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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  February 13, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PST

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mean? chocolate. hersheys up 20% by this time next year. >> john. >> health care are remain a hot sector. >> valentine's day, gold man sax, doing terrible this year. you can still get in on the currency shares eta up 15% this year. >> bye. >> this video that came out from iran, showing the sailors, some crying. what do you make of that? >> i think it's disgusting. i think they're disgusting. secretary kerry should be absolutely shamed. >> donald trump ticked off after iran releases a video of u.s. sailors crying in captivity. after iranians were seen mocking those same soldiers. hello, everyone. jerry women is says why aren't
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we smacking them with new sanctions? also, ben stein and adam lashinski. you saw the bulls and bears guys, jerry, you are here. >> listen, let me tell you. we have to do something. this is a case where i don't think donald trump is wrong at all. we need to reimpose those sanctions. why? not because of the embarrassing pictures. right? we paid $1.7 billion to get four hostages back. this is out of control. this is a country that wants to be the state sponsor of terrorism for the planet. these are bad guys. >> somebody argued they became more emboldened, it was so obvious obama wanted to get the deal done at any cost. >> i have always been open minded with having dealings with iran. why is that? they have a secular population aside from the mullahs and the loon my tunes that run the show.
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the problem is the obama administration cut its deals and does its deals with the devils over there. these are bad guys, sponsors of terrorism. they hate america and our open inside, our detente with them as opposed to the detente with russia. which didn't open it up, it is different. they take our money and give us nothing in return. >> we let israeli down with this deal that starts the clock off to even getting a nuclear weapon. >> this is probably the jam of the worst policy in the history of the united states. nay hate us. they want to kill us. they begin every day session of their parliament by saying death to america.
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death to israel to think we are trusting them of building weapons of nuclear power is almost unbelievable to think that obama is doing this is unbelievable. i don't think we should start a war or do sanctions over there but we should have never ever in a million years have done that. let's call the whole show off. >> adam, after the sailors returned, initially, john kerry lavished so many much praise on the iranians. i'm not sure since these videos came out, though. >> i'm glad i have a segment i can say i completely disagree with what every one of you said up to now. first of all, ben, he didn't bow down to the mullahs. that's an unkind and unfair way of putting it. we did an important deal. now we can question that deal west virginia we got was a stand down in nuclear arms. that's important and i just want to make one last comment here
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which is that donald trump linking these videos, which are these videos are not important. the agreement, let my make my point. him making that language shows that he's behaving pet lantly. that's fine for a campaign or for a television show, but not when are you the president of the united states. >> adam, are you saying that iran isn't trying to humiliate us in the world? >> yes, i am saying that. >> thank you. >> adam, do you think their trust worthy? >> it doesn't matter if i think they're trust worthy. i don't care if they try to humiliate us. there are far more important things. >> duping they're trust worthy about the nuclear deal? do you think they're trust worthy about the nuclear deal? >> i think that we have the place and the opportunity to -- >> gary k, it's interesting that adam feels this strongly about this because i think many people
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believe this was a mistake going in. it's only been compounded since we signed the dotted line. >> look we have done deals in the past when people hated us. the issue there is nothing in this for us. you end up with tens of billions of dollars john kerry said they will put something out of terror. two words when that's all said and done. these are the same types of people they hate us now. they will hate us after. >> the thing is they have already violated several provisions of this already. when do we have the guts to say, hey, let's pull the plug on them? >> they're still taking hostages taking people off the street, holding them in captivity for no reason at all. we idly sit by and do nothing.
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if only for that reason we should be taking a stronger action. >> the soviet union and the soviet chinese were more trust worthy than the iranians. we had tons of measures to quantify whether they were living up to agreements ronald reagan called russia an evil empire. iran is a disgusting country. >> ae dam. >> that is a great point. i remember sting made that. even throughout the cold war, there was a push-pull between communism and capitalism. but we never no one believes once iran gets their hands on a functioning nuke, they aren't going to use it, some thing that will be catastrophic to the world. >> let me be clear. these are bad people. the question is how do we
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conduct foreign policy? one we have an agreement in place we hope will work. two, we maintained village lance on them. so did the israelis. >> one at a time, guys. >> i think you isolate them. you impose sanctions. they are alone in the world. >> ben, here's the thing. adam was offended when you said president obama was bowing to them. i happen to think you are right. go ahead. >> he actually did bow, i think. >> for one thing being unkind on a talk show is hardly a sin. secondly, we have no idea what they're doing down there. nobody, look, they were revealing new nuclear facilities up to the last minute that we didn't know existed. we den know what they're doing. >> hold one second.
