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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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good saturday to you. thanks for staying with us. i'm leland vitter. nice to be with you at home. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> i'm elizabeth prann. our fox team is sifting through the brand-new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails released by the state department. this afternoon we'll have all the new details. less than seven hours until the six republican candidates for president take the stage tonight in south carolina. we'll break down the strategy coming up. and deep freeze. thermometers on the east coast plunge. we'll tell you how long millions of americans will be chilling out before any relief is in sight.
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a couple hours ago the state department released the latest batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. this release comes as the obama administration is struggling to meet a court ordered deadline to get all of them out by the end of the month before super tuesday. our own kristin fisher is sifting through all the e-mails here in washington and has the latest. >> what really stands out in this latest release is that the percentage of documents containing classified information just keeps going up. that suggests that the documents contain intelligence from multiple different agencies which is likely why it took longer to review, and then subsequently release. today's release contains 551 e-mails and 84 of them, or 15%, contain classified information. a state department official says they were not marked classified at the time that they were sent but clinton's critics argue it doesn't matter what it was marked. classified information is classified information. end of story. one of the e-mails marked "classified" in today's release is from that long-time clinton
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confidant, sid blumenthal. he e-mailed clinton one day after the saudi foreign policy was almost assassinated in washington by a iranian hit squad. blumenthal e-mailed her information from "sources clowi access close to the highest level in saudi arabia." two paragraphs of that statement is redacted which is deemed too sensitive to be released. remember we can't see that redacted information but fbi investigators can. and they are still in the middle of a criminal investigation into whether or not clinton broke the law by having these e-mails on a private server while secretary of state. so here you have a presidential candidate at the center of an fbi criminal investigation and yet she wasn't asked a single question about it at thursday night's debate. the last time she was asked about it she had "zero concerns." >> i have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever. i am 100% confident.
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this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. >> as several former fbi agents have pointed out, the fbi doesn't do security reviews. they only do criminal investigations, and this one, liz, still obviously ongoing. >> kristin fisher, thank you. >> you got it. as kristin pointed out, hillary clinton escaped the democratic debate this week without having to answer a single question about the fbi investigation or her private e-mail server. chances are, though, you'll hear a dig or two about it tonight when the republicans take the debate stage in greenville, south carolina, just one week away from the south carolina primary. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is there with the latest. >> reporter: leland, good
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afternoon to you. certainly they will aen be talking about hillary clinton on debate stage tonight but they'll also be shooting arrows at each other. these debates have proven that a single moment can turn the course of a campaign. ronald reagan in new hampshire in 1988, rich perry in michigan in 2011. newt gingrich here in 2012, and marco rubio in new hampshire last week. south carolina, extraordinarily important state in the primary process. sealed the deal back from 2,000 for jeb bush and again in 2008 for john mccain. at the moment donald trump is the man to beat. he is 17 points ahead of second place ted cruz. the real clear politics average and leading among evangelicals. so watch for everyone to take it to trump tonight. their argument, he is not fit to be president. that's what ted cruz did yesterday before his appearance at bob jones university. listen. >> well, i will say there is more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty given the amazing toe ini
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of insults and vulgarities and obscenities that come out of his mouth. on any given day, i have to admit, it is amusing. >> reporter: ben carson is a candidate who really needs to make some noise tonight. after poor showings in iowa and new hampshire, if he has another one, it is going to be difficult to make the case to stay in. i asked him what his strategy for the debate stage tonight will be. here's what he toll me. >> i think what i'm going to do is make sure that i get an opportunity to weigh in on the important questions. they have a tendency to like to skip me. i'm just going to say, excuse me, i think i want to weigh in on this. if they say, no, you can't, i say, why not? >> reporter: ben carson was in the spin room here just a little while ago doing the rounds. a little extra publicity before the debate. probably a good thing. irony with ben carson, he has no problem raising money. he's raised more than any other
