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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> haven't scared you off, right? >> you're cracking me up. we're having a good time here. >> see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" the starts right now. come back. ♪ harris: welcome on a fine friday. this "outnumbered." here today, andrea tantaros. democratic strategist, fox news contributor julie roginsky. former member of the george w. bush and obama administration, gillian turner. our #oneluckyguy, veteran trial attorney, absolutely he does. fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. i love the fact he likes to be in on his own intro. >> i love it. harris: no. >> thank you so much. harris: great day. we're going into south carolina tomorrow for this debate.
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more beyond that. so glad to have you. >> thank you. harris: as republicans beer up for tomorrow's big debate ahead of south carolina primary, candidates are ramming up attacks on frontrunner donald trump. ted cruz releasing scathing new ad, have you seen it, hits the real estate mogul on eminent domain, accusing donald trump having a pattern of sleeze, his word, not mine, going back decades. >> trump bankrolled politicians to stream roll little guy, a pattern of sleeze going back decades. worse trump supports eminent domain today. >> do you support taking private property for private use? i'm for that. eminent domain. it is wonderful. we have to use power of eminent domain. >> trump used his power for personal gain. imagine what he would do if he were president. harris: slammed real estate
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mogul and bully as divisive as president obama. >> he bullies everybody. he pushes people around like we're all, you know, parts of his little domain. we're not. we're running for president of the united states. i'm only guy standing up to him. donald trump may not like the fact going after him. that is tough luck. he disparages people. harris: that is not all. monday on the campaign trail former president george w. bush will stump for his brother in south carolina for the first time this season, a state he won as a candidate back in 2000 and that is getting this reaction from donald trump. last night at a rally in louisiana, watch. >> he is bringing his brother in now. he tried the mother. which she is very nice lady i'm sure but tried the mother. that didn't work out so good. now he is bringing in his brother. we got in quicksand. i was against the war in iraq. we have to be given credit for vision. i was against the war in iraq because i said you will totally destablize the middle east. and that is exactly what happened. harris: all right. so let's unpack this in the
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order in which i showed it to you. we'll start with this ted cruz ad. if you drill down on the numbers ted cruz is pretty famous how data sent tiff his campaign is. probably not an accident they will hit him on certain things in his advertising. >> that is withering ad. he saw recognition in donald trump's eyes in the last debate that issue really bothered him personally. he didn't really have a satisfactory answer with regard to eminent domain. a lot of conservatives and americans are upset about notion of eminent domain, one person or one company can take your property for their own ice. for their own commercial use. atlantic city he wasn't building a bridge or hospital he talked about or the keystone pipeline but a parking lot for a luxury stretch lemm seens. so what we're seeing now is ted cruz and others coming a little bit late to the party in terms of bashing donald trump at this
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particular stage but this is going to be "american gladiators" meets "spartacus" in thunderdome. not everybody is coming out of this arena all over the place. harris: mel gibson. >> kirk douglas too. harris: go back and forth on idea of eminent domain. you have seen donald trump defend it. >> sure. harris: really what they're doing, they're hits him whether or not he is real conservative. club for growth who does some of these ads, that is the thing. ted cruz i mentioned numbers. there may be a reason why they're drilling down. they did it right before iowa, gillian. >> the other real interesting thing to look at here in south carolina is rubio and cruz. part of the cruz attacking donald trump is not so much about the his policy differences in particular differences with donald trump but trying to emerge victorious in this battle. he has a sideshow battle going on with marco rubio to avoid coming in forth place because i think rubio and cruz campaigns both realize that fourth place
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here might be death knell for either one of then. harris: andrea none of that ever matters it seems to core supporters of donald trump. there is that lot out there, undecideds. that is open game. that is what cruz and rubio are hoping to go for. you can run whatever ads you want, they tried it in iowa. still came in second. andrea: you look historically, i don't mean past elections, this candidate, donald trump is unlike every other candidate we've seen before. iowa, same ads, harsh ads millions of dollars spent attacking him in state with lot of evangelicals like south carolina. when you look at number, 53% of the supporters, harris, made their mind up in donald trump states like iowa and new hampshire one month before and didn't budge. he was able to garner some independents you talked about. these attacks don't work. if eminent domain is number unissue to folks in south carolina or nevada, perhaps. they haven't worked in this
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election before. i don't believe trump's supporters will jump ship. i think some people, undecideds, realize donald trump is not a pure conservative but on issues that matter to the party, really, some people, they have issues that matter to them, immigration, refugees, building a wall, all these things, those issues count. they see them as more important than say eminent domain. donald trump is their guy. so it doesn't matter he has more liberal positions on other things. astounding to watch. astounding to watch. but it is real. harris: real and probably going to be consistent if he decides then to do something else this we saw him do. so he see this is ad come out by ted cruz. he has a pretty mean one. he pulled it. why do that? you're a strategist, why pull it? >> why does donald trump pull it? harris: yeah. >> for all the reasons andrea points out. donald trump doesn't need to attack anybody more than he does. he does it snarky way. these guys are competing to be anti-trump.
