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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 12, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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burger king has the perfect response when disgraced congressman anthony we know tweets this about their new hot dog. "i admit snoop is a perfect pic for this, but i can think of one guy who would have been better." >> burger king responded, "maybe not." you remember weiner was wrapped up in the sexting scandal. >> not appetizing. >> nope. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, everybody. it's friday, february 12th, 2016. i'm sandra smith. this is a fox news alert. top terrorists targeting airplanes. the alarming new warning straight from the head of homeland security. >> great. meanwhile, bernie sanders and hillary clinton friends no longer. >> once i'm in the white house -- >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. >> whoa. >> that was one of the most heated debates yet. but there's still one thing
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bernie won't hit hillary on. we'll fill you in. the hits keep coming. and passengers, yep, attention, i think we're going to need a bigger boat. >> whoa, look at that! >> that is way to scary. >> wow. [ bleep ] >> that's what i'd say. >> i think we need a new camera. a ship sailing directly into a monsoon storm. we will the video. mornings are better with friends because you'ron that boat or bridge. everybody, welcome to "fox & friends." and you know what today is -- remember this from your grammar school days. >> what do you mean? >> like it's friday. >> february the 12th. >> which means? >> it's abraham lincoln's birthday. >> oh, i just -- >> didn't we consolidate that to one day? >> as a holiday. but it's still the day he was born. 1809 maybe? something like that. >> and you're making preparations for valentine's day this weekend, as well.
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>> that's right. which means, as you know, i will -- valentine's day is sunday, i will go out sunday morning and get my wife something nice. pep boys is open. >> get her something for the car. thank you very much for joining us on this friday. we start with an alarming new warning -- terrorists are targeting airplanes. that from the head of homeland security, jay johnson. mead the remarks in his state of the homeland security meeting yesterday. it comes on the heels of a terrorist attack on a somali plane last week. the bombing of a russian passenger jet by isis. secretary johnson says we need to focus on improving airport security in foreign airports. >> we've reduced domestically the number of access points, more continuous screening of airplane and airport personnel. and just two days ago, tsa issued further guidelines to build on that. >> passengers on direct flights to the united states will now
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face extra screening. and new overnight, a shocking scene comes to an end inside a restaurant in ohio. a man with a machete starts attacking customers. >> wow. >> at least six people hurt. the suspect was shot and killed by police after a short car chase. the fbi investigating. and brand new from overnight, the world health organization says a evacuation for the zika virus won't be available for 18 months. it's spread to 20 u.s. states and washington, d.c. all cases were contracted outside the u.s. for the first time, two miscarriages have been reported by the cdc from women carrying this virus. from show business news, singer barry manilow rushed to the hospital overnight. ♪
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>> the 72-year-old taken to a hospital in los angeles with complications from emergency oral surgery earlier this week. he had just played a soldout show in memphis and had to be flown to california to see his doctor. right now, his immediate performances have been postponed. it is unclear if barry manilow will make it to the grammys on monday. those are the headlines for this friday. >> maybe everybody's a little bit sleepy this morning from watching the debate last night. >> yes. >> sleepy watching it. it was little on the boring side. >> i don't know. there were some contentious moments. and bernie sanders just -- he came out to play. >> i long for the time when we final get down to two candidates on the right -- you made progress with just two people and de-emphasized the moderators which i think is fantastic. if you missed it, this is the theme that jumps out at me -- law enforcement, bad, wall street, worse, donald trump, terrible, president obama, good.
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>> so -- >> yeah. >> there they were at the university of wisconsin in milwaukee. hillary versus bernie. she's -- we're going to start a montage of what they said last night. kind of sounded like she was taking credit for obamacare. >> before it was called obamacare it was called hillarycare. you need to level with people about what they will have at the end of the process are you proposing. the numbers don't add up. my price tag is about $100 billion a year. once we are in the white house, we will have enough political cap tool do that. >> she -- capital to do that. >> she has enormous experience in foreign affairs. secretary of state for four years. you've got a bit of experience, i would imagine. judgment matter, as well. she and i looked at the same evidence coming from the bush administration regarding iraq. i led the opposition against it. she voted for it. i happen to believe that henry
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kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the modern history of this country. [ applause ] i am proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. count me in as somebody who will not be listening to henry kissinger. >> i know journalists have asked who you do listen to on foreign policy. and we have yet to know who that is. >> well, it a hint henry kissinger, that's for sure. >> that's fine. that's fine. we both have a lot of small donors. i think that sets us apart from a lot of what's happening on the republican side. [ applause ] >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. >> and we know, of course, who was recipient of a lot of that cash. it would be hillary. one thing the journalist -- one
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area, but it applies to two groups. hillary's e-mail problems, right, and her legal problems, it wasn't brought up by the moderators. pbs was doing the event. and it was not brought up by bernie sanders. if he wanted to really win, wouldn't he bring that up? charles krauthammer says yes. >> i think one of two explanations for his reticence, number one, he doesn't want to win. essentially, he's the leader of a cause. he's like a ron paul. he thinks perhaps he's not going to win in this time. but he will be remembered as the guy who launched social democracy. he was asked about that, you know, why do you want to stand in the way of history with the first woman president. second, he could be calculated -- a more likely one. more calculating that by rising above it, allowing the news to
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speak for itself, he doesn't have to add on to it. >> i mean, let's help them out a little bit. if you do want to win, you might say, wait a second, it just came to light that the clinton foundation was subpoenaed to get records, asked chelsea and bill clinton about the contribution that's came in the foundation and how it affected your role at the state department. also, you might want to bring up the fact that you got $4.1 million in fee was goldman sachs alone. and can we see transcripts of your conversations in front of goldman sachs because word is that you spoet spoke sympathetically about the financial institution essentially saying we're all in this together. that's mr. anti-wall street. he has all this there. >> if bernie's not going to bring it up, that's one thing for the reasons charles krauthammer brought up. why wouldn't the moderators bring it up? hello, you're a presidential debate moderator, wouldn't you have asked one of those questions? >> absolutely. we're waiting on the next batch of emails to be released on saturday -- >> tomorrow.
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>> yeah. i don't know. i can't answer that question. what i also observed last night, there was barely any mention of any candidates on the gop side. there was a mention of donald trump. hillary clinton did, however, engage in a little bit of a spat with marco rubio on twitter. but the only gop candidate mentioned, donald trump. are they not fearing their opponents on the right? >> maybe that's just phase two. all i -- you know, i stand by my early remark, i thought it was on the boring side. would have been much more exciting, the hard questions would have been asked on the fox newschannel. but the democrats have refused to come on fox, although last night a glimmer of hope. here's the head of the dnc with bret. >> i'm really happy to be here with you on your network. this aren't a whole lot of democrats who come on. i always look forward to our conversations, bret. look forward to sparring with you and some of your hosts through the campaign. >> you're saying there's a chance.
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>> i'm saying that i'm here ready to talk to you about the issues. and will do so all the way through the election. >> they're not coming on. >> i think -- we look at the size of the audience. that's what you should be doing. if you're a democrat who want the democrat to get in the white house, put them in a forum in which they'll be pressed and pushed. sooner or later, they're going to be pressed and pushed by a republican that really wants to win. this is like the third cycle in which they don't come on. it's unbelievable that the president doesn't. bush sat down with everybody. it's unbelievable that the democrats don't. this is now -- this is now six years. >> we talked about this yesterday. we invite bernie and hillary on every day. we invite -- we've invited all the candidates on, but so far, john kasich has not taken us up on the offer for months. and neither has ted cruz. i did hear from john kasich's person yesterday. and essentially he said, yeah, we have done the other cable news channels this week and will
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do "fox & friends" someday. then i got a note from ted cruz's person who said essentially, we're not doing morning shows. we're mainly doing primetime shows. then bill o'reilly said ted cruz won't come on his show. >> he office megyn kelly, to be fair, the other night -- >> just not in the morning. >> in iowa we were at the watch party after he won. they said, he's not going to talk to you. the day before, he said i'll only speak to one of you. i said, in the morning we'd be able to pose questions to ted cruz in which we could talk about the chances of winning that day. and we'll have it aired to millions of people. they said, we're passing. >> i'll tell you what, do you think they should come on in the morning? e-mail or tweet us. or go to our facebook page or, you know, whatever. we don't know what their media strategy is. maybe it's not to come on morning shows. whatever. just know our door is always open to all the candidate.
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>> there's also a fox business alert. their big topic was health care. >> unbelievable. >> most of america's fearing a recession. is capitalism at snake. >> yeah. that's -- at stake? >> yeah. that's essentially the theme of the "daily telegraph." you look at things happening for us nonprofessionals saying we know you do this every day on the business channel. i see that unemployment's down, growth is still in the positive direction. it's been down for a while. we're wondering why the market is cratering. >> the growth's been in a positive direction, but a small fraction of a percent growth in the united states now. hey, when we kicked off 2016, major wall street analyst said they feared a recession could happen this year. when you look at what's ha market, it is tumultuous and difficult for the average investor, somebody looking at their retirement account, to stomach the ups and downs we're seeing now. one good indicator of where the economy is and where it may be
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going is oil prices. oil's at $27 a barrel. nobody predicted that. >> isn't it a good thing/bad thing? while the cost of gas is going down, oil is down -- >> at a dollar -- at pumps in some places in the country right now. >> we love that. but unfortunately, a lot of people in their 401(k)s have invested in oil stocks, and they're cratering. >> unfortunately, whether we're enjoying low oil and energy prices and gasoline prices, sometimes that's because of weakness in the economy. it doesn't help us that much. we're still trying to see the benefit to the consumer here. >> i'm afraid to open my 401(k) for a while. >> lose your password. >> mine is officially a 101k. >> that's right. 13 minutes after the hour. coming up, hillary clinton trying to woo the women. >> i have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women are empowered to make their own choices even if that choice is not to vote for me.
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that women are empowered to make their own choices, even if that choice is not to vote for me. i think that she's been saying that for as long as i've known her, which is about 25 years. but it doesn't change my view that we need to empower everyone, women and men, to make the best decisions in their minds that they can make. that's what i've always stood for. >> hillary clinton brushing off madeleine albright's remarks that there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women. it seems especially after her showing in new hampshire most young women don't support her, so why? here to discuss is former eereerie -- erie county democratic legislator, kathy huntz. this is a fascinating topic because it's coming up so much as we see hillary clinton struggle to woo women. who is her biggest problem?
