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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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colleague bret baier. that's it for today. happy valentine's day. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. looking live now at the u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c. as we anticipate an epic battle brewing. set into motion by the death of an american legal icon, supreme court justice antonin scalia. and now the white house is weigh in on whether the president will indeed pick a nominee while the senate is in recess. justice scalia was known as an unwavering conservative voice on the supreme court. by now you may know he passed away unexpectedly this weekend at a private rez dmens texas where he was staying on a hunting trip. the county judge confirming to fox news now the death sert will read scalia died of natural causes and that an autopsy will
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not be necessary. he was 79 years old. just moments ago these first pictures coming into fox news of justice scalia's journey home. his remains were taken from a funeral home in texas. it's unclear where the remains are going right now at this moment. we'll keep you updated. we can tell you that mourners have been leaving flowers and candles on the steps of the supreme court all day as reaction to his death poured in from across america. fellow supreme court justice and close friend ruth bader ginsburg said they were quote best buddies decide their ideological buddies and he was a justist of capita vating interest. chief legal correspondent shannon bream is in washington with the latest. let's go first to casey steeg whole is live for us in el paso,
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texas. casey? >> reporter: at that funeral home where just moments ago we saw the hearse carrying the body of justice scalia pull out of here. let's get to the pictures. just happening moments ago, it was a silver hearse and there was a flag draped casket in the b back. there is a giant army base nearby. it's unclear if he'll be taken to the airstrip there or over to el paso international airport and loaded up on a plane and sent back home to virginia. we know that his body arrived at the funeral home overnight escorted by multiple law enforcement officers as some three-hour drive from where he passed away. there was some question as to whether an autopsy would be done on the 79-year-old. however officials say there were no signs of foul play. and after speaking with the u.s. marshals on the scene, the local
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sheriff, plus justice scalia's family and personal doctor, a decision was made that an autopsy would not be completed. earlier today there was information out there saying scalia died from a heart attack. but i spoke to the judge this afternoon on the phone who tells me that was incorrect. that was false information that was accidentally put out and she says that she has ruled this death as natural causes. >> just to stay on justice scalia for a moment, what more do we know about his final hours, casey? >> reporter: well we know that he flew out here on texas on friday to attend a giant retreat and a hunting excursion. hunting was one of his loves. this was a famous ranch out in west texas, very close to the mexico border, in fact 240 miles from el paso to the southeast. you can see from this map. sort of puts it in perspective. the ranch owner says that scalia was with 35 other people in good spirits. everyone went hunting.
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the justice did not participate but watched. the group had dinner then he retired to the presidential suite a little after 9:00 local time. when dedid not come to breakfast and did not answer the door, they entered and found him understand responsive. justice scalia was a devout catholic. he's survived of his wife of 55-plus years, nine children and dozens of grandchildren. >> god bless her, missing her partner so much tonight. i can nonl imagine. thank you very much. as the nation mourns this legal icon, we move on to the politics expected to ensue immediately. the epicenter, one question. should president obama nominate justice ska lee yoo's successor. his vacancy means that the eight remaining justices could split
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equally. and if there were to be a 4-4 decision, a lower court ruling would remain in place. president obama is vowing he'll fulfill his constitutional responsibilities and present a supreme court nominee in due time. the white house now elaborating on that saying president obama is not expected to rush the process by using a recess appointment while congress is on break right now. but the senate republicans are making it clear, they will attempt to block any nomination arguing the next supreme court justice should be decided by the president the people elect in november. chief legal correspondent shannon bream is live on that part of our coverage. what happens now? >> well, the president made it clear he does plan to move ahead quickly. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate
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to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> mitch mcconnell says this, the american people should have a voice. therefore this vacancy should not be fulfill until we have a new president. a number of senate democrats are pushing back on that idea saying it is the president's constitutional right and duty to nominate someone regardless of when the vacancy occurs. there have been questions about whether the president would make a recess appointment to the court this week. tonight eric schultz says, quote, we don't expect the president to rush this through this week, going on to say it will wait until the senate returns. >> i'm looking at a long list of unfinished business at the supreme court right now. how will this be handled? >> it's packed on landmark
