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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 13, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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you're on the show. >> have a great week, every one. "special report" is up next. soft core porn, negative ads, threats of lawsuits and courting evangelicals. it is just one day for republican candidates in south carolina ahead of the nation's first southern primary. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. after several days of relentless attacks on each other, gop candidates might have been expected to play nice in south carolina. four of them were at a faith event in greenville providing sought after evangelical voters with a one stop shopping opportunity. but the whole concept of turning
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the other cheek just did not seem to take today. senior correspondent john roberts starts us off today. >> reporter: good evening. from bob jones university, and even at a forum on faith and family, the candidates didn't let up on their attacks against their opponents, taking every opportunity they could to get advantage in this ever so important state. evangelicals are a huge voting bloc here. some 60% of the electorate. jeb bush wants to make sure they don't vote for donald trump. >> is anyone here worried about the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of children? i can't imagine my dad. it just -- it is just like -- not going to do it. or you know, my brother who always wore a suit into the oval office. >> though bush is running fourth here in the most recent polls, he has drawn renewed fire from donald trump. a reflection that the bush name still carries a lot of weight in
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south carolina. with george w. bush coming to campaign next week, trump felt compelled to fire a preemptive strike. >> especially getting us in that quick sand. we got in quick sand. i was against the war in iraq. >> reporter: out front by 15 points in a new poll even leading among evangelicals, trump is taking fire from all sides. his opponents, even lobby groups try on tear down his conservative credentials. >> there is nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. >> reporter: after tempering last week, ted cruz has renewed his attacks also taking aim at the loose language trump is engaged in on the stump. >> there is more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. given the amazing torrent of insults and vulgarities that come out of his mouth on. any given day, i have to admit. it is amusing. >> reporter: sometime when you fire the political musket, it
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back fires. cruz forced to take down an ad attacking marco rubio after it was discovered an actress who appears in it started in adult films. in 2012, newt gingrich proved one good request debate moment. marco rubio vowing to put his moments in the rear view mirror. >> we feel very good about our message. every debate is important. the field narrows, they become more and more important. >> reporter: back to that cruz ad for a moment. the cruise campaign is blaming the production company. they said it was not morely vetted. in a state where conservatives are so important, the irony was lost on no one. and one other note from the trail. the former virginia governor whose campaign train never really left the station has decide that had for him, it is the end of the lightning. he is dropping out.
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>> john roberts. thanks. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be back together again in about an hour as they attend a dinner in st. paul, minnesota. last night they went after each other in wisconsin. >> on a town hall after the debate. >> i want to thank you all so much. i need your help on february 27th. >> during the debate with senator bernie sanders, there was a brief but planned flare-up after clinton said her proposals would be more realistic. >> once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> second clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> fresh off a blow in new hampshire, sanders reiterated and an ican peel are sick of economy that benefits just a few. >> they want a political revolution in which millions of americans stand up. come together. not let the trumps of the world
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divide us. >> at times, clinton appeared to lift from the sanders play book. >> i want to tackle those bare grers stand in the way of too many merges right now. african-american who's face discrimination in the job market, education, housing, and the criminal justice system. >> clinton was confronted with the fact 55% of women picked sandalers. >> i have no problem with anyone making up her mind about who to support. >> and while was made of electioning a first woman president. >> a sanders victory would be of some historic victory as well. >> he added his judgment on foreign policy would avoid unintended consequences. >> i will do everything i can to make sure that the united states and our brave men and women in the military do not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in the middle east.
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>> clinton suggested sanders doesn't understand the middle east. >> this is one of the areas i've disagreed senator sanders on. trying to tend war which would be a grave mistake. >> reporter: the clinton wall mine be as solid as she originally thought. they are spending $5 million in south carolina to turn out the african-american vote and on radio ads. expect more from sanders on mysterious big money on politics. >> mike thanks. president obama was not at last night's debate in person but he was there in spirit. his name was mentioned repeatedly and his policies were a subject of considerable dispute. kevin corke looks at the white house. >> reporter: it was all secretary of state hillary clinton wanted to talk about during thursday's democratic debate. and why i am a staunch supporter of president obama's
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principal accomplishment. what we have tried to do and what president obama succeeded in doing, i don't think he gets the credit he deserves for being a president. >> 21 times clinton mentioned her support for president obama. repeatedly wrapping herself in his policies and contrasting her views with those of vermont senator bernie sanders who she suggested was disloyal to the president and ill suited to continue his legacy after he leaves office. >> senator sanders said president obama failed the presidential leadership test. this is not the first time that he has criticized president obama. in the past, he called him weak and a disappointment. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. president obama and i are friends. as you know, he came to vermont to campaign for me when he was a senator. >> clinton's critique comes from comments made by sanders in the recently released book, buyers remorse. how obama let progressives down.
