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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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and raised awareness for a better highway system in the united states, the great race, 108 years ago%$ today. this very day, oil up 12%, the most in seven years. look at that. >> eight days to the south carolina primary and a battle for the south is on. six g.o.p. candidates crisscrossing the state as they continue to duke it out. john roberts is in greenville, south carolina, with the latest on the southern brawl. >> reporter: charles, good afternoon here. here on the campaign trail, the man to beat, donald trump, still not in south carolina. he is in florida today and continues to bound the competition from outside the state. last night at a big rally in baton rouge, louisiana, trump took aim at jeb bush and president bush who is coming here on monday to campaign for his brother, saying the iraq war was a disaster, and continued
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the drum beat against ted cruz. >> they've take these ads and they're vicious and they say anything. they say anything. i just hope you don't believe the crap because it's all crap. okay? they're lies. they talk about eminent domain. without eminent domain you wouldn't have a road or hospitals or anything. by the way, without eminept domain you wouldn't have the keystone pipeline. >> donald trump5buf continuing e colorful language he has been famous for in attempt to clear the establishment lane, jeb bush is trying to take down the competition, continuing the assault against marco rubio, even attacking john kashich who once upon a time proposing cuts to the mail tear. here's kashich. >> they used to call me a cheap hawk. the cheap hawk meant get what you need to the people that need and it don't waste money. and i just really wish that jeb could actually be positive about
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something. maybe if he was i would be so shocked i'd knee a seatbelt. >> reporter: kashich says it's not lost on anyone jeb bush has paid more than any other candidate and is nowhere close to winning, according to kashich. >> the big question is who has the best ground game in south carolina, let's ask real clear politics rebecca and steven hayes. >> charles, rube marco marco ru' campaign has been in south carolina, his campaign manager is from south carolina, has worked campaigns there of be, and so is the person leading his super pac. organizational advantage that's going to help him on primary day. but as john said, donald trump is still the man to beat. marco rubio isn't really making up any ground in terms of polling as far as the polling i have seen, and ground game on
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the margin so he has his work cut out for him. >> steven, we in other words that in iowa his ground game might have made the difference between ted cruz and donald trump. i don't know if we should dismiss it completely. >> reporter: i think that's right. rebecca is right that marco rubio has a very solid presence on the ground in south carolina. they have been working and they've been spending money there for a number of months. they've sort of set up south carolina as a place to go that would be a position of strength for them. i think also ted cruz has a very strong ground game in south carolina, both the official campaigning -- we have seen what they'd did in iowa dish andalso the pro crews super packs on the ground and have been working there are to quite some time and have an extensive operation there. really deep in -- knee deep in the analytics down there, and i think have good sense of what their man needs to do in south carolina. >> rebecca, what does it mean when the average person listens to the ground game. people know it's election day,
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primary day. what does its mean to have a ground game? why would it be significant at all? >> it's important because it essentially means your campaign is able to target the right voters to turn out to the polls on election day. so first of all, does your campaign have a grasp of who your voters or, persuadable voters, who your get out the vote voters are and are you able to actually get them to come to the polls. so a combination of analytics, voter contact and advertising that comprises a ground game in a state, and a lot of that is manpower, volunteers, the number of physical offices you have in the state, a lot of it is just make sure you know who these voters are, and that's what i think steve was referring to with ted cruz's analytics. they've didn't a good job with that and that was heirmhç strenh in iowa and we're seeing that from marco rubio's campaign. >> steven, donald trump active in the state for 48 hours and i'm not sure what his ground game is. does he need one 0 or does hi
