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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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we'll be anchored by my good friend bret baier, tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. thank you for being with us and hope you have a great weekend and a great night.
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>> i'm making sure we get the maximum amount of revenue. >> then, african americans and the police. >> we have to be militaryized. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. >> republican opposition. where we are now, to the trumps of the world. and perhaps the most pointed back and forth overñr campaign financing. >> secretary clinton's reliance on well straut. >> let's not get get by here that either president obama or myself would in any way not take on any vested interest, whether wall street, or drug companies or insurance companies or frankly, the gun lobby.
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>> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. >> why does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. a special edition of leshg's headquarters starts right now. >> good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. in the next hour a look at the just-completed democratic presidential candidate debate. plenty of highlights and nal sis from a wide array of experts including the care of the democratic party and how will it play against the republican field. first, what is said? let's go to senior political correspondent mike emmanuel in the spin room.
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good evening, mike. >> well, bret, good evening. it was clear secretary hillary clinton tried to be more aggressive in shutting down bernie sanders momentum on tuesday, sparks flew when clinton was asked about how she'd pay for some proposals and sanders shot back she's not in the white house yet. bernie sanders continued his rant about the campaign finance system being corrupt. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people, people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huk campaign contributions? my guess, just for the hundred of it. >> i have made it clear that no bank is too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail, and because of dodd frank we now have in law a process
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that the president, the federal reserve and others can use if any bank poses a sis stemmic risk. >> there was an extended back and forth on the issue of foreign policy. let's take a listen. >> i voted against the war with iraq. >> i do not believe a vote in 2002. >> she has the longest experience in foreign affairs. secretary of state of four years, youçó have a bit of experience, i imagine, but judgment matters as well. >> clipt onembraced president obama on issues and bernie sanders recognizing the frustration of the american people did not hesitate to draw contrast with mr. obama. there was a feisty moment when sanders noted that he was not the candidate on stage, who ran against president obama.
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bret? >> mike emmanuel, thanks. let's bring in our expanded panel. steve hays, amy stoddardxd and charles krauthammer. steve, your thoughts? >> what is fascinating is to hear hillary clinton trying to get to bernie sanders left, yet again. she opened the statement calling for illuminating the influence of wall street and stripping things out of politics. the things that have been the two fold of bernie sanders campaign. i think it's deeply cynical of hillary clinton to be making those arguments given the swirl about her fund raising, both with the clinton foundation and generally. the super pac debate, and the contributions she god from
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goldman sachs, and she's calling for this to be eliminated? hypocritical. >> there is this hugging of president obama by hillary clinton. but yet, talking about economic troubles that have not been fixed over seven and a half years, it's a tough line to walk. >> yes. when you're hugging the president you're hugging the establishment when people are antiestablishment. what we have going on here is hard left populism and hard core politics. i think that both candidates really didn't do what i expected them to do. hillary clinton did not sharpen her message. she is still meandering all over the place. and bernie sanders for the love of god, how do you go through the debate and not mention e-mails or the state department went after the clinton foundation? >> we should point out there wasn't a question. >> if i'm running you don't have
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to ask me the question. >> if i'm moderating i have to ask. >> it's a pertinent question. and going left of her, saying the president hasn't shown enough mercy to the community. these are the kindñi of proposa i'm going to do to bring the racial equality and instead of talking about it, he did not say you have not done enough for the community. >> i actually think that what sanders is doing can work when you cling tightly to president obama, in hillary's case, she's doing so because she's hoping that that is going to earn the support of minority voters and invested partisans in contests still to come. what sanders is saying to progressives and people who are disappointed is that it's just not good enough, we're going to
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do more, and if that works, you might see more african american voters who might be female, progressive or young, started to listen to him saying that the banks that bailed out are bigger now, more powerful. but wait, racism is just as bad, or worse. police brutality is worse. that is the problem for hillary clinton going forward. it's her vote to get. and that it is untouchable for bernie sanders. >> more than four decades ago, there was a debate inside of the debate about something that happened 42 and a half years ago. take a listen. >> in her book in this last debate she talked about getting approval or the support or the mentoring of henry kissenger.