3:19 am
>> she's not inspiring, sandra. think about it, the inspiration that came from gloria stein emand madeleine albright in the '60s, in the '70s, and into the '80s was a call to action for women to go out and burn their bras and fight for equality. and somehow hillary has lost that spark that's necessary to get to women. she's not resonating with them, not feeling nant women are going through -- feeling the pain that women are going through now that gloria and madeleine did in the '60s. they felt the pain. >> these women, millennials are sport. i know nomiki const is on often. we appreciate her viewpoints. you have a direct contact with the milli iaia iaial -- millenn daily basis. what are they looking for from women? you wrote, why isn't hillary
3:20 am
clinton inspiring millennial women. the definition of feminism has changed today, and people like hillary clinton aren't targeting this generation properly. >> absolutely. being a woman is just a fact to these millennials. it's not a cause. in the '60s, it was a cause. feminism was a cause. these women already know that they have the right to do a lot of things that we didn't believe we had in my generation, in the '60s and '70s, and so on. so breaking the glass ceiling was our cause. for these young women, it's about making sure they have jobs, making sure they don't have student debt that tarries them down. making sure that they have an economy and a future that's going to be prosperous, and those are the things they need to have addressed is -- >> are you saying that bernie sanders, kathy, is reaching out to that demographic better than hillary clinton as a woman? >> unfortunately or fortunately,
3:21 am
he is. obviously they seem to be able to relate to him. he talks to them as if he feels their pain. >> all right. great perspective. thank you for joining us. kathy const. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. valentine's day on sunday, perfect time to talk heart health next. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪.s ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪.
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back. a fox news alert now. look at these live pictures. this is coming in to our newsroom now of this massive fire raging in new jersey. the fire can be seen for miles. has been burning since 3:00 yesterday at a warehouse in hillsborough that stores food. look at those flames. the thick smoke, fire has spread to additional buildings, we're told. that happened overnight. residents have reported hearing small explosions, as well.
3:25 am
the hillsborough schools are closed as a result of the fire as firefighters try to get it under control. once again, happening in hillsborough, new jersey. we'll continue to update you and bring you the latest. stay with us. all right. we'll keep up with that. now let's talk about this -- before you have your heart set on any valentine's day plans, there are things you need to know about your heart so it doesn't break. seriously. here to help us separate fact from fiction when it comes to the heart is chief medical officer from x-tv and hardcologist for the houston rock -- and cardiologist for the houston rockets. welcome back. >> great, thank you for having me on. >> let's talk about the fact and fiction when it comes to the heart. number one because it's heart month and we're talking about going red for women's heart health, chest pain. if i have chest pain is, if fact or fiction that's the best indication i'm having a heart attack? >> it's a fact but depends who you are. the reason we get chest pain is because it's a decreased amount of blood flow to the heart. in women, interestingly, men
3:26 am
usually get the chest pain right in the heart. women get it all around. in the jaw, the back, on either arm or even in the stomach area. it makes it a challenge. >> it does make it a challenge. it's easy to blow it off. wow, my jaw hurts, my shoulder hurt. i guess i'm just getting older. fatig fatigue, nausea, light headedness, too. for guys we learned yesterday, men in particular, just rationalize it out and ignore the symptoms because they don't want to overreact. >> absolutely right. and diabetics can have silent heart attacks or people don't know they are having a heart attack. >> this brings us to the next question. heart trouble is a man's disease. you say that is -- >> false. >> fiction? >> that is fiction. heart attacks are the number-one killer in women. one out of three women actually die of heart disease. the american heart association has a campaign called go red for women. that's what i'm wearing on my lapel. a little red dress to remind women to know their signs and symptoms of a heart attack. >> heart disease is genetic. you hear it all the time.
3:27 am
i'm born susceptible to heart problems. >> that's a fact and fiction. the reason is -- >> we got both. >> yeah. so in males, so specifically if your father died before the age of 65 or your mom before the age of 55, you definitely want to know that you have a family history. however, environmental factors and your lifestyle is overwhelmingly why we have the cause of heart attacks. that is, inactivity, not getting to your ideal weight, not exercising enough, too much smoking, too much alcohol. >> and if you do everything right, you should start earlier to get your heart checked than other people, especially if you have a long family history of that. >> that's correct. >> you say that hearts can literally break. that is a fact? >> that is absolutely a fact. it's called broken heart syndrome that deals with acute stress. if you're in an acute stress situation, it can stun your heart. the heart doesn't function as well as it should. i've seen this in my own
3:28 am
practice of medicine. and the good news is, if you reduce the stress in those acute like situations, you can actually resolve the symptom by itself. >> and lastly, sitting increases your risk of heart disease. fact or fiction, doctor? >> absolutely a fact. sitting is the new smoking. we need to all get up, walk around, and just for your viewers, during the commercials, walk around a little bit. you can follow my video blog, it talks about this. >> the coolest thing, a standing desk and under the desk was a treadmill. a lot of people are saying, hey, i've got to work a lot. i've got to sit by my desk a lot. i can keep my legs moving a lot. >> the annals of internal medicine showed clearly, if we could get up every half an hour to an hour, walk a couple of minutes, it makes a huge difference. in the study, if you didn't walk around less than once an hour, you're going to increase your risk for heart disease. >> doctor, the houston rockets in very good hands. thank you very much for coming in. have a great weekend.
3:29 am
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we go red. coming up, still ahead on our rundown, government-funded legal advice for illegals. good idea? we'll tell you what we think about that. and we'll get your point of view. and which of these cars could actually race a boeing 707 and win? the answer live from america's biggest auto show next.
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♪ why do you build me up buttercup ♪ it's your song in the morning. forget the flowers this valentine's day. say i love you with a bacon bouqu bouquet. >> those are bacon roses. bacon boxes have been created. these are delicate little bundles of bacon rolled into
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rose shapes and dipped in chocolate. how could anything be better than that? >> i just did something about heart health, and now we're talking about bacon on top of chocolate. proving so popular this year, the company says they sold out for valentine's day. >> i would love that if my wife is watching. >> really? >> absolutely. >> women can't buy you bacon -- >> you want to buy something for the person you love. bacon is one of the greatest foods in the world in moderation. what are you getting your sweetie for valentine's day? e-mail us, send photos of your gifts or whatever. what are you getting them, how much are you going to spend? also, remember when we were kids and on valentine's day, everybody would have a little shoebox on their desk and you'd put a valentine in it? everybody in the class would get it? back in the '30s when i was growing up -- >> what kind of mixer were you in? >> you would give valentines to the kids in your class. >> this still happens. my daughter's 2, and they just
3:34 am
exchanged valentines. it's still a tradition. >> the problem, though, because the kid that's not going to get a valentine, they're going to be crushed, valentine's day is always going to be a sad thing for that kid. >> that's why everybody in my class got a valentine. >> yeah. >> sometimes you would write something extra on your special valentine. another question -- are you giving a valentine's day gift? this to -- this doolds -- to adults -- to somebody who doesn't know you like them? >> and now headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you, guys. and everyone at home. we begin with this -- five people now being held responsible for last year's deadly gas explosion and building collapse in manhattan's east village. do you remember this? the building's landlord, her son, two plumbers, and a contractor all pleading not guilty to a slew of charges including manslaughter. the prosecutors allege a scheme to save money saying that they
3:35 am
illegally tapped into the gas line from the ground floor restaurant. two people were both killed in that blast. at least 13 injured. he was missing for 30 years, that is, until he solved his own cold case. 50-year-old edgar latulip walked away from a group home in canada when he was 21, never to be heard from again. 30 years later, he suddenly remembered his last name. high told a social worker who found him in a data base for missing children. dna then confirmed his identity. he'd been living just 80 miles from where he went missing. his mother cannot wait to be reunited with her son. illegal immigrants could soon get government-funded lawyers. the new bill introduced by senate democrats would also let illegals delay their court date until the government provides them with documents. right now, illegal immigrants can hire their own private lawyers. senate majority leader harry reid claims that the bill would protect asylum-seeking women and
3:36 am
children. and some unbelievable video finally for you as a 100-foot-wave crashes into a stranded ship. look. beep >> man, looks like a scene from a movie. the stunned crew, all they could do is watch. the ship was caught in the middle of the storm gertrude in the north sea. amazingly, the large ship, it managed to withstand that huge blow. can you imagine? some seasickness there. >> amazingly somebody held on to their camera. >> exactly. good point. >> and shot all of that. >> i wonder if that's a fixed camera on the side of the ship. i don't see how you do that. >> it would have to be a fixed camera. >> it's shaking -- i think somebody's in the back of the ship shooting out one of the back window or front window. >> there are people looking at that wave now and saying, i wish i had a surf board. there are people who want to run -- >> brian, i have a surfboard. i have no interest in that.
3:37 am
brian, we're looking at big waves. no waves in the northeast except waves of cold, arctic vortex air. >> yeah. that is right. we're seeing waves of cold air moving southward and impacting areas even as far south as the southeast. i want to start out with the radar this morning. we have a storm system moving in across the pacific northwest, bringing in areas of heavy rain and snow out there. meanwhile, throughout the mid south, a quick moving storm system bringing a shot of snow across places like kentucky and also in tennessee. across the great lakes, lake-effect snow continuing out there. we're looking at another six to ten inches snow possible do downwind of lakes erie and ontario. the current temperatures, 16 in new york. 5 in pittsburgh. and in chicago, currently 19. you factor in the wind, and those windchills are much worse. feels like 8 below zero now in boston. and guess what -- this weekend, more cold air on the way. looking at the forecast low
3:38 am
temperatures in chicago, could be three below zero saturday morning, by sunday morning, it could be 5 below in the city of boston. let's head back inside. >> good weekend to stay inside and watch tv. >> right. >> cable. >> people of boston haven't been buried in snow like last year. the chicago auto show is the largest auto show in north america. >> and this morning, we're going to take you inside the action with a sneak peek of some never-before-seen cars, trucks, and concept vehicles. >> a lot of people getting excites good this show. the auto expert, mike caudill, live from that auto show in chicago. pretty exciting new cars? >> reporter: that's right. and without a doubt, the chicago auto show, it's a family show. a workman's show, blue collar, middle of america. there's so much to do here. when temperatures are hovering around zero outside, come in to the auto show, look at the vehicles. you get to do the ride-and-drive experience inside the show. that's what makes it so unique. but let's get to the meat of the
3:39 am
show. this vehicle over my shoulder, the all new 2017 kia hybrid. if you're a consumer in the marketplace and really want a hybrid vehicle but don't want the hybrid look, this is the vehicle for you. by the way, a projected 50 miles per gallon. great cargo capacity on the inside of the vehicle. i hear from the folks at kia that this is going to start around $20,000. this is a workman's show. about contractors and vehicles in the marketplace that make sense for the end user. this vehicle launched yesterday, a new mercedes sprinter, the mercedes sprinter worker. here's what really makes this vehicle unique to the working man in the marketplace. most vehicles have around 10,000 service. this is at 20,000. tell save you in the pocketbook. i love the interior with the washable floorboards inside. great vehicle, 359 cubic feet for the interior cargo capacity. no pricing yet announced.
