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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 13, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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saturday and sunday. worth setting the dvr for. sets the table for this unusual election. greta goes "on the record" right now. make it a great weekend.tell us show tonight. glad to have you. i'm sandra smith. this is "the kelly file." ♪ we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> the political establishment has been taking a thrashing. >> that is not what democracy is about. that is whatt atal gar i can is about. >> and the voters are taking over. >> you need to let me speak or i will shut it down. get out of my face. >> what i learned about hillary, she is corrupt and lied a lot. that is it. i'm done. >> this hour, we'll look at how people are speaking out. >> i'm gay and i support trump.
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>> i don't want to have a beer with the president. i want him to go to work, fix our country. >> and are moving this election down paths no one ever expected. >> we have socialism for the rich. we want socialism for everybody. >> white folks got to give up something. you have to actually sacrifice yourself. >> announcing to the world that the presidential race is theirs to design. >> i'm behind donald trump 100% and now donald trump is behind me. >> fox news reporting, "voter revolt." and now, bret baier. >> it's a presidential race like no other. two rebel can dates racking up huge victories in the new hampshire primary. voters are sending a clear message. this election will not be business as usual. ♪ not that long ago, the path to the white house seemed pretty straig
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straightforward. >> looked like a regular election year. it locked like you had the die nastic candidates. clinton and bush. >> i have got 40 on jeb, front-runner for sure. >> hillary clinton is still a substantial favorite for the nomination. >> i think we have had enough of the bush family. >> disillusioned with hillary clinton. >> both had the most money, the most endorsements. and for their parties, were considered relative moderates. >> most people thought it was going to be a little bit like the last sick cycle of different people, the flavor of the month rising up, ultimately cycle through and the sort of people, the mitt romneys of the world would ultimately get the no, ma'am in addition. >> on of the of that, there were a lot of republican governors whose executive experience might play well. walk herb, jindal, christie. which is perhaps why no one seemed to take donald trump who had never held office and was best known as a tv celebrity --
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>> so long. go. >> -- too seriously. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> in fact, comedians had a field day. >> hillary would be our first female president and trump would be our first mad libs president. i think that's the way it works. what is he saying? >> even when trump polled well at first, most figured his popularity was a fad that would soon fade. each time he said something outrageous, it seemed like the final straw. >> when mexico sends its people, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. john mccain, i like people that weren't captured. we'll build a wall. mexico's going to pay. complete shutdown. of muslims entering the united states. >> serious candidate would not do that. i don't see him going through with this. i think it's a stunt for attention. >> republican party is not going to nominate donald trump.
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>> i will be voting for trump. >> donald trump actually has the ability to win. >> every one of his sort of outrageous statements people would say, this will be the end of donald trump. and then he would rise in the polls. an he would do something else perceived by the political class as outrageous and people would say this will be the end of donald trump and he would rise in the polls. >> perhaps it was the take no prisoners approach. perhaps it was his tough stance on immigration. perhaps it was that the voters were fed up with politicians. whatever it was, the political class eventually realized something. to their surprise, trump was a serious candidate who had as good a chance of getting the nomination as anyone. >> the rise of trump and he's now the strongest candidate, obviously, is a phenomenon you would not have expected. and it reflects the amount of anger and the desire for a change in the republican,
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conservative approach to what's going on in washington. >> meanwhile, another anti-establishment candidate, ted cruz, opposed washington from inside washington won the iowa caucuses. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee will not be chosen by the washington establishment. >> the way to earn the title of outsider it helps if you call your own majority leader on the floor of the senate a liar. but by his own sort of demeanor and actions, placed himself outside what he calls the washington cartel. that's a clever way to go about it and we'll see if it pays off for him. >> wow, wow, wow. so beautiful. >> and then, of course, donald trump. easily won new hampshire. 2016 was not going to be like any other year. >> so fresh out here. >> on the democrat side, the results once seemed even more
