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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> oscar swag. a sneak peek inside the goody bag worth 200,000 dollars? "fox and friend first" right now. ♪ >> it is a beautiful and chilly day in mork city as we get ready to go into our valentine's day weekend. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i am lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. >> it is not chilly,ing it is cold through out the country. the battle lines have been drown. >> the democrats duking it out in the 6th presidential debate. >> let's not in any way imply
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that either president obama or myself would in any way not take on any vested interest. >> why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. >> on the other side the gop candidates are ready to rumble. the big debate one week out from the show down in south carolina. >> garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. following the latest on the campaign trail which garrett is getting hot. >> it certainly is. good morning heather and lia. jeb bush is bringing out the big guns announcing his brother former president george w. bush will join him on the campaign trail for the first time publically at an event in charleston on monday. he is popular among the voters especially in the palmetto state where they are among the top issues for voters.
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donald trump responded to that announcement with a new wave of attack on jeb, his brother and even mentioning the pair's mother. >> he's bringing his brother in now. he tried the mother. nice lady i am sure. tried the mother. that didn't work out so good. now he's bringing in his brother. >> i was against the war in iraq. i said you are going to totally destabilize the middle east. that's exactly what happened. >> believes eastbound. pushes people around like we are all parts of his little domain. we are not. we are running for the president of the united states. i am the only guy standing up to him. i didn't say donald trump would be better than barack obama but he is as divisive as barack obama. >> the elbows are sharpening where ted cruz is looking to capitalize on the evangelical voting block and trying to capture the primary as a two-man
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race between him and doll nan-- donald trump. >> the only person who can win over donald trump is the winner of iowa historically. >> we should foond out later today if dr. ben carson will qualify to be on stage for tomorrow night's debate. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you, garrett. >> time for the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders duking it out on everything from healthcare to terrorism at last night's debate. clinton continuallyling herself to obama as sanders ripped into her relationship with henry kissinger. >> it was called hillary care. i took on the drug companies to try to get universal healthcare
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coverage. >> i have fought my entire life to make sure that healthcare is a there we are not going to dismantle everything. >> we have a lot of small doan fors. i think that sets us apart from a lot of what's happening on the republican side. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. she has enormous experience. secretary of state for four years. she has a bit of experience, i would image. but judgment matters as well. judgment matters as well. and she and i worked at the same evidence coming from the bush administration regarding iraq. i read the opposition against it. she voted for it. >> i think it's important to look at what the most important counter-terrorism judgment of the first four years of the obama administration was and
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that was the very difficult decision as to whether or not to advise the president to go after bin laden. i looked at the evidence. i looked at the intelligence. i am proud that i gave him that advice and i am grateful to the navy seals who carried out that mission. >> i believe henry kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the modern history of this country. i am proud to say henry kissinger is not my friend. count me in as somebody who will not be with henry kissinger. >> this was the final debate before the nevada democratic caucus happening next saturday february 20th. >> and now a fox news alert. >> terror in the sky and alarming new warning about terrorists targeting airplanes. patricia stark is here with the new information. >> secretary jay johnson making his remarks in the state of the
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homeland security address yesterday. ramped up security measures have done gilittle to deter terror groups from focusing on airplanes. a terrorist attack on a somali plane last week with a suicide bomber likely used a lap top to detonate a bomb. we need to focus on improving foreign airport security especially when it comes to insider threats. >> domiccally the number of access points, more continuous screening of airline and airport personnel, and just two-days ago tsaish oo you had further guidelines to build on to that. >> passengers with direct flights now face extra screenings. the feds have the authority to stop any plane from landing on u.s. soil. home grown terrorism is also a growing problem siting an attack in san bernardino, california in december. and in november the bombing of a russian passenger jet by isis.