3:40 am
for the folks in the marketplace, one of my favorite vehicles here, the 2017 ram power wagon with a 5,000-pound windshield. it's a true off road, rock-ultraing vehicle. on the interior, beautiful tread, seats. look at the lining on the seats. no pricing yet announced. it's really about the off road experience where if you're an enthusiast, this can take you anywhere. family vehicles. of course, we saw kevin hart in the super bowl with the commercial. this is the new santa fe and santa fe sport. redesigned exterior, giving it a sporty appearance. the interior with an eight-inch optional touchscreen. these are usb outlets in the back for kids who want to power technology devices. kia doing a great job with this vehicle. you guys wanted to talk about something powerful, right? this is the car for steven. this is the car for sandra. this is the car for brian. this is the all-new camaro. the 1le. if it wasn't sexy and sporty enough, this is a track packaged version. the best part is it exceeds 1 g
3:41 am
with that acceleration, the same as a boeing 707. by the way, ford launching great news at the show, as well. this is their all-new explorer ability. the first production handicapped accessible-suv built here in indiana. drops 13 inches to accommodate the height needed for a wheelchair. the fully deploying electronic ramp. starting price, $60,000 for that vehicle. if but that in the after market, it would cost you well over $100,000. again, what's great about this show, it's all about the family. so much to do here in chicago. >> when you were saying the best part about the camaro, i was hoping you weren't going to say the color. >> reporter: that's fast color, green lantern fast color right there. >> right. >> goes faster when you get the green light. all right. mike caudill at the auto show in chicago. thank you very much. that was great. >> thank you. >> that was impressive. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on this friday,
3:42 am
five u.s. presidents graduated from yale. the ivy league school isn't as exclusive as you might think. never-before-heard secrets of how to get accepted straight from a former admissions officer coming up. >> everybody loves those secrets. >> yes. it was one of the biggest social media moments of the night. >> once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> whoa. that's got to hurt. >> bern. >> and more on the rapid social media reaction on what's going viral and what hasn't. feel the ipad burn. ♪ one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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3:46 am
serve a warrant in atlanta. he is the fifth officer gunned down in the last four days. maryland, north dakota, and colorado lost officers to gun violence this week. they're normally on the other side of the prison bars. this morning, 46 prison guards are facing charge themselves. the correction officers from nine prisons in the state of georgia were busted for crimes ranging from bribery to smuggling to drug trafficking. operation ghost drive. there was a democratic duel. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off last night for the final debate before the south carolina primary. so how did social media react? >> let's dial in kurt the cyberguy with some of the top sprends la trends last night. >> 515,000 or half a million people after the debate had gone on to twitter so far with
3:47 am
#demdate. the top tweeted moments are right here. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. what this campaign is about is creating a process for a political revolution. >> i'm talking about tearing down the barriers that stand in the way of americans fulfilling their potential because i don't think our country can live up to its potential unless we get -- we give a chance to every single american to live up to theirs. >> you had bernie and hillary. out of curiosity on twitter -- because usually you can tell about the popularity -- how was it split? did she get more, did he? >> if we were going get a piece of pie, we would cut it dead down the middle. 50/50. bizarre. it was equally as boring on both sides. >> you thought it was boring, too? >> it was informative, but it was painful. >> dull. >> it was informative.
3:48 am
a learned a little more about each candidate. >> we forced you to watch, and you're mad at us. >> thank you very much. >> i could tell. >> what i found to be riveting is the google trending questions about each candidate during the debate. >> you wonder what are people asking in america. bernie sanders, number one asked on google, how many children does bernie sanders have? >> how many does he have? >> one. his name is levi. 46 years old. and what state is bernie sanders from? >> we know that. >> we do. and then where is bernie sanders married? yes, second wife. >> hillary clinton has been in the public eye for decades. they can't have many questions about her, could they? >> they do. interesting ones. what are the kids asking, how many delegates does hillary clinton have? a good one. will hillary clinton win the democratic nomination? >> what did google say? >> it doesn't give you -- >> is there a magic 8 ball? >> it's the question people are asking, right?
3:49 am
where is hillary clinton from, and then how old is hillary clinton? i think they brought that up because -- >> sexist. >> thank you. and is hillary clinton running for president? i don't know. >> we don't know that answer. we don't know. >> >> also, i love, this fat account that facebook says sanders -- the fact that facebook says sanders beats hillary clinton 3-1. >> in terms of the debate? >> in terms of likes. >> true. if you measured the sort of sentiment on line, according to facebook, sanders did take the debate away on that one. and also kind of interesting. this is the least tweeted presidential debate so far, bar none. >> there is no friction. >> no questions. people's thumbs were bored last night. >> they were. and now what's trending is #cough because bernie sanders is coughing a lot. >> and #fingerwag. >> right. >> a question about hillary clinton's emails may have helped a little bit. >> probably. >> emails and subpoenas. usually mean ratings. >> more -- if you have
3:50 am
questions, we'll answer them. >> thank you, cyber guy. >> got up early. at least he's going to do something extra. coming up, five u.s. presidents graduated from yale, but the ivy league school isn't as exclusive as you might think. wait until you hear who got accepted. and in at least one case, kind of embarrassing. >> i could have went there. ♪ how do robots work? it takes all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you ♪ is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. ♪
3:51 am
♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice
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3:53 am
five yale university alumni have served as u.s. presidents. so is this prestigious university only for the super elite? no, a former office is blowing the lid off this.
3:54 am
"the battle for room 314" is the new book and yale is at the top of the ivy league heap. a lot of people want to get in. but because so many people apply you guys on the admissions team would have short cuts. >> we would have short cuts. it was hard when you have 30,000 applications and only 1,300 seats, you sometimes have to take short cuts. kids get a fair hearing but it's a tough process. what's really interesting is that it's hard to be fair when working with that many applications. some kids you would have would arrive we have bring privilege available. they'd take an a.p. courses, captain of the robotics team. had great s.a.t. scores but then you real these the new york city -- realize the new york city school i taught at there wasn't a robotics team. >> but occasionally, you would be squeezed by somebody for instance the french canadian
3:55 am
hockey player who was not a great applicant. but you were forced to do what? >> in this country, we love our athletic teams and what's so interesting we offer so many kids the advantages on athletic teams to get into selective colleges. what i find interesting far more students are given preferential treatment as athletes and as children of alumni than minority students. >> absolutely. >> a lot of minority students, people say, oh, affirmative action that's not fair. but athletes and children of alumni are given far more preferential treatment. we're not going to the supreme court about that. >> great point. a lot of parents and students are watching right now. how important is the essay? i know one guy, an eagle scout decided to camp out in a tent on your lawn. kind of pressuring you to put him in. >> kids want the show how eager they are to be in the most selective colleges and i understand that instinct. again, what's so interesting the applicants you don't see. you know, when i was teaching in
3:56 am
that tough new york city public school, there were kids who would never think of applying to a place like yale because their father was unemployed. their mom was being deported. you know, there was, you know, gun violence, gang violence. >> that would be a good candidate. >> they would, but they never get to that statement because they're hobbled by poverty. >> one quick exit point to help parents, to get into a college. >> work hard. work hard. and know that there are thousands of great colleges in america. the system is the envy of the world in higher education. and we just need to make it more fair by reforming our k-12 schools. >> in other words, the same way to get into the yale is the same way as carnegie hall. thank you very much. "the battle for room 314", ed bolin, thank you. coming up on a friday, the story is like a hollywood movie. the groom saved from his friend -- saved his friend from an ied blast in afghanistan.
3:57 am
then he fell in love with his friend's sister. the story gets even better, folks. stick around. perfect for valentine's day. the future belongs to the fast.
3:58 am
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when you switch to directv. all right. this friday morning, everybody, it's february 12, 2016. i'm sandra smith. this is a fox news alert. this attack is just the beginning. top terror groups making a new push to target airplanes. the alarming new warnings straight from the head of homeland security. all right, bernie sanders and hillary clinton friends no more? >> once i'm in the white house -- >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. >> okay. it was one of the most heated democratic debates at times. but one thing that bernie
4:01 am
wouldn't hit hillary on. i'll share it. and many are wondering if president bush will make an appearance with his brother jeb, now we know the answer. what is it? stick around for this hour of "fox & friends" live from new york city. >> you know, look at that shot of jeb, he's heavy there. i interviewed him yesterday. he'll be on the radio show today. yesterday was his birthday. i said to him, jeb, before you joined the raise, you lost weight. why? he goes, i was fat. >> oh, he wasn't -- >> that's his words, not mine. >> he's heavy. he's his brother. >> very nice. >> his brother joins him on the stump. >> listen, speaking of brothers, we have a great love story to tell you. take a look. he saved his friend's life on the battlefield when -- and then fell in love with his friend's sister. we'll tell you the story of christopher and samantha.
