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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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direction. i think it's more likely they'll go for a regional candidate, either florida or the midwest. >> and if you have your own hit or midwest, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel, thanks to all of you for watching. see you right next week. the state department releases hundreds more of hillary clinton's e-mails. we reveal what it means to the fbi investigation into a private e-mail server and the impact on her run for the white house. and then there were six. the remaining gop candidates for the president prepare for a big debate tonight in south carolina. we go on the ground in the palmetto state and ask our political panel to break down what's at stake. >> and fox news reveals a brand-new scandal at the va, this time over prescription d g drugs at the cincinnati medical center. we'll tell you what it's all abou
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about. >> good saturday to you. nice to be with you. i'm leland vitter. >> and i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. coming in just minutes ago, as the presidential candidates enter the thick of the primary season, it's a saturday document dump. after missing a deadline and being admonished by a federal judge, the state department releases the latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails from her time as secretary of state. our own kristin fisher is taking a look at them from right here in washington. hi, kristen. >> so the state department released this latest batch less than an hour ago. we're still sorting through hundreds of e-mails, but here's what we know now. of the 551 e-mails released today, 84 of them contain classified information. a state department official says those 84 documents were upgraded to classified today. that they were not marked classified at the time they were sent. but as we've been reporting for many months now, clinton's critics argue, it doesn't matter whether it's marked classified or not, classified information is classified information,
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period. and one of the first thing that jumps out in this latest release are many more e-mails between then secretary of state hillary clinton, and sid bloomenthal, a longtime friend and confidant who had business interests in libya, while simultaneously e-mailing and advising clinton about libya and many other things. on november 12th, 2012, six day after president obama had secured a second term, bloomenthal e-mailed clinton about the scandal involving general petraeus. quote, my operative on the petraeus scandal that it became a surprise that failed, forcing it public would have been the trifecta. leaks, benghazi, then petraeus, allowing romney to argue that obama had created a national security collapse. clinton responded by forwarding it to one of her top aides, jake sullivan. keep in mind, the fbi is still investigating clinton's use of this private e-mail server while secretary of state, but clinton was never once asked about that criminal investigation during thursday night's debate on pbs. the last time, though, that
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clinton was asked about it during a debate, she appeared more confident than ever. liste listen. >> i have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever. i am 100% confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out, it will be resolved >> none of the e-mails released today contain top-secret information, but the last release at the end of january contained 22 top-secret e-mails that were deemed too damaging to national security to be released. so, elizabeth, there's still a lot more information to go through in this latest e-mail dump. if we find anymore new information, we'll bring it right to you. >> kristen fisher, thank you so much. >> and for more on the latest e-mail investigation and the effect on the 2016 presidential race, let's bring in the author
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of "clinton inc." daniel halperin. the one thing that stood out to myself and katherine is the percentage of classified in this batch keeps getting higher and higher every time we get a new document dump. >> here's another point worth making with regards to the fbi investigations. the fbi has access, we believe, to clinton's entire e-mail server. what the state department is releasing are e-mails that hillary clinton has turned over to the state department, to presumably, and there was a long suspicion that some of them might have been culled and some of them might have been sent over -- might have been withheld, what she thought might be most damaging. to it could get a lot worse, at its baseline, though, as you suggest, it is already getting worse every time there's 15%. but leech one is a potential crime in terms of -- >> each time there's classified information. >> exactly. >> and what's interesting, when
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you listen to the spin, the state department puts out things on background, they put out e-mails quoting a senior state department official, in this latest e-mail they sent around to news organizations, they used the exact same words that mrs. clinton used. they said, it's important to remember that, quote, these e-mails were not marked classified at the time sent. same words, same defense hillary clinton uses. is that a coincidence? >> obviously not. there does appear to be some sort of coordination. either it's drirect or indirect. either the state department is saying, this is what hillary clinton is saying so let's try to mimic her language -- >> does it matter whether the e-mails were marked classified at the time sent, or is that spin? >> it would make it, i think, worse, and it would be a separate crime, i believe, to -- and i'm not a lawyer, but what from i understand, and the sources i've talked to, to remove the markings, nevertheless, it is still a crime to mishandle classified information, regardless of how it's marked and when she did
