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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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docs, happy valentine's day. >> thank you for watching. i'm arthel neville. >> "sunday housecall," every sunday we are live with all the medical news. >> happy valentine's day. we'll see you at 3:30, 3:30 eastern. this is fox news alert. remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. i'm shannon bream. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> nice to be with you at home on what is a sad sunday here in washington. today we remember justice scalia on what will be a special edition of our show. ♪ >> the flags at the supreme court are flying at half staff as washington and the nation mourn the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the conservative giant died suddenly while on a hunting trip in west texas. >> he was found dead in his room after not coming down for
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breakfast yesterday. that would be saturday morning. while his family deals with the loss of a father and gloved grandfather, the nation's highest court must now confront the absence of a man chief justice john roberts called an extraordinary jurist. >> he has also been described as larger than life. that was true of justice scalia, both on and off the court. a spirited jurist. he was often the most aggressive questioner from the bench and the one most likely to provoke laughter even during the most serious cases. also an originalist, someone who believed the words of the document should be interpreted by look at what those words meant when they were written. >> i look to the words of the constitution. but i ask, what did those words mean to the society that adopted them? that's the same thing i do with legislation. what, what do those words mean? what's the fair understanding of them? >> scalia was known for being rather immovable once he reached a decision and penned fiery
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dissents when he was on the losing end of a opinion, diss t dissenting from the court's decision to legalize gay marriage. scalia felt the justices ignored the will of millions of americans. he wrote this, a system of government that makes a people subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy. he went on to add this, quote, the opinion, meaning the majority opinion s couched in a style that is as pretension husband is as its content is ego testic. following scalia's sudden death the court is left to deal with issues this term, all without the voice that would have undoubtedly have been the most spirited in the mix. within hours, even minutes of news that justice scalia died the political war began over who should name his replacement. president obama said last night he intends to nominate a new
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justice and expects the senate to vote in due course. the senate majority leader said essentially don't bother because he wouldn't allow a confirmation vote anyway. doug mcelway is at the white house. any reaction to that majority leader by the president? >> a lot of react. the flags are at half staff at the white house as they are at the supreme court and all federal i illr installations across the uncan. they will remain so until sunset on the day of justice scalia's internment. the political war over the supreme court vacanty the death has set into motion is just beginning. the president last night signaled his intention to send this senate a supreme court nominee in due time. here he is. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing
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and a timely vote. >> but even before those remarks, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sent out a statement that he has no intention of taking up any supreme court nomineesend sent up by president obama. senator marco rubio agrees with that assessment. >> i think we should wait until after november before we move forward on confirming any justice of the supreme court. the president can nominate anybody he wants. but the senate is not going to act. that's clear. we can be destructive testing it but we are not moving forward on it, period. >> if mcconnell were to change his mind for some reason, any obama nominee would certainly be fill busted. ted cruz atownsed his decision to do. >> >> does that mean you are going to filibuster anyone -- anyone that president obama nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people, george. we've got an election. >> cruz went on to say that the loss of scalia means that we are just one justice away from the -- from losing civil
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liberties for generations. demtsds obviously furious that republicans are signaling this intention not take up any obama nominee. senate minor it leader calling it a shameful abd indication of one of the senate's most important constitutional responsibilities. leland back to you. >> the pril war is just beginning for sure. eckr. for more now on justice scalia on the bench and off, let's turn to the president of the ethics and public policy center. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you shannon. >> i know you are probably still digesting the news. personally and more broadly for the country what does this loss mean? >> it is a loss of a great, great justice, a great justice in american history. one who will be remembered for years as long as lawyers read the supreme court decisions. he was a wonderful man. a brilliant jurist. he did so much to revive
