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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

5:00 pm that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you monday at 7:00 p.m. have a great weekend. it's going to be cold. happy birthday to abraham lincoln our president. good night. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> nearly half of your financial sector donations appear to come from just two wealthy financiers, george soros and donald susman for a total of about $10 million. >> hillary clinton confronted about her campaign money and it was not pretty. tonight, we will tell you why the secretary's campaign is having so much trouble. >> i voted for a guy two party hero campaign trail and went to d.c. and played patty cake and voted for amnesty. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> ted cruz pulls that ad because it had a porn performer in it we will tell you what that's all about.
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>> i think i'm in this race because different. >> also ahead ben war carson on his future. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us7" tonight. more campaign madness. that is the subject of this evening's' talking points memo. hate to say it, but the debates are getting kind of teed yus on both sides. canned answers rule. very few thoughtful responses, most of the questions easily deflected by well rehearsed politicians. last night in milwaukee, clinton and sanders faced off once again under questioning by two pbs anchors. there were a couple of moments when things got interesting. one was a sanders' criticism of president obama spoken
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before the debate. >> there is a huge gap right now between congress and the american people. what presidential leadership is about is closing that gap. >> and you don't think president obama has successfully closed that gap? >> no, i don't. >> the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect for someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is. [cheers and applause] -- madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> no it wasn't. mrs. clinton's poke at sanders was smart. and will rally obama loyalists to her cause. hillary won that round. but she lost this one. >> nearly half of your financial sector donations appear to come from just two wealthy financiers, george soros and donald susman for a total of about $10 million you have said that there is
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no quid pro quo involved. but, is that also true of the donations that wealthy republicans give to republican candidates, contributors including the koch brothers. >> i can't speak for the koch brothers, you are referring to a super pac that we don't coordinate with that was set up to support president obama, that has now decided they want' to support me. they are the ones who should respond to any questions. >> bologna. soros coordinates with all powerful democrats. he is a puppet master. a seeker of power behind the scenes. secretary clinton's answer was disingenuous.3%etqiuj$ju$e . disingenuous and she completely dodged the issue. if she is going to condemn big pac money going to republicans, she can't take cash from soros and rich
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democrat pacs. excuse me, i said she can't. of course she can. because there her supporters don't care. that is the crux of this memo tonight devoted followers of a politician pretty much will accept anything from him or her. when richard nixon was force to do resign his presidency over watergate, about a third of republicans still supported him. it's obvious in this campaign the followers of bernie sanders and donald trump to give two very vivid examples are not expecting precise political analysis. it is the tone those candidates strike that is driving their support. as i told mr. trump earlier this week when he appeared on the factor, the federal courts would neves÷ allow him to deport 12 million people. they would block that. as all of those living in the u.s.a. right now, even illegally, are entitled to due process. mr. trump disagrees with me.
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that's fine legal precedent has been established so i have to report it. on the sanders front. there is no way his draconian taxation vision could ever come close to covering his endless list of entitlements, including free public tuition. the debt would explode even further if his policies were even implemented. no congress would ever allow that. but to bernie's followers. it doesn't really matter. like a bad gift, it is the thought that counts. well, donald trump would run america as a tough minded business, changing the landscape by negotiating better deals both within and outside the country, sanders is calling for a brand new system. i received a letter from rhonda who lives in jacksonville, north carolina asking me to define bernie's doctrine of democratic socialism. okay. that's basically what some
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countries countries in western europe has a system that limits personal income through taxation in return for cradle to grave payouts from the governments. that's the trade. even if you are a derelict, a lay about, you will be supported by the government and in return you will do what the government tells you to do. housing? you can get it supplemented but you are assigned to units. day care? sure. but your kids are assigned to centers. same thing with your doctor, dentist. if you cannot pay privately, you go where you are told to go. education? depends on your ability. yes, public he had is free public ed is free in britain, for example, but you will will not like be going to oxford or and you won't be going anywhere unless the government okays it. you can see that democratic socialism where citizens still vote but are mostly
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told what to do by guy like bernie sanders is a system of subserve yens to it a big central government. there is little power to the people. now the majority of those supporting senator sanders have no,] blanking idea what he actually wants. they are hypnotized by the prospect of free stuff, education, healthcare, because, of course, they deserve that, why? because the system is rigged by billionaires. so why shouldn't bernie provide for me and take from the greedy rich folk who have made their money by exploiting the pets isn't pets peasants? that's out of the fidel shae handbook. many voting for the berne meister have no idea who che was or karl marx was or even who fidel is. getting i will informed
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folks to follow you isn't hard as proved by the kardashians. flamboyance mixed with some passion and more than a smidgen of resentment can rally some people who don't know very much. talking points has spent time in 80 countries around the world. where opportunity is more available than america. which is why millions of people have entered this country. even capitalistic power houses like switzerland and beside the capitalistic co-loss success we have here. work hard and educate yourself to succeed. sadly, many would forfeit their right to prosper in a major way for a false security of a government-controlled economy.