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assured. there was hillary and then there was the rest of the field. most people couldn't even name them. >> today i'm formally endering the race for the democratic nomination for president. >> certainly, there's be no competition from the senator from vermont, bernie sanders. >> doesn't seem there's a sanders administration. that's absurd. >> bernie sanders while also will not become president just like donald trump will not become president -- >> we think bernie sanders is the candidate to kind of actually do the things that we care about. >> we want a socialist and we want a socialist government. >> but once again, the voters revolted. suddenly, the energy seemed to be in sanders' camp. his rallies had to turn away people at the door. while hillary had trouble fi filling halls. her popularity in the polls started to erode. week by week. so much so that sanders did what was once unthinkable. he made socialism seem
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acceptable. at least in democratic politics. >> he may win or if nothing else, the platform for the democrats will change. >> and then he essentially tied clinton in iowa and crushed her in new hampshire. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and by the way to the media establishment. >> after new hampshire, he seemed very, very seriously as he won virtually all demographic groups and if anything they're voting for the real deal, the authentic candidate bernie sanders and that explains his 20-point plus victory in new hampshire. >> experts predicted clinton would have a firewall in the south. but new hampshire made clear she can't take anything for granted. and that's why with early winners like cruz, trump and sanders, the clearest losers so far has been conventional wisdom.
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>> this anti-establishment feeling is true. i don't deny it. i think there's always a deep anxiety and may laze in the country from where obama left it. the democrats won't say it. the republicans do. this whole sense of american decline or retreat. i think is what's animating a lot of the opposition. >> going in to south carolina and super tuesday a few days after that, anything seems possible. in the year of the voter revolt. when we return, we look at how when we return, we look at how far some people have gone at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again?
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♪ >> you know, everybody's trying to be politically correct. nobody says anything. because you don't want to step on toes over you don't want to hurt somebody's feelings or you don't want to be called a racist or whatever and i think he's saying exactly what everybody wants to say. >> i'm the one that brought all the action, right? >> bob hall ms is a tattoo artist in new hampshire and a trump supporter and recently started offering free trump tattoos. business has been brisk. how many have you zun? >> 35, 36 now. >> and varied between make america great again and the actual trump head? >> yeah. we have done four or five of his face and all the rest are either, you know, we the people tattoos with let's make america great again. >> and putting on the tattoo and doing it, do you talk issues
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like what drives these people to do it? >> yeah, yep. >> what is like the most common thing? >> supportive an they want to feel like america's great again. they want to feel like they're going to be secure. that they're not going to have to worry about things happening to their kids or them. so they love the tact that donald trump says what he says. and owns it. >> one of those on the receiving end is max crowley, a trump fan who came in from massachusetts to get his free tattoo. >> i got a trump tattoo on the back of my calf an it's his portrait. >> kind of a permanent deal. >> it is. >> you're in. >> i'm in. i'm in 100%. there's no going back on that now. it's there forever. >> let's see it. >> you want to see it. >> and there he is. how about this? >> the donald. >> the donald. to crowley, the billionaire businessman represents hope for the working man. >> as a construction worker and a carpenter, work is not been
2:14 am
great. for the past couple of years it's been hard. you know? especially with a family supporting them. and as a business class kind of guy, you know, he promises a lot of good things for the future and the future is everything to me and my family. >> so now you can look at your leg and get inspired. >> that's it. absolutely correct. i'm behind donald trump 100% and now donald trump is behind me. >> bob holmes said he's never done political tattoos before. but then, he's never been so politically engaged before. do you typically vote republican? >> i don't vote at at all. >> ever? >> never voted. >> not once? >> nope. nope. this will be the first time. and i will be. and i will be voting for trump. >> can is this a voter revolt, do you think? >> i think it's a revolt against the politicians that are running
2:15 am