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cases. the justices have already heard critical cases on affirmative action, voting vieths and whether public schoolteachers can be forced to support a union they don't want to join. the decisions have not been released. the justices all released statements today, including elena kagan, his opposite in many ways but an occasional hunting buddy. >> i treasured nino's friendship. the court is currently on a break and due to hear new cases starting up a week from monday. and still to be heard in march, the cases on abortion and executive power. >> shannon, thank you very much. i'm going to go into a little detail on that. more on the cases you just heard shannon touch on, still on the docket at this point. including what's shaping up to be the largest case affecting
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reproductive rights. the court is set to hear arguments on an abortion case, deciding how far the states can go to regulate that without violating a woman's constitutional rights. then a case at university of texas austin and whether they can use affirmative action. also on the docket, the president's executive action on immigration. the justices will consider whether president obama exceeded his powers by protecting millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. also and finally the court will hear another challenge to obamacare and whether religious organizations are required to provide contraceptives for employees under the affordable care act. right now, the race for the white house for all of the reasons we just mentioned, taking on a new tone and urgency with the passing of justice antonin scalia. we're live now on the campaign trail with what the candidates are saying about it. and fight night kind of, in
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candidates with less than a week to the south carolina primary. karl cameron is live with the news in south carolina. i use a hockey term here. it got a little whippy last night. any of that spilled over on to the campaign trail today? >> reporter: of course it did. last night showed that a south carolina presidential debate on a saturday night is like professional wrestling. pretty remarkable stuff. donald trump was not on the campaign trail today. he did offer up a few tweets. he got a considerable amount of booing for some of his remarks last night and all of the candidates seemed -- not all. john kasich was an exception. but most of the candidates were trading ba they were liars, back and forth it went. jeb bush came alive last night. fifth is like the new third out of new hampshire.
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so for jeb bush here in south carolina, it's going to be rough like this every single day. tomorrow he'll have his brother, the former president george w. bush will be on the campaign trail with him here in south carolina. he's a popular political figure here in the state. the polls have showed that george w. bush is viewed favorably here. so trump with the booing and going after george w. bush may have some additional explaining to do here in south carolina. >> so one of the things we just showed our viewers and they may have seen it last night as it was happening is the back and forth between senators cruz and rubio. senator cruz trying to land a little bit, you went on univision and you told people you like amnesty. the comeback though was really, really strong between those two. >> reporter: they've been waiting for south carolina. ted cruz needs to do well here. he's polling in second.
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cruz needs to do well here having not been competitive in new hampshire. donald trump obviously winning there. cruz, winning two out of the first three states would be a huge accomplishment. and cruz and rubio are going at it hammer and tongue. they're both senators, freshmen and of cuban dissent. they're arguing over their records on national security, immigration specifically, what they've said and when they've said it, who they've said it to and how they've said it. now the issue of an opency on the supreme court, the passage of antonin scalia, there's another battle going on. both of them signing on to what's been a bit of a republican mantra, no there shouldn't be 0 vote on it until there's a new president. but also essentially saying anybody who supports someone like donald trump would be un'liable as to how he would make an appointment to the court. that have to be considered now.
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>> i wondered how any of it was playing inside the hall. new hampshire is different from south carolina. south carolina, it seemed like they opened up a can. governor kasich at one point saying i think we're fixing to lose the election to hill clint calling for an end to all of the negative advertising. >> reporter: he does set himself apart by trying to stay out of the name calling, the direct tossing back and forth as many insults as possible. it got to be really nasty last night and kasich tried to score positive points. ben carson didn't get involved in this conversation either. he was the victim of what most of the field has could cruz's so-called dirty tricks in iowa and donald trump suggested they might be continuing here in the form of robocalls spreading bad information about another candidate.
