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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 11, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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and improved landmark, 48 years ago today.fsç the knick does very little worth watching there. here's cavuto. >> what if told you this figure on the dow down 258 points is the good news. it was worse. try 200 points worth. we are grateful for very little things. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. back in new york and back wondering what the guys on the corner of wall and broad are thinking, increasingly convinced the old whole world is going -- the foreign banks are saying, everything is okay. it immediately had people going back to around the time of the financial meltdown saying, wait a minute. wasn't that what they were saying n then? people sold first and asked questions later. by the time the banks were
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trying to ask the questions, the stock, the industry cratered. that was then. it could happen now? fox networks' gerri willis on what is0x driving this crazines. >> that's right. at its worse the dow down 411 points. and janet yellen, the first reserve chief, told congress she would not rule out negative interest rates. thyidl. means banks would pay something like a penalty fee to have the fed hold its money. that's already the case with five central banks robbed then world. japan is doing it as well as western nations. so a big change could be coming. we have to wait. some of america's favorite names, alpha get, apple, microsoft, stocks down 10 percent or more. so global markets a big issue here. oil facing huge head wynns and touched the lowest level in 13 years, we're seeing gold rally here, and why? because it's a safe haven for
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investors. this is the biggest one, day gain since september -- this year, it's up 17%. remember, the trouble all3y started overnight in asia and china, where stocks were sold overnight. that spread to europe. take a look at these screens here. uk stocks down 2.4%. germfully down 2.9%. france down 4.1%. the trouble is big. it's slowing everywhere. >> thank you very much. a quick footnote to this before we get to next guest. i want you to focus on where a lot of money was going. we'll get to commodities in a second. look how low interest b rates are going, better than decade lows. a ten-year note, good peg, to a lot of mortgages, that keeps slipsliding away and that along with the lower gas prices is supposed to be the floor that cushions for the good
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fundamentals that could remain for the markets. anyone's guess whether that's the case. when you have a night to quality, that seems to be the quality, seems to be the goal. think of this. people will happily accept 1.5% on their money, happily, because it beats losing thunder shirts and all their money. makes sense. also gold. that was a good haven tox÷ park cash. up 5% use on a year market averages are down double-digits. phil flynn on what happens with gold and oil continuing to go all over the map. phil? >> neil, it was incredible today. when you see those type of moves, it was the commodity equivalent of battening down the hatches. there's a big storm brewing and they wanted to get out of the way. that's why we saw this gold move just explode overnight. we saw oil prices collapse and we saw the -- what you mentioned in the treasury, the worst yield curve we have seen since before
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the financial crisis. the lowest that level has been. talk about people wanting to put their money and get no return. they're willing to do it, not only for a week or a month but they're talking five, ten, 20, even 30 years. so, the bond yields are just incredible. not getting any money. why? the only reason is fear. and that fear has been driven by the low cost of oil. everybody thought that the low cost of oil would be a goody thing, but it isn't. we have banks in trouble. we've got energy companies with big loans they have to pay back, that they can't if these prices are here. and these prices went back down and that's why we saw this market meltdown. we are seeing that rebound, and that rebound may be, believe it or not, because oil is bouncing back from the lowest close since 2003. that is based on a rumor that the unite arab emirates oil ministers said that opec is going to agree to a potential
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production cut. that's very important. we heard from different players out of the opec cartel they were talking bat production cut, but -- about a production cut bunt didn't matter because we didn't owe know if saudi arabia or the emirates were onboard but ae said they would be on board that means the possibility is real. >> thank you, phil flynn. that would assume everyone gets on board. saudi arabia was going one way, opec another way. janet yellen is not ruling out negative interest rates. what that means is you give them money and you get back not quite all your money, which is weird, which is precursor to bad stuff. in my view. but i read a prompter for a living. market watcher, gary, does not. charles payne, he does but also invests. so he is really a conundrum. charles payne, let me ask you about the negative interest rate situation. that generally not a good thing
