil' kim is at it, putting his military on the move to punish south korea. that and accusations he has had a assassinated number member of his cabinet. that and more as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq. that's myr-be-triq, the first and only treatment... its class for oab symptoms of urgency... ...frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder, or have a weak urine stream.
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a fox report now. more headlines. the gas explosion that killed two people here in new york city on manhattan's lower east side last year was completely avoidable. that's the word from a prosecutor. today they locked them up, the building owner and four other are facing charges including manslaughter says the suspects were using an illegal gas delivery system. dozens of people were hurt in the explosion, which leveled three lower east side buildings. >> james woods can go against a
12:29 pm
lawsuit against a twitter user who called the actor a cocaine addict. a judge deflood the defense attachment to sniff the suit. wood is working to reveal the user's tight and looking for $10 million in damage. a town is trying to bring in more tourists by building a fountain that spews beer. officials in slovenia says it will be the first beer fountain in al of europe, travel department, book a flight to slovenia. inator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? and i'm still struggling with my diabetes.
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of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor if you take other medicines and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo®, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. bottom of the hour, time fop for the top of the news. the russians are willing to rye about anything when it comes to syria ask the proxy war between thene3 russians and the united states. this time russian officials claim american warplanes bombed aleppo. u.s. officials denied they fired any strikes and say russia is dropping bombs there and has been-helping force loyal to bashar al-assad wage war that
12:32 pm
could become one over to bloodiest battles yet. vladimir putin is wiping out revel fight -- rebel fighters.2g he is not targeting the islamic state. he is propping up his friend, bashar al-assad. the white house point man for the war against isis said russia is actually helping the group by drawing rebels away from the front lines against the terrorist army and into the battle against assad's forces. tens of thousands of syrian men, women and and children have been gather agent turney's border to escape the fighting and it's not going well. this is one of these refugee camps, an aerial view of an enormous one on the syrian side of the border. they're not letting them into turkey anymore. children at a camp playing jump rope. you can see works distributing food. turkish promised to feed the refugees and give them shelter
12:33 pm
but have not let the red cross in from turkey. the united nations called on the nation to open the border, turnish officials are pushing back. and meantime hundreds of thousands of people reportedly trapped in what is the ruins of ahelp pa --8 aleppo. jenniferin is working the story. >> the u.s. military made clear it was not them. in fact the u.s. has not been flying over aleppo, only russian war planes, in part because russian says it linked its air defenses in syria with those of the syrian government, creating a stiff threat to outside air forces and u.s. par planes. here's colonel steve warren. >> american aircraft have not operate around ahelp ash dihelp -- aleppo.
12:34 pm
this is an example of russian's use of dumb bombs. >> his russian counterpart says i will probably disappoint colonel warren. russian planes didn't perform yesterday in the aleppo city away and said it was two american a-10 wart hogs dat did the programming members of the yuan÷v.9x -- u.n. security counl bombing, and they said they would stop bombing in three weeks. >> the head of the defense department ash carter speak agent nato today. what did he address and. >> he was trying to get more support from more nato alis -- allies for the fight in syria, and nato agreed to sent an acaws plane, very small contribution,
12:35 pm
2/3 of the nato members according to ash carter offered to do more but the bottom line i this its still being funded by the u.s. ash carter was asked about russian air strikes in and around aleppo. >> the movement of a large number of people, very cruel movement of a large number of people, in syria, i have said before and this hasn't changed at all. this is a strategic mistake by the russians. >> secretary kerry tried to hammer out the terms of a cease fire in munich today with this russian counterpart, who has outmaneuvered u.s. diplomats at every turn. >> let's bring in michael singh, former see e send director of the middle east affairs. michael, the proxy war between the u.s. and russia2x=çç spread, becomes more violent, and now we're bringing in more people. >> well, shep, absolutely you see that russian support for the assad regime in conjunction with
12:36 pm
iran has been militarily effective in a brutal way because those forces are in fact advancing now around aleppo, and perhaps provokes a humanitarian crisis and also a tremendous strategic defeat for u.s. backed forces in terms of a proxy war our allies in the region and those armed opposition elements in syria whom we have deported feels like the united states has more been absent from the conflict than on one side orír another. >> but that's not true. we have obviously had air strikes in there we have committed to this -- to the degree we have is another matter but there's the argument that the more you go in, the more russia will go in and the broader the u.s. and russian proxy war will become. >> i'm not sure i agree with that in the sense that my view is that diplomacy is shaped by facts on the ground and not vice versa. the facts on the ground are being dictated by russia and
12:37 pm
assad. so when they go to these peace talks in general have no extra, they don't have much incentive to bargain because they believe they can win this militarily. i think the idea that, well, there's nothing we could do to accomplish that, i just don't accept, and i think a lot of people don't accept. >> what do we do? >> well, the thing you're hearing now more and more from people on both sides of the aisle in washington, if the russians are going to. besiege ahelp pa maybe we need to act more forceful to maintain humanitarian corridors so we don't see this tremendous massacre. and it depends on whether you think the russias at the end of the day would really challenge west. personally i'm skeptical. >> so humanitarian corridors.