4:17 pm
they are guised a polls. that's the kind of stuff in south carolina it's common. not illegal in any of the states. it might be unethical in the minds of many. but this is presidential politics. and over the years people have been disappeared in these kinds of dirty tricks. it's to be expected and candidates who have been students of the process, ted cruz looked at all of the ways candidates have lost in the past. donald trump is kind of winging it. it's not at all surprised by it. i had a conversation with the trump campaign while we were in new hampshire. they understood that this was going to be a tough battle because that's the way south carolina likes it. >> and we're still seeing real clear politics and other polling showing us, that's an average, that trump is anywhere from 15 to 20 points ahead of the pack, in second place is cruz but it's distant. before i let you go, a couple of things. we looked at the drill downof
4:18 pm
how much time each candidate got. donald trump is still outtalking everybody. you mentioned another set of numbers. fifth is the new third and you mentioned dr. ben carson. haven't heard much from him. i don't know if it might be a fifth place. what does he need to do in south carolina? >> reporter: well, i mean, he made it clear before the new hampshire primary that he was downsizing his campaign staff. now the carson campaign, by their own calendar has gone from 140 stafferers to less than 100. somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 staffers. very difficult when we leave south carolina and go to nf and then starting march 1st have multiple states voting on the 1st, 8th and 15th. a candidate who doesn't have money and infrastructure built out into the subsequent states in the first week of march is going to find it next to impossible. the discussion is crump versus
4:19 pm
cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz and that's about it. kasich and carson are not expected to do particularly well here. kasich in fact is going to be spending some time in michigan. he doesn't expect to have a win, a w in his column until michigan or his home state of ohio and it's hard to see where ben carson can win. >> campaign karl as we love to call you, thank you for the wrap-up. appreciate it. things are heating up on the democratic side as well. a pivotal caucus six days away. hillary clinton still leading but bernie sanders likes his chances for an upset. a possible pipe bomb found at a rent l car place not far from an airport. we'll show you where that happened straight ahead. .. hair color wants to help you keep on being you. nice'n easy. natural-looking color... ...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color...
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nevada now taking center stage in the race for the democratic nomination. the clinton and sanders campaigns cranking up the volume. don't say she's yelling. hillary clinton doesn't like that. and the senator from vermont sounding confident. >> i think we're going to surprise people in nevada. i think we're going to surprise people in south carolina. i am talking to you right now from denver, colorado where we just had 18,000 people coming out to a rally. i think we're looking really good with a whole lot of momentum for super tuesday as well. >> christen fisher is following it all live from d.c. >> clinton and sanders will be spending a lot of time courting minority voter. the latino vote is equally
4:24 pm
pivotal in next week's veote in nevada. undocumented immigrants who have arrived in the u.s. a as kids are now advocating for a path twooi legal status. bernie sanders wrapped up a huge rally in las vegas. 2,000 people showed up. something else that happened today. this morning bernie sanders and hillary clinton showed up at the same church service. both campaigns claimed they had confirmed this appearance before the other one so the pastor set the record straight during the service saying that the sanders campaign contacted him first but he was quote encouraged that both candidates were willing to sit in the same church at the same time. >> well, obviously the death of justice scalia on the political horizon today. we talked about it among the republicans. what are the democratic candidates saying? >> they're united in their believes that president obama
4:25 pm
should be allowed to name a replacement. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. and all of us democrats, we have have responsibility to make sure that a republican doesn't win in november and rip away all of the progress we've made together. >> i think we want a full contingent on the united states supreme court. they are dealing with enormously important issues, the constitution is pretty clear the president makes the appointment, senate confirms, let's get on with that business. >> that was sanders first appearance on fox news sunday since announcing his candidacy. so far clinton has declined to be a guest despite repeated requests. there's still time. >> definitely. up until november, anyway. thank you. and we'll move on to a story that made news today and we
4:26 pm
found out some surprising details. a pipe bomb reportedly found at a rental car place in albuquerque, new mexico. now local and federal investigators are working to find out how it got there. it happened at a avis rental carlo occasion. somebody found the device underneath the car when it was returned. the facility and airport had to be shut down as the bomb squad, the fbi and the atf responded. no flights were affected. well, here it is. it turns out this may just be the latest in a series of pipe bomb incidents. the fbi also investigated pipe bomb explosions in northeast albuquerque in 2013 and 2014. nobody hurt in any of that. a looming battle on capitol hill. will republicans move to black president obama's nomination to the supreme court? and what it all will mean for the 2016 elections. interestingly enough we did some home work on this and there is
4:27 pm
one democrat who spoke out, might surprise you who it is so we'll tell you coming up with the fox news political insider,s -- in support of the republican side. i wonder if he remembers doing that. we'll be right back. the people of south carolina focused on the gravity of this. if you value your constitutional rights and value religious liberty and life and marriage and the second amendment, then this election matters. in my business i can count on my i.t. guy bailing me out all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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this is the fox report. if you're just joining us this hour, of course we showed you off the top, urgent breaking, some of justice scalia's journey home as his remains have been moved from the funeral home in el paso, texas and they're journeying on. we don't have the details of the path right now. that's where we started the hour. we'll bring you more as we learn it. and of course this has tipped off the discussion, the politics in washington -- it doesn't take much to take the discussion there in washington, obviously, to politics. the republicans already opposing anyone the president might nominate to succeed justice scalia saying the next president and the people should get the pick the nominee.
