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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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carlson starts now. >> bye bye. >>. >> hi everyone. will south carolina be the make or break for the republican presidential candidates? the state has a good track record of the nominee. that's one reason they're pushing hard for tomorrow night's big debate. hi everyone. happy friday. this is the real story. as you can imagine, republicans chris crossing the state today. this is a live look at what's going on at the family leadership forum. multiple candidates including jeb bush and ben carson speaking there today. others hoping to win voters hearts with food. ohio governor greeting supporters at a popular barbecue joint. john gave up the food. >> gretchen, good afternoon. it certainly is demine.
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a little bit more of general till language here today. by and large the south carolina race has come down to a four way slug fest between donald trump, ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. he's focussing most of his fire on jeb bush and george w. bush monday. he felt the need to launch a preempt to restrike. listen to this. >> especially getting us in that quick sand. we got in quick sand. i was against the war in iraq. we have to be given credit for vision. i was against the war in iraq. i think it's going to totally destabilize the middle east. >> most of the attacks is against donald trump and focussed around his conservative credentials and his language on the stage. in fact, marco rubio said he couldn't explain to his 7-year-old what it was, the trump word used the other day.
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gretchen. >> we've all been there. not everyone on the attack wagon, right. >> no, they're not. john kasich and ben carson have avoided all that. a few minutes ago i asked ben carson why he's not joining the fray. >> i actually believe people in south carolina like people across the country eventually will start saying you know what, this is way too important in the election for us to be concerned with circus antics. the cruise campaign forced to take down an attack add against marco rubio. the actress who appears in it was an adult film star. not exactly in keeping but with the sort of payments that the cruz campaign is trying to portray here particularly.
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>> right. we have dr. ben carson coming up in a few moments. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. this time it took place the wisconsin. the stakes were high after just days bernie sanders left new hampshire with a decisive victory over the former secreta secretary of state. mike, what are the candidates up to today? >> well, gretchen, it's back on the campaign trail. hillary clinton left milwaukee on her way to a town hall. a super pact supporting, clinton has incrested $5 million in south caroli cheryl kisouth carolina. as far bernie sanders, he's doing a black america form in minneapolis and he too will be
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at the dinner featuring the democratic presidential candidates. we are seeing from both campaigns more outreach from the african american communities. gretchen. >> okay. what were some of the hottest moments from last night? >> it was interesting senator bernie sanders has been selling this idea for medicare as a way to cover all americans with health care. hillary clinton has continued her attacks he's essentially making promises that cannot be delivered. >> senator told a questioner that the questioner would spend about $500 in taxes to get about $5,000 in health care. every progressive economist who has onlized that says that the numbers don't add up. that's a promise that can't be kept. >> what i said and let me repeat it. the family right in the middle
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of the economy would pay $500 more in taxes and get a reduction in their health care cost of $5,000. >> clinton continues to attack saying sander's ideas are too radical to get through the united states congress and too expensive to be done. gretchen. >> thank you. dr. ben carson says he can still win the republican nomination and the presidency despite weak finishes in the first contest in the 2016 race. right now, he's sitting in the middle of the pack. 7.8% according to the real clear politics average of the national poll. when matched up against hillary clinton, he's within the mar general of error down one point. joining me live republican presidential candidate ben carson. it must be uplifting to see how
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you do up against hillary clinton. >> it will be a lot better than that shortly. people base that on how you're doing in their general polling and that's going to begin to go upstarting here in south carolina. >> why? >> because i'm going to be able to resinate with the people here. the message and code of conduct and values i have resinate strongly with the people in south carolina and the receptions we are getting are very, very y a matter of gettin in front of enough people to negate the negative image many in the media have tried to portray. >> what has been the negative media imimage for you? >> you may remember a few months ago they were saying all the things in my autobiography was