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when countries say they're open to it because they history suggests that can lead to bad stuff. >> you're right. history suggests bad stuff leads central banks to do'óz this. it's a last ditch effort to turn things around. gerri willis mentioned four countries. take japan, now in their 20th 20th decade -- two decade now 20, years, of just going nowhere, in part offed europe -- it's really interesting because( senator pat toomey who asked -- said, listen, wouldn't this hurt small savers? janet yellen said, no. and said we're examining this and we did not want to take it off the table. it's nuts they would be look looking at this and de facto admitting that they have no clue what they're doing. >> that always rattles folks when you hear that because a lot of people look to the fed to be the grownups in the room and
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despite what you might think of ben bernanke what he did post the meltdown, he was the only guy getting stuff done. now if the federal reserve, presumably the adult in the room, looks like it's scrambling-that can't be good. >> i heard from janet yellen today, she will let us know what is up when she finds out what is up, and by the time she finds out what's up, it's already down, and thin therein lies the issue. i have been talking about the day that the market starts ignoring central banks and you had japan go negative rates and announce more prisoning money and so did europe, and both timed the market crumbled. for years the markets loved. now they hate and it the markets recognize they have no control anymore. the central banks do not shut up
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and are out in force, saying something or doing something, and i'm afraid it's going to cause more cataclysmic moves in the market if they continue. >> they do not shut up. it's like, anchors. you cannot -- hello. charles payne, i'm listening to this and wondering, i know panic ensues when people keep seeing panic.#c+m8 i know the get annoyed when we say it's down over 400 points and we're supposedi to count our blessings. i can't imagine for people thinking about getting in the market this is an encouraging series of events. >> it's not certainly for the average person out there. although the oldest axiom on wall street, buy low, sell high. we know that when it's coming down hard, few people are buying and are always selling. i it always turns out to be a major mistake. this is a vote of no confidence. it's a major vote of no confidence because the people with all of the tools don't know
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whatú0is going on, janet yellen admitted she didn't think the dollar would get this strong. she admitted they were shocked oil went this low. when she admits they had no clue and to a certain degree don't want to admit their policies played a role in it, that's alarming for everybody, including the pros, novice no matter what. >> you're a pro, gary. you're looking at this, you telegraphed a lot of this. always wait for that moment, what do you call it, capitulation where peopleó throw if their arms. are we near that or no? >> neil, unfortunately i think we're still in the early+2emz is of this bear market, and i hate saying this, but it kind of feels and kind of has the makings of what we saw when we had some big bear markets, and i have to tell you, am watching the financials very closely here. they are acting like there's really something up, and it's not just european financials
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anymore. it's here. i'm looking at what bank america is doing, wells fargo, morgan stanley and the rest. they act like there's something going on. i hope we don't find out. i'm keeping fixers crossed do. >> when you say you act liking? is wrong, we hammer from europe they're saying, they're fine. that i kind of remember from 2007 and 2008, they kept trying too27rzq. reassure people and is started wondering. charles payne, when you hear ste supposedly more cushioned for any serious blows here in the united states are than europe. are we? >> like gary said, i think we are but you just never know. i still think there's too many opaque walls around the banks. >> exactly. >> the feds bought trillions of dollars worth of junk from the guys. we bailed them out and still a
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big question mark. so unfair to the american public because they got bailed out. don't make loans the wayág they used to. we don't have a business cycle. everything has been so messes up, all in an effort to prop up a handful of banks and always seems to backfire, and guess who people watching the show. >> if any of them were to go belly up we'd certainly be bailing them out again. >> that's a shame. >> it is what it is. thank you very much. we have other political developments as well. we're waiting to hear from marco rubio who is in south carolina. still very much alive in this race. you have governor john kashich very much alive in this race, ted cruz, alive in this race, you have donald trump alive. with so mad all of them with a good amount of money, some more than others, of course, including jeb bush. is it possible we get to cleveland where they're going to convene, without a nominee. think is can't happen? it could.
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can you envision a situation where they get to ohio and don't have a nominee? >> is it possible? yes. is it likely? no. >> you think we could have a brokered convention because so many guys are running and all have a lot of money? we could get to cleveland without a nominee. >> i think it's very possible. >> the math looks more and more likely that someone is not going to arrive in cleveland with all the delegates they need to be the party nominee. i think it's distinctive possible we get to cleveland and don't have a nominee. >> i think you're exactlyw4÷yl'. >> sure, many laughed at me at the time but who is laughing now. the possibility we could get to cleveland without a firm nominee having all theh: delegates necessary to get the republican nomination. marco rubio's people saying that today. i don't know whether john kashich, the man who placed second in new hampshire, is thinking that today.