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ted cruz was not competing to be anti-trump before now competing to be trump. you're so right. his core group of supporters is not budging. everybody is fighting for remainder. only way to donald trump if everybody but one gets out and donald trump versus the anti-trump. right now rest of them are sitting here dividing and conquering anti-trump support. if they keep doing it through florida and super tuesday and florida it will be too late to stop donald trump. so if excuse me, jeb bush, freudian slip, really wants to get donald trump out of the white house, out of the possibility of being republican stand bearer he should get out and throw his support, throw his support to either ted cruz or however they do it. none of them will. andrea is right, trump's people are not going anywhere. harris: bottom for trump at very least is 25%. that means 75% for everybody to fawn over, fight over. that is part of why they're not getting out. we've seen him even best that
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last couple caucuses and primaries obviously. i wanted to get this in, so did cruz for very different reason. i don't want to make a too big of a deal but vetting process can be tough. former pornography actress in ted cruz's, already apologized. she tweeted didn't understand why they pulled the ad. any way, moving on. >> circular firing squad with so-called anti-trump candidates going forward. the more it goes on more donald trump loves it, eats it up. we've seen -- harris: why does that work? >> because there is a face and belief system -- harris: everybody else he gangs up on punches in every direction and doesn't work? >> you can kill donald trump in debate, doesn't matter, will win debate on popular opinion. donald trump won debate. he didn't know about this. doesn't know the nuclear triad. move all the mexican aliens, doesn't have a plan. i love trump. i believe in trump.
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i'm sick of these politicians. i trust trump. don't trust these people. reason, logic, partisanship, conservative value, they don't mean a blessed thing. harris: mean less this time around as andrea points out. andrea: you have a white house allowing sailors to surrender. >> right. andrea: clearly order odd do something unprecedented in history. voters see that, they say this is bigger issue to us. our country is inhaving away. and republican party is worried about one, a pipeline, and attacking donald trump for not being a true conservative. that is not issue at hand. that is the wrong question to ask. people know he is not and they don't care because they see him as someone who can stand up for the country. peter, you're right, the longer they kill each other refuse to get out a lot of candidates are only helping him to ascend nomination. >> big dividends get paid out to whoever prevails anti-trump. whoever has the card, gets seat
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at table, get headlines, get coverage. we've seen multiple candidates go through the process. harris: by dividends you mean, cash, don't you? big donors are sitting back because you still have establishment candidates fighting over things. cruz who might not necessarily check that box. they're holding on to cash. by dividends you mean money. >> to peter's point you raise excellent point. what you have with trump going on democratic side in sanders. people understand they may not be getting anywhere, they love what they're hearing. they don't care how he gets there but they want to believe he will get there. harris: we talked about this yesterday. they like the manager in both those cases -- messenger. >> trump has get america rich quick plan and don't know how to counter it. >> sorry, there are big vision candidates. harris: last, last word. six months after president obama said isis was contained, his own cia director is now warning they have used chemical weapons and may try to export them here. is it a game-changer?