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become secretary of state, you sign a nondisclosure agreement and various documents that acknowledges the fact that there is a difference between classified information that's marked or not marked. >> you promise that it doesn't matter what the information says it is, you're responsible for knowing the that. what do you make of the fact that there were no questions at the last presidential debate? it got me thinking. imagine if there was 100 fbi agents looking into the republican front-runner for some possible crime. you'd imagine that that would be brought up at the debate. yet, at the latest debate there, there was not a single question to mrs. clinton about this scandal. >> it's really stunning. it's hardly ever brought up. in a way, she's shocked in an interview when somebody asks her about it. >> indignant, almost. >> seems to be upset about it. it's very strange how we're handling it as a political issue. i don't think in recent modern times, a leading presidential candidate has ever been under an fbi investigation. this seems unprecedented,
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really. and it also seems to be not such a big deal. it's very strange, but then again, i do think voters and democratic voters in new hampshire, reading the exit polls, i think they are actually taking it out on her, if you look at her trustworthy numbers, voter who is care about trustworthy, 92 to 5 are picking bernie sanders over hillary clinton. so i think voters are caring a lot more than a lot of the mainstream media, who are -- >> if voters are caring more and as we've seen this democratic race turn into what was supposed to be a coronation, it is now a real race, for lack of a better term. this is a heavyweight match. why is bernie sanders not bringing this issue up when clearly, it matters to voters out of new hampshire, that he won. >> well, he's made a political calculation it's not going to happen. we'll see if that's the case and whether that's -- you know, look, in fairness to bernie sanders, the fbi will make a decision, the justice department will make a decision, and regardless of whether bernie sanders decides to make it a big deal or not, so if he just sits
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back, relaxes, tries to unite the party around him, maybe it works out for him in the long run. it's a calculation, it's not necessarily the one you or i might make if we were in that position. certainly not the one that donald trump or plamarco rubio ted cruz is making. >> trump is already making that. interesting there are so many democrats who are now saying to me that they're nervous. they don't want to say it publicly, but they're beginning to move the chess piece ifs there is an indictment. >> they made a big bet hillary clinton would be their nominee. the entire democratic establishment wrapped around her and this is the price you're going to pay. >> we'll see how the daniel turns out. daniel halperin, great reporting. we'll have you back. thanks. >> thank you. >> liz? the 2016 presidential field is shrinking on the republican side, but the race remains far from clear. there are six gop candidates still standing. they're out canvassing south carolina today, before converging on greenville for
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their final debate before next saturday's primary. john roberts habz tirelessly following the candidates and joins us now from greenville with the latest on tonight's debate prep. hi, john. >> elizabeth, good afternoon. these debates, particularly when they come so close to a primary, can change the course of a campaign. 2012, newt gingrich was going down in a polls, then two days before the primary, he turned things around and won south carolina. and as marco rubio discovered in new hampshire last week, things can quickly go the other way. for the last few days, marco rubio has been far more aggressive on the stump, taking on his competitors. he's also been far more free-wielding at those events, also in availabilities with the media, talking more extemporaneously, taking literally every question under the sun on his campaign train on the way down here. onboard his campaign bus yesterday, i asked rubio, how important a good debate performance is for him. listen. >> how important is it for you tomorrow night to have a good
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debate? >> they're all important. and as i said, if you look back at the seven debates we had before the other one, and even at the debate last week, we've done pretty well. in fact, some of the debates, people said i was the clear winner. we'll keep doing what i do. and we feel very good about our message and our campaign. every debate is important. and as the field narrows, they become more and more important. >> and when they're a couple of days before a primary, even a week before a primary, they're very, very important. after two days of campaigning in florida and louisiana, donald trump will arrive in south carolina, where he will stay for the duration, all the way up until next saturday's primary. on the stump, he's still staking it to both jeb bush and ted cruz. listen here. >> you have cruz. you have cruz. find out where he gets his money. no, find out, especially the evangelicals, who i love, you know, i'm leading with the evangelicals. >> now, what donald trump just said there, with i'm leading among evangelicals, absolutely true. the real clear politics average of polls has got him 17 points
