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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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debate. it should be an interesting one tonight. tune in for that. right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record" the bush brothers invading south carolina. governor jeb bush is here to talk about the presidential boost his campaign is about to get. that's not all. donald trump isn't afraid jeb bush isn't afraid of donald trump. he says he would be the worst president since president obama. >> great to be with you, gretchen -- i mean, greta, excuse me, what am i talking about. >> i get that all of the time. i'm sorry. >> i know you are. let me wish you happy birthday. i know it's your birthday. >> it is. i have had a great birthday campaigning all across the coastal part of south carolina as well as now we are in columbia. so it's been great. >> your brother is joining you.
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your brother has had enormous success is even your brother has had enormous success going to '88 and '92. what's your brother going to do for you? >> he have a rally in north charleston. i'm excited about that he will be in columbia prior to that i will hook up with him for an evening event next monday iny north charleston. he has not done this before. since he has left office, he has not been involved in any kind of public political event. i'm proud that he is going to help his younger brother. >> i listen to do a radio show which you were on today and you said the next debate part of your strategy is not to let donald trump bully you. what do you mean by that. >> he bullies everybody. he pushes us around like we are parts of his domain. we are not. we are running for president of the united states. i didn't say donald trump would be worse than barack obama as a president. but i did say that he is as divisive as barack obama,
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version of negativity and pessimism and divisiveness. and for a conservative to win, we need to have a hopeful, optimistic message. that's my case that i will make on saturday night. the fact that donald trump may not like the fact that just tough luck. he disparages people. i'm not disparaging him. i'm just pointing out that his record, his ideas are not the serious ideas we need to lead this country forward. >> at the same time that take this strategy toward donald trump, governor kasich now said he is accusing you of a negative tone. he said that your negative tone could impact sort of the bush family name. >> oh, i know. they are so upset that there is and)v comparison, for example, on medicaid. john kasich expanded didn't, including florida. ases a private citizen, i worked hard to make sure that medicaid wasn't expanded. he is proud of it. i think it's the wrong thing
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to do. that's not attacking him. that's just pointing out that there is a difference. i'm a conservative reform-minded candidate running for president and i reform-minded record as governor of the state of florida. >> you mentioned that president obama and donald trump and correct me if i am wrong that they both divided -- they may be more divisive than uniters. how is president obama that way? how does that manifest itself? >> all the time. whenever someone disagrees) with him, for example on the iranian agreement which i think is disastrous agreement in our country in the midst of the debate rather than defend his position and persuade, he says republicans were in can a hoots with the death to america crowd. really? you consider the fact that he negotiated with the same people that chant death to america, but this is always his tendency. he always wants to push someone down, push people away to make himself look better. it's not about him. it's not about donald trump. it's about forging consensus to solve problems.
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our country is hurting. people are suffering. and we need someone though doesn't focus on how big he is. and how little other people are. he needs -- we need someone focused on creating a sense of purpose, of unity again for this great country. >> there is -- problems are heating up if that is even a possible way to describe it in syria. where are you on the topic of a no-fly zone or not in syria? >> yeah. we need a no-fly zone. i laid this out are in august. we need a no-fly zone and safe zones in syria to unite europe, the arab countries. the united states with a sunni led army to defeat isis and bring about change as it relates to assad. you have to create a secure syria over the long haul to eliminate the breathing ground of jihadists that is going to take place with the refugee camps all around the region. >> could you have a no-fly zone without putting a lot of troops on the ground and even just sort of maintain this safety zone?
