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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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do. and the attorney general knows that she was supposed to protect us, but she sold us out. nice, right? the system is rigged. and that's my off-the-record comment. good night from washington, d.c. but before we go, -- >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i am looking forward to a week of wall-to-wall coverage of fox news at the impressive third place finish which marco rubio got. >> ted cruz apparently believing fox news not tonight, we will take a look at that assertion and how the presidential campaign should be covered. >> i did not do well on saturday night, so, listen to this, that will never happen again. [cheers and applause] >>r5ht senator marco rubio last stand in south carolina. can he turn things around? the senator will be here tonight. >> do you know where new hampshire is around? >> of course. >> where is that? >> somewhere in long island. >> also ahead, jesse watters
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on the new hampshire vote. were the folks paying attention? >> sad day for america. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. fairness and news coverage of the presidential race. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. almost every politician feels that one news operation or another doesn't give him or her a fair shake. i, myself, have leveled charges of unfairness against some entities so i can sympathize with the polls a bit. yesterday senator ted cruz surprised me by saying this: >> i am looking forward to a week of wall-to-wall coverage of fox news at ther impressive third place finish which marco rubio got. so i'm sure that's what we are going to see on every show on fox today. the shockingly impressive third place finish of cruz.
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>> the senator being sarcastic apparently believing that fnc favors marco rubio. i can't speak for all of fox news. i can tell you that senator rubio has been much easier for us to book than senator cruz. in fact, marco rubio will be with us in about two minutes. and senator cruz will not be with us. even though we invited him tonight. we also invited ted cruz on tomorrow night and we invited him on earlier this week. i don't really know what else to do. i will even buy him dinner. we hope to see mr. cruz sometime. now, earlier in the campaign, ben carson thought he was being treated unfairly. >> i do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president barack obama when he was running. in fact, i remember just the opposite. my job is to call you out when you're unfair. and i'm going to continue to do that. >> and that's a good thing. by the way bekçç carson will be here tomorrow.
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i want the candidates to complain if they feel aggrieved. but i don't want them to be paranoid. here is how the campaign should be covered. hard news, just the facts, please. don't need any shading. commentators like me are free to give opinions on just about everything. morning hosts, they are opinion people, too. each show has a different definition. so while candidates like hillary clinton might feel fox news is stacked up against them, that's only true in some precincts, not network wide. for example, guy out of my way to keep it all about issues, unless a politician strays into dubious areas like the email deal. that being said, have sometimes defended hillary clinton from cheap shots andky stayed completely away from any and all personal attacks. it's easy for politicians to dodge tough interviews by saying oh, i'm going to be treated unfairly, and that's what often happens in these cases. one guy who does not dodge is donald trump, although he does hold a grudge if you hit him hard. mr. trump, like all the other candidates say he just want to be treated in a fair
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marriage. here is his assessment of the press in general. >> i have to tell you on the press, on the press, 30% are good. and some are great. some are really great. some of the press is honorable and fan as fantastic. but i will tell you have got 50% that are the worst people that i have ever met. they are scum. they are horrible people. they are horrible people. [ applause ] >> it's hard to argue with that. myself, of course, excluded. summing up hard news folks just the facts, please, commentators, say anything you want, and the candidates should not take it personally unless personal attacks are used. those are unacceptable. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, joining us from south carolina the aforementioned marco rubio. let's start with this. when you told your supporters that your mistakes in the new hampshire debate would never happen again, what mistakes were you referring%' to?