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out in the lead. he also, in a new poll, leads among evangelicals. we were just watching the google trends on the board behind us as well, elizabeth. says he leads with conservatives and he leads with moderates. so watch for everybody to be taking shots at donald trump tonight, trying to knock him out of that number one position. elizabeth? >> i think you're right, we'll see some big punches tonight. john roberts reporting live. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> and be sure to tune into fox news sunday tomorrow morning to hear from two presidential candidates. chris wallace will talk to senator marco rubio the morning after he goes toe to toe with the rest of the gop candidates in south carolina and senator bernie sanders talks to chris about his victory in new hampshire and his plans to win over voters in nevada. check your local listings for time and channel. it is cold outside, even frigid, and we are learning that this cold, arctic air blast could be record-setting. >> oh, man, it's brutal.
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the trains have been mostly running on time, for that, i'm really grateful. you know, this is the sort of thing that makes me want to move back south. >> doesn't it make us all? meteorologist janet dean is at the extreme weather center. so, do we go from it being merely uncomfortable to dangerously cold yet? >> that's a very good point. we can talk about, we're going to be snuggling tonight, snuggling up for valentine's day, but this is really dangerous cold, especially with the windchill. in some places, minus 20 to minus 40 is what it's going to feel like overnight tonight and into tomorrow. we're going to set some record lows. that's how cold it is. so you can see the -- where the cold is coming from, canada, and it's spilling all the way south across the midwest, the upper great lakes, as well as the northeast, so the windchills right now, 6 in boston, minus 6 in cleveland. 6 in d.c. but it's going to get even colder overnight tonight. so people are urged to, you know, stay indoors, keep the heat on, it's going to be
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dangerously cold. really, for the next 24 to 48 hours. and then we'll get a rebound. but for now, way below average. and it's dipping as far south as, well, the southeast. so we can't escape to the southeast, because it's still very cold there. look at the morning lows. so d.c., 10 degrees for you, 6 in detroit. in new york, 1 is going to be the morning low, and that will be a record. speaking of records, we're going to set quite a few in some of the big cities across the northeast. minus 7, that will be a record for sunday morning. providence looks like we could tie one. minus 12 will be a record in albany. 1 degree in new york. again, that's the actual air temperature. that will be a record as well as pittsburgh. this is record-setting cold. and the windchill, what it feels like, brutal out there overnight tonight and into tomorrow. minus 18 in new york. minus 29 in boston, i mean, really frigid. and as we get into monday and tuesday, we'll start to rebound. then we'll start to watch the
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potential for a big, icy mess heading into the holiday monday. so sunday into monday, watching the mid-atlantic, as well as new jersey, long island, the potential for ice, as well as accumulating snow. the exact track and how much snow and ice is still yet to be determined, leland. so people need to pay very close attention to your local weather forecast and we'll certainly keep you up to date. back to you. >> as you pointed out, at times, this goes from sort of fun in the cold to dangerous. janice dean, thanks so much. >> of course. in international news, overseas, things are heating up on the korean peninsula. the united states is beefing up its military might, temporarily employing a missile in north korea. it's in response to north korea's recent rocket launch. talks are set to begin as early as next week between seoul and washington to deploy a more sophisticated u.s. missile defense system in south korea. meantime, north korean leader kim jong-un has called the recent closing of a shared
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industrial park, which was run by the south, a declaration of war. there is now more trouble for the already-embattled department of veterans affairs. fox news learning that the agency is now conducting a formal investigation into, quote, misconduct that adversely affects the care of veterans at the cincinnati va medical center. garrett tenney following the developments and joins us now as this broke really late last night into energy. >> still a lot we're learning about this. but what we know right now is this investigation by the va inspector general is looking into allegations of misconduct by the acting chief of staff at the va medical center in cincinnati that affected the care of veterans. fox news has learned the ig is focusing its investigation on dr. barbara temic, a author rassic surgeon and acting chief of staff who allegedly prescribed medicine, despite not being authorized to do so.