1:16 pm
i'll be talking to him. ahead of that, john roberts in south carolina on the possibility and how they're gearing up for that possibility. john? >> reporter: neil, i'm an john kashich event so let me do my best john kashich. neil, you're an old-school guy. you want to see a brokered convention you've want to see the smoke-filled room and seeing the decisions being made that will affect the future of the country. not much chance happening but everything could happen -- >> very good, very good. >> i spent a bit of time with him. if i may offer a humble opinion of my own here, just in the area of opinion, i'd like to see a brokered convention because these things are boring from a reporting perspective. you go in there, it's all said and done, it's nothing more than an advertisement. but the last time it happened for the runs was 1976. reagan came in there to mix it up and gerry ford won in the first ballot. this is more like 1992 than
1:17 pm
anything, where it took bill clinton a heck of a long time to win and didn't win ohio and new hampshire because you have cruz there trump there, together the two of them have more than 50 percent of the vote here in south carolina. the other three establishment candidates don't even add up to a hill of beans compared to them. so this is going to go on for some time but may be marco rubio's campaign;z] manager, tei sullivan, floated the idea, and maybe wishful thinking because their candidate is going in the wrong direction. they hope to come in second in new hampshire, first in south carolina. doesn't look like it's going to happen but the longer this goes on, potentially the better for rubio so maybe that's where they got the idea. but it's a smoker-filled room we'll be there. >> john roberts, we'll ask the the candidate whether he thinks john roberts' impressions are right on. this whole idea of a
1:18 pm
brokered convention where they gather and don't have a knock me. the editor of holiday pot air. "great to have you. >> time for my hillary impression. >> one candidate at a time, young lady. what do you make of that? i was just using math at the time. we had so many candidates and then we get to the convention, it would be very touch for someone. i still subscribe to that. what about you? >> it's certainly possible this goes on for a while. i do think the brokered convention, which we always talk about in every cycle, john hit on it exactly. it's unlikely and a little bit more fun for reporters and political junk questions -- junkies to entertain than the rest of the country. on the rubio campaign front, there's couple things he has done in the wake of new hampshire. one is he that 2:00 minute q & a from reporters to say it was a bad moment for me but i'm
1:19 pm
bad moment for me but i'm answe-énwj nimble and can do that. good move. on the other hand his campaign manager mentions the convention and says this could go on a while. i think that was the unwise move because it's a distraction. all of us like to talk about it. and it's -- it feeds in the used ñ they'll make backroom deals andw10ñ?yv9hn5w3çkçkd voters and that's not the message he wants. >> that's'xyr interesting. i interpret it maybe he is trying to say this inevitablity that some are mentioning after only two contests and only five percent of the delegates chosen, oyv it's all over, it's donald trump? i could look at it another way. no, no, no. this could go all the way to cleveland. >> i think that's what he meant. what people will take from it is something different. there's tendency in the party and the base and trump coalition to say, they're going to try to take this from us and it's going to happen at the convention. i think wording it's different way would have done them more
1:20 pm
favors. >> when i talk to karl rove about this he said it depends on whether you're close to the number needed or really far. i'm paraphrasing. if we have candidates who have gone to the convention without shouting distance but not all the way do you think there's a possibility that people you talk to say it's a possibility there's going to be one prohibitive leader but not delegates necessary right off the bat. >> i think it -- certainly trump and cruz are in ay=wt position, gathering delegates steadily. it may be these two guys fighting it out. there's another three guys who want it to be a three-man race and they're looking to make that happen. they can. in south carolina. so i think it can go on for a while. you could maybe not have a super clear winner but i still think brokered convention, unlikely. you know what? if there's every a year to break all the conventions of the convention, this is it.
