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tv   Red Eye  FOXNEWSW  February 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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again, thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levy in for tom shillue who is off meeting with his alluminati to establish new world order. or he is siping barber shop somewhere. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> thanks, andy. which congressman was vaping on the house floor? it was duncun hunter. should women be forced to be in the draft? something that may surprise you, or maybe not. and bonnie mcfarland and rich voss stop by in time for valentine's day.
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could this be the show that ends their marriage? >> thanks, andy. couldn't have done it better myself. >> she played diana morales in "a chorus line." cultural prop prate much? joanne noy uh chin ski. and comedian and part of the problem pod cast gabe smith. and she puts out more photo than the parents of a missing child. it is fox news contributor jedediah bila. and never buy short when you can rob long. tv writer, producer of, rob long. let's start this thing. so i was watching c-span the other day and one of my favorite programs was on. transportation and infrastructure committee hearing. it was business as usual until -- >> i yield to a gentleman from california, mr. hunter. >> thank you, mr. chairman. first i would like to say
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this, so this is called a vaporizer. >> yes, that's duncun hunter. the committee was discussing an amendment that would ban vaping on planes. i am guessing he is against the amendment. >> what she didn't say is smoke has gone down and the use of vaporizers has gone up. there is no burning. there is nothing noxious about this whatsoever. this has helped thousands quit smoking. it has helped me quit smoking. in the next decade or so you will be able to inhale ibuprofen and inhale your prozac and anything else you need drug wise you can inhale. >> but are vaporizers the future? >> this is the future. smoking is going away and the ability to take in nicotine or any other form of medication
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in the future will be in something like a vaporizer. >> rob, i like how he said medication and not drug. >> and he said inhale rather than snort. that's kind of what he is saying. we already know you can snort those things. he has a great fm radio voice. i felt like i was listening to adult contemporary. he's right though. it doesn't do anything. the reason they don't want you to do it is it looks like smoking. it may get you to smoke they claim. >> the reason they don't want you to do it is they don't want you to have fun. jedediah, hunter it did two tours in iraq and he was honorably discharged and then a reservist who was called back to afghanistan. i say let him vape wherever he wants. do you agree with me, aka, do you support the troops? >> i do support the troops. you are brilliant. i love you stole her line.
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i hate secondhand smoke. i can't stand it because it drives me crazy. this doesn't hurt anyone. the notion that you are going to see it and you will want to smoke. it plays out for people to be so dumb. i don't see everything and then want to do it. it is not like oh i saw the hmoke and it is so alluring. no you smoke or not smoke. >> a big soy burger with cashew cheese. >> estrogen is bad for men if you consume too much of it so stay away. >> is that why i have been so emotional lately? >> too many soy burgers. >> am i the only one that wanted him to light up a real cigarette? how lame is our country that this is what our war heros do now? excuse me, congress, i am going to vape. >> he is saving his own life. that's what heros do.
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he understands the impact. you guys stink. i am trying to make it out to be a good thing and you just take it down. >> how do you feel about vaping on planes? right now you can't and they are trying to pass a law. >> how about the radical idea that there is one issue our federal government doesn't need to take up. let plane companies decide what they want to do like every other business would like. >> i would like to begin by saying this man is a combat veteran and he should do whatever the hell he wants. >> i feel like i heard that somewhere before. >> i can understand his argument against the ban being there is nothing harmful in this. it is not secondhand smoke. it is water vapor. my ring a meant is people are not just releasing water vapor into the air. it is water vapor with a scent. it is bubble yum. it is vanilla. and whether you on an airplane that is contained you do smell some of that. whether it is perfume or even
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if it smells nice it can be a little much on an airplane. so i suggest a a vape section of the plane. >> not a bad idea. >> what would the advantage be to vapor the ibuprofen. >> it is just cool. >> he didn't mean ibuprofen. >> whatever, whatever you need. >> whatever you constantly need to have in you. >> eye by ibuprofen. >> not just painkiller oral -- oral by -- are onal biewder roll or whatever everyone else needs. >> i agree with the scent. to me the main argument against vaping on planes, they look the same. every time a flight attendant sees a puff of whatever in the air he or she has to check that which distracts them from their job of bringing me my next drink. >> true.