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celebrities overshadow that. >> the real answer is who knows. he was gone from new hampshire a few days before new hampshire. got snowed out. then took a trip to south carolina. he sort of one step ahead of the primary calendar, and people thought it might hurt him in new hampshire. obviously didn't hurt him there the real question for donald trump in south carolina is, how do evangelical voters respond. ted cruz did better than donald trump among evangelical voters in iowa. marco rubio beating donald trump in evangelical counties in northwest iowa,wvcyz'gz and i te real question is how will those voters in upstate south carolina react to donald trump, react to his continued antics, his use of profanity on the campaign trail. sort of an unknown you. have to believe that donald trump comes to the state with his solid core group of supporters who have been with himxá]5jf% they made their mind up they
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would support him a long time ago. they seem to be incapable of being shaken from him. >> ted cruz focusing on hillary. i want to get your opinion on this. >> itself is a chance for ted crews to show he can go up against hillary clinton in the voters this isn't only about the republican prime mere, the
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stakes are much higher and he is playing to win in the general election as well, and i bet that's the same we'll hear other lot tomorrow. in terms of motivating voters i don't know it will. it's not necessarily targeting persuadable voters. that targets the whole republican base. but it's a useful reminder this is about more than just the primary. >> steven, you talked about evan gel cals and one of -- evangelicals evangelicals evangelicals evangelicals and one narrative starting to develop, some evangelicals are willing to put buy somethings that might bart them because of the anger they have at the professional politician class. >> there's some truth to that. you look at their support that donald trump got and they're willing to set aside questions or problems because they're so?y frustrated. i think it helps that donald trump had the backing or jerry falwell, jr., has a name to tell voters who might have been
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unsure about donald trump whether they were -- that he was at least acceptable. but i love that ted cruz ad, going back to that. it's a great ad. primary purpose is so that people like us talk about it on air and gets some free air time. but it's a great ad and we'll know at the end when they file their reports how effective it's been. >> you're both right in the sense the debate will also include who can win the general election as well. thank you both very much, have a happy valentine's day. >> tooks storming back today as oil surges, ending a volatile week. to market watcher scott martin where we go from here, scott, big session today, nice rebound off the crazy gyrations but what about next week? >> more of what we have seen, unfortunately, charles. good to have a day like tonight reminds you that the market can go up. however, as you know, there's a lot of forces publishing down on
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this market. you look at the economy alone, it's so weak it choo chip its tooth on a twixt bar you have the employment situation, rate dropping but the employment situation is weak. the job creation is not very strong, and household wealth is falling. those are environments that have changed open the last couple of years, being previously positive, now trendings towards the negative. that's going to hurt stocks. >> scott, rubio will remind you that was a frozen twixt bar. >> the economy is icy. >> this we can we hat janet yellen. went to capitol hill and laid an egg. feels like there's a major disconnect from the people who print money and what is happening in real america. will that haunt the market or any kind of news that could supersede that? >> it will. now, the interesting thing about some of that rhetoric, charles, is that his attack on wall street, this attack on really overall success, is not good for the economy. this is not going to help the
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economy if the democrats get into office here in the fall and get sworn in next january, and all these policies come to roost where we'll attack the banks and help middle class america. we have been promised those things for many years and all that's happened is income inequality has gone up, economy is worst. i'm not buying in. >> this morning one thing that sparked the recally, retail sales better than expected. the first time they bead headlines since november 2014, and then consumer sentiment below -- can cheap gasoline and slightly higher wages play a role in getting the market higher. >> hasn't been doing so it far. savings rates are up, meaning got into the store. so as long as that trend continues you're seeing confidence lacking on the side of the consumer. the consumer makes up such a big part of the economy, we need them. >> thank you. see this minimum wage rage?