12:38 pm
what would that entail? >> these are called for in a u.n. resolution supported by russia and one of the demand iss be done as a precondition for diplomacy. basically sort of sending in air forces that could ensure that a particular stretch of land, say, from aleppo to the turkish borders was available and preventin dgsx[ñ the/@ encirclef ahelp -- aleppo by the assad forces but are we prepared -- >> you're thinking is that the response from russia would be something that would not be akin to a military challenge of the united states military. >> well,$4)pcrp shep, bear in mind, this sort of thing is exactly what was contemplated in
12:39 pm
the u.n. security council resolution that russia itself supported and one thing driving the demands of the opposition, moscow voted for this. why won't they now implement it. again, if it's for humanitarian purposes and has the support of the west, again, you have to believe that russia would be willing to stand alone militarily against that sort of thing, and to me their behavior so far has not shown they're willing to do that instead we have taken an overly risk averse, hesitant approach for syria for the last five or six years. >> hard to argue against the idea they need humanitarian relief. there is a real push to do this and do you see it coming? >> the question is will the administration support it. you hear a lot of folks calling forw advising secretary of state clinton, and gem jeffrey, deputy national security adviser under george w. bush, wrote an op-ed to this effect, seeing calls from both sides of the aisle. the question ills what does president obama think?
12:40 pm
to you. >> nate dough deployed warships to stop the smuggling of refugees from turkey to greece. activists say 2,000 people from syria, iraq, and other countries have been traveling across the aegean sea thousands a day. hundreds have died trine trying, most drowning. the activists report winter has not stopped the flow of refugee as they hoped it would. they say so far this year ten times as many migrants have been arriving in europe compared to the same time period last year. >> the dictator lil' kim has ordered his military in north korea to take over an industrial park where hundreds of south koreaians use to work. the park had been a major symbol of cooperation between the north and south initialing south koreans subbed operations after the north koreans launched a rot. the north4h÷ koreans claimed the put a satellite into or but bit
12:41 pm
experts say it notice transmitting anything. western official says the launch was cover for a test of a long-range missile that could hit the united states. in fact could hit new mexico. the south koreans say little phil has excused other -- there are reports as many as 80 people being executed by kim jong-un's regime. >> the dow off in the final hour of trading. what may be behind the drop and why some analysts are comparing what is happening in the stockbñ markets now to the height of the financial increase. >> insane fuse from science. scientists say albert einstein was right all along over what the call is a biggest discovery of the century. they say it's like we have been watching a silentév movie of spe
12:42 pm
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never bet against albert i'm stein.ódvm the predict the existence of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of our universe. today scientist announced they found proof he was right. incredible. they used billion dollar set of detectors in louisiana and washington state to do it. gravitational waves are caused by the collisions of stars and black holes. like the ripples that branch out when you toss a stone into a pond. scientists say this discovery will change the understanding of the universe forever and how it's formed. since we can now hear them as sound waves, it means for the first time scientists will be able to see the stars and also listen to them. they have now heard black holes collide.
