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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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"special report" is next. hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare for a debate in an increasingly bitter and personal clash. while republicans talk bad attitudes, bad language and bad judgment. this is "special report." >> we are about three hours away from what promises to be a crucial xat between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. trying to build a huge momentum coming out of new hampshire. for the republicans in south carolina, the attacks are more personal as the feel gets more
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manageable. peter in washington with the possible candidacy of the north eastern billionaire businessman not named donald trump. we begin with senior correspondent john roberts where republicans are finding it increasingly tough to stay positive nine days before the primary. >> good evening to you at the john kasich event. big news for kasich today. the big backer, kroeft christie it's, has now come over to his side. came continuing on push the positive message catapulted him into second base in new hampshire but voug he won't turn the other cheek. meantime across the palmetto state, it's on. in florence today, birthday wishes for jeb bush at the venus restaurant. despite deep admiration for the
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bush family, some are looking to trump to shake things up. >> we see a guy talking about china and how other countries rip us off and we're tired of it. we need you to start talking about them. >> it was a great exchange. i learned a lot and i think i got him. >> bush will be joined by his brother, the former president, next week. something marco rubio has top of mind. he managed to both praise and pummel is bush family in one sentence. >> i am an incredible admirer of him and his family. thank god george bush was president of the united states instead of al gore on september 11, 2001. but governor bush has no foreign policy experience will. >> ted cruz had no daytime events but he was hard at work on the ad front. >> room for one more. >> and debuting the trump action figure. >> what does dough? he pre tends to be paubl.
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>> cruz himself was the target today of iowa's ethanol lobby. they're still there with an ad the cruz campaign said is highly inaccurate. >> cruz' proposed legalization. >> donald trump was also an sent from south carolina campaigning in louisiana. last night he drew several thousand people in one of the most conservative corners of the state. trump made it through the entire rally without swearing. he told our gretta van susteren will likely hear a lot less. >> with that being. as i get closer and closer to the goal, it will get difficult. once you get to a certain level, it changes. i will be changing rapidly. >> the statement raised questions as to whether the trump we see is the real >> should he win the nomination or the oval office? >> the state made famous for its
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bare knuckle the politics. i talk on a couple of vote here's said they received some pretty aggressive push that polls. while they were aggressive, nothing like we saw in 2000 when it really reached the low water mark. >> john roberts in south carolina with his best peter costas on the golf course. thanks. tonight's debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders comes at a pivot point in the campaign that was supposed to be a little more like a clinton coronation. sandalers crushed clinton in new hampshire and we'll probably never know if he actually beat her in iowa. next up, nevada. first tonight's debate in milwaukee. that's where the senior correspondent is tonight. >> on this debate stage in milwaukee, the pressure is likely to be intense as hillary clinton must try to slow senator bernie sanders' momentum while helping to turn the page from a blowout loss in new hampshire. a key could not is it the went will be the african-american vote. today political arm of the
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congressional black caucus endorsed clinton. >> she's a person full of ideas and commitment and results. >> clinton's campaign released this video with civil rights icon congressman john lewis praising her. >> hillary. she is smart. more than anyone else in america today, she is prepared to be president of the united states. >> since winning new hampshire, sandalers' campaign says it has raised more than $7.1 million. and today he countered with an endorsement of his own from harry bell fonlty. >> i think he represents a moral imperative. i think he represents a kind of truth. >> sanders took a swipe at president obama saying he is the one who can close the gap that has existed under mr. obama for seven years. >> i think he's made the effort. when i talk about a political
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revolution, he is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist. >> clinton's campaign quickly responded on twitter and took a veiled jab at senator rubio's performance. let's dispel with the idea that potus doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. meanwhile, standing together demanding the country work for all rather than a few. >> we will transform america. that is what it is about. bringing people together. >> as clinton tries to slow the momentum, some outside issues linger. fox news has confirmed investigators issued a subpoena to the clinton foundation last fall. the inspector general is seeking documents about the projects requiring federal approval during cleanse. clinton's time. >> ordering that the state department release 550 more of