1:21 pm
>> the chic thing to do. >> i know. >> republicans don't have super delegates or the same thing that democrats do, right? >> right. >> pre aligned republicans. >> all go rouge, i guess. >> they're obligated to vote as their supposed to in the first ballot, but all bets are off after that. right? >> women, it certainly would be more fun to cover than the average.k convention but i still -- i hate to rain on your parade but i say unlikely. >> okay, well, i'll have to put what i do, my normal bet of a burger. >> next time you'll get my hilary impression. >> that's not necessary. great job at the debate. you'll owe me a double quarter pounder with extra bacon. >> i'm happy to indulge in that with you. >> thank you very much. what does john kashich think? the man who came out of new hampshire just as he wanted, in like a dream. right now he is the guy. or is he? con kashich coming up -- john
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we are just learn -- actually charlie first report this on fox wednesday that ken langon, a big sporter of chris christie is throwing his weight and influence and money behind ohio governor john kashich, the man who placed a very strong second in the new hampshire primary. to the governor, who joins us now, on a bus somewhere in south carolina. john kashich. >> i'm on my bus. >> congratulations. >> somewhere. i don't know where. i want you to know i'm enjoying it because i'm watching the at&t pebble beach golf tournament on my bus. it's great. >> wait a minute, governor. you're watching a golf tournament and not fox?
1:26 pm
>> well, i taped everything with fox. i'll watch it -- >> that'sá÷óç brilliant. you can always tell your getting the gravitas of the candidates. nor wiggling now. in all serious, congratulations on the ken langone. the campaign needed more money to spread the wealth and take the message to the south. do you feel comfortable you're on your way for that? >> i don't know the numbers but -- i always say this but we have been friends for a longñxk time, really. we're just going to let it all kind of happen. either going to happen or not. i'm not about to get uptight and start sitting in an accounting room, counting all my money. we're clearly doing better. raising a lot of money online, people really like the election
1:27 pm
night speech, and if people haven't seen it, i wish they'd go on my web site and look at it. look, we have 60rsvps for an event yesterday and we had 400 people show up. so, if you get rattled and worked up about this you can lose yourself, and i'm going to try hard not. to say my prayers, keep things in perspective, and life is going to good on one way or the other, right? that the way i think i want to be and going to be that way. >> good for you. what happened to the 340 othersg did you kick them out? >> well, people standing outside, and they hooked speakers up so they could hear it. shows you how things change so quickly. it was like when i was running heartland on fox and we went from eight viewers to ten. it was amazing.
1:28 pm
>> i remember o'reilly was so gelus -- jealous of you. seems like yesterday. do you get a sense -- he put all his marbles in new hampshire, turned out okay but now you emerge and look around, don't have a ground game in these states and you're not ready -- >> neil, neil, you don't know. >> do you? >> no. of course we have people in south carolina. didn't have all my marbles in new hampshire. we have people on the ground down here, people in nevada, people working in mississippi. i got people -- >> do you have enough? it looks like -- >> well -- >> -- ted cruz is there, mark cue-íóç rubio. great steep thread. that's what i hear. >> that the people telling you what they want you to hear. that doesn't mean it's true. >> oh, okay. >> don't you understand that
1:29 pm
these campaigns people figure out different ways to bash you. >> speaking of bashing, you're an emerging threat in the system, and you remember what happened to ted cruz. marco rubio. you're next. >> okay. well, mean, whatever comes, we'll try to deal with. i'm still going to -- not going to be a pin cushion but i'm going to try to stay positive, neil. that's what i did in new hampshire. they spent millions and millions of dollars against me. nobody thought i'd get out of there, nobody thought i'd get there now i'm in south carolina. the problem we have here to be hospital, is the level of enthusiasm is greater than our ability to absorb it. the troops are coming. i can't tell you what we're going to here but wore move -- but we're moving on. >> i know you were busy watching the golf channel so you missed
1:30 pm
an interview i had earlier with a couple of folks who are saying they see this going all the way and marco rubio person saying the same thing. we could see getting to the convention negotiate have a nominee. what do you make of that? >> i think we'll have a nominee. i don't think there will be a brokered convention. but if there is, wouldn't that be cool? i'd be in cleveland. it's really interesting, right? i think we'll have a nominee. i think this will sort out and have to go to the midwest, and the key for us, i'm being honest with you, neil, i think that when you suddenly have good fortune -- and i want to tell you how much i love the people, obviously, of new hampshire, and focused, stay centered. don't be dabbing your head. you know that. it's just really goodded a series. and we're going to just keep
1:31 pm
raising the money and keep working and hopefully take this all the way through ohio. that's what we expect to do. we're not going to stop. so we'll see what happens. >> if it were donald trump who keeps the momentum would you be open if he asked you to be his running meat? >> neil, i'm going probably be the nominee. >> would you ask donald trump -- would you ask donald trump to be yours? >> i would prefer cavuto because you can go down there to regulations and whip the congress because we have replays when we thought we would have a government shutdown, and -- >> you got ken langgone. so you're on your way. john roberts does ac5 dead-on if you catch up with him and want to kick him off your bus,
1:32 pm
you got to see it. >> i was just talking to one of your lovely producers andñ'ç>6/e said that he didn't do a good imitation of me as i do of me. >> all right. well, argue with him. >> can i say -- >> we're out of time. thank you very much, for. >> okay. thank you. >> sorry. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do year?