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[shouting] >> call them democratic party crashers. protesters in mahdi commanding $15 minimum page before last night's democratic presidential debate. to fox business network's -- tam remark those are your folks out there. maybe the democrats have opened up something that they can't control anymore. this could be their franenstein's monster -- frankenstein's mon sergio, you're agings yourself because the youth vote don't know who --
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frankenstein is. my position is not that it's a democratic or republican conservative socialist liberal issue. this is an issue about listening to the youth vote. these were college students or young people who were at a college campus who were protesting, and this is a big issue on both sides. you have to listen to what is really angering or concerning to young america and that's why we're seeing a surge of bernie sanders and donald trump as well. >> they have to listen to what is the honest truth about the economy and what they should and should not expect forking this skillset. >> they need to listen to the very businesses who will give them jobs, particularly when they're teenagers, and you have heard, say, the ceo of buffalo wild wings talk about if you mandate a $15 minimum wage nationwide we're already not opening new stores in cities where this exists because 40% of our work force is under the age
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of 21 and we won't take a risk on somebody who has never had a job. >> remember in d.c. they had the big brouhaha. walmart said forget it great jobs for someone who is unemployed. >> right but the issue is you're paying people an amount they can't live off of. a lot of -- >> so a 17-year-old getting minimum wage, what are they -- they go home and have a mommy and daddy. >> who wants to live with mommy to and daddy. i didn't -- >> when i was 17 i worked at mcdonald's when i was 17. >> that's great. but these are people -- >> never thought about the minimum wage itch was so thrilled when i got my check, i was working, in -- i remember buying my first little -- >> you walked through the snow without shoes. >> it's a beautiful thing, to the. >> there's some crazy stuff going on here. we want -- i want to point out that walmart is giving 1.2 million worker this year a raise, and that the average full-time employee at walmart
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this year will make 13.38 an hour. so 15 of this nice round magic number theup unions cook up '. they want to go into the store and say we can get you wage flexibility, and let me tell you, bernie sanders has already backed a $15 minimum wage. it's hillary clinton who hasn't. she is asking for $12. that's who they're protesting. despite the fact that the sei union is funding the 15-dollar campaign but they've endorsed her. >> that's crazy. >> make sure it's clear. i'm not saying that it needs to be raised to $15 an hour. what i am saying is that the republican party needs to listen to the youth and listen to their concerns as to why they want more money. to pay off their loans, so they can get the skills that you brought up, and so they don't have to work for a company like walmartygx#nthat sues employees-
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>> that's -- >> the majority of the people -- >> that's a problem because they don't want to work at bmw was it's beneath them. >> and the fact of the matter is the majority of the people we're talking about are not college graduates. let's be honest about that. >> do you have that -- i don't. >> i've studied this inside and out. a lot of it is government data. >> 26 million workers are near minimum wage. >> that's where you make your mistake, near. on minimum wage, 49% are kids who live at home -- >> what are kids. >> teenagers, not college grads. >> because they're in college. >> what i'm worried about, tam remarks is the -- you think the democrats may have created their own little quagmire here because they've made a promise and gone out there with this pick fork and torches saying you deserve this. how come the democrats can deliver something -- >> i don't think anybody
1:19 pm
deserves anything in america. let me make that clear you have to earn your right to work to get a raise and all of those things. but i'm just saying that we should listen to this because if the republicans want to win -- let me be clear -- i'm notédvyó endorsing any candidate on either side -- they have to listen to the youth vote, and this is a movement across the country. >> the youth vote is -- i want it now! i'm serious, what's wrong withletting the businesses dictate it, chit what is happening with walmart, mcdonald's. >> the bottom line is the midge wage is the first rung up the ladder of success. be happy you're on it and move up. that's the american dream. thank you, ladies, happy valentine's day. machete attack. the question is, was it terror? >> they came in through the front door and then started systematically just hitting people with whatever -- with the machete. told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right.