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but those folks, the bernie people remain a distinct minority. as we will see going forward. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, kirsten powers will react. also ahead, what is the future for ben carson? the doctor will be here and we will be right back. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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continuing now with lead story campaign madness. we posted talking points on bill o' it has to be the most brilliant thing you have heard in 20 minutes? >> ever. >> what say you. >> we would need a whole show to go through everything that you just talked about. one of the things that bothers me is that the critics of bernie sanders will say things like you said. you have bring in fidel castro. of course, cuba is is a communist country. it's not a democratic socialist country. and so to suggest that that is somehow what bernie
5:13 pm
sanders is selling i think is disingenuous and you must know know that, bill. >> i didn't say that democratic socialism is communism. i said that the largess of of big central government is right out of the playbook this is how che and fidel, and you will remember because i know you are historian. they didn't say they were communist for years, powers. they told the people that they were democratic@a socialists that's what they told the cuban people. and that they would provide for the cuban people because the billionaires in the united states hosed them. >> so fidel speaks with a brooklyn accent. that's interesting. >> i think it would be better to choose countries that have a closer resemblance and can you criticize them if you want if you want to it say norwegian countries for example, if you want to criticize them that's fine. that's more of what he is talking about. >> it's a mind set. >>-&+m and he is not suggesting that -- it's not/y the means
5:14 pm
of production are going to be owned by the government. that's not what he is suggesting. self-is suggesting that what you calm free stuff and i consider basic human rights would be provided for americans. >> you used key word provided. >> like in most industrialized countries they are. you know, we really stand alone in terms of the way that the viewpoint that you just. >> that's not true. >> lead people to fend for themselves. >> for many countries that are our system of capitalism, including japan. >> no, no. no but they provide universal healthcare, bill. that's what i'm talking about. >> the healthcare issue is apart. if you want to just cleave that off -- >> -- i don't want to cleave it off because it's a huge issue. and i think it's one of the things that sets them apart. >> it is the mind set. if i were a subject i wouldn't be sitting here. they give an example -- exam, at 16 years old if you don't get a certain grade on the exam you don't go to college. you are assigned to the working class precincts and i would have never at 16
5:15 pm
because i was a thug passed that exam. that's just one example. my theory and it's the correct theory, is that the people who are following bernie sanders have no idea but b. what he really want to do plus it's impossible. >> it's not true and you have absolutely nothing to back up what you just said. >> okay. i made my case, you made your case. let the folks decide. >> you don't know what they know. and there is nothing unusual about thinking that we should have a healthcare system for all people that we should have college education provided to people that i think bernie sanders made a great case last night in terms of the fact that we all agree that we should say pay for k through 12 now in our economy, college is as essential as that education. >> okay. there is no way. there is no money to it pay for it. >> but we have the money to pay for the iraq war. >> ask hillary clinton about the soros money. that's big money, 10 million bucks. all right. she said i don't know. you have to ask them. i don't know. come on, powers. was that -- how would you describe her answer? >> i would describe it as
5:16 pm
being technically true in the sense that it's illegal for her to coordinate with a pac. but i think that she obviously is not raising money from small donors in the way that bernie sanders is. she was obviously uncomfortable because they were highlighting that. >> she made a big deal with koch brothers and other rich republicans donating to pacs but she takes so million dollars of pac money. how would you describe that? >> hypocrisy. we agree on something. >> maybe the government can fund all a the political]6 campaigns would you like to see that. >> i would like to see less money in politics. the government doesn't need fund them all but less influence from people who have all the money and we don't get to hear from the people who don't have as much money. >> i want to remind everybody that my brilliant talking points which kirsten disagrees with is on bill o' let us know what you think about it directly ahead, ben carson is still running. but, what's his future?