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the president for his part acknowledged the unise. saying despite the country is indisputably demonstrably better today than when i took office on just about every measure, what is true is people are anxious. >> experts say by wrapping. they in the president's policies, democrats run the risk of being blamed for the administration's failures. >> i believe it is a short sighted approach that will probably not pay dividends in a general election and could well hurt. >> could hurt indeed. in fact, there are a number of people who feel like the president is backing the candidacy of his former secretary of state, hillary clinton. in fact jay carney there week said there is no doubt the president is backing her for the nomination. because he feels like she would be most effective at carrying forward what he has accomplished. >> kevin corke, thank you.
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after watching last night's debate, the newest eligible voters may have been left wondering who is henry kissinger? ? and how did he become one of the main talking points? james rosen enlightens us tonight. >> reporter: of all the attacks bernie sanders could have launched against hillary clinton, this truly came out of left field. >> she talked about getting the approval or the support or the mentoring of henryinger. i am proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. >> reporter: this left clinton spending precious time defending a fellow secretary of state who is a republican. >> his opening up china and his ongoing relationships with the leaders of china is an incredibly useful relationship for the united states of america. >> while stopping short of calling kissinger a war criminal as others have.
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blaming him for the genocide that took place in cambodia years later. >> you can see he felt really at home. there he's been on these debates on kissinger since the late 1960s. >> it is like we always said, said alex burns. this will come down to henry kissing her and eminent domain. china, palestine, north korea? the explosion in kissinger's searches suggested many of today's voters didn't even recognize the name. >> does anyone even care about henry kissinger? >> at knee, the man himself still gives speeches and publishes books. his last favorably reviewed by hillary clinton. and tworld's elite opened to him. he also remain as lightning rod. >> i would like to apologize for
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allowing such disgraceful behavior toward a man who served his country with the greatest distungs. >> ray locker is an author of 9/11on's gamble. >> henrykissing her defined the role. he helped create tkrecreate the. that reputation endures. >> were we asked for a comment, all the office would tell us is that he's traveling. a familiar state of affairs for the father of shell diplomacy. >> james rosen at the state department. please join me for the premier of a new special on the voter revolt that's gaining momentum. we'll talk on experts. people like you about what is behind this phenomenon. here's a sample with the previous hillary clinton supporter explaining why she is now voting for hillary clinton. >> what i learned about hillary,
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i wanted to like her because of the female thing. and the more information i dug up, the more i was amazed and disgusted. she is very corrupt and she lied a lot. that's it. i'm done. >> fox news reporting, voter revolt debuts at 10:00 eastern. you may have noticed during the debate, one particular subject was avoided by moderators and candidates. however, tonight we are awaiting another document dump in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the chief intelligence correspondent tells us what to expect. >> reporter: with the federal court deadline looming, the number clinton e-mails won't be known until the last minute. >> we'll be able to let all or many of you know what time we expect that release to take place. and then we'll issue whatever information or characterization we can provide. >> reporter: the remaining 3,700
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clinton e-mails will be release in the four installments starting saturday. and concluding february 29th. these are among the most complex because they contain intelligence from multiple agencies. dan mcguire spent his career working highly classified programs. >> there were a number of documents that were transmitted in an unclassified manner that were clearly classified at birth. and show this retroactive classification is a red herring. >> reporter: this 2011 hearing forwarded, kick started the fbi probe. the state department released the document without any redactions. two intelligence agencies now say that was a mistake. the e-mail contained specific information came from classified sources as well as satellite images. intelligence that included the information outside the rebel stronghold was compromised. >> it clearly does indicate two things.