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he warns the tsa is aware of added delays of passengers due to new screening measures. >> because of the enhancements posed over the last six, nine months wait times have gotten longer. i think the american public understands and and appreciates that. >> he says better bridges need to be built with the muslim community to recognize extremists before an attack happens. heather? >> patricia stark live for us. thank you, patricia. another fox news alert for you. a police officer shot dead in georgia. another one marking the 5th officer gunned down in just the last four-days. major greg barney was killed trying to serve a no knock drug warrant in atlanta. he was a 25 year veteran of the force. the gunman shot by another st officer on the scene. two sheriff's deputies in hartford county maryland were shot and killed on wednesday. they were targeted just for
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wearing a uniform. in fargo, north dakota another officer shot and killed on wednesday. and in grand junction, colorado a deputy and navy vet was also gunned down on the job. well, a shocking scene comes to a deadly end inside of a restaurant in ohio after a man with a machete starts attacking customers. at least six people were hurt. the suspect was shot and killed by police after a car chase. he had been in the restaurant an hour before the attack and spoke to an employee there. the fbi is helping with the investigation after police say something suspicious was found inside the suspect's car. >> the dramatic holdout in oregon over federal land policies is finally over. after hours of negotiating the final four militia members held up in the wildlife sink sar sa sir repeacefully surrendered. they all were arrested and charged with federal crimes.
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a phone call between negotiators and the final hold out david frye was live streamed live for three hours. >> i will make my stand. i am not going to cower in the face of evil. i am not that scared. i am willing to die. >> fridy went from death threat to bizarre demands. >> i better get a pizza. >> absolutely. i will personally deliver you the pizza of your choice. i promise you. >> all i needed was marijuana. you won't even let me have my marijuana. >> fbi agents will spend the next few days checking the hideout for explosives. >> the dangerous zika virus spreading into the united states. they are now affected in washington, d.c. for the first time two miscarriages reported from the cdc from women kaur reing that virus. the moscow born virus exploded
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in nearly 3 dozen countries. new overnight barry manilow rushed to the hospital. ♪ >> i love that song. the 72-year-old was taken to an la hospital for emergency oral surgery earlier this week. he had just played a sold out show in memphis and had to be thrown to california. all of his immediate performances have been postponed. it is unclear if he will make it to the grammys on monday. >> deep freeze setting in as temperatures struggle to stay just above zero across the u. northern u.s. this weekend. these are holes homes in scranton entumed in ice.
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>> maria molina is tracking the storm for us. >> how cowlld does it have to b for that? >> it will be not below freezing but below zero in the midwest and parts of the northeast. busy picture across some areas specifically the pacific northwest where we have one storm system moving in bringing in rain and parts of snow. the moisture and sar coming up to support no fall in places like kentucky and illinois. can see lake-effect sfoe. you can see rain along erie. we will see snowfall there through out the day today. we have lake-effect warnings in effect because of the heavy snow. you are at 16 in new york. 5 in pittsburgh, 19 in chicago. you factor in the wind and this is what it feels like when you head out the door. boston 8 degrees below zero 2 in
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buffalo and cold in detroit with windchill temperature at 1 degree. temperatures will get colder as we head into the beweekend. you can see below zero in chicago and that cold air comes along the east sunday morning we could be at 5 below zero in boston and 3 degrees in new york city. head over to you heather and lea. the time is 12 minutes after the hour. a hot air balloon ride gone wrong. the frightening moments for the two women inside when it takes a wrong turn. >> el chapo likely to face a drug trial from the united states. where will the mexican drug lord be tried? >> the national supermarket chain trying to appeal to millennials.