4:32 pm
elizabeth warren responding with this, senate republicans took an oath just like senate democrats did. abandoning their zuties would threaten the constitution and our democracy and it would prove that all of the republican talk about loving this constitution is just that empty talk. the fox news political insiders are here with me, pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy cart earn and doug shown, fox news contributor as well. i want to start with you, pat. you were shaking your head pretty hard at senator warren's comments. why? >> she is such a hypocrite. >> she was your candidate. >> she was at one point, as a democratic. all of these people are so two-faced about this. if this were on -- the shoe were on the other foot, she would be for it, as she was -- she did not stand up when harry reid destroyed the idea of the
4:33 pm
minority in the senate by passing the nuclear option for judges up to the appellate court so they could get people in d.c. court. she voted for it, said nothing. these people, it's unbelievable to me how they have no shame. she is like this. elizabeth warren if she would just once have principles that she applied across the board, she could be president. but it's just partizan ship. >> i think pat is right. but we have to look at the political ramifications of this. the three of us have talked and we agree that no one is going to get confirmed this year. there will be a nomination by the president. he will send someone to the senate but he'll d political purposes for the november election. he will figure out which voting group they want to inner jazz in november -- >> that's interesting. >> -- and that's who they'll send. >> total cynics. >> yes. >> can i ask you guys a quick
4:34 pm
question? i'm getting this from twitter. what are the politics, doug, of the president's decision not to do a recess appointment while congress is on break? if there was a recess appointment, there could be questions about the constitutionality of doing it. literally there would be a constitutional crisis. the other large point that we're not hearing, and i think pat and john's comments underscore it, we're not hearing anyone say for the good of the country we need to come together around a bipartisan or consensus choice that will put the politics aside and put the interest of america first. because if we go 11 months without a supreme court judge and then another five or six months to confirm him or her, goodness gracious. >> they'll be doing some duties and if there's a 4-4 tie then it will fall back to the decision of the previous court that's not
4:35 pm
ideal, is it? >> nothing about it is ideal. clearly we've lost an icon in our country. you're absolutely right, doug. i want to bring this up and get your thoughts. we have a little bit of a throughoutback sunday video of senator schumer of new york. this came to us via the staff of senator mitch mcconnell. he's arguing for the case of we need to wait for the next president but using it with a piece of video that was originally on c-span as we understand it. i want to set it up, let's watch a of it and then john you've got the rest of the transcript. watch. >> we should not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court expect in extraordinary circumstances. >> and that's important why? >> well first of all it was 2007. so -- >> july. >> it's a year and a half left in george w. bush's term. this one we're at 11 months left. even shorter team.
4:36 pm
there is the hypocrisy of the democrats. they're criticizing mcconnell for saying we're going to hold this up. they're saying the same thing with a year and a half left in george bush's term. same thing. >> the think is, i would imagine -- well the goose and the gander. >> exactly. it's each sides playing politics, putting what they perceive as their partisan interest ahead of the interest of the country. and what we've been trying to say for the three years or so that we've been on here is that there are broader interests that the country supports, research shows it compellingly where people say put the politics aside. we shouldn't have a supreme court that is deadlocked. we should have nine jurists making decisions in country's interest in the country thinks the supreme court is supposed to be wise people who are jurists, above politics. and all we have now for 20-some
4:37 pm
years is basically, you know, my partisan, your partisan except the republicans who can't seem to keep their partisan together like roberts. we have a court that's 5-4, very close. and instead of saying what you just said, doug, which is who is the best jurist in the country to help unite and do this. we don't do that. you know why? because the politic they want to play in washington. everything they do is what the country is revolting about out in the primary. >> the other thing i would like to throw out is the idea of the possibility of sticking to character, which is the republicans who control this because they run the senate, they could confirm an obama appointee. they could do it. they're not going to do it for political reasons and they may overdo it. >> so you're saying it could bakefire on them? >> impeachment of bill clinton backfired. >> are you worried about your party, john? >> very worried.