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candidate. he just doesn't have the poll numbers to follow that. it is somewhat puzzling for him as well. even though he will have the money to go on, it may be difficult to make the case if he doesn' next saturday. >> certainly didn't do so well in new hampshire. also have to see how that all plays out. if he decides to stay, i'll see how that plays out. john roberts, we'll check in with you again tomorrow. the south carolina primary is a key contest to win because of its unique demographics. some say that makes it a stronger indicator of how the nation will vote come election day. but given the high stakes, things could get really nasty, even a state known for its brutal and bare-knuckles political style. joining us, gibbs knox a professor at the college of charleston. he's been following politics, this primary in years back. thank you very much for joining us, professor. >> hey, happy to be here. >> why is south carolina known for its dirty tricks and smear campaigns? >> you know, lee atwater was one
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of the original people to try to get south carolina in the first in the south primary. he's the father of dirty tricks. people point to the bush fake poll where they contacted mccain supporters and said would you support mccape if he fathered an ill legitimate black child even though that wasn't true. but it's also been something democrats have done down in south carolina. bill clinton famously told obama supporters that a vote for obama was like supporting jesse jackson who wasn't considered to have a strong candidacy back when he ran as obama. so somewhere i think people get a little desperate. it's pretty quick. new hampshire and iowa are over and there's just a quick turnaround time to try to make a mark in south carolina. >> you say desperate but perhaps for good reason. winner of the south carolina gop primary has won the nomination in every contest between 1980 and 2008. so are voters there -- are their minds still to be made up?
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do candidates have a high road, a tough road this next week ahead? >> that's a great point. that's something the gop's really prided itself on. of course they went for gingrich in 2012. romney was the eventual nominee. i'm pretty blown away by these latest poll numbers though. trump at 36%, cruz at 20%. it is that fight for the third place, who's going to be, if there is an establishment candidate that comes out of south carolina. but right now cruz is trapping into evangelical voters. trump's focusing on a lot of people who are frustrated with what's going on in washington. between kasich and bush and rubio, who's going to be that third person out of south carolina. that's what i'm looking for. they're all making strong cases here, but of the three of them, one hasn't really emerged as third place right now. >> you brought up a good point on who is on top on those polls. on the heels of new hampshire,
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where voters there spoke, they spoke loud and clear, they're angry, they're frustrated. are we going to see the same headlines out of south carolina? >> i think sho. iowa, trump was up in the polls but it didn't necessarily translate into quite as strong caucus results. in the primary it did translate in new hampshire. trump's crowds are hundreds of times bigger. he'll end up going to a crowd of 4,000 or 5,000, maybe 10,000 poem and some of these other candidates may get somewhere in the hundreds. so i know that certainly we don't pick our nominee by how big their crowd is, but trump has just got some enormous crowds and it really has a lot of momentum right now. >> momentum is a big deal. my last question. would governor nikki haley endorsement be a big deal right now or not so big? >> i think sho. she's really one of the top two most popular politicians in south carolina. tim scott, our junior senator. he of course has come out behind
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rubio. haley's the last big republican endorsement that hasn't selected anybody. i do think that would make a difference. she's got a ton of national attention after the way she handled both the walter scott shooting and the shooting at the emanuel church in charleston. that's a big endorsement. i'm curious to see whether she makes a statement. i know she will be at the debate tonight. >> professor, thanks for joining us. we'll hear from senator tim scott tomorrow on the show. in the meantime, thank you so much for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. fox news alert now on a frightening attack in ohio. it is now being investigated as a possible lone wolf act of terror. police have identified 30-year-old mohammed berry as the man behind a machete rampage at a restaurant in columbus. . attack sent four people to the hospital with one victim still in critical condition. berry was later killed in a confrontation with police.