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our own administration said they have been lying for years about tear nuclear program. now all of a sudden they become nice people. they will not stay with that nuclear program because they got tens of becomes of dollars. no one emboldens them more than financial forward. >> i said the country is disgusting. it's not the country. it's that disgusting government that we're cutting a deal w. it's like cutting a deal with the nazis. it's like right up there. >> it really is. leave it right there. >> a great spirited debate. hillary and bernie promise to make more illegal immigrants legal. we are finding some illegals get free smartphones and free legal advice. guess who is paying for all of those freebies.
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and if you're a safe driver, you can save up to 45%. just a few more ways, allstate is changing car insurance for good. call a local allstate agent today. >> live from america's news headquarters. hello, everybody, pope francis officially beginning his visit to mexico with speeches to the country's political and religious leaders later today. this coming after a historic meet income cube what with the head of the russian orthodox church. this was the first meeting between a pope and russian patriarch since a splet nearly 1,000 years ago. they talk about the polite of christians in the middle east. and the feds deployed amid
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rising tensions in the north. seoul and washington will begin talks next week on deploying more sophisticated u.s. missile systems in south korea. now back to caputo on business. >> i believe that we have got to pass comprehensive immigration reforms. we have got to move towards a path towards citizenship. >> we have to get to compehencive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders, making it clear if they get to the white house, illegal immigrants get to stay. families trying to sneak across our border free smartphones. now, some lawmakers want to different them free legal advice. i guess maybe to fight deportation. gary k, how much should packs theyers be paying for? >> well, look, we should give
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them a barko loungeer and free streaming. look, it's out of hand. they call it government funded. it's not government funded. it's taxpayer funded. it's a never ending cycle. they will let anybody in any time of day off our backs. when i hear they want to give a lawyer's too i never get speechless, i think i can. >> you know, ben, europe is having and i piff my across the continent. >> big time. >> they're trying to get rid of some of these migrants. it's so wired. they have to go through a different start of baptism by fire if you will. we're not learning from that. >> well, what's happening is that this current is becoming a big family. where we all are, sometimes quarrelsome. a family into a basketball and different languages. many are hard working fine wonderful people. there is no such thing of a
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country that doesn't have control of its borders. i don't mail a billion cell phones to mexico. fine with me. having them come here and just overwhelm the sunt country that is a terrifying country. we v don't want to be a thanksgiving dinner where we bring in 100 homeless people. god bless them. i don't want them all sitting at my table. >> a phone and what about a free car? i mean, come on. here's what i see going on. isis actually becoming the extended hand of the smugglers. the coyotes. we will bring you in here, give yosong. you won't have to wear an ankle bracelet. you here illegally. it's unbelievable to me what we are giving thooem these people. >> it's nuts, economical 4ri. where is this money coming from? >> it wasn't a right wing nut in
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a welfare state. hey, a smart guy, clearly not from the right wing. ly say this, governor huckabee made an interesting point within he was running for president. he said we have to understand if they are coming here to escape tyranny and with middle east debt or torture or debt or coming here for free cable. i'm telling you, that is a big issue here. we don't have the resources, given the fact that this country has underemployment, given the fact that blue collar wages are going down. we don't have the resources to integrate ga zillions of people and poor people. >> once you start having any porous borders, whether it's compassionate or not, does it send a signal out to everybody? >> you can't have open borders on a welfare state. >> adam, i know you are probably thinking we are compassion fatless or soulless, but there are several reasons why people
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are starting to think that these policies open border policies are nuts. we don't have an open border policy. we don't have a migrant problem the way the europeans do. what we have. >> you have lawyer, you will. >> what sanders and clinton said, they were echoing the comments of the radicals, george w. bush and barack obama. they said we have all these illegal immigrants and the prudent thing to do figure out the ones that should be sids, make them sid the ones that shouldn't be, send them home. >> so they can vote democratic. that's what this is all about. >> there have been a ton coming through central america over the last few months, they want to do those things for them. >> yes they have. >> there's got to be a point where it has to stop somewhere. it's getting out of control. the pictures of what's happening in europe right now. >> the way to stop would be to start by having comprehensive immigration reform. which we didn't let -- we didn't
7:48 am
let president obama do. >> it's a term i hear a lot. i don't even know what it means. >> it means passing a bill. as i said. >> a bill for what? >> george w. bush had a plan in place to give the people who had a demonstrated record of being legal and having been here a long time and having families to make theme citizens, because that's how we can move on. >> most of the country -- >> that's not what we're talking about adam with the greatest respect. we're talking about the illegals, not the legals. >> many of these people are an illegal. >> we're not talking proekting the border, controling who comes into this country. not seduceing them, putting on a red carpet, come on, everybody, come on in. disregard everything. >> charles, if i may, i know this gets to the lawyer thing is the latest thing with health care with driver's licenses, you know the question, do we want to treat these people humanely and try to figure out a way to deal with the problem or do we want to be belligerent and say, go
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home? >> sometimes do you want to destroy america? >> we are a nation of immigrants. >> adam, someone will knock on your door, you open it, you say, i'm association we can't let you in. we got to leave it there. in washington right now, some are celebrating a $55 billion government surplus. that's what we had last month. but some here say put thrown those noise-makers. one month does not make this go. we'll be right back. some of forbes say the big government programs we already have are precisely the reason our middle class is shrinking now. we debate. you decide at the top of the hour. here's to almost losing it...