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♪ andrea: chilling warning about the growing strength of isis. cia director john brennan says the terror group used chemical weapons on the battlefield and may try to export them to the west. here is brennan talking to "60 minutes." >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> artillery shells? >> sure. >> isis has access to chemical artillery shells? >> there are reports that isis has access to chemical precursors munitions that they can use and. >> the capability of exporting those chemicals to the west? >> i think there is always the potential for that. this is why it is so important to cut off the various transportation routes and smuggling routes this has used.
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andrea: this comes as former cia chief david petraeus warns all hope of uniting syria may be lost after its nearly five-year civil war. he tells "the hill," it is by no means clear it can be put together again. in fact i tend to think not but we shall see. petraeus's dire forecast as secretary of state john kerry touts progress in syria, with peace talks in munich. world powers agreeing on temporary cessation of hostilities, but kerry says more work needs to be done to reach a lasting cease-fire. want to go to you first on this, peter. this is not groundbreaking news in the military community, the revelation of chemical weapons. this was reported by socom two years ago. first time someone so publicly in the administration concede this is very, very real threat. >> when i see mr. brennan and mr. kerry walking down those stairs i kind of get the willies, i get the shakes. i bet nauseated.
9:17 am
boy, we have a real problem here now. because they are usually wrong. i hope they're wrong on this. but the notion that there's, mustard weapons and other types of weapons to import and exportn syria and middle east. but in the hands of isis or isil or whatever you calling them today, that's really disturbing. it is something that we need to take really seriously. what are we doing about it? we know that the russians are eating our lunch in syria and there's no hope at this point for us getting the upper hand. harris: they're eating everybody's lunch. andrea: gillian, vladmir putin marching across europe and he is succeeding. syria can not be put back together. russians are winning. anyone that stands up to bashar al-assad gets killed and plowed down by the russians. they're not honoring any type of cease-fire. looks like it will be status quo
9:18 am
if putin gets his way and assad remains in power. can you speak to the threat of mustard gas, threat of small amount in bottom of a soda can on subway could cause grave harm to thousands of people. >> can kill thousands of people. it is who are risk. horrific as it is, news of the chemical weapons capability in their hands is not surprisings because they have the financial resources to do this. this is an organization that now has a savings account to the tune of somewhere half a billion dollars. it is not from goodwill donations. they have been very proficient at raising revenue. they do that by a whole host of illegal means from creating manufacturing fake passports to trafficking arms around the world to exporting oil and gas. so this is just another way for them to make money at the end of the day and they can afford to do it. andrea: harris why is it taking two years for brennan to speak out on this? this is not a brand new revelation. harris: have you read about the
9:19 am
government? if i sound a little angry this morning, i felt sick like you did. mine has turned into disgrace, disgust and almost a mind of defeat at the white house doesn't -- this is on their doorstep. so who had the chemical weapons? you remember the red line? who would be willing to sell some chemical weapons? oh bashar al-assad who this morning says he is undeterred by anything in the sees fire talks, he plans to take his quote, whole country back from rebel forces. how with you will you talk him about doing that? you're not. you're not. we didn't hold the red line. doesn't surprise me. they have money. they can buy whatever they want, these savages. put capability back together with the substance they can do anything we want. if we do anything about that, the question for the white house why did you do something about it in bashar al-assad's hands? what was the deal to keep you from doing that.