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>> well, look, i went into that debate in the hopes of not triggering a republican on republican fight. i think by and large when you have those, it helps the left, and it helps the democrats. i was attacked by governor christie and i could have responded by attacking his record and perhaps in hindsight that's what i should have done. instead, i tried to pivot back to something i will continue to say. that is what is happening in this country is part of a deliberate plan by barack obama to change the role of government in our country and the role of our country in the world. i repeated it three or four times and i guess i said the exact words so it created this narrative and it was a distraction at the end of our campaign and i think it hurt us in new hampshire. so i took responsibility. >> you were once a football player, right? down in florida weren't you a football player. >> yeah. not a good one yeah. >> i was one too. i think i was the same as you. after the game we would watch films, right? >> yeah. >> now, did you watch the film of your debate performance? >> well, it's hard to turn on the tv and not see the
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people pointing out that i used -- >> --it was more about -- yes, christie hammered you, but christy himself it was a -- victory. he didn't gain anything and maybe it wasn't wise for the new jersey governor to do that to you. however, the portrayal was shallow guy, you, shallow guy, rehearsed, they write his stuff, not presidential, that's what was being pedaled rather than the what he is doing and wants to change the country in bad ways, which is what you were saying. do you see any validity to that? do you see yourself as maybe being a little bit too reliant on the sound bite? >> no. because if you look at it debates now, and i have answered it except for 90 seconds by and large it's been viewed at every debate i have had i have been among the best people. some people argue the best person in those debates. i have been asked questions you never could have anticipated. i'm on with you tonight and can you ask me any question you want. >> i'm surprised the voters
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held it against you so much. i didn't know whether they would or not. i couldn't make a call. but they did. i don't know why. >> well, i think part of the problem was that in the last 72 hours you want to be closing your campaign with your message and instead that space got eaten up by talk about this question. >> that's a good point. okay. let's go on to south carolina. south carolina a totally differential state than iowa and new hampshire. nothing in common. what do you believe is the rhyme marry issue south carolinian republican voters are issued in? >> well, by far it always has been national security and the military. now, they care about everything else as well, of course. this is a state that has a strong commitment to national security. by the way on economics, south carolina is an example of the country of what we should be doing as americans. this country has a vast manufacturing base. it is growing in manufacturing where america is shrinking and it's because they have reduced buildings and been pro-business. >> let me get back to the national security thing. >> right. >> a lot of military people
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in south carolina. my uncle lived in columbia, south carolina. and he was in the army and so we all know that culture. >> right. >> but every republican, i'm tough, i'm going to build up the military. i'm going to go stomp isis. you are not talking to bernie sanders here. you are talking to people of like mind. how are you going top( separate yourself from the pack? >> there are differences. ted cruz in his time in the senate has only voted for one budget. the only budget he voted for was a budget put forth by rand paul it's a budget that bragged about cutting the defense department and cutting the military. it it's a budget -- we already are not spending enough on the military. this budget bragged about cutting it even more. he did it probably as a wink to libertarians or did it for some other reason. >> he did it because the conservatives want to balanced budget amendment. they don't at the present time to spend any more money than the government takes in. that's why cruz did it. >> there is a lot of fiscal conservatives in the united states senate that didn't vote for that. we understand that national
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security spending is not the reasonable why we have a debt. our debt is being driven by the way social security, medicare, and medicaid and, by the way, the interest on the debt is structured in the years to come. and so that's what you deal with national security, the military is first thing we should spend money on. you have to fully fund that first. then you should be paying for everything else. that's a big difference between him and i. it as two races. i see it as cruz versus trump and then you versus bush versus kasich. almost two races. you and governor bush used to be friends. is it safe to say you are not friends any longer. i have never said a negative thing about him as a person. i admire him very much. i think he was a good governor of florida. >> you are still his friend. you don't take it personally that he is trying to via for the same crew that you are trying to via for? >> right. >> is there anyone in the race, trump, cruz, kasich, that you're not too fond of? you have got to tell me the
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truth now. >> no, no, no. >> you are okay with all of them. >> no. absolutely. and let me tell you though. campaigns and elections are about differences. you have got to point out the differences. >> absolutely. it's how you do it. >> so it's not personal. i like them. i like these people. look, i get along with ted cruz. i get along with donald. i get along with jeb. i get along with john kasich. we're going to have a debate about differences because voters have to make up their mind. they can't pick five people or six people. they can only pick one. if the differences are about policy -- if the differences are personal or insults or name calling, not only do i think it's inappropriate and counter productive and the democrats would love to see it they would. >> they are yelling at each other, too. they are having their own problems over. >> i understand. >> good luck to you. as i said senator rubio is available to us. and answers the questions. and, you know, that's all we can ask. we appreciate it good luck in the debate. >> yeah. >> we will check in with you soon. next on the rundown, another
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senator lindsey graham doesn't like trump or ted cruz. he will tell us why. later, watters finding out just how much the folks know about the new hampshire vote this week. upcoming. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. senator lindsey graham of south carolina a stall wart republican is not liking ted cruz or donald trump as all. >> if you nominate trump and cruz i think you get the same outcome. you know, whether it's death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter? >> wow, joining us now from columbia u south carolina is senator graham. take trump first. what's your beef with him? >> he is unprepared to be commander and chief. he has no idea what he is talking about. if you knew anything about the war, the last thing you would do is say we're going
5:15 pm
to ban all muslims from coming to america because you're declaring war on the faith itself. we need partners within the region who ho happen to be muslims. we are not going to win thist @ war by makinging it harder to form partnerships. the idea of taking oil in iraq and syria and using it for our own interest to help our wounded warriors would start world war iii. >> you can say on the first one i actually told mr. trump on this program that you don't want to alienate the muslim world en masse. >> well, he has done it. >> maybe. i'm not sure whether the campaign rhetoric would match the policy. he wants to win. he gets attention. you know how it goes. >> no i don't. wait a minute, i don't know how it goes. >> you can tell me i'm wrong here. if you are not a politician, you are not a politician, you are not in your business, as trump wasn't. and you want to be president of the united states, the first thing you have to do is get attention and develop a following.