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principal constitutional interpretation. that's a huge hole to fill. >> it is a legacy, whether you agreed are him ideologicalcally or not. you can't deny the impact he has had on the legal world. you work for him in the early '90s. what was that like. >> we see him on the bench, bomb bass particular. you see him off. he seemed the same way. a fun loving guy who liked to live life. what was it like to work for him? >> wonderful to work for him. he struggled to make sure he got every case right. every case, big and small, it was important. he loved vigorous argument. he of course is a brilliant writer. always a wonder to give him what one thought was a really good traft and see him make it even better. make it pointed. we clerks think we had the toughest job on the court because we had to get things right and not just reach
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whatever conclusion our justice wanted. >> i can't imagine turning something in to him because once he gets ahold of it. he had flowery language, especially in the dissent. he did not pull punches. he held nothing back and often went straight at the majority in terms of who wrote the opinion and spent a lot of time telling them how wrong they were in their opinion. >> in 1988, only his second year on the course the case involving the independent council statute where he alone in dissent said the statute violated the constitution. it was a brilliant, wonderful dissent that clearly has stood the test of time indeed. everyone now recognizes its wisdom. i think in the same way once the hot button issues of the day are past people will recognize the wisdom embedded in many of his disaccepts and his majority opinions. >> i think in recent years some of his opinions were about the
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second amend, the heller and mcdonnell cases out of chicago seth up a strong defense of the second amend, how broadly, and who it applied to. that's something i think in roont years, those are two of his most prominent? >> they are. he i believe did not write the majority opinion in mcdonald. >> right. but heller. >> what you see in heller is the originalist methodology spelled out fully. embraced by the court of the notion that, yes, words in law, or the constitution or statutes mean what they meant at the time they were adopted. that's a principle that i think strikes everyone as intuitively obvious. take the debate over what the natural born citizen means? >> everyone wants to to go back and understand what it meant back then. but so many justices ignored originalism because it doesn't allow them to get the realities they prefer. again that opinion was a huge vick tee for original itch and
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second amendment rights. and it is very much in peril if scalia is relaced with a justice on the left. >> it is interesting because we agree he is the kind of person who wouldn't have enjoyed being retired although he had interesting hobbies and things outside of the court i think he is the kinds of person until this kind of circumstance. it will be interesting to see because whether from the right or the left it will be impossible to fill his shoes exactly. >> that's true. at the same time he has blazed such a trail and influenced so many now, two or three generations of law students that there are folks who understand his thinking and accept his thinking who will follow in his way. so i think there is a great legacy still to come. >> like you said, he left a clear path. you never had to wonder where you stood with him on any issue or personally as well. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> leland?
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scalia's death puts the future of the high court front and center in the presidential race. there are six gop candidates left standing, and just six days to go before south carolina's republican primary. last night, they faced off in a fiery, no holds barred, no gloves debate. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts with there is and joins us now from greenville with the latest. >> it was like the ultimate fighting championship last night. this south carolina race really is coming down to a cage match between donald trump, jeb bush, marco rubio, and ted cruz. jeb bush has been bragging he is the only candidate who is willing to take on donald trump mano a mano. they certainly got into it last night. look at this. >> george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes. but that one was a beauty. we should have never been in iraq. they lied.
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they said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none. and they knew they were none. >> i'm sick of barack obama blaming my brother awe for all of the problems that he has had. and frankly, i could care less about the insults that donald trump gives to me. it's blood sport for him. he enjoys it. i am sick and tired of him going after my emif a. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. >> world trade center came down during your brother's reign, remember that. >> hold on. let me finish. >> marco rubio needed a turnaround moment after his poor performance last week in new hampshire. by most accounts he got it. including this sharp exchange with ted cruz. watch. >> marco went on univision in spanish and said he would not rescind president obama's illegal executive amnesty on his first day in office. i have promised to rescind every single illegal executive action.