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a man came in and started beating up on the man. i thought it was a personal thing. then just started down the row hitting everybody with something. people were bleeding. >> the man was armed with a machete. the attacker shot and killed by police. investigatorses are looking through the suspect's digital footprint for any possible links to terror. to former fbi special agent. one of those things may be perceived to be a random act of violence, more and more frequently we're finding out it was inspired by some sort of terror. >> that's the thing we need to look into. unfortunately we have crazy people out there who commit these acts, these horrible acts,
1:24 pm
these heinous acts, because they're deranged, they have other motives, civil rights violations, potentially could be at hand. but today you can't rule out without looking into the person's digital footprint and what they have done and said as to whether there was some inspiration other than them just being imbalanced. >> now we're talking about doing this country how do we do this more before the fact, how do we screen these folks? there's a lot out there. they're not hiding in plain sight think advertising in plain sight. >> a great question, and it's a question that a lot of organizations now are struggling be mow predictive about behaviors. when we now look at what happened in san bernardino, certainly things over in paris, and elsewhere, is that people tend to say what are the indicators? what should we look for? the trip wires people can see and report. and more and more certainly authorities from the
1:25 pm
governmental standpoint are looking at those things, trying to understand, it can be people who are being radicalized -- we're north suggesting this case is because we don't know -- people being radicalized instantly. just because of things they see on television. they don't necessarily have to be online, getting commands or, as fbi director comey said, they can't have a devil in their pocket because they're getting e-mails and texts from people >> one of the big debates is the role of tech companies. i think the san bernardino -- one cell phone used had encryption, hasn't been broken yet. how do we find a happy medium between the first amendment, anonymity they want to provide users and the public good and the public safety. >> again, a big challenge for the fbi. going back to director comey, just testified a few months ago.the difficulty fbi has in breaking these codes and that to think they are the kind of panacea for all code-breaking,
1:26 pm
just about a month ago the director and the president went out to silicon valley to meet with thaded of technology companies to get their interest and support to break these codes when they're needed to be broken, not make sure we're breaking everybody's code all the time. but we know that these perpetrators of these heinous acts and the controllers in isis and al qaeda are actually using publicly available encryption and encryption that is difficult even for a government to break on a sher short-term instant basis and that's what we need. it's something we're struggling with and working towards it. it's a cooperative issue between the private sector and the government to come up with an answer to this. we can break these codes and stop the next incident from happening. >> bill, thank you verynñ much. appreciate it. well, bernie is turning up the heat on hillary and wall street. will that have voters turning on her? is your high-performance laptop your office bff?
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at coming up after a suspected terrorist tries to blow up a plane in somalia the secretary hoff homeland security says planes are still a major target. we're back in 60 seconds.
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let's not in any way imply here that either president obama
1:31 pm
or myself would in any way not take on any vested interest, whether it's wall street, or drug companies, or insurance companies, or frankly the gun lobby, to stand up to do what is best for the american people. >> let's not -- let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> bernie sanders going after hillary clinton's ties to wall street. charlie gasperino says the attacks to have an impact on the clinton campaign. starting to chip away. >> as freaky as bernie sanders is on so many levels. socialist, raising tacks to 90%, freak to look at. his voice is annoying. all due respect to everybody from brooklyn out there.
1:32 pm
despite all that i think his attacks are hurting hillary with the base. you can see the wall street guys are scared. when the wall street guys start getting scared, not showing up to human hillary clinton eventsd not pounding the table for her, there's some word going out, like keep a low profile. lot of support among people at goldman sachs. they have been almost nonexistent in this campaign for hillary. as of recent live they've given a lot more to jeb bush than >> so, she's between a rock and a hard place. she can't deny -- >> she was basically sucking in their money for years. speaking fees -- >> big money. 200 grand, 250 grand for a speech. >> goldman sachs is pretty got at figuring out how to spend how much money did they make listening to hillary clinton drone on about gender inequality or whatever she was speaking on.