5:16 pm
the quickest way to do that is to be inflammatory. you with me so far? the quickest way to get attention, the quickest way to develop a following is to be inflammatory. and that's exactly what he has done. so that's what i'm saying. it's a strategy. >> okay. well, it's a lousy strategy because we have got men and women overseas who are in harm's way surrounded by millions of muslims. you're making their life very difficult. there are='g people in the state department, in the military that when american political leaders says we're going to ban everybody in the faith in question from coming to america, how would you like to have your son or daughter in the middle east with somebody saying that? >> it's -- that's a good point. now, on the border, he wants to put up the border wall. >> yes. >> you oppose the border wall? >> no. i want a wall but i don't expect mexico to pay for it. >> well, i would like them to pay for it. i don't think they will. but i would like them to. >> well, yeah. sure. at the end of the day i want
5:17 pm
to build a wall to protect us. i don't want mexico to pay to protect america. you are not going to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and their children who were born in the united states. that's not practical and when you say most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers you are wrong. >> he didn't say that i'm with you on the first one and trump was on last night and i told him he couldn't do it. he was basically referring to the coyotes who bring up the people smugglers who bring up the poor my migrants to the border. s and they have as you know been abusing women like crazy all throughout mexico. he didn't articulate it the way he should have. i did that interview and i know what he was referringi to. let's get on to cruz. >> i disagree with with you there. >> all right. fine. that's why you like the show. cruz? >> i don't trust ted cruz because i set right by him in immigration debate where he offered an amendment to give legal status, not citizenship. and after 23 clips from megyn kelly, he set there in
5:18 pm
front of the american people and said no, i really didn't mean that i didn't mean legal status. that was just sort of a fake. so i was there. he meant legal status. >> is it possible that he has changed his mind on the issue? >> i think it's impossible that he is trying tofi7÷ deny what he did because he knows it hurts him right now. i have been in the air force for 33 years. i retired in june. the idea you are are going to win the war against isil by carpet bombing makes no sense. you need a ground component. anybody who saysjo(3 they want assad to stay in power has no idea what that means to the mideast. you are giving damascus to the iran yaps. arabs are never going to help us going on the ground to destroy isil if our position is to give assad -- excuse me iran damascus by keeping their puppet aside in power. ted cruz is more of a libertarian than a ronald reagan conservative. on foreign policy i don't trust ted cruz at all. >> you are a jeb bush guy. you have endorsed jeb bush. >> yeah. >> it's interesting congressman jeff country kin has endorsed ted cruz.
5:19 pm
libertarian mcmaster has endorsed trump. >> all over the board. >> yeah. nikki haley wants to be vice president, i thmplet she hasn't endorsed anybody. she will probably stay out of it. it's going to beep a brawl in south carolina. you know the state as well as anyone. >> sure. >> i think trump is going to win. would you say that's probably going to happen? >> he is in a good position to win. the debates matter and next week will matter. we need a good debate here. jeb did a really good job in the last debate. let me tell you why i'm supporting jeb bush. he was a commander of the florida national guard for eight years. he dealt with 8 hurricanes and four tropical storms. he has been through crisis management i think he is steady and ready he has the judgment and temperament i'm looking for. >> he has to folk's anger. would you tell it the governor we would love to have him here on the factor. >> i will tell him and he should come here because you
5:20 pm
will be fair to him. >> i have always been fair to him. >> yes, you have. >> always good talking to you. thank you very much for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> many factor viewers want to know the truth about the wounded warrior project. we have been investigating. we have an initial report. later, bernie goldberg on hillary clinton playing the race card or something. and we are coming right back. ♪ ♪ on your certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can drive as far as you want for up to three years and be covered. so no matter where you go, your peace of mind and confidence will be as unlimited... as your mileage. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 29th. and learn more about our unlimited mileage warranty, only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. frequent heartburn brand in america.