4:38 pm
>> you have the krubt party and the stupid party. >> can we jump on the high road away from the politics. they don't want to seem to do that much in washington. on twitter, harris would you ask the insider to share their thoughts, their remembrances of justice scalia who hailed from elmhurst, new york. anybody? >> i did not know him but i know his history. i think he wasn't to xavier on west 14th street. was apparently the best student in his class by far. a brilliant lawyer and a brilliant jurist and we really are moving away from that now, even though he was narrow in his originalist construction, no question he was a brilliant jurist. what we're talking about now is politics, pure and simple something that really, as pat said, the absolute opposite of what we should have on the
4:39 pm
court. >> bush tried to put his council on and that -- >> no, no. >> the woman. i had her name a second ago. but you know, that caused a firestorm. >> and she was a hack and they ended up with alito who was a judge, a serious judge. obama appointed only to have diversity, one of the two women judges he has. >> kagan. >> kagan arguably had no business being on the court after she messed up in harvard. but she was there so he could do what he wanted and what the democrats wanted. when scalia was appointed, joe biden said, i was there and i was involved with him there and he said, hey, guys, scalia is one of the most brilliant jurists in the country of course we have to confirm him and they confirmed him. >> we don't have that anymore. >> we got to run.
4:40 pm
but we're coming right back. hold on to that. the republican presidential can dads stump in south carolina. did you see any of the debate last night? >> oh yeah. >> fight night saturday day. >> who has the edge? donald trump has a 20-point lead in the polls. but what will it take to close the gap on the front runner. fox news political insider coming back. ...but 9 out of 10 americans... ...aren't getting enough important omega-3s. bayer pro ultra omega-3 can help, with two times the concentration of omega-3s than the leading brand. love your heart ... with bayer pro ultra omega-3. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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4:44 pm
nlts i don't think the democrats would go with that. >> i've had people all day long asking me the justices are not supposed to be one party or another. >> it's the litmus test. >> let's move on. wanted to get that quick thought. thank you very much. set up to south carolina, lessons from new hampshire. who wants to go first? >> i'll go first. okay. let's do the republican race first. trump did great in new hampshire, more than 2-1 -- >> what did he do right? >> number one, he got a lesson in campaigning from losing iowa. he got -- he became a better candidate by the end of last week. >> more humility? >> yeah, a little humility, better in the debate a week ago, the one that rubio crashed and burned in and his campaign was run better. >> ted cruz, what did he do right? >> well he got third place in
4:45 pm
new hampshire which no one expected. wit as bonus for him to get third. starts next saturday and especially the sec primary. kasich is lining himself up maybe to be the establishment anti-trump guy. >> are there any votes for kasich in south carolina? >> no. >> so you brought up the establishment. did you see what donald trump talked about a little bit last night, not a little, a lot a bit with regard to the establishment. and the choices that were made via iraq so on and so forth. real quickly, pat? >> i want to go back to how he got to where he was. one, losing iowa helped set him up for new hampshire. because when i tried to point out everyone said he would run the tables in iowa, a lot of the voters stayed home because they weren't sure they want to go to way. having done that -- he did campaign better. he got on message. when he's on message he's
4:46 pm
dangerous. that is the message that the country wants to hear, anti-establishment, anti-free trade, immigration, all of that and he's got these establishment people here and he is going to, in my opinion, slaughter them. >> all right. >> in south carolina. >> get to the anti-establishment talk that was last night. >> yeah. look. he went very far to have a republican candidate attack the last elected republican. as he did on iraq. >> he backed off of that impeachment. >> 9/11. >> that being said, it's not so much the substance, as the fact that trump is taking on a political establishment that is largely reviled. pat did important research on how the republican electorate didn't want mcconnell or then boehner to be reelected. it's those sentiments that donald trump is playing to. he's up 15 to 20 points in south carolina in all of the polls.
4:47 pm
and no evidence that anyone is gaining on him. >> he's coming out against the spending bill that came out before christmas. >> he's all over the place. >> he watches this show because we said on here that that thing could be a huge snu the republican primaries. >> the republican base believes that it has been sold out by its leadership in washington and you oef got those guys standing there all being part of it, rubio and bush and kasich and whatever. and but cruz, let me say something, he's going to be a factor. he did a lot better in new hampshire. finishing third. he's got a tough row to hoe. >> one second. i have just another question or so about this. you mentioned jeb bush. is he finding his footing? a lot of people saying he did well at the bebait last night. why are you shaking your head no. >> i don't think it's there for jeb bush.
