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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 13, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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instruments to mimic the sounds. >> i'm not going to ask you what that actually is, but a significant amount of beer being drank in that competition. >> thanks for joining us. >> we are hours away from tonight's gop presidential debate in greenville, south carolina. making head way in this critical primary, exactly one week from today. i'm uma pemmaraju. with six candidates still standing, the intensity is real and the stakes remain high especially for candidates like jeb bush, john kasich, who are both trying to gain much-needed traction at a time when many folks in the palmetto state remain undecided. none are wasting time as they continue to push hard for votes. john roberts is live in greenville, south carolina, with the very latest.
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hi, john. >> uma, good afternoon to you. the person to beat in south carolina remains donald trump at this point, 17 points ahead in the latest politics average. ted cruz the closest competitor. he lead them on conservatives, moderates, tea party. florida senator marco rubio needs to have a good night after that big stumble in new hampshire. on board his plane from new hampshire to here in south carolina, he was able to swroek about it when i asked him to compare that moment to rick perry's infamous moment in 2011. >> well, i mean, there's a big difference. he couldn't remember what he wanted to say. apparently i remembered it too well. i think that's the bigger difference. but the -- the -- and i like rick. i'm not saying anything to make fun of him.
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but i'm on a plane, going to south carolina. i'm going to work really hard. i think we'll get past it. >> watch for rubio to be very forceful tonight. keep an eye on jeb bush. making a real play for south carolina, the state that sealed the deal for his brother in 2000. in fact, george w. bush will be coming here to campaign next week. >> he's going to campaign. i don't know the exact details but i'm excited about that. it will be the first time that the old boy has gotten out of his rocking chair to campaign for a candidate. i'm honored that it's me. >> first time that the old man has gotten out of his rocking chair to campaign. it will be for jeb bush. since i talked to the governor -- that was a couple of days ago about that -- there will be a big event north charleston monday night, low country of south carolina, in the area of charleston, north charleston, hilton head island, the key area around there. real mks of moderates and conservatives. it's an area where jeb bush could potentially do well, uma, with the exception, as i pointed
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out, in that other poll, donald trump leads him on every other group. it will be difficult to make inroads. >> even with the brotherly love we expect to see next week. keeping the focus on nevada voters, bernie sanders at a campaign forum at the university of nevada, trying to maintain the headwind from his new hampshire win as hillary clinton campaign expects the race to tighten by election day. joining us live from our new york city newsroom with more on this story, brian? >> thank you, uma. you are now looking live at the painters union hall outside of las vegas where hillary clinton is expected to speak at any moment -- she is speaking right now actually, urging voters to
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caucus and say she's going to keep her promises. this is home to the international union of painters and allied trades, which endorse secretary clinton in october after polling their members. just before this event, clinton was at harris hotel and casino, shaking hands and taking selfies in the casino cafeteria with workers and members of the powerful culinary union, which has 57,000 members. meantime, sanders is live at the forum of the university of nevada in reno. earlier today, he spoke at a canvas lunch event. he spoke about the usual talking points, free tuition at college and universities and pushed young and newer voters to take part in the political process. he also talked about passing immigration reform, important political issue in nevada where 25% of voters are hispanic. >> i have met people throughout this campaign, young people with
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tears running down their cheeks, literally worried that they or their parents will be deported tomorrow, that they will be separated from their loved ones. >> clinton has long been thought to have had the advantage in nevada over sanders because the clintons are favored of many in the latino establishment and community. the clinton camp, this past week, though, has been lowering expectations, conceding that the caucus next saturday will be closer than previously thought. campaign spokespeople are acknowledging bernie's momentum following his big win in new hampshire, while also downplaying clinton's perceived hispanic voter advantage this week, emphasizing, they say, 85% of voters in nevada are white. we're now playing the expectations game, heading into the big caucus vote on saturday. >> indeed, bryan. thank you for that update. >> no problem. meanwhile, the race in south carolina heats up, the gop establishment is trying to stake its claim in the state.
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despite drump's big new hampshire win, many gop leaders are dismissing his candidacy and looking at the others in the race to fill the establishment lane as this campaign hoping they can back someone they feel will be able to win against the democratic nominee come november. joining us now, commentator and author david limbaugh. great to have you on the program. >> uma, thanks for having me. >> i guess one could ask why even have the notion of an establishment lane this year where voters are turned off by politics as usual. do you think setting someone up as an establishment candidate could -- >> yes, a lot of the establishment pundits in the beltway have been suggesting that the gop better aim its fire at trump as if to signal and validate everything that trump has been saying.
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it's okay. they can say what they want. the party better not take that bait. and the candidates, cruz and rubio -- cruz has been an anti-establishment guy from the inside. rubio has had much better time fighting that label. but those two better quit skirmishing amongst themselves. there was an article in red state that it's going to be too late if they keep trying to knock each other off and establish themselves as the main opponent of trump. in another week it could be theoretically too late. i don't buy that but i do agree they ought to start going after trump and distinguishing themselves from him. not just because trump is the front-runner but these attacks on each other, calling each other liars, getting caught in the weeds and looking petty. they need to go after trump on
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the big issues. go after each other if they want to and distinguish themselves but focus on what they want to do instead of calling each other liars. >> why do you think establishment continues to downplay the success of iowa, ted cruz? could this backfire with voters in the republican party? at this point who do you think will carry the establishment support? >> it's an interesting thing. yes, i think they tried to present rubio as the great victor in iowa, because he came from behind. cruz far exceeded his expectations in the polls. yet they didn't talk about him at all. all they tried to do was reroute the narrative into cruz committed these terrible scandals and, therefore, people ought not be for him. we never heard anything about cruz and so he never got the narrative bounce. it negated the victory thing. so then you go into new
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hampshire. trump wins. cruz still did much better than he was expected to do. and rubio fell down. but the establishment has got to be careful in how they approach this. and if they continue to portray trump as the evil guy and they show themselves taking sides -- i'm talking about the republican proper establishment -- then they will just validate trump and further alienate themselves and give him greater strength. >> i want to turn to the democrats now. there are those who are saying that bernie sanders and hillary clinton are, in their words, pandering to the african-american vote by using the black lives matter backers to promote their own rhetoric on policemen's conduct. here is what was said in the democratic debate between the two. take a listen. >> we need fundamental police reform, clearly. clearly, when we talk about a criminal justice system, i would hope that we can all agree that
