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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> valentine's day to all of you. andrea: thank you peter. happy valentine's day to everyone out there. do you feel our love? i hope so. back on tv noon eastern on monday. "happening now," starts right now. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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early as april and where senator sanders has been be in the fall. they have established a long ground game and sort of taking what they have done and putting that in practice. >> she can explain that by saying that bernie sanders was a favorite son. nevada is a long way from vermont. the question is, you know, will that ground game that you talked about. will that help her? she basically has to win and win big in nevada, doesn't she? >> certainly, that was sort of the conventional and political wisdom said that secretary
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clinton would do well here. we do have a diverse population and in termses of 2008, we saw 65 percent of the voters that turned out white. and 15 percent latino and see certainly and both secretary clinton and sanders have hoped to secure their vote. >> she referenced wisconsin and sounded like she was speaking to union members in nevada when she said this. >> here in wisconsin, i want to reiterate we have to stand up for unions and working people. we have done it before. america's middle-class and who are being attacked by idea ing onus and have governors like scott walker trying to rip out
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the heart of the middle-class by making it harder to stand up for better wages and conditions. >> how is that working for her in nevada. >> the union vote that she and senator sanders went after in the state. they held court with the culinary union which is our largest union here in nevada. 57000 members and they have chosen to stay out. and they will not endorse either secretary clinton or sanders. sort of a huge both of that obama saw in 2008, neither will be getting. they have other union support here. sanders got endorsement of the electrical worker's union and secretary clinton has a lot of union support. secretary of labor met with union workers and so that is a key that they are trying to win in nevada.
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>> hillary clinton beat bark bookkeeper obama in 2008. >> she won the popular vote and he got the delegate count. >> but she was channel her inner barak obama. and she mentioned him in the debate 30 times last night. is he popular there. and could she win the support of the nevada democratic electorate and what about harry reid. >> that's what she is hoping to do. and harry reid is, like the culinary union sitting this one out and hasn't taken a stance on either candidate. and again last night she channel president obama and lead back to his policy. if you like what he did, you will like what i do, to. whether that works for her remains to be sewn. >> thank you.
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jon. and a meeting about a temporary ceasefire. details on that coming up. >> and a sheet of ice stopping a community and it is not about a snow storm. we'll see what that is when we come back.
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>> right now, a massive water main break in scanton, pennsylvania. sending ice cold water rush nothing the streets. workers were able to fix it but not before the water was all over the road. the water damaged heating systems on one of the coldest nights of the year. a faulty value of might be to blame. >> after getting trounced in new hampshire, hillary clinton
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needed a pick me up. the dnc is helping the former secretary of state by adding debates to their schedule. here to talk about this is media buzz. i noticed they had added all of the debates, how did this happen? >> it is no surprise that hillary clinton treated the debates as a nuisance and now in trouble wants more. and it is stunning the way dnc. debbie waszer man shutz put only six. and now she wants more and the dnc rolls over and adds four more. and the >> debbie waszerman- shutz.
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said that is ri deckulous. but what about the one last night about with the democrats. the candidates were hammering one another. you notice the moderators did not ask about the e-mail server or investigation in the clinton foundation. source big new's stories and didn't ask bernie sanderses how he would pay for the stuff. what gives with the moderators? >> it was a civilized and policy and very pbs. >> what is not high-minded. >> i think they asked good about the size of government and race relations, there is no reason why the e-mails couldn't be added. and that very day. it would have added new element that the state department had
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subpened information from the clinton foundation about projects that needed approval. >> you have a big show this weekend. who do you have? >> we have to talk about the way in which bernie sanders and donald trump won big despite the media mocking them. and south carolina, how ugly it is getting and the role in the abc presidential debate and talking about new hampshire and the culture. >> thank you so much. we'll watch the show. jon? >> there might be a glimmer of hope for syria after five years of civil war. diplomats says say ceasefire could come next week. emotional reunion for the american hostages 35 years after
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>> finally some hope in syria's long and deadly civil war with. world powers moving close tore a temporary sees fire and paving the way for humanitarian aid for people who need it. live for us in london for
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details. and this is a temporary cease four and not a longer one. >> talks went on late in the night and neither side got what they wanted. the so- called truce will last a now months and starting next week. it will not start the islamic state from fighting and will not stop russia from bombing. the syria government backed heavy lowboy russia are are closing in on aleppo. and this is a exodus of 50,000 refugees out in the border with turkey. and if they cut off that city 300000 will follow. secretary kerry sounded cautious. >> our work today proused commitments on paper, i want to restate the real test is clearly
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whether or not all of the parties honored those commitments and implemented them in reality. >> reporter: excluding russian attacks from the cease four is absurd and russia killed more civilians in syria than iowa sis and syria together. there is a regime policy surround and starve. and that is the only glimmer of hope. president assad would will fight for the whole country and not stop fighting terrorist. little hope of any progress in the near future. >> it is not a sees four. just a kind of except russia will keep bombing. >> thank you. last weekend tens of millions of americans came together to experience a ritual of our nation, the super bowl.