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truth serum segment tonight. two very hot topics beginning with the wounded warrior project. as you may know the charity advertises heavily here on fox news. recent reports by cbs and the "new york times" say some of the organizations expenditures may be questionable. now, i told you we would investigate ourselves. we have not completed that investigation yet. let's bring in our truth serum correspondent shannon bream in washington. eric shawn in new york city for an update.
5:24 pm
all right. first, eric, here is what cbs reported. go. >> cbs news spoke to more than 40 former employees who have described a charity where spending was out-of-control. these two former employees were so fearful of retaliation they asked us not to show their faces. >> it was extremely extravagant. dinners and alcohol and just total access. >> for a charitable organization that's serving veterans, all this expense on expensive resorts and alcohol, it seems -- >> -- i mean, it's what the military calls fraud, waste,and abuse. >> okay. so, what have you found out, eric? >> well, these allegations, bill, have caused a firestorm, a lot of controversy so far. they are referring to in that resort the broad more. they a big meeting there. 500 people cbs claimed as well as the "new york times" that they spent about $3 million on this event. wownded warriors denies that they got a discount on the room like about what i would pay at the holiday inn express. they say the alcohol if it's
5:25 pm
served they do not pay for it. they do pay ft for alcohol at corner dinners. they don't fight people around the nation on business class. they do on one flight to germany. >> why was this event held there for what? >> they have training sessions. it was like three or four days or longer for all the employees as well as the inspirational session. >> so it was their internal employees at the broadmore, i understand it wases 150 bucks a room? is that what they got? >> it was, yeah. >> that's not bad and cbs should have pointed that out. that's a good rate. they train their people and they say look, this is what our mission is. and how we handle it. >> they say that's not out of line. we talked to a lot of charity experts if you want to know about the charity who say that a good point is if about 75% of the money goes to the programs. they say 80% does. that's not what charity navigator says. charity navigator is a watchdog group. 59.9%. >> 60% goes to the warriors. >> goes to the warriors. wounded warriors.
5:26 pm
>> i loosked at that data in preparation for your seeing. i think it's accurate that 60% of the money goes to the warriors and 40% goes for advertising, marketing and administrative costs. >> they're now on watch list. >> after cbs and the "new york times" they have been. what is the watch list. >> 30 charities that they put on just to watch they don't take any position whether it's good or bad. they say there have been allegations in the media so the folks can know. it's all on their website. >> charity navigator, they use a star system? >> they have given them three out of four stars. >> still? >> yeah. 84 and a half out of 100. >> we have our own people on it, but this takes time, ladies and gentlemen. i'm not just going to parade in anonymous sources. i don't think that's right. i want to get an initial thing here. we're working it and let's go to shannon bream. >> serving 85,000 vets, theymz say. >> there is a controversy in san antonio, texas.
5:27 pm
shot dead by police. tabloid newspaper has declared war on the cops in san antonio. roll the tame. >> put -- they do everything that they can. they in order to protect their identity for fear of being brought to justice. we, as the san antonio observer newspaper are looking into the future prospects of publicizing the names and the addresses of all san antonio police department officers. >> okay. so what's going on down there is that newspaper going to publish the names and addresses of all the cops? >> as you might imagine, bill, there was a lot of blow back and they say there are no plans to do that right now. i talked to stefanie zarello tonight. >> the editor of the newspaper. >> once a week.
