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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 13, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

12:00 am that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you monday at 7:00 p.m. have a great weekend. it's going to be cold. happy birthday welcome to "red eye." hello, every. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show. ted cruz uses a soft core porn star for his ad. ironically they yanked it. and the 40 greatest tv villains of all time. congratulations to tom shillue for topping the list. and jim gilmore suspends his campaign for the presidency. we almost canceled tonight's taping, but we decided in true broadway tradition, the show must go on. back to you angel of the bottomless pit. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guest. joanne noah chin ski. joanne nosuchunsky. delilah. author of "liars and whores" ethan bareman. and she is my favorite thing from minnesota that isn't called "the body." and he holds the "red eye" records for the most eye roll in one show. "daily beast" washington bureau chief will ron. let's start the show. >> kanye west and taylor swift are fighting again. this is like the 30 years war, but with way more on the line. on thursday at his fashion show kanye premiered his new song "famous" which includes these lyrics. >> i feel like taylor my still have sex. i made that [bleep] famous. i made that [bleep] famous ♪
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>> we had to edit out the b-word and it rhymes with rich. spelled b-i-t-c-h. did i give you enough hipts? she said she was cool with the line, but her rep denied that report. she said she cautioned him about releasing a message with a massage nistic message. kanye said i did not disc taylor swift and i have never disced her. first thing is i am an artist and as an artist i will express how i feel with no censorship. that's admirable. i asked my wife for her blessing and she was cool with it. third thing is i called taylor and had a long -- an hour long convo with her about the line and she thought it was funny and gave her blessings. an hour long convo?
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she has the patience of a preacher. this is amazing. will, you are the closest thing we have to a hip hop artist on the panel. >> i get that a lot. lou dabbs tells me the same thing. >> what do you say about the lyrics? were they out of line? >> i don't have a problem with people hating on taylor swift? taylor swift is clearly evil. >> what? wait a minute. >> i don't want to get hyperbolic, but there is something about the whole cult of taylor swift. about. america understands what i'm talking about. kanye west, i think he believes himself when this lyric that is not about her is about her. you get the impression from kanye west who has a great understanding what he is doing moment to moment. he is not the most present person in this reality.
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>> he is living in the moment. he puts it out there. >> he might have no memory of singing that on stage. who knows what is going on in kanye's head? i am surprised she talked to him on the phone for an hour. i thought kanye would be a great friend to have except for the voicemail. you can imagine. >> will may be right. hitler was always singing about his break ups, wasn't he? >> i think that is the perfect combination of insanity and talent. he is great at what he does, but i don't think he is all there. i stopped trying to wrap my head around the logic of anything he does. he is a great producer. >> totally. 100%. >> rapping you should quit, but produce away. >> you don't like his music, but things he is involved with?
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>> it is a joke now everything comes up is more about what he did wrong. >> we are talking about him though, right? isn't that the thing, ethan? >> that's always the thing. he wants us to talk about him. but disced? doesn't he remember the grammys when he jumped up on stage when she won? he doesn't remember discing her then? and let's be honest about this. his genius is so great, you're not able to recognize what he is even doing anyhow because he is -- >> he is two steps ahead. he is playing chess and i am playing checkers. >> it is kanye west's world and we are living in it. taylor swift need to recognize that fact and thank kanye for everything he has done for her as all women should. thank you, kanye. >> they had the hour long conversation. >> how can you have an hour long conversation about a
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sentence that is like seven words long? >> i let my conversations go in a few directions. >> several. >> i mean i don't have time for an hour long conversation with kanye. i don't know how taylor swift does. if he called me, i would be like kanye, i have to go. i have a show to do. >> we need to talk about it. at the center of the arena the models were on two raised platforms showing off his new sports wear collection. they had specific guidelines on how to act. we know because the list surfaced on twitter. performance rules. quiet please. no dancing and no sing and no eye contact and no fast movements and no sharp moves. show pride. hold your position. stay in character. if you are tired sit down or lye down, l-y-e.
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act casual, do not break the rules. your behavior affects the conduct of others. be precaution. that's the golden rule. don't ever look at the jumbotron. that sound reasonable. we also have to hand out guidelines to our guests. no politicking and no filibusters and no elbows on the table. no gingers. no slouching. do not show up drunk. do not show up high. do not touch tom. no vaping. no jim gilmore rhetoric. do not mention andy's cats. do not bring up tommer's checkered -- what? do not share your pills and do not talk to andy before or
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after the show and no diving. that's really important. what did you think of this list? they have to keep them in line. >> you weren't kidding about the bring your own water rule. i actually think that is accurate. i think we break those rules all the time. >> do we fault him? >> it is clearly kanye himself against his genius. >> he was known to be extraordinarily difficult to work with. that's how it is. >> of course he is genius. he turned one story into two on our show. ted cruz's campaign yanked it off the air roll tape.