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e. personal story segment tonight. carly fiorina, chris christie dropping out of the republican presidential race after new hampshire. but not ben carson. despite getting just 2% of the vote up there, doctor joins us us now from greenville, north carolina, where he is -- as smart as you are, you see the odds, you know it's almost impossible to win the nomination. why continue? >> well, i don't believe that at all, bill. first of all, i didn't do that well in new hampshire because i knew i wasn't going to do well in new hampshire so i didn't spend much time or money there like many others who spent excessive amounts of time
5:21 pm
and money there and didn't do very well either. you have to know how to pick your battles. >> okay. >> i have picked one here in south carolina and i think things are going to go much better there. iowa, you know, i came in fourth. i think i would have done even better without the shenanigans our internal polling shows that. that's water under the bring. it's a nine inning game. >> no, no. i just want to do get your mind set -- you are being written off by many pundits, perhaps most. i want to do get your mind set. so,okay. >> the pundits -- bill, the pundits have written me off from the very beginning. >> absolutely, i'm not saying they are right or wrong i'm trying to figure out where you are and how you are seeing it. you are in south carolina and got 8 days before the vote. and you have got a big debate tomorrow night. so you have to basically convince the voters to get away from trump, cruz, rubio, bush, and kasich. all right. so it's you against six or five.
5:22 pm
five. it's you against five because you have got to take from them. so, in your strategy, is there anybody you are targeting or is there any specific thing that you're0o3,÷ doing? >> i am targeting the fact that i'm providing for the people a choice. someone who is not controlled by the establishment, someone who is not controlled by big money or special interest groups. somebody who is a member of we, the people, who believes in truth and integrity and believes that the american people should have that choice. we shouldn't have to settle for something. we should have that choice. >> now, do you have enough money to do it. v ads? are you doing tvlu ads in south carolina? >> yes, we will be doing some tv ads. >> so you have got enough money to really compete at the highest level against trump and cruz? they have lots of money in south carolina. >> we have not only money we
5:23 pm
have a good ground game and incredibly enthusiastic people are looking for a big upset. you don't have to win. in order to continue on you would have to get, i would say, in the top three? i mean, i don't know your financial situation but. >> i don't think that's going to be a problem, bill. >> really? you think you are going to be in the top three? >> i absolutely think that. absolutely, without question. >> now, on the competitive side, so you are on the stage tomorrow night. all right? and there is going to be the trump/cruz thing tomorrow night is going to get nasty, i predict. they have to go after each other, particularly cruz has to go after trump because trump has got the the big lead in the polls. there hasn't been recent polling. i'm not sure about that i predict it's going to be kind of nasty. you are not a nasty guy. you don't do that kind of stuff. what's your strategy to get attention at the debate? >> since there will only be six people on the stage it will be much more difficult to ignore me.
5:24 pm
>> they are going to try, doc. you know they will. >> i'm not going to aallow it i'm not going to allow it. >> good for you. >> i'm going to be much more boisterous, okay? i told you i was goingwbó to bring my bill o'reilly mask. i'm going to wear it. >> you do that i'm using the word obnoxious. it doesn't apply to you. you are the nicest guy in the world. it does apply to me. you will have to break in and say hey, listen, guys, i expect a couple of questions directed over here if you don't get them up top. and then if you have something to say about any of the issues you are going to have to jump in because you know that they're going to put you -- >> -- that's exactly right. >> there are a lot of black voters in south carolina, most of them are on the democratic side. are you appealing to african-americans at any level? >> yes. i just met with a large number. and we're going to have a significant amount of support there we're going to continue to work on it because what the black community will recognize when they start actually listening it to me and not listening to the people who are trying to get them to stay away from me so that
5:25 pm
they can maintain their control over them that i have the real programs that will get them out of the state of dependency that will allow them to become a part of success and the fabric of america. that will allow for much better education and the kinds of things that are ingredients of the american dream. >> do you -- you said -- i think it was to cavuto that if trump does win the nomination you would consider being a v.p. under trump. that would be kind of a wild job. >> what i really said is that i would consider it if it was somebody with whom i was philosophically aligned and which i agreed with the things that would be done. he was the one who brought in the trump thing. but i'm not looking for another job. you know, i had a very good job. i did 15,000 operations. i'm not looking just for a job, believe me. i to fix this country. >> so it's a cause and we
5:26 pm
wish you are the best, doctor. we always appreciate you coming on the factor. thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. two campaign ads polled in south carolina one because of a porn performer. the other because it's nasty. we will show you what happened. and then predictions from bolling and rivera about the upcoming south+u carolina vote. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. two powerful tv ads have been pulled in south carolina the first by ted cruz. >> has anyone else here struggled with being lied to? >> well, i vote ford a guy who was a tea party hero on the campaign trail and then he went to d.c. and played patty cake with chuck schumer and cut a deal on amnesty. >> does that make you angry? >> angry? it makes me feel dumb for trusting them. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> do you guys have room for one more? >> now, the woman who just said maybe you should vote for more than a pretty face has appeared in pornographic films, press stow. the ad vanishes. here is the second commercial. >> what kind of man talks from both sides of his talk on amnesty for illegals on national television and still denies it who took more than a million dollars in sweetheart loans from wall street banks and fails