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including that one. >> first of all, i don't know how he knows what he said on univision because he doesn't speak spanish. and second of all, [ speaking foreign language ] >> this is the disturbing pattern now. because for a number of weeks now ted cruz has been telling lies. >> ted cruz in the past has in fact admitted his spanish is, quote, lousy. not to be outdone trump also went after ted cruz after cruz complained that trump is not a real conservative. trump pointed out cruz supported john roberts, who upheld obama care. >> i did not nominate john residents. >> you pushed him. >> i supported him. >> you worked with him and you pushed him. why do you lie? >> donald you have got learn not to interrupt people. >> you pushed him. >> donald, adults learn not to interrupt each other. >> yeah, i know. >> those four were going at each
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other. john kasich quietly tried to soar above the fray. in a new american research group poll they find that john kasich is in second place behind donald trump after his second place finish in new hampshire. all of this bickering back and forth, we'll see where it takes the candidate after the final assessment here in south carolina next saturday night. >> we'll see whether that debate changed everything over the next six days. >> still ahead, much more on the life and death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. we'll talk to a friend of scalia's about the man behind the black robe. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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the most patriotic man i ever knew. >> used to say that in the old country if your father was a shoemaker, you would be a shoemaker. and in america, you you could be whatever you were willing to work hard enough to be and had the talent to be. his son ended up on the supreme court. my grandmother expected me to be
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president. >> imagine her disappointment and her pride at the same time. that was justice antonin scalia speaking at the 150th anniversary of the gettysburg address in 2013. of course the news of scalia's death came just hours before the republican presidential candidates took the debate stage. they were quick to offer words of praise for the man and for his service. donald trump said scalia's career was defined by his reverence to the constitution. jeb bush called him a brilliant defender of the rule of law. marco rubio referred to the justice as, quote, the most consequential american in our history -- one of the most. while john kasich said scalia's death is, quote a serious there is our nation and the court. on the democrat said, candidate bernie sanders said while he differed with his views, scalia was quote brilliant, colorful and outspoken. >> i don't think begin would
10:19 am
disagree. >> those are accurate. whether you agree with his rulings or not, the country has lost a brilliant mind. predator reagan nominated scalia to the court in 1986. charles cochran cooper was at the d.o.j. then and has insider perspective on the conservative justice and joins us now. welcome. you were in the position that justice scalia had previously held at d.o.j. and you had link to understanding who he was and where he came from. what was it like at the time when you are trying to put together a list of names and you begin to bubble up and see who is possibly going to be nominated? >> well, the search for a possible successor at that time for the vacancy in the supreme court was really between only two people. it was putting robert bjork and justice scalia, who was then on the d.c. circuit. in fact, both of them were. and it ended up that -- and we
10:20 am
selected nino scalia to recommend to the president, who nominated him. and we had very high expectations for justice scalia. and he far exceeded every one of them over the three decades that he spent on the court. he was truly a giant in every possible respect. as a jurist. as a scholar. as a teacher of the law. his shoes will be simply impossible to fill. in fact, it's really very hard, it really hasn't sunk in yet that this great man is gone and a despair that his shoes will ever be filled. those of us who followed him, and who revere him. >> well, you almost half jokingly say about the court that nobody every gets their moves to the right. they get there even my
10:21 am
republicans -- >> he was immovable encore principles? >> he was. he was. and one of the reasons that president reagan nominated him to the court was complete confidence that that would be the case, that he would never ends up like say harry blackman who was viewed as a conservative when he was nominated in the early '70s by president nixon but ultimately became a liberal justice on the court. that has been true of many of the justices, including ironically and i think sadly, many of the justices appointed by republican presidents. but not nino scalia. >> no. >> he -- he held to his believes firmly throughout his career. >> and unabashedly. whatever it was. he didn't apologize for everything. you always knew where he was going or where he 1250d on any case or issue. he didn't minutes words.
10:22 am
he was also unanimously confirmed by the senate. >> that's right. >> we think about that today and think regardless of who the nominee is that would be near loo impossible either from the left or the right. it's so divisive now on the hill. >> it is. you have to also recall that when he was nominated, also up for confirmation at the same time was justice william rehnquist, who was being elevated to the center chair to become chief justice. and his was a very controversial nomination. i actually was very much involved with both of them through the confirmation process as a justice department representative, if you will. and fortunately for justice scalia -- >> was he sort of under the radar in that whole thing? did it help. >> in real sense, he was. he was also the first italian american ever nominated to the court. he had a lot of advantages. justice rehnquist had been controversial in his original nomination process.
10:23 am
all of those controversies were dredged up. he was also the first to be nominated. so the -- i think the guns were out and aimed at him early on. and in a very real way, justice scalia was -- he managed to kind of draft in behind then chief justice rehnquist. but today i think you are absolutely right, shannon. it's not likely ever to happen. i can't imagine it ever happening where we are going to have a unanimously confirmed supreme court nominee in today's times. >> yeah n in this environment. quickly, how would you describe the man that those who knew him personally called nino? >> yeah. he was really just a great, charming man of good cheer and good will. those of us who knew and loved him really are still in shock and we're grieving for him.
10:24 am
but also for his family, wis wife, maureen, and others who loved him. he -- he was the kind of man that if you came to know, you could not dislike. the people who disliked nino scalia, justice scalia, were those who didn't know him. he was a agree garious man. filled up every room with his robust laugh. and he loved life. and he loved other people. from the left to the right, it didn't matter. he was really the -- a perfect model of what we done so see how much anymore, the ability to disagree at every level with somebody on little or judicial issues, but to not only be civil but to be friends, genuine friends with them, in any other respect. it's well-known that justice scalia was good friends with ruth rabader ginsburg.