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i mean, somebody has got to be on the ground looking out above and calling out where things are. >> sure. no, absolutely we need forward leaning air controllers. we have to have special operators on the ground. we have them already, and we need to expand them so ases to create the trained force that i'm talking about. and the no-fly zone, you know, you do need infrastructure on the ground to identify and create precision strikes for sure. we need all this by the way in iraq as well. we need to reengage with the sunni leaders, provide more direct support. more sophisticated weapons with the kurds and embed our troops with the iraqi military. that's the strategy i laid out. and it requires getting the lawyers off the backs of the war fighters and lead the world not just do this unilaterally, but we need to do this in unison with our allies. >> as awful as assad is, we saw that there was such a void when human bark left and when qaddafi left. do we run into a situation where if we do get rid of assad we have suddenly created an he egypt-libya
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situation? >> that's the lesson learned of both iraq and certainly egypt and most particularly libya when youxf achieve the military victory and don't have the political solution behind it, you have chaos. and now isis apparently has up to a thousand jihadists in libya. it's the largest branch of isis you have total chaos and dysfunctional libya. in syria, that would require assad's demise that you have to leave. it would be with pressure from the international community but from a position of strength. right now, john kerry is negotiating to try to get to the peace talks in the interim the assad regime supported by hezbollah, iran and russia is pushing the-our support outside of aleppo and people are dying and there is more refugees going and we are striving to create talks. we need to deal with this from a position of strength. and do you that with a military strategy first and
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foremost. >> governor, nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> and a note to all viewers, we want to remind you that here at "on the record" we reach out regularly to all the presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle. now, this of course, includes secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. we have aggressively tried to book both democratic candidates and a both the campaign knows its candidates would get a fair interviewe0 from me. this is a fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry announcing major powers are reached an agreement aimed at a ending the dead lock in syria with a gradual cessation of hostilities. we will keep you updated on this quickly developing story. "on the record" will bring you more as we get it on the 2016 candidates, now all over south carolina. >> going to be such an unbelievable we can have. >> y'all can change history. you can push down donald
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trump a little bit. >> do you know what i am? i'm a kasich republican. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> i have my choice of being -- palm beach, florida or being in south carolina with my friends. i'm here. >> negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. >> we all have a lot more in common than what divides us, and we're called the united states of america and not the divided states of america. >> well, iowa has spoken. new hampshire has spoken. and its south carolina. jamie is in columbia. nice to see you. tell me, what are the voters of south carolina talking about? what are they looking for in candidates? >> i think south carolina are always a place where candidates are testing'ys their conservative credentials, especiallied in the g.o.p. primary. that's what they are looking for. >> what about endorsements today? who seems to be cleaning up
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on endorsements and who is knocking on doors and getting no answer? >> right, well, i think the big surprise of the campaign was that donald trump won an endorsement from our lieutenant governor henry mcmaster who has been considered kind of a leader of the establishment republicans here in the state. marco rubio has two strong endorse. s from congressman trey gowdy, and also senator tim scott, who, you know, is very popular in the state and the only african-american republican in the u.s. senate. also, if you look at the map, ted cruz has some support in the upstate. congressman jeff did you know i can -- duncan very populr in the tea party is backing him. he has state legislators who are from the greenville area. jeb bush, after senator lindsey graham got out, he won graham's/h endorsement. and then he also picked up some of the more establishment conservatives in the state who were backing graham.
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>> a lot of eyes are on your state and your governor nikki haley. she has not endorsed yet last time around. she endorsed governor mitt romney. any idea -- when is she going to endorse and any thoughts about who she is going to endorse? >> i am not going to speculate on when or who she might back. i think that any candidate in the race especially the ones who are trying to break out and sell themselves as the anti-trump or the anti-cruz candidate would welcome an endorsement from the governor. i'm not sure when that's going to come. >> well, all eyes are on your state. i know we have all descended upon you. jamie, thank you investment. >> thank you. >> new hampshire primary 48 hours ago with seven g.o.p. candidates still in the race. yet senator ted cruz is already saying the g.o.p. nomination is down to a two-man race meaning just himself and donald trump. >> one of the most important
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conclusions coming out of the first two states is the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. the only way to beat donald trump is to highlight the simple truth of his record it is not conservative. >> is senator it ted cruz right or jumping the gun? former senior advisor to president george w. bush karl rove goes "on the record." carl, senator cruz says it's down right or jumping the gun? >> it's at least a five person race this thing is certainly not down to be two candidates. take a look at what happened today and yesterday. donald trump, jeb bush shooting at donald trump. marco rubio this morning making comments attacking trump and bush. condemning them all by saying he is the only guy running a positive campaign.
