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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. >> all right, greg, show time. >> how do i look? >> hair looks great. >> maybe some day you will be tall enough to reach those. >> have a great show, little guy. >> i really got to stop hiring tall assistants. >> hi, i am greg gutfeld with 20 percent more fructose. here's what's coming up.
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ted cruz and a porn star, a story not as exercising as it sounds. we are discussing free speech and you won't believe what happened next. sadly you probably will. valentine's day debate, actually this one will probably be forgotten. i have to bury the grifter in my drunk it is late. >> enough applause. i know. let's welcome tonight's guests. he's a hollywood legend like brando, burton and charles nelson riley. show time series radon van legendary actor steven bauer. when he is not dancing shirtless in back alleys for nick receipt money he owns fox and friends weekend. it is tucker carlson.
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>> he irritates more bowels than a plate of chipotle, britain journalist and twitter player miley op lis. her idea of a balanced breakfast is a shot and a beer joanne november shin ski. >> katherine tip as always. >> in a moment of supreme cowardice ted cruz campaign pulls an ad after the actress in it did soft core porn. >> i voted for a guy who was a party hero and played patty cake and cut a deal on amnesty. >> does that make you feel angry? >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> that's amy lindsay. she starred in kinky sex clubs
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and sashable exception and sex spa 2 which i hear is not as good as sex spa one. i never saw these pictures. i only watched disney films while volunteering for sick people in soup kitchens. a reporter recognized her. his wife must be really proud. the staley column reporter has a hobby that involves thin plots and lots of kleenex. defense campaign pulling the ad had she known about her past she wouldn't have been hired. that's christian. here's a woman who turned her life around, if you consider doing campaign ads a step up from porn which i don't and you punish her. the message seems to be if you are doing pornography now don't bother stopping because you are never going to get a second chance in life. you are damaged for good. she did far worse than smut.
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she once starred in star trek voyager which is essentially soft born for finger sniffing dorks in a bedridden fart blanket. compare to what she does for present day stuff. have you seen girls it seens soft porn seem like the 700 club. who does amy remind you have anyway? she was lost and now she is found. she saw the light after living in darkness. sounds like donald trump, doesn't it? once to the left of harry reid he's now a fire breathing righty. he's your daddy. if we accept he's capable of change, why not amy? trump should hire her. seriously. if cruz had any guts he would laud her for changing her life. he won't. if you are christian what would jesus do? he did for give prostitutes.
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political ambition out weighs following your faith. she is 2016 eights mary magdalene and we are not that for giving any more. >> thank you. i want to go to the actor first. joanne -- no, i am kidding. steven one of the greatest actors ever. she was an actress. she was doing a role. now she is being punished for actually doing something better than just a role. >> poor thing. i feel for her and i think it's a big miss sake by the cruz campaign. i like cred cruz as a person but he has people working for him that are too high and mighty. i don't think that's the right approach to this country and this society pulling an ad because the girl did some soft stuff. >> you have done far worse? >> i have done harder stuff. >> you have done a lot harder stuff.
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i saw the amateur videos you did in the 70's. >> i wore a mask. >> i wore masks when i watched it. >> rubber gloves. >> tucker, wouldn't a faithful christian like yourself embrace this woman and proclaim it and make it a good thing? >> of course. i don't know if you were joking but i agree with every single word of that. this woman was -- you were totally sincere. >> she is a cruz fan and you are the candidate and the wrap against you is you will do or say anything you are hal low and crave enthis doesn't help. the reporter that found this he heard it from a friend of his. that's what he told me. >> he is not the off fish in aed doe of soft born. >> that's what he claims. >> who watches soft core pornography? >> people at the marriott. >> don't you agree this is a great opportunity for donald
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trump to hire this. >> call it daddy. >> don't you think i should do that? is he missing an opportunity? >> the guy was a soft porn american. >> i mean think goo is such a hypocrite. it is cruel and mean and it is slush amy. trying to turn her life around. i agree completely. there's no problem with this. this is the american dream, isn't it? you do what you can you hustle. one day you have a 4 and a half minute appearance on campaign. because you once smooched on screen. hollywood actors have done worse things in movies than she did in the videos. i found it appalling. >> in girls on hbo the sex scenes are unbelievable. i watch them so many times they disgust me. you know what you write?
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it is the american dream to do amateur porn and turn your life around. lack at kim kardashian. >> i don't know what kind of feelings they are. i can't read you. >> i am going to take that as a compliment. >> i am so sick of this unnecessary broodishness. this is why young people don't want to go conservative because only lame people allowed. they are saying this happened because we didn't vet these people? you did not save your first kiss for marriage. come on. just yesterday you were seen with somebody who is reportedly on birth control? you need to leave as soon as possible. get over it. i am humiliated.
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>> joanne, hopefully you will never have to enter the world of adult entertainment but wouldn't you be happy to know if you did there might be a way out for you? >> definitely. i like options, greg. cruz had to pull this. he had to. when you are endorsed by the head of the family research council you have to. but that is not a bad thing. amy is doing well for herself. you will now have the career you always wanted. you weren't going to get it from the cruz add but now you will. >> she will get a much better contract with vivid entertainment. if you are laughing you know what that is and shame on you. no one should know what vivid entertainment is. trump says he pulled a negative ad hitting ted cruz. the ad never aired publically. my intern was able to track it down in between back rubs.