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we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people, often african-americans shot by police officers. >> we have to restore policing that will actually protect the communities that police officers are sworn to protect. >> so, what's your reaction to this? do you think it's out of bounds at this point? >> of course. democrats depend on alienating and dividing people on the basis of race, gender and economic class. they approach blacks as a group and not as individuals. they betray martin luther king's adage that you should judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. and so they demean them, in effect. they carry out this war on cops that obama has started. and there have been eight cops killed, by the way, in the line of duty now. whereas only one cop was killed
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in the line of duty at this same point last year. democrats always take these cases and portray them as cop -- police brutality, regardless of the facts. and i think they have to keep the blacks and other minorities -- not the blacks, blacks and other minorities agitated in order to keep their voting levels at 90%. if blacks ever break apart and other minorities break apart from the democratic fold, it will dramatically change demographics in the elections and in the future elections. >> this time around, though, we're hearing from a number of african-american leaders in south carolina, that they don't want either hillary clinton or bernie sanders, just assume that the african-american vote is going to go to either one of them. without providing real solutions, without coming forward and offering something derch than the narrative they've heard from the past. that we're here together, we're here to take care of each other and to try and focus, instead of the legacy of what president
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obama has done or what bill clinton has done, that they want more answers to pressing problems that are facing these communities today. >> uma, you would think that when hillary says that that people haven't had jobs for 15 years and that when bernie sanders talks about institutional racism, incarceration rates, low unemployment among the minorities, you would think just once someone would hold these democratic administrations accountable for the plight of minorities and for the economic situation we face, in general. it will be up to the republicans once they get around, once they stop beating each other up, to go after the democrats on obama's terrible record and how the democrats have become full-blown socialists, full-blown identity politicians and don't look after blacks or minorities, don't care about them as individuals but only use them as props and as people that
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they can exploit for their own political power. >> david limbaugh, great to have you on the show today. thank you so much for joining us with your insights. certainly the intensity is heating up in a big way. >> thank you for having me. for so much at stake for the gop contenders in tonight's debate, it's expected we'll see some big fire works. joining us now, rnc communications director from the spin room at the pea center there in greenville. thanks for being on the show today. >> thanks, uma. good to be with you. >> we know all six remaining candidates are hoping to make headway tonight. polls show donald trump remains in the lead. do you expect his rivals to take him on tonight in a big way? >> i think each of them is trying to, right before this crucial primary, talk to voters in south carolina. frankly not just south carolina but nevada and the other crucial march 1st states and make that pitch as to why they would best
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represent us as the nominee and take on hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> folks are trying to position themselves, there are those who suggest that these other rivals need to go after trump in order to gain traction in their campaigns particularly when it's expected some more candidates could drop out after tonight's debate and the south carolina primary. >> that's right. i think regardless of who is in first place, at some point you have to -- the only way you ever win is by collecting 1,237 delegates necessary. you have to win some contest to do that along the way. each one of them will try to position themselves as that leader, which is frankly what you have to do at this point in a primary. but, again, remember at some point we've had -- in the month of february, 5% of all the delegates who have been up for grabs. in march we'll have 60% of the delegates. we're still real early in the
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delegate count hunt. that's important for people to understand. we still have a ways to go. i still think we'll have a nominee in early april but march will be an important month for the gop nomination contest. >> how do you expect rubio, cruz, bush, kasich, how do you expect them to set themselves apart tonight as they look to be the alternative to donald trump in tonight's debate? >> i hope it doesn't surprise you. i'm not here to handicap them. each will devise their own strategy and feel -- decide what's best to talk about their personal record or to attack another candidate. that's what campaign strategies is all about, deciding what's in the best interest of your campaign and going ahead and doing that. i feel really good that each one of them will make what's in their best interest for their campaign. i think, frankly, where i sit, i look at the other night and debate of the other night. whether it's bernie sanders or hillary clinton that emerges as the democratic nominee, we'll be in a great position. we've got the intensity.
12:16 pm
you either end up on the democratic side with a socialist from vermont or somebody who the fbi has admitted they have an open investigation on. i love where our party is, vis-a-vis their party. each of our six candidates hopefully will talk about their version of america and where they want to take it. in sharp contrast, what hillary clinton or bernie sanders wants to do, which is really head down a path of socialism. >> expectations are running high tonight. i wish you all the best, as you sit back and get set for a big show. thank you. >> thank you, uma. attack care. now we want to hear from you. are the debates, in your opinion, making a drcifference? are they helping you decide who to vote for and why? you can e-mail me @umapemmaraju. we'll get to your answers later on in the show. truce in syria looking more elusive at this hour. what secretary of state john
12:17 pm
kerry is saying about russia and an influential conference as moscow increases strikes in that war-torn region. evangelicals in south carolina, polls are showing that donald trump holdings the lead with this critical group of voters but ted cruz is pushing hard. what will it take to win them over? i think ted cruz has to finish in the top three in south carolina. donald trump has such a big lead, ted needs to finish second or third in order to basically substantiate the fact that he has been getting a lot of the christian evangelical vote in the earlier states.
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welcome back, everybody. fox news alert of a big earthquake rocking parts of oklahoma this morning. initial reports measuring it as a magnitude 5.1 near the town of fairview, followed by three aftershocks, the largest measuring 3.9. local media is reporting several viewers called in reporting the quake. so far there's no word of any major damage or injuries at this point. we'll keep you posted.
12:22 pm
and major developments overseas. calling for withdrawn of russian troops from his country and blasting what he calls, quote, kremlin-style propaganda against the people of europe. meantime in syria, russia is stepping up air strikes aimed at bolstering government sources near the key city of aleppo ahead of a temporary pause in that nation's civil war. more now from injure uz lem. john? >> uma, that temporary pause in fight something supposed to go into effect in about a week. various foreign officials say they're giving it a 50/50 chance. the main reason for their dobt is the continued bombardment of syria's largest city of aleppo, as you mentioned, uma. that's where we've seen syrian and russian forces pounding regions in and around the city
12:23 pm
of aleppo. the bombing will continue as well and many agree it's likely to intensify. with that, of course, concerns about civilian casualties. saying innocent people are being killed by russian air strikes that are also hitting, as he says, innocent groups. dmitry medevev said there's, quote, no evidence of bombing civilians, despite evidence to the contemporary. there's skepticism if the cessation in hostilities, as it's being called, will turn out once again to be more political top rather than action. allowing humanitarian aid in about a week to flow into some of these hard-hit areas.