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what if it were common. what if that became common and was commonplace and everybody -- obviously you can't section off a scent. i don't >> i don't know if you have a problem against bubble yum? bring bubble yum and chocolate into the world and everybody would be happier on the plane. >> maybe ones that smell like chipotle? >> no, that is terrible. >> earlier tonight bernie sanders -- dare i say democratic front runner deer nissan deers? bernie sanders? he faced off with hillary clinton. here is part of the debate. actually the debate happened after we taped. earlier sanders released a new ad being called powerful stunning and dishwasher safe. take a look. >> our job is not to divide. our job is to bring people together. if we do not allow them to divide us up by race and by
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sexual orientation and by gender and by not allowing them to divide us up by whether or not we were born in america or whether we are immigrants we stand together, white and black and hispanic and woman and man. when we stand together and demand this country work for all of us rather than the few we will transform america and that is what this campaign is aboutful it is bringing people together. >> while sanders stands for bringing people together hillary is tearing people apart. a strategy that is questionable at be. it is a pretty good ad. >> it is a great ad. it says nothing about what he is going to do. but at the same time every single human no matter where you stand in politics looks at
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that and says that's a great idea. we all want to come together. he brought every race and both genderses. he is a brilliant man. he has the sexy and the smarts. >> rob, every race and both genders? >> it is irnting you mention that -- it is interesting you mention that. i was so pc and i thought no trans people. i actually expect. i literally expect there to be a somebody who will write a piece for salon right now, right this minute and they are tapping it out he or she or whatever -- you did not get my vote. >> and animal activists. >> truthfully going off the trans community -- did i say that right? now i question myself. everyone was pretty attractive with symetry because you are
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dividing faces in half and i didn't see any people of a larger weight. there were no obese people represented in the ad either. that's a problem. it is a part of our country and part of our culture. >> it is fun watching democrats play the identity politics cardigans each other. it is going to be a fun bunch of months. >> what about people who want to come together and not destroy the economy. do we get a commercial? i thought it was a ripoff of the michael jackson black or white video. >> that was aeo. >> it was. >> i think for those of us who don't want to wreck the economy, the ad we should be watching is the buy gold one. >> but jedediah is right. it is what works in political campaigns. dumb it down in a message like yes we can, hope, make america great again. >> it is really brilliant.
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that ad could have run in 2008. they love that stuff. he is killing her with young people. just killing her and it is maybing her look older and older and older. that's really smart. somebody said this is what happened. bernie has a lot of young people who like him and young people make good ads like that. >> and they don't say wait a minute, how are you going to pay for all that. they say -- >> or the fact that our government has already done a lot. we are making strides along the way. with the supreme court's decision in favor of same-sex marriage we are making strides and our government is doing a lot of good things for human rights. it is easy to focus on the negative, but there are a lot of positives that happened over the years.
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>> i find it interesting that the older guy you expect to be out of touch is the guy that knows how to do stuff like this. >> that's what i was stumblingly getting at. >> because young people support sanders you have young people who are good graphic designers or making stuff like this for him where hillary's campaign doesn't seem to have that kind of frshness. >> republicans should pay attention too. their ads are insufferable. you need an ad you can hash tag. you don't need to tell people specifics, but you make them feel good. the people felt good about barack obama. it doesn't matter this guy wants to tax everybody and take their money. learn from it. >> the next democratic primary is nevada which is compared to iowa and new hampshire a little more diverse. >> everywhere is more diverse than iowa and new hampshire. is hillary going to kick
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bernie's butt there, or is he going to somehow start tapping into that? >> i think there is an establishment state, a cullary union. i think she bodes better there than counting on young people getting out. bernie sanders is out bragging about how he has had a great voter turnout. in fact he hasn't. they had a lower turnout in iowa and new hampshire than obama has got. i don't think he has a practical path to the nomination. >> what did you think of the debate? >> i thought both came and did what they had to do. hillary clinton came and answered important points and he on the other hand pivoted into a strong area about the economy and jobs and they will both look at a tough, tough primary campaign coming up. >> i think it was nice how martin o'malley came out and did the guitar coping at the beginning. i thought that was nice, opening music. that was lovely. >> i found it interesting that at the debate hillary said,
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quote, you're damn right i ordered the personal e-mail server. she owned it. >> it could have used some dancing, but other than that a disco ball and it could have been spiced up a tad. >> that was the dialed up moment. >> superman outfit underneath. i thought that was a nice touch. >> speaking of nipple clamps, he does not have a problem. the actor is suing an anonymous twitter user who responded to one of his tweets by writing cocaine addict still sniffing and spouting of the woods who is seeking to unmask the user known as abe lift says being a cocaine addict damages his reputation. it is a constitutional protected insult and a well known part of the political hyperbole which his attorney fired back saying conversations on twitter can and do include opinions, jokes