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>> feeling 8pd!
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block. the dangers of an unscripted show. trey gowdy will be our guest later. i apologize. >> the úp;píy is very close to voting on tankses, in ones against north korea, but is it too little too late, especially in a world where iran continues to mock the sailors that it picked up and released and this lhk playing these soldiers at big public displays. rick grenell on how to deal with this time and again all this stuff shoved back in our face. what do we do? >> we have to be better negotiators, have to be tougher negotiators so that we can anticipate what is going to coming down. we need pattern recognition and see the iranians are playing us and also need to see the north
1:37 pm
koreans are playing us. this just tested a hydrogen bomb in january. and nothing was done at the security council. we have a negotiator there samantha power, who didn't react. now when you have them -- the north koreans launching a satellite into.ç space, we needo not even reacting for the first time. so, we're really a mess when it comes to showing other countries that when they do something, like put our soldiers on the ground with hands up and release photos, there needs to be consequences for that. otherwise it builds and we're seeing the -- they keep doing it. the checks have cleared -- it's one thing to release the footage when they were first taken and then to show pictures of the individuals crying. then to take it to the next level where they're mocking them and said essentially public display where they're dressing up at our guys. this is really ridiculous.
1:38 pm
>> and what they're doing, neil, they're saying this is not a violation of the geneva convention because we're technically not at war with iran. so iran is saying, well, if you you're not at war we get to do these type of things but it certainly doesn't bode well for the fact that we're supposed to be trusting them. that's what this whole iran deal was about, is that we were going to trust them,94ç and clearly wn we wanted to negotiateup inspectors everywhere in iran, including the military sites, the iranians said, trust us, and believe us, that it's a site you don't need to inspect, but -- and john kerry and the team fell for that. so we don't have to go in deep into the military sites to inspect because the iranians say, trust us, and then we see pictures like this where the americans are on their knees and it shows that we can't trust them, that we shouldóíí more aggressive and should have had inspectors everywhere inside iran and it's going to come back
1:39 pm
to haunt us. >> mean while, if you don't mine, north korea launched something into orbit. we have been dismissing them as these errant, toothless. feckless fools and now they're in space. >> the same technology that put the slide into space is able to take a nuclear weapon and put into it downtown los angeles or san francisco or seattle. the west coast -- and maybe you don't care about that on the east coast but as a californian, it's a big deal, and maybe we should tell the democrats this blue state would not be voting for them if there's a weapon that is launched into downtown los angeles. they're going to lose votes. maybe that is what it's going to take to convince congress and a bipartisan reaction to actually too something. i go back to ouruaeb@ssador, samantha power, at the u.n. she didn't do anything in
1:40 pm
january. she still hasn't reacted to this rocket launch -- >> but fair enough, that's happened under previous republican administrations. >> here's one difference, though. i was on vacation for july 4th july 4th when the north koreans did a missile test, and john bolton was the ambassador we passed a resolution immediately putting sanctions sn north koreans within a week. then it could work out -- >> then you have -- >> then you have to follow up and call the vote and make >> rick grenell, thank you very much. hillary clinton just won a huge -- that's operative word these days -- huge endorsement of the congressional black caucus, sheila jackson lee on the significance of that after this.