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her e-mails ahead of the next contest ahead of nevada and south carolina. as for tonight, the expectation is we'll see a more aggressive clinton. >> live in milwaukee. we'll see you later in our special after the debate. he is a new yorker, he is rich, powerful, he wants to be president. but he's not donald trump. the former new york mayor michael bloomberg is making more noise about an indiana run. peter is here to tell us. >> that today's signal, michael bloomberg still wants to run for president. he's ordered a private national poll for the second time to see how he said stacks up against democratic and republican front-runners. it cites the new york democratic operative as saying, bloomberg has a political infrastructure in place and sleeper cells ready if he runs. somebody who knows a thing or two about independent runs. welcomed the candidacy this week while warning, the clock is
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ticking and quote, the biggest procedural problem is time. the outcome of the race may not be known until well beyond march as many had expected. but long time bloomberg aides say there is still no rush for the mayor to announce. >> we have about eight or nine months until election day. he is not running in the primaries, if he is in fact to run. between the public attention the candidacy would get, the fact that he is independent of the special interests and said he would sell finance and campaign, i have very little doubt that voters would know who he is and what he stands for. >> today, jim webb who has been flirting with an independent bid after dropping out as a democrat. announced he will stay on the side lines. it would be too expensive to run. something that won't be a problem for billionaire bloomberg. >> jim webb had a chance and he didn't get job done. i have to tell you, for michael bloomberg, this is a perfect
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storm. seeing the mess that's going on in the democratic side. the fact that bernie sanders could possibly be the nominee of the democratic party. this is exactly what he's been waiting for all his life. >> if that's the case, bloomberg has been waiting 73 years. if he gets in, the former mayor would be older than everyone in the field exempt for bernie sanders. >> thank you. >> would you consider voting for michael bloomberg? let me know at or on twitter. you can use the #special report. a possible bloomberg independent campaign is the latest sign of a voter revolt against the traditional ways of doing things. friday night we'll have a bloomberg special. we'll talk to experts and real people. >> you typically vote republican? >> i don't vote at all. ever. i've never voted. >> not once. >> no.
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nope. this will be the first time. and i will be. i will be voting. >> is this a voter revolt, do you think? >> i think it is a revolt against the politicians that are rumping the country now and doing such a bang-up job. i think it is time and everybody else thinks it's time to change it. >> fox news reporting voter revolt. the u.n.'s human rights chief says the situation around the besieged city of aleppo is grotesque. that comes as the u.s. and russia open their latest sparring session over syria's civil war amid withering criticism both here and there of president obama's policies. kevin cork is at the white house. >> reporter: the air strikes
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that continue to rock aleppo province. the pentagon's come steve warren told fox news, he claimed the coalition had aircraft in the area is a provocation. world leaders met the munich. amid some of the strongest criticism yet of u.s. policy in syria which has at timed pairs with partners in turkey. >> i call on america, how many times 50 explained this to you. are you on our side or the side of the terrorists? who have turned it into a sea of blood. >> even france's outgoing prime minister added, when you add brutality, russia and iran's complicity, you get the drama in aleppo.
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>> this marks the beginning of a knew stage in the coalition campaign to defeat isil. >> ash carter convened the counter parts for more than two dozen ant-coalition partners for talks. this paints a picture about syria with 11.5% having been killed or injured sense fighting began with nearly a half million fatalities and almost 2 million wounded. >> there is a cost for acting. also a cost for inaction. and part of cost of the united states not taking action, we are seeing right now. >> and it's not just republicans calling into question the poly, telling us that it seems as though we're only half hardly going after isis. >> kevin cork in the north lawn. thank you. >> the administration is trying
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to hit isis in the wallet. the treasury department is sanctioning three leaders of the islamic state who are instrumental in the group's finances and recruitment. the u.s. is trying to disrupt the organization's ability to profit from illicit oil sales in iraq and syria. north korea has ordered the military takeover of a factory park that has been the last major symbol of cooperation with the south. the south korean government had earlier suspended operations and evacuated the workers there in response to last weekend's north korean rocket launch and the nuclear test last month. iran is once again showing its utter contempt for a united states that recently allowed to it recover. tens of billions of dollars in unfrozen assets and sanctions relief. to mark the overthrow of the islamic revolution, this year iran used the occasion to humiliate the united states by
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reend the capture of ten u.s. sailors last month. when two navy patrol boats wanted entered into iranian waters and surmded at gumt to iran's revolutionary guard. the scene played out in cities across iran today during parades to mark the anniversary. actors playing u.s. sailors are showing submissively with their hands up as their iranian captors mock them and the crowds cheered. one day earlier in another embarrassing twist, iran release ad vitd that included this image of one of the captured u.s. sailors weeping. a different impression on the secretary of state. >> i'm appreciative of the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors are well taken care of. >> ash carter had a different reaction when asked how he felt seeing u.s. sailors held at