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>> has anyone else here struggled with being lied to? >> well, i voted for a guy who is a tea party hero on the campaign trail, and then he went to dc and played pat-y-cake with chuck schumer and cut a deal. >> does it make you angry? >> it makes me feel dumb for trusting him. >> maybe you should vote for more than a pretty face next time. >> did you recognize that woman in the ad saying that line? don't answer if your wife is in the room. that's amy lyndsay star of films such as "kinky sex club,"" milf" whatever that means "deviant whores""" final examination" and "the danish girl." she is not exactly kirk cameron, big deal. lyndsay says she is a christian, republican and never done hard core.
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the cruz camp doesn't care. they said if they had known about her film-ography we would not have let her appear in the ad lyndsay responded extremely disappointed. pulled the spot i had a roll in. chin up, amy lindh see. there is always "sex spa 3, the finishing." is it so bad? she is doing adult films, but people watch them. >> clearly. i had to look up the statistic. they say they are busy watching porn. according to porn hub there are 137 page views per cap paw tau in blue states versus 121 page views in red states. so maybe should have kept it
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for the family friendly. >> i am too busy having fun and doing other things. >> can you begrudge this woman? >> this is uh maisessing for her career. i say thank you, ted cruz for finding out in the background and pulling this ad. otherwise none of us would know who she is. maybe she'll take it and maybe she won't. soft core porn, isn't that what instagram is now? isn't that what social media is for? you look at these websites and you are seeing nipples everywhere. it is like, whrafer. whatever. >> it is network tv. >> i think they pulled it because it was soft core porn. she was in star trek.
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that is more than soft core porn. >> they can use it to their advantage. he is trying to court the revan gel cal vote. >> i would so much more sympathy if he setted i don't cire about her -- i don't care about her past. if she wants to come and do an ad i welcome everybody. that sounds a christian message for the people of south carolina. and it is soft core porn, but we live in a fallen world. >> have you watched hbo and these other channels? >> there are two recognizers. there is some 13-year-old because who above the age of 15 is watching soft core porn. >> people look them up. when somebody does the commercial like verizon they
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wonder. and this parody takes shot the at hillary clinton. >> damn feels good to be a clinton ♪ ♪ a poll ition it always playses the card right ♪ ♪ got a fight for the crew in the airway ♪ because a clinton never needs to explain what or with who ♪ ♪ you don't get to know what they do ♪ >> what difference does it make? >> politicians are all trying to be funny now. does it work? >> no. >> this whole spoof thing is trying to show -- it is because they are clintons they have like the authority to not have to answer to anything or say who they -- >> they are above the law. that's all they had ever to do
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is talk about who they are with. >> it is expected so it won't have impact. >> i think it had great impact. she had energy and she was youthful. kinging stuff down, that's a powerful woman i want in the white house. >> i think a lot of these attack ads and it made trump look indo sigh -- indecisive. >> i want to see the ad where he introduced comacho and prepare it to donald trump. >> i didn't understand the refers at first. >> he a prominent libertarian. >> i like office space. >> that was parodied.
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it almosts that. >> did you think this works? is this good for ted cruz? >> i have to say this has to do with ted cruz's ad. if it was just about ads cruz and sanders would be running away with it. >> do you love the bernie ads? >> the bernie ads are good. did you see the one with eric garner's kid? fantastic moving stuff. have you seen a good hillary clinton ad? and jeb bush, they are the worst. >> did you see the one where marco is dancing. >> we don't know if those are his legs. >> good point. huma is not a huger. a woman gave hillary clinton a
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hug. she had less luck when she hugged her long-time aid. can we see that again in slow motion? look at that that. she goes over to her and then watch that. she brushed her off and pushes her away. it is forceful. we have not come to the -- did we see it again? >> i don't understand why we haven't figured out who this was. >> who the person who was brushed away? >> it was not scripted by the campaign. that's why she had to shove her away because she did not script that ahead of time and it was not practiced and reherse rehearsed. >> i call her huma and you call her uma. >> i say huma. >> i think she knew there was something weird about this
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woman. >> i don't want to hug someone who just hugged hillary. get away. >> does this mean she thought something was fishy. >> it makes me love her even more. actually it makes me hateful. >> she has gumption. >> why are we mad at huma? she is a tough person. she is hillary's principal defender and we shouldn't judge. have you ever tried to hug andy levy? >> no. >> he gives off an air of don't hug me. >> yes, and it makes it more irresistible. >> i don't like hugging.