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>> you know aboutwyi the 254-pot fall in the dow. it had been down 450 points but i want you to step back and see where the marks are from their highs last year. and they're significant. we're all in correction territory. a bear market ensues once you get up to 20% or more from your highs. all the major market averages, majority of their components are well into bear market territory. more than half their stocks have fallen 20% or more or 3% or more. the nasdaq in technology, that is an average that is now just teetering on the brink of a bear market? why is that significant? normally when we hit a correction you can bounce back. bear markets rarely bounce back quickly. so as the nasdaq gets into bear
1:45 pm
market territory, broader market averages, are well into bear market territory but when they are there they don't just revert back. the averages are still in bearmj market territory. they didn't bounce back out of them. the nasdaq, if it does get to 19.5% so recouped its losses there, but it is still very, very close. that is the big picture. another big picture thing we're looking at is the cold weather. we're going through a cold snap country, rick reithmuth as the latest. >> it's hardly been cold across the eastern part of the country. we had a big snowstorm and then melted quickly. kind of right behind us. so things have been okay. that's all about to change. all the cold air has been across far northern canada but you see the colder air here, and that's going to start to|[ç dive down.
1:46 pm
it's really warm across the west. i have to acknowledge that. we're breaking records for high temperatures across the western u.s. and across parts of alaska. look at this you. see this cold air, this cold air is bullet to dive down across parts of the even half of the country, across the northern plains, great lakes, and the mid-atlantic and the northeast. you get an idea this cold air comes down. the worst is saturday into sunday, and along with that, these great lakes -- sometimes they -- at least mostly freeze over. theirs year only five percent of them have frozen over stocker still get lot of lake-effect snow because of this cold air mass, incredible amounts of snow, and then the temperatures. here's thursday, friday, saturday, only to 18 in new york, two in buffalo. 21 in louisville, you get the idea. the good news about the cold snap, it doesn't get into
1:47 pm
florida. if you're in florida or headed to florida, we don't see it get there and you'llnjw3 remain war. sunday, another very, very chilly day. monday, we start to see a warmup. we also start to see a big storm coming in for monday so get ready. actually tomorrow we'll see a little snow across parts of the eastern carolinas. and then sunday morning we have the snow diving in the northern plains and that becomes a big ice storm for us across the south. that's a monday storm, then we see a quick rebound across the eastern seaboard which is good news because after the weekend you'll be ready for arm air. >> how is this winter shaping up? you sort of compare the histories of these things. so far what are we doing? >> it's been very interesting the last two winters before this that were so incredibly cold on the east and warm on the west. hey haven't had that kind of pattern until this weekend. i don't think we'll stay in that. but because it's an el niño
1:48 pm
year, you generally suspect a lot of the action to be across the west, and because of the big drought we have been seeing there we want to get that moisture. right now we're in pattern where the west is high and+ñw[maham nt getting moisture. hopefully next week we see pattern shift and will get a little bit more of the action coming in across parts of the west and more rain, but it's been really -- for so many people across the east, hardly winter at all. can't complain, but here we go, one big shot of very intense winter. >> we live for complaining. that's how i roll. thank you, rick. do want to let you know about this marco rubio event in south carolina. he has had enormous backing, very powerful backing from the political -- a lot of the political establish atlanta. but probably counts a lot to these folks that one of the biggest is congressman trey gowdy who will be joining us next and how he sees marco rubio
1:49 pm
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1:53 pm
i got that from christie dropping out. from one of the major supporters.ok they are supporting to move into the christie camp.e1çó i figured out that's what was going on. thei] likely avenue where they would go would be a moderate like john kasich. i would say moderate on many social issues.fáe1 a guy that is essentially lower taxes. i'm pretty sure the corporate tax and the guys that i talk to.fáe1e1w3e1ó[e1)kd
1:54 pm
that i talk to.fáe1e1w3e1ó[e1)kd rm:aq!w it's going there.e1jfjf mogul, another>'+yfá that may g there. >> a lot of it figures.e1 thank you very, very much.e1c a heck of a litigator.r feel a cold coming on?
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kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.


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