9:20 am
andrea: julie, no way to play revisionist history. red line was drawn. president did not cross it. republicans going into syria shooting down russian airplanes. reality putin is winning. propping up his long-time ally bashar al-assad. we should have seen this coming. they have been allies for decades in damascus. what do we do now? julie: let's unpack this. the predicate bashar al-assad is reprehensible human being. harris: i like that. julie: bashar al-assad taking syria back would be taking it back from isis. you have got on one hand these horrible savages, isis who would use chemical weapons. bashar al-assad used chemical weapons on his own people. going back to his father's generation. so the question here is, who are the good guys here? the answer, there are no good guys. harris: right. julie: obama was crazy to make that red line comment. but had, let's say he would enforced it. say he would have started bombing the heck out of syria and let's say he would have deposed bashar al-assad. i'm not convinced what would
9:21 am
have come afterwards. and -- andrea: on libya. julie: everybody here knows i'm not a vladmir putin fan by any stretch of the imagination. i think he is grave threat to the world and our national security because of everybody he isp proking up but in this case, i can't tell you that he is wrong to be propping up assad who is mass murderer, genocidal freak, because the alternative i'm not convinced is any bertha. is difficult and tragedy we're seeing day, definitely worse now than it would have been year-and-a-half or two years ago. julie: i don't know. harris: so many more people could die. >> president said they solved the chemical weapons problem. obviously -- >> four million people displaced. andrea: i agree with you julie roginsky. >> thank you. andrea: full-throated endorsement. happy friday. hillary clinton stepping up attacks against bernie sanders, going after him hard on debate
9:22 am
stage in milwaukee. aligning herself with president obama. will this new strategy work? and last batch of hillary's emails ordered releases 12 hours before voters hit the polls on super tuesday. could that hurt her on the most important day of the primary season? season? we'll dedate.burn! -- debate. try alka-seltzer hearn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ harris: oh the drama. democratic debate got pretty heated in milwaukee. hillary clinton came out swinging against bernie sanders after he trounced her in the new hampshire primary. i love that word trounce. the former secretary of state challenged him you how he plans to pay for his policy plans criticizing him as single issue candidate and calling out things he said about president obama. here it is. >> judy, i think that the best analysis that i have seen based on senator sanders's plans it would probably increase the size
9:27 am
of the federal government by about 40%. the numbers don't add up. and many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. should not make promises we can't keep. i voted for comments sieve immigration reform in 2007. senator sanders voted bense it at that time. journalists ask who you listen to on foreign policy, we have yet to know who it is. >> it ain't henry kissinger, that's for sure. >> that's fine. today senator sanders president obama failed presidential leadership test. this is not the sir time he criticized president obama in the past. he called him weak. called him disappointment. [applause] the kind of criticism we heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. that is -- harris: julie roginsky. a little verbal violence. >> that was dem on dem verbal violence.
9:28 am
i said this earlier. like you have the aspiration versus perspiration. aspirational candidate no way to back up -- harris: which one? julie: bernie sanders. he galvanized democratic base, inspired them but no way to back up rhetoric with any substance. you have hillary, this poor woman done her homework, sitting there late at night cramming test but knows all the facts but can not inspire the democratic base. harris: she is the perspiration? julie: she put in effort and sweat and toil. not saying perspiration in gross way. she put in sweat and toil. he is coming, yeah, we'll -- much like i said about donald trump. we'll make america great again, democratic version with nothing to really back it up. she is sitting there ripping her out, tell me how, tell me how. he is saying trust me. we'll take care of it. audiences are cheering. harris: i read it completely different, andrea. she was relieved the fbi confirmed investigation into your email server.
9:29 am
he could have ticked off several things. he didn't go there. i think she was not perspiring. this is sweat of happiness. andrea: this is secret deodorant ad. did i put it on this morning? yes i do. whew. it is kind of unbelievable at that bernie sanders took that issue off the table so early on. julie will tell you, said it many times, democratic voters don't care their candidate is under investigation by the fbi which i think speaks to your party. and who they're willing to nominate but that is different issue. i don't think this is going to work for hillary clinton, i really don't. it is same thing as republican side. you have someone defending an establishment that the left-wing, the base of the left-wing, core voters, passionate voters feel has failed them. bernie sanders is speaking to that movement the same way donald trump is. so she just looks like a relic, more part of an administration that failed key demographics. harris: peter, gillian, before i get to you there, she said obama how many times.