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i see a guy and say i want to shake his hand. >> that's not a stranger. i respect he pushed her off. >> i don't like hugging my mother. maybe she had a bad night and maybe she has ocd and germ phobia. >> it is making hillary not look good. her aid has wherewith all than her. coming up, a wholesome and harty defense of capitalism. what else would you expect from tom shillue?
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live from america's news
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headquarters, i'm patricia stark. the fbi is stepping in to help investigate a machete attack in ohio that left four people injured. it happened on thursday at a restaurant in columbus. police say information connected to the suspect's car registration lead them to contact the local terrorism task force who then alerted the fbi. we don't know what the information was and a motive remains unclear. the suspect was shot dead by police. police in arizona now calling the shooting death of two teenage girls at a high school a murder-suicide. it happened friday in glendale, a phoenix suburb. a weapon and suicide note were found at the scene. the school was temporarily placed on lock down while worried parent crowded nearby. it appear the two girls were very close and possibly in a relationship. the death toll from last weekend's powerful earthquake in taiwan has risen to 109. some are still missing and possibly trapped under rubble. much of the focus has been on
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a a high-rise that collapsed when the 6.4 magnitude quake struck. authorities detained the developer and two architects on negligent homicide. >> pope francis is getting a warm welcome in mexico city. he is in mexico for a five-day visit. the pontif is planning to visit several areases in mexico most affected by poverty. pope francis mida brief visit to cuba where he had meeting with the head of the orthodox church. it was the first meeting between a pope and russian patriarc after the split 1,000 years ago. i'm patricia stark, now back to the show you love, "red eye." log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox fox newschannel. espn reports the nba is
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moving one step closer to putting as on jerseys. some say it is inevitable, but that has some traditionalists upset. nba traditionalists? that ship sailed a long time ago. there is no greater american tradition than slapping logos on things. sometimes you don't even have to pay people for the right to do it. nascar, the most american of institutions doesn't leave any space unadorned with fans and it hasn't taken from the sport at all. it has ep hansed it. it has enhanced it. all you see are logos smashing into logos. it was dousing the flames off a logo covered driver. he's okay? that's a relief. now for some reason i want a flame broiled whopper. i'm kidding, of course, but only a the.
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a little. many americans prefer socialism over capitalism. everything about the private world is driven by prove fit driven companies. >> the more ads, the better. >> by the way, the whopper joke was over the line. shame on you. >> i am saying -- i get it. you are comparing a human being to meat that is -- >> no, i was saying that they put the fire out and then you see an ad for burger king on the hood of the car. >> you're lying. >> fans of the show know i love sports. i love basketball and i love seeing them put the ball in the basket. the jersey should be a solid
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color and there is no name. every team gets a different color and that's it. you are the nba traditionalist. >> it should look like 1950s basketball. >> they have a lot of space on the ion uniforms. it is not like when i played the shorts go to here. now they have a lot of space and they should cover it with logos. >> to be honest, the nba is a business. the traditional part i get. you are not discouraged paying over price for a ticket or a beer, you will not care logos are on the jersey. maybe it will look okay or better. imagine a bear nascar. >> it's weird. there are ads all over the course. and then you cut to these long commercials.
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>> my only earn concern is it will start to feel phony. wow, they keep eating cheerios. he is enjoying the bag of lay's potato chips. i do wonder though with the advertisers what if your team sucks and they are having an awful, awful season? does that hurt your brand? can you be like, can we get our jerseys back? we thought you would do better. >> it would help the down market teams because they will do revenue sharing. so there can be a little more. we are always looking for a way to promote the show. we can make it settle. see that? that's nice. people love steph tour re.
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let's see the back. i don't know if you need my face. >> why numbers? lose the numbers? that's old-fashioned. put a logo. >> what is the ref supposed to say who committed the foul. >> mcdonalds. >> m1,3? >> let's go to traditionalism. let's go to the slam dunk line. i'm with you. i think there is a want of ads on jersey. unless you mickey mouse is covering the jersey. that may look strange. >> capitalism disgusts me. coming up, it won't be "red eye" without a little
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andy levy. half time, next.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed with andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> hi, tom. >> how are you? >> good, good. >> you were away.