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i find it amazing because i happen to believe he was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the history of the country. i am proud to say he is not my friend. >> bernie sanders back and forth on kissenger. >> that was a classic rock, i mean going way, way back. you can see he feels at home there. he's been debates on kissenger since the late 1960s. that, to me was the essence of the debate. she was strong and always good in debates. and you could have slept through most of it except opening statement and the part of the end. she was determined to hit the constituencies she needs, nevada, hispanics, illegal
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immigrants, south carolina, and her last appeal was to women. she did badly, horribly in new hampshire. the rest of the debate, i thought was just kind of sophorific. in the last five minutes, he said we have to open up, try to engage, and to be friend iran is what she said. she wiped the floor with it. at that point, he looked a little lost. i thought he looked old, not in age, but sort of the kissenger thing, and he was really animated about those old arguments and he looked a bit tired. when he said, quoted fdr at his inaugural address i thought he was going to say "i wrote that p speech" but over all, i give her
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the win, but then again, i'm a republican so what do i know? >> neither of them answered the question from facebook which said which part of the federal government would you do without? what agency? what thing would you throw out? >> bernie sanders almost looked shocked to have gotten the kwechlt and didn't have much to say when trying to answer the question. and said i'm sure there are ways there, but my favorite answer in that exchange was hillary clinton's. she promised to eliminate programs that were redundant add duplica duplicate, which is redundant itself. >> the clinton team saying african americans are going to support hillary clinton. is there a sense maybe that is not as great as is perceived? >> all of the old rules are
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being rewritten in this campaign. and a campaign in which donald trump is running the republican primary. why do we think it's impossible for bernie sanders since she's playing by the old rule book. she's hugging the president, looking for an endorsement, lining up endorsements from african american leaders in south carolina, and people want to know, especially the pep who are flocking to bernie sanders is how are you going to disrupt the system? how are you going to turn things upside down? as hillary clinton is listing off constituencies, his answer is american people are tired of establishment politics. they want a political revolution. that is airy, fairy, and idealistic but it's what people want to hear. >> i mean that is the difference. every time hillary clinton talks about she came back to the reality, what can you get done?
8:13 pm
what can you get through? but he's talking about the big picture, pie in the sky, this is what people want. and it seems to be -- people are identifying. >> you know it has to be frustrating for her to be the candidate and eight years ago she was like stop dreaming and everyone do it my way. didn't work now. she's struggling now. >> she's trying to be the change candidate but talking about -- >> and being practical. listen, it's going to be very hard in terms of the timing of what is going on for her to reverse this momentum and dominate in these ct saying he'n them, but the e-mail situation for her, the investigations, and now, three if not four, investigations, into the clinton foundation and the classified uses what the misuse of classified material, she, the timing of this is more e-mails coming is terrible, her campaign
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is saying nevada is 80% white. and we never said we're going to win there and it's not. it's half white. so this is in terms of how nervous they are visibly versus what kind of box she's going to put these endorsers in when she's on the front page of the news every day. >> why is bernie sanders never bringing that up? two, what about the moment you're not in the white house yet, hillary? >> look. i think one of the two explanations. one, he doesn't want to win. he is neither cause like a ron paul. he thinks he's not going to win, this isn't his time, but he's going to be remembered as the guy who launched social democracy. he was asked about that. you know? he said, well, you know, i'm history, i'm the first socialist if i get elected. second is that it could be
8:15 pm
calculating that by rising above it, allowing the news to speak for itself, he doesn't have to add onto it. everybody understands what's happening. he doesn't raise it, he looks like an idealistic candidate. >> i go for the second explanation. he made it clear, he said in iowa, that he wasn't going to do this. he's getting credit from democratic voters for doing that. if you're appealing to the young idealistic kind of voters that he's atracking they want to believe someone is above it all. >> now, let's look at what the state department is looking at. and not look like he's taking -- >> if you haven't done that, and it's working you just won by 21 points, in new hampshire. it's always an option. and he can deal later on.
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but why now? his strategy might be a good one. >> when we come back, peter doocy on a candidate you may have not considered. and john roberts on republicans in south carolina. america's election headquarters rolls on, right after this.