5:28 pm
leans left. targeted to the african-american community. you heard her words there receive said publish the names of all of the police department officers. when i talked to her tonight she said no, no, no, that's not what i meant at all. publish the addresses of the bad cops. i said how will you decide bad cops? are we talking about somebody who has been convicted in court of doing something wrong, of murdering of manslaughter and that kind of thing. >> yes, only with a conviction. you heard her words there in the press conference. so i will leave it to people to understand. >> demonizing the cops. >> and there were also references to sex offender registries and sex aabusers their information published. he she said i would never say that about average cops there are a lot of good cops. i'm talking about :a1%m!%9 important information about bad cops. >> sounds like she as the cliche goes walking it back. >> might be doing that. >> my advice to that editor with all due respect is to
5:29 pm
not do this. if you want to do investigative reporting with source material, fine. don't do cheap shots. eric, shannon, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton targeting black votes in south carolina. bernie goldberg has thoughts on that. watters on how the folks process the new hampshire vote. >> i'm bernie sanders guy. >> you are a bernie sanders'' guy. >> oh yeah, um. >>um what happened last night in new hampshire? >> not sure. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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story segment tonight, the stock market got pounded again today losing 255 points on the dow. so far this year, stocks are down about 10 is% across the board. but why? how will this influence the presidential vote? here now fox business network super star, he told me to say that, lou dobbs. >> thank you, bill. >> i don't understand -- about economics. it's for pinheads. >> thank you very much. >> generally speaking. >> great to be with you. >> stock -- oil prices falling. >> right. >> that seems to me to be better for the economy because people have more money to spend on other things, consumers loosen up. >> um-huh. that, and the other thing. cars are easy to buy with low gas prices. why is the stock market going down in conjunction with low gas prices. >> in conjunction with low crude oil gases that drive
5:34 pm
those low gasoline prices we are watching the chinese economy second largest in the world. it is not coming in for what appears to be a soft landing. >> so what, china is far away. >> that trade is impacting jobs here. whether it be apple making all of its -- >> -- there is already a 5 9 billion-dollar trade deficit with these people. i talked with trump about that last night. every year. >> now, trump has an interesting outlook on this, all right? and he is right about it. the fact is we have to bring jobs back. but, first, we're going to have to create demand. we have right now an economy that is beset by, you and i talked about crude oil prices and gasoline prices for years. >> yes. >> you may be responsible for what we're going through. >> i hope so. >> because you always wanted low gasoline prices. >> i got them and i don't know why the stock market is not going up. >> because that 5 trltd industry right now, they are going bankrupt at the edge
5:35 pm
on exploration and -- >> -- exxon is not going bankrupt. >> not exxon. i'm talking about the small exploration. >> that's capitalism. some do and some don't. >> they do go. capitalism no jobs no food. >> a% unemployment in this country. >> 4.9. >> yeah. >> trump also said since you are an echo light of his economic reasoning, he also unemployment rate. >> that's crazy. it's about 15%. >> you know, it's not as crazy as you think. because we are doing our best to estimate it. but the truth is, it is right at 10%. >> so who in the stock market, which wise guys think that we are in big trouble? because that market is coming down pretty fast. >> nearly all of the guys, the smart guys think we are in trouble. the reason they think so is our enemies are -- >> -- mediocre. >> at best. the other part of it is our growth point 7.7%. >> no growth. >> 110 trillion-dollar global economy and we are watching recession grip the
5:36 pm
european union. we have. >> so irving everybody is scared. this has to come back to the united states, right? >> it does. >> the market is going to go down and big house something going to go down, all of that is going to go down. >> housing is has already -- is held at a low point. we had seen some recovery. but, it's just not happening. >> if the market continues to meander and go lower, that's bad news for the democrats, right? >> that is very bad news for the democrats. it is high price for us to pay in this country. >> absolutely. but that's how the politics will shake out. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and bernie sanders, if he gets elected, i have got to go to ireland. i'm thinking about lick liechtenstein now. >> there won't be any capital gains anymore. bernie is going to go into my garage and take all my stuff. i can't have that. lou dobbs, everybody, when we come right back, bernie goldberg on hillary clinton and sanders courting back
5:37 pm
voters and watters on the new hampshire vote. how much do the folks know about it? we'll be right back. we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays weekdays with berne bernie segment tonight. hillary clinton said this. >> we also have to break through the barriers of bigotry. african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot because of the color of their skin. >> and joining us now from miami to react to that, the purveyor of the bernard mr. goldberg. >> this is just pandering for votes, is it not. >> that's absolutely what it is. south carolina is right aren't the corner. a lot of black voters in south carolina. so they are pandering -- they are in full panderingli mode. the sound bite you just played from hillary clinton's speech in new hampshire, she talks about how black parents shouldn't worry about -- shouldn't have to worry about their kids being harassed, humiliated and even shot because of the color of their skin. there is a debate tonight. a democratic presidential debate tonight. it would be nice, i'm not
5:42 pm
holding my breath, but it would be nice if one of the reporters said, mrs. clinton, do you really think that racist cops are running rampant in black communities? and, by the way, you said that black parents, plural, shouldn't have to worry about their kids being shot. you do know that 72% of black babies are born to single mothers. do you think that widespread breakdown of the black family is a bigger or lesser problem than bigoted cops? that's oneix thing. bernie sanders, in his speech, his vick tri speech in new hampshire said that there was a disproportionate number of minorities in prison. again, it would be nice at the debate if one of the reporters said senator sanders, do you think, perhaps, the reason there is a disproportionate number of blacks and latinos in prison because blacks and latinos commit a disproportionate amount of crime in america? that's not a racist thing.