10:25 am
that's one example of countless examples. he is a wonderful man and will be missed by those of us who know us. >> thank you for sharing your inigts. the gop candidates left standing faced off last night in south carolina. did any candidate walk away a winner? our political panel helps break that down? >> plus, the latest from where justice scalia died. casey steel is in el paso, texas, tonight. >> reporter: this is the funeral home in el paso where justice scalia's body was brought overnight. what is next and what has to happen here in texas before he is flown back to the d.c. area? while' have that up next in a live report. or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one.
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antonin scalia when he didn't show up for breakfast saturday morning. by mid afternoon, authorities seemed convinced the justice passed away overnight of natural causes. casey stegall is following the latest developments from el paso, texas, where the justice's body awaits its trip back to washington. high, casey. >> reporter: good afternoon. the justice's body was brought to this location, the sunset funeral home in el paso, texas n the overnight hours. a spokesperson for the fun hall home said that was done at the family's request. and there was a convoy of police vehicles escorting the body, making the roughly three-hour drive from the west texas ranch why the 79-year-old justice had been on a hunting trip and retreat. those who were with him say he was not feeling well night before and retired to his room early after dinner. when he did not show up for breakfast yesterday morning and did not answer the repeated knocks at his door, the ranch owner got worried, entered his
10:31 am
room, finding him in bed without a pulse. a priest was called in to administer last rites. officials believe justice scalia did die of natural causes. but what is not yet clear this afternoon is if an autopsy will be performed. a coroner can waive that here in texas if no foul play is suspected. and we don't have any reason to believe there is in this case. the funeral home has said that all of the preparations, including embalming, will be done here in el paso, before justice scalia will be flown home the virginia, likely tomorrow or tuesday. we're also still waiting on news of funeral arrangements and whether the justice will lie in repose at the court building for the public to pay its respects like they did with marshal in 1991 and went quist in 2005. justice scalia was the longest serving justice currently on the bench of the united states supreme court as we have been saying appointed by president
10:32 am
ron reagan in 1986. leland. >> casey stegall following the story from texas. thanks, casey. all right for the first time the republican candidates for president all fit on one debate stage last night. they weren't exactly congenial. our political panel will be here to break it down. i'll tell you. >> you probably are worse than jeb bush. the single biggest liar. >> done, adults learn not to interrupt each other. >> yeah, i know. ♪ the nissan rogue. with the power and performance of our intuitive all-wheel drive. now get a $189 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue.
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10:37 am
he has had the gal to be after my brother. >> the world strayed center came down during your brother's reign, remember that. >> he had the gal -- hold on. he had the gal to go offer my mother. i won the lottery when i was born 63 years ago, looked up and i saw my mom. my mom is is strongest woman i me. >> she should be running. >> the attacks in the republican debate got ugly, personal and nasty. and the stakes couldn't be higher. the south carolina is less than a week away. chairman of civic forum pac for the o'connell and adam rocha join us now. ford, any game changers. >> marco rubio made people forget about his debate debacle. the other who did well was donald trump. when a debate descends into chaos trump is always the
10:38 am
beneficiary because his supporters stick with him through thick and thin. and. >> interesting you talk about everybody calling ted cruz a liar. look at this clip. let's get your thoughts. >> single biggest liar. you probably are worse than jeb bush. >> donald didn't disagree with the substance that he supports tax pay you are funding for planned parenthood. and done has this weird pattern. when you point to his own record he screams liar, liar, liar. >> when you have somebody this the debate saying liar, liar, liar, about somebody who could be the nominee that has to be gold opposition research for democrats. >> as a southern democratic, i wasset eating my popcorn and enjoying every minute of it. if donald trump is the nominee, who is the v.p. pick? a lot of people have been vetted and through the system.