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until you finally find it. light up her valentine's day with a classic diamond heart pendant. now just $399.99 each. that's $300 off! helzberg diamonds here's to love. last month's budget surplus as a sign things aren't looking
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up, but with the national debt piling up, is one month any reason to be
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you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. only in d.c. would they congratulate themselves for this. the treasury department just t reporting a federal budget surplus of $55 billion in january, but with annual deficit set to more than double in the next ten years and our national debt expected to keep exploding. gary kay says we should be crying, not cheering. explain. >> there are not enough rubber rooms for people who think that one month of accounting demagoguery is a good thing. look, the cbo, who usually is nice, came out and stated that we're headed to $27 trillion in debt which means we're going to -- and god forbid, we go to recession and revenues start to head south, it only gets worse. anybody who thinks the debt and
7:54 am
deficit situation is good news, can't help them with that. >> you just say eventually, we'll have to file for bankruptcy or something. >> people. >> i'm not as worried about it as i am for example about my wife or dog or son or myself. but i'm worried we are going to enter default and to add, if we go into recession, there's going to be a push for expanded deficit spending. that's going the make deficit even further. there's no possible way of getting out of this hole. we are in a very deep hole and i want to say this so adam will love me. the republicans dug this hole and the republicans are to blame for a very large part of this hole. >> quite a bit of this hole is dug in the last sempb years, but we are where we are, right, and now, what's the solution? >> look, you have to live within your means. president is still putting f
7:55 am
forward drn. >> what? >> h$.1 trillion and we're still spending money like we are making it. it's ridiculous. we've got to get our arms around this debt, pay it and do something else. >> what's going on in the political world. i think it's funny like the way they cherry pick this. it reminds me of hedge fund managers who look at their performance over three months. i think there's something president oba positive to be said that economic growth is picking up modestly. not great at all. >> it is? >> and the, the republicans in congress aren't holding spending, so this is somewhat of a positive thing. >> although you know what? we could say, hey, sequestration might have worked. get a sort of symbol tlas little extra cash, they want to spend it and get rid of the stuff that was working for a minute.
7:56 am
>> it might have worked. and tarp might not have worked. we never, we never will know. i'm kind of with charlie. i choose the say, hey, let's be optimistic about the fact we had a good or whatever it is and i don't disagree about the future. we have severe problems. what's wrong with celebrating. >> medals for everyone. cakes for everyone. parting gifts. gary and charlie. >> going out for a drink in five minutes. >> we've got some names to help keep your money safe going into these mad market gyrations. be right back. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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to gary. gold came out of the bare market in last week or two. i think it's got another 25%. easy. >> gld. >> xlt. a consumer staple sector fund. these will do better than other
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things in bad times. >> ben. >> spiders. hold on. it hurts sometimes, but you've got to hold on. >> i'll tell you who never hurts. david, he's next. after his big win in new hampshire, bernie sanders promising to help the poor and middle class with government programs. >> we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free. i believe in a medicare for all single payer program. we must strengthen and expand social security. >> and there were a lot more after that as well, but some saying our big government programs are exactly what's hurting the middle class and having more will make it worse. who's got it right? welcome to forbes on fox. let's go in focus to find out with steve, rich, michael,


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