5:43 pm
i was just b. to say that's not a racest question. >> but it would be spun that way. >> look, those questions are never going to be asked. because the journalists are afraid to ask them. >> that's right. >> let me just ask you. this if you and i were at a debate and we were the moderators, goldberg and o'reilly, okay, and we would ask those questions, both -- >> -- right. >> we would ask them. but i would also say that i believe if we did ask them, that the black community, certainly the leadership of that would attack us for asking it. we would be attacked. >> no question. no question. >> and the answers or whatever or what we're trying to raise up is, a, there is no epidemic of white cops shooting black kids. >> right. >> it's black-on-black murders at 90% that are the real problem and are not being stopped in places like chicago. that's the real racism. and, b, the dissolution of the black family has led to
5:44 pm
the rise of young black male crime. >> those are not raceist questions. >> they're provable with statistics. >> correct. >> the black community by and large they don't want to hear it. >> right. well, you mentioned the black establishment. i think you said that that's an important point. look, liberal politicians like bernie sanders and hillary clinton, it doesn't take any courage to put billionaires and wall street in their crosshairs. they blame them. they make them the villains and they get a lot of applause, okay? but it would take a certain amount of courage to talk about black behavior or minority behavior, and i'm not talking about widespread. i'm talking about kids having kids and kids dropping out of school, and kids shooting each other. that would take courage to talk about that because the black establishment wouldn't like that. >> that's right. >> and that's why it won't
5:45 pm
happen. >> that could cost you votes. >> lots of votes. >> that's what this is all about. >> that's right. you don't want to risk losing votes. >> and certainly hillary clinton has got to have them. benchy, thank y@u. we appreciate it watters on deck. what do the folks know about what happened in new hampshire this week? we will find out after these messages. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus.
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, millions of americans watch the election returns from new hampshire on tuesday night. many more did not. that's pretty much always the case, even when presidential politics are involved. so we sent watters to brooklyn to find out just how much folks know about new hampshire.5ç8l4(p&c@ ♪ ♪ >> who won last night?
5:49 pm
>> who won what? >> i did not see the game last night. [ laughter ] [whistle] >> no basket. >> the islanders. [ buzzer ] >> he don't look too good. >> yeah. >> you are talking about last night game the knicks. >> something political. i don't know what's going on. >> bernie sanders and donald trump. >> yes, yes. >> do you know where new hampshire is around? >> of course. >> where's that?retqirñ somewhe. [ buzzer ] >> what is wrong with you? >> what do you make of that? trump and bernie sanders? >> it's a sad day for america. i will tell you right now. [ laughter ] >> now, what do you think about donald trump? >> i like his character. he has the personality that's why people are drawn to him. >> trump won. >> sad. >> are you sad about that? >> it's sad. >> he is a self-made billionaire. i'm sure he could bring the united states up to where it needs to be. >> are you saying he is going to bring water
5:50 pm
boarding back and i think that makes us unsafe. >> what would you like to do to terrorists? tickle them? [ laughter ] >> tickle fight. tickle fight. >> trump doing well, what does that tell you about the to the terrorists, tickle them? so trump doing well, what does that tell you about the country? >> that they like somebody who is a [ bleep ]. >> you sound like donald trump. >> right. >> cruz, to me, reminds me of a penguin from "batman." >> there will be no mud slinging in this campaign. ♪ >> hillary lost. guess who she lost to. >> biden? >> bernie sanders killed hillary last night by about 20 points. >> horrible. >> what does that mean do you think? >> when it comes to women and feminists, we're still going to stick by her. >> if women still love hillary, why did bernie beat hillary with
5:51 pm