4:02 am
they are go -- there they are live in our greenroom. they're getting married very soon. what a story they have got. it's a true story. >> it's a true story. they have won a dream wedding and an appearance on our show. it will warm your heart. we have it coming up within the next half hour. >> heather childress warms my heart. >> oh, happy valentine's day in advance to you. we have some stories we have been following for you all morning long. this continues to develop, a fox news alert. live look at a massive fire in new jersey. crews have been fighting this fire for more than 16 hours. it broke out at a food storage warehouse in hillsborough yesterday afternoon. spreading to additional warehouses overnight. the flames and the smoke can be seen for miles and residents reported hearing small explosions. schools in the area are shut down until this is under control. and an alarming new warning, terrorists are targeting planes. that from the head of homeland
4:03 am
security jeh johnson. the threat comes on the heels of a terrorist attack on a somali plane when a passenger blew a hole in a cabin and he was sucked out. this also follows the bombing of a russian passenger jet by isis. so what are we doing about it? well, passengers on direct flights to the u.s. now face extra screening. that's one of the things we're doing. and singer barry manilow rushed to the hospital overnight. ♪ ♪ copacabana >> well he was taken to the hospital with complications from emergency oral surgery that he had earlier this week. he had just played a sold-out show in memphis and had to be flown to california. right now his immediate performances have been postponed. it's unclear if he will make it to the grammys on monday. and we were just talking about this. a former president is hitting
4:04 am
the trail with a presidential hopeful. jeb bush is enlisting the help of his older brother george w. bush in hopes of winning the south carolina primary next week. bush 43 is set to appear with the former florida governor at a rally monday night. the ex-commander in chief won the south carolina primary in both 2000 and 2004. those are a look at your headlines. he has lost some weight there. you can tell. >> down in south carolina, i think w. can help his brother. >> absolutely. remember he in 2000, that was the most heated debate with john mccain. remember the personal -- >> there were dirty tricks. >> he'll go out there and donald trump was taking aim at 43 yesterday. that's not what you want to talk about. >> absolutely not. before it went to new hampshire, brian -- i was doing brian's radio show and he wanted to make a bet. he said which of the governors
4:05 am
do you think is going to do the best? i said, you mean in new hampshire? he said, yes. i said, i think it's probably going to be john kasich simply because i knew that in the press up in new hampshire kasich was surging. i hope to roll the tape on that, in a week -- >> somebody should be pulling out some money here. i picked governor christie as the highest ranking governor, there i am, giving him the dollar i was going to put away for my daughter's education. >> oh, for your daughter? >> yeah, now she won't have spending money in her spring semester. >> here's the dollar back. i won. john kasich came in big. he is now officially president of new hampshire. >> really all he planned for. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders duking it out on everything from health care to terrorism at last night's democratic delegate. garrett tenney has an update. >> reporter: good morning.
4:06 am
hillary clinton came out swinging last night, but bernie sanders was ready for it. they sparred over the cost of sanders' proposals and clinton's vote to go to war in iraq. and wall street kept coming up. sanders touted the fact that he's the only one without a super pac and pointed out again and again clinton's ties to wall street. >> we both spr a lot of small donors. i think that sets us apart from a lot of what's happening on the republican side. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. >> after getting blown out in new hampshire, clinton is now trying to reset the race. to do that her campaign is counting on the minority vote. both in nevada and south carolina. we saw a key part of that effort -- tying herself to president obama and trying to
4:07 am
pit sanders against him. >> senator sanders said that president obama failed the presidential leadership test. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves. the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. on obama. i was not that candidate. >>. >> reporter: on the gop side, most of the republican candidates are expected to court south carolina's key evangelical vote at the faith forum. the lone exception is donald trump who hasn't committed to be there yet. he still could. >> never know. thank you. >> and when you have the forms -- when you do the interviews, it's not a debate. i'm surprised he wouldn't show. i think it's interesting because
4:08 am
you see that bernie sanders and -- bernie sanders and hillary clinton are just taking turns praising president obama, but he's getting pressure, he's ready to endorse hillary clinton. >> listen for my money, i thought the debates last night were boring for the most part. if they're going to be good, he should have gone after her with her legal troubles. >> i agree. >> and the moderators, the people from pbs did not bring that up either. last night after in the post game show here on fox, debbie wasserman schultz was on with bret baier and bret keep in mind the dnc has refused to come and do a debate on fox. bret tried to get them to do it last night. what did she say? watch. >> i'm really happy to be with you here on your network. there aren't a whole lot of democrats that come on. i look forward to sparring with you and some of your hosting all the way through the campaign.
4:09 am
>> so you're saying there's a chance? >> i'm saying that i'm here, ready to talk to you about the issues and we'll do so all the way through this election. >> okay, at least there was some smiling. >> tell you what the democrats are doing themselves a disservice by not bringing up the $4.1 million in fees that hillary clinton got from goldman sachs since she left as secretary of state because it's coming up. can you imagine a debate where christie went after rubio, where cruz goes after trump and jeb bush and trump lock it up. that's what a real debate should be about. not what we saw last night. >> it was malpractice on the part of the moderators i feel. you said the same. because she's a former -- >> certainly -- there was certainly a conversation lacking last night on the economy. when you have a man running as a socialist and -- >> right. >> he's pitching a $15 minimum wage -- federal minimum wage in
4:10 am
this country. >> you have to take a loan to buy a coca-cola. >> here's the thing about hillary and bernie. we invite them on "fox & friends" every day. so far, they have refused every day. we ask you should hillary clinton and bernie sanders come on "fox & friends"? >> what do you think the audience said? >> overwhelming, two-thirds of people who are watching and on twitter said they should. one commenter said, i won't vote for anyone who doesn't sit on the curvy couch. look at that. by the way, the headlines on the republican side yesterday in smaller stories, porn stars and candy bars. >> in what way? >> as it turns out, there was a porn star in a ted cruz commercial. so they pulled the commercial. and as for the candy bars, marco rubio broke his tooth on a frozen twix bar. so porn stars and candy bars. >> she's a woman -- i don't want to give her name away, but she
4:11 am
starred in kinky sex club and carnal wishes -- >> too much information. >> and sex sent me to the e.r. this is some of her background. i guess the cruz camp saw a perfect fit, but didn't google her. evidently others have quite often. >> yeah. go ahead. >> i was going to say, aside from the titles that brian brought up, the only republican candidate mentioned during the debate was trump. but hillary clinton and marco rubio were fighting each other on twitter. remember marco rubio had not a not good debate -- >> he admits it. >> he did. he used the expression let's dispel with this fiction. well as it turns out, hillary clinton tweeted last night toward him. let's dispel the notion that the potus doesn't know what he is doing. marco said, hillary clinton knew exactly what she did and the fbi
4:12 am
would like to know too. >> there was a subpoena submitted in the fall to the clinton foundation, number one. number two, the fbi investigation was confirmed one week ago of the server. and now we find out the investigation that will look at people who received e-mails from her server who actually work with her in her universe. this thing is expanding, intensifying, as well as the push to get the transcripts from the speeches to the horrible people -- i say that sarcastically, because i don't think they are, on wall street. there was a simmering controversies that her main opponent who just thrashed her in new hampshire for some reason has no interest in bringing up. >> who won a dollar over the bet in new hampshire? >> we're back to the bet. >> back to -- everything goes back to the deficit that i'm running. >> brian, those are great question, none of them asked by the moderators on pbs. >> you can still tweet us on the thoughts on how you felt about that. you made it sound like an interesting, fun night. >> we did the highlights. >> yeah.
4:13 am
>> put it down to 30 seconds. >> we put our hand on the scale a little. >> meanwhile, coming up the black vote is a big topic headed into south carolina. do democrats deserve to get it or would african-americans do better with a republican in the oval office? and an analyzation coming up. it was supposed to be a fun ride in the sky, but it was a total nightmare. >> oh aye aye aye. [ screaming ] more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands.
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4:17 am
less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. what we have to do is end overpolicing in african-american neighborhoods. we have got to de-militarize local police departments so they don't look like occupying armies. >> we have to restore policing that will actually protect the communities that the police officers are sworn to protect. we are seeing the dark side of the remaining systemic racism that we have to root out in our society.
4:18 am
>> right. let's blame law enforcement. bernie and hillary slamming law enforcement. in an attempt to appeal to the minority voters. will that work? from the author of "con job", crystal wright. does that resonate in the black community? >> it doesn't resonate with me, but yes, it resonates to black people who want to keep buying the democrat lies. i mean, brian, don't we hear this every presidential cycle? every election since over the past 50 years. democrats say the same thing about black people. we have to stop the mass incarceration, we have to stop the high crime and high unemployment, have any of the problems been solved? no. >> right. but republicans to their detriment don't try and the democrats take it for grant but now it will split the difference between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. do either one of them deserve that vote from what they have done and what they plan on doing? >> bernie and hillary just like
4:19 am
barack obama and every democrat before them has done nothing for black people but tell them lies and then what we -- what happens is they look at black leaders and they fight to pimp out the black votes. so they're jockeying bernie and hillary, fawning all over the black leaders and trying to get black people to tell us like we're dummies, hey black people, vote for the democrats who aren't going to do anything for you. the cycle keeps repeating itself. i have said that republicans need to go out there and ask for the black vote. because blacks should no more vote for hillary or bernie than the grand wizard of the kkk. and last night they should have said, hey, black people, stop having 72% of your babies out of wedlock and your kids won't be massively incarcerated and arrested. >> well, an interesting message. i'm not sure it would have resonated unless you said it. let me bring this up. bill clinton reforms welfare,
4:20 am
part of it with the republicans. is that looked at as a negative and when that's crackdown on crime during the clinton years, bill clinton presidential years, is that looked at as a negative in the black community? >> well, you know, hillary's record on black people is pretty bad. in 1994, as you point out, when bill clinton her husband passed his big crime bill that incarcerated more blacks in u.s. history, you know what hillary said? she said these brag thugs deserve to be incarcerated. hey, black people listen to what hillary is saying. she is not about black lives matter, but black votes matter. bernie, same thing. he's making the same broken promises. he's not fixing anything for black people. we know that donald trump and others are talking about the black vote. they need to get out there and fight for it. >> i agree 100%. crystal wright, thank you. stephen a. smith brought this up a few months ago.
4:21 am
they should do it. and their story is like a hollywood movie. the groom saved his friend from an ied blast in afghanistan, then he fell in love with his friend's sister. and it gets better from there. they are walking in our direction for a verbal embrace. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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4:24 am
all right, quick headlines this morning. going viral, albert einstein is proven right again. scientists detect gravitational waves in the universe. part of the century old theory of relativity. astrophysicists discovered them while studying black holes that collided over a billion years ago. the man seen on video tripping a run away drug dealer in england, he's been identified.