5:31 pm
to disclose it as required by law? ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. >> now, the trump campaign pulled that ad saying they have decided to go, ready? positive joining high noon who produces some political ads. let's take the political aches at the actress. ted cruz is not casting the actors. he doesn't know who they are. how does it work. >> ted cruz would have a production company that would be doing these casting calls. and that's actually where they say the mistake happened. obviously this isn't something that you want to happen considering that ted cruz announced his campaign at liberty university and 66%. >> evangelicals. but i want to do the nuts and polts bolts of it cruz campaign or any campaign hires a production company, right? and the production company,
5:32 pm
smee, i'm going excuse me, i'm going to sneeze here, i think. production company hires actors to read lines and one of the actors has -- wouldn't the production company, when they get the resume and it goes debby does spokane, maybe they would know. >> you are right. there should be a vetting process involved. this actress was in a movie, i think, called erotic confessions. you would think that would raise some eyebrows here but, yeah, there should be a vetting involved. you want to make sure that the individuals that you are featuring in the ad have been vetted. that they don't# have a past like this. >> or they are not a cartel member or something like that. >> yeah, of course. you don't want that. >> let's just chalk this up as it was a mistake. >> which i think it was. >> would you have pulled that ard if you were advising the campaign? would you get that ad off the air? >> i think he made the right move here just because as we mentioned 66% of republican
5:33 pm
voters in south carolina are christians. they are born again christians. so, yeah, this doesn't play into the audience that he is trying to reach out to. >> on the other side, trump is going positive, what time is it? because you know tomorrow night at that debate cruz and trump, i mean, got to happen. it's just got to happen. >> you are right, bill. this is what is so funny too about it it trump's campaign manager said yes, we are goinggu'[u positive. but he didn't remove the option of potentially putting up another negative ad. i think what donald trump, you know, it's a wild ride. it's a roller coaster. who knows what is going to happen. he very well could be going positive now. as you mentioned in the debate on the attack with ted cruz and then up with the negative ad next week. so who knows? we have to wait and see. >> interesting to see if the campaign holds to the positive approach. do you believe most americans when they watch these political ads know
5:34 pm
that they're scripted to the nnnth degree and they'retj acting? do you believe that they know that or is it just a subliminal message? , i don't think so they do. you are looking at messages that have been poll tested. there is a a data side to it as well. what messages resonate with voters there are a lot of different elements in play. >> that's how chuck schumer's name got in the add. >> exactly. >> who do you despise most from republican south carolinians. chuck schumer. >> and i don't blame them. you know, i actually know the senator and in person he is very interesting guy to talk to. he really is. >> he might be a nice guy but i disagree with him on policy. >> you know, i have to deal with everybody on a equal footing. lisa, we appreciate it when we come right back, bolling and rivera make predictions about south carolina. then varney's villains moments away. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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oth. democrats february 27th. here now to handicap the races geraldo and bolling. >> i think trump will win. he was up by 16 a month ago. the last national poll he like to use. there was one that came out today that we don't like to use guess what he is up by, is of points as well. i think he should continue. those ads that you talked about last time will hurt cruz in a highly conservative, highly evangelical. >> they pulled them. >> everyone knows about them. everybody has been running. >> when we say there are polls we don't like to use that means their methodology are suspect small or been known in the past to skew their questions and so there are few that we use and a few that we don't. do you you expect them to hold hillary and trump? >> i do. i think that even though the popular governor haley scolded trump in her rebuttal to the president's state of the union address, you do have lots of endorsements of everybody
5:40 pm
but trump. trump is is a charismatic force of nature now. i expect he will carry his new hampshire momentum to south carolina and the ironic thing though is that i think that jeb bush, marco rubio, and kasich may fade. but i think you will certainly get cruz, rubio, and bush leaving south carolina with trump. on the democratic side, race will be everything. if the younger black voters stay with their iconic older generation, the legends of the civil rights movement. john lewis and so forth, then hillary will be saved by the black vote in south carolina. >> now, you just heard ben carson say he thinks he is going to come in third in south carolina. >> i don't know where he gets the vote. >> if you are a politician, you have to put that forth. >> he is a lovely man and he has a gracious nature but i think his time has passed. >> your first question was why and that was the right question. i'm not sure why we are in the green room we say we
5:41 pm
agree with you. >> i think his answer was legitimate that he feels he has a mandate to try to get his message out as much as he can. >> from whom? god? >> and if you read his books, he is very consistent. he feels that he is in this place, all right, to represent a certain amount of people that aren't represented. so that if he has enough money to go forward, he is going to give it a shot to the end. i respect that don't you respect that. >> i respect it in a brainu] surgeon and i really appreciate everything he has done. >> i respect -- >> -- even when i 'think about vice president. the g.o.p.'s need to reach minorities blacks and so forth. would you take ben carson over tim scott the black republican in south carolina. >> first of all i wouldn't pick a vice president on the basis of color. i will tell you nikki haley. >> you wouldn't september maybe. >> no, there is no maybe. i wouldn't do it. >> is race irrelevant? >> to me, it is.