1:33 pm
an absurdity. they were kissing up to her, giving money to the clinton foundation, and she took it in because she is friends with all these guys. i think it's going to hurt her. she can't run away from it. >> this notion that barack obama received more money from wall street than anybody, and has been tougher on wall street than any president. can that fly? >> i don't think it will. we should point out that he received a lot of money his first run when he slide to the wall street firms and said he would be in their corner and a lot of of then gave money to him. larry fink of black rock stepped up. lloyd blankfein. but they pulled back in 2012. so it's not like they kept giving him money. >> with hillary drawing the line in the sand. about a month ago felt like however far left bernie and elizabeth warren went she would follow. feel luke she is saying,
1:34 pm
socialism, we can't pay fors/ i. it that overture to wall street? >> yes. she said i'm going up against the right and not crossing into socialism. this is the reel duplicitous part of hillary clinton. we were among the first to report it at fox business. she goes into meetings with these wall street guys and a lot of jewish groups, and this is what he says, particularly to jewish groups in new york. listen, if if may sound like i'm anti-israel, just don't listen to me. it's rhetoric. behind the scenes i'll be the most pro israel president ever. says about wall street i may haveqi]t]y to say x, y,5num andl be very much in your corner. chev -- this is where i think bernie sanders will nail her, her duplicity. what she says -- >> if that's the case, let's listen to another sound bite from the last night. this where is sanders is going to explain how he's going to pay for free stuff. >> i do believe that now after the american people bailed wall street out, yes, they should pay a wall street speculation tax so
1:35 pm
that we can make public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> i mean, listen, i know wall street is kind of like lukewarm with hillary but do they have any choice? bernie is talking about going after them. my triple down. >> hillary clinton could have came back and said what do you mean by wall street in you mean investors? are you going to charge the new york city teachers pension fund this speculation tax? because they invest in stocks. that what he is talking about. are you going to charge fire department pension funds around the country this tax because free tuition. that is wall street, too. and that shows you how dumb bernie sanders is. i shouldn't say dumb. in this sense he is naive, and lisp, might be dumb because the didn't read up on this. this is a guy that attacks wall street and knows nothing about how average people have their
1:36 pm
>> don't they have answer -- a ticket fee in europe so every time a ticket goes through it's an extra couple of pennies. >> maybe but not the place where capital formation is the high els in the world. we still have the best markets. does he want to tax the new york city teachers union, teachers pension fund, with this consumption tax? that's what he is saying. /÷ middle class teachers, cops, fire meb, you name it. a hospital worker. >> if he is redefining it for you andf:]]ç say i'm not going k them but want to attack exotic trades -- >> then he won't have any money. that's a tiny portion. >> that might get you elected because people say that's responsible authorize the collapse. >> might get you elected but that's not what is responsible. >> we know that minute of this will pay for his extremes. >> if you want to do speculation tax you'll hit average people through the pension funds. if you want to tax wall street
1:37 pm
guys you won't generate enough money, and this is what called the financial crisis. not that. average people getting money they shouldn't have got ton buy homes. >> since wall street is worried about hillary, someone on the g.o.p. side that is looking more attractive. >> one more time? >> since wall street is worried about hillary, someone on the g.o.p. side looking more attractive. >> to them? kashich is. i said this before. on fox business with you. i just don't -- i think this is -- ken langgene, the founder endorse kashich. this is the year of the outsider. i don't think wall street means that much to the g.o.p. anymore. >> wall street you can't buy. >> not on the g.o.p. side. i don't know about them. >> we don't know who did this. but we do know that terrorists are targeting planes. take it from our homeland
1:38 pm
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it's covered by most health plans. in the wake of that suspected plame bombing in somalia. homeland security secretary johnson is now saying terror groups are staying focused on attacking airplanes. to fox news catherine herridge with the latest. >> when you look at the last two major plots at the device was smuggled through airport security using an airport insider. the russian metro jet brought down by an isis bomb in egypt in october used an improvised explosive device. you can see this image of the do is they said had a two-hour timer and was smuggled on the jet. an airport mechanic has been arrested. in sew mamly is was an airport insider that allegedly passed the laptop computer. you see the surveillance video here, on to the suicide bomber who used a wheelchair to further disguise his intentions. the homeland security secretary
1:42 pm