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one is the level of interest the united states has in that particular region and the collection capability. >> thursday's debate moderator failed to ask a single question. the more than 1,600 classified e-mails, nor a subpoena investigation. earlier a campaign spokesman went after the state department's inspector general who was an obama poinlee. >> all i know is they have mount several different fishing style investigations since she decided to run for president. >> that was the same line of attack. notifying congress recently that jen beyond top secret was on the server. oh, what a relief it is. you would not believe what san francisco taxpayers are paying for now. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 25 in boston a freak accident that left an elementary school art teacher dead. police say a metal manhole cover
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became airborne. struck the wind shield of the woman's vehicle and crashed into a wall. they tenally weigh about 200 pounds. fox five in new york with strong winds fanning a massive warehouse fire in somerset county, new jersey. it began thursday and was still burning this morning. at least one firefighter suffered a leg injury. schools in the area were closed today. it is not clear what sparked that blaze. and this is a live look at san diego from fox 5. one of the big stories tonight, the return of a world war ii purple heart to the family of its recipient. the medal was deliver to the technician killed in germany in 1945. it was discovered in massachusetts by the son of the technician's widow. they are delivering medals to three other southern california families today.
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seven states collecting in income. at a. they to have phase those out by the summer of 2020. the president is expected to sign the bill into law. residents of the upscale southern california community of port he ranch are preparing to return to their homes tonight. a massive gas leak that spewed uncontrollably for nearly four months has finally been capped. it forced 6400 families to evacuate and two schools to close in the area. workers still need to permanently seal it with concrete. that could take several days. all day we fought the urge to introduce this next story with the pun or the turn of a phrase. we're better than that here. so we'll just say that claudia looks at how and why taxpayers in san francisco are paying good money to encourage folks to do something that is normally not encouraged. >> reporter: just blocks from the famous mission delores, what is believed to be a first in the nation.
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a public open air bathroom at one of the most popular parks. >> my first reaction was shock. >> reporter: some people can't believe their eyes, their nose -- >> it is disgusting. >> reporter: or their ears when they hear san francisco spent $15,000 on this concrete urinal. >> that no hiding it or anything where i'm standing. >> reporter: who is documenting its use in photos like these. >> there were so many people using igt last saturday that the urine was dripping over. >> reporter: it was recently installed i know what other upgrades to delores park which on a sunday weekend can see thousands of visitors and had very few toilets. while no one would talk to us on camera, they said it is an alternative to peeing in the bushes and people's front yards which was all too common in the old delores park.
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may be but some say it poses a health hazard. violates privacy rights and discriminates against women and the disabled. >> this doesn't solve the problem, it is irresponsible, and illegal. the city has to change its decision or face consequences. >> reporter: they have threatened to sue if it isn't, well, eliminated. the city's attorney's office would only say they intend to give the legal theories all the consideration they deserve. translags? the very public potty is staying put. at least for now. the good news, the park now has several dozen normal bathrooms thanks to the recent renovations and vines have been planted around the screen which should provide a bit more privacy eventually. >> thank you. the owner of a columbus, ohio restaurant in which a man attacked customers with a machete last night says his eatery was targeted because he is an israeli. still, the fbi is working with police to come one a motive for
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the attack. old injured four people in the restaurant before leaving. he was later fatally shot by police after refusing to drop the machete and a knife. state lawmaker have overridden a veto of a bill making west virginia a right to work state. that means companies are now pro hibltd from requiring employees to pay union dues as a condition of employment. the governor says the law will have little to no check benefit and might lower wages. republicans say a new path is needed. ? the dow and the s&p 500 snapped five day losing streaks. the industrial average soared 314 points. the s&p 500 gauge 36. the nasdaq was up 71. for the week interesting dow lost about 1.5 percentage points. the nasdaq was down 2/3. trying to stop continue credible bloodshed in syria.
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the diplomat fails on get a cease fire. what he's settling for when we come back.
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negotiators have failed to agree on a syrian cease fire to tend civil war and it has become increasingly obvious that president obama is losing the diplomatic war. benjamin hall has the story and a warning, some of the images may be disturbing. >> reporter: just days away from a decisive victory in syria as they cut off the city of aleppo. today president obama's former ambassador was more frank tweeting, vladimir putin is winning in syria.