5:42 pm
>> i appreciate that idealistic. >> i'm not a quota kind of guy. i pick the best person. governor hailey of south carolina wants to be vice president and might get it she will never support trump. that's not going to happen. she will stay probably neutral in this race and say okay, if somebody pulls it out i'm still viable. >> she would need jeb bush or marco rubio to earn the nomination and pick her. those are the only. >> you don't think cruz would pick her? >> no. >> not conservative enough for cruz? >> there is no win for him. if it's cruz or trump they need ohio or florida. you have two built-in v.p. candidates right there. you need both ohio and florida to win. >> pick kasich orh= the one who is not. jeb bush or rubio. >> i think cruz comes in second in south carolina. his appeal very limited to the hard, evangelical vote that 15 to 20 to 222% of the g.o.p. primary electorate. cruz will survive south carolina. i don't think he is going
5:43 pm
anywhere. i think that nasty label that trump has successfully tattooed on cruz's forehead will sustain. >> when you say wait, wait, wait. when you say that trump has tattooed a nasty label on cruz. i know trump and trump's about as nasty as can get when he is challenged. >> some people say you are nasty. i don't think you are nasty. i think that you can. >> he comes across. >> you have a harsh side. trump doesn't come across as nasty. >> come on. >> he may be cutting you where it hurts. >> you think flamboyant nastier than trump. >> reminds me of the lean and hung -- >> what do you think? >> let's stay on this question. both cruz and trump and i expect them to go after each other on saturday, can get nasty. they can. but rivera says it's not sticking to trump. do you think that's true? >> i think it does stick to
5:44 pm
trump. it's a different type of nasty. >> wait, quiet, geraldo for once in your life. go ahead. >> tough. and he can be mean. he can honest and straightforward. i think the perception with ted cruz is he is sleazy, he is cheap, he does things. this 6:45 phone call saying ben carson is going back to florida. that's going to stick. >> wait, wait, wait. this is a good point though. >> here's the point. you remember when john mccain won new hampshire. >> yes. >> and then he went to south carolina and what did you get? you got the g.o.p. operative with that ad. he gave birth to an illegitimate -- he fathered illegitimate black baby. >> just like that voter sleazy thing in iowa. >> and correct me if i am wrong, you both say that these guys are both tough guys cruz and trump. they both have the capacity to be nasty. it's a different kind of nastiness whereas trump reacts viscerally,zvvtp emotionally to people who attack him, you say it's a calculated nastiness on
5:45 pm
cruz's part. do i have it. >> yes. >> okay. >> it's a bill o'reilly/geraldo rivera. >> i beg your pardon. >> which am i? >> check your back -- check your pocket when you leave geraldo rivera.(y >> let me get out of here while i still have a program. stuart varney on deck. talk about nasty. he has his villains, varney's villains right back with it you're down with crestor. alright!