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>> the dramatic dash kwam video out of michigan just released. >> i need emergency units to my location. medic truck hit a person. >> former officer eugene anderson was allegedly speeding while responding to a call but didn't actually have his lights on when he struck 48-year-old kimberly bedford. she was not at a crosswalk. you could face a year in jail. >> they could be held responsible for a deadly gas explosion in manhattan's east village. the building's landlord her son and two plumbers and a contractor pleading not guilty to a slew of charges including manslaughter. they illegally tapped into the gas line from the ground floor
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restaurant to save money. two people killed 13 others seriously injured. >> crimes ranging from bribery to drug trafficking in a sting called operation ghost guard. feds say correctional officers in nine prisons were getting cash for liquor, cell phones, drugs all of that that they smuggled. fooi guards were assigned to a task force to stop criminal activity behind bars. 130 have been indicted since september. and the wheels are in motion to bring notorious drug lord el chapo guzman to new york. he is accused of distributing half a million kilos of cocaine into the u.s. between 2002 and 204. the mexican government has been getting pressure from the u.s. to extradite el chapo after he broke out of jail twice.
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>> so it may be a two-person race for the democratic nominati nomination, but there may be more competition come the general election. >> peter doocy takes a look at bloomberg's running for president. >> even though he wasnasn't app on a ballot michael bloomberg is considering running. he just ordered a second national poll to see how he would do in a head to head race against leading democrats and republicans. the post sites new york operatives saying quote he has a political infrastructure in place and sleeper cells ready if he runs. >> somebody who knows a thing or too about the tries nay berg did
2:19 am
it twice. the option is time. the outcomes of the republican and democratic party race may not be known until well beyond march as many had expected. there is still no real rush for the mayor to announce. >> jim web who has been flirting for an inpen department bid himself after dropping out for a democrat announced he will stay on the side lines because it would be too expensive something that won't be a problem for billionaire bloomberg. >> i think jim web had a chance to get the job done. i think for michael bloomberg this is a storm. >> they will get the name on the ballot. experts say if he pays fees and does paperwork it shouldn't stop
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>> the disgraced pharmaceutical owner who jacked up a drug by 5,000 percent may have just made more enemies. martin shkreli wants the rapper to cell him exclusive rights to the life of pablo for $10 million. in a letter on-line he says his offer will delay the album by several days because the record label is legally required to look it over. >> game of thrown fans winter is less than two months away now. >> tlast year's finale was a major cliffhanger. brand new pictures released revealing which cast members are back for the season. it is still unclear whether fan favorite john snow will return. >> and some new wheels are about
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to hit the road. >> lauren simonetti is here with a sneak peek. >> good morning. >> four new suv's according to the company's vice president of sales. details are sparse but low gas prices and big demand from millennials pushing the market for suv's. would you like to tattoo with those groceries. whole foods may have tattoo parlors at 365 stores which will focus on millennial shoppers. it will open this may in los angeles. loaded are a record 200,000 dollars in swag at the oscars including a lifetime supply of licora skin cream. $275 toilet paper. a private trip to japan for two priced at 54,000 dollars a year's worth of audi rentals and
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for the next debate while the democrats keep the gloves off. >> i happen to believe henry kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the modern history of this country. i will not take advice from henry kissinger. >> well, i know journalists have asked who you listen to on foreign policy and we have yet to know who that is. >> it ain't henry kissinger, that's for sure. >> bernie sanders tearing into hillary clinton from her personal connections to her wall street ties. >> and top terror groups targeting airplanes with alarming new warnings directly from the head of homeland security. >> hot air balloon horror, the terrifying moments the giant balloon smashes right into a building. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you and welcome to "fox & friends
2:31 am
first". i am heather childers. nice to have you here. >> nice to be with all of you. i am lea gabrielle. it is 30 minutes after the hour. the gop candidates are ready to rumble. >> tomorrow night just one week out from the show down in north carolina as they continue to trade jabs on the campaign trail. >> they would have won in my opinion if carson wasn't treated so badly by what happened with cruz. >> the only campaigns that can beat done trald trump is our campaign. >> he would punish your kids for saying or doing that's not a good sign. >> for the democrats the battle lines have been drawn as clinton and sanders duke it out for another debate. >> let's start with brett hume what's going on. >> ted cruz is trying to make it look like a two-main race