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gumt. >> ifs very, very angry to see our guys in that situation on iranian tv. that's really not okay. >> on the seam day the u.s. sailors were taken hostage, iran flew a drone over the aircraft carrier. they gave the guards who detained the u.s. sailors medals for their work. the iranian revolutionary guard captured the u.s. sailors on the same day that president obama delivered his state of the union address, and just days before the nuclear deal was signed. >> today a senior state department official admitted to congress the u.s. does not know exactly where to find iran's low enriched uranium which was shipped to russia. >> jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. >> up next, the tax man
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squirmeth on capitol hill. first, fox five in atlanta has more than 40 prison guards and officers in georgia have been indicted on accepting bribes and drug trafficking. the arrests made today are the latest in a federal effort to crack down on contra band and criminal activity in georgia prisons. fox 12 in portland as the remaining wildlife refuge in oregon surrendered to authorities. this follows an emotional confrontation wednesday that played out over a phone line, streamed live on the internet. four people who were still inside the refuge were the last holdouts from a group who took over last month, demanding public lands be turned over to locals. and this is a live look at boston texas. the big story, a deal between the government of bras and i will the university of texas medical branch to develop a vaccine fortunate zika virus. bras sill investing almost $2 million.
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52 inmates are dead after a brutal fight between rival gangs and a northern mexico prison. it began around midnight with
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prisoners setting fire to a storage area. no escapes were reported from the facility in monday ray. the riot comes six days before pope france sis scheduled to visit a different mexican prison. while you're on the clock with the irs, the tax agency is under the gun from congress. officials from the irs appeared before lawmakers today in taxis and interrogation sessions, if you will. why some in congress want a change at the top. >> hardware failures, identity theft, accidentally erasing hard drives. the internal revenue service does not have its house in order on any level. that's the assessment of the chairman of the house oversight and reform committee. >> you go after americans but you don't take care of business at the irs. it is just wrong. >> he wants to impeach the commissioner of the irs and his committee is investigating record keeping is that data protection at the agency. over the last year, a hardware
3:22 pm
failure downed the irs filing system during filing season. criminals stole personal information of hundreds ofnds o. and despite an order to preserve information, the agency destroyed a hard drive containing data relative to a case involving microsoft. reminisce end of its recycling of a drive. she is trm pore irs official that slow walked applications for tax exemptions. the irs says it will halt all recycling of old devices. it wants more money to upgrade its computers systems. >> these systems were literally designed and architected in the '60s and rolled out in the 1970s. the systems are literally, the tax returns, that's where they are kept. >> and republican demanded budget cuts have crimmed the agency. >> the same people that want to pill ory here you today, don't
3:23 pm
want to take responsibility for the fact they starved the beast. they cut $1 billion from the irs budget. >> they have roughly $2.4 billion they spent on i.t. and it is worthless. there is still billions of dollars in fraud. >> in a separate hearing, john defended the white house budget proposal. if passed, it would provide the agency with 12.3 billion. >> a billion more than this year. >> we are doing as i said, much more with much less. a limit to what do you know with less. and we are well beyond that limit. the irs will lose as many as 3,000 employees for 17,000 fewer since 2010. while handling more tax returns. still, republicans stay agency needs to demonstrate better efficiency and competence. >> live on the hill. thanks. the justice department still has some work to do to come my with recommendations that grew
3:24 pm
out of the operation fast and furious gun tracking scheme. the ill-fated operation by the atf allowed gun runners to buy weapons to track them to mexican smuggling rings. fouling rivers in three states with toxic kept. the house natural resources committee released an e-mail from an epa manager stating he personally knew of the danger. the clean-up crew from the epa triggered the spill during evacuation excavation work at an abandoned mine. up next, listening to the sound track of the universe. a major breakthrough from deep
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scientists are comparing the announcement of the detection of gravitational waves to the first practical use of a telescope by galileo four centuries ago. in other words, a big deal. gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space time created by violent collisions such as the merging of black holes. scientists call the waves the sound track of the universe. they were first predicted by albert einstein in 1916. they were finally detected by a billion dollar device that bounces laser beams off mirrors along two giant perpendicular arms more than two miles long.