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>> kanye stuff. will, you don't have a problem with people hitting on taylor swift, and if i understood you correctly you compared her to hitler. >> just to reemphasize this point and you can't compare anybody to hitler. he is the worst guy in human history. and as joanne told me, she endorsed the theory. and the whole squad goals -- >> squad goals? >> squad goals. >> you may want to stop now. >> the tall blonde haired blue eyed people in this world domination. >> i just want to clarify. i didn't say all of that. i made actual good points. >> apparently the people are called squad goals.
12:34 am
>> i don't understand. >> i would even call it a triumph. >> of the will? >> i didn't mean to make your joke obvious. i was obvious. >> kanye is the perfect combination of talent or insanity. say anything is first thing i am an artist and as an air artist i with not look at her things. i think possibly his ego is starting to out strip his talent. >> it is a downward spiral from me. >> it has happened to me. also it is important to note because people say oh kanye is massage nighs. he hates everyone who is not kanye.
12:35 am
joanne you asked how you can have an hour long conversation about one sentence? what i thought was interesting is this is one of the things where somebody is straight up lying. there can't be a miss uppedzing here. either -- misunderstanding here. they are she said okay to the lyrics and he said they were sort of her idea. or she thought twice about it. >> she locks good in the scenario. everybody is coming to sphriew wigs. >> tom, you said the kanye song appeared of the it was a combination fashion show and album release. i wanted to make that clear. ted cruz pulls an ad with the soft war actors.
12:36 am
did you recognize it? >> me and the guys -- sometimes i talk right to the guys. you know that. >> i just think it is sexist only guys would watch her movie. >> let's talk to the movies. >> not since i was a teenager. >> do the guys watch it the. >> i never go in for that stuff. >> can we stop reneitherring to her as a porn star? the last one was a joke except for the two people who enjoy sports net like me. she is an actress who made comments. >> i do not think there are -- network tv is very dirty. i think it is ridiculous.
12:37 am
>> missed the whole -- i was going to say leave it to beaver. i also wanted to point out sex sent moo the to the er. i believe it is a a documentary to help people avoid injury. this is from one episode. a boyfriend's doorknob chore ended up in the hospital. a young couple has to be rescued after falling in a well. >> yeah, bags. >> joanne i agree this will be late for her career, but she will get hard core porn offers. >> she can't now. she has been all -- i'm just doing the soft core stuff and now she can't stop. >> i don't think i know her as well as you do. >> you said who recognized her? buzz feed broke the story.
12:38 am
>> this is going to be delicious. >> you will just backdrop. >> >> andy is wrong. >> thank you for correcting me. i appreciate it. >> why did you recognize her. >> you don't actually know when you hear the by line. let me explain it to you when you see a reporter's byline they could have gotten a tip, and be don't know who found this. >> i have a couple of writer at "daily beast" i would like to explain it to you. >> i kid. you know i am a big fan of the beast." gee the office space. i agree that this is a good ad and cruz has been making good
12:39 am
ads. this is a recreation of the office space except that the song "damn it feels to be a gangster" is not the parody in the scene. >> but it is the iconic song from the movie so people make the mental connection huma hates hugs. it wasn't a scripted moment by the clintons. except is will pointed out, this is nothing. watch the extended video that huma was making sure her boss didn't get too far away from. the woman was trying to hug her 1k3 huma actually grabs her after that and pulls her over to talk to her. >> yeah, to tell her to never do that again. >> has she ever got a talk
12:40 am
twin tweener? >> that's between the two of them. >> tom, are you watching it? >> yeah. i don't know the -- >> just asking. >> and just last week what if the team sucks? will they want to leave? >> sponsors leave if it is not successful. >> called. it. >> i thank you, andy. time to take a break. tv villains when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. pope francis landing in members mix city last night starting his five-day tour of the latin nation. his arrival comes just hours after historic meeting in cuba with the head of the russian or that you dock church. it is the first time leaders of the churches have met sips christianity split 1,000 years ago. the talks focused on christians in the middle east being killed by isis. the vatican believes the meeting is a step toward restoring relations with the church, but skeptics say it may be a way for russia to assert itself. the market is ending the down week on a high note. the dow jones closing up 300 points rallying oil by 12%.