9:30 am
you couldn't have a drinking game because you had to come to work today. watch. >> why i am a staunch supporter of president obama's principle come maischment, namely the affordable care act. because i know how hard it was to get that done. we are seeing the dark side of the remaining systemic racism that we have to root out in our society. i think president obama has set a great example. from my perspective maybe because i understand what president obama inherited, not only the worst financial crisis but antipathy of republicans in congress, i don't think he gets credit he deserves. harris: yes? >> full-throated, brazen appeal to the african-american base of the democrat party. she said i'm going political. i'm going local here. i don't care about all this or the nonsense. i want to build this firewall that allegedly exists. i want to shore up the african-american votes for
9:31 am
hillary clinton. especially when i see al sharpton sitting down at sylvia's in harlem with bernie sanders. that is her nightmare. that al sharpton says, take care, hillary. good to see you. i'm done. that's a possibility. >> i think she is smart though to be close to president obama, one, as julie mentioned he still nationwide popular with democrats. number two, she is hoping some of his big vision nary hope and change style stuff from his own campaign cycle will rub off on her. she is not good being visionary candidate. she is good putting forth issue by issue. sanders is democrat with big vision speakingrenewed and changed america. i think that is what she is hoping to rub off. andrea: new car smell. >> exactly. andrea: maybe watches him to potentially pardon him down the road? >> be careful. andrea: talking about a woman
9:32 am
perspiring. >> i hope gloria steinem is not saying i think it is for the boys but i do think this. andrea: women don't percent spire. about perspire. >> this is nectar of the gods. andrea: potential trouble for hillary clinton over emails. the judge ordering the state department to make four additional releases of her messages between tomorrow and end of february, with all remaining documents out by end of the month. that is hours before voters cast ballots on super tuesday. meantime president obama's former defense intelligence director is calling for hillary to drop out of the race. to clear the way for the fbi's email probe. lt. general michael flynn, in an unprecedented interview, his comments in the daily caller, quote. someone who does this is completely irresponsible but totally unaccountable show as streak of arrogance to the american public unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for president of the united states.
9:33 am
peter, this is stunning revelation. >> stunning revelation. these things will drip out say this is top secret, confidential, this one is wrong. you know it's crazy. the problem i have i don't think that it is up to anyone in america to say to another person, you can't run. the voters will decide whether they want her. they don't want her at this point in these particular states. but she has a serious problem and it is bleeding into the sanders vote. this integrity an trustworthiness issue with each email. people don't say well, i'm not affected by emails. they are affected by these emails. they are affected by the notion that you can be arrogant enough to say i will set up my home home brewed server. i will not pay attention to any protocols and send secret stuff around on blackberry. that does bother people. andrea: can i get your legal analysis before we open up on the couch? >> yes. andrea: judge napolitano revelation her staffers were in
9:34 am
on this. changing her email, using aliases. should they be indicted too? >> there is some issue that aparen't -- apparently the fbi is looking at reports, we don't know that to be true, taking designation whether things were confidential or secret or top secret. yeah, that is a crime. if someone did that that is in fact a crime. we don't know whether that occur. that is another area of vulnerability along with others. andrea: julie, i'm sorry, moving that information, sap high classified information from a private government server to an open architecture server, that is a federal felony. 10 years in prison. clear as day. julie: see what the investigation turns you up. i agree nobody should say you shouldn't run for something. see what happens. either fbi recommends an indictment or comes back say no indictment recommended. bottom line. it will happen in the next several months. let's see what transpires.
9:35 am
andrea: gillian you worked in national security for years. talk about how dangerous, not just to mention potentially illegal what hillary clinton is doing. what do you make of these new emails, these revelations her staff was complicit in all of this? everyone seemed to know about the server. >> there will always be a circle of complicity around this issue because she can't operate in a vacuum. she has to communicate with people and has to communicate with people electronically at certain point. not doing it on classified system. doing it on unclassified system. this is something i've been pointing out to people probably a year. there were bound to be these types of violations where classified information is mishandled. that is indeed the case. reality i don't think latest dump, four dumps that will happen between now and end the month will hurt her. they haven't hurt her with democrats so far. what else is going to come out that will possibly be worse than what we've already seen? andrea: only thing fbi recommending charges if they do. harris: we don't know what they have.
9:36 am
complicity argument you made is really delicious one because speaks to what ig, inspector general at state said. there is no way state could not have known about the classifications and all of this within the emails because they let her circumvent the sim from the get-go. not like she had a dot-gov and changed. she had personal from the beginning. andrea: we'll see. they're all covering for her it seems. >> accused of turning a blind eye when victims were victimized time and time again. lawsuit hitting top sports powers a claim by six women that school officials looked other way when football players committed sexual assaults and rapes. what we're learning now. how widespread the problem may be across the country. >> if they're covering up rapes, then it is not safe for us here. that is unfair to us. ♪ this is the night... ♪ the night for love. ♪ woah oh oh...