2:32 am
between him and done fald trump. while he is going for the large evangelical influence by attacking trump's previous positions on abortion. >> a great many military veterans who loved -- love god, they are gun owners, they are fed up with what's happening in washington. a candidate like donald trump who spent 60 years of his life being very, very pro choice that's not a very good fit for the state of south carolina loon gnaw. >> trump meanwhile is going after cruz for what he calls the dirty tricks used to win the iowa caucuses. >> i would have won in my opinion if carson wasn't treated so badly by what happened with cruz. i thought it was a disgrace what happened to ben carson. i would have won in iowa. i did very well in iowa. we did fantastically well in new hampshire. >> speaking of ben carson later today we will find out if he qualifies for the debates one week before the votes are cast. last night on o'reilly marco
2:33 am
rubio said the personal attacks by candidates known to come out in south carolina loon gnaw will only hurt the republican party in the long run. we are going to have a debate about differences. voters have to make up with their mind. they can't pick five people or six people they can only pick one. if the differences are personal or name calling not only do i think that's inappropriate it is counter productive and the democrats would like to see it. >> several are expected to court some of the evangelical vote later today at the state and family presidential forum in greenville, south carolina. lea and heather. >> thank you, garrett. it would be democratic show down in wisconsin last night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head on policies and experience. clinton continually supporting president obama and not moving back with her support for women was called into question. >> i have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women are empowered to make
2:34 am
their own choices even if that choice is not to vote for me. >> i strongly support the president's executive action. i am against the raids. i am against the kind of inhumane treatments that are now being visited upon families. we should be deporting criminals, not hard-working immigrant families. >> we have got to stand up to the trump's of the world who are trying to divide us up. >> senator sanders says that president obama failed the presidential leadership test. >> what has heard about our president i expect from republicans not from someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> this was the final debate before the final democratic caucus. that is happening next saturday february 20th.
2:35 am
and now have a fox news alert for you. terror in the sky. an alarming new warning about terrorists targeting planes. patricia stark is here live for us with some new information this morning. good morning, patricia. good morning, heather. secretary jay johnson making those remarks in the state of the homeland security address yesterday. the threat comes on the heels of the terrorist attack on a somali plane last week where a suicide bomber likely used a lap top to detonate a bomb. the attacker was sucked out of the plane and two others were hurt. the bombing of a russian passenger jet by isis in november in egypt also a concern causing the tsa to immediately change procedures at foreign airports following the crash. >> around things brought on airplanes we set inspectors to these airports not just the spechl specific one but a number of them in the region. i am always concerned about not just responding to the last event but the potential future
2:36 am
event. >> foreign passengers on direct flights to the u.s. now face extra screening. the feds have the authority to stop any plane from landing on u.s. soil. he warns the tsa is aware the added measures are causing delays in it the airport screening process. >> because of the enhancement thes posed over the last six, nine months wait times have gotten longer. i think the american public understands that and appreciates that. >> johnson also says home grown terrorism is a problem siting the attack in san bernardino, california in december. johnson says bridges need to be built with the muslim community to recognize extremists before an attack. back to you guys. >> patricia stark, thank you. another fox news alert. they were shot dead in georgia marking the 5th cop gunned down in the last four-days. major greg b gabarney was tryin
2:37 am
to serve a warrant and the gunman was shot by another officer on the scene. two sheriff's deputies in hartford conti maryland were shot and killed wednesday. they were targeted for wearing a uniform. in fargo, north dakota another officer shot and killed on wednesday and in grand junction, colorado a deputy and navy vet was also gunned down on the job. >> the dramatic hold out in oregon as a federal land policy is finally over. after hours of negotiating the final four militia members held up in the wildlife sanctuary since january 2nd peacefully surrendering to officials. they all were arrested and charged with federal crimes. a phone call between negotiators and the final hold out david fry was live streamed on-line for three hours. >> i am going to stand and make my stand. i am not going to cower in the face of evil. i am not that easily scared. i am willing to die.