12:24 pm
some syrian cities have been caught off more than a year, desperate need of help, of this humanitarian aid like those in the city where people have already, as we know, starved to death. uma, back to you. >> it's absolutely horrendous this has been going on and so many people are suffering there. very sobering. thank you very much. one top u.s. official is saying about the terror group's arsenal of chemical weapons and what it means for those in the middle east and here on american soil. plus another winter storm brewing across the midwest at this hour as dangerous and teme the northeast.
12:25 pm
that isn't scaring everybody. >> going for a hike. >> going for a hike? >> yeah. >> do you know the windchills will be 30 below? >> that's all right. i won't be out that long. >> you're going to get out here running over the weekend? >> yeah, definitely. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older.
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we are back with this fox alert. at least three people now dead. several others injured in a multicar crash in pennsylvania, happening in bethel township 26 miles from philadelphia. cars and big rigs all crushed on the snow-covered roadway. 40 people were taken to area hospitals. charter bus carrying 18 members of the peb state university basketball team also involved in that crash. thankfully, though, none of them were injured. meantime, bitter cold blast bringing dangerous temperatures to the northeast this weekend. right now in new york city, it's about 18 degrees, with a real feel of 8 degrees below zero at
12:30 pm
this moment in times square. and it's going to get a lot colder tonight in some areas. the windchill factor will make it feel anywhere from 20 to 40 degrees below zero. the actual temperature will hover in the single digits and teens as we experience the coldest weather so far this winter season. >> this sobering report with isis' arsenal to include chemical weapons, james clapper telling the senate committee this week the terror group has industrial chemicals, like mustard gas, in its possession. and he believes isis wants to use those chemicals to attack the u.s. cia director john brennan telling "60 minutes" there's evidence that isis is already testing it. >> we have a number of instances where they've used chemical emissions on battlefields. >> artillery shells?
12:31 pm
>> sure. >> isis has access to chemical artillery shells? >> there are reports that isis has access to chemical precursor ammunitions that they can use. >> are there american assets on the ground right now hunting this down? >> u.s. intelligence is actively involved in being a part of the efforts to destroy isil and get as much insight into what they have on the ground inside syria and iraq. >> unbelievable. now the chairman of the foundation for the defense of democracy and chancellor of world politics. welcome, sir. it's great to have you on the show today particularly at a time when this report should really raise alarm bells. not only here in the u.s. but across the globe, that isis has its hands on chemical weapons and that there are further reports that it has set its sights to having attacks here in the u.s. and has infiltrated all of these refugee camps with
12:32 pm
their own operatives, ready to do damage in these countries in a very big way. your reaction? >> this went off the tracks, uma, when president obama drew his red line in the dirt and said to assad in syria, don't cross that. do not use chemical weapons. isis is grown up in order to fill up the gap that was created by our twiddling our thumbs and pretty much everybody is akiering sop type of access near term or longer term to relatively simple weapons of mass destruction such as chemical weapons. we had best do something to ensure that iran doesn't end up with a nuclear weapon, either
12:33 pm
from its friends in north korea or otherwise and move into that phase of weapons of mass destruction because they could knock out our electric grid with an electromagnetic pulse burst. >> you've found really sobering this week was that the national intelligence director, james clapper, telling members of that they actually expect isis to hit us here in the u.s. it's basically an attitude like well, we expect it to happen. it's probably going to happen this year and that we do know that they are having machines that are capable of making false passports. so that they're giving these passports to their operatives so they can come over here to the united states and otherer other countries in europe to wage their campaigns to wage terror. does this surprise you? >> not really at all.
12:34 pm
i think the problem is that just getting worse all the time by the openness of our borders, things like the bad guys being able to manufacturer their own passports. we've left the vacuum and it's being filled in terrible, terrible ways. >> the fact that our intelligence officials are going public and possibly this year, does that suggest to you there's a resignation about this or our officials really hope to get a handle, get in front of this before this tragedy happens here? >> trying to tell the american
12:35 pm
population we have a danger manifested in some other way than an aircraft hijacking. they're trying to not just wish it away. i think we're a little slow in getting these types of news from intelligence community but better late than never. >> do you feel like they're dragging their heels? it doesn't seem as though there's a sense of urgency at this point, and that these terrorists are joining the refugee camp. >> that seems to be the case as
12:36 pm
well. i think the problem is that the soviets were kind of an ideal enemy. and eventually basically we persevered and won. and they weren't fanatics. they didn't want to die each according to his ability or need. they wanted to remodel outside of moscow. we got used to that kind of enemy. we have genocidal maniacs and they're also imperialists on the side. they want to build up their empire essentially. the caliphate. we have an enemy that literally
12:37 pm
wants to crucify us, burn us alive and anything they do, which kills us or endangers the united states in the west from their point of view is a religious obligation. and if they do it successfully, they will go to heaven and we will go to hell and that's what. it's a very different kind of situation than we had in what i almost sometimes call the good old cold war. >> thank you for joining us toda today. >> we will compete in south carolina. but make no mistake about it. this is a national campaign. we will compete here. we are going to move across the country and we're going to be involved in this for a very, very long time. and i think we can win the nomination. >> okay. back to the presidential sweepstakes and to south carolina where ohio governor john kasich is talking about his strategy in the palmetto state
12:38 pm
and beyond. meantime, donald trump, along with ted cruz, expected to have their most heated debate yet tonight. the real estate mogul getting nearly 36% of the vote followed by cruz at nearly 19%. joining us now, matt moore, south carolina's republican party chairman. and he is here to talk more about what is at stake in tonight's debate, along with more about the voters and what they're looking for in this year's contest. welcome. great to have you on the program today. >> it's good to be here, uma. thanks for having me. >> let's talk about the fact that evangelicals make up a large percentage of the electorate there along with a large minority population. a number of evangelicals did not take part in the election. they chose to sit it out this time we're expecting a big turnout. what's making the difference this time around from your point of view? >> last time in south carolina,
12:39 pm
about 65% of voters in exit polls were self identified as evangelical. what they're concerned about this time around is religious liberty, fighting for their faith in public square, democrats trying their best to push, say, from the public arena. that is a key issue in this primary. >> what's the mood like among the elect orate right now? i'm sure you're getting bombarded by a whole deluge of campaign ads. we've seen some of them. some of them are quite down and dirty. when you talk about south carolina politics, we hear it's like a blood sport. >> look, politics here are, at times, rough and tumble. our nominee will eventually be very strong and battle tested, hillary clinton getting delegated by the super pacs. our nominee will come out much
12:40 pm
stronger. >> are folks still undecide at this point in the gop primary? >> yeah. i think here in south carolina, it's a jump ball. we've seen very little polling since mid january. the polling says all sorts of different things here in south carolina south carolineans watch the debate. south carolina will punch a few tickets out of here. >> what do you think is going to make the difference tonight in those debates when you take a look at the fact that we've got six people standing at this point and a lot of folks are expecting the gloves to come off. >> i think south carolinians are interested who can beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. it looks like bernie sanders more every day.