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welcome back to our post debate special. let's talk about someone not a democrat or a republican but might run for president this
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year. michaelberg isñi moving closer toward an independent run for the white house. >> he still hasn't debated, michael bloomberg is still thinking about running for president. the mayor just ordered a second national poll to see how he'd do in a head to head race against leading democrats and republicans. the post cites new york's democratic operative, says, bloomberg has the political infrastructure and sleeper cells ready if he runs. someone who knows a thing or two about independent runs, ralph nayeden welcomes a bloomberg candidacy in an op-ed this week. the outcomes may not be known until march. and one advisor says there is
8:22 pm
still no real rush. >> we have about 8 or 9 months to election day. he's not running in the primary if he is to run and the fact that he is independent of the special interest and said he would self finance the campaign, i have little doubt voters would know who he is and what he stands for. >> and he will stay on the side lines because it would be too expensive, something that won't be a problem for billionaire bloomberg. >> for michael bloomberg, this is a perfect time. the mess on the democratic side, the fact that bernie sanders could possibly be the nominee, this is what he's been waiting for all of his life.
8:23 pm
>> one speed bump would be getting his name listed but experts say if he pays the fees and does paper work, it shouldn't stop him from mounting a national challenge to the candidates. >> thank you. >> hours before the democratics talk at each other, republican candidates were talking about each other in south carolina. the most of what they're saying was not complimentary. job roberts has that story tonight from florida. >> reporter: if florence, birthday wishes for jeb bush. >> how much does that help you in this state? >> it's going to help because people love my mom and dad and love george w, who kept us safe, and here, national security is a principle issue. >> many are deeply disaffected
8:24 pm
by mriks as usual. a thing donald trump and ted cruz tapped into. between them they have the majority in recent polls. >> we're going to run the table. if we win here after winning in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the table, and we'll make america great again. >> to win here, trump will have to appeal, big time to conservatives, ones that propelled newt gingrich to victory. last night, winning several people at clemson university. >> and back to we the people. >> ted cruz draws support from evangelicals, who makeup 60% of voters here. through that group, he hopes to defeat trump. >> this is a national campaign, one of the important conclusions out of these first two states is the only candidates that can beat trump is me.
8:25 pm
>> in 2008, a quarter went for john mccain, and 2012, mitt romney, about the same number. they also like rubio giving him a possible route. rubio is doing everything he can to knock cruz down a peg. >> john kasich tried to stay above the fray, promising he's hill back if hit first. ben carson who polls better in south carolina is just going to try to find a way to stay in the game. a week after the republican vote it's the democratic victory. for democrats, thes victory lies in the african american vote. blacks have a history of voting against hillary clinton here,
8:26 pm
voting for barack obama by a landslide. bernie sanders has been trying to build bridges in hopes of avoiding a blow out here. >> we have a lot of support within the african american community but importantly, the reason i think we'll do well is our views on criminal justice in this country. >> if hillary clinton wins south carolina it may be the start of a snow ball rolling down hill. on the republican side, if trump wins it may be difficult to stop him. that is why the other contenders are battling so hard to try to change the dynamic. bret? >> up next, reaction from debbie wasserman-shultz. >> i am not a single issue candidate. i do to the believe we live in a single-issue country.
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today, senator sanders says president obama failed the presidential leadership test. this is not the first time he's criticized president obama. >> the kind of criticism mr. sanders said about our president i expect for republicans not someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. i worked with president obama for seven years. >> welcome to our post debate special. let's get reaction from the head of the democratic party, congress woman debbie wasserman-shultz. >> thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure, bret great to be with you. >> a lot of talk about president obama. can one of these two candidates be the candidate of change, while embracing the last seven president obama's administration? >> of course, compared to the
8:32 pm
republicans because the kind of change they're talking about is to go back to what they define as the glory days of the bush administration that is kind of mired at war and go it alone strategy and refused to make sure everyone had access to health care, the kind of change either one of our candidates would make is the change you need to build on the progress we've been able to make. that is what they talked about tonight and i was proud of both of them. >> were you surprised there was a focus on henry kissenger? >> there is always a variety of topics. i was glad to hear them talking about making sure we continue to investment education and health care, and making sure that what voters want to hear is how are you going to make sure i have an opportunity to reach the middle
8:33 pm