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and hyperbole, but it cannot be ignored people believe what they read on twitter. the defendant will likely be unmasked. if held up on appeal it could have an affect on how people use social media. a quick note to all guests, you are not allowed to use the phrase he is not out of the woods yet. do i not have a constitutional right to say dave smith is a glue-sniffing toe popping sex fiend who turns tricks to buy more glue? >> i think you should have the constitutional right to say whatever you want to. it doesn't look good. who has the time, energy and focus to go after someone for a single tweet other than a coke head? i would take a step back and look at the overwhelming evidence. >> does it matter if dave
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smith doesn't turn tricks for glue and i say he does, but he uses the money to buy bath salts? >> wow that's a supreme court case. james woods' point what they said about him could have been true. if people believe what is true, james woods has monkey brains and that's not true, but it would have been an insult. it is strange that his defense is what you said about me could actually be true and i will sue you. the interesting thing in the future they will be vaping cocaine. >> they say it may have a chilling affect on twitter. what do you think the affect will be on people who like to tweet things like dave smith inhales four cases of duster. >> can we do a hypothetical? >> in my defense i was drunk and i apologize. >> i want to defend first
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amendment rights. you can ruin someone's life. you look at twitter and you know how many times i i see facts put out there? i am looking at it saying that's not accurate at all. i understand the argument that you can ruin someone's entire life and reputation based on an accusation. what if they bought them and didn't hire them for jobs. people are dumb. they will look at twitter and say this can be true. maybe that will deter me from -- you are looking at me -- >> he is an actor. i work in hollywood and there is literally no reason to hire an actor who does cocaine. pretty much we don't care. >> what if it weren't about him? what if it was about one of us and it threatened your personal rep few station. reputation. >> he can smoke meth and be a pedophile, but you can't get
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insured by my completion bond company so can't go forward with the project and his career is over. >> i am more saying philosophically but you should be able to say whatever you want about anyone. you don't own your reputation. it is what other people think about you. if something as silly as a tweet can affect it, that's life. >> i think i can solve this, joanne. if everyone puts jk after all of the tweets? >> put lol at the end. i can't wait until i have enough money to hire a lawyer like this, guys. the reason why this is going through is his lawyer figured out the best way to say, like, no, people, look the a twitter like it is the news. while there are people who do that, if it is not a news organization i immediately think this person is trying to be as witty or original or funny as possible to get
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retweets and recognition. they shouldn't be believed. on social media they approach it from a position of disbelief before belief. more cases like this will help us go forward in looking at it that way in the future. >> i feel more sympathy for woods except he is a troll on twitter himself. in 2014 he replied to some person saying thank god i wouldn't want you to spend your precious crack allowance being enlightened. if you are saying things like that to people -- -- >> how do you feel when he said that about you? >> i said mean things about him first. coming up, should women enter the draft? our panel makes a legally binding decision. you are watching "red eye" on fnc so stick around.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a federal judge ordering the rest of hillary clinton's e-mails be made public by the end of the month. that means all 155 pages of e-mails will be released before the presidential primary day known as super tuesday. many criticized clinton for using a private e-mail server while secretary of state. possibly exposing national secrets. clinton says she does not handle classified material and private e-mails. a standoff at a wildlife refuge coming to an end. they arrested the last four protesters on thursday. they face conspiracy to keep federal workers from doing their duty through force or intimidation. the four arrested were part of a group that took over the refuge six weeks ago holding guns. they were upset over prison sentences for two local
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ranchers who burned federal land and demanded the government turn the land over to locals. a deadly prison riot breaking out in mexico less than a week before pope francis is scheduled to visit another mexican prison. it happened in monterey. you can see flames shooting up from the prison. the fight reportedly started between supporters of rival gangs. 49 inmates died and another dozen were hurt. outside family members of prisoners banged on the gates demanding information. and it looks likes einstein is right. scientists saying they finally found proof of gravitational waves, what he predicted a century ago. they used a billion dollar instrument to do it. it is caused by the collision of stars and black holes. scientists say this discovery will change our understanding of the universe and how it is formed. i'm patricia stark, now back to "red eye." now back to fox -- your fox
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news. it is the question that threatens to tear the republican party apart. should women be subject to a potential military draft? the issue of whether women should register with the selective service was raised at the last gop debate with jeb, rubio and christie, rip, saying yes. the next i did ted cruz said while listening to answers, are they nuts? and a new survey show women agree with him. the rasmusson survey shows 49% of all likely voters believe women should have to register with 44% saying no. but it turns out that it is mostly dudes who want the ladies to sign up. 61% of males said we should totally have to do that and half of the women disagree saying they can't even with this right now.