10:39 am
>> who does trump not hit? mooush marco rubio because he has to win florida. he speaks spanish as he pointed out, ted cruz appear to. >> here comes the gloves. >> he is going to be like fourth place. >> it may be. but it's about making donald trump look more presidential should he win the nomination. >> as you look at what happened last night, back in 2012, romney was ahad in south carolina. beginning risch had an incredible debate where he went after john king on cnn, totally turned the primary around and beginning relationship rich wins south carolina. is there anything that happened last night that has the effect? >> donald trump made two mistakes. he was harsh in his 9/11 critique and harsh with respect to the iraq war. the state is 28% military veterans. >> rubio came back hard against trump on that. >> yeah, and one thing i think trump has taken all the oxygen out of the room. i think the rest of them are like kids throwing a rock at a
10:40 am
train. they are watching, can't do anything about it. it keeps on going. >> what was amazing, marco rubio defended the bush family better than jeb bush did. >> first time last night. i think that was on purpose. >> he certainly stepped up to the plate on that. we mentioned five of the people on the stage, any reason to talk about carson? >> i think he was missing in south carolina. >> i think test next one out. i think it's done. he keeps talking about his website and being -- >> he was waiting during the shots. >> you get out when you run out of money. even though he cut his staff, he is still making money. >> raising money as well. ford, chuck, we'll leave it there. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> see you soon. all right. so as we continue our coverage of justice scalia's death, any nomination for scalia's successor has to be confirmed of course by the u.s. senate. we will a talk to one of its ems in, senator tim scott, of south carolina, coming up next. as we continue our coverage of the justice's death.
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plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so, and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to
10:45 am
give that a fair hearing and a timely vote. these are responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone. >> that was president obama last night vowing to nominate a successor for the late justice antonin scalia during his final year in the white house. it offers the a remarkable chance to shift the supreme court balance. senator tim scott joins me now. gop senator from south carolina. senator, thank you for joining us today. >> absolutely. it's good to be with you as a marco rubio rally. >> we will get to that in just a moment. first i want to ask you about justice scalia and the president's plan to nominate one and quickly move forward. a number of your colleagues in the senate on the gop side have said no can do, they will block or phil buster or whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't have that opportunity. where do you stand on that? >> i'm on the same side as the average republican senator. the reality of it is this, we
10:46 am
have had four conservative justices, for liberal justices with scalia in the middle. we must replace him with another rock solid conservative. i can't see that coming from this administration. that's the only justice we'll be voting on. i do not believe that will happen this year. it doesn't look promising whatsoever. >> i want to read a statement from your democratic corporate party senator elizabeth warren. she says senator mcconnell who has said this should be left to the next president. is she says the senator is right, american people should have a right in the next election, in fact, they did, when they voted for president
10:47 am
obama. is this a result that elections have consequences. >> no doubt that elections have consequences. in 2016 a new president will be elected. because of, that we are going to go through a long, long process of vetting candidates. i fully expect that will take into 2017. >> you are there at a marco rubio rally. you are supporting him, have endorsed him for president. a very important week in south carolina as the voters get ready to make their primary decision. we are talking to a number of candidates. why do you think, and why did you settle on marco rubio when you've had other senate colleagues in this race who say they are also qualified to be president? >> i have the good fortune of hosting 12 of our republican candidates in a one on one presidential town hall forum and after looking at all 12 of the candidates bringing pen to paper, studying their assets and
10:48 am
capability i came to the conclusion there was one candidate head and shoulders above the rest. marco rubio. he looked presidential during the debate last night. he had a fantastic night a flawless performance. if you listen to his knowledge of foreign pool see there is no other candidate close on foreign policy on that stage. you heard what he said about reviving the economy for those folks mired in of the poverty. no better candidate than marco rubio. and a candidate who inspires a new generation of voters without having to concede a single principle, marco rubio. >> how much do you think the issue involving 2 supreme court will become -- not only is it a huge issue no matter what, and heading into the fall it will be even bigger. but how much will it matter to the voters of state. will it impact their decision who to vote for in the primary.