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and wonderful ben carson saying we are all in this together. more that unites us than divides us. that's quite a picture of a scramble and it's not a two man race. >> of course, govi:lxñ gilmore is still in the raceeeit him. he is still in there as far as i know. >> yeah. >> i know this is jumping the gun. we hear this concept of brokered convention. give us an education. what is a brokered convention? >> well, there are two possible definitions of a brokered connection. one version of the broken convention is we go into the convention and nobody has a clear -- nobody has a majority and nobody has a plurality. and people get in the back rooms and they trade -- they argue, they reach agreements. they discuss things and they emerge and they several different candidates unite behind a candidate and name them. this is traditional what
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happened in the 19th century where we would go to a convention and the 1880s and 1890s, even in the 1910s and 20's we tenda% to show up at a convention and nobody had a lead and everybody got in the back room. the boys smoked cigars, brown drinks together and arrived at a conclusion. it generally took a lot of ballots. in 1880 it takes 336 ballots at the republican convention over a period of almost a week to arrive at their nominee and their nominee james a. garfield was not considered a candidate when the ballot began. he nominated his home state senator john sherman for the nomination. now, that kind of brokered convention is unlikely to happen this time around. the kind of brokered convention is like in 1948 where somebody went into the convention with a solid lead. there were multiple candidates with delegates but somebody with a solid lead and after one or two ballots, that person was named the nominee. now, that's likely to happen
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this time around, i think, because we had so many -- we have so many candidates here in the early stages when we have proportional primaries that were likely to end up with somebody short of the nomination but so clearly in front, that even though some delegates will be bound by party rule or law to vote for somebody else on the first ballot. on the second ballot, that happens. now, we came awfully close to this in 2012 because more and more states are adopting proportional rather than winner take all rules. i would remind you it took until may 14 isth for the republicans to get down to one candidate. ron paul pulled out on that day and it took until may 24th for mitt romney to get 50% plus one of the delegates to the republican national convention. that is two weeks before the final contest and california, south dakota, new jersey on the sixth of june. and we could be there this time around. >> karl, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> viewers, now it's your going on twitter. will george w. bush,
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campaigning in south carolina, give governor jeb bush a boost? tweet yes or no using #greta. we are going to show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. and new problems for secretary hillary clinton. today the clinton foundation confirming it was slapped state department investigators. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine? >> this was a story first broken by the "the washington post" and now confirmed by fox news that a subpoena was issued by the state department's inspector general. >> which is not criminal. out of the justice department. big difference. >> that's correct. state department led investigation internal watchdog. subpoena for records from the foundation about this i believe this intersection between fundraising at the foundation and then also government contracts. sings the foundation has said that it's more keenly focused on yuma abedin one of clinton's closest aids in 2012 held four different positions. foundation, mrs. clinton's
4:16 pm
personal staff, state department, as well as an outside firm closely tied to the clintons. she at leasten its face had the appear and of a conflict at that time. >> moving on to news today on the email. >> yeah. a federal judge has essentially dropped the hammer on the state department for a lack of a better term, saying that you have until the end of the month to release the remaining 3700 emails. the first installment is this weekend. the reason that's important is that there are no more delays. we're going to see the rest. but we also know that this is the most problematic set of emails. from what i know in my reporting, some of these emails contain intelligence from multiple agencies. each agency must review the piece of paper determine the classification. and it's hard to imagine aio wht more emails deemed classified and aren't more emails withheld from public relations. >> i still think a big potential problem the emails that she deleted that she said were personal have been recovered? because if they're not
4:17 pm