2:38 am
>> during negotiations fry went from death threats to bizarre demands. >> i better get a pizza. >> i will personally deliver you the pizza of your choice. i promise you. >> all i needed was marijuana. you guys won't even let me have my marijuana. >> fbi agents will spend the next two-days checking the hideout for explosives. you need a good excuse to cuddle up with someone you love bitter cold is gripping much of the nation. maria molina is in the weather center tracking it all for us. >> good morning lea. arctic air across areas like the great lakes and also the northeast especially as we head into this weekend. some of you are already experiencing some of that early this morning. we are going to take a look at some of the numbers. we have areas of snow across parts of the mid south including places like tennessee and in kentucky and across the pacific northwest we are bringing in
2:39 am
heavy rain and snow. we have been dealing with lake-effect snowfall as well over the last couple days downwind of the great lakes. we have bands set up out here and we could be looking at well over a half of a foot of snow in addition to what you have already picked up today. that's something you should watch out for. looking at dangerous travel conditions across areas in the great lakes. looking at current temperatures in places like new york currently 16 degrees in the teens as well as chicago and also in detroit. you factor in the wind it feels much colder than what the thermometer reads. single digits in new york city and 0 boston and care beau maine and other areas below zero as well. as we head into saturday morning we are going to see a reinforcing hshot of arctic air bringing in it below zero to far go and chicago. reaching the east coast by early tomorrow morning. new york city forecast
2:40 am
temperatures 3 degrees and 5 below sdmreer row in boston. you factor in the wind and the windchills will be much colder than that. let's head over to you. >> yikes. three degrees. thanks anyway, maria. and take a look at this. fear takes flight when a hot air balloon ride, well it does not take off as planned. it spirals out of control. >> whoa. swift winds carrying the guy and balloon into the building. it had to be yanked down before taking off. the people inside were not injured. >> dramatic camera video rushing into this burning home to save a dog. >> the firefighters in sacramento were searching the house for people when they found the scared pooch hiding in a
2:41 am
bedroom. they quickly rushed the dog out to her owners. >> wow. those firefighters are amazing people. >> if albert einstein were alive today he might be saying, i told you so. scientists proving part of the sen trucentury old idea of rela. the existence of gravitational waves. astro physicists detected sound and vibration from the space time ripples after studying two black holes that collided over a billion years ago. the study of a new generation of research allowing scientists to study far away cosmic events that might otherwise go undetected. >> fenway park home of the boston red sox barely recognizable this time of year. the 103-year-old stadium transformed into a winter park. it includes a snow ramp more than 140 feet tall and 430 feet
2:42 am
in length. it stretches from home center field to home plate. look at that. >> home center field to home plate. i am trying to figure out how far that would be. >> it looks like fun. >> a school bus driver off the road and behind bars accused of getting behind the wheel drunk with nearly a dozen children on board. >> the study that says it is not so bad for cholesterol. >> what do you make of that? trump and bernie sanders? >> a sad day for america i tell you right now. >> what do people really think about trump and sanders big win in new hampshire? jesse waters finds out. you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach,
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friends first". a big batch of hillary clinton's e-mails set to be released this weekend. they are release 550 of the 3700 e-mails tomorrow as a federal judge says they aaren't being rd fast enough. the judge wants the remaining documents released in four installments between now and the end of the month. the state department already missed the deadlines of january 29th. >> donald trump settling a $500 million lawsuit with spanish network univision. univision decided not to air the miss universe or miss un u.s.a. pageants following these comments. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime. they are rapists and some i assume are good people. >> trump who used oh own both pageants says univision was a an attempt to sensor his freedom of speech. >> what do people think of donald trump answered bernie
2:47 am
sander's victory in new hampshire? >> jesse waters hit the streets of brooklyn to find out. >> what do you make of that trump and bernie sanders? >> it is a sad day for america i tell you right now. >> what do you think about donald trump? >> i like his character. he has the personality that's why people are drawn to him. >> trump won. >> sad. >> cruz to me remind me of the penguin from batman. >> there will be much in this campaign. >> hillary lost. guess who she lost to? >> for women i feel like hillary has the vote. when it comes to women and feminists we are going to stick by her. >> why d bernie eat hillary with women if she likes is for women.