3:30 pm
eventually we'll explain that all better but we wanted to tell you about it. back here on earth, earlier the supreme court slammed the brakes on president obama's latest salvo in the war on coal. today, the president is calling the court's decision unusual and says, he is confident the administration is on strong legal footing. tonight, the correspondent tells us, much of the damage to the once vibrant industry has already been done and maybe irreversible. >> two-thirds of the revv lieu come from energy. with coal production at a 30-year low, the state's financial future is uncertain. >> no question it is a tough time. there is no way to page the picture so it looks good. >> the nation's second biggest producer joins four other companies which filed for bankruptcy. arch is the country's third large esst tax payer. >> natural gas prices are extremely low. and so that's why you see coal companies that have been tried
3:31 pm
and true and have been around a long time, declaring bankruptcy. >> it is having a ripple effect. layoffs in other areas. >> in our country about, 40% of the production of electricity was from coal. last year it fell to under 32%. >> energy analysts say there is more trouble ahead. >> for coal, natural gas has been the killer. but going forward, it is probably going to be regulation. >> it is last century's energy. it is not the century looking forward. that's wind and solar and renewables. >> pete applauds the obama administration's moratorium on new coal leases on federal lands. concern remains over the hundreds of millions of dollars in clean-up obligations held by bankrupt energy company. >> i would stress the pension cost. we can't leave the workers behind or the lands behind either. >> while the epa rules are
3:32 pm
fought in the courts, it isn't expected to be resolved until long after president obama leaves office. >> in denver, thank you. more uncertainty over the price and supply of oil sent markets actualbling by as much as 400 points again today. the dow finished down 255. the nasdaq fell 17. let's get some analysis now from fox business network maria bartiromo. >> good evening. a rough day today. the trigger for the meltdown was an increasing concern that the federal reserve and other banks around the world no longer have the ability to turn around this weakening global economy. last week, the bank of japan cut interest rates below 0. today subject of negative interest rates came up when the chairman of the federal reserve answer ad question. she did not rule it out.
3:33 pm
rates are so low already that investigators are would that figure there are any tools left in the tool block to turn things around. >> it seems like it is on pinellases and needles. any other big issues? their there are. soil another issue. it is down 50% from the highs. that's really a telltale sign of weak demand from large economies like china, europe. they need to import oil to keep their economies running. you would think that cheap gasoline would be good for consumers who would theoretically plow back the savings into the economy by buying things. but stocks are selling off because we are not seeing that happen. as the cost of people's health care has eaten up any savings they've gotten at the gather pump. there are expectations that things will get worse. there are koirs that it bleed over into the oil sector.
3:34 pm
so many company have made loans to shale companies during growth spurt. i think this will has but we feel like we're in the middle of the storm right now. >> as always, thank you. republicans hit the ground running in south carolina. the mad dash to get ready for the next primary. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the question is, there is a huge gap right now between congress and the american people. the presidential leadership is closing that gap. >> you don't think president obama has successfully closed that gap. >> i don't. i think he has made the effort. but i think what we need, when i talk about a political revolution, he is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process. in a way that does not exist right now. >> bernie sanders today will start with the democrats here.
3:39 pm
hillary clinton tweeting out soon after that. let's dispel with the fix that the president of the united states doesn't know what he's doing. he knows xagly what he's doing there by hitting bernie sanders and marco rubio as well. let's bring in our panel. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post," and singled indicated writer, charles, the all charles panel. the three cs, the chuck wagon. we didn't plan this. charlie, what about this? and bernie sanders's positioning ahead of this debate. >> clearly the full establishment is now coming out for hillary clinton. she needs it. we have the congressional black caucus today endorsing her. and i think that they're very much hoping that going into south carolina, going to nevada. that they're calling that their fire wall. they're hoping this is where they can staunch the bleeding. the problem in nevada is that
3:40 pm
the last, she was up in the last poll which was done back before christmas. she was up 22 points. endorsement was helping her. the thing didn't go that well last time. >> harry beis out. >> in a way, this is an extraordinary moment for bernie sanders and hillary clinton in which black voters have become the swing group. they have the potential to be the king maker in the democratic party. and will be trying to leverage that for commitments and power in the party going forward.