12:41 pm
some people here in south carolina and beyond feel left behind in this economy. who has the best economic plans, who can keep us safe. if those two issues, economy and security that have defined this whole race in south carolina. and a lot of military, affiliated voters here in south carolina as well as social and fiscal conservatives. you have to be a well rounded candidate here in south carolina to be successful. >> would you say national security trumps the economy in terms of when it comes to what's more important right now in your home state? >> yeah. people i'm hearing from here in south carolina say national security is at the very top of their list. that includes border security, keeping our borders safe. these issues are all related. and that's also related to the economic issues we face in america. those two issues mean the most to voters here in south carolina. >> you're excited about tonight's big debate and keeping a close eye on how those votes are stacking up as the primary takes place one week from today.
12:42 pm
all the best to you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, uma. donald trump has topped almost all the polls in south carolina since last summer. what about the principle group of evangelicals we've been talking about? which candidates resonates with them the most? more on that with tony perkins. first here is former florida governor jeb bush. >> you can have plans. some people don't. ask donald trump what his position on social security is. it will be quick. it will be huge. it will be great. it's fine. it's fine. it's going to work. don't worry. it's great. it will be fine. don't worry. that's his plan. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. i accept i do a shorter i set these days.22. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib,
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donald trump: "pedonald trump..." look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. that's the coalition we need to win the primary. that's also the coalition we need to win the general. and i couldn't be more encouraged. >> that, from texas senator ted cruz, talking about his
12:47 pm
supporters in south carolina. including, perhaps, one of the most vital groups, evangelicals yesterday. making their pitch at the centerpiece for evangelicals, bob jones university. ted cruz marco rubio, jeb bush, ben carson trying to chip away at the strength that donald trump has shown with this political block of voters. joining us now by phone because we've had technical issues on camera, tony perkins, president of the family research council. welcome. thank you for being on the program today. i know a lot is at stake in south carolina for the evangelical vote. what i found interesting is that evangelicals are expected to make up 65%, as i understand, of the gop primary electorate in south carolina. that's far more than the 25% in tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> yeah. no question. actually, what we're seeing happening is.
12:48 pm
we'll see an increase in enk ellical vote in south carolina. we've had 26 million evangelicals who did not vote in the 2012 election psych until the general election and they make up overall about 50% of primary voters. they're very critical block of voters. >> in south carolina this time around, it's expected that they're not going to be voting as one single block because many evangelicals tend to go with other issues that are important. it's a not simply about issues just close to the hearts of evangelicals when it comes to social issues and the church. it's really about national security and the economy and other issues that are also as important. >> i think that's right.
12:49 pm
they are not monolithic. they do vote based on other issues, age, if they're 2 just coming out of college they're concerned about college debt and getting a job. if they're 35 and have four kids they're concerned about making house payment and the environment in which kids are growing up in. certainly giving the candidates today. they look through a lens of biblical morality or principles and will look at where the candidates stand on some of those fundamental issues like life or marriage and whether or not they share a faith construct with them. that's why i think you've seen voters, when they get close to
12:50 pm
casting the vote, do transition to a candidate that they share faith with. >> to let viewers know, you are backing ted cruz in this faring carolina for donald trump for that particular group >> i have supported ted cruz individually not on behalf of my organize. i think he's doing well. donald trump, no question his message at the surface level is connecting with people. people are angry. they are concerned. they are afraid. they are angry at the republicans. they are angry at the democrats. they are angry at the political class who has really promised a lot and delivered very little. and he's tapped into that. what we're encouraging people to do and evangelicals in particular, is look at the, again, the structure by which these candidates are going to go at solving, go about solving these problems. whether or not they will abide by the constitution. whether they have, what the
12:51 pm
moral compass is that they are directed by. again, that's why i think people are breaking for ted cruz. >> tony thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insights. i know you'll keep a close watch on it. we'll be right back. stay with us. nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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love is in the air and valentine is set for tomorrow but money can't buy love they say but millennials will be spending a lot of it on valentine's. say people ages 18 to 34 will spend $290 on average person. millennial men will shell out an average of $371. if tomorrow happens to be the first date, 64% of americans ar entire bill. you hear that? the number is even higher with millennial men, 68% of them say the guy should foot the bill for the first meet up. and just in time for valentine's day, some senior citizens are saying i do all over again. take a look. eight couple from a senior living commune in las vegas celebrating their love by renewing their vows. the special ceremony featuring live music a candle lit dinner and wedding cake. all together these couples have
12:56 pm
more than 500 years of marriage between them. congratulations to all of these newlyweds and here's to another 500. i hope wherever you are, that you make tomorrow very special with your loved ones, happy valentine's day, everybody. that's going to do it for me. stick around for more inside america news headquarters. that's coming your way after this. make it a great day, everybody. ♪ all i can give to you ♪ love ♪ is more than just a game for two ♪ ♪ two in love can make it ♪ take my heart and please don't break it ♪ ♪ love was made for me and you ♪ only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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the countdown is on in south carolina ahead of tonight's crucial debate and the gloves are coming off as the leading contenders step up their war of words. exactly one week before next saturday's republican primary. jeb bush and john kasich are out on the campaign trail looking for an edge with voters and a chance to gain some ground on those leaders. held jobs everyone, welcome to a brand new hour ingenuous america's news headquarters. >> nice to be with you today. the 2016 presidential field shrinking on the republican side. with that happening the state of play is far from certain with
1:01 pm
six candidates still standing. and raising the stakes for tonight's big show down. senior national correspondent john roberts is live for us in greenville, south carolina, the site, of course of tonight's debate. hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon. debates, particularly this close to when people go to the polls can sometimes change the trajectory of campaigns. back in 2012 newt gingrich's poll numbers were going like this. in a single debate moment two days before the south carolina primary he answered one question and vault maryland to first place and won the primary. last week in new hampshire, marco rubio discovered you have a bad debate performance things can go exactly the opposite way. for the last few days on the stump here in south carolina we have seen a far aggressive marco rubio. he's going after his opponents in a far more free wheeling marco rubio, talking to voters at campaign events, holding things like 45 nicki minajy press conferences aboard his
1:02 pm
airplane, answering every question that anyone can think of. on board his bus yesterday i asked him how important it is for him to have a good debate performance tonight in greenville. how important is it for you tomorrow tonight to have a good debate. >> they are all-important. if you look at the rest of the debate last week we've done very well. some debates people said i was the clear winner. we feel good about our message. every debate is important. >> reporter: it gets more and more important. after two days of campaigning in florida and louisiana, donald trump will be back in south carolina. he is planning on staying here for the duration, all the way through the voting next saturday. on the stump trump still taking it to jeb bush and ted cruz. >> then you have others. you have cruz. cruz. find out where he gets his money.