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sources tell fox news that federal authorities are now investigating whether the act was inspired by terrorist propaganda. investigators will now look into berry's background, including his travel history and obviously his computer records. hopes of securing a temporary truce in syria are dimming as syrian forces are tightening the noose around rebel-held parts of aleppo. hi, john. >> reporter: elizabeth, russia's foreign policy has said he guesses it's at 49%, 49% chance this temporary pause in the hostilities, quote, unquote, will really go into effect. other foreign officials say there is really a 50%-50% chance that will happen. one of the main reasons is the continued bombardment of syria's largest city of aleppo, as you just mentioned. now russia and syrian forces
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continue to pound rebel-held parts in and around aleppo. we've been seeing that for weeks now. syria's government says that as it continues to tighten its grip around aleppo, as mentioned, the bombing will continue as well. and it's likely, according to many, that we'll see the bombing increase by syria and also by its ally, russia. and with that, of course, continued concerns about civilian casualties. secretary of state john kerry and other foreign officials, including french officials, said at that community conference in munich that innocent people are being killed in the bombings. well, russia prime minister, dmitry medvedev, however, at this same conference said, "there's no evidence of our bombing civilians." but various human rights groups disagree with that and say that is not the case. now the plan for a cessation of hostilities, as it is being
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called, is to really allow humanitarian aid to flow into these very hard-hit areas. some syrian cities, elizabeth, have been cut off for more than a year with more nan 13.5 million people in need of aid. that according to u.n. figures like those people in the syrian city where people have already starved to death. >> very sad story. john huddy, thank you, reporting live. not sure this is news but it seems like republicans and democrats don't agree on much these days. but, in a house vote to hit north korea with new economic sanctions, believe it or not, both sides came together. really together. the vote -- 408-2. this came after north korea conducted its fourth nuclear test and then launched a missile. >> by cutle of o kim jong-un's access to the hard currency he needs for his army and his weapons, hr-757 will return us
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to the one strategy that has worked -- financial pressure on the north korea. regime. >> earlier this week the senate passed that same legislation by a vote of 96-0. it is now awaiting president obama's signature. back here in the states people are hunkering down and bundling up as half the nation plunges into a deep freeze with temperatures in many cities going into dangerous negative digits. so how long will the cold temperatures last? meteorologist janice dean is at the extreme weather center with the latest. >> hi, elizabeth. we're going to be dealing with the cold air overnight tonight, tomorrow, and then by monday we'll start to see temperatures rebound. but for now the current temperatures, single digits, teens for millions of people across the midwest, the great lakes, the northeast, and that cold air is sinking as far south as the deep south. so look at this. our departures, 20 to 30 degrees
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below average across the eastern half, while we've got 10 to 15 degrees above average across the west. we've got high pressure across the west and a trough of low pressure across the east. that's why we're seeing these temperatures diving. southward. let's look at your forecast lows. we're going to set some records tomorrow morning across the northeast. parts of philadelphia, as well as new york, up towards boston. you could flirt with record setting cold overnight tonight and into tomorrow. but again, tuesday morning, things start to rebound. we'll get more seasonable air in there. however, we will have enough cold air in place for the potential of measurable snow as we head into sunday and monday. we've got this area of low pressure that's going to develop and an icy mix across the mid le atlantic and parts of the southeast. atlanta, watching very closely monday morning, up towards the d.c. area as we head into tuesday. then we'll get all of that warm air so we could see the potential for freezing rain and ice, as well as some measurable
11:16 am
snow behind the system. so we're going to have to watch this very carefully. we could see a big storm on monday. thankfully, a holiday for a lots of folks, but certainly one to monitor and very cold overnight tonight. >> snow sounds found until you mix ice in there. thank you, janice. >> we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. still to come -- as many companies ship american jobs overseas, we're going to talk to the president of one company whose products proudly bear. stamp "made in the usa." plus, comfort and support for thousands of military veterans comes to a very unique program. we'll tell you what it is. and the republicans are ready to rumble in south carolina. we'll break down what each candidate needs to do. >> a bad incident in the beginning of this debate and it clouded everything else we talked about. i feel great about everything else we did in that debate. but that one moment is going to capture the attention. and it is on me. so we're going to make sure that doesn't happen again. (ray) i'd like to see
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now to a story we've been following. the end of an armed standoff in oregon started the beginning of a federal sweep of the national wildlife refuge. fbi officials had their first sweep of the property yesterday and said no explosives or traps were discovered.