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false and the west point story, the yale psychology story. each one of those was discovered not to be false but did anybody come back and do a story on that? >> of course not. it's a matter of trying to tarnish one's reputation. >> it will be so important for you in the debate tomorrow night to be able to speak to the nation, of course, but to the voters in south carolina. what are you going to focus on? >> i'm going to focus on the fact as a nation right now we have to make a critical stigs. we're going to go one direction or the other. either a nation that is formed by the people who believes our rights come from god or a nation that is up formed by the government who believes that the government is supreme in our lives. i'm going to really be making that case for people. also the case that we deserve a government that we can trust. nobody trusts the government anymore. there's no integrity anymore. we settle for dirty tricks and
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if we accept that, of course, that's what we're going to get. >> let me ask you something about the veterans in south carolina. as we spoke on the program yesterday, they make up a big part of the population. i know you wanted to make clear that you do have a veteran's plan. what is it? >> i think first of all recognize our country has been in conflict so we wouldn't be a free country without your military and veterans. i think what we should do when someone is accepted into the military, we also pair them with an external support system that follows them throughout their entire career and stays with them three to five years afterwards and begins working on their reintegration into society a year before they're discharged. they have a medical empowerment
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account like a savings account with no bureaucrats which allows them to go to any health care facility they want to go to and it's subsidized. >> you're such a nice guy and we've been talking about negative adds. donald trump cut you off with a lot of your story, your bigraphical story. i'm wondering if you have any intention of going negative against the remaining candidates at all. >> i certainly always defend myself. i think the problems facing us as a nation are so severe that we really shouldn't be die virtualing our attention off to personal attacks. i think that's a complete waste of time. that's the way politics is done traditionally. politics of destruction.
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we need to adopt a new model if we plan to take a new direction. >> all right. dr. ben carson, we'll be watching tomorrow night on the debate. thank you, sir. >> okay. thanks. >> mr. republican presidential candidate, still a long one. seven hopefuls for the nomination. is the size of the field impacting ability to gain traction? larry weighs in on how to current field is shaping the 2016 race. and a man armed with a knife goes on a bloody wam rampage. how the ordeal came to an end. >> he came in and started beating up on a man and i thought it was a personal thing and he just started down the row hitting everybody with something. i don't know. there were people bleeding. . . it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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police shoot and when they pulled the man over he came out with a ma chetti in one hand and a knife in the other. there's nothing to indicate it's anything other than a random attack. columbus, ohio. donald trump maintains a commanding lead after the first two contest. it could be a tough road ahead for the rest of the field. some analyst say support for trump the so strong and he has such a big personality there's little room for the others to advance. lar larry, director of politics at the university of virginia has a
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crystal ball out for us today. larry, great to have you back. >> thank you so much. he has such a lead the other and datds sit down in a second tier. >> gretchen, as long as you have that many anti trump candidates, yeah, they'll divide up the remaining whatever it is, two-thirds of the vote or maybe 60%. a lot probably wouldn't go to trump if their favorite candidate wouldn't drop out. at some point they run out of money and hope. their donors run out of hope if not money. i think it's going to consolidate. i couldn't tell you when. it could be too late to stop
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trump. might be in time to stop trump and then, of course, you have the debate in the republican party about whether they have trump or cruz, which one they had rather have. we'll leave that for another day. >> let's look at your top tier, how you're pretty much putting the candidates out there right now. you have trump number one, cruz, rubio, kasich, bush. explain. >> these candidates have been dropping like flies. essentially what you got there are people who either can be funded for a long time or who have done well in at least one of the two contests so far and have some reason they believe they can go further under the
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right set of circumstances. remember what we're facing. once we get to march an incredible number of primary caucuses are going to be held. it's going to be difficult to keep up with the results much less assess them. >> i know. i just interviewed dr. ben carson. if he's still got his ear piece in, he's not liking what you're saying. hillary struggling to stabilize her campaign. your primary schedule may be stacked against her. how so? >> she got two of the contest where she was likely to do least well. iowa and new hampshire right in the beginning. those are the breaks. she has so many advantages in her favor. some of them created by her over the years and others created for her by the drem cat rancic