3:41 pm
it would be extremely interesting to watch whether this establish many of black politicians, the cbc, traditional vote getters like that, really have the sway that everybody has always thought they have and that they themselves believe they have. or whether new organizations like black lives matter, and the whole wave of activists who have grown up around the incidents in ferguson, the university of missouri and so forth, whether that's a whole new force of people. some of whom might want to go with bernie sanders. >> i'm not sure i would see the attraction. i can't see black lives matter being attracted to socialism and the abstract present by bernie sanders. they know what they have in clinton. they know what they've had innocent clintons over 30 years. which is very staunch support. and at the beginning of their careers, obviously, deeply
3:42 pm
sincere. i don't see a major defection even though it is the so-called establishment in the black community supporting her. i think it is her. the problem for her is her last fire wall. she lost men by 36 points in new hampshire. she lost women by 11. she lost the under 30s by 5-1 shelf lost the 30s and mid 40s by 2-1. there is not a lot left. i don't see it. the break happening in south carolina. if it does happen, it will be later on. where the african-american vote is not quite as pre dominant as it is in south carolina. or about half the democratic vote. >> our friend mark on another channel follows this closely. had some interesting things to say. >> right now, sanders has the momentum. he's got money and message. and everything that could go wrong or be in a bad place in a cleanse campaign is going wrong
3:43 pm
with her campaign right now. there is this trust between the candidate and a lot of the staff. questions about the balance between fundraising, positive message, negative message. the real battle will be in march where she will be almost certainly now at a financial deficit. she'll have to remind people why she was the favorite. and it is hard to do that when you're on your back feet trying to deal with all the complaints and criticism. >> that's not a pretty picture. >> no. if you look at where hillary was barely able to eek it out. that is a tough state that requires a lot of organization. what we saw in new hampshire, favorable to bernie, a disastrous blowout.
3:44 pm
because of super delegates in new hampshire and iowa, cleanse, the iowa total there, 29-21. it is more than the blue. 29-21. and new hampshire tied 15-15. pledged delegates and super delegates. what happened to the vote? >> she has the super delegates are there for her. one of the powers of the super delegates is they get to change. as happened with barack obama in 2008. >> next up, the republicans march on south carolina.
3:45 pm
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is he worried about his legacy in everything is trashing people. even trump, i read today trump is like all this guy does is attack. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. jeb bush has no foreign
3:49 pm
policy experience, period. >> we're too politically correct. with that being said, as i goes closer and closer to the goal, it's going to get different. now we're down to not very many people. probably six in the end of the day, maybe even less than that, and once you get to a certain level, it changes, i will be changing very rapidly. i'm very capable of changing to anything i want to change to. >> well, that comment raised some eyebrows. donald trump on twitter today as he often is, talking, i guess, about the conservatives saying remember it was the republican party with the help of conservatives that made so many promises to their base but didn't keep them. also today, an endorsement from the co-founder of home depot, ken ling dgon. he is supporting john kasich. he was a supporter of chris christie who is now out of this race but now is supporting john kasich, the ohio governor. we're back with the panel. charles? >> that last switch of
3:50 pm
endorsement, if it sways 10 people i'll be surprised. >> sways money, perhaps. >> perhaps. >> his own. >> it's not going to make a lot of difference, i think, to anyone. but i do think ha last line you showed on the clip from trump, it is sort of a 30 second ad that writes itself you show that, trump saying i can be anything i want to be rapidly then you run the flip flops. you run him about what he believes about universal healthcare. what he he said about abortion, et cetera. it tells you that even he admits in the moment where he winks that a lot of this is just showmanship and play and then you have to ask yourself how much of it is real and what is he really going to be, assuming he wins it all? >> chuck. >> i was truck by the tweet, because there trump voiced what's on the mind of a lot of the mind of the republican base. we were promised so many
3:51 pm
results year in and year out. if you give us the congress, would will will do this. if you give us the senate we will do this. that is a powerful belief on the republican side. by the way it has an analog, if you like, on the democratic side. a lot of people there say i'm for sanders because he will finally deliver that progressive agenda that obama couldn't deliver it's interesting to see trump that was ted cruz's line. by voicing that in that tweet he is competing for ted cruz for that sentiment. >> that is what you hear a lot. you know, washington doesn't work. blow it up. not i'm 100 percent behind what trump says, but he definitely is going to stir things up. that's what you hear. >> i think that's also why people -- you can talk to people who are single issue voters, normally, and you can -- and you can point to evidence where donald trump has been completely against their issue, in the past or maybe even now on ethanol or