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last four holdouts surrendered to authorities following a weeks' long standoff. land managers must get ready to re-open the area which attracts bird watchers, anglers and hunters. the one thing i can tell you from having played on that field, if you can't stand the sight of your own blood, just don't go to south carolina, because it is -- it is masked all in southern agagentility, i bare-knuckle, brutal sort of politics. >> just ask john mccain. that was former presidential candidate mike huckabee. the first in the south primary is next on the agenda, one week from today. tonight's debate is a chance for florida senator marco rubio to redeem himself after what said
11:22 am
was a lackluster performance at the debate in new hampshire. but it will also be a test of donald trump's staying power. angela, first to you. does marco rubio have a chance to get the marcomentum back or is this over? >> i like that. it's not over. rebound, yes. he needs to bring his a-game. he admitted what he did was wrong, it was his fault so it is just a temporary setback. it is not a fatal flaw. i love his new ad. he says, look, america doesn't owe me anything. i owe america a debt. doesn't that sound like john kennedy when he said ask not what you can do for your country, ask what -- whatever. pt cliche i can't get it. but you got what i'm saying. so rubio needs to come -- >> it was actually taken from
11:23 am
his prep school where the principal used to say ask not what your school can do for you, what you can do for your school. >> i didn't know that! >> i come on this program, you learn something new every day. mark, now over to you. as we look at how this is playing out in this sort of blood sport within the establishment of rubio, bush and kasich taking each other on, it's got to be helpful for the democrats in the sense that whichever republican comes out of this is going to be a little bruised and a little bloody. >> and they do play rough in the republican party, no question about it. you look at bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they're having these detailed policy debates on what they can do to best help the country and republicans are busy throwing around insults and it's -- pass a democrat, we are the serious party and the republicans are amusing though. they have more entertainment value. i'm looking forward to tonight. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens tonight keeping in mind that the establishment candidates are 0-2. cruz won iowa, trump wins new hampshire. trump is beginning to gain momentum. he's way ahead in the polls in
11:24 am
south carolina. one group is going specifically after him. the club for growth. take a look. >> there's nothing conservative about four bankruptcies. there's nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. there's nothing conservative about donald trump. >> they're spending $1.5 million on that ad in south carolina this week. angela, is this attack line on conservative about -- on trump that he's not a true conservative? does that resonate with primary voters? >> it resonates but it's so bad. i caution republicans, we don't want to replay 2012. remember, vulture capitalism? newt gingrich gave obama the commercial and the democrats won. we got four more years of not such a great president. so what republicans need to do now is not bash one another, but answer to one another, what can they do better to create a more prosperous nation. people want to know what can you do dealing with results, not what your flaws are.
11:25 am
we're all flawed. we're all human beings. donald trump -- >> you maic this point. but as we look to mark's point about the fact that you watch the democratic debate, and largely there are policy discussions. you watch the republican debate, it is a fisticuffs, bar room bra brawl kind of thing going on. why can't the republicans, for lack of a better term, get their act together and follow your advice? >> negative politics works in the short term but, mark, you're right. i rarely agree with you, but you are right. in the long term it will hurt us. we need to coalesce, leland, behind a moderate candidate. we need to co-lens against someone -- we need to co-lens and support someone that can run against the democrats that can beat the democrats. i think rubio is great. i think kasich is great. chris christie would have been great if he wouldn't have gone after rubio. but companies we can be our own enemy. >> angela is very much an establishment republican. there are lots of people like that, i understand that. i understand. but -- >> what did you just say? >> i think you're an establish
11:26 am
many republican. >> i'm not an establishment republican. >> you're an establishment conservative. the point is this. the reason why people like donald trump is not because is he a conservative or he is not a conservative. because he says things that other people don't say. that is the reason why he's getting so much support. >> is that why a lot of democrats like bernie sanders, mark, quickly? >> i think so, too. bernie sanders is not an establishment democrat. >> leland, i just have to say -- mark, what you just did, that's why you guys are going to lose. because you aren't talking about policy really. you're talking about how bad republicans are and you're moving far, far to the left. and our country's not to the left. it is going to be independents and others that will decide this election. they're not to the left. i'm not to the right. >> how far this conversation came from quoting john kennedy. angela and mark will wrap it up there. >> marco rubio is no ted kennedy. >> all right, thanks. see you soon. coming up, the south carolina primary will once again
11:27 am
put evangelical voters in the spotlight. evangelicals in iowa picked cruz. who will the voting bloc get behind in this upcoming contest? we're going to ask our political panel. plus, pope francis is keeping busy and wearing many hats, literally. during his first full day in mexico, we'll share with you his itinerary coming up. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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how's this for a wake-up call in when leaving his accommodations in mexico today, pope francis was greeted by thousands of cheering people who waited outside his residence and lined the streets for his motorcade. despite the warm welcome, the pope didn't shy away from a tough message to get the country's political and church elite. will carr has the latest of the papal visit.