10:16 am
the person she was alledgedly writing those illegal prescriptions for was his boss's wife. mary hetric is the wife of jack hetric. at this time, we don't know what the medications are or if jack hetric was directly involved in the alleged activity. however, a va e-mail obtained by fox news says that hetrick has refused himself from any and all physicians. there's a lot that still is not clear, including how the alleged misconduct impacted the care of veterans, if any veterans received the wrong prescriptions, and if the problem extends beyond dr. temic and miss hetrick. several members tell fox news the va seems to be trying to bury the story. a spokesman for congressman brad wenthrop, a member of the house veterans affairs committee, says in a statement to fox news,
10:17 am
congressman wenthrop is deeply troubled by this cryptic news and wants to know more, including who is being investigated and why, timing of the v.a.'s announcement, late on friday before a federal holiday, to suggest that the department is trying to hide this story from the public. the house committee of veterans affairs will not let that happen. we've reached out to the va inspector general and the va medical center in cincinnati for comment. we have not heard back from either of them. >> and you would think after all the problems in the va, that they would want to get ahead of a story like this. they would try to be open as they can be after all the accusations of cover-ups. stay on it and let us know what you hear. >> you got it. >> liz? coming up, just in time for valentine's day, flowers send a message of love, but that beautiful bouquet can also carry some nasty surprises. vil i'll have a report, coming up. and a young life lost. and so were the medals honoring his sacrifice. but 70 years later, a part of one man's history is finally
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found. plus, hillary clinton's feminist credentials were supposed to appeal to young female voters, so why is it they don't seem to be getting the message? we'll talk to our panel after the break. >> and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. when hillary clinton launched her campaign for the president, many thought that she'd have a lock on female voters, but then a funny thing happened in new hampshire. a 74-year-old white man won. bernie sanders was propelled to victory by not just young voters, but young female voters. so what's happening with those women, on both sides? democratic and republican? here to discuss, college republican national committee chairwoman, alexandria smith, and harvard crimson columnist, molly roberts. thank you both for joining me, ladies. molly, i want to start with you, you had a piece published on the 12th of this month. and you said, i want to be a part of history. i want a woman in the white house in 2016, but you said, most other liberal millennials don't feel the same way, why?
10:23 am
>> well, i think there's one simple, basic reason. which is that millennials want anti-establishment candidates, both on the left, and the right. that's something that bernie sanders is offering. he's preaching radical change of political revolution, in his words. and it's not something that hillary clinton is offering. in fact, to me, she represents the establishment. yes, she's a woman, but she's also a wealthy white woman, and she's one who's been at the forefront of mainstream democratic politics for decades, as part of the system that sanders is campaigning against. i also think that clinton has more of a problem with women in particular, precisely because she's a woman. if women are being expected to back clinton because women help other women, as madeleine albright said, then they expect clinton to help them in return. and they expect her to help women of all backgrounds, not just women like her. many perceive that in the past, she hasn't. >> alexander, do you agree? do you feel like women are
10:24 am
balking at the fact that they're expected to support hillary because she's just a woman? >> absolutely. if there are two things that the senator hates the most, they hate people who are inauthentic, and they also hate conformity. the idea that we have to support hillary clinton because she's a woman, that goes against the grain of a generation that's never been told what to do before. so i think that's a huge problem for hillary clinton, and i think that having these female sergeants go out on the trail to try to stump for her and to try to shame young women into voting along those lines has really not benefited her. and i think we can see that through madeleine albright, sort of writing an apology today in "the new york times" and galolo steinem apologizing as well. >> so she's pulling out the stops. you brought up madeleine albright. what is she doing wrong? >> i think her speech on the night of the new hampshire primary was a start. she acknowledged that she has a problem with young voters, and, you know, for as much as this generation hates people who are inauthentic, and they definitely