1:03 pm
no. find out, especially the evangelicals who i love -- you know i'm leading with evangelicals in the united states. i'm leading. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: donald trump is no stranger to lawsuits. he's been threatening to sue ted cruz because he was born in canada. calgary alberta to an american mother and cuban father. he's been saying all along that cruz may not be eligible to be president. cruz is withholding his fire on donald trump but maybe he'll be asked about it tonight. we'll see. >> we'll see guarantee some fireworks coming from someone. thank you, john. the democratic presidential candidates meantime are setting their sights on nevada and colorado two of the next big contests on their campaign calendar. with bernie sanders holding a canvas lunch or launch, i should say and a forum at the university of nevada. both in reno. and then it's off to denver for a rally later this afternoon at the colorado convention center. and later this evening both sander and clinton will attend
1:04 pm
the colorado democrats 83rd annual dinner also in denver. the state department releasing over 1,000 pages of hillary clinton's emails today. 84 of the messages were classified. mostly at the lowest level of accepts activity and none were declared top secret. we've been following this story. we have live from washington with the details. >> reporter: good to see you. none of the each males in today's release contain top secret information but three did contain secret information. that's one level down. here's a look at one of those emails. dated may 16, 2011 with the subject line senator kerry has requested to speak with secretary clinton. one of clinton's top aides said kerry wants to talk about cameron who called me hysterical about blank. now cameron could very well be a reference to the u.s. ambassador to pakistan at the time. but we don't know for sure. what he was talking about we don't know because as you can see that information has been
1:05 pm
redacted. deemed too sensitive to be released. this e-mail was sent 14 days after the raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. so this gives you and idea of the kind of information that the then secretary of state had been sending and receiving on her private e-mail server. clinton has been saying for months none of the emails on that server was marked classified and indeed a state department official says of those 84 emails that were upgraded to classified they were only upgraded today. but clinton's critics argue that the markings are meaningless. classified information is classified information. all of clinton's emails were supposed to be released by the state department by tend of january. but the state department said it got delayed due to january's blizzard. so now we have three more releases set for later this month. the last one is asked for february 29th. that is just two days after south carolina's democratic primary. kelly. >> thank you.
1:06 pm
we've been talking about it all day, frosty temperatures making popsicles out of many americans. temperatures across the northeast dropping to their lowest levels of the winter season and it is low. senior meteorologist janice dean joins us from the weather center to tell us how low it will go. >> we'll be snuggling up this valentine's day. that's for sure. we got temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below average and with wind chills minus 20 to minus 40 degrees dangerous cold really within the next 24 hours. look at your windshield. that's what it feels like if you're unprotect and outside. what it feels like. single digits below zero in minus 2 in boston. minus 14 in buffalo. you get the picture. this is some of the coldest air we have seen thus far and we're going break some records. so tomorrow, one is the low, morning low in new york. 10i7b d.c. 14 in rela. 6 in detroit. again with the wind chill it
1:07 pm
will feel brutal. people are urged to stay inside. bring your pets indoors. deep little ones indoors. your potential record loss, we'll break a lot of records in boston, albany breaking a record, new york as well at 1 and pittsburgh, pennsylvania, 1. so chilly. the good news is it's going to be short-lived, the bad news as we head into the president's day we have enough cold air in place we're concerned about a big mess in the mid-atlantic up to the northeast. could see freezing rain and ice from atlanta up towards d.c. and then into new york monday and tuesday we'll have to watch this track very closely as we have that rain/freezing rain/icy mix monday into tuesday. here's what we're looking at monday. several is of snow and ice will be really dangerous monday into tuesday. we'll have to watch the northeast up towards new york and boston where we could see measurable snow on monday and tuesday. heather will keep you updated.
1:08 pm
back to you. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you got it. another va scandal brewing. department of veteran's affairs launching an investigation into the cincinnati facility. surrounding misconduct that could have compromised care for u.s. veterans. we have a report on the latest developments. >> reporter: there's still a lot of questions here but what we know is the investigation by the va inspector general is looking into allegations of misconduct by the acting chief of staff in cincinnati that affected the care of veterans. fox news learned the ig is focusing its investigation on a author sick surgeon and acting chief of staff that prescribed medicine despite not being authorized to do so. the person that she was allegedly writing those illegal prescriptions for was her boss's wife.
1:09 pm
at this time, we don't know what the medications are or if the director was directly involved in the alleged activity. however a va e-mail obtained by fox news says the director has recused himself from any and all decisions regarding the facility since his wife has a professional and personal relationship with the physician involved. there's a lot still not clear including how the alleged misconduct impacted the care of veterans, if any veterans received the wrong prescription, and if the problem extends beyond the doctor and the director's wife. members of congress aren't being told much either. a spokesman for the congressman that represents the east side of cincinnati says in a statement to fox news, the congressman is troubled by this news and wants
1:10 pm
to know more to include who is being investigated and . the timing lay it on a friday before a holiday suggests the department is trying to hide this story from the public. the house committee on veterans affairs will not let that happen. we reached out to both the va inspector general and medical center in cincinnati for comment but we haven't heard back. we thank you for that report. and now to ferguson. ferguson's mayor lashing out. a response to the justice department's decision to sue the missouri city in an attempt to forcibly overhaul the city's police and courts. >> i think it's unfair that they've said we've rejected police reform when we've actually started instituting police and court reforms in our city long before the justice department even completed their report in march of 2015. so we started after the events in august of 2014 the events related to the protest around
1:11 pm
the shooting of michael brown. >> that shooting of michael brown by a white police officer, which sparked violent and destructive protests is what launched the justice department's investigation into the city. coming up shocking new details about a deadly school shooting near phoenix. what investigators say they found at the scene of the tragedy. and that's leaving a lot of questions unanswered. plus this -- >> it gets very ugly -- >> thank you governor. >> it's not a talking point. >> marco rubio looking to reboot his campaign in tonight's high stakes in south carolina after his bruising encounter with chris christie on stage in new hampshire. key turn the tables? plus, a new push to tell the full story of blacks in america. at our nation's first settlement at jamestown. what makes our nation great, of course, is our diversity. but we don't tell the full story of that diversity.