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♪ harris: bombshell of alawsuit hitting one college sports biggest institution. six women filed a federal lawsuit against the university of tennessee alleging that the school violated title ix and other laws because of quote, deliberate indifference towards sexual assault by athletes, most of them football players. five athletes and six students are accused of assaults. which claims the school, chancellor, athletic director and football coach knew about previous sexual assaults an rapes but turned a blind eye and protected lay players. it alleged that tennessee football players attack ad teammate after he helped a woman who claimed she had been raped by one of the players. first i want to ask you peter about the strength of this case? >> it is a really disturbing set of allegations. if the allegations are true, it may change college sports in this country. what they're alleging there were
9:42 am
a series of attacks. these are individual plaintiffs who say they were victims, women. what they're also saying is, there is a culture at this university, before and after an attack that a, encourages such attacks, allows it, condones it. when the attacks are reported, works overtime to insure that the players are exonerated. there is for example, administrative system in that state university system. the chancellor of the university appoints the hearing officer. harris: right. >> player appointed, his own attorney as a result. so victims are saying not getting a fair shake. it's wrong. it violates federal law. and if there are allegations are true, they will be paid a lot of money this case. harris: the way i understand this though, is that typically that would be seen as two different cases. a, you were a victim bit individual, and b, you were victim by a system. why do you think they put this together? does it speak to maybe, i don't
9:43 am
know, but if you were going after more of a class like thing that they're doing with the second part, that mean that the first case is not as strong? >> no, absolutely. they're pointing to inherent knowledge individuals had of certain players involved in these attacks in not preventing it. sounds like a mess. harris: andrea? andrea: this issue is so complex. peter i want to lean on you for your expertise. >> sure. andrea: we've seen cases of athletic privilege and cover-up before with penn state, atrocious, atrocious crimes against humanity at penn state covered up. other places where athletic privilege ruled universities like mizzou. power and privilege of the student athlete. you see college rapes, this problem seems to be everywhere. then you have allegations of it not being true. duke lacrosse. i think public is going, what is true what's different? what's not? every case is unique the you
9:44 am
have martha maccallum who did amazing report for the fox news channel how the administration is pushing schools to prosecute these boys and if they don't, then they're going to withhold their federal monies. so you have, it is just a such murky complex issue. can you make some sense with this case? >> allegations are allegations. there have been people falsely accused and been tarred and feathered as a result of the allegations of one person. that is wrong. andrea: uva. >> that is why we have the lawsuit, that is why we have discussion. this is issue, power of state universities or private, with regard to money they make from the huge sports programs. are they putting rights of players over rights of women at these universities? we don't know the specific facts in this particular case. but we will know and there will be a jury that will determine who's right and who's wrong. julie: you're absolutely right. i tend to lean on the fact
9:45 am
you're innocent until proven guilty. when jury determines facts whether you're guilty or not. having said that, no question if you're an athlete that makes a ton of money for the university, you get special treatment. i'm not saying it happened in this case. there is culture separately where universities bent over backwards to have special privileges and special favors for their moneymaker athletes. that is wrong, i don't know if this is part of it, but something i think would probably come into play in this case. >> it will play in this case. harris: julie, forgive me. we'll come back to you. we're used to have candidates debate on the stage but what happens when a friend battles you online? what is the fallout when campaign battles hit close to home?
9:46 am
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon? >> hi, andrea. donald trump fresh off a big win in new hampshire of course. he is going on offense against ted cruz now as the campaign shifts into high gear ahead in south carolina. new questions whether mr. trump can actually get republican nomination. a fair and balanced debate on that ahead. plus doug schoen on possible entry of former new york city
9:50 am
mayor michael bloomberg into the race for the white house. reports he is itching to run. but does it make sense? could he actually win? dow ending week on high note after brutal selloff all week. the investors lifting selloff by 200 points. we'll keep an eye on it. "happening now." andrea: thanks, jon. >> thank you. >> 2016 elections already proving to be divisive, really different viiv sis but could it affect your social life too? according to pew research center, during the last primary 18% social network users defriended blocked or hid friends online because of their political posts. the challenges become even greater if you're dating or have a spouse who has opposing political views. so, andrea, can you date across political lines? andrea: no. no i is conservative.