class and focus on helping the wealthiest continue to do well. >> are you a fan of his? >> you know, am a fan of our democratic candidates for president. my job as a member of congress and dfc is help contribute to move us forward. >> let's talk about this race and where it stands to move us forward. >> in new hampshire, sanders overwhelmingly beating clinton. in the democratic count, clinton is up, and in new hampshire, she's tied, 15-15, coming out of that because of super delegates. for someone who is a sanders supporter and look at these numbers, what do you tell them? are you angry about it? >> well, if you remember in 2008
8:34 pm
we had this same concern arise, and when we got to the convention, our entire convention supported then senator-obama and the actual nomination was supported by then-senator clinton. it's important to clarify the difference between pledged and unpledged, bret. a primary and caucus, candidates come out with pledged delegates who are bound to support the candidate that earned that delegate. unpledged delegates are party leaders and elected officials who can makeup their mind at any point and change their mind. we separate those so we don't have party leaders running against the activists, but want to make sure are helping to diversify our conviction. that is something we take great pride in. a native american cancer survivor should have an opportunity to be delegates,
8:35 pm
too. they shouldn't have to deal with well known party leaders. >> i am not sure if that all fits on a bumper sticker for angry sanders supporters. looking through the exit polls and you see honest and trust worthy numbers and you see sanders getting 92% versus clinton's 6% is there a problem there for hillary clinton? >> you know, bret, i'm neutral when it comes to the outcome of the democratic primary so it's not for me to comment on the attributes or criticisms of our candidates. what i do know is that the american people support the direction we've been going and want to elect a president to continue to take us in that direction and not want to go backyard. 19 million american who's have health care now don't want to lose it. we have an economy that has improved and they don't want to go back.
8:36 pm
that is what i'm confident voters are going to make the decision on. >> you've been a proponent of transparency. i remember talking to you numerous times in the bush administration. given that history, do you think that secretary clinton should release the transcripts of those wall street speeches? >> you know, that is something that is going to be up for the secretary, when it comes to transparency related to her official work she released 55,000 pages of e-mails and it doesn't get more transparent than that. and i'm confident that she will make the kinds of decisions that she believes are necessary and appropriate. and when it comes to transparency i think we've had consistent transparency across the board. >> do you agree that the state department ig is somehow operating in a political rq5 that he somehow has a vendetta against secretary clinton?
8:37 pm
>> again, i'm not going to 0 in on, as far as my opinion on specific criticisms related to our candidates. you know, i do say that it doesn't really compute in my mind as a member of congress putting that hat on where you have information when transmitted was not classified, then, classified after the fact. i mean, that is an important distinction. when something is classified after the fact, you know, it's then difficult to criticize someone who, at that time, clearly was transmitting informdrjz that they knew was not classified. that is an important distinction. >> you've had six debates and four more on the books. how about letting the fox news debate team handle one of those. >> you know, we have got a lot on our plate and i'm happy to be here on your network and there aren't a lot of democrats that
8:38 pm
come on, and i look forward to your conversations and look forward to sparring with you and your hosts throughout the campaign. >> so you're saying there is a chance? >> i'm saying that i'm here, ready to talk to you about the issues and will do so all the hope part of that. congresswoman debbie wasserman-shultz, thank you. >> thank you bret, great to be with you. clinton foundation and one of the people keeping pressure on for more transparency. >> taxing the wealthy by closing loopholes for something we're way overdue for doing. i think when i'm in the white house, we'll have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> look. you're not in the white house yet.
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welcome back to our special look at tonight's democratic debate. right now a couple questions on the clinton e-mail round up, state department issued a subpoena to the clinton foundation and seeking documents about the foundation's projects requiring federal government approval during clinton's time as secretary of state, republicans are concerned if there were donations made to the foundation when clinton was a likely candidate. the clinton denied such allegations. a judge is ordering 550 more e-mails to be releasedñr and les talk more about the e-mail
8:44 pm
situation with tom, what would you sna. >> the announcement made official this week by the fbi and filing on the freedom of information act cases confirming there was an investigation into mrs. clinton's use of her personal e-mail server and it wasn't person wasn't, and they're investigating people. and now we is more information about the class bid material that was on her server, and on her secret e-mail accounts, on an e-mail account outside of the government of other officials like the top aide that came out this week. seemed like everyone in the state department was in the same classified information that began at the top.