10:25 am
perceive secretary clinton to be inauthentic based on her dealings with the e-mail server, and her dealings with wall street, as much as they are distrustful of her for those reasons, they also are a forgiving generation, too. so if she really put her heart out there, makes herself more successful and talks about the issues, i think she can turn herself around with young voters. >> so molly, like you said, the message of bernie sanders is resonating with young people, so what is he touting that's so different? >> well, hillary clinton is campaigning on extending the policies of the past four years. bernie sanders is saying, no, the system is broken. we need change and that resonates with young people in particular, who are worried about what's going to happen to them after they graduate college. are they going to be able to pay off their loans, are they going to be able to get jobs, are they going to be able to afford health care? they're offering that to them for free so that's very, very
10:26 am
appealing to them. this is the first time parents think their children are going to be worse off than they are in decades. and for bernie sanders who says, yes, that's true, we need massive change, that works much better than hillary clinton saying, things are working pretty well right now. let's be realistic and tweak them. >> right. so let's shift gears. i want to talk about, obviously, the republican side. alexandria, when you look at these exit polls that come out of new hampshire, and we see trump, 37% among women, aging 18 to 29, i want to ask you, you know, what are you seeing among young republicans? are they steering away from the establishment just like the young women on the democratic side are? >> i think it's important to note, first of all, that this is a question of age and not gender, on our side. and really with all voters. this generation has gotten the worst in the obama economy. so i think that when they're thinking about voting, republican or democrat or independent, they're really thinking about who has the best ideas and who's going to be the biggest problem solver for the big challenges of our day.
10:27 am
so it's not a shock to me that in new hampshire, young voters went for donald trump. i mean, he is who he says he is in the minds of voters. and young people like people who are truthful, they like people who are honest about who they say they are. and i think that that donald trump brings that to the table. what's interesting, though, is that when you look at the exit polls from iowa, you also saw that young voters chose ted cruz overwhelmingly. of course, we don't know the results of the south carolina primary yet, but i saw one poll that has marco rubio ahead. i think it also says that the race just isn't settled on our side yet. there are a lot of candidateses from which to choose, which is a huge difference from the democratic field, where you very much had a national party who's trying to force one candidate down the throats of their voters. we have a wide array of candidates that young voters are looking at and considering very carefully. >> i'm sure we could continue this conversation, but we have to wrap it up. alexandria smith and molly roberts, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having
10:28 am
me. >> thank you. many syrian towns are now unrecognizable. just piles of rubble where entire neighborhoods once stood. now word of a possible cease-fire. but, is there any reason to trust the russians who have helped the syrians for so long? retired general jack king tells us why not after the break. plus, one week before the caucus, democrats hit nevada hard. so, can sanders keep up the bernmentum, as he faces what is certainly a more diverse electorate? at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. republicans are getting ready to duke it out in south carolina's primary next saturday, the democratic hopefuls, all eyes will be on nevada. right now hillary clinton is holding a rally to court voters at the head of the state's caucus next week. sanders is also campaigning in the state. brian llenas is following the increasingly competitive race. hi, brian.