11:32 am
hi, will. i'll get it out eventually. how's it going? >> hey there, elizabeth. a lot of excitement surrounding the pope's trip. some people sleeping wrought side overnight just to capture a glimpse of pope francis. the pope getting enthusiastic as well. after he met with the patriarch of the russian orthodox church in cuba, he jumped on a plane, then he put on a sombrero on his way to mexico. then when he touched down he jumped in the pope mobile. was actually a modified jeep wrangler and he drove nine miles around mexico city blessing children in wheelchairs. he also stopped to hand out rosaries to the elderly, the sick and the disabled. the pope also met with the president there who then delivered a tough speech to mexican authorities, the pope saying the future must be made up of people who are upright and honest, and he said, i'm quoting, "experience teaches us that each time we seek the path of privilege or benefits for the
11:33 am
few to the detriment of all, sooner or later it results in violence, human trafficking, kidnapping and death. "the end of this trip has generated some controversy. he'll hold a mass at the rio grande where he says he'll show his solidarity for migrants who tried to make it into the united states illegally. you can imagine, some people not taking that so well especially with immigration being such a hot-button issue during the presidential campaign season. >> will car r reporting live, thank you. donald trump just recently said he can become anyone you want him to be. he can change his views on anything. he can become the most politically correct person on earth. you know what? the voter wants someone who's telling them the truth, who's not just adopting a political position today and then something different the next
11:34 am
day. >> that's presidential candidate and texas conservative ted cruz slamming donald trump. he has done it over and over and over again. in south carolina, cruz is now hoping for a repeat of his caucus victory. a late surge and a stunning upset over donald trump who was ahead in the polls in iowa. cruz came out on top. the key to any victory in south carolina, just like in iowa, is evangelical christian voters who make up more than half of the electorate. joining is now, south carolina attorney general allen wilson. he was one of the moderators at the faith and family forum where most of the remaining candidates made appearances yesterday. we understand there is another forum coming up later this week. mr. attorney general, appreciate you being with us, sir. >> glad to be with you today. thank you. >> evangelicals were so crucial to ted cruz's victory in iowa. are you seeing that same kind of support among evangelicals for cruz in south carolina?
11:35 am
>> well, the evangelical vote in south carolina is huge. i can't emphasize that enough. certainly senator cruz has dialed in to many in the church community. but this year's different. while he's doing very well, usually by the time we get to south carolina you have two strong standout people that have kind of taken off by this point. now you got mr. trump who's kind of an outlier out in front, but you've got everyone clustered together for that second and third place position. i'm seeing kind of a thin line through all of them. yesterday when i was in front of self-thousand evangelicals at bob jones university i polled the audience and said how many of you are still undecided on who you're going to support? about one-third of the hands went up. i would say it was anecdotal at best, but many people were coming to see if there was a last-minute pitch they could hear that would sway them in their direction. >> in the past few south carolina primaries we've seen things switch very quickly based
11:36 am
on the debate. there is a big debate tonight. we obviously saw that happen in new hampshire. we saw that happen in iowa as well. with six people on the stage, how do you look towards tonight? how do you handicap it? what do you think needs to happen for somebody to stand out like newt gingrich did in 2012? >> well, my personal opinion is that you don't have to -- you're not going to get points for attacking or tearing someone else down. you might tear them down but you're not going to necessarily inherit their support. some would say that happened to governor christie in the new hampshire debate. four years ago newt gingrich won south carolina in one debate with one answer to one question. and it was basically an attack on the media. it was that moment that kind of he caught lightning in a bottle. i still believe it is possible for a candidate to have a moment of brilliance on the stage tonight and could really change the dynamic of this race. that's very much a possibility here in south carolina. >> you think about a debate, you go back to the old