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"back of the book" segment tonight, "varney's villains," and here he is, anchor of a three-hour morning block, stuart varney. so your first villain this week,
5:49 pm
runs the state of california. >> governor jerry brown. hard to call him a villain, but i believe he's acting in a political villainous fashion. half of the driver's license issued in california last year went to illegal residents of california. 605,000. >> they can now, illegal aliens in california, can go down to the department of motor vehicles, say, i'm not here legally, but please give me a california driver's license and they get one. and the governor signed off? >> he did indeed. >> why? >> i think he's playing to the hispanic vote. not that they will vote, but there's a large hispanic population. >> you're not supposed to vote if you're not an american citizen. >> i know that very well. >> you said it's hard to call governor moon beam a villain. that means you have respect for
5:50 pm
anymore >> he's a gentle, soft character. >> isn't he subverting the immigration laws of the united states? >> precisely. that's exactly what he's doing. >> he's sworn to uphold the constitution, because he's a governor, the constitution of the united states and state of california. didn't he just violate his oath? >> if you want to push it that far, yes. >> when you swear to uphold the laws of the country, then you subvert the laws of the country because you're giving to somebody who is here illegally a privilege, and that's what it is, to drive an automobile. >> he is subverting the law of immigration, he is encouraging amnesty, he's pushing amnesty. that's the path with which he's going. that's political chicanery. >> political chicanery, very good vocabulary.
5:51 pm
let's shift over to virginia. there is a high school, glenn allen high school in henrico county where they showed this video to students. roll it. ♪ >> okay, that was part of black history month? >> that's right. >> and the message was that black students in this high school don't have a chance. >> well, black students generally are placed with obstacles in front of them in the raise of life, as you saw there. the two white runners got off to an immediate start. >> and the others they have got out of the gate. >> they do eventually get out of the gate. >> it's four-minute video, we only showed 30 seconds. >> they're bombarded with
5:52 pm
insults from the crowd, it's clearly biased. >> who produced this? >> professor luke harris, he runs the african-american policy forum. he's professor at vasser. and i think he is the villain of this piece. >> that is a college in poughkeepsie, new york. put his picture back up there. he runs this group, and the group is called again, the african-american policy forum. so he makes this video and sends it out to high schools across the country. and then the individual principal or superintendent decides whether student also see this? >> this school district in virginia, the principal said run it. >> but it's up to the individual principal of the school in >> yes. >> so the principal of the school, glenn allen high school is a villain, too. let me play devil's advocate here. what is wrong with telling students of all colors that, in
5:53 pm
the past, african-americans have been brutalized in this country. is there anything wrong with that? >> no. but this is a modern version, isn't it? this is where we look at the race situation in modern terms. >> but the theory is because of the brutality in the past, that blacks have never been able to catch up. >> yes. luke harris says, we need an honest conversation about race in america. that video is his honest conversation. >> but there are two sides to the story. >> all of the blame goes to white people and some parents who saw this said no more, please, that is white guilt tripping, we don't want it. >> thank you very much. "factor tip of the day," the voter revolt in america. the tip, moments away. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn.
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"factor tip of the day." american voters in revolt in a moment.
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5:57 pm
>> not clear to me at all, louis. we get letters complaining about bias against every candidate running. >> i treat him fairly, jack. that's how. >> i will keep that in mind, jeff. for the record, the senator has been on. we were just hoping to get him on this week in the wake of the new hampshire vote.
5:58 pm
>> lyndon baines johnson, brian. >> and we're glad we're in it, lita. thank you for watching. >> you got a deal, emile. have the president send me a letter to confirm. we'll see you may 7 in fairfax. and if mr. obama would rather see us in los angeles, we'll be there march 12. tickets make great valentine's day gifts. and happy birthday to world war ii vet jerome star, 99 years old today. growing anger among many american voters. tonight, bret baier has a special report called "voter revolt." >> all lives matter is a new
5:59 pm
racial slur. >> explain for our viewers why it's a racial slur. >> white americans have created the conditions that require a phrase like "black lives matter." do you know how it is to live in a world where i didn't have to say black lives matter? do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? >> "factor tip of the day," catch "voter revolt" 10:00 p.m. this evening. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website, which is different than and spout off about "the factor" in anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a malefactor when writing to "the factor." or something along those lines.
6:00 pm
i want to thank everybody. we're getting unbelievable ratings here. thank you very much, all you people watching us on a regular basis. and thanks again for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. with less than 24 hours to go before the final republican debate, ahead of the south carolina primary. over the past few days, the presidential hopefuls have been crisscrossing south carolina, a state not only known for its conservative, christian values, but for its rough and tumble politics. and we're definitely seeing evidence of that tonight. some of the worst of it coming from donald trump and ted cruz. as the battle between the two men gets uglier. mr. trump accusing senator cruz


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