12:46 pm
another major selloff for stocks. you may be able to trust albert einstein. then there's the stock market. today oil crashed below $27 a barrel, the markets went chaotic. we were down 400 points minutes before the newscast began. now we're down a little less than 200 points. but listen to this. today marks the 26th day in a row that the dow has seen interday swings so between the time it opened and closed, swings of more than 200ç points. we have not seen a string like that since, october of 2008, during the financial crisis. the dow was closer to 10,000 so the swings represented a higher percentage but still an interesting measure of the volatility we are seeing. today's drop came after the federal reserve chairman testified on capitol hill yesterday. she warned that global weakness and falling financial#markets
12:47 pm
could stunts our economic growth. john busse is here. >> ripples through the fab brick of dub fabric of ourxí,ewñ mark. part of this was the fed's comments saying maybe the global economy is slowing to the point where we have to be watching from a policymaking standpoint. the fact that oil hit a low, the lowest point in prices since 2003, also sent a scare through the markets. is it just oversupply by the saud dr. global demand slowing down because of the glow economy slowing down and that's going to ricochet. >> people are in cash now. >> lots of$+ them are and lots f portfolio managers moving into cash because they're not sure how far this is going down. there's a reverse wealth effect. 16,000, 17,000, 18,000 people felt a certain way. at 15,000-5, they feel a worse
12:48 pm
way and pull in their horns on a spending front as well. the longer term issue here is, what is going to happen to economies like europe and japan? in japan they have negative interest rates. you have to pay to put your money in government bonds. are we going to see a continued slowdown, reduction in consumer activity. >> deflation. >> exactly. the d word is on everybody's mind and people are scared. >> as a result, people aren't spending money. looks like anywhere. >> well in the united states, we still have a notably -- not robust economy but growing economy. albeit incredibly slowly. we have pretty good job growth and very low inflation and the consumer is spending. how long does that continue? >> not anywhere else in the world. >> that's right in europe it's not, japan it's not, slowing down rapidly in china. those economies will have hand
12:49 pm
effect on the united states and traders looking at, is this a perfect environment of the united states unaffeclfsóm by wt is going on overseas or eventually is the slowdown abroad going to affect the united states such that the growth in employment shows down, and the economy here slows down, earnings slow down in the market prices fall further. >> details at fox, where theyswç always are, and great analysis at after a tense standoff the feds have finally arrested the last of the armed protesters at the wildlife refuge in oregon. details on the surrender which played out in a phone call that's been posted on the web after they took over federal property and thought, that's okay.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
that standoff at the national wildfire refuge in oregon has come to an end at long last. the fbi reported it just arrested the last four protestersing this morning. we have a new aerial photo of the last protester giving up. this is from kptv television. the feds say somebody fired any shots and everybodyx< surrenderd without incident. the protesters took over the refuge in southeastern oregon six weeks ago now. holding guns and walkie-talkieses and said they were dep mon straighting begins prison sentences for local ranchers who set fires that burned federal land. dan springer is live. dan? >> reporter: it has been a long 40 days and there's a lot of relief here in burns and elsewhere that this ended without any bloodshed. most of the local support ended weeks ago. the media cass kept five miles away from the refuge when the7vç
12:54 pm
last holdout surrendered. we believe they're on their way to a federal detention cell in portland where other protesters are being kept. there was tension as david frye threatened to kill himself or force the fbi to kill him. >> i'm taking my stand. this isn't something i'm going that's what man does when he takes a stand. i'm still peaceful, really peace. i'm not pointing guns at anybody so i'm hear being peaceful and until my demands are met i can't come out. development is the arrest of cliven bundy last night in portland. the fbi got him as he came off a plane from nevada. he is now facing six charges stemming from his own armed standoff with the feds two years ago. that followed a dramatic evening at the refuge where the fbi
12:55 pm
moved in and tried to get the occupiers to century renner the reverendv franklin graham and identify lawmakers came here to negotiate a peaceful ending and a couple hours ago they and ammon bundy's attorney got their wish. >> he ate a cookie, asked everyone to shout hallelujah and he came out safe, all four are safe. that's what we have been told. we don't have personal knowledge. >> how relieved are you that this is the outcome. >> very relieved. dewent want bloodshed and we're glad everyone is safe. >> reporter: another occupier was arrested today in arizona. that makes 17 in all. >> back in a moment. equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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for ten dollars a night you can live like vein send van gogh but you get to keep your ears. >> the art institute of chicago recreated a bedroom from a painting, and this is it. they're renting it out on
12:59 pm
airbnb. available for ten bucks a night and very similar. i'm going back and forth. >> why would anyone want that? >> took a team of workers four weeks to put this together and as part of the museum's van gogh's bedroom exhibit. if you want to live like van gogh, you can. >> in a museum. no this is in an apartment in does have tv and internet. >> well, there's that. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> on this day in 196, madison square garden end of. decade later the first garden got it start as an arena for boxing matches and the circus. it has earned the name the world's most famous arenas. it's hosted visits from two popes. after the opening of a brand new
1:00 pm
and improved landmark, 48 years ago today.fsç the knick does very little worth watching there. here's cavuto. >> what if told you this figure on the dow down 258 points is the good news. it was worse. try 200 points worth. we are grateful for very little things. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. back in new york and back wondering what the guys on the corner of wall and broad are thinking, increasingly convinced the old whole world is going -- the foreign banks are saying, everything is okay. it immediately had people going back to around the time of the financial meltdown saying, wait a minute. wasn't that what they were saying n then? people sold first and asked questions later.


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