the country now and doing such a bang-up job. i think it's time and everybody else thinks it's time to change it. >> we are going to do something that's going to be spectacular. >> trump's message is resonating across america. which is why we went all the way to los angeles to talk with kyle kid lson, another voter going out of his way to publicly express support for trump. >> the republican party just needs to get with the program. they're about three decades behind. if not five or six decades. >> he's small business owner has gone all in for trump. and got a lot of push back. >> it was 100% more difficult to come out as a gay donald trump supporter than it was to come out as gay. >> i'm worried about -- >> the trump coming out was very public. >> hi, name is kyle kittleson and after much debate i have decided that i need to come clean about something. it's something that i've been
2:16 am
hiding for a really long time. i'm gay. and i support trump. and not in an ironic way, either. like i really support him. like i'm going to vote for him. >> kittleson put out a pro-trump video last october. >> reason number one, infrastructure. reason number two, immigration. reason number three, equality. >> there are plenty of people i would say the majority of which are part of the lgbtq community who message me and told me i was terrible, told me to kill myself. told me my family should be ashamed for what i have done. people said they'll find me and kill me. >> he finds the reaction hypocritical. >> that was eye opening for me to see how narrow minded people can be and how they will support you 100% until you do not align with them 100%. and that's silly. i have friends, i have family
2:17 am
who love bernie sanders. who love hillary clinton. it's not a big deal. >> indeed, he often debates politics with his friends. >> donald trump to me is like a joke. amy bar raszment. >> will you jump him on the stay tuned things he says on the platform? >> i was going to say they're full of [ bleep ]. i won't say that. it's true. >> i don't think he means 90% of the outlandish stuff and he knows that the media covers it. >> while kittleson gets plenty of kiss agreement, he finds there are a lot of people on his side. >> not everybody is public with their support afraid of what other people might think of them. >> though kittleson has voted for republicans in the past he doesn't want any party to think what vote for granted. >> i'm more interested in who can do the best job abe so if that're a democrat i will vote for 'em. if they're republican, i will vote for them. >> as we have just seen some people are willing to go the extra mile to show how much they support donald trump. but the same can be said for
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the mania for bernie sanders has already proven to be one of the biggest shockers of the election season. could he really go all the way? if you look at how far his followers gotten him up to this point, with the enthusiasm verging on hysteria, let's just say it would be wise not to rule anything out. >> it is fair to say that the average person does not perceive that the democratic party -- >> pundits dismissed bernie sanders as a joke. >> a lot of the media looked at us and said, well, this is interesting but obviously this is a fringe campaign.
2:22 am
>> but if it's a joke, hillary clinton is no longer laughing. >> we want a socialist an we want a socialist government. >> eric wimer is a senior at columbia university and one of the many enthusiastic volunteers for bernie sanders. >> socialism isn't that dangerous a word. we want highways. we want an army to protect ourselves. if we're ever invaded. we want health care. we want social security. and we want all the common benefits. that will make our economy more equal and our government more fair. right now we have socialism already for the rich. we want socialism for everybody. >> sanders is phenomenally popular among young voters. >> my entire generation is not giving up. i'm not guaranteeing rainbows and happiness if he's elected but a major step and it will be the kind of election we haven't seen in our country for decades.
2:23 am
>> though at one time she was a foregone conclusion, voters have been fleeing hillary clinton. >> we both used to support hillary clinton, we had ready for hillary bumper stickers and everything but maybe a year ago -- >> started to educate ourselves more about the issues. there are a number of issues both of us are passionate about, health care. >> yeah. women's rights. >> exactly. we think bernie sanders is the candidate to kind of actually do the things that we care about. >> i raised thousands of dollars for hillary. i was part of ready for hillary before. when bernie announced i immediately had to switch allegiances, if you will. i had to support bernie because he isn't taking money from wall street, he isn't doing the things that -- he isn't doing the thing that is hillary is doing. >> hillary hoped to be the comp temporary of candidates, headquarters in brooklyn in an office building that describes
2:24 am
itself with a slogan modern offices, brooklyn cool. but her message doesn't seem to have reached its target audience. >> i don't know that either. >> to be honest. >> actually i did her that. set up an office there. >> apparently bernie doesn't need to try to be hip to get the youth vote. >> i think bernie is winning on free college tuition, the boldness of a single payer health care system. bernie is saying it when it's unpop already and found a generation who fits his message. bernie's been around and unviable candidate until this new generation came into the fix. >> while bernie is doing well with millennials, one might think hillary's strength would then be found in older, middle class women. >> remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> but a lot of those women are desserting, as well.