4:25 am
the cool, calm, collective character, meet the iraq veteran, who did the act of heroism while on an early valentine's date with his wife. and marco rubio's sweet tooth betrayed him. he said while on a plane he actually chipped his tooth -- i guess you mentioned this earlier, biting into the frozen twix bar. wait. those aren't that hard, are they? he has a temporary resin filler for now. >> yeah. >> watch out for those twix bars. >> yeah. >> no more dental news, let's move on. a farm in florida giving back to our nation's heroes. each year, old mcmickey's farm donates a wedding to a selected couple. >> and the winners have a story fit for hollywood. the groom received a bronze star for saving the bride to be's
4:26 am
brother during an ied attack in afghanistan. >> samantha and sergeant christopher st. ange join us now. great to have you. when is the big day? >> february 21. >> next sunday. >> yep. >> this is happening soon. >> very soon. >> were you excited to find out you were having this all paid for? >> yeah. >> so excited. we're so excited and so thankful for everybody at old mcmickeys and all the donors donating amazing services. >> what a story you've got. so to set the stage, you were in afghanistan with her brother, brian. he was under you in your unit. there was an accident. there was an attack, right? what happened? >> i mean, we were out on patrol and we hit an ied. it severely wounded her brother and kill another member of the squad. >> at this point, you did not know samantha, right? >> no.
4:27 am
>> so her brother brian is hurt. at what point do you two make a connection? >> i kind of reached out to her after he was hurt, to check up on his status, to see how he was doing. kind of one thing led to another. >> but your first date took a while, right? because you were still over there for eight months or so after all this happened. >> yeah. yeah. >> so samantha, tell me how you guys hit hyper speed in your relationship. >> it was just -- >> first a phone call, right? >> yeah. phone call, chris comes home. sam and chris meet. sam and chris get married. >> that's right. >> how long are we talking? how many months? >> between when we talked and -- >> and got engaged. >> oh, he proposed on our three-year anniversary. >> oh, wow. that's great. >> how important was it to you that he actually reached o -- he didn't know you early on.
4:28 am
he reached out to you because he cared so much about your brother. >> yeah, it was very important. you know, just chris being there with him and just -- >> he's going to be the best man in the wedding? >> mm-hmm. >> he's doing okay now? >> yeah. >> what's the theme? what's the theme of the wedding? >> we are going to do a '20s theme. >> all right. >> so you applied online. you find out you're finalists and you get the good news that everything is paid for? >> yep. >> well deserved. >> thank you. >> so what's your married plan, once you get married, where are you going to live, what are you going to do? >> they just -- >> we're going to get married first. >> sorry, let me ask you this. how important is it that your future wife understands what it's like to serve? >> it's very important. i mean, she kind of already knows kind of the lifestyle and everything. so kind of step ahead on that from, you know? >> patriotic couple and finally the country is giving a little bit to what you sacrificed for
4:29 am
you and your family. great story. >> thank you. >> and the -- you know, speaking of patriotism, ralph from old mcmickey's he's an amazing person. you know, i want to read something from him if that's okay. >> please do. >> he asked us to share this with you. and everybody. so to all of the men and women of our military, past and present, and all of their families who share in their service and their sacrifice, for protecting our country and keeping our families safe, thank you. >> that's wonderful. i'll tell you what, for the people watching right now, if they'd like to know more about old mcmickey's farm down in florida, we'll link it to our website in about an hour. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> big winners, big congratulations. >> coming up on a friday, the video is incredible. firefighters race into this burning building to save a life at the last minute, but the victim is not what you would
4:30 am
expect. all right. the hottest toys of 2016 including one, a robot, that walks up walls. and it's not even in stores yet. a sneak peek at that, next. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. the flame is out... the flame is out, tomorrow my attitude... your mother... antonio. antonio. que? the stove. it's not working. campbell's microwaveable soups. made for real, real life.
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ sugar, oh, honey honey well, we showed you in this last hour. forget the flowers this valentine's day. say i love you with a bouquet of bacon. >> bacon! >> with chocolate too. >> bacon boxes, rolls of meat into rose shapes and dip them in chocolate. >> yep. guess what? it's already sold out.
4:34 am
so we asked -- we asked you what you were getting your valentine to give us some ideas. maybe they have to go to siz aileen if they're out of bacon. >> luke e-mailed us, i got my wife earrings to match her ring. i'm currently deployed, i told her to keep it in the fridge to keep her from guessing what it is. she thinks it's chocolate, but it's jewelry. >> ken sent us this picture and said, leaving town today so last night i made my wife a pizza. >> a heart pizza. >> he made it himself. didn't order out there. a bit of a rough edge. and daughter sarah wanted to deliver a lunch time box to her father, and it's chick-fil-a. >> nothing says i love you like chick-fil-a. just saying. >> there's never been a
4:35 am
chick-fil-a in my neighborhood. >> there's three blocks from here. >> i don't live here. i can't enjoy it with my family. pack up the kids you have to go to 60 miles to a chick-fil-a in -- >> it's three blocks away. >> you grew one chick-fil-a. >> chick-fil-a and their peach milk shake. it's good. we have some news we have been following for you. we begin on a serious note. this fox news alert. a police officer shot dead in georgia. major greg barney was trying to serve a drug warrant in atlanta. now, the gunman shot by another officer on the scene. he's the fifth cop gunned down in just the last four days. maryland, north dakota also lost officers to gun violence this week. and fear takes flight when a hot air balloon ride in
4:36 am
pennsylvania spirals out of control. >> oh. [ screaming ] >> swift winds carrying this giant balloon into the building and deflating on the roof. thankfully, no one was injured. and firefighters in sacramento rescue a dog from a burning home and it's all caught on helmet cam. >> come on. come here. >> poor little dog. the firefighters in sacramento they were searching this house for people when they found the scared pooch hiding in a bedroom. they quickly rushed the dog out to her owners. and she is okay. those are a look at your headlines so far today. back to you. >> come on out, the coast is clear. >> usually you get word when you see a german shepherd alone in a room, you never know. they can be pretty tough.
4:37 am
>> a good watchdog. maria molina is joining us from outside where the polar vortex is taking over. we were talking about valentine's day gifts. any big plans? >> we're doing what we love to do best, get behind the wheel and drive around and head westward to niagara falls. we're looking to see if they're freezing over a little bit. >> because your husband reid is a storm chaser. nothing says i love you like getting in a car and chasing -- >> that's right. last year we spent it chasing a blizzard over the cape. >> true love. >> let's look at the weather conditions across the country. i'm sure some of you will not be enjoying the conditions this weekend because we're going to be talking about arctic temperatures anywhere from parts of the upper midwest to new england and temperatures that could even be setting some records coming up this weekend. but right now, the radar looks
4:38 am
relatively busy across two areas. one across the pacific northwest where we have rain and heavy mountain snow and then across eastern areas in parts of the mid south, we have a storm bringing in some winter weather. then lake-effect snow that's continuing as much as six to ten inches of additional snow is forecast throughout the day today. we have a number of warnings in effect. a quick look at your current temperatures, 16 in new york, 14 in buffalo and zero in marquette. factor in the wind and those windchills are much worse. it feels like 12 below zero right now in the city of marquette. here's a look at the forecast, morning low temperature, saturday morning below zero across the midwest and the cold air arrives eastward sunday morning. let's head back inside to sandra. >> thank you, maria. stay warm out there. stay warm inside looking at the hottest toys this morning. this weekend kicks off the 113th annual toy fair here in new york city. it's closed to the public, but lucky for us, toy expert meredith sinclair is here with
4:39 am
an inside look. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first off, we have something that looks educational to me as a parent of young baby, this interests me. >> you'll love this. this for 3 to 9-year-olds. i get a question about what's the best tablet for that age group? this is a leapfrog epic. what's great about this, they did a study and it showed that 70% of parents really wanted parental controls and an easy interface for kids. that's that this does. it's got everything they need. educator approved content and the most comprehensive parental controls. >> how much? >> $139. >> all right. $140. >> i love this. one of the trends of toy fair, you'll see like hands on play combined. this does it perfectly. this is stick bot studio and he's already been out. but now he's got a studio that kids 4 and up can learn how to make stop motion animation.
4:40 am
there's an app that they can do backgrounds in music and then they take stills and edit it together. >> yeah. >> only $20. they'll love that and love playing together. >> i love the green screen. >> now shop kins. this was the number one selling toy of 2015. girls love to collect things. so they're collecting these little shopkins. they trade them and then this is the sweet spot. >> what age range is this good for? >> this is little, 4 and up. make sure that the kids that you're giving this to aren't putting things in their mouth. >> great point. how much? >> $20. >> okay. this is a prototype. not -- >> a robot. >> yeah. this is gecko-bot. he will climb walls. this is a gecko robot. right now we'll show him walking across the table. but this is again -- this is a prototype. and this will be out in like the summer. so i love it. no one has seen this before.