10:49 am
>>r i think it's very difficult for them not to factor in to who would be the next president and to make sure that we choose a conservative who is going to win. s that very important tilting of the supreme court. i can't tell you -- this is a lifetime appointment. it truly matters what happens. i think the south carolina voters will take that into consideration. i think that work to the advantage of marco rubio. >> senator tim scott, gop senator, and supporter of senator marco rubio, thanks for making time for us today. >> good to be back on your show. have a great day. >> for more on how this nomination war that senator scott was talking about will affect the 2016 race let's turn to eric erickson, he is with the website the resurgent, and also a fox news contributor. good to have you with us here eric. david axelrod, president obama's former senior adviser, the architect of his victory tweeted
10:50 am
after justice scalia's death this is a seismic event for the 2016 presidential race, do you agree? >> yes, i do. a lot of people can think they can sit on the sidelines and it doesn't affect them -- now it forces people to actually deal with the reality. not a hypothetical. >> we've often heard from hillary clinton out on the stump talking about the importance for her base of being able to fill the supreme court. the question would be, we haven't heard that as much from the republican candidates. they talk about it a lot in fund-raise fund-raisers. not so much out on the steps. has this now become a front and center issue? and how long will it remain so once the news cycle dies down? >> i don't think the news cycle is going to die own. i think the president is going to keep the news cycle going hoping it will narrow the democratic voters. this is a way the democrats can
10:51 am
build excitement. it will build excitement for republicans. already the national rifle soeks soegs is reminding republicans gun rights became in the balance. i think a lot of voters will decide national security and jobs are more important. but for die hard partisans on both sides it is a big issue. >> you say die hards on both sides. do they even ooch other out or does it weight to one side? >> my sense is it probably weighs more to the republican side in that democrats have very much for long time gotten used to a 5-4 conservative majority. while the democrats want to shift to it a 5-4 liberal base, and you look at the republicans who are overwhelmingly pro-life and progun country, moderate voters ten to be that way and will understand that's in the ballness. >> we are looking at images of
10:52 am
justice scalia being born sworn in in 1986 to the court. he was confirmed 98-0 in front of the senate. hard to imagine we will get that kind of confirmation going forward. play this out for me. from a republican standpoint, even if you have a republican president and a republican senate without a phil buster, seems to me you are going to get someone like scalia, a hard nosed conservative on the court again. >> harry reid blue up the filibuster for judicial picks except for supreme court. it's inconceivable the republicans will blow up the fi so it's very likely that they did. you are probably going to have a republican president, if you have a republican senate push a very conservative pick. of seats in pennsylvania and johnson of wisconsin that are
10:53 am
purple states. this could be a very big issue in those states against republicans. in terms of senate or key races of republican senators being able to run on this issue -- i only have about 30 seconds. >> i think very much. this helps republicans around the country. 17 to 18 republicans on the ballot. it's going to be a very big deal around the country and in republican senate races. >> erick erickson we'll bring you back as this develops. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> all the best. condolences are pouring in for the family of antonin scalia. i covered him in my work as fox news chief legal correspondent and i have brand-new reaction from his colleagues just in. that's up next.
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i express myself vividly, criticisms are criticisms of opinions not of my colleague. i'm a good friend of steve breyer. i like him a lot, and sandra day o'connor, and whoever else's opinions i criticize. >> if they call one of your opinions pure apple sauce? >> that's fine as long as they can demonstrate that it's true. >> he used a lot of colorful language. >> for sure. some of the most memorable language is what we remember him
10:58 am
for. >> we are just getting in reaction from all of his colleagues on the court. i want to read a few of these. we talked about the fact he had close friendships with people he ideologically disagreed with but people very close. he was probably closest to justice ruth bader ginsberg and her husband. here is what she had to say about him. she talked about the fact that we are different but we are one, in talking about an operatic duet, they were best buddies. that's her quote. we disagreed now and then but when i wrote for the court and received a scalia dissent, it was notably better than my initial circulation. she said, he gave me what i needed, he was a jurist with a rare talent to make people laugh. he had a great sense of humor. she talked about the fact he was a magnificent performer. it was my great good fortune to
10:59 am
have known him as a colleague and treasured friend. and also he really took the newest justice kagan under his wing. they couldn't have been more different. scalia will go down in history as one of the most transformational justices in our nation. his views on interpresenting text have changed the way all of us think and talk about the law. i admire him for his dedication, energy, and writing. i treasured his friendship and will greatly miss his warmth, charm, maureen and the scalia family are in my thoughts and prayers. it's notorious he took justice kagan out to teach her how to shoot guns at a shooting range but then they went on hunting trips together, too. i can't imagine more of an odd couple. >> as you think about it right now, how do you think justice scalia would wouldn't to be remembered? are we getting it right? >> i do think he would want to be recognized for the path he
11:00 am
blazed and originalism but as somebody who lived life. >> and his love of italian food as well. >> that's it for us here in washington. >> she'll be back at 3:00 for a special. see you then. i'm chris wallace. today the judicial legacy of supreme court justice antonin scalia and the fierce political battle to replace him. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> and gop candidates respond to scalia's death as they duke it out in the bare knuckle fight for south carolina. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> i really wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> after marco rubio's damaging debate performance last week -- >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is.


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