11:37 am
lincoln/douglas debates. the best part of politics, intellectual discussion. south carolina is sort of known for the underbelly of dirty tricks and dirty politics. back to 2000 and john mccain, those types of things. as the attorney general are you watching over the possibility of dirty tricks? have you seen anything? have you heard stuff? are you investigating anything? >> i mean in south carolina, this is nascar country. we say rubbing's racing. i haven't personally seen anything go on that's underhanded yet. o negative ads. by south carolina, it becomes a sense of urgency. you're seeing people stand out and being a little bolder, maybe a bit more brash in some wades. people call that dirty politics but this is really the state where if you don't hit dpoegold you're out. so i think you'll try to see people really try to stand out before they head on to super
11:38 am
tuesday in about two weeks. >> for sure this could set the tone. a lot of people are saying if trump wins in south carolina it sets up a very different dynamic. we'll see what happens with rubio as well. i want your prediction on the democratic side of this. obviously there's been so much discussion of african-americans in south carolina. do they stay with hillary clinton as the polls? january suggest, or are they going to flip towards bernie sanders. you've got a lot of democrat friends. what are you hearing on the ground? >> i've talked to a um can of my democratic friends and they are all staunch hillary clinton supporters. it is not a secret in south carolina that many in the african-american community are leaning toward mrs. clinton. i have no evidence that suggests the polling is wrong. so i can't comment whether it is going to happen that way or not. but if i was a betting man, i would bet on the polls and that ms. clinton will probably do better here in south carolina than she did in new hampshire.
11:39 am
but again, mr. sanders, like mr. trump, is an anonymomaly in thi year's election. he's certainly struck a nerve with the liberal and obviously socialist base of the democratic party which is bigger than i thought it was. >> i think we're all learning interesting things in constituencies that may not have existed a little while ago. mr. attorney general, appreciate you being here. come back and let us know how endorse and why. >> i look forward to it. thank you he again. coming up, he's mastered the shake, but that's just the beginning for this dog. the story of his crime fighting career is just ahead. plus, is this the future look of american manufacturing? we're going to introduce you to a detroit-based company that's bringing back jobs made in the usa. living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces
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factory workers in indiana got unwelcome news this week. two companies announced they will be shifting manufacturing operations to mexico at a cost of more than 2,000 american jobs. manufacturing jobs in the u.s. have been falling since 2000, but in detroit a city that knows a thing or two about it, one start-up is reversing that trend one watch at a time. jacques is the president of a company that makes watches, bicycles and other small goods right here in the u.s. and he joins us now. obviously i told you i'm not asking you to be a political expert here, but you are a perfect example of job growth in the united states. and you have a campaign coming out about job creation. so as the president, what do you need -- what political environment do you need to create jobs? >> well, we need just the ability to remain transparency about what we're doing. we need a system that enables us
11:45 am
to create jobs in the cities around the united states where we can pay healthy wages and ensure that the workforce is heard and is enabled to do what they are meant to do here in the united states which is produce and manufacture high-quality goods as we've done for so long here in the united states. and we've seen nothing but open arms from the various communities in which we operate around the united states. when it comes to manufacturing. we've been very fortunate. the environment that we've experienced over the past couple years has been incredible. >> you've done it, to be clear, with no government incentives. >> zero. >> detroit was all on your own terms. >> absolutely. >> would you suggest that some companies do get government help? >> you know, i can't speak to what other companies might need.