9:51 am
yeah. julie: never dated liberal? andrea: let me think about it. no. julie: wow. >> is it possible -- my wife and i agree on most things. some things question disagree. don't get worked up. andrea: i was mary matalin's intern. i had privilege of watching her and james carville spar on daily basis. it seems to work for them. >> made money. andrea: was passionate, sparks. it is not right for me. he is idealogically right in line with me. we have plenty of passion and fireworks otherwise. >> i worked in the bush administration. obama administration. two of my best friends in the world come from either side. i think if i manage that we can have a brink date for someone with political view. andrea: could you marry him? >> sure. we're looking at this wrong way.
9:52 am
we're asking how election cycle affects us american voters. you know what? you went less divided congress and less politicized american political system? guess what? it starts at home. figure out how to work with other people on the other side of the aisle in your personal life, maybe that extends to political leaders. harris: i like that a lot. i'm all about the peace. i think that's right. >> what kind of friend will block you? is that good friend? julie: tragedy of my dating life? 90% of the people that i have dated are conservatives. last guy i dated was a huge donor to jeb bush. by way, way to flush down your money. all i do is dates conservatives. like sickness. like illness that i have. i don't understand where it is coming from. andrea: they're wiser, julie julie: glutton for punishment. andrea: someone for me with shared ideology and shared goals. what do you believe?
9:53 am
do you believe in certain things about the united states of america? yes. >> relates to family and -- andrea: for me peace is not as important. it is affecting change. >> what if you both want great, bright, future for the united states and you're both coming at that from different angles. andrea: that is your prerogative. everyone is different. that is what makes the country great. julie: andrea, i will find you hottest liberal. andrea: i don't need one. didn't i drop the news? i'm taken. >> love is in the air. love is in the air. valentine's day is almost here and stakes are surprisingly high. how much most americans, most of lovin' feeling. just how many women say forgetting the holiday is a real deal-breaker. not a maker. harris: i like that cupid. ♪ diabetes, steady is exciting.
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9:58 am
wallet hub, said 58% of women would break up with the significant other if they got nothing. okay, julie, i go to you. we're going to find you a conservative man. julie: got one, go ahead. andrea: i got a conservative one. julie: what did i say? they're all conservative. andrea: if he didn't get you anything -- julie: double date. andrea: then what? three conservatives and liberal would be "outnumbered." julie: feel likes right at home. what would happen if somebody didn't give me something for valentines? i don't care. valentines is totally manufactured hallmark card. i need every day. harris: amen, sister. andrea: harris with amane. harris: we're married 13 years in april. we don't normally do anything on that particular day other than our anniversary day. >> think about you will at diamond earings. harris: who said i don't? doesn't matter which day you get them. andrea: peter johnson, jr., talk about valentines' day in the johnson household? knife the best gift all year.
9:59 am
my wife. so i have to give gifts for my wife, mother and two girls. that's a great holiday. i like getting cards. card is nice. not too much. by a card for three, four, five bucks. andrea: card is written word. harris: how long have you been married? >> 23 years now. fantastic. harris: should listen to him. >> no, it is wonderful. it is a great, you know, buy a little gift. gift is okay. andrea: what do you think? >> $500 for a gift? crazy. andrea: appreciate flowers. >> if you have to get diamond earings i will take them. to me not really -- i'm with harris, doesn't matter. andrea: dating liberal, gillian. give all the money to bernie sanders he will be broke. >> he is foreigner. harris: like the love match show right here. andrea: "true confessions." gillian turner. >> valentine's day with some wonderful women. harris: oh. i love that.
10:00 am
>> valentine's day to all of you. andrea: thank you peter. happy valentine's day to everyone out there. do you feel our love? i hope so. back on tv noon eastern on monday. "happening now," starts right now.


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