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establishment to get her the nominee. >> we'll see how it all pans out. >> looking forward to it. >> thanks gretchen. >> new hampshire primary goes to a real-estate mogul. and we are on the verge of a political revolution. are we? don't miss the fox news reporting voter results. it airs tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time and reairs over the weekend as well right here on fox. could hillary clinton have another investigation on her hands? we're learning to state department is also now digging into her past. take a look at this map showing the top serged valentines day gift this year. broken down by states from flowers to lobster tales. that brings us to the question
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the smoke. they have been testing the air quality. so far, they say the air is safe. they are advising to stay indoors if they live nearby. . clinton foundation coming in close scrutiny to the department. fox news confirming the state department issued a subpoena last fall. investigators searching for records related to projects that may have come before the department when in charge. peter joins me live from washington. what is the state department general looking for? >> any kind of evidence that would suggest the foundation to state. something else to keep a close eye on, clinton's home whose records were subpoenaed as well because for the few months in
11:24 am
the time frame the inspector general reviewing aberdeen also got special permission to work for the clinton town dags and consu conning firm called snail. they are confirming whether or not she is keeping duties related to all the jobs separate. >> is mrs. clinton -- >> she doesn't have any wiggle room. the editorial board asked her if the fbi was investigating the clinton foundation? former secretary of state is saying no way. >> it's an unsourced irresponsible
11:25 am
irresponsible. it is going to interesting to see if secretary clinton continues to claim there's no basis to report about scrutiny on the clinton foundation. the state department subpoena from the fall means there is. gretchen. >> very interesting. peter, thank you. >> are we going to be able to stop them in the united states? jeb bush campaigning in south carolina. george w. bush, will it help or hurt his chances of calling the oval office his own? >> i'm proud of my dad george
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you have people running like a jeb bush. he's bringing his brother in now. he tried his mother who is a very nice lady, i'm sure. he tried to mother, that didn't work. now he's bringing in his brother. >> we need a president who knows what he's doing. if we nominate donald trump we're going to be destroyed in the general election. if he won it would be a disaster as well. >> joining me now, allen. mike gal ger indicated radio host and fox news contributors. now you have trump. >> here we go. >> he has to bring his mom in and now he's bringing in george w. bush. by the way, george w. bush is popular in south carolina and across the country. >> he's popular around the country. i keep thinking of a billboard that shows george w. bush and the caption do you miss me yet? that's the sintment he has. it doesn't hurt jeb bush. he'll garner some votes because
11:31 am
george w. bush is centimeton th campaign. there's no way. i mean, how does barbara bush hurt him? how does that kindly mrs. bush backfire? donald, of course, is going to take no prisoners. >> i promise not to curse. i think he's better off with mommy and daddy than a guy who left the country in a delap at a timed condition. >> much better off with mommy and daddy. >> going to leave it at that. i think his approval rating is around 70 percent now. it's high. >> certainly in the general election. he wants to bring up w in a general election.
11:32 am
>> senator ted cruz stepping up his attacks against donald trump. one add features the threat of losing her atlantic city home. clubs for growth also adding one to release the head of south carolina as well. there's nothing conservative about donltd trump. >> meanwhile, ted c rurks, z's nationwide spots. mike, do they work? >> i like the idea of a different speech. trump does not back down but the last debate he was forcefully explaining what he believes in. this is what the primary process is about. people get to decide whether they relate to the widow who has to give up her house or they understand the need for a high
11:33 am
winger. >> i supported 45%. >> you defining what a conservative is. >> at the end of the day it doesn't work. donald trump, you go after him. he comes back with guns blazing. >> i wish they wouldn't. he said donald trump said i'm going to back off a little bit in terms of some of the language i've used and he's going to pull back on the negativity. i wish these guys would display their differences and let the voters decide without knocking
11:34 am
the heck out of each other like this. >> mr. trump never has an unkind word to say about anybody, right. >> in the pack, all the political big leagues said that negative adds work. >> they do work. >> i'm not so sure. >> turn the tide on this because it's getting bad. >> mike and allen, thank you. >> time now for my take. we just discussed political adds and asked the question how effective will they be in a political year when so many tried and true protocols don't seem to be working the same way, good question. in a year where political outsiders are so popular you have to wonder if the negative adds against them would really work. it's also fair seeing if having a good ground gain and organization matter as much as in the past? yeah, given iowa for sure.