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and dmitry medvedev doesn't seem to disagree. he warned that any such action would result in a world war. yesterday the u.s. and russia, alongside others, held more peace talks in munich but came away only with a nonbinding cessation. they did not call for an end to the bombing which killed more than isis, al qaeda combined. secretary kerry sounded cautious. >> i want to restate the real test is clearly whether or not all the parties honored those commitments and implement them in reality. >> reporter: dozens have feared the starvation and 300 thousand more may follow. turkey says it won't let them in. it can't handle them. instead it has been building camps adding to murmurs of a
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safe zone. any such move has been denialed. but in the last few days at a meeting of defense ministers in brussels, the united arab emirates said they were willing to send troops syria days after saudi arabia made the same claim. this threat of ground forces evoked a fast response from assad who today in an interview warned other countries against intervening and said he plans to recapture all of syria and said he he would continue despite talks. ? european union countries are poised to implement new travel restrictions in the wake of refugee crisis. targeting passport free target would allow some nations to keep border patrols in place for more than two years. some 2,000 people are still arriving daily on greek islands, traveling from turkey and smugglers' boats. the e.u. has been harshly critical of greece's inability to control its bored he. not even the poem can escape the
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tent cals of the u.s. presidential race. donald trump is taking on the pontiff over the trip to the u.s. border. the trip was being billed as an historic develop many and a millennial long feud. >> reporter: in 1054, the pope and the russian patriarch and communicated each other in a dispute over papal authority. today over 1,000 years later, the leaders of eastern and western christianant, both on tours of latin america, met in havana. the motivation, they say, is concern over the fate of christians. >> almost a genocide is happening very quietly and the meeting, hopefully will bring some attention to the situation of christians in the middle east. >> reporter: russia's orthodox church leadership has been criticized for its ties to the russian government.
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the tension come over russia's military activity in ukraine and syria. the russians deny there is any political message. >> translator: this is a meeting of two church leaders and there is no politics in this meeting. trying to find 30th is pointless. >> reporter: from cuba the poem goes to mexico where he will perform mass at the u.s. bored he. >> the pope is a very political person. i think he doesn't understand the problems our country has. i don't think he understands the danger of the open border we have with mexico. >> reporter: today when the two religious leaders met, the poem hugged the patriarch and said finally, we are brothers. >> steve, thank you. breaking news, we reported that machete attack in ohio. the fbi is investigating this as a lone wolf terror attack. we said the fbi was looking into it. they believe that is what they
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may have found here. we'll follow up on that. ? democrats debate in wisconsin. republicans prepare
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john kasich expand obama care. as a private citizen i worked hard to make sure obamacare wasn't expanded. he is proud of it. >> he served on the board of the company that was an enthusiastic supporter of obamacare. you should have resigned the board if that was the case. >> at in it south carolina ahead of the primary there. this is a time when some candidates are making a move toward trying to get evangelical voters a much bigger bloc in
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south carolina than in new hampshire. ted cruz had an ad that was airing. he had to pull that ad because of an actress in the ad because of some previous films. >> has anyone struggled with being lied to? >> well, i voted for a guy who was a teem hero in the campaign trail. then he went to d.c. and played patty cake. >> maybe should you vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> it was a gig. when i got the copy of what the campaign was going to be about, i knew it was supporting a republican candidate which is definitely what i'm doing. i have no ill will against ted cruz. i'm a middle class working girl and i had a job to do. >> some late night movies and ted cruz' campaign pulled the ad saying in a statement, the actress responded to an open casting call. she passed her audition and got
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the call. unfortunately she was not vetted. had the campaign known of her full filmography, we wouldn't have let her appear in the ad. so that's not your average friday in south carolina. >> no. and let me say, i'm a big fan of her work. i actually think this is kind of a nothing burger thing. it has become a thing, i understand why we're talking about it. but they could have run the ad. it makes me think they hike the punt. now people are running the ad for free which is sort of useful. the idea that there were going to be a lot of evangelicals who were otherwise going to vote for ted cruz except for this mess-up i find dubious. marco rubio, obviously that donald trump is in a good
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position. he said if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, i have standing for suing him for not being a natural born citizen. so some are taking the negative attack ads. donald trump is taking to twitter. >> when in doubt, sue. i think this is a, you know, ted cruz is, like in iowa. they're not neck in neck. donald trump's lead is much bigger in south carolina. but cruz is in the steady second in all the polls. he doesn't want cruz to gain in the next week and be a threat. so he is punching back at ted cruz. the real pile-up as usual is positions three through five. you look at the others. i saw a poll with rubio in third. they're close enough that that is very volatile. of those three guys, they all want to be in third place and that will be the most significant scramble. i bept cruz comes out number two
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and without many big surprises, and donald trump probably wins. it is that, who is the nontrump/cruz person that we're all wondering. >> marco rubio ahead of tomorrow night's debate. you your feedback.ion earlier. >> there are big differences between the other side and us. there are. bernie sanders is a socialist. usually when you say that, people deny it. at least he admits it. we don't want to be a socialist countries. there are dozens of social i have countries in the world. if you want to live in a socialist country, move to a socialist country. we want to be america. >> rubio's chances? >> what i think you're seeing are two spraept races going on for the republican thes. obviously cruz has something to lose in south carolina. the expectations are high. and trump showed in new
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hampshire that he can win among evangelicals. he beat ted cruz. then you have the second race with governor bush, governor kasich and marco rubio. and they're going it a. i think in a very different race right now from what's going on between trump and cruz. what you see among trump and cruz, to the extent they go after each other. i think rubio thinks that helps him. then you have rubio and bush and kasich, combined their support is greater than trump and cruz. >> dr. ben carson is still campaigning hard in south carolina and has some support in the that evangelical community. i want to head to a place we call candidate casino.