10:33 am
>> hi, elizabeth. the democratic caucus takes place one week from today, and up for grabs, 35 delegates and momentum moving into south carolina's primary, and then super tuesday. senator bernie sanders hosting a nevada kickoff event in reno, speaking about 20 minutes ago. he went off on his usual points, free tuition at public colleges and universities, while significantly lowering student debt, and the importance of taking part in the political process. he has said over and over again, a high voter turnout will benefit him and he's trying to get that message out to new and young voters, which have helped him in iowa and new hampshire. meantime, secretary hillary clinton is outside las vegas in henderson today, a labor and canvass rally, a get out the caucus event is just about to kick off. both candidates are trying to paint themselves as a champion for comprehensive immigration reform, a crucial economic and political issued in nevada. both sparred over immigration at
10:34 am
length for the first time on this issue on thursday night. remember, nevada is the first contest in this election where the minority vote, the latino vote, is going to play its biggest role yet. about 20% of nevada's democratic voters are hispanic. that's about -- and that equates to -- there's about 320,000 hispanic voters in that state. a big contrast is for the contest in iowa, which is 93% white, and new hampshire, which is 97% white. clinton has long thoughts to have had the advantage in nevada, but the clintons are a favorite of many in the latino establishment in the community there, and her ground game in the state has been operating since last april. but this past week, the clinton camp has been lowering expectations, conceding that the race will be closer than previously thought. for one, they acknowledge that bernie is riding momentum from a big, big win in new hampshire, and the campaign is also now downplaying the hispanic vote advantage for clinton, reminding people that nevada is actually 80% white. now, sanders has a couple of
10:35 am
other events planned for today in nevada. both he and mrs. clinton will be in denver tonight at a dinner for the democratic party. so, of course, the minority vote is big in nevada and south carolina will show us where we stand on that. elizabeth? >> we'll see how it shakes out. bryan llenas reporting live. thank you, bryan. . >> no problem. to the middle east now. the russian president says her entering a, quote, new cold war. the current battleground is syria, where carpet bomb big the russians is allowing forces loyal to president bashar al assad to regain huge swaths of territory. but diplomats say they are working toward a, quote, cessation of hostilities. four-star general, jack keene, chairing the institute of the study of war, fox news analyst, joins us now. i spent about four years in the middle east, and you read cessation of hostilities, it sounds like two lies for the price of one. >> this is complete subterfuge, i believe, unless something else is going to change. but based on the facts we have
10:36 am
right now, it looks like the russians are duping us once again. why? russian air strikes are going to continue. in theory against the radical islamists, javad al nusra, but because they've always bombed the modern opposition groups who are participating in the peace process, they will continue to get bombed, because they've always bombed them. second, there's no enforcement whatsoever of the cessation of hostilities. there's no monitoring the system. and third, the reason for the cessation is because of the humanitarian catastrophe that's taken place. assad's forces are causing it. >> and they're choking off areas -- >> choking, starving areas. thousands of people are wounded that can't get to hospitals. they're trying to get relief columns there. you have to go through asod's forces to do that. there's no independent authority to make that happen. >> you can imagine some of assad's forces taking the five-finger discount on a few of the relief flights. just inspecting it here and
10:37 am
there. as you see john kerry there negotiating with the russians and being part of this quote/unquote peace process, are the russians just playing us for fools here? are they just enjoying this and doing whatever they want, like they did in ukraine? >> i think they're dead serious in terms of what their strategic objectives are. they clearly want to have a strategic influence in the middle east. syria has given the entreat for that. the need for air power was doing that for them. and clearly, they're moving strategically in eastern europe. so they really have a plan. what they are doing, and as you suggest, i totally agree with you, they are completely take advantage of the united states and the united states' leadership. i have felt for some time that they are inside the head of our president and they know that they can take advantage of him and time and time again day do. and we make deals, because we're so interested in making the deal, leland, we really don't care that the zbreents are necessary to make it successful. here's another case in point. >> and obviously, we seen what has happened with the iran deal, as well. as we shift just a little bit, so often when you think about
10:38 am
syria, you think about isis. and for so many americans, the two were intertwined the way you can't really pull apart. you were up on capitol hill, testifying about the threat of isis. is it time now to take apart and separate our anti-isis strategy from our syria/russia strategy, or do they have to be intertwined? >> well, you have to look at them separately, because of the objectives that isis is trying to achieve, they've expanded in nine affiliates, they're defending iraq and syria, they're creating followers around the world. so you have to take a look at that as an entity and go after it. and clearly, our strategy does not even come close to that. and syria is one of the most complicated geopolitical situations i think anybody that looks at this thing, it's easy to wring your hands and say, leave it alone. this is just too hard, too complicated. but the reason why we cannot leave it alone is because there are hundreds of thousands of people that are dying, and there's millions that have been displaced. and we have got to get after that and get this thing stabilized. i'm convinced that with american leadership, we can really work
10:39 am
both of these things simultaneously. >> you said two key words, that many people are saying are lacking right now, that american leadership will see things change. general, thanks so much. >> good talking to you. liz, what's coming up? >> the next big test for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, nevada followed by south carolina. so what makes these contests different from the ones before? the power of the minority vote. we'll tell you what's at stake, and for a california man whose uncle was just a picture on his mother's wall, now is so much more, thanks to getting back a piece of war hero's history. a reunion that was 70 years in the making. >> i've been seeing his face my whole life, and now holding that medal in my hand, no question it's a very deep feeling associated with that. a very powerful feeling. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus.