personal, i think that's a bigid problem. i don't know what they are but have they been recovered. >> you are right on the money with that our reporting is that a lot of the material on that serve iser was recovered. i do not know whether any of them were deemed to be government business and that she sort of ran afoul by deleting them. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> iran is trying to humiliate the united states. the awful new images being broadcast on iranian tv. senator john mccain is here to tell you in response. chaos on board. video inside one of the largest cruise ship in the world. one passenger is here to tell you about her dangerous trip home. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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>> video showing one u.s. navy sailor crying. the sailor is one of so seized and held by iran's revolutionary guard after their boat drifted into iranian waters. today the iranians going further and ridiculing our sailors by recreating the scene in front of huge crowds at the revolution day parade. senator john mccain goes "on the record" from the cap capitol, good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> sir, is there any way if the shoe were on the other foot we would do this to an iranian that we had seized? >> of course we wouldn't. the beat goes on. this is disgraceful. but, what is most disgraceful is the reaction of the vice president of the united states of the secretary of state, of the white house spokesperson to this where they expressed gratitude to the iranians for their gross violation of international law, holding americans on their knees at
4:22 pm
gunpoint and causing one of them to apologize and another one to cry. vice president biden described it as quote standard nautical practice. the secretary of state john kerry said -- offered his gratitude to iranian authorities for their cooperation and swiftly resolving this matter white house press secretary josh earnst said the sailors were offered, quote, the proper courtesy that you would expect, that's what infuriating about, this greta. these iranians are a bunch ofí> thugs, and bullies. you might expect it from them but not only no retaliation for it, but apologizing and praising them for the propaganda. these pictures of the americans crying on their knees are in the middle east
4:23 pm
and every outlet into the shiite world. >> i think it's just horrible what the iranians are doing. horrible they paraded them on video. horrible they took them and put them on their knees, but what in the world was our -- were our boats doing in that area? was it really quote an accident? what were we doing there? >> the information that i have is that they made a navigational error and they shouldn't have done it and people who weredll should be held responsible. international demands when something like this happens they help out the ship and steer them back into international waters it is a gross violation of international law to do what they did by holding them at gunpoint and putting them on their knees. what was the secretary of state's radicalization? he thanks them. that's what this is obviously used as
4:24 pm
reroutement and humiliate the united states. this is horrible. what do we do? just take it? i'm not suggesting military action. i'm suggesting like what should we say? this administration will take now i have been told that the secretary of defense is saying that he is, quote, furious there are a number of measures that we= can take, including, by the way, imposing some sanctions on them. denouncing them in every avenue that we can find. bring suit against them in international courts there are plenty of courses of action that we can take but make the american people realize who we're dealing with and this really puts the lie to any belief that this iranian nuclear deal would have any changed in the iranian behavior. it won't. >> let me just switch gears quickly asking one quick question. your thoughts on the 2016 race where we are.
4:25 pm
>> i do not know. i just have never seen anything quite like this. i will say that and i think it's important for me to say, this greta. that we outlawed waterboarding. the vote was 93-3. we outlawed torture. we outlawed it. and anybody who says that they are going to start torturing people again and that they would do even worse, look, that's against the law. and we learned abu ghraib. >> that's a statement to donald trump candidate. right? >> and others. there are other candidates who have said the same thing. >> senator, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> okay. this is just awful. two police officers executed at panera bread, a fast food restaurant. ted and griff are on the case. they investigate. that's next.
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developing right now, why were two deputy sheriffs murdered? less than 24 hours ago, two deputies gunned down responding to a call to panera fast food restaurant. ted williams and griff jenkins on the ground investigating in maryland. griff? >> greta, hearts are heavy here in the county tonight. that didn't stop law enforcement from leaping into action when tragic events unfolded. ted and i investigated the crime scene today. take a look. >> david evans, without
4:30 pm
and shot deputy daily in the head and then,ññ griff, after shooting deputy daily in the head, he ran out of this door, ran down in this direction and as he is running in this direction bank. he runs across the street to the apartment complex where, griff, he had hesitate car, meaning evans, had a car at a that apartment complex. >> so this is the apartment complex just about 300 yards from the restaurant. what happens now, ted? >> as you can see, the police tape, it is in this location that deputy mark and other members of the harvard county sheriff's department confronted david evans and it was in this area that there was this shootout. and it was in this area that
4:31 pm
deputy lawston was mortally wounded. and that david evans was shot by other deputies. and it's also my understanding thatna&çñ deputy mark larkston got off rounds at david evans. >> and tonight the sheriff's investigation continues. greta? >> ted, quick question. any indication whether they were targeted in any way just for wearing the uniform or was this just another form of murder? >> greta, this appeared to be just another cold blooded murder here in this country, unfortunately. and can i unequivocally tell you i have spoken to two of the officials here, captain steven bodyway and captain lee dunbar, and they wanted your viewers to know that lives matter. >> griff, any idea about this killer? who is he?