11:46 am
but if it's needed, yes. i think what we need here in the united states is we need to stop this knee-jerk reaction of going offshore to have things made and bring manufacturing back to the united states. manufacturing needs to be in in the united states. >> how does that happen? >> it happens with innovation. it happens with going back to what this country was built on, which is making things. you think back to henry ford. the assembly line. all of the innovative products that have been designed and made here in the u.s. over the past century. we need to go back to that and creating jobs here in this country is vital to the long-term success and the stability of this country and the financial system of this country. >> anyone who researches your company will see that you certainly pay attention to detail and that you have some very skilled workers right now who work for you. we've heard a lot of talk about
11:47 am
the minimum wage. how much do you pay your employees? obviously a base salary. >> on the manufacturing side of things we're just under $13.50, on average. goes up to the $14 to $15 range. when someone comes on board they're on board at about $11.50 an hour. and after 320 hours of working, there is a 50-cent increase. after 750 hours, there is another 50-cent increase. at which time they're also offered full benefits. they're offered participation in the company's 401(k) program, as well as we learned in detroit that people like paid time off. so we offer paid time off in detroit. >> in ten seconds or left because we are up against a break, unfortunately, your opinion on a required $15 minimum wage. >> i think what we need here in the united states is to provide people with living wages. $15 an hour can do that. that's where i would stand
11:48 am
there. >> jacques panis, thank you so much. appreciate your success. leland, what's coming up? coming up, something elizabeth prann would like to see -- taking a hike in just your skivvies. a sometimes silly call for action to combat a very serious problem for our veterans. plus, after taking a bite out of crime, now he's getting ready to kind of take it easy. we'll tell you what one canine's police partner had to say about his eight years of service. >> i used to tell him to guard the car every time i went on the traffic stop. i'd say, i'll be back, you just watch the car. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow!
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he didn't even bark, for roughly 60 dog years, he has been keep iing people safe. helped them seize 25,000 pounds of drugs. now getting ready and retiring, enjoying the good life, chilling with his former partner who says he's happy to make mike's part of the family.
11:53 am
many would say mike has been part of the family for a long time. shocking statistic. 22 of our military veterans commit suicide each and every day. organizations across the country are trying to change that. one group has found a unique way for our men and women in uniform find comfort and support, one step at a time. >> reporter: they gather by the hundreds, united by a common thread. all served in the military. many faced combat, now hoping to raise awareness about veteran suicides. >> warriors, baby! >> reporter: they call themselves irreverent warriors, hiking 22 kilometers, with 22 kilograms in their backpacks, about 48 pounds, in honor of the 22 veterans who kill themselves every day, hoping to save others from the same fate. >> this event awakens something inside them that they have not felt in a long time.
11:54 am
it connected them with other people who were going through similar struggles, who they could relate tochlt because they could relate to each other, they were then then able to support each other after the fact. >> reporter: the silkies hike. there have been dozens of these events nationwide since last may. many hikers wear just the shorts and combat boots along with the heavy pack. while things can get silly, the purpose is very serious. >> you get used to having this brotherhood. no matter what problem you have, you have 200 brothers outside the barracks, whether it's marriage issues, relationship issues, financial issues, it doesn't matter. everybody is there to pick you up. once you get to the civilian sector, you lose that. you don't have that brotherhood, that camaraderie. you would like to say you can beat this every life we save is a success f we can save one vet. if we can save all of them. i mean, it's going to be a
11:55 am
success story either way. >> reporter: one participant said he walked with a group of men and women he never met and for the first time in a long time, he was home. with the irreverent warriors, rick leventhal, fox news. not sure what we have to say about that. there are no words, evidently, in this competition. just the call of the wild. so, wait until you hear the winners. hello, everybody. it's now down to six gop candidates make a push ahead of tonight's big south carolina debate. the republican establishment still trying to dismiss donald trump and trying to topple the trump surgeriency campaign. does that send the wrong message to voter fed up with politics as usual? and joining us on new
11:56 am
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11:59 am
believe it or not that's the sound of people paying tribute to the art of hunting, contestants trying to imitate the sound of stags, part of europe's largest hunting exhibition. 17 contestants used a variety of
12:00 pm
instruments to mimic the sounds. >> i'm not going to ask you what that actually is, but a significant amount of beer being drank in that competition. >> thanks for joining us. >> we are hours away from tonight's gop presidential debate in greenville, south carolina. making head way in this critical primary, exactly one week from today. i'm uma pemmaraju. with six candidates still standing, the intensity is real and the stakes remain high especially for candidates like jeb bush, john kasich, who are both trying to gain much-needed traction at a time when many folks in the palmetto state remain undecided. none are wasting time as they continue to push hard for votes. john roberts is live in greenville, south carolina, with the very latest


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