1:12 pm
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welcome back to america's news headquarters. time for a quick check of your headlines. a shooting at a suburban phoenix high school that killed two 15-year-old girls is ruled a murder-suicide. police say a suicide note was
1:16 pm
found at the scene of the shooting friday morning. they say the girls each were shot once and a weapon was found near the bodies. a 16-year-old boy living in england is under arrest in connection with the recent hack of fbi and homeland security data. authorities believed this is the same hacker who compromised the private e-mail accounts of cia director john brennan an homeland security chief jeh johnson. pope francis kicking off his first full day in mexico today after arriving late friday night. the pope making his way to the country's presidential palace after taking a nine mile journey through mexico. you can hear the crowd as they watched him tour in his popemobile. designee put on a s omb rero. >> it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> you think florida senator marco rubio picking up the pace
1:17 pm
in south carolina ahead of tonight's critical debate and scrambling to recover the momentum that he lost, his campaign lost in new hampshire with change in style and message. he's trying to erase the narrative from last weekend's debate that he's canned and unacceptab unacceptable. thank you both for joining us. so he says it will never happen again. tammy, i'll start with you. what does rubio need to do and can he do it? >> look technically it won't happen again because chris christie is gone. look this is a dilemma for all of them. he just has to be himself. he clearly has been over prepared. the problem is when you're over prepared because you don't trust in a lot of ways your own judgment. it's almost like, as an example, this is my shoe today, this is my kitten heel. he was wearing boots the size of
1:18 pm
this heel. it tells you he's not comfortable with himself. but this is his chance. i think all of them have to look at this. be yourself. americans can judge whether or not you're being genuine and that goes a long way to trust. they may not agree with all of your issues but if they trust your presentation, if they know you're comfortable with your own issues and you own them then that goes a long way. >> david, i feel you don't have any kitten heels to show us. >> no. but in the spirit of full disclosure i am wearing these new balance sneakers right now. i'm comfortable with who i am. the problem with marco rubio runs much deeper than his debate performance. he runs the risk of looking like a flipfloper. don't forget he was part of gang of senators that came up with immigration reform and within a matter of days he ran away from it. he tells the story of his father a bartender supporting his dad on strike in the '80s. now he runs away from organized
1:19 pm
labor. marco rubio is a flipfloper, goes one way and then the other. >> tammy, you mentioned his nemesis in the last debate, chris christie is out. do you think he'll be a target by the other candidates? >> there was a clearly a deal between trump, even unspoken between trump and the other candidates whereas they didn't, especially cruz certainly they didn't go after each other. they did focus on mr. rubio who was expected to do very well in new hampshire. now mr. rubio in the latest polls in fourth or fifth place. you'll see a heightened exchange between mr. cruz and mr. trump. you'll see mr. bush who had a great debate last time go after mr. rubio. he's that focused. and so -- look for mr. bush to go after mr. rubio and we'll see where it shakes out. we have six guys on stage now
1:20 pm
it's going be informative. >> david comment on this, though. let's take a look at the latest real clear politics average, the poll numbers. and rubio actually has inched up a little bit. he's inched up. previously he was in a near tie with bush. now he has crept up to 14%. still running a distant third. so what does he need to do to either maintain that spot or hopefully move up a little bit? >> well, my takeaway from that graphic is the big elephant in the room. it's donald trump. he's ahead almost 2-1 as the next closest candidate and we're talking about rubio as if and this is the establishment republican mean, if the republicans could a less around a number two then that person will vault to the lead. that's not a given at all. this is the year, we're seeing on my side of the aisle as well, this is the year of the unconventional, the outsider candidate. there's no guarantee that could lessing around a number two is somehow going to throw off donald trump.
1:21 pm
it may not. >> actually if i could point out even in new hampshire mr. trump had 35%. that meant over 60% was divided amongst the other candidates. it's about -- if mr. trump can persuade those 60 plus percent or come together for one individual because the majority is with all these other candidates. that's the challenge. and it confirms, that graphic confirms mr. bush will go after rubio and cruz and trump will go after each other and we'll see. >> the numbers that really count throwing run are the number of delegates that all of these candidates get. they need what 1237. right now trump is in the lead. he has 17. crews 11. rubio 10 delegates. what should be the game plan beyond south carolina? >> it's interesting to note that could you have a brokered convention. if no single candidate is able to acquire the threshold number of delegates for the nomination,
1:22 pm
you have a bunch of candidates going into the convention and a brokered convention results where delegates have multiple votes to see who they will coalesce around. now to my colleagues, tammy's point, that's where you see are people for kasich, let's say going to team up with people who favor bush or some of those delegates going to trump? that's a truly fascinating scenario that's very fluid, very unknown and i think it is democracy in action. let's face it. it's our system working. >> tammy a quick response. >> look i think at least we don't have the super delegate dynamic where you can lose the race and still couple with hillary and have more delegates than the man who actually won. this is democracy. we like it this way. i think that the more that you see that the people are in charge the better. the democrats have a problem in this regard because they see this system as being rigged and in some ways it's right. >> it's been exciting. thank you both for joining us.