2:25 am
>> i wanted the like her because of the female thing and the more information i dug up the more i was amazed and disgusted. she is very corrupt and she lied a lot and that's it. we're done. >> i was a feminist who worked for hillary's campaign in 2008. and now i'm all for bernie sanders. >> i went to new hampshire to speak with jet that dara, another former hillary supporter who now finds herself feeling the bern. you voted in 2008 for hillary clinton. >> yes. >> since 2008, jetta's lost her husband, a vietnam veteran to lung cancer and started caring for her sick grandson alec. >> because of your life experiences, you look at things differently perhaps than you did in 2008? >> absolutely. health care needs to be more equitable. everybody deserve it is same health care in this country. >> health care costs keep going up. she's convinced sanders is the
2:26 am
man to fix things. >> it's not just not working for me. it is not working for a lot of people and i think that's got to change. and i think that's why bernie sanders is so popular with the middle class and with lower middle class, as well. >> compared to sanders, hillary clinton is not bold enough for jetta. >> very disillusioned with hillary clinton because she wants to take things in small increments. she doesn't want to go for a changing health care to universal health care. that to me is a turnoff. i think her taking big money from big money is also an extreme turnoff to me. nobody does something for nothing. >> so on some level has the last eight years of government been a disappointment to you? >> i -- hmm. i'm disappointed in obama. personally. i don't think he was as strong a
2:27 am
president, is as strong a president as he could be or should be. >> like eric wimer at columbia, she is not bothered that bernie is a socialist. >> he calls himself a democratic socialist. i see him as a true democrat is what a democrat, he typifies as what i think a democrat should be. >> and the socialist part doesn't scare you? >> no. we have socialism now. we have medicaid. we have medicare. those are socialistic programs. >> last june she went to see sanders speak. >> i met him at a campaign even and spoke about vietnam veterans getting the short end of the stick. caretakers get nothing and i didn't need to explain it to him. he knew exactly what i was talking about. >> that touched you? >> it touched my heart. he knew my experience. and how much more can you want of a candidate? >> and so, on tuesday february 9th, jetta car row added her
2:28 am
vote to the victory for bernie sanders over hillary clinton in new hampshire. >> never did i imagine that somebody like bernie sanders would come along and say i'll do this. >> you light up when you talk about him. >> i do. i know he will be the beginning of change so how could i not? how can i snot. >> for all the attention trump and sanders have been soaking up, there's another anti-establishment figure whose success has equally mystified the political class. when we come back, we look at the insurgency of ted cruz who's made enemies within his own party and winning support from voerts because of it. and later, we ask is this the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. like the samsung galaxy s6. buy one get one free.
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hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's something you taught me. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. even this one loves them. you eat prunes? mhmm. it's true, feeling good starts with eating right. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. the victories of trump and sanders have caused political
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progress nast kay or thes to rewrite the rule book but with ted cruz another early winner we see a different sort of paradox, an anti-establishment candidate who serves as the center of power and operates inside the ruling party. yet his supporters figure this is the man to shake up washington. >> but collar. upper middle class type community. >> kevin fitz jer sald a 46-year-old patrolman in new jersey. >> demographics change a lot since i grew up here, since i've been alive it's been a very conservative republican town. it seems to be more social welfare coming in and, you know, the old guard of good, middle class, religious-type people that were stalwarts of this town passing on. >> he established the gop establishment in the past.