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we wanted to look back to a review of where their bets have been on the republican side. >> still a three-man race. rubio, walker, bush. why no trump? i still think that his poll numbers are largely name i.d. at this point. >> i don't think trump will be the nominee but i give him $15. it's not impossible. but i think it will be a great surprise to all of us. >> i think christie is the most undervalued guy out there. i think he has the best guy, unlike jeb bush, to catapult out of new hampshire. >> okay. you had five on him. let's see where the bets are today. fast forward. >> at long last, have you no shame? >> i for the first time ever am putting trump in the lead. 20 on rubio. to paraphrase from max, he is only mostly dead which means as
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he little alive. five on jeb and $5 to tip the maid after i jump out of my hotel window. >> the bets probably look a little different? >> i have trump at 40. cruz at 30. then rubio at 15. bush at 10 and kasich at 5. >> i also have trump ahead with 35. i should say, i have him tied with cruz at 35. but i think he is the leader. he won by 20 points in new hampshire. he has the most number of delegates. it is early but he is leading. i give rubio 30. i still think among that second race. i think rubio still has the best chance of coming out ahead. >> situations change. the house always wins. we don't vote. we'll head to the democratic side. after last night's debate, where do you put the chips for hillary
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clinton and bernie sanders. >>? i have hillary at 35. bernie sanders apt 30 and i have an unnamed draft pick at 15. i think it is possible at this point hillary doesn't make it to the nomination and neither does bernie sanders. >> i am giving hillary 60, bernie, i've raised it from 5 to 10. and biden/other is at 30. that's getting bigger. >> why is that? >> well, i think that the legal jeopardy that could face hillary clinton is looking worse and worse with the new increments of the e-mail story and more investigations. there is developments every couple days now. and i think her losses to bernie sanders and potential loss of nonwhite voters in the contest to come could really scare the people who are keeping her campaign going.