4:41 am
this is the most fun thing about toy fairs, everything that people have not seen before. >> that's awesome. it can climb walls. >> yeah, it can climb walls. >> meredith sinclair, we have to leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so much fun to be had. all right. the fight for the republican nomination is getting heated. so what can we expect at this weekend's gop debate? peter johnson jr. is up next, what are we going to look for? a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
4:42 am
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4:45 am
back to politics. the next republican debate is set for tomorrow night and the candidates are busy courting voters in south carolina are sharpening their attacks on each other. >> you have people running like a jeb bush. don't fall asleep when i mention the name. please. now he's bringing in his brother. i won't say anything. i'm going to save that for after his brother makes his statement. because there's plenty to say about what happened, okay? especially that last three months. and especially getting us in that quicksand. >> pretty fluent on the foreign policy, and marco can say he has a record, but what would it be? >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel in another country is not foreign policy
4:46 am
experience. >> some say that's a preview of the bloodbath to come in the palmetto state. maybe something more akin to this. gladiators. gladiators, peter johnson jr. >> absolutely. gladiators meet the thunderdome. who's going to leave the arena tomorrow in south carolina? there are in trying to climb to the top and this may be their last hurrah. if they don't do well in this debate, this could mean the end of their candidacy. what we have seen for a long, long time is a bunch of these candidates including cruz in the past, carson in the past,
4:47 am
capitulating to trump in these debates. maybe a nonaggression pact, we'll stand up and come out with the same numbers we had before this debate. but the question becomes, have they waited too long? and so some are saying, well, this is do or die. for senator rubio, for governor bush. are they in a fight to the death here? will john kasich stand back, although he said now i won't be a marshmallow anymore, going forward in these debates. is ben carson so angry at ted cruz and saying i was robbed in that last election, does he become a surrogate for donald trump in taking on ted cruz who looks like he's number two in south carolina? so it becomes a death match with a lot of people attacking each other. maybe with strategy, maybe with not -- maybe trying to shape the trust that 33% of the electorate
4:48 am
have in donald trump. but trust and faith is not shakable by evidence or logic. we know that, so they should be focusing on trump or the guy next door to them? who may be edging them out in the ultimate death race against donald trump as the debates and the election goes forward. >> sure. but of course in the aftermath of the last debate, it really was as chris christie pushed him to the edge, marco rubio, it was marco rubio's own words that did him in last week. so now he's had to kind of dig himself out. >> that's right. but, you know, politicians are by nature very, very cautious. that's one of the reasons that donald trump is doing so well. their handlers are saying, don't get out too front on this, see what happened to chris christie with his kamikaze act. everybody hailed him in the media and said, brilliant debate. great prosecutor. then zippo in terms of actual performance at the polls. so all of the folks are saying,
4:49 am
how do i stay alive, how do i stand up and be the republican candidate that brings some logic and reason to the debate that stands up and says, i am the alternative to the frontrunner, donald trump? that's what they face tomorrow and it should be interesting. not all the folks are going to emerge. got to be a different group in the next couple of weeks. >> you could be right. peter johnson jr., thank you. love to see you. coming up "zoolander" hitting the box office this weekend, but you may want to skip seeing it. kevin mccarthy will tell you why. >> magnum. of course blue steel. but that was a long -- tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
all right. are you still looking for the perfect valentine's day date? there's plenty to see at the
4:53 am
movies this weekend. >> that might be a good option. here's what's new on the big screen, the founder of, kevin mccarthy. can you save people from a boring valentine's day? >> of course i can. good morning to you guys. thank you for having me on as always. what says valentine's day more than an r-rated "deadpool" movie? that's what i was always hoping for on valentine's day weekend. >> yeah. >> and this movie by the way, i have to mention is not for kids whatsoever. it is extremely hard r-rated movie. it's a passion project, and wade wilson who was a former special operative turned mercenary, who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. he undergoes an experiment and he becomes deadpool. it's so much fun to watch.
4:54 am
it's one of the funniest movies i have seen in years. the action is unbelievably incredible to watch. >> wow. >> ryan reynolds is so good, i gave it a 4.5 out of a 5. i saw it for a third time seven hours ago. this movie takes place in the x-men universe. so he exists in the same universe as wolverines. it's not for kids. i spoke to ryan reynolds, and we were throwing darts at a wolverine picture. take a look. >> you're hearing me speak through the mask. weirdly enough, there's a lot of bittersweet -- it's functional. i could emote through it. we got lucky there. the eyes are suitably animated there. >> really? >> they film my face doing every line and every expression that i
4:55 am
would make and they take my eyes and actually map them on to the -- >> such a got improviser. with his background in improvisation. hit it! >> hit the board. >> for a journalist -- >> looks like a -- >> there's an ending -- yeah, there's an ending credit scene. there's two extra scenes at the end of the movie at the end of the -- end credits. >> speaking of two, "zoolander 2" is. you didn't like this movie. >> yeah. i found myself bored beyond belief. all it is is celebrity cameo after celebrity cameo. justin bieber is in the film. the film -- i love "zoolander" so much. i didn't understand what was going on. it was beyond belief, so painful. i will say this on a positive note, i thought will ferrell and kristen wiig did a good job, but overall i gave it a 1.5 out of 5. skip it all together.
4:56 am
not worth your movie. stay home and watch the original film on dvd or blu-ray. >> at least make the blue steel face, will you? >> here we go, ready for it? here we go. >> wow! >> is that good? >> can you give me one? >> brian may have the best one, actually. >> give me a second. >> okay. >> we get paid to do this by the way. this is our job. this is awesome. >> okay. that was very good. >> thank you. >> okay. >> all right, kevin, thank you. >> tell you what, they can't promote it anymore. he's been everywhere. >> yep. >> but apparently not a good movie. don't go away. >> don't go away just because he made that face. it's a big friday, geraldo rivera and judge jeanine pirro
4:57 am
is on the way in right now. >> talk about a blue face, geraldo. accuracy is much more important than distance. watch. (lure lands in cup) k-ching ♪ fish like a pro at bass pro shops spring fishing classic with free seminars, big savings, plus extra savings during our trade-in sales. try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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5:00 am
good morning, everyone. its friday, february 12, 2016. i'm sandra smith. hillary and bernie trying to define their differences last night. >> senator sanders said that president obama failed the presidential leadership test. i expect that from republicans. i do not expect that from someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> well, it was one of the most heated democratic debates yet. but there's one thing bernie wouldn't hit hillary on. we'll tell you what that was. meanwhile, an alarming new warning from the department of homeland security this morning. saying this attack is just the
5:01 am
beginning. the new terror tactic leaving officials around the world on guard on this friday. and he searches for answers to the world's most perplexing questions. >> what really goes on inside our brain? time to go sightseeing inside your head. >> yep, this morning we play along with "brain games," because mornings with your brain are better with "friends." ♪ >> oh, back to the cheerleaders live on the plaza right now. this is springfield high school. their cheerleading squad, they'll be joining us later. they're out in the freezing -- it's single digit temperatures
5:02 am
outside. >> the windchill right now is 9 degrees outside our world headquarters and yet, they're cheering because they're the national high sch champions. they are going to join us this hour. in the meantime, i like when the three girls are on the pedestal. and they are right now. meanwhile, we have the judge and geraldo. good morning to both of you. >> my mustache is frozen. i know never to go outside when your mustache is frozen. >> did you ride your bike today? >> not today. >> and we have a new move for you. >> it was a low blow, brian. >> finger wag. >> bernie finger. >> yeah, he could have been italian with all the gesticulati gesticulations. >> so there was a democratic debate, if you missed it, you're not alone, at of people did. we put the best comments together for this montage. >> before it was called obamacare it was called hillary care. you need to level with people about what they will have at the end of the process you are
5:03 am
proposing. the numbers don't add up. my price tag is about $100 billion a year. once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> you're not in the white house yet. she has enormous experience in foreign affairs. secretary of state for four years, you have a bit of experience i would imagine. but judgment matters as well. she and i looked at the same evidence coming from the bush administration regarding iraq. i led the opposition against it. she voted for it. so i happen to believe that henry kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the modern history of this country. i am proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. count me in as somebody who will not be listening to henry kissinger. >> i know journalists have asked who you do listen to on foreign policy and we have yet to know who it is. >> i know it's not henry
5:04 am
kissinger. >> that's fine. we have a lot of small donors. i think that sets us apart from a lot of what's happening on the republican side. >> but let's not insult -- let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess for the fun of it. >> yeah, just for the fun of it. geraldo and judge, weigh in. i know you're dying to. start, geraldo. >> can i put my henry kissinger voice on? >> yeah. >> i thought it was extremely contentious. i must say that i looked at it with -- you know, half a glance. i was not -- >> you're a busy person. you have all those kids to raise. >> i do have a million kids to raise, and i thought that the acrimony was extraordinary. i believe that they really are beginning to hate each other. >> yes. >> and it may color the whole debate. i don't know where you go from here. who is more nasty to the other. >> you know what, she is a
5:05 am
different person now. after new hampshire, after that incredible loss, you know, she's more strident. she's tougher. she's meaner. i think they hate each other. when i listen to the two of them, i say you know what who is making more sense? sanders just talks more like a regular person. >> but he can't back anything up. >> i'm not saying i'm going to vote for him or anything. but i'm telling you -- by the way -- >> denigrate kissinger who opened up the whole relationship with china, changed world history. >> exactly. >> overrated. >> overrated by bernie sanders. >> does anybody care about henry kissinger? do the people today care about this? no. >> but the kids love kissinger. >> here's the thing, judge, had you been one of the moderator, pbs did it and sandra was a presidential moderator. she did a great job. why -- first of all, why didn't pbs ask the questions about hillary's e-mails or any of that stuff? why doesn't bernie go after her
5:06 am
on that? >> bernie is already locked in because he said no, we don't care about your e-mails. i don't give a damn -- >> people can evolve -- >> about the e-mails. yesterday, the subpoena -- the subpoena that was on the clinton foundation, by the state department, was released. and of all days, a federal judge says you have to have all of those e-mails by february 29th or whatever it. is nobody talks about it. >> how do they not ask about that? >> the most overrated scandal we have ever covered. the e-mails. there's no crime there. >> oh -- >> absolutely no crime there. you get -- >> geraldo, setting up the server was a crime. >> -- on this e-mail scandalette, by getting your hopes there will be an indictment. what is the real issue? the middle east is a mess. why is the middle east a mess? because the obama administration and its naivete, however
5:07 am
compassionate and well intended allowed a crucial region of the world to go to hell. >> i think you're wrong. >> in syria, no more fighting, oops. >> you're deflecting. the question is about the e-mails. >> the real issue now and we're getting closer to it, is the clinton foundation. huma abedin on the server, whether or not hillary clinton when she was in the state department was issuing favors in return for money to the foundation. here's the bottom line. huma abedin is on this -- no, the bottom line is that huma abedin is paid by the state department. the clinton foundation, the -- >> might -- >> fully disclosed as was the private e-mail server. >> let judge -- >> my bottom line is this. by putting all of this political capital in the e-mail investigation, the risk is simple. the e-mail investigation will go nowhere. there will be no indictments and then people who have spent so
5:08 am
much time, invested so much energy and so much vitriol in the e-mail scandal will say, i guess we were wrong. >> you said that like kissinger. >> i guess we were wrong. i guess we were wrong. >> i have to tell you this. the big debate is about wall street. you have hillary clinton there who's made $4.1 million since he left the secretary of state, giving speeches for wall street. and there's bernie sanders not asking for transcripts of what goes on. how could you go there and run on indicting wall street while praising them? >> all i know is i do speeches for a free lunch. [ laughter ] >> what did i do wrong? >> see, here's the problem. she has the ability to release those speeches, geraldo. you don't make $700,000 for three speeches. only -- >> will you release every speech you ever did? >> first of all, i'm not running for president and i never take that much money. here's the bottom line -- here's the bottom line. geraldo, i did not -- here's the bottom line. here's the bottom line. you know what, i don't hate her.