1:23 pm
>> thank you. >> have a great night. we are in the move february which is black history month. during this time many celebrate the significant contributions african-americans have made to help the united states become a great nation. the full story of blacks in america is being recognized by members of congress who want to share the inspiring story of how a people who for more than 245 years were denied the american dream. but never gave up hope on achieving and living beyond the dream. >> this bill will establish a commission to begin the planning process and activities across the nation to recognize the many contributions of african-americans since the arrival of africans in english colonies at port comfort, virginia. >> discussing the first africans to america not on a quest for freedom but bound to a life of
1:24 pm
certifica servitude. >> a story of pain but a story that has to be told to commemorate that we as a nation, had it not been for 400 years of african-americans, you can't think of anything that the united states would be absolutely unrecognizable. >> senator tim kaine explaining why he introduced 400 years of african-american history act. co-sponsors include senator mark warner, congressman bobby scott, don bier and b.k. butterfield. >> we've come a long ways in this country. it's a stain on american democracy but thank god we are united now and we're moving forward as a nation. >> the measure proposes the establish a commission that in 2019 would provide special programs and activities to acknowledge the pain and agony of blacks being brought to virginia in 1619 and the millions who followed shackled
1:25 pm
to the practice of slavery until 1865 when slavery was abolished through the emancipation proclamation. racism and greed would keep blacks bound to an inferior second class status through segregation. but their faith and spirit would not allow pride and prejudice to hold them down. together with a drum major for peace and martin luther king jr. and others with courage they rose before the struggle and contributed greatly to america's greatness. >> what makes our nation great, of course is our diversity. we don't tell the full story of that diversity. we only get a piece of it. as they say garbage in, garbage out. we need the facts, the truth full context in so we can truly understand the majesty that's our country and the real contributions african-americans provided throughout. the congressional members who introduced the act are confident the measure which has bipartisan support on capitol hill will pass and be signed into law this year by president
1:26 pm
obama. the commission, by the way, they add will bring historians not politicians to discuss how african-americans significantly helped america in economics, law, language, art, music, sports, public service and they say spirituality. >> good to point out historians not politicians. >> yes. >> wouldn't get very far. >> not too far. >> world powers working on new efforts to reach a cease-fire in syria. we'll talk about that. what is different with this plan and can it work? chuck nash is next with more on that. >> a deadly pile up on a major interstate. look that. a look at the crash involving some 50 vehicles. got up this morning and saw it snowing and just sounded like two bombs went off. we thought it was thunder clouds and my wife ran up over the hill and saw the accident. i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away.
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a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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welcome back to your fox news alert. on a terrifying pile up in pennsylvania. police say that more than 50 cars were involved in this crash on a snow covered interstate, interstate 78. about 75 miles northwest of philadelphia. the twisted wreckage shutting down traffic in both directions. you can see why. leaving those drivers shocked and stunned. >> too fast for conditions and running in a pack. >> people just -- >> they panicked and there's nothing they could do. they are out of control. >> police say three people were killed. more than 40 people were hospitalized. and we will keep an eye on this developing story for you. major world powers agree to a cessation of hostility in syria to deliver aid to the country. however the agreement falls of
1:32 pm
since it was not signed by the warring parties. but secretary of state john kerry today vowed to make the agreement of a temporary truce in syria work. joining us now is retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash a fox news military analyst. he's looking very sharp. we'll ask him about that in just a moment. first to the point at hand. captain, is there enough agreement amongst these nations involved for a cease-fire? can they possibly make it work because it sounds like a mixed bag that could go sideways on us. >> yes, it may have been a five hour coffee clatch in munich. the major powers can talk all they want to talk but what's happen on the work. but that's where you get the implementation word. secretary kerry said that's the hard part. >> we're looking at people so far, firing their weapons.
1:33 pm
250,000 people have been killed in syria. more than 11 million people are in dire need of humanitarian aid there. how will that aid possibly get to so many people in an area where it's rife with conflict involving syrian and russian forces working on one side fighting against syrian rebel forces. how difficult does it make to get humanitarian aid to people truly in need? >> makes it very complex issue which is assad what he's trying to do now with russian assistance cut off the supply line to the rebels that extend from turkey down syria and city of aleppo. asquloep was the largist city-- >> aleppo was the largest city in syria. it's bombed out now. they've taken villages north of aleppo. they shut that down. then control supplies coming in
1:34 pm
from turkey and relief supplies. nobody should be mistaken about this. the assad regime is going determine where those relief supplies go in the country of syria. who gets them and who doesn't. if you're a rebel village or you're a loyalist village you can figure out who is going to get the relief supplies. >> you laid it out very well. the obama administration has serious concerns about russia's role in syria because it's preventing them from moving forward with a cease-fire. you can't have a cease-fire if one group don't bomb and that's what russia is doing. >> right. that's why the russian, mr. lavrov have insisted this not be called a cease-fire because that comes with certain terms and conditions. instead he's talking about a cessation of hostilities but oh, by the way that does not include even to the agreement that these guys signed this does not include russian air strikes. assad said i'm not going to stop fighting the people trying to topple me. really this thing is way up in the air.
1:35 pm
fancy talk. over a weekend. we'll see what happens. in the meantime the russians and the syrians have one week until implementation which is about how long some experts believe it will take them to capture aleppo and when that happens and then the cessation of hostility comes through then what? does that lock in then? if it does we have just handed victory to the assad regime. >> that's so tragic because time is of the essence. so many people are trapped and caught in the middle of this war that shows no sign of ending. think about the women, men and children who are literally starving to death as we speak right now. very complicated. >> well that's why i think what's going to happen is if the russians and the syrians and iranians and hezbollah are successful and they take back aleppo, at that point the main emphasis, the center of gravity, if you will, for the rebel groups starts to fall apart and when i want does rather than resupporting those rebels i think the united states will
1:36 pm
back away and say we're supporting the piece process and the europeans will say oh, yeah let's support the peace process because they are trying to stem the flow of refugees. >> at this point it doesn't look good. let me ask you, sir, you're looking pretty sharp today. what's the occasion? >> i'm stepping it up for you kelly. no. actually i'm going to a dinner tonight, the military order of the caravel. it's a fun thing. 1,200 folks get-together and it's a very pleasant evening with entertainment provided by the capitol steps. it's a hoot. >> you have to invite me the next time. >> my pleasure. absolutely. you're on. >> all right. captain, thank you for your service as always and thank you for joining us today. have a great evening. tell everyone there men, women, tell them all hello from fox news. >> you betcha. i'll do it. >> supporting our military. we'll have more about syria, specifically turkey and saudi arabia they may soon launch a ground operation against isis in
1:37 pm
syria. the turkish foreign minister said troops could be sent if a strategy were in place. saudi arabia is already sending troops and fighter jets to an airbase in turkey which serves as the key hub for u.s. linked coalition operations against isis. saudi arabia and turkey both see the ousting of syrian president bashar al assad as essential for ending syria's five year civil war. both countries are also very critical as iran and russia support of the syrian regime. lots to digest there. mounting concerns from america's elite athletes about the zika virus in brazil. the site of the 2016 summer olympics. what's being done to protect the games from this devastating illness? our doctors are coming up next and will weigh in just ahead. >> kind of scary, but there's nothing you can do. you get bit a bit.