4:48 pm
he's not a great candidate and the bush thing has run its course. what he's doing with rubio and kasich, they are the ones that are helping trump, you know, because they're splitting up. anti-trump vote. he's got 40%. that means 60% doesn't want trump because they can't congeal behind one guy because there are four guys. >> you're going the hang tight. you're not going anywhere, are you? >> not going anywhere. >> neither are we. we'll be right back. hey buddy, you're squashing me! liquid wart remover? could take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand.
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4:51 pm
all right. we're back with the political insiders who are having their own conversation. but bought wants to talk about the democrats and what's coming down the pike. is it through that hillary clinton through the super delegates now -- i mean e know we can count.
4:52 pm
she's picking stuff up. lost by 20-plus points in new hampshire but because of the super delegates it looks like a win for her. >> i think it's a tie but a tie is a win when you lose by 20 points. and with the super delegates she now has a commanding lead even though she essentially tied iowa and lost in new hampshire. it's hard to predict because there's same-day registration there and it's caucus. south carolina appears to be a 2-1 lead for secretary clinton. but opinion is not moving in her direction. her support in south carolina is largely -- >> what does that mean opinion is not moving in her direction? >> she's losing momentum. >> john is right. she's losing momentum. she's thinking of firing her staff and hiring new advisers. and candidly, the same thing that happened in '08 appears to
4:53 pm
be happening now. >> part of the time last week we were trying to confirm what you were saying. i want to make it clear, doug know what is he speaks of. >> i know the clintons and i know her advisers and i know how she operates. >> tie is the new win. >> no. let's get it straight. first of all -- >> i apologize. >> thank you. bernie sanders won iowa in terms of the real vote. i put out what i held up on the air last week and showed that reporters went to the democratic party, they panicked, could they have been saying no, no, we'll never put this out. >> you're talking about who voted for who. >> right. and now they're saying people twisted. in the end she lost that. she got slaughtered in new hampshire. she's in a tight race in nevada. let me just say that about south carolina. she's going to have a harder
4:54 pm
time. whites are already overwhelming the democratic party against her for him. there are a lot of african americans who are dissatisfied from bill clinton's stint years ago. there's still hard feelings there. but more importantly bernie sanders will go in and talk about issues that matter. she loses nevada she's going to have problems. >> did bernie sander's meeting with the black clergy mere in new york help him at all? >> probably. he met with al sharpton >> and harry belafonte. >> he's come out for him. he's not clergy. pat has led the charge on this thing that we have not been told the truth out of iowa by the democratic party. the head of the democratic party contributed to hillary clinton's campaign. >> we need to understand the super delegates. i was there when it happened. it was against the mcgovern
4:55 pm
rules and mcgovern and carter winning. no more of that. and then we also proved them wrong in '84 with the system pu but what they've done is those super delegates were created to be the elevening factor at the end of the process. from the beginning they've been at the beginning. >> we're at the beginning now. >> what it's doing is proving to the people -- if i were sanders i would be all over this. this system is rigged. these public officials who get to be free delegates and endorse her do not give a damn what the voters think. >> super delegates make a light of the word democracy. we're coming right back. stay with us. "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ a quick round now of final thoughts. doug? >> saturday is a big day. donald trump wins in south carolina he's the acknowledged clear front runner. and if hill clint loses in
4:59 pm
nevada, she's got serious problems going forward. >> pat? >> the ad spend in this campaign, the vicious ads now running has had no effect whatsoever. it's part of the paradigm. and the only people making things out of this is the filmmakers walking away with the money. >> john? >> the republican establishment heard what pat said about the super delegate and the democratic party is the way for the establishment to keep hold of the campaign. if they lose the presidency this time, the republicans, they'll put the same system in for the future. no more trumps, no more cruzs. they don't want these people. super delegates will be there to prevent it. >> you know what that says to me? >> the end of the republican party. >> the end of american politics and when do the american voters get their voice heard. >> the revolution happening now. >> all right. my valentine's day love bugs. thank you. happy valentine's day, guys. all right. well stay where you are.
5:00 pm
there's more fox news reporting. "voter revolt" anchored by bret baier is next. don't you go anywhere. i'll see you this week on "outnumbered." have a good one. ♪ we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> the political establishment has been taking a thrashing. >> that is not what democracy is about. >>and the voters are taking over. >> you need to let me speak or i will shut it down. get out of my face. >> you know what i've learned about hillary. she's corrupt and she lies a lot. that's it. i'm done. >> this hour we'll look at how people are speaking out. >> i'm gay and i support trump. >> i don't want to have a beer with the president. i want him to go


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