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jedediah, are you yay or yay? >> i am yay across the board. that's why i say if men should have to do it and you want equality, then women should have to do it as well. you don't get to be selective. you don't say i want to be independent, but my guy pays for my dinner and pulls out my chair . you don't get it both ways. if you want equality and you are asking for it. >> but it is called the selective service. >> as a men's right activist what is your take on it? >> it is one step further in the white male genocide. it is interesting because it is kind of like women enjoying the freedom men have had. i don't understand when the topic comes up how can say we shouldn't have a draft at all. i don't want to hear a conservative hear how bernie sander loves the government or if you are not against the
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draft and you think your government should have a right to enslave you and force you to any battlefield anywhere. no one should do that. >> can't we compromise and get rid of the selective service? >> all of those candidates said on saturday night, it is fine. we'll never have a draft. so we just click the names like they do at denny's? everyone should be part of the list when you turn 18. we are not ever going to have a draft again. the military is so mop morey -- so much more efficient and effective and the higher values, and we don't need one. we shouldn't have selective service at all. >> joanne, are you glad you are old enough you cold front be -- >> i aged out and i am happy about that. i do believe that women are inherently more available than men. we can give birth to our species.
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when people think giraffe they think combat. there are other jobs within the military that you are not fighting on the front line. and then should the standard change? that they shouldn't. it is a job and if you don't qualify for the job you shouldn't get the position. i do want to see more nagsallism in the country. nationalism. the desire to be patriots and do something good for their country, but forcing people is, i don't know. >> oh wow. >> moving on thi such a weird question to come up with at the debate. is this the 2016 version of the george stephanopoulos do you think states should have the right to ban birth control? >> yeah, and they have a gift
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and it is ted cruz. there will be more questions like this. there will be birth control questions. wait until it is the republican against the democrat and they ask questions they know that hillary because it will be hillary and will apease everyone and she will sound like she is the lover of this and that and the republican will be forced to say something that makes them look like they hate gay people. be prepared. ted cruz's comment was ridiculous. >> a lot of conservatives like what ted cruz said. >> absolutely i saw that. >> and a lot of women. >> look up what equality means. coming up, talking valentines. really it is an excuse to hear their adorable bickering. don't go anywhere.
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the hottest gift this valentine's day? surveillance equipment. suspicious lovers are buying gps trackers in bulk hoping to catch their spouses cheating. they say valentine's day is the black friday of the spy business. who better to comment on these jealous spouses than this somehow functional wife and husband team comedians bonnie macfarlane and rich voss.
12:34 am
nobody cares about your -- >> he wants people to know he has hair. i want to be relevant, but i want people to know i have hair. >> if i might answer the question, rich is not the jealous type at all. i can do -- i am just kidding. he is like following me. he does the old-fashioned kind of surveillance. >> the car behind you? >> like he thinks i won't notice if he is reading a newspaper. i see you there. first of all he can't read. >> who will do a whole tracking system? i can't even work google maps. i won't be able to put in a tracking system so i have to follow her. look, i don't care if she is fooling around, but let me watch, you know what i mean? let me get involved. >> bonnie, do you think rich is cheating on you? i -- if the gal -- i would
12:35 am
feel bad for the lady. i will go on record and say. i would help her get into rehab. rich has got to be a bottom and i don't mean that in the gay vernacular, but people get help right after that. >> let me explain why i won't cheat on her beside the fact that i love her. >> do you? >> kind of. >> say it. look me in the eye. >> i love you. >> the thing is because i have been married 11 years and with the same person 11 years. if i was with somebody else you know how quick -- if you are driving the same car for 11 years and you get a new car you know how excited you are? you know what i mean, i don't want to embarrass myself with a new girl. >> you would get the equivalent of a speeding ticket. >> that's what it would be. i don't want to embarrass myself. i'm rich voss.