1:38 pm
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test test
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if you need more evidence that covering your mouth when you sneeze is a good thing take a look at this. scientists at m.i.t. using new high-speed technology capturing frame by frame of a person's sneeze. first as it launches ballooning fluid. then as it breaks apart a long stream spring droplets through the air. basic takeaway if you're not covering your mouth you're spreading far too many germs. thank you for that, kelly. spectators and athletes main time from all over the world expected to descend on rio de janeiro for the summer olympics this august. but they are worried about the zika virus. they are hiring infectious disease specialists to advise athletes on zika. brazil has been most affected by
1:43 pm
the outbreak that's spread through latin america and caribbean. 1.5 million people in that country brazil infected since early 2015. let's talk about it with our physician. thank you for joining us. so these stories about the zika virus they have been scary. people are concerned, no doubt these athletes are concerned. are there concerns warranted? >> i do think we should be concerned. i agree with that. but i don't think we need to be panicked. really what we need to do sb thoughtful about this approach. think about it. think how much we've learned about the zika virus in the last few days and weeks. what we don't know about zika virus is just as important as what we do know and there's a lot that we don't know. i really think in the next coming weeks and days we'll learn a lot more. i'm happy to see they hired an infectious disease specialist to consult but we have more to learn and that will affect decisions around the olympics.
1:44 pm
>> what we do know and i want to ask you how does it spread and what type of precautions can these athletes take, can all of us take. >> that's always number one. first of all, we know the zika virus is spread through infected mosquitos. that's first and foremost main way it spread. we found zika virus in semen so sexual contact is something we're keeping an eye on. in terms of prevention first thing comes with mosquito prevention, make sure you're wearing mosquito repellent with deet. make sure you're wearing long clothing that's like the sleeves. cover yourself with your pants. make sure you got bearers. mosquito nets over your bed. closing doors and windows. avoiding pools of standing water which is where mosquitos like to hang out. >> these infectious disease specialists that are on the ground they will work to determine if, in fact, it will
1:45 pm
help if all the athletes can do that and that will stop the spread or will they determine they shouldn't go? >> i'm hoping they will do a little bit of all of that. the hope is that the situation is assessed appropriately. see that's what people need. really interesting, you bring up a good point here. i had a number of parishes call me in the last week they have vacations coming up should they travel, should they not. that's what people want to know. the world health organization in the last couple of days released a report saying pregnant woman should consider delaying travel to these areas. what people need veal a risk assessment. understanding the level of risk to the athletes and people traveling. that's what we need infectious disease specialists and health fishes to do to give people sound advice to make the appropriate decision. >> it's not just pregnant women, something that was specifically would concern these athletes is the link to possible paralysis.
1:46 pm
>> generally a rare neurological condition that causes paralysis. we see it with other things not specific 0 zika virus. we're questioning whether the link is with zika. yes there are concerns. my opinion we just need to be thoughtful and smart about our approach here. >> would cause those two things to happen, the concern with the pregnant woman, the possibility of the paralysis. >> zika affects many people. only one in five people show stomps. those symptoms are some fever, joint pain, rash, red eyes. those symptoms go away on their own. pregnant women and concerns about birth defects and other concerns that makes this condition something more of a global issue that we got to be
1:47 pm
thoughtful about. >> should athlete goss? >> it depends. depends who they are. if they are in that child bearing age the risk assessment matters. >> thank you so much for joining us. great insight. kelly? hold off buying those flowers for your sweetheart. a new study revealing women might prefer something else. we'll tell you what that is next. ♪ ♪ flowers every where ♪ i love the flowers ♪ i don't know just why ♪ she just caught my eye ♪ i love the flowers then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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maybe it of his routines. with the help of hollywood and a guilty devotion to diversity,
1:52 pm
spectacles are becoming freak shows and more often politically left wing. some might say un-american. such was the case in the offense of halftime show at the super show last week. heading an all black chorus line and singing lyrics both racist and profane, beyonce managed to turn what used to be wholesome fair into an angry political diatribe with a touch of porn. she led her team to form an "x" after malcolm x who used to call white people devils. for the finale, the chorus line delivered a power salute, a quaint reminder of the 1960s. the day before the game, beyonce nailed down her message in a new rap video with a numbing repetition of gibberish. she sings of her childhood laying on a sinking police car amid the wreckage of hurricane sandy. at one point a small child in a
1:53 pm
hoodie faces a wall of police in riot gear with their hands up. then close-up to graffiti reading, stop shooting us. the national sheriff's association and mayor rudy giuliani bristled at this attack on cops and demonstrations at the nfl new york headquarters are in the wind. it's clear that for the nfl and pepsi sponsor for the extravaganza, corporate cash precluded any thoughts of civic harmony. the biggest losers in all of this are black children who will grow up learning the anger and resentment of black lives matter. more broadly, black culture in general which has been widely welcomed in the entertainment world will be getting a new look. nevertheless, critics looking for acceptance in the leftist media world can't wait to shower praise on anyone who attacks whiteness. the critic from "the new yorker"
1:54 pm
magazine caught the tone of most reviews. here was beyonce, she wrote, forcibly rejecting the milk toast white center popular culture. oh, i see, black racism is justifiable because whites are less groovy. protests have already begun in anticipation of the academy awards ceremony just two weeks away. will americans once more be subjected to the bad taste and endless rage of one political group? we're switching gears and lightning things up, is that how you say -- lighten them up? hold on to buying flowers for your sweetheart. there's a study carried out by caption fragrance company that says 46% of women are disappointed when they get flowers on valentine's day. maybe because we don't want to watch them die, maybe? i don't know.
1:55 pm
67% of women said they would like to receive something to last for life. finally, nearly a third of women labeled flowers a complete waste of money. i say, it's the thought that counts. whatever the gift is. >> it's always the thought. it's from the heart. >> yeah. well, a blast of cold air sweeping across the east and people won't be the only ones shivering out there. think about the animals. how one zoo is preparing for the deep freeze. ♪ and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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1:59 pm
well, the maryland zoo is preparing to take care of their animals following the cold snap. those that don't do well in the cold will stay inside. >> indeed they will. they are making additional preparations for the animals that can go outside to make sure they have access to dens or additional heat. of course, the arctic foxes are feeling right at home. and it is dangerously cold outside for folks. so you definitely need to stay inside if you can. be aware of that. >> please stay warm. that will do it for us. it's been a pleasure to have you here. >> i'll see you back here at 7:00 for "the fox report." good to see you. >> good to see you.
2:00 pm
>> "the five" is up next. rescue. so catch me. i'm on the hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this right here is "the five." eight days until the south carolina primary takes place on the gop side. and the three front-runners today announcing big shift in the direction of their respective campaign strategies. donald trump's trademark is his bold brass style. he isn't one to mince words. that's part of his appeal to voters. he is vowing to clean up his language after coming under criticism for cursing too much on the trail.


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