2:33 am
>> i have a lot to be thankful for tonight. >> i supported george w. bush before i realized he wasn't really republican and there's not really any opportunities to support anybody considering the people they've been putting up for election. >> fitzgerald sees problems ahead for the country as a whole and a republican party that can't or won't do anything. >> we have the majority and what have we done? regular republicans have abandoned their base. you keep making deals but it's driving the national debt up. they're predicting $30 trillion in the years to come. i mean, i don't see how that's being a conservative. on the cusp of socialism in this country. and giving our country over to terrorism. socialism, terrorism together probably not a good combination to have. i think if sanders or clinton get in, we're in deep trouble. i mean, i got to give sanders credit. at least he admits he's a socialist. hillary still can't come to the
2:34 am
facts and say i'm a socialist but she is. >> he does see one candidate that suits his mood. ted cruz. >> so the police officers, the last seven years of having a president that demonizes you, that vilifies you, that sides with the criminals and looters, that will end on january 20th, 2017. >> cruz fights back. the guy did a 21-hour filibuster speech to try to delay voting. reading "green eggs and ham" to his kids. willing to shut government down on principle of not passing these bad bills to put us more in debt. >> fitzgerald knows cruz isn't popular with his fellow politicians and while likability is often key to electability, fitzgerald doesn't care. >> he doesn't care if he's liked or not. he's there to do a job. i don't want to have a beer with the president. i want him to go to work, fix the economy, fix our country,
2:35 am
fix our borders, get our culture become. >> i look forward to signing that bill into law. >> no nonsense. he's got a set on him. he knows what's got to be done. i think he'll do it. if they give him the chance. >> as a patrolman, he particularly doesn't like how politicians pander to certain pressure groups. the rise of black lives matter, a group that claims there's far so much police abuse against minorities troubles him. >> i think black lives matter is just going and bullying whoever's in charge, if it's a democratic city, republican city. i would have to say, yeah, i think all lives matter. i think that the democrats will give in to them because god forbid they lose a minority vote anywhere. >> when we return, we'll talk to a leader in the black lives matter movement. can the democrats expect the same support from same support from african-americans that living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox®
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[ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? [ normal voice ] so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... [ normal voice ] ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands? we've just seen how one veteran cop feels about this election. here's john roberts looking at a group that sees the police and the government that backs them as the problem. how will the democrats response affect the election? the african-american vote is a central part of the coalition that elected barack obama in 2008 and 2012. >> black voters have voted
2:40 am
overwhelmingly for democrats in presidential elections. in recent years. so if democrats don't turn out minority voters at the same rate, that they did with president obama, i think it makes it a lot harder for them to win, to keep the presidency. >> but there are signs this time around that african-americans aren't happy and might not vote like they've been voting. the black lives matter movement started in response to a number of alleged cases of police abuse against african-americans. >> the law rebuke you, you evil people. >> my rights! >> they've been making the presence known from the beginning of this political campaign. before he dropped out of the presidential race, former maryland governor martin o'malley got a taste of their tactics last july. >> i want to hear an action republican. >> black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter.
2:41 am
>> saying all lives matter seen as offensive and he later apologized. >> that was a mistake on my part and i meant no disrespect and i didn't not mean to be insensitive in any way. >> a good move on his part. >> 24-year-old marissa johnson is a cofounder of seattle black lives matter. >> it's a new racial slur. >> explain for the viewers why it is. >> white americans created the conditions that require a phrase like black lives matter. you know what i would give to live in a world where i don't have to say black alives matter? do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? >> no, i don't. >> you have to say to other people, my life matters. and they're like, well everybody's life while you're gunned down in the street, rounded up in mass incarcerated
2:42 am
and forced into prison slavery. black lives matter is not a strong enough statement for me. right? >> black lives matter activists have disrupted several political rallies. often those of democrats. >> thank you, seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the united states of america. >> marissa's group showed up at a bernie sanders event in seattle last august. >> you need to let me speak or i will shut it down. get out of my face. >> the crowd didn't like it. >> i was going to tell bernie how racist this city is, filled with progressives but you already did it for me. thank you. >> i talked to johnson at the same stage in seattle's west lake park. >>. so you just ran up and grabbed the microphone from him. >> we ran up and started saying, hey, you are going to let us speak. >> what they were saying?