4:32 pm
>> this killer is 68 years old. he has a prior history here some 20 years ago he was in a possible dispute with -- physical violent dispute with his ex-wife and he had a warrant for his arrest as recent as last october in florida. so clearly a man that the sheriff says was perhaps on the run. greta? >> i didn't griff, ted, thank yu both. >> and today, the hartford county sheriff describing the two5fwr murdered deputies as heroes.'= >> everyone is precious. everyone is -- in their own way unique. this is hard hitting, to say the least. first deputy that was launched yesterday was pat daily sr. deputy patrick daily. he is a 30 year veteran of this agency, was assigned to court services. and he is a former marine. the second deputy that was lost yesterday is senior deputy mark logston, a 16 year member of this office who is also served this
4:33 pm
country as well as the citizens of harford county as a member of the united states army. >> harford county sheriff jeffrey gaylo is in blair, he joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> sheriff, i don't know what to say. we have covered so many of these stories and these two officers or deputies going off today thinking they are coming home tonight to their families, no doubt, and now. this what do you say to your department? >> >> well, it's been hard to find the words to the men and women of the sheriff's office. we are a close-knit agency. 600 strong. but when something like this happenings, we are a very small agency. the two deputies that we have lost served 30 and 16 years here respectively and were engrained in every aspect and knew everyone. it's a tragic loss for us and one that's heart felt and deep. >> and before they both were deputies, both serve served
4:34 pm
in the military, one was deputy daily was in the u.s. marines? >> yeah, pat daily served the country as a member of of the marine corps and mark logston served ou country as a member of the army and i believe actually served in iraq. >> do they have families that they have left behind? >> absolutely. pat leaves, he is a 30 year member and he leaves behind his girlfriend, his two boys and his mom. mark leaves behind his wife, three children, and his parents, all survive him. and the 600 men in his extended family of the harford county sheriff's office. the 600 men and women of the harford county sheriff's office as well. >> was the killer known to your department? sometimes some of these people are familiar to departments or just someone who had wandered into the vicinity? >>z well, we had a call for service to respond and look for this individual in reference to a -- what we believed was a warrant that existed and, indeed, exist
4:35 pm
from the state of florida. pat daily was the initial deputy who responded on that call. entered the restaurant and located the subject in the asked him if his -- asked him if he was who he thought he was. the suspect affirmed that and immediately brought the handgun out and a fired a round striking our deputy in the head. >> deputy daily -- >> -- whether he was known to us -- there was an incident here and we are and investigate it that was some time back in the late 1990s. we haven't been able to confirm how things unfolded, to what degree this office was involved. our investigators are continuing to work that however, he had apparently moved to the state of florida up until annr in october '15 which he got in trouble for resisting arrest and fleeing and alluding and a warrant was issued and apparently at that time he decided to come back to this area. >> sheriff, i have talked to an awful lot of law enforcement and their families cross the country in the last couple years.
4:36 pm
i can tell you tonight i know that your department grieves and the families do of the two. but, you know, an awful lot of men and women who wear that uniform and their families across the country grieving with you tonight. you know, think of this, two members of the military then serving us and protecting us in the community. and now these horrible, horrible murders. but, sheriff, thank you very much for joining us. and i wish i had the right words, but i just don't. >> there are no words. the outpouring of support has been outstanding and it reaffirms our belief that the citizens do believe in the job that the men and women go out there and do every single day. >> and we do appreciate it. thank you, sheriff. and. >> thank you, greta. >> more on the high seas, the passenger who was tossed around on this nightmare cruz is here next. plus, senator bernie sanders is cashing in and that could spell new trouble for secretary hillary clinton. that's coming up.