12:36 am
>> in japan men are the ones who get gifts on valentine's day and women have a holiday a month later and men can decide if they want to return the favor. is this the way it should be? >> i get her gifts all the toil. i got her these great -- >> herpes is not a gift. >> i got her a beautiful -- beautiful massage slippers because i don't want to touch her disgusting feet. you put batteries in them. she gets me nothing. >> is this true? >> when you become a mom valentine's day has less -- it is more like we have to get like 26 valentine's day cards to give out at school. that is my -- >> she says it is creepy -- i get my daughter a valentine like a stuffed animal or card and she said that's creepy. >> it is creepy.
12:37 am
>> i am not getting her a kneeing -- kneeing lachey. i am getting her a stuffed animal. >> because that's not the love on veapped. on valentine's day. it is a romantic type of day. you shouldn't give your child -- i mean unless they consent i don't think. >> first of all you know nothing about romance. i bring all of the romance and all of the toys. it is not creepy to give your kid a stuffed animal. >> do you exchange gifts? >> i don't like the way you are talking to me right now. >> are you talking to me or him? >> you. >> do you exchange gifts? >> yes. i go and get her a bunch of stuff. i will go to the dollar store where you can get a lot and i get her magazines and flowers and one valentine's day i think i threw it at her.
12:38 am
i get her a lot of stuff. >> is this true? >> i mean if you enjoy one plastic flower and a couple of "us" magazines it is perfect. >> i bought her diamond earrings once and she lost them or left them, who knows? you know what i mean, left them? >> i don't feel i should say anything on that right now. >> sounds like you have been consulting with a lawyer. >> let's move on. >> every year on valentine's day i consult with a lawyer and that's how i make myself feel better. >> let's talk parenting tips. relationship experts say despite dads doing more chores these days moms are still stuck with the boring thankless tasks like cleaning and preparing food while dads get to be the glory parent handle willing the fun jobs like reading, carving the turkey and shooting intruders.
12:39 am
let me get to bonn -- bonnie. >> he is always i have to leave the house and get stuff. i never followed him, so i don't know. i think he is the glory parent. is that what it is about? >> close enough. >> i am old-fashioned. if i am out playing golf which i should be, yes, she should have dinner ready for me and the child and we are done eating -- >> and the child? >> yes. and then she cleans up and i play with the kid. that's how a family is. haven't you seen the walton's? >> i am not 70 years old. >> his references are from like before tv. >> when i saw "citizen kane." >> do you remember "the war of the world"? >> i think bonnie is a great mom and a great everything.
12:40 am
i am lucky i found my soulmate , and this valentine's day whether we give a present to each other or not just the fact that we are together makes it a great valentine's day. >> that was disgusting so i will give the last word to you, bonnie. >> i wish i could say something like that to rich. i do not lie. i don't know. what do i say? i'll try not to cheat on you for another year that's the best i can do. >> sounds like a good time to end. sexist screenplays when we come back. >> that stunk.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the outlook is not positive for u.s. investors this morning. they could be seeing another bearish day on wall street. this follow yesterday's sharp declines in all three major u.s. indexes. the fourth day of losses triggered in part to growing concerns about global economic weakness. analysts are also blaming sinking oil prices. they just jumped 5%, but they have been at their lowest level since 2003. european and asian markets aren't faring better. japan's nikkei stock plummeted 5% overnight. hong kong's hang seng is also down. for the first time in 16 years a ruptured well in
12:45 am
northern los angeles is no longer spewing dangerous natural gas. utility crews capped the massive leak that drove thousands from their homes. the crisis is not over. crews are working to install a permanent cement plug. a house panel is endorsing a bill to grab responsibility for running the nation's air traffic control system from the government and turning it to a private nonprofit corporation. the bill's chief sponsor says change is needed because the modernization program is taking long early and costing more than anticipated. secretary of state john kerry says diplomats from the u.s., russia and other powers meeting in munich have agreed to work with syrian parties to implement a so-called cessation of hostilities. it is to implement a cease-fire in about a week. a federal judge in massachusetts says bill cosby's wife must answer questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit filed by several women would claim the comic sexually assaulted
12:46 am