12:45 am
the financial sector showing signs of life. the major industries were down 1%. they will have an extra day off as the market is closed for president's day. gunshots claim the lives of two teen -- teenage girls in glendora. it was apparent that it was a murder-suicide. the 15-year-old girls were found dead next to each other. a handgun and suicide note was nearby. they believe the sophomores were close friends and in a relationship. and it took 70 years, but a long lost war medal has been returned to its rightful place in southern california. his purple heart was found at a thrift store and finally returned to the family. the group that found it, purple hearts united, recovers lost medal before they are sold on-line. he is excited to have the medal and learn about his
12:46 am
uncle's heroic past. now back to twitter fan favorite "red eye." go to fox ♪ who are the greatest tv villains of all time? "rolling stone" came up with a list. and like everything they publish i trust it. notable no good characters, skeletor, neuman, jrewing and here is the top 10, cat woman. the borg from star track, the next generation. mr. burns from simpson is, gus from breaking bad. al swearingen. lou daabs from loudaabs.
12:47 am
and benjamin linus from "lost." that was the guy with the glasses. >> i didn't even consider him a villain. some of these people were not villains. who was on the list you thought should make it? >> ross from friends off the top of my head. there was something not right there, something not spoken. remember when he brought that ape into the mix? the agent of chaos he stole from the jungles. it is villainous. >> i feel like when friends started he was the man and he was pushed aside. did you get that sense? >> i always thought he was a dork. did you like chandler instead? >> he has a third nipple. >> riley thought he was the most talented.
12:48 am
let's stalk about the villain. >> king jofrey and game "game of thrones" is a good show. jofrrey was a horrible person. by the way there are a dozen more of those we can pick. >> they are really, really bad. filleting human skin from people who are alive. there are a lot of bad characters. >> who didn't make the villain's list. you don't even remember jr. i knew two people on the list. three including lou dabs. i watch too many sitcoms and reality tv, but you need villas. even in reality tv shows the editors make certain people out to be the villain because viewers want to see that and they want to see the drama.
12:49 am
>> they didn't include reality stars. they should have. richard hatch from "survivor" he was the first survivor and he is a villain. never saw it of the -- never saw it. we love our villains in our world. >> i am like breaking bad. >> he was a drug dealer. who could you tell who the villain was? >> that's insicive. >> we love anti-heros. it comes from tony soprano. >> do you think it starts at the sopranos? i think it goes back to joe namath? fur coats and pan tee hose. he was a sports anti-hero.
12:50 am
>> he starts off like that. >> i am exhausted with the anti-heros. can we move past anti-heros and have eros again? something to look up to. >> we need a hero and we will close things out with a bedtime story
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it cooperate -- it couldn't happen again, right? that's the slogan of titanic 2. the ship is an exact replica of the original ocean liner that sunk in 1912 after being attacked by a giant octopus. the titanic 2 will have modern features, but everything else is true to the original including the grand staircase and the turkish bath and of course billy zane. inevitably passengers will rush to recreate the scene of jack and roast on the bow of the ship which may not be a good thing. everyone will be up front, right? do you think this is a good idea? would you ride this boat? >> i am not really a cruise guy.
12:55 am
it is probably safe. you can't man something else will go that wrong. if something terrible happens to you while you are on the titanic 2, that's kind of on you. you are the one who decided to tempt fate there. >> people want to take risks. one change they should make? more life boats. >> i don't think it will matter. it will -- if something happens everyone will already have it on youtube of video with the ship going down. ethan? >> yes, billy jie. would you ride titanic 2? >> i am not interested in getting on a ship called titanic 2 especially showing the cruiseships with 100-foot waves and the pa is yes, sirs thrown about. >> it wasn't that bad.
12:56 am
i have a friend who works for the cruises and it wasn't that bad. >> was crore friend on that cruise? >> no, but he is the port person. they refunded every 100% and everyone in the future gets 50% off a royal caribbean cruise in the future. >> they gave their money back -- >> only part of the ship was ruined. >> they didn't even give them a free cruise, but it is half price. >> and there is pre -- there is a wonderful organization that worked so hard. you said you are not a cruise person, why? i am afraid of the diseases on there. >> the diseases and i don't understand the attraction of any of it. i would like to just go to an island and stay there. >> you go to multiple islands. >> yeah, and you have no control.
12:57 am
>> i don't want to harp too much on these cruises. it sounds like a lot of fun and a lot to do. joanne nosuchunsky and will ron. that does it for me, tom shillue. and don't forget billy zane. good night.
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you're on the show. >> have a great week, every one. "special report" is up next. soft core porn, negative ads, threats of lawsuits and courting evangelicals. it is just one day for republican candidates in south carolina ahead of the nation's first southern primary. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. after several days of relentless attacks on each other, gop candidates might have been expected to play nice in south carolina. four of them were at a faith event in greenville providing sought after evangelical voters with a one stop shopping opportunity. but the whole concept


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