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get ready to speed read the news. five people have just been charged in the last year's deadly gas explosion in new york city. four of them charged with involuntary manslaughter in that powerful blast that killed twoub5yñ dozens more injured. manhattan district attorney said landlord and crooked builders illegally rig are add gas system to save money. death toll rising to is 1 in horrific train crash in germany. two commuter trains collide head on killing 11 and injuring 80 more. authorities are still investigating why the two trains were on the same track at the same time. two of the three black box data recorders have already been recovered. and a demolition gone wrong in houston. watch this. a parking garage collapsing right on top of one or two excavators working on the site. can you see the five story structure falling forward coverage the machine in thick dust. amazingly the worker walked away completely unhurt.
4:42 pm
and$ "star wars" bruisers are filling the force of the british legal system. filing charges against producers over accident that left ford with broken leg. hans solo was hit with hydraulic door. authorities say producers broke work place health and safety laws and that's wants tonight's speed read. and thousands of cruiseship passengers on board a cruise are safely home. royal caribbean anthem of the sea tossed around by 30-foot waives and hurricane force winds. joins us on face time. welcome and tell me, first of all, will you ever go on another cruise? >> not any time soon hopefully some time. >> okay, so tell me where were you headed? >> we were leaving new jersey, headed f-r port canaveral and the bahamas and cocoa kay. >> what happened?
4:43 pm
>> well, on sunday, the kids were in the hot tub, and it start to do get a little bumpy, a little wavy, i was sitting on kind of a lawn chair. and the next thing you know, in a matter of seconds, the water in the hot tub was coming out oof the hot tub, out of the pool, sweeping everything off the deck including me. into the sort of into the chairs. got a little nervous. the captain said we would have hot weather for a couple hours. kids decide to do get out of the hot tub. when they did they were tackled by more debris going a across the deck. we made our way back to the cabin and were pretty nervous. it was definitely a little bit of chaos. >> did you think you were going to die? was it that bad? >> oh, you know i think people can do anything for a couple hours and you thought oh, a couple hours.
4:44 pm
as the hours went by and it just didn't get better. it kept getting worse and a the captain coming on and saying a few more hours a few more hours. eventually we were told we would literally have to sit there in the ocean and face the storm and just sit there. after -- we were in the room for 12 hours, i think, well, more than 12 hours. i have a diabetic son. i have a diabetic husband. did i think i was going to die? after the tenth hour i was getting -- my nerves were shot. i don't know if i could say i thought we were going to die but it wasn't pretty. it wasn't fun. >> have you had a chance to relook at some ofqn the video that we have shown and been shown on fox during the day? you have seen that? >> yes. >> pretty wild. >> absolutely. it's totally accurate. disturbing to look at it that's what it was. i had never used twitter
4:45 pm
before until now. >> i take it was really fun when you finally docked it was fun to be on land? >> >> so exciting. we were so happy to see that bridge. so happy. >> anyway, well, cory, i am glad you are fine. i'm glad everybody else was. what a hair raising ride. i thank you very much for joining us he tonight. thanks for having me. senator benchy sanders is breaking a record. we will tell you what it is. that's next. don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump joins sean tonight 10:00 p.m. on hannity. need to hire fast?
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this is a fox news alert. secretary of state john
4:50 pm
kerry announcing an international plan aimed at ending the violence in war torn syria. the agreement will temporarily end fighting between pro-government forces and opposition forces to allow for the much needed humanitarian aid a. now, secretary kerry not calling it a cease-fire but saying a cease-fire is the ultimate goal. the world leaders hope this will put a stop to the carnage in syria that is causing nearly 1 million refugees to flee the middle east and flood into europe. and it's not just new hampshire. senator bernie sanders continuing his winning streak. but this time it's not votes. it's money. since the big win tuesday night the campaign more than $7 million. will this spell trouble for his opponent form secretary hillary clinton? joining us with our panel. $7 million since tuesday night quite a haul. >> not a bad number. >> small numbers, too. >> it's a broad base of support that bernie sanders is building. and, yeah, the hillary clinton campaign is freaked out. i had gotten so many
4:51 pm
fundraising apps from the campaign with various levels of urgency since new hampshire loss. also causing her to spend more money because he has been so strongus coming out of new hampshire. so, it's a race. it is a real thing. >> this whole notion that bernie sanders was going to be done after new hampshire and iowa because we're heading into clinton friendly territory in the south where she is supposed to wrap up the delegates and make it impossible for him to achieve the nomination is blown apart by fundraising numbers. why would he be raising all this money. >> is he raising it in south carolina? he can go into south carolina and bomb. right? >> t:nr#át could. but it gives him the ability to stay in it for the long haul. >> exactly. >> really turn this into a drawn out battle for the nomination. not winner take all in these states which means it's all apportioned. you can win parts of states and stay in the race. he has enough money to do it. he is buying ad time in some super tuesday states. he has got enough money to just stay in the race even if he is not winning in south carolina and nevada.