them. camille cosby won't be forced to disclose pro vit con veer -- private conversations she shared with her husband. now back to "red eye." log on to fox a film producer by the name of ross putnam started a twitter feed where he posted the description of female leads in movie leads. i noticed a theme. a lot of the descriptions focused on the women's sex appeal. putnam said nothing was changinged except using jane for all of the names. here are a few. jane 28 athletic and sexy. most days she wears jeans and makes them look good. and jane stand next to it 30, dressed in a paramedic uniform, blonde, fit and smokin hot. one more. jane pours her gorgeous figure me shoes and checksnd puts on
12:47 am
herself in the mirror. i saw that one. hi, rob, this is your world. is this the way things are or is he picking and choosing? >> a little of both. what he forgets is you are writing that character description for the actress you want to play the part. the 28smokin hot, you said that to meryl streep and she said i can do that. you try to make everyone sound better as a compliment to who you want to take the part. they say i can pour myself and look in the dresser mirror. you don't want to be realistic. a woman with plastic surgery looked at her badge. that's who you get to play the part. >> joanne, you are into the
12:48 am
acting world. >> when you would look at casting notices, you see a lot of these break downs like this. and the best part about it is every woman will look at it and go that's me. i could totally do that even if it says blonde and i have brown hair. i want to go in for that role. they just haven't met me yet. they don't know what they want yet. that's how a lot of women think and we view ourselves that way. that's a good thing. we view ourselves positively. >> i was thinking the same thing . >> is this the same as describing men as handsome and muscular as a lot of movie scripts do? >> i was curious to ask you. what does it look like for men? they paint it as sexist and i was looking at scripts since i was a kid. my mom is a theater director
12:49 am
and i notice they aren't similar. >> like any old guy will do. >> handsome, could lose 15 pounds and salt and pepper hair. >> you are saying that's a good way to get producers to notice. >> yeah. i am not saying that's the way to do it. >> it is just one example of many. >> as a guy, those are movies we probably want to go see, right? >> i am interested. at the end of the day this is what the customers want. there is nothing surprising about this. >> you don't think it is unfair people expect ago materials to be good looking? >> no. the worst part then is there are times when the descriptions are like you said a woman with emotional issues and looks washed up and plain jane. >> if you go in for that
12:50 am
addition and you are like, really? >> i once did write a part for a woman who was a young grandmother and we sent it to a famous actress in her 80s. she came back and said i don't think people see me as a grandmother type. you are 80. we are not going to get to reruns with you. >> tell us during the break. we will close things out with a food fight. metaphor rickly, of course. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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next "red eye." ethan and dusty dodge and will ron. >> what is the best sandwich con con -- condiment? we will pick up where they left off. they ranked 16 condiments from worst to best. at 16, mayonaise. ketchup at number 10. 9, guacamole. number three pesto/vegetable
12:55 am
spread. and the number one condiment used by pig people. >> i guess that wasn't a question. >> this is a socialist european list. not in my grandpa's america. >> jedediah, what do you think? >> i like mustard. i am one of those psychos that throw it altogether. you watch me eat and i will throw up. i can get the guacamole and the mustard and eat it. >> do you put them out in the same order? >> i throw it all -- >> what color is it? >> it doesn't matter. it is going to the same place. >> it looks like the end of a 3-year-old playing with play-doh. >> it looks the same as if you leave it out for four weeks. >> top three con doments. >> mayo, mustard and relish?
12:56 am
pickles? >> where is ketchup? >> what sandwich do you put ketchup on? >> any meat sandwich. >> salame? stop it. and we're the crazy ones. >> you guys are the crazy ones. >> it smells funny. >> you smell funny. >> i will fight for you, mayonaise. i don't know why it is last. i know it is not good for me, but it makes every sandwich taste better. if it is chipotle mayonaise, even better. i can put that on anything. >> agreed. that's true. >> actually here is what made the list bs, like nonsense. number three, topinad. i will have a balogna sandwich with st opinad. >> i want to know what it tastes like now.
12:57 am
>> sc etchup -- ketchup is also good on pasta. >> dave smith, jedediah bila and rob long. that does it for me. i'm andy levy. >> go to hell andy levy.
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