told reporters this week that his department has made changes based on what happened. >> we sent inspectors to airports not just the specific one but a number of them in the region, i'm always concerned about not just responding to the last event but the potential future event, which is not going to be identical to the last event. >> on their face these attacks appear to be formally6&ñ8w3 dird by terrorist groups, isis in egypt and the al qaeda affiliate in somalia, so shows some level of premeditation to infiltrate the airport systems and get around their more intense screen ago panes and then for the mechanic or baggage handler or the cleaning crews who have access to the jets. johnson says there are ways to make overseas airports comply with additional screening and security. one thing they've done is tried to limit the access points to the airport for airport workers, and if these airports that fly directly to the u.s. can't meet
1:43 pm
these requirement the u.s. does have the ability to reject the request to land at airports here in this country, charles. >> catherine, we have seen the video and the somalia handoff, and it just looked extraordinarily just so easy to do, and it's alarming, and i understand that maybe we'll intensify screening and those things but there's still the notion that they could fly to a different country, that's not necessarily as8i rigorous and we are and that plane can leave from that country and head here ump it doesn't feel foolproof at all. >> there are couple lessons here. one is a piece of advice i was given years ago when i started working in this area, terrorism is like water and take this path of least resistance so it's a thinking enemy you move one way and it moves another. that's why we're seeing terrorist groups focus on the airport insider rather than trying to get the devices through on passengers. on your point about foreign
1:44 pm
airports, the u.s. has no control over foreign airports except for those that fly directly to the united states. just to emphasize, in those cases, if they're not meeting additional requirements that homeland security is suggesting, they can't stop the planes from taking off but have the ability to prevent the planes landing in this country and that's a pretty powerful incentive to comply. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> reaction from retired u.s. army general and vice chief of staff, jack kean. thank you for joining us. of course, this is very alarming. i would suspect emboldened by the successful bombing 0 the russian plane in egypt and now this attempt at somalia. how dangerous is this risk? how dangerous has it become? >> aircraft are always going to be something that terrorists are interested in. you bring down an airliner, you have the world's attention. then you can intimidate hundreds of thousands of people who travel the skies every year.
1:45 pm
so, this will always be an objective, and until such time as we truly get these airports properly secured, the terrorists will have a degree of success. as catherine pointed out, bringing down the russian airliner and this came dangerously close to being successful here, in somalia. so, here we have isis, who is supposedly on the defensive, trying to defend iraq and syria, they've got nine affiliates. they've expanded into in the africa and also southern asia, and they've got three more affiliates, one in somalia that is about to be approved, and they clearly are providing guidance and resources to conduct operations against people who are infidels or nonbelievers, to accomplish these kinds of operations to break people's will, and also to get the kind of attention that they want. so this is a very active
1:46 pm
organization that is fighting the conventional battle in iraq and syria but conducting operations that are terrorist operations not only in the region but outside of it. >> catherine talked about our security being right up front as we go enter but now considering maybe the back end is exposed. that isis now targeting baggage handlersersers and airport empl. are we prepared for that? >> well, i think in our country there's been looking at this very hard. they recognize there are weaknesses here. proper background checks, proper surveillance. i'm assuming that we have made some great strides here, but get outside the united states and get outside the major airports in europe or5fwhñ in israel, ani think we have to have a level of concern that security is not what it is, and, therefore, the terrorists are going to take advantage of it. this what they do. they'll find a weakness and
1:47 pm
exploit it. >> what i'm concern about is a connecting flight. in this case they were able to any idea about sort of these connecting flights, going from somalia, perhaps to heath throw and then from heathrow to here, these are the concerns we have. these guys are slippery. people are very concerned about is just what you're suggesting. we have, i think our are our viewers know we have security forward deployed in major airports that fly to the united states. i'm talking about big population center airports like london, paris, et cetera in europe, and those connecting flights and what is going on on airplanes, they get very, very close scrutiny. i'm not as concerned about that because we have people there that are very sensitive to this issue. not just the passengers, but the
1:48 pm
baggage themselves. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> okay good, talking to you, charles. >> you, too. you see this? this is a water main break in scranton, pennsylvania, and it turned to ice. how bad is this cold snap going to get? bundle up. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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. frozen roses for your valentine. a record cold snap is coming. to rick in the weather center, how bad will it be? >> pretty bad across much of the northeast. we'll break records saturday night into sunday morning for many. if you want to get some warm temperatures, go out west. we're also breaking high