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a great story. a long-lost purple heart has finally made its way home.
10:44 am
private first class nolan mckinney was just 18 years old when he was killed during world war ii. 70 years later, mckinney's medal have said returned to his nephew at the family home in california. no one knows how the military awards went missing, but they were discovered at a goodwill store in albuquerque, new mexico. from there, an organization called purple hearts reunited took over and returned the medals to mckinney's family. with iowa and new hampshire behind them, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are heading into new territory in the next round of contests. they'll be facing a far more diverse electorate, where african-americans and latino voters could be the key to the nomination, or at least to winning those few states. amy holmes joins us. there is this media fascination with latinos in nevada and with
10:45 am
african-americans in south carolina, as they are somehow going to totally change the paradigm we've seen so far. could end the bernmentum a lot of folks are saying. do you think the hype over minority voters is justified? >> i think it is, when it comes to the democratic primary, and the democratic coalition that would put the primary winner into the white house. we know that democratic candidates tend to get the black vote overwhelmingly, like, 80, 90, over 90%, when it came to, let's say, president obama, and that it is crucial in the democratic primary to be able to put that coalition together. but when you mention the term diversity, and that it might be more diverse vote in nevada or south carolina, that's only one kind of diversity, racial diversity. when you look at new hampshire, bernie sanders won every single demographic, except for people over the age of 65 and people who make over 200 grand per household. so basically, every demographic, except for rich, old people.
10:46 am
>> well, that's one way to break down the cross tabs. to your point, though, in new hampshire, hillary only one non-white voters by one point. conventional wisdom was, she's supposed to run away with the non-white votes. now as we pivot to south carolina, where a huge part of the democratic electorate, the primary voters are african-american, you have both mrs. clinton and bernie sanders making this plea, if you will, really sort of extolling all their virtues and all their street cred as it relates to african-american issues. does that work in these pandering to this group, or is it something that's too little, too late? >> well, i wouldn't call it pandering, i would call it running a campaign and trying to win these very crucial votes in order to win the primary. when i look at it, what i think is so interesting with these two candidates vying for the african-american vote, is that on one side, with bernie sanders, you have the black
10:47 am
intellectuals, like coates, who had endorsed bernie sanders, other black lawyers writing op-eds. you have political elites endorsing hillary clinton. so i think it's interesting, the way that this argument and this contest is breaking down. people who are more pro-socialist on the one hand, and people who are more pro, i would say, inside the beltway on the other. >> and to your point, we're seeing that break down. juan williams, full disclosure, he's my office mate and a good friend, he wrote an op-ed in the "wall street journal" that i thought was absolutely brilliant about the issue of how both of these candidates are talking so much about issues that are important to african-americans. but he ended with this. the fierce urgency of now, to quote dr. martin luther king jr., is leading the competition to the black vote, because so many problems, from family breakdown to the dropout rate, have been unattended. the real question is whether the politicians will still pay attention once the voting is done. so as voters are beginning to
10:48 am
make their decisions in south carolina and also in nevada, to a certain extent, how does the track record lay into not just good words, but what good deeds have been followed and who benefits most from that, senator sanders or secretary clinton? >> that's always the question, isn't it, for black voters, once that vote is cast, because it's so overwhelming and so reliable, that politicians on the democratic side often forget about the black constituency, and move forward as if they weren't crucial to winning. i look at this, whether williams' column, and i would say, leland, isn't that an indictment of the obama year, that the progress has not been made on this front? and that maybe african-american voters need to look across the aisle, not only for ideas and solutions, but to light a fire under these politicians, to address these issues. you had hillary clinton now apologizing for the three strikes you're out law that was passed. it was signed into law when her