women? are you voting for hillary just because she's a woman? >> yes, i'm not going to lie. >> that's sexist. >> if we keep obama president, i would vote for him all over again. >> because things are going so well right now. >> i wouldn't put it like that. >> who are you voting for sh >> i'm a bernie sanders guy. >> really? >> hillary clinton, i think he's a good option, but i feel bernie is a little more honest. >> that's not saying much. >> he's like the best in a bad bunch. >> are you feeling the bern? >> i'm feeling the bern. >> do you think the rich are greedy? >> yes, i do. that's part of the problem. >> isn't it more greedy to ask someone else for money? >> we all want money. >> for the money, for the glory, and for the fun. >> i just did 11 years in the fed. >> what were you in for? >> i robbed a bank. >> we are robbing your bank. >> so you must be a bernie
5:52 pm
sanders supporter. >> i do not like bernie sanders at all. >> i love you, man. you're great. "watters world" is the best, america. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. ♪ >> okay. this is freaking me out. >> that lady is till on the coroner brooklyn, no idea what happened. the producer edited that. out of the people that you spoke with, in brooklyn, how many had an idea about the new hampshire vote? >> 75% had no idea that there was even a primary. even the people that liked a candidate didn't even know if that candidate won or lost. the convicted felon, the bank robber, he can't vote now. so it doesn't even matter what he says. i said, what are you going to do? he said i'm going to convince my girlfriend who to vote for. >> brooklyn is a unique place.
5:53 pm
that's why we sent you out there. there's watters, everyone. "factor tip of the day," bernie sanders discussing me, your humble correspondent, on late night tv. "the tip" moments away. losing it... until you finally find it. light up her valentine's day with a classic diamond heart pendant. now just $399.99 each. that's $300 off! helzberg diamonds here's to love.
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>> are you related, jim? >> well, that's what we do in the tank, ray. >> none of the other candidates are as successful as mr. trump has been so far, scott. have to cover the story and trump along with sanders, are the two hot stories. >> better chance with bernie, scott. but secretary clinton was treated fairly last time i interviewed her. so maybe she'll remember. >> some will not survive. others will have to raise their prices. there will be economic consequences if that happens, for sure. i favor a minimum wage of $10 with an opt-out for mom and pop
5:57 pm
operations and teenagers. so we can be fair to everybody. >> you know, ellen, that does not sound good. >> so true, steven, so true. i love that. >> well, what book was that, marshal? couldn't have been "killing reagan." every word in my book is true, and it's an homage to the president. >> it is pretty frightening.
5:58 pm
you never know what he will look like when he shows up. i think he looks like captain nemo. remember him, "20,000 leagues under the sea?" we'll see you and your brother, saturday, march 12 in los angeles. and we'll be in fairfax, virginia, saturday may 7. details on the show is on billo' they are a blast. finally, the "factor tip of the day." we've been trying to get bernie sanders to visit "the factor." you may remember he was a frequent guest before he became a rock star. last night on the colbert program, senator sanders said this. >> let me say something about bill o'reilly. bill said, and this is the reason people might want to vote for me. bill said if i won the presidency, he would move to ireland. [ applause ] so electing me president is a twofer. you get sanders and you get bill to go to ireland. >> now, i did say something like that.
5:59 pm
but i'm not really that worried, bern. and there are worse places to emigrate to than ireland. but at this point, i am still standing by. i love bernie sanders. i love him. but he isn't going to win. however, that could change. if bernie comes on "the factor," he may surge in the court of public opinion. that is it for us tonight. check out our website and spout off about "the factor" anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be verecund when writing "the factor." just say that to somebody when they're annoying you. just quit being verecund. stop the conversation cold. tomorrow, stewart varny has his villains, and he's rip thing
6:00 pm
week. again, thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. new warnings of chaos and confusion in the race for the white house, with just nine days to go before the south carolina primary. there is increased buzz today about the republican contest possibly ending in a contested convention in july. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. there are growing suggestions tonight that no single candidate will secure enough delegates by the summer, which would leave to a brokered or contested convention. marco rubio's team among those floating the idea with senator rubio himself sitting down with


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