2:43 am
>> chanting bernie's name. calling for police to arrest and tase us. >> liberals. >> people at a bernie sanders rally. >> why bernie sanders? he's the far left kand date. you don't get further left than him. >> left for white folks. right? he's left for the needs and concerns of mainstream white america. >> does that suggest that democratic policies are failing folks like you? >> i think for black americans, in particular, we have to look completely outside of the system. i don't think anybody's put any policies that remotely even speak to what we're getting at. >> both bernie sanders and hillary clinton have made overchurs to the black lives matter movement. yes, they do, i'm going to talk a lot about that. >> i'm not crazy about being interrupted by anybody but i've met with a number of groups, black lives matter groups, and i think what i was sensitized to is maybe a little bit more about
2:44 am
what is going on in the african-american communities in terms of their relationship with the police. >> at this point, they're forced to do something. the democrats have always been reliant on the black vote. part of what we're doing is waking black voters up to their power. >> has the democratic party taken african-american voters for granted? >> consistently, always. always and forever. >> johnson feels it will take a lot more than is being offered so far to heal the racial divide. >> what it is going to take to dismantle white supreme sy is white folks actually got to give up something. you have to actually sacrifice yourself. you have to be willing to give up the thing that is you currently benefit from. >> the question for a candidate like hillary clinton who is relying upon minority voters in her battle against sanders may be how much is she willing to sacrifice politically? >> you can get lip service as many white people in yankees
2:45 am
stadium and saying we get it, we get it. we'll be nicer. okay? that's not enough at least in my book. now what do we do next? that's what i'm going to try figure out. >> it's heart felt concerns ant police brutality but some of its leaders not necessarily people that i would advise a candidate of either party to associate themselves with in a campaign that seeks to be inclusive and forward looking. >> but leading up to south carolina, both democrats were sounding themes that seemed targeted to the activist movement. >> we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people often african-americans shot by police officers. >> i would also add this. there are other racial discrepancies really systemic racism in this state as in others. we have to restore policing that will actually protect the
2:46 am
communities that police officers are sworn to protect. >> definitely in a tough spot i think to a certain extent labor unions, other elements of the democratic party are not quite as enthralled with black lives matter as some obviously black leaders are so it's a very delicate balance to walk and if you want to go full boro the issue, there's a backlash. >> do you think the obama coalition will come out for any of the democratic candidates the way they did for president obama in 2008 and 2012? >> i don't think either one of them have shown ed of being able to do that. people had a lot of hope back in 2008. and that we could create a certain kind of world via the presidential election and now they know that that's gone. >> taking votes for granted? republicans may face a similar problem. coming up next. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents.