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there is special visitors that came to watch the game. we anyhow them as iranian hostages. west point was the first stop on the way home. now the hostages and families return and recall the taste of freedom after 35 years ago. >> the year was 1979. ♪ the son my sheronna roached top of the charts and stayed there six weeks. and nation's attention and fear is on third mile island and reactor number two had a partial nightmare. >> it was about the worst thing. >> horr foyed americans learned of killer clown.
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john wayne gaysy. who murdered 33 young men and boy over a ghastly six year spree. and on november 4th. a mob of angry iranians as students overran the u.s. embassy and took 66 american hostages and for most captivity would stretch over the year and forever changing the u.s./iranian relations. >> more than 60 american citizens are held as hostages in an attempt to force unacceptable demands on your country. after releasing the women and african-american they kept men tied up and in freezing cells and threats of execution was common. >> the iranians were dibollical. >> don cobbing was just 24 when
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the ordeal began and remembers the blind folds and threats of execution and near total information blackout. they had no idea their nation was rallying behind them and a rescue attempt went horribly wrong. two aircraft collided and killed an iranian civilian. they wanted the the sha h to face justice but he died six months in the the crisis. and finally after a year in captivity cook saw signs that the freedom might be coming but the iranians refused to tip their hand. >> we are going to release some hostages and do interviews and decide who we will release and not release. cook and the other hostages didn't know it. their ordeal figured in the
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presidential election and saw ronald reagan defeat jimmy carter. >> they had us set to go. pack up you are ready to go and we will leave tonight and no way you can slope when the night you are told you are going to be released and so there was a conscious decision and final slap to president carter to hold out until ronald reagan finished taking the oval office. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> and just hours after the president reagan's inaugural address and the 4 and 44 days later they boarded jets to come home. president reagan wanted them brought to the u.s. military academy in west point and held in high regard for historical
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significance. and the idea was to have an opportunity outside of the glare of the camera to meet up with family members. they road buses for the short trip to west point. >> one of the things that the iranians would tell us, that this was a big deal in the united states, and we were not sure andus embassy overseas no one cares. >> they thought they were forgotten until the bus roadway where the impact their captivity had on the nation was on full displays. >> americanses with signs welcome back and yello ribbons and waving and they just for the opportunity in january in this part of the country to come out and see the bus go by and wave to us. wow, that made an impreg. >> their arrival coin soyeded
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with the super bowl. that year in new orleans in a super dome bedecked with a giant yellow ribbon. the raiders took on the eagles. most of the freed hostages watched the game with their families, except for don who had pressing business. >> i found out that we were going to go from andrews air force base and to the white house. i think i was out buying's suit when the super bowl was running. >> it must have been back amazing breathing american air and food. >> it is a marvelous hotel and tremendous rue of the river. >> do you credit ronald reagan for the release? >> no doubt. >> the former hostages saw the president cut down, nearly
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killed by the the bullets of a mentally disturbed john inchingly junior and now they were forced to contemn plate the nor murder of a man who helped to make their freedom a reality. >> the president of the united states. >> reagan of course, went to west .2 months later to speak to the the graduating class of 1981. >> nancy and i consider it a great pleasure to be here to congratulate you who successfully completed education and training in the united states military academy. >> don cook returned to the stat department and tried to spread american freedom from around the world. freedom stole ep from him for 444 days. he wears the state department val our medal akarded --
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awarded. >> he goes to west point and reunight at former hostages and their family. they gathered and 35 years later, don cook got to see the game. >> you know, the hostages were taken when i was a senior in college and my first reporting job in known 80. i remember all of those events and doing the research and realizing president reg aphad just taken office and super bowl 15 and he was shot in an assassination attempt. >> there were yellow robberions around all of thetros in our hometown. and what struck me, about your pose, they had no idea how much this nation cared. it didn't matter who you were, you cared. >> the the information blackout
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was almost complete and allowed to read the sports pages and they had no idea how much they were cared about. >> and the similarities, with our embassy and can the stuff with iowa ran today. thank you. shifting gores here. michael bloomberg is now taking a closer look for running for president of the united states. what could make him enter the race and how can he impact the campaign season. one more, wow. back on her fee. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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[martha and mildred are good to. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. >> we are now waiting to see whether or not another new york billionaire will throw another monkey wrench in the presidential race of sorts. former new york city mayor michael bloom blom commissioning a second national poll to gauge