2:48 am
>> are you voting for hillary just because she is a woman? >> yes. i am not going to lie. yes. >> who are you poling for? >> i am a bernie sanders guy. >> really? >> hillary clinton i think she is a good option but i feel like bernie is a little more honest. >> that's not saying much. >> he's the best of the bad bunch. >> are you feeling the bern? >> i am feeling the bern. >> you might want to get that checked out. >> you think the rich are greedy? >> yes, i do. >> isn't it more greedy to ask someone else for money? >> for the glory and for the fun. >> i am watters and this is my world right here. >> this is freaking me out. >> and this is my world. >> the one lady looked like she
2:49 am
just wanted to get away. >> exactly. >> the time 10 minutes to the top of the hour. they are accused of trapping people and keeping it a secret. necessary for safety or invasion of privacy. we report, you decide. >> (laughter) daddy. >> a father finally finds the perfect audience for his terrible dad jokes. they are bad. >> first steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> i love dad jokes. >> coming up at the top of the hour geraldo and judge jeanine pirro live with reaction to last night's kind of boring democratic debate. we are live in north america's largest auto show. it's in detroit. you want to see the new cool cars. been a busy three hours on the channel you trust for morning news. from bank of america
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>> welcome back everyone. school bus driver due in court this morning accused of driving drunk, let's get this, 11 children on board. his name is scott horya and he crashed the bus on to the roof. all of the kids made it off the bus okay. >> surveillance by the nypd now brought to life. they have uncovered the department had been using powerful cell tower simulators. they called them stingrays to track suspects through their cell phones. while the nyclu said it is much too over powered some say it is an important tool to track the bad guys.
2:54 am
>> it is a very powerful surveillance device that was initially developed for the military. >> they can't solve cases the way they did 50 years ago because we have technology now that perpetrators are using. >> the nypd has not commented so far. take a look at your health. a new study shows marijuana can seriously damage your brain. researchers claim using the drug before your 16th birthday could effect the part of your brain that controls judgment, reason and complex thinking. people who using after age 16 came to experience accelerated brain aging. a new study says having an egg a day won't harm your heart health.ñ
2:55 am
a video going viral of an adorable girl laughing too early at her father's jokes. >> what's the difference between dubai and abu dhabi? [ laughter ] >> people in dubai, they don't watch the "flintstones." [ laughter ] >> but the people in abu dhabi do. [ laughter ] >> abu dhabi do. the dad's joke successful despite his daughter clearly not understanding. >> i think she just loves her dad. >> yes. the time is 55 minutes after the hour. and disgraced former congressman is trolling for a new gig. anthony weiner wants to sell you a hot dog. and a good deed going viral. the promise one navy vet is making to more than two dozen kindergartners.
2:56 am
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the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all-wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $189 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." first the good. a navy veteran pledging $1 million of his own money to send these 26 elementary school kids to college. he's putting off retirement and putting money in a private fund. next, the bad. meet vaughn tucker. an oklahoma suspect who "will cuddle you so hard." cops busted the 23-year-old for marijuana possession. his mug shot showing off his peculiar shirt.
3:00 am
finally the ugly. burger king has the perfect response when disgraced congressman anthony we know tweets this about their new hot dog. "i admit snoop is a perfect pic for this, but i can think of one guy who would have been better." >> burger king responded, "maybe not." you remember weiner was wrapped up in the sexting scandal. >> not appetizing. >> nope. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, everybody. it's friday, february 12th, 2016. i'm sandra smith. this is a fox news alert. top terrorists targeting airplanes. the alarming new warning straight from the head of homeland security. >> great. meanwhile, bernie sanders and hillary clinton friends no longer. >> once i'm in the white house -- >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. >> whoa. >> that was one of the most heated debates yet.


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