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>> could be disastrous for the party, but there are signs of unhappiness. what will this mean for the election? >> we have now gone secularism that is running our country, that is running our government. it is a bitterly cold day in new hampshire. despite high winds and freezing temperatures, hundreds have descended upon the capitol building to hear reverend franklin graham, son of billy graham, speak. >> this may be the a lot of opportunity we're going to have
2:51 am
as a nation. >> graham is on the fourth stop of his decision america tour. he will travel to the capitals of all 50 states to host prayer rallies inspiring people to get out and vote, he hopes they will vote for politicians that will bring back what he says are christian values that have gone by the wayside. >> let's elect men and women that will lead this nation back to being one nation, under god. that can truthfully say, once again, in god we trust. >> i think the government is doing a lousy job. people are more hopeless. they don't feel there can be change because we've been promised things for a long, long, time. >> before starting his tour, graham made a stunning announcement. this socially conservative
2:52 am
christian leader announced he was quitting the g.o.p. , saying, quote, i have no hope for the republican party, the democratic party or tea party to do what is best for america. this is the same reverend graham that led the benediction at the convention. the breaking point, congress passed a spending bill that funded planned parenthood. >> when it comes to planned parenthood funding, what did you expect from the g.o.p. ? >> i would have expected that the g.o.p. would have pushed back. try to find some kind of compromise. i just was so disappointed that right before christmas, they didn't want to fight. they didn't want to argue. just go ahead, give them everything that they want, and let's just go home and enjoy the holidays. >> do you think that faith
2:53 am
voters have been abandoned by republicans? >> i think faith voters are taken for granted. that the republican establishment is assuming that the faith voters are going to vote for them. they assume that. it's the wrong assumption. >> i think it is. that is one of the reasons i have faith in this effort, this 50-state tour. i want to get christians, evangelical christians to, vote. i'm not going to tell them who to vote for. i want them to vote for people they see are people of faith and live out the faith in their lives. >> that is our hope. >> his message to social conservatives is to get active and hold politicians accountable for the support given to them by faith voters. >> politicians will tell you oh, yes, i'm a christian and i love god. as soon as they get into office, so many of them live a different life, and vote differently.
2:54 am
>> might it hurt republicans? >> it could, someplaces. republ our vote for granted. you've got to earn it. >> don't take our votes for granted. it echos the black lives matter movement. both have certain constituencies. democrats expect high percentages of african americans to vote for them. and if any of this support starts to seriously fray, it would be a political earthquake. it's a fact that hasn't escaped the notice of franklin graham. >> i'm not leading a campaign against the republican party. i have resigned from the republican party because i can't stand on all 50 state capitol steps and lead a prayer rally
2:55 am
for this nation and ask people to consider who to vote for without thinking is he doing this for the republican party? i'm doing this for our country. >> god be the glory. >> it is safe to say that results of this political season, so far, have put the republican establishment on notice that religious voters mean to be heard. >> do you see this election as more important than others? >> no question. because i believe there are people in washington that have the intent of changing our constitution, and i think the whole thing will be over when that happens. i think this may be the last opportunity we have, if we don't take it, and speak out. >> speak out, he has. and it seems people are listening. >> i never voted a day in my life but i'm going to register to vote this year. >> we have lost hope in our government. we have lost hope for humanity
2:56 am
and the way things are going. it's doom or gloom. >> do you see more anger in the country towards government than before? >> no question. and people are frustrated with washington. they're frustrated with both parties. i agree with them, i'm frustrated. >> so do you sense when traveling around that people are going to revolt, this time, against government? this election? >> i think this is going to be one of the most unusual elections in our country's history. people are upset, people are mad. i'm in the sure how they're going to take that out. >> it's been a wild ride and likely to get wilder. at donald trump's victory party, one of the songs played was the beatles "revolution". it was fitting. make no mistake what. we're witnessing are the seeds of a political revolution that could mean, come november, we'll be voting in a president such as
2:57 am
this country has never seen. the question now, is how badly damaged the established order will be when the dust clears. that is our show. thanks for watching. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain,
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♪ [national anthem] good morning. it is saturday, february 13th. i'm heather childers in for anna kooiman. the fbi now investigatingm@ a machete attack by a muslim refugee as a lone wolf terror attack as we hear the moments of horror. >> how many people were stabbed. >> there is like five people. noble knows who he is. he just came in and started stabbing. >> what we just learned about the suspect and why there is a chance it could have been prevented. >> republican candidates, gloves off, squaring off in south carolina. one week before that state's all-important primary as new poll numbers show the nomination could be donald trump's to lose. we have got details. >>hi


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