5:09 am
>> who don't you hate? >> she has an obligation in the interest of transparency to release all of the e-mails that she deleted 30,000 of them. she has an obligation to release the transcripts. if she wants to say i'm not -- i don't know anything -- let me finish a sentence, geraldo. i don't know owe anything to wall street, well tell us what you told them. why they paid you. >> my statement is this. this administration was slandered by the coverage of the benghazi event. >> no. four americans were killed! >> we promulgated to the world the false notion that the obama administration had the military capacity to save those people. >> oh, really? we didn't have planes -- we couldn't get planes for 13 hours. >> they apologized for that. >> they apologized? >> -- for slandering good people. >> one at a time. >> who you may disagree with, by saying they could have saved people. >> they could have. >> you accuse them of murdering
5:10 am
our own people. >> stand down in tripoli. you don't stand on a roof for eight hours. >> concentrate on the -- >> they should apologize to the families and not lie about the video. >> the department of justice -- >> how are you, judge? >> we'll get you two. >> hold on, i want to yell like everybody else. the department of justice is suing ferguson, missouri, over unconstitutional policing. >> all right. here's the problem. what happened in ferguson, missouri, was ugly. but the police officer was not charged with anything. it was a justified shooting. the department of justice came up with nothing but requirements. every police officer should follow the consistent ttitution. but when the department of justy says we want you to pay all this money, we have to raise taxes we can't afford it.
5:11 am
>> geraldo? >> today's cover of "the new york post," the akai cop guilty. the cop who inadvertently drawing his gun in the stairwell, it discharged, ricochetted off the wall and killed an unarmed black man. akai. this cop never would have been convicted prior to ferguson. >> you don't know that. >> come on. >> cops -- may i, please. give me one minute. there is now in this country the most dramatic division between the way black people see cops and the way white people see cops. there is an absolute civilwar going on an emotional war where black parents fear cops when their kids go out at night more than they fear crooks.
5:12 am
we have lost the black community in the policing. we must deal with this perception that's based partially on reality that a cop can do anything to a black person or not be charged with an offense. we have to be sensitive. may i -- here's my bottom line. ferguson agreed with the department of justice to make certain reforms. >> most of them. >> most of them. then at the last minute ferguson said wait a minute, it's too expensive, onerous, we can't fulfill our agreement with the justice department. you know, it's too bad. maybe missouri has to help ferguson out. maybe the other surrounding communities have to help -- it's a community of 21,000. that even the president of the united states said the people were being treated in an unfair manner. >> we get your final summarization there. we'll have the mayor of ferguson joining us in about half an hour. >> good. >> there he is right there. james knowles. he has a tough task. >> geraldo, thank you so much. >> i'm glad it was so calm.
5:13 am
>> good morning. >> all right. coming up on a friday after a string of attacks on passenger planes overseas, an update -- a shocking new report says this could just be the beginning. we are live in washington with an update on in. we need a bigger boat. >> [ bleep ]. >> that is not a wave pool. that's the ocean. 100 foot wall of waves. why the captain sailed straight into the massive storm. his reasoning straight ahead. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
5:14 am
excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has.
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5:17 am
all right. a fox news alert now, an alarming new warning from homeland security saying blowing a hole -- saying blowing a hole in the side of a plane is just the beginning of possibly their objective. >> and garrett tenney has more from nation's capital. >> that warning comes from secretary jeh johnson who warned yesterday that terror groups remain focussed on targeting aviation. in his final state to the homeland security address, the
5:18 am
dhs is moving to reduce the number of access points to airport employees and to reduce any potential insider threat by doing that. he noted that earlier this week, tsa issued new guidelines for overseas airports with direct flights to the u.s. requiring extra screening for both passengers and employees at those airports. >> because of the enhancements we have been -- we have imposed over the last six, nine months wait times have gotten longer, but i think the american public understands that and appreciates that. >> this of course comes on the heels of that failed terrorist attack on the somali jet -- passenger jet that blew a hole in the side of the plane there. and of course it comes after the director of national intelligence james clapper said that heartland is very much at risk of an attack earlier this week in an appearance before the senate select intelligence committee. he said it's very likely isis is
5:19 am
preparing for and will soon try to attack the u.s. with its own trained operatives. back to you all. >> garrett, thank you. of course what we have learned is apparently the explosive was handed to the bomber by somebody inside the airport terminal. >> we caught it on tape. just amazing yesterday. there were hearings on capitol hill about what we're doing against isis, what we're not doing. even democrats are saying the administration is -- doesn't seem committed to going after isis, including congressman engel. we have not had a bombing run since november which is incredible. this stuff going to continue to happen. coming up, he was missing for 30 years until he solved his own cold case. that incredible story is straight ahead. "hi, you've reached emma. ♪ soft, calm music i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can."
5:20 am
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welcome back to "fox & friends." a fox news alert for you right now. hundreds of firefighters
5:23 am
battling a massive blaze for more than 16 hours in new jersey. now, the fire broke out at a food storage warehouse in hillsborough yesterday afternoon. and it spread to a rail yard. you can see some of the rail cars are actually on fire. the flames and the smoke can be seen for miles and residents have heard small explosions. schools in that area are understandably closed. and new overnight, a shocking scene comes to a deadly end inside a restaurant in ohio. after a man with a machete starts attacking customers. at least six people were injured. the suspect was shot and killed by a police officer after a short car chase, the fbi helping with that investigation. and singer barry manilow rushed to the hospital overnight. ♪ ♪ copacabana, the hottest spot >> oh, i love that song. the 72-year-old taken to the hospital in los angeles with complications from emergency
5:24 am
oral surgery that he had earlier in week. he had just played a sold-out show in memphis and had to be flown to california. right now, his immediate performances have been postponed. it's unclear if he will make it to the grammys on monday. those are your headlines so far. sandra? >> thanks, heather. our special collaboration with the ales apprentice program continues. as we celebrate black history month. i'm joined by my co-host from "outnumbered" harris faulkner. she is here. an amazing story. >> good to see you in a different hour too. i can't wait to tell you about this one. val james was the first american born black player to make it to the nhl. he didn't learn to skate until he was 12 years old, but his
5:25 am
journey was anything but easy. and an enforcer on the ice he faced unspeakable amounts of racism, never -- but never gave up on reaching his dream which to many seemed impossible. imagine people staring at you because of the color of your skin. imagine them calling you names. now imagine enduring that for 15 years while playing a game you love. imagine. how does a young, black man who is 6'2" end up playing hockey? >> the fans let me know i should have been playing football, soccer, basketball, anything but hockey. >> they let you know? >> oh, yeah. >> there's -- >> what was the response of people when they saw this young, black man out on the ice? >> they were very shocked. i saw so many mouths wide open i can shoot ping-pong balls into them. once they got over the shock,
5:26 am
then the taunting started. >> the sight of a black hockey player was shocking to fans. >> he's only the second one we have ever seen. >> and when val came on the ice, he was noticed. >> john gallagher teamed one val to write "black ice" a biography of val's journey to the national hockey league. >> if he was leaving the ice, it was because he couldn't play. not because of the color of his skin. he wasn't walking away no matter how much abuse he had to take. >> there were beers thrown? >> beers, everything thrown. >> did you ever get hurt? >> no. you have a helmet, tuck the neck in and don't get hit in the eyes. >> you smile when you say that. why are you smiling? >> because i know if i was playing on their team they'd love me to death.
5:27 am
>> on the ice, he was an enforcer, he used his fists to protect the goal scorers on his team. his toughness became legendary and so did some of his tangles on the ice. >> i never want to hurt anybody or maim anybody. so the rest of their lives are ruined. a goon is a type of player that will go out there, he will maim, hurt, spear, whatever it takes. an enforcer is out there to make sure that the goon stays in place. >> val's presence brought out the best in his teammates. in rochester he helped the americans win a calder cup. the crown jewel of minor league hockey and became an instant fan favorite. that must have been a bit confusing for you though. >> well, you know what, it's a ball -- it balanced everything out. i knew once i went on the road i'd get abuse so bad, that going home and having everyone love you was a therapeutic thing. it didn't heal the hurt, but felt a lot better. >> val was recently honored in rochester where the team
5:28 am
celebrated val james day. did that moment make it worth it? >> yes, it did. to see that someone actually remembered me after all those years, you know, it made me feel that, you know, even though i had to take abuse in all the cities that i did make a difference. >> while val's nhl career was relatively brief it was just as volatile. like the time fans outside the boston garden tried to overturn the team bus. you were in tears. >> i was so frustrated, so mad. why are they doing this to me? i'm trying to entertain them and win a hockey game for my side and i have to take this abuse? >> did you want to quit? >> no, that just made me want to play harder. >> why? >> because i wanted to show that i belonged. >> you know, i read that it took you a long time to even watch a game of hockey. >> it was about 20 years. and the reason that i took 20 years every time i'd watch a hockey game i'd hear those chants all over again.
5:29 am
>> in the back of your mind? >> correct. >> when we scheduled this interview, we were told he would not skate for us. but when we visited this rink in buffalo, the moment seemed right and with a little coaxing, val surprised us and maybe even himself. >> last time i was on a pair of skates was two years ago. and two yearns ago was the first time i had been on skates in like 25 years. so this is a little bit different. feels -- you're right. it does feel half good. you know? it does feel half good. >> today, val is finding his feet again without an ounce of bitterness. instead he tries to share his experiences with the next generation. and sees the world where people are not so quick to judge. to label. to hate. imagine. what a remarkable journey. val said his mom and dad told
5:30 am
him quote, if you don't have forgiveness, you have nothing. we want to quickly thank rob mcdonald and the gale center in ontario. they opened the doors to us to let us hit the ice and val wanted us to remember his parents, henry and pernella and his sister who recently passed away. his family gave him the strength to get through some of his darkest times. as you can imagine. there is more to come. next week a little girl from dallas, texas, dr. ashanti johnson dreamed of the deep, blue sea. never did she think her passion would propel her to becoming one of the first african-american chemical oceanographer. meet her next friday, on "fox & friends." i'll be back. i can't wait to bring you back. see more stories celebrating black history month. visit us at
5:31 am
apprentice. >> thank you. you inspired him. >> it was neat to see him hit the ice and to let everything go away and to bring us the story. we're grateful. >> it's bringing tears to your eyes even now. >> i get emotional about these because i take the journeys with the people. then you take them. you're teared up too. >> i hid mine. [ laughter ] great, harris. thank you. we'll continue to watch more. coming up, government funded legal advice for illegals. think that's a good idea? we'll tell you who thinks it is. and he searches for answers to the world's toughest questions. >> what really goes on inside our brain? time to go sightseeing inside your head. >> well, this morning the host of "brain games" is putting us to the test. will brian and steve pass?