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>> i have clinton at 80. i think the democratic establishment has a lot resting on her and they don't have number. two i have sanders at 15 and i have bloomberg at 5. i think if hillary does falter, you can see him jumping in. >> charles is really lucky he is giving
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given the facts on the ground, the increase in fightind people internally within syria, you know, it's just an added sense of urgency to get that cease-fire in place. >> an allusive cease-fire in syria as the negotiations continue between u.s., russia, and others. this as the death toll continues to rise more than 400,000 in that civil war. we're back with the panel lightning round, jonah. >> other than the moral roar and all the rest, the take away is russia is winning, because russia has the force and twoil use the force to change the facts on the ground and that's how it's going to be remembered. >> a.b.? >> yeah, the russians want three more weeks0to do --
1:51 am
there is no good explanation for why they want to delay the cease-fire. they are not at the table, it's not happening. >> jason. >> cease-fire always allow the bad guys to consolidate their games. we have seen in ukraine and korea and vietnam. also emblemmat what this administration is all about. see the diplomatic process end goal itself signing a piece of paper is the goal. all the cease-fire will do is legitimize the aggression that we have seen take place so far. >> big rolling this week by the u.s. supreme court about the administration's climate change initiative. specifically emissions. the president weighing in the last couple days in conversations oh the supreme court struck down the clean power plant rule. that's not true so don't despair, people. this is essentially a legal decision to simply say hold on until we have had a chance to review the legality of it and we are very firm in terms of our legal position here. are they very firm and is this a big set back? >> it's a huge set back, bret. this is a rebuke of this administration's sort of
1:52 am
governance by executive order mode dison ren day. modus on ren day. this is how this operated the supreme court put a stop to it at least temporarily. now it will go back and states will be able to will litigate their claims. >> a.b.? >> no matter how the spins it. weight branch. congress doesn't do much to block his executive orders. the supreme court is a check on the executive branch. it's a reminder to voters and candidates that at least three justices will be named probably by the next president. >> maybe four. jonah. >> i agree with these guys entirely. the real issue is the word spin. the reason why the court stepped in here is that the e.p.a. and the obama administration have been touting this as this world historic huge revolutionary thing that's going to transform of the energy industry which you are not supposed to do through executive order. it sort of dare wanted the court to say hold on a second if it's that
1:53 am
revolutionary maybe we should take a look at it. >> winners and losers for this week. joanna, start with you. winner first. >> lord knows i'm not a fan of donald trump when it's the truth, it's the truth. he was the winner of the week. he exceeded his expectations. he didn't underperform. he had a huge turnout in new hampshire. the loadser of the week is really sort of mainstream media as typified by mark ambender who worked for hillary clinton dictated the terms of what could write in a column about a speech if he got a peek at it. this confirms for a lot of people on the right the incestuous relationship between a lot of people in the mainstream media and democratic administrations. no republican administration could ever have gotten away with this. >> winner than loser. >> my winner is john kasich who came in by less than two to one behind trump in new hampshire but he earned it the hard way. a significant victory for him. others wanted it. goes off with high favorable
1:54 am
numbers. he is a man like donald trump who is not afraid to lose. happiest of the lot. if it doesn't work out of he is going to be fine to walk away. proud of the job that he did. my loser is the g.o.p. establishment with this pileup. it just benefits donald trump. there is no alternative now. you have got rubio saying he is going to stay in possibly until a brokered of convention. the longer they stay, the better chance donald has the nomination. >> winner, then loser. >> about 1100 years agricultural better einstein published general theory on relativity. it can be detected in gravitational waves. i don't know exactly how this works. >> we tried to explain it it jonah is really smart. maybe he will explain it to us later. my loser of the week is president obama who keeps telling us how great this economy is. i would point the president to the exit polls in new hampshire, a state he won twice by the way 93% of republicans, 7% of democrats say they are very worried or somewhat worried about this economy. it shows you why no one is
1:55 am
running on obama's prosperity and to continue it because there is none. >> i'm very happy you geeked out with your winner. stay
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finally tonight your friday feedback. we asked which ones had the most riding on saturday's debate.
1:59 am
louise writes bush, he needs to look presidential instead of looking like he is trying to be senior class president. during our recap of last night'siag democratic debate, we wondered if bernie sanders could actually win the nomination. pam says no, he can't get the nomination. the deck is stacked against him with the super delegates. from oni he can if clinton is indicted and obama doesn't pardon her before the trial. then we asked you if hillary clinton will be indicted. whitney writes i believe that the fbi will recommend that she be indicted but the justice department in current administration will block it. midwest vet says she better be. people have done far less were punished much more harshly. that is just some of your friday feedback. thanks for in. that's it for "special report" tonight. fair, balanced and still unafraid. don't forget to check out "fox news sunday" this week. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders talks with chris wallace. that will be interesting. plus fox news reporting. voter revolt debuts tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern.
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repeats :00 p.m. eastern saturday and sunday. worth setting the dvr for. sets the table for this unusual election. greta goes "on the record" right now. make it a great weekend.tell us show tonight. glad to have you. i'm sandra smith. this is "the kelly file." ♪ we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> the political establishment has been taking a thrashing. >> that is not what democracy is about. that is whatt atal gar i can is about. >> and the voters are taking over. >> you need to let me speak or i will shut it down. get out of my face. >> what i learned about hillary, she is corrupt and lied a lot. that is it. i'm done. >> this hour, we'll look at how people are speaking out. >> i'm gay and i support


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