4:52 pm
is he behind there in the polls. with -- between the two democratic candidates. who is the underdog? >> it's a great question. is it possible there is not an underdog. >> somebody has to be underdog. there was a tie in iowa, flipped a coin. >> you have to think that hillary clinton is real after the jugular with bernie sanders. i think you will will hear a lot of her talking about his record on guns. the democratic base with an eye towards south carolina where they had this horrible tragedy last year, i think you will hear a lot. she will hit him on issue that. >> you know what i would do, i always put myself in different shoes. i would pull up chris christie and go after senator sanders. if i were hillary clinton i would say you have been there since 199 0. what you have done? that's what i would do. >> she has not done a good job at counter attacking with sanders. actually took"súq the gloves off inxiát last dee bait and i expect that he is going to do the same tonight i think he real louises he has her
4:53 pm
in a vulnerable position on some issues. is he winning. he has the populist argument resonating with voters. she has sort of tried to parrot that but doesn't sound credible. she needs a new tactic right now to kind of revive herself in the tonight. >> you know, i think it's not fair to hang this around her neck but those women were so dopey like gloria steinem, not fair to hang that around her neck but a theme for the campaign about women. and that didn't help her. nor madeleine albright's comment. >> absolutely not. i was at a bernie sanders' rally talking to young women there in new hampshire and they were ensinced by these comments by madeleine albright and gloria steinem who a lot of them looked up to. and the idea that they have to vote for hillary clinton because they are women was sort of it was perplexing and drove them closer to bernie sanders. that's another thing hillary clinton has to be careful about. she has got to go after bernie sanders but can't do it in a way who his supporters.
4:54 pm
bring into the fold. >> i am beginning to hear the biden noise. that's when bad when people are saying stuff like that. way too early. when you start hearing that stuff, you know it's even more trouble for both of them. anyway, but as they say, never dull. it's going to be exciting. >> certainly. >> and if there is going to be blood on the floor as i say. anyway, thank you both. >> thank you. >> coming up, well, the system is rigged. rigged against you. i will explain off the record. that's next. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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let's all go off-the-record. morgan stanley is disgraceful, so is u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. she promised in that phony memo she issued after taking office that this stuff would stop. i'm talking about the new deal that some states, morgan stanley and the justice department just cooked up together to their dishonest practices, crimes helped cause the 2008 financial crisis. under this new deal, morgan stanley only pays a fine, plus, they are all trying to pull a fast one by calling what morgan stanley did misrepresentations about the value of mortgage-backed really? just misrepresentations? they must all think we're stupid. misrepresentations? it's criminal fraud. and guess what? morgan stanley says it is pleased about the deal. no kidding? please, who wouldn't be? no indictments, no handcuffs. no perp walks. no prisons, just a $3.2 billion fine. get, this the culprits don't pay the fine.
5:00 pm
the innocent shareholders do. and the attorney general knows that she was supposed to protect us, but she sold us out. nice, right? the system is rigged. and that's my off-the-record comment. good night from washington, d.c. but before we go, -- >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i am looking forward to a week of wall-to-wall coverage of fox news at the impressive third place finish which marco rubio got. >> ted cruz apparently believing fox news not tonight, we will take a look at that assertion and how the presidential campaign should be covered. >> i did not do well on saturday night, so, listen to this, that will never happen again. [cheers and applause] >>r5ht senator marco rubio last stand in south carolina. can he turn things around? the senator will be here tonight. >> do you know where new hampshire is around? >> of course. >> where is that? >> somewhere in long island. >> also ahead, jesse


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