5:32 am
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♪ at last my love has come along ♪ oh, my goodness, i love this. we showed you bacon roses bouquet. >> bacon! >> big hit this year. already sold out. so what are you getting your valentine since the bacon roses are sold out? theresa e-mailed us, i'm giving my husband and best friend of 27 years angus sirloin and twice baked potatoes to have at home for valentine's day. >> wow. >> somebody gave us that for christmas. >> gina says her husband got her
5:36 am
this nice little blue -- >> ruger. >> okay. >> a type of gun. >> okay. a bunch of bullets delightly arranged in the shape of a heart there. >> and that's -- and -- you know, i don't want to dwell on it. >> bacon. >> that's right. >> all right, 24 minutes before the top of the hour. news time with heather. >> good morning. here's one of the stories. he was missing for 30 years. that is until he solved his own cold case. 50-year-old edgar what tulip, he walked away from a group home in canada and when he suddenly remembered his last name. he was found in a database for missing children. he had been living 30 miles way from where he went missing.
5:37 am
his mother can't wait to be reunited with him. and the new bill introduced by senate democrats would let illegals to delay their court dates until the government allows them to provide documents. right now they can hire their own private lawyers. harry reid claims it would protect asylum seeking women and children. some incredible video finally as a 100 foot wave crashes into a ship. look. >> [ bleep ]. >> is he laughing? well, the stunned crew watches as the ship was caught in the middle of storm gertrude. this was in the north sea. amazingly the large sea managed to withstand that huge blow. that's amazing. that's a look at your headlines. back to you. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour.
5:38 am
national geographic's "brain games" is back for another season. they're leaving people perplexed and smarter. look at these tests. >> what really goes on inside our brains? why do we react to things automatically? >> oh! >> and adapt to the world around us. >> okay. >> how about a simple high five? >> and solve problems? >> about eight minutes quick. >> time to go sightseeing inside your head. >> fantastic. >> wow. here to put our brains to the test, i'm a little nervous -- >> welcome back. >> host jason silva. >> how are you, thank you for having me. >> you're going to put us through the tests you do on the show. the first one is sight and sound. >> that's right. we tend to go by our visual information most of the time. we sort of assumed the reaction time with our eyes is really fast. but the truth is we have other reflexes their faster.
5:39 am
so i'm going to ask you to close your eyes. i'm going to go behind you. when you hear a sound you're going to stand up. basically, okay? >> we can't cheat. >> as soon as you hear a sound, you stand up. >> i'm going to win, brian. [ siren ] >> okay. sit down. >> i thought it was "chips" behind me. erik estrada. okay. [ siren ] that was pretty good. do it again now. so now we'll measure your visual cortex. so as soon as you see me flap this down, you will stand up. so keep your eyes on this. ready, set, go. okay. one more time. >> what? >> well, look, it feels similar, but the science tell us your auditory reflexes is 0.2 seconds faster -- >> so we react faster?
5:40 am
>> right. we tend to rely on our eyesight more. that's the reasons that athletes do races they fire a shot. in addition to this. people's reaction time to sound is faster. so we don't have to do it again. >> that was cool. >> i have another one for you guys. this is a word association game. this is something you get better at when you get older. one of the brain functions. >> well, i'm going to win. >> i'll give you and example. i give you two words and come one a third word that connects the words. if i give you the example of pillow. and court. then pillowcase, court case connects them. word association. it has to do with the fact that context can change the meaning of a word. so in this case, pillowcase changes the meaning of case and court case changes the meaning of case. >> we'll do one of these. >> okay. >> are you ready? ship and card. what would be a third word that
5:41 am
connects those? >> ship and card? >> card shark, shipmate -- shipment. >> any guesses? >> i quit. >> okay. it would be deck. ship deck, card deck. >> that makes sense. >> depending on the context changes the meaning. we have to use language and how context again changing the meaning of a word. >> it's much more fun to watch the people on the show. >> than to do it yourself. >> absolutely. >> the only thing -- one of the few shows you can watch with your whole family. >> it's mind blowing and educati educational. >> thank you so much. >> on the nat geo channel. the department of justice is suing ferguson saying they rejected the police reforms but the mayor says that's not the case. he joins us live next. you're looking at the number one high school cheerleading squad in the nation who can perform in any weather. how do they do it? we'll get their story in just a minute. >> they're amazing. >> how do they do that, jason? want to get their hands on.
5:42 am
if they could ever catch you.
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it is cold in new york city and over 600 teams from more than 30 states faced off in florida last week. >> it was warmer there. >> it was warmer there. for the national cheerleading champion. but there could only be one winner of the super varsity division. >> with our national champions, from springfield, pennsylvania, springfield high school. >> congratulations. jeff webb is the creator of the national high school cheerleading championships. he is here with the pennsylvania springfield high school squad, the new champions. hey, what a great thing you did, by giving everybody a chance to compete and be champions.
5:46 am
what made them champs? >> the varsity brand's mission is to provide amazing experiences for young people across the country. and this team -- they're great athletes. they are tremendous performers, great connection with the crowd. all the things that i look for. >> like you. you have been doing this for 36 years. we have this debate all the time. is cheerleading a sport? absolutely you say. >> it's even more than a sport because it has the traditional things that you see in sport and plus the leadership component in the school. raising school spirit. >> all right. we'll see a bit of their performance. let's get out of the way. >> they do it in the summer and the winter weather. >> here they are, springfield high school varsity cheer squad. hit it, ladies! ♪ ♪
5:47 am
♪ >> cougars! here we go! >> cougars, let's play! cougars, let's play! blue, gold and white! cougars, let's play!
5:48 am
c-o-u-g-a-r-s, cougars! show your pride! show the colors from side to side, blue, gold, white. blue, gold, white. you got it right. yell it loud. cougars! blue, gold and white. cougars, let's play, wearing the blue, gold and white. >> very nice. >> thank you. that was great. >> you know what, we really need to get a look at the mothers. >> totally impressed. that was amazing. >> the moms have been over here. >> hey lady, a round of applause for your parents. very nice. all right. jeff, thank you very much. you picked the right champions. >> they're great. >> amazing. >> so which candidates do you want to see on "fox & friends"?
5:49 am
the results of the twitter poll up next. but first, bill hemmer, tell us what's on your show. >> well done. breaking news out of the midwest, the machete attack there, what we're learning on that coming up in a moment. it's getting steamy in south carolina, accusations and claims flying back and forth. john kasich riding high out of new hampshire. can he make the case there? we'll talk to him live. clinton and sanders go at it. which government program would they cut? we will tell you when martha and i see you in 11 minutes, top of the hour. [ music ] defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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we have been telling you all day and yesterday really that we invited all our candidates on "fox & friends." we want to get your feedback via twitter on who you think should appear. >> right. today we're talking about the democratic debate last night and how bret baier after the show asked debbie wasserman schultz if they seed have a debate on fox. and they said no. then we talked about those who will not appear on "fox & friends." we call hillary clinton and bernie sanders every day. >> we get voice mail. >> on the republican side, we have all -- we invited all the candidates on. john kasich has not come on for a very long time. ted cruz has not been on for months as well. >> ted cruz is complaining. >> we mentioned yesterday they hadn't. john kasich one of the people called us yesterday and said despite the fact that they have done the other cable news shows this week, that he will appear on "fox & friends" maybe some
5:54 am
time in the future. so we don't know what's up with their media strategy. and ted cruz's communications director said they're not doing morning television right now. they love "fox & friends." not doing morning. they're focusing on primetime and yet, last night on primetime, bill o'reilly said that ted cruz won't come on his show either. >> so when we asked the question, should hillary clinton and bernie sanders join us on "fox & friends" here's how you responded. 70% said yes indeed they should. 30% no. >> all right, should john kasich and ted cruz join "fox & friends"? 27% said no, 73% yes. it stands out to me, the watch party, when the results are in, it stood out to me that donald trump nor -- and the ted cruz camp -- they have cnn coverage there, not ours. yet our coverage outstrips all of them in terms of ratings and comprehension.
5:55 am
>> so we do a show every day, so maybe they will come on in the next couple of days or next week. our door is always open. >> well, the thing is if you're going to complain, you should come on and complain on the venue and not go on another outlet and complain. >> the voters need to hear what your plans are for the country. >> fair and balanced that way. cheerleaders are about to invade the studio. i hear them. we will talk to them right after this break. >> come on in, ladies! how are you? that was great. you're freezing. ♪ ♪
5:56 am
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♪ the night for love. ♪ woah oh oh... ♪ with the stars up above... ♪ this is the night... ♪ for love... ♪ (this is the night for love)
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♪ this is the night... ♪ for love... ♪ mmmm... come on... ♪ be mine... being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. without a doubt, most people we have ever had on the couch. before we talk more to the springfield high school cheerleaders we asked you about your best and worst valentine's
5:59 am
day gift. >> the worst gift i had ever gotten was a pair of white doves. >> that's terrible. >> real, living doves. they multiplied to six and drove me nuts with the cooing. >> a best gift was our grandson, born on valentine's day. >> and the best valentine's day gift i ever received is one i have had every year for the last 52 years and that would be my wife. >> how great is that? by the way, if you're going on spring break, you have to be in orlando on tuesday, i'll be signing "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates" and that might be a great gift. >> by the way, do you ladies have any plans -- somebody is like this. you have plans? >> i think i'm going to hang out probably with all of us. i mean -- >> you can't -- this is your relationship. >> these are my valentines. my 30 sisters. >> well, congratulations.
6:00 am
you are the national champions for this year. it's quite an accomplishment. >> right. >> congratulations to all of you. we know you have a lot of friends and family watching right now. how much a big wave from new york city, ladies. have a great week. see you on monday, everybody. >> they're finally warm. by nowhere to hide. one day before the next debate and the battle is on in south carolina. republicans hitting each other hard as they battle their way toward next week primary. i'm bill helper. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. so south carolina living up to it reputation as a 8 known for bare knuckle politic. nobody is immune from the mudslinging in the state. listen to this. >> i'm not sure a lot of voters are excited about having a


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