10:49 am
husband was president, and she now says that was a mistake. i would say, you know, to pander to the black votes, to use your word, but really, what have they done for us lately? >> well, and to your point, juan williams' comment was indeed an indictment of the obama years, in many ways. i would encourage anyone to go out and read it. we appreciate your time, amy. thanks for the insights. sorry we couldn't get to the fund-raising numbers and the money spent in south carolina. we'll do that next. >> next time, thank you. >> all right. talk to you soon. still to come, before those beautiful fresh flowers land in your hands this valentine's day, they get the once-over from dedicated professionals. we'll take you inside the largest flower distributor in north america, but these folks are not selling, they're searching, plucking, and shaking. we'll have that story, coming up. staying in rhythm...
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10:54 am
all in all americans will spend $2 million buying all those flowers. who is responsible to be sure those blooms aren't harbor be any unwelcome hitchhikers. this week i was on the front lines of the flower inspection at miami international airport. sifting. picking. inspecting. the fresh-cut flowers your valentine may be getting you this weekend are just 1 of more than 1 billion on u.s. soil after being grown in countries such as colombia and ecuador. but before they reach your home, they've got to be hand-approved as disease and pest-free. >> a sample is taken out of the cargo planes. they will then go through all of those samples. if they detect anything that could be harmful, they work with the united states department of agriculture to determine what it is and can the harm be mitigating through fumigation or does the product have to be destroyed. >> reporter: south florida is the hub for fresh-cut flowers being imported into the united
10:55 am
states. almost 90% of the flowers that come this time of year make their first stop right here at miami international airport. the u.s. customs and border protection agency deploys hundreds of agricultural specialists from all over the country. they're looking for smuggled illegal drugs to more than 1,400 different types of pests. some insects such as mites or beatles are as small as a pinpoint. some diseases are a little more than a blemish. >> our agricultural inspections are really very highly educated. many have masters degrees. we have some with ph.ds. they are really experts at looking for the kinds of pests and the kinds of diseases that would harm american agriculture. >> reporter: why so much work in flesh flowers are a lucrative and growing business. the cvp reports a 21% increase in process cut stems from 2014 to 2015. but if infected with pests or diseases, this booming industry can quickly turn into a nightmare.
10:56 am
>> if they can actually with some of the things you've seen cause harm to our agriculture industry. that's why these inspectors take their work so seriously. >> the national retail fed vags says that those celebrating the romantic holiday will shell out about $147 on average for gifts. they project $2 billion consumers will shell out for fresh flowers alone. they are ready to rumble down in south carolina. the six remaining gop candidates take the stage seven hours from now for what could be a crucial debate. we'll break down what each candidate has to do or perhaps not do. coming up.
10:57 am
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good saturday to you. thanks for staying with us. i'm leland vitter. nice to be with you at home. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> i'm elizabeth prann. our fox team is sifting through the brand-new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails released by the state department. this afternoon we'll have all the new details. less than seven hours until the six republican candidates for president take the stage tonight in south carolina. we'll break down the strategy coming up. and deep freeze. thermometers on the east coast plunge. we'll tell you how long millions of americans will be chilling out before any relief is in sight.


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