8:45 pm
the fbi is saying look here. all of the alarms are blaring away. and there is a serious criminal investigation into mrs. clinton. >> when you hear people say this is classified after the fact if you have to realize that it wasn't in transmission, then, you see the e-mails that were released? >> that is not true. it's classified from the moment you get it. and she is obligated to protect it as classified and should be looked at to make sure it's marked properly and just because it's not marked doesn't mean it's not classified. they're making up stuff to send to mrs. clinton. i understand why debbie wasserman-shultz is doing, but to hear the state department do it is disturbing and so when we say mrs. clinton's material is
8:46 pm
classified after the fact that is protective of mrs. clinton. >> the state department ig subpoena of the clinton foundation is a separate track looking at kecks between speeches and payments and actions. >> yes. there is a criminality investigation into her cash investigations and from china, saudi enemies, you name it, they were paying the clintons off. again, i think this debate was the thing that wasn't barking is the criminal investigation ov overhangi overhanging mrs. clinton. >> we have a panelist, if you had $100 in chips would you say the fbi recommends an
8:47 pm
indictment? >> i would say there will be an indictment and maybe other officials and used to be in the administration and people need to be talking about what happens if she's forced out of the race. it's that serious. >> incoming weeks? >> the fbi is screaming you have to read between the lines but the filing this week and reporting by fox news suggests it is imminent. >> tom, thank you for the time. >> final thoughts from tonight's democratic debate panel, right after the break. here's to almost losing it...
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the spin room in milwaukee, the democratic debate is in the books tonight. we're back with our panel for final thoughts. >> number one, it's interesting the way hillary wrapped herself in obama. they haven't worked up until now, obama is not popular. and all sides, democratic and republican, are railing against
8:52 pm
it. and saying how bad a situation is. none theless, the strategy is i think specific, pointed at south carolina. she has to win big there. and if not, i think the campaign could collapse. it's heavily african american and i think her sense is the calculation is that obama is a source of iconic proud and when she came after sanders it was a way to say you've disrespected this icon in black american history. whether it will work or not, i don't know. another point in opening statement, he used the word political revolution. she used the word progress. and that is a classic argument. she's stuck where she is.
8:53 pm
>> listening to others on judicial watch, this situation is only going to increase. >> it's stunning it didn't come up. she performed well and got the power on a terrible day. and it's going to be a tough couple weeks for her. i think timing couldn't be worse. it doesn't mean she's not going to win contests, and if you think about the momentum now, the questions about her legal jeopardy combine that with the fact that you know, young african americans, young la teen yo -- latinos, so i think she's got a lot of work ahead to do to blunt the energy he's created and we can see it in the faces of the campaign, they're just having a tough time. >> twoñi things, one, pivoting
8:54 pm
you two, looking for bernie sanders to talk about black americans put in jail in the tough on crime spree and still in jail because barack obama has not used diplomacy powers. that could cut against clinton. second secondly, trust. sanders seemed to be an authentic guy, but his policies are laced with disinagainusness. hillary clinton, her policies are based in reality. andñi most americans don't trus her. so there is a certain level of distrust going through the democratic party right now. >> he mentioned the ice raids on illegal immigrants. >> he's going to make racial issues better than barack obama did as well, which is interesting. >> don'txd think that is a high
8:55 pm
bar to be honest with you. the thing that jumped out at me is that she opens the night and is offended that of the suggestion that it might influence her decision making i thought there was a problem with her record. i thought she had a difficult time defending the record on foreign policy. at one point, she touted her role in the june 2012 cease fire as if what is seen in syria for threew3 years hasn't taken plac. it's extraordinary she'd think to raise that. >> and and the ground work and
8:56 pm
she was targeted on that all night to start and that is why she had to do that. >> millennials don't care the dnc or the democratic party. >> fair, balanced and unafraid. we'll see you friday, 6:00 p.m. eastern time for a special report and back here saturday night at 11:00 p.m. yes, we will, for another america's election headquarters special, post game from the republican debate, south carolina. good night from washington. as we look at the spin room in milwaukee. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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breaking tonight, warnings of chaos and confusion with just nine days to go before the south carolina primary. there is buzz about the republican contest possibly ending in a contested convention in july. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. with such a big field, there are growing suggestions tonight that no single candidate will secure enough delegates by the summer. marco rubio sitting down with the associated press to discuss it, saying, quote, i don't think it's


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