1:52 pm
temperature records across $california and arizona. so really beautiful. not the case across the east. the windchill advisories across parts of wisconsin and the far northern plains here. up to around minus 35. same goes here across parts of the northeast. down across the spine of the appalachians. minus 15. we will break actual air temperature records. here you go. this is what our records are here. all the big cities, albany, minus 10 is your record. sunday night into sunday morning. our temps will be very, very close for a lot of cities. new york city getting close to your record date. all the cold air mass across northern canada. and this is just been released in across parts of the northern plains and east. this does not make its way across florida. so florida you'll be fine. but from atlanta to the north of that, and it will be really, really cold. that's your windchill now. take a look at what happens
1:53 pm
overnight tonight by the time you get to tomorrow morning. it will feel like minus 15 in des moines. tonight is the coldest night here across the northern plains. then going toward the northeast and the mid-atlantic. you see the cold air overnight. it will be really windy and that will make it incredibly uncomfortable. throughout the day, it is cold all day long. toward sunday morning, it will feel like minus 26 in boston. minus 12 in new york. 3 in washington, d.c. we do start to warm up by the time we get to monday. we have a storm system that will come in and monday will be a really sloppy day. we start to see the wintry mix around the mid mississippi valley. going toward mondayering with could be watching an icestorm. maybe the north georgia mountains across parts of south carolina. certainly some snow. then we'll see really quickly there some warmer air begin to filter in. so cold for a couple of days. but charles, monday, we're back around average.
1:54 pm
and tuesday, a lot of places will be flirting with '50 degrees. so hold tight. >> we'll all snuggle up. we'll talk about this wild week on the stock market. we were up 300 points today and had the best day in seven years and guess what? we still had a big hit to our 401(k)s. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think?
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(stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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1:57 pm
finally, a great day on wall street but an absolutely horrible year. the worst year ever by many counts. jerry willis from the fox business network to help us that hash it out. you can see, up 13 points a day. over 12% for oil. maybe opec, saudi arabia ready to blink on this crazy war that they've started. what does it all mean? >> what it means is that individual investors, maybe they
1:58 pm
won't pull the plug on their investments. that's my big worry. folk will say, i've had enough of this volatility. i think we've had something like 26 straight days of 200-point days, people don't like that. it makes they will nervous and uneasy and they ten to leave the market. it is nice to see the up day so you can go into the weekend and rest. >> is there a lesson to watch? down, down, up? maybe being too myopic. if you really are just putting money into a 401(k). should you watch it this closely? if you do, you might panic. >> that's right. i think you make very good point people who are saving for the long haul who are not at the cusp of the reception. i think the important question for those people, where is my new money going? what do i do with the money i'm putting into the market now?
1:59 pm
there are huge opportunities for people because we've had such a big sell-off. it is opportunity of the remember the beauty of that word? >> do i. it is so funny. these markets, fortunes are lost and fortunes are made. >> that's right. i think this is critical what you see in the market today and what we've had all year. that this is where people really get in and make a difference to their well being for the course of their lives. >> jerry, you know the individual investor better than anyone else. i think many of them are making the classic mistake. the old axiom is buy low, sell high. but people tend to panic. >> buy high, sell slow what many investors practice. that's too bad. i know lots of people, and i'm sure you do too who got out in 2008 and never came back ask have missed this incredible bull market rally. what you want to do is stay the course. make sure you're on track. the big changes.
2:00 pm
>> have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> i'm going to go into a little more detail. it's been a crazy week. we had janet yellin who did not come to the rescue. so catch me. i'm on the fox business network. we survived it. happy valentine's day. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> eight days until the south carolina primary takes place on the gop side. and the three front-runners today announcing big shift in the direction of their respective campaign strategies. donald trump's trademark is his bold brass style. he isn't one to mince words. that's part of his appeal to voters. he is vowing to clean up his language after coming under criticism for cursing too much on the trail. he swears he won't swear again.


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