3:52 pm
something like that. and it doesn't matter. they don't care. he is not an issue candidate to them. he is an expression candidate. he is he a screw you washington candidate. and obviously it's been very successful. >> all right. meantime, ted cruz wasn't on the trail as of earlier. he has an event, i guess, tonight. he has an ad against marco rubio that has hit airwaves. >> does anyone else here struggled with being lied to? >> well, i voted for a guy who was a tea party hero in the campaign trail and then he went to d.c. and played patty cake with chuck shuman and cut a deal on amnesty. >> man you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> that's one of the attack ads we are likely to see in south carolina. >> the seasonal of the savage attacks has begun. like you say, it began probably today. there is a good ad i think that cruz has on trump in which i shows him as a doll
3:53 pm
and he says is this the guy you really want? so i think it's going to start -- i think there is a little bit of exsal gear ration in the press blood spore, they are waiting, they can't wait for the blood to start to flow. it's going to be like any other state except for what happens when the field narrows you can actually hit a target and it might actually help you win know the field to 16. it is useless to have an attack ad because it does you no good. so we are approaching a season in which it will do them good. that's why we are going to see them. >> the interesting thing is it is start be to be written about that the establishment lane maybe isn't a lane and that ted cruz is trying to crime the mantel of the person who can take down donald trump and the only person who can do it. going into south carolina, is positioned in second in the early polls, one out today, but still far behind trump. >> well, ted cruz has a lot to work with in south carolina because there are a
3:54 pm
lot of evangelical voters, people may have supported huckabee in the past live in that piedmont area of south carolina. so it's a potentially good state for him. i still think that, you know, donald trump is the man to beat in that state and i still think that it remains to be seen if this whole theory that, you know, that all of the other candidates are sort of banking on if i can just get one on one with trump, then i'll doéq< it. having underestimated donald trump so many times in the past, i'm going to say right now i will believe that when i see it. he has defied every single theory so far about how he loses and we will if that one pans out. >> quickly i want to run the sound bite from dr. ben carson today in south carolina. >> most of the people here in south carolina, at least a lot of people that i have met shared the same values that i have about the exceptionalism of our country. about our responsibility to those who are coming behind
3:55 pm
us and why we have to be fiscally responsible. and about the values and principles that made this into a great nation, including our faith. >> still campaigning hard. >> yeah. but this goes -- his comment right there goes back to the thing you just mentioned about the issues. a lot of these people in south carolina they know that donald trump doesn't share their values, necessarily. but they don't care. he is expressing what they want to express. >> thanks, panel. next up, watch a presidential contender get into character. v8. veggies for all.
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finally tonight comedian larry david is known for spot on impression of presidential candidate senator bernie sanders. one late night host thinks another type of performer is giving david for his money. >> the government belongs to all of the people. [ laughter ] and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pac. [cheers and applause] [chanting feel the berne] >> bernie sanders becomes the man of both jewish and muppet dissent to win a presidential primary. >> it wasn't us. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. believe it or not i will be back on the air tonight at 11:00 for reaction and
4:00 pm
analysis for the democratic debate. it should be an interesting one tonight. tune in for that. right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record" the bush brothers invading south carolina. governor jeb bush is here to talk about the presidential boost his campaign is about to get. that's not all. donald trump isn't afraid jeb bush isn't afraid of donald trump. he says he would be the worst president since president obama. >> great to be with you, gretchen -- i mean, greta, excuse me, what am i talking about. >> i get that all of the time. i'm sorry. >> i know you are. let me wish you happy birthday. i know it's your birthday. >> it is. i have had a great birthday campaigning all across the coastal part of south carolina as well as now we are in columbia. so it's been great. >> your brother is joining


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