11:35 am
it then there's money. super pacts who believe sends jeb bush straight to the top of the heat. that has not happened. to me, the one thing that has appeared to make a difference is the debate. people have been more interested in the past and the needle has changed after a good, bad or nonexistent performance. with one more g.o.p. debate, i believe those performances will mean more than anything else. the men and women losing an inner battle when they return home. 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. a nonprofit organization reducing those numbers to raise awareness with a project just for veterans. rick is lye with more on this. >> hi. historically, most news outlets don't cover suicide. they're concerned this tragic
11:36 am
situation is being unreported. a couple of marines found a way to get the issue much needed attention. they gather by the hundreds. united by a common thread all served in the military, many face combat hoping to raise awareness about veteran suicide. this awakens something inside them they have not felt in a long time and connected them with similar struggles they could relate. because they could relate to each other they were then able to support each other after the fact. >> the event is made famous by the ma reebs. dozens of these events
11:37 am
nationwide since last may. many of the hikers wear just the shorts and combat boots along with a heavy pack. >> one veteran said he showed up for a hike and walked with a group of men and women he never met before and for the first time in a long time he felt like he was home. >> thanks for covering the story, rick. >> sure. >> there may be a growing trend in the way terrorist carry out attacks in the air. earlier this month, a suspected bomber was killed when he blasted a hole in the side of the plane. last october a russian airliner brought down in egypt by a planted bomb and authorities say both incidents have a common
11:38 am
connection. chief intelligence correspondent live with more on this. catherine, what has the attention now of intelligence officials? >> the jet brought down by an isis bomb used an explosive device for the timer smuggled on to the jet. in that case it was an airport insider that passed the laptop computer to the suicide bomber who used a wheelchair to further disguise his intention. they said changes have been made. >> we sent inspectors to the airports. i'm always concerned about not just responding to the last event but the potential future event which is not going to be identical to the last event.
11:39 am
>> these attacks appear to be formerly directed by the groups. it shows some level of getting around intense screening. >> very scary. what does it mean now for the security screening we have here in the united states? >> well, one of the big take aways you're hearing from some frequency now is that isis is using iraq and syria as a laboratory to test explosives as well as planning and plots and we heard from the cia interview chemical weapons. the bottom line is that terrorism is like water. it takes the path of the least
11:40 am
resistance. you're going to see changes with the screenings they're undergoing. >> great sources. thank you. free college. free health care. who doesn't want that? here's the question. how do you pay for it? well, that's one of the center pieces of bernie sander's campaign. that's how the 74-year-old is getting so much enthusiasm from young voters. when did socialism go from scary to sheik? >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate.
11:41 am
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11:43 am
shepard smith on fox news. killing off many members of the inner circle he might be the next north korean official to go. that's the latest from gordon. we'll speak to him about the high profiled execution showing his regime may be filing out of
11:44 am
the control and his own general could turn against him. what would that do for stability? see you in 17 minutes. >> back to politics now on the real story. questions on what's fuelling the rise of senator bernie sanders as a real challenge to hillary clinton. many of his proposals like university health care are resinating with voters despite fears from mrs. clinton they would greatly grow the size of government. >> 150 incredibly brave americans say you know what, working class kids, low income kids should not have to work in factories or on the farms but rich kids, they deserve to get a free education. >> i think that the best analysis that i've seen based on senator sander's plans is that it would probably increase the size of the federal government by about 40%. >> wow. a look at the fox news exit
11:45 am
polling from new hampshire shows senator sanders dominating among voters under 45 as well as voters who say their biggest priorities are income and equality as well as wanting an honest candidate. joining me now a fox news contributor and senior political strategist for sean consulting. you're both ma lineals. let me start with you, catherine. why do so many young people want to elect a socialist? >> obviously, what he's proposing wouldn't work. it would be a disaster. he's directly reaching out to my lineals and saying here's solutions i'm offering you and conservatives in particular say oh, see look, these lazy my lineals want free stuff and they should say this is how it works and this is what i'll do for you instead. you know what, nobody is going
11:46 am
to want to support somebody consulting them. i'm not a socialologist. it kind of makes sense. >> is it that young people haven't been out in the real world enough? they haven't paid taxes and their health care bills? i know they have a lot of students. >> it doesn't make a difference that we, our generation has not had responsibility. >> also, they don't remember the cold war. so is that part of it? is that why they look at the reseptember years and think it's fantastic. >> it's incredibly positive view of socialism. i think the results are a lot of bad information out there. we were talking about it before we came on. bernie sanders say we can do it in the u.k. without saying you guys are abunch of dummies. >> completely. but here's the thing.