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his chances of a run are for the white house. bloomberg already said he may spend a billion of his own fortune on the campaign. the chair of the republican party that he's not too worried about it. >> how he gets to 270 votes, i would love to see how that will work and if he did fairly well in that regard. and it is. that is a feeling of being republican. >> >> and a former advisor. and that is polling going on right now. what are are they finding in your background? >> the mayor is going through a process to ascertain whether he is enter the race and made it
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clear he is deeply dissatisfied with not only what is happening in america but going on in this campaign and the mayor is a partner with ideological extremism and he will assess whether he can make a contribution. >> whatetermine that. >> mike bloomberg is a practical man. he would be in this to win. and he said that he has no desire to run and not be competitive. and if he feels he can win the election he will give it source consideration. >> he is known for nanny state and sugary drinks and salt and antigun. what would his pitch be. >> he is a fiscal conservative and lower taxes and economic growth. but more generally, end the
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polarization and division of what we have seen in a fist california and social progressive. there is a broad range of the american electorate that would be acceptable to that. >> and he has to make the decision quickly in the next now weeks. and he would have to run the national campaign and get on the ballot and ascertain whether he thinks he can be a serious and winning candidate. >> rnc a lot hurdles and logistics and getting on the ballot. how do you do that? >> it is difficult and laborious and expensive. i am confident if he decides run, he can get on the ballot and look the at ross perot and the answer is by john of 1992, last time an independent ran ross perot had over 300
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electoral votes. >> i was struck woi the numbers. and the number of independents in 2012, 29 percent of the electorate. 27 percent and today 39 and 42 percent today. >> that would be one of the reasons that mayor bloomberg would give it consideration. there are more independents and moderates now. we have an electorate that is not polarized as in the primary. but in the wall street journal a new silent majority that wants centerist politics. >> thank you. >> he's worked with all of these guys. we'll talk to us. >> first here. >> thanks. >> and jon? >> pope francis is about to land in mexico. doug doesn't work for him.
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and a 'll we'll have a live report on the pontiff's historic week.
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ben carson says he's staying in the race. if he doesn't make
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watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting z. coming up on the real story, he's back on the campaign trail. can dr. ben carson get traction in south carolina? he's going to be here live to tell me how he does it. one powerful political group has taken aim at trump. and how to go from scary world to an american presidential campaign center piece. why do young voters seem to love it so much? don't miss the debate at the top of the hour. >> fox news alert. pope francis scheduled to land shortly in cuba.
10:55 am
he then goes on to mexico for a six day trip to the world's second largest catholic country. live in miami with a look at all that. >> it's hard to over state the importance from a religious level of what we're about to see here in cuba. it's basically the end or the start of the end of a thousand year feud between the eastern and western branches of christianity. in just a short time we're going to see the meeting between the pope and the patriary tree ark. t they've been feuding ever since. the reason they're coming together now in havana is because they share a concern. a concern about the faith of christians in the mideast. >> hopefully, it brings attention to the situation of christians in the middle east.
10:56 am
>> russian orthodox church has had a close relationship with the government. many critics say simply too close for the russian government. there are widespread thoughts this meets as we see the patriarch coming down now. it's between russia and the west. russian denying any political message here. they say this is try to go end a thousand year-old feud between the two religious leaders and trying to help out christians in the mideast, john. >> steef, thank you. back with more in a moment. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save.
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thanks everyone for joining us today. >> we'll see you here soon, i hope. >> come back any time. >> the real story with gretchen
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carlson starts now. >> bye bye. >>. >> hi everyone. will south carolina be the make or break for the republican presidential candidates? the state has a good track record of the nominee. that's one reason they're pushing hard for tomorrow night's big debate. hi everyone. happy friday. this is the real story. as you can imagine, republicans chris crossing the state today. this is a live look at what's going on at the family leadership forum. multiple candidates including jeb bush and ben carson speaking there today. others hoping to win voters hearts with food. ohio governor greeting supporters at a popular barbecue joint. john gave up the food. >> gretchen, good afternoon. it certainly is


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