11:47 am
we have fought wars. men and women have died in this country to fight against communism and many of these same principals, quiet honestly, it's astounding. >> it's horrifying. i think that's what people should be pointing out instead of insulting my lineals specifically. it's actually going to be worse if this goes through. this is terrifying. that's what we need to be pointing out more often because if you don't know then. >> the message works. just in the snip t from bernie sanders where he said poor people should be able to go to college free like rich kids. free? if the rich kids actually, if that's actually true, quiet possibly their parents worked incredibly hard to be able to pay for them the full ride to go to college. >> i think the most dangerous part of this and i say this as a strong liberal and supporter of
11:48 am
hillary clinton, this is completely anti capitalist. not to sound trump at all. we're moving away from a place where we can take back how important it is and what a free market can do with a strong safety net. that's where hillary's message should resinate. of course, i'm for universal health care. let's talk about reality. what do you think you're going to do? i thought it was fascinating last night she said sander's proposal would add 40% to the government. that's a democrat. don't let people get away with the ridiculous narrative of the conservatives don't want you to have this because they hate poor
11:49 am
people and don't want you to go to college. that's ridiculous but a narrative they've been getting away with for so long. >> also, it's tied to this. i think republicans, granted i don't speak for the party but my lineals are much more open about gay marriage and don't want to hear race fading. >> they tune it out from the beginning. >> you're not speaking to me in a way that i see the world and i know the republican party is making a big push on that. i think they need to do way better. >> jessica and catherine. thank you. >> thank you. >> do you remember this? the power pc from the 90s? back when my hair was a lot bigger. you can soon relive the magic from back in the day. and a major u.s. city spends taxpayer dollars to win this. an outdoor urinal at a public park. why some folks with paid off about it. announcer: through presidents day at sleep train,
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welcome back to "the real story." san francisco spending taxpayer dollars to build a privacy screen of sorts around a drain screen of sorts around a drain so peoplea yep. part of a recent upgrade. even the floor crew is laughing at that. it's an upgrade too the park. supporters say it's a good resolution for the lack of urinals. >> reporter: we think this is a first in the nation, as you can see, an open-air urinal hereé
11:54 am
11:55 am
its position or face the legal consequences. >> the pacific justice institute is going to sue unless the urinal is notzúrrzñ eliminated. >> translation, the very public potty is staying put. >> at least for now. well, the good news, the park now has several dozen more normal private bathrooms because of the recent renovations here, and as you can see here, some vines have been planted around the screen, which should provide a bit more privacy, eventually. >> oh, okay. put up a few more towels. claudia, thank you. valentine's day around the corner but another big day today. the special birthday of one of our nation's greatest presidents. >> there you go. all right.
11:56 am
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...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. >> a realities search put together a map showing what americansw3 google ahead of valentine's day. interesting stuff. have "the real story" viewers gotten anything for or from their sweethearts yet? michelle's little guy couldn't wait to give her a valentine's day card. bobby gave his wife a box of candy which she already ate. check out the map. president's day means a three-day weekend for a lot of people. did you know it was moved to the third monday in february in an attempt to create more of those long weekends. presidents' day started in 1885 in honor of george washington's birth6y day. today it's a day to celebrate
12:00 pm
all presidents, and today is abraham lincoln's birthday. there's mike, who directs the broadcast. look at that beard he grew just in honor of abe. mike, fantastic. you're so in the spirit. here's shep. >> noon in the west, 3:00 in south carolina, where finally for the first time in a month or so, we have presidential new poll results for that state. that new poll shows donald trump is crushing it with a double digit digit lead and doing well with evangelicals. could that be big trouble for ted cruz? today the billionaire ills not backing off, slamming cruz on twitter. also, jeb bush finished fourth in new hampshire but his team says he is so popular in south carolina they've need bigger rooms to hold all the supporters. catch the democrats' debate? things got a little feisty. that and hillary clinton's work to get back some momentum after bernie sanders wins in the grandit?


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