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>> where the hell did that snake come from? >> i am donald trump and i approve this message. >> trump is running a new ard in south carolina it is a new one actually hitting immigration. >> judge shaw was a 17-year-old football star gunned down outside of his home. his killer, an illegal immigrant gang member who just got out of prison. his dad is supporting donald trump for president because he knows he will end illegal immigration. >> trump is the only one saying, you are going to be dealt with. we are going to enforce that. we are going to enforce that. that's a beautiful thing. i believe donald trump wants to make us great again and he loves
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america. >> all right steven. >> he is so smart. he is so smart. he knows his audience. >> yeah, he does. i am not even sure he knew it was going to be as big as it was. >> he had a hunch and he went with it. that's his way. >> i have a hunch, too, but that's why i wear sweaters. >> does he even needs ads at this point? he's on tv 24/7. >> you can't reiterate the point it is not just about his hair or wealth or attacks on the other candidates he has positions nobody else is talking about that need to be talked about. compare this to the way democrats are wouldn'ting black votes they are saying i got the congressional black caucus somebody i never heard of is on my side. this is a direct threat he is saying to you and your family. they are unkerr duting your ages
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i am against it. which is the more res sant message? the latter. >> i think you have a keen sense of his appeal. you call him daddy. >> i do. >> i believe sanders and trump -- >> i am trump sexual. >> i know you are. >> you call him daddy. i think this is prophetic, because i think sanders is for the left the daddy of nurture and for the right trump is the daddy who is stern. does that make sense? >> any political movement that any political personality that attracts frat boys to sassy gay british columnists there's something interesting going on there. it is something the majority media would scoff about and say we can't endorse this horrible popular, sleazy character. this guy captures the
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imagination of conservatives under 50. it doesn't even like them on the rare occasions they don't exist. i try to right for people over 50 unlike most conservative journalists and they love him. they love him. >> you know who else conservatives love? adolph stevens. really great guy. joanne, thoughts? >> yeah, i think, too, why people are responding to is people talk about the pc bowl, he doesn't have the filter we all like. that's why we go to bars and drink a lot. wloef a crowd and we start saying things that are on our mind acnd more shots and energy. thees what a trump rally is. that's his town hall. people love it. >> you speak are experience except you are at empty bars alone. >> i still talk to many people.
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>> last word to you cat is this scaring you or encouraging the fact that he could be the nominee? >> i am a libertarian so i hate them all. i disagree with him on completely with this immigration. i am a reasonably compassionate human being, but that was a great ad for what he's trying to do. when that family agreed to talk i am sure he was like, yes, yes, yes. it really worked for what he is trying to do which is scary. i am always scared. >> that's what the pills are sore, cat. remember i told you to keep taking them. double it up this time. twitter's new trusted safety council. is it thought police or is it thought police? i am aware i said the same thing. i have a problem. the things i learned while watching last week's clinton sander's debate. i have a crack in my creel and i
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i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day.
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>> she talked about getting the approval or the mentoring of
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henry kissinger. henry kissinger is not my friend. kissinger's actions -- henry kissinger. >> i know journalists have asked who you do listen to on foreign policy. >> it ain't henry kissinger. that's for sure. >> that is final. >> it's true the democratic debate was as boring as watching your phone recharge, but remember it is the boring stuff that kills you like socialism it puts you to sleep with deadliness. the wig revelation hard lines like sanders say the country is screwed after 7 years of hard line progressivism. he sounded like a right winger bashing an agenda like obama. hillary dressed like a jar of mustard called him on it. >> the kind of criticism we have heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone
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running for the democratic nation. >> madam secretary that is a low blow. >> when asked which part of government they would cut both couldn't bring up anything. it was lake asking which limb they would like removed. hillary talked about the poor coal miners. why are they poor hillary? the white house targeted the district for two terms. sanders used the phrase over policing unleashing a long segment bashing law enforcement and incarceration. then the men in blue are far worse than jihadists are in black. as for terror sanders spent more time bashing henry kissinger. his followers don't know who he is. isis, the best part sanders actually lost delegates to hillary even though he won new hampshire. there is your redistribution of wealth, bernie. not socialism. all right. thank you.
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>> you are cuban or so he you claim. >> still cuban. >> i am looking at you you cuban. you are a cuban cigar. >> socialists running for president. this has got to drive you crazy. >> it is almost unconceivable to me in this country with the constitution the love of the constitution and the fight for democracy. the many blarings examples of the failure of socialism around the world that belled encourage this man. the young people that are following him. they are completely innam mored of his ideas and his thoughts without knowing what they mean. >> i feel like when i see young sanders supporters they need to be de programmed. in the 70's you hire someone to kidnap your kid from the christmas. not that that didn't happen to me. >> the argument is socialism hasn't been perfected yet.
7:22 pm
do it again it will be better. >> i like that he blows up the idea of identity politics. you vote for someone who looks like you. here's the oldest guy running for anything being supported by children. i thought he was going to go after spur row agnew. henry kissinger? he wasn't crying. it is actually kind of beautiful. there's a universal quality. >> killer mike is supporting sanders. >> it is amazing identity politics in unity. >> didn't say anything about the trendy fashions. it is only economics. a woman too old it is too bad to get one. >> it is a problem with both of
7:23 pm
them they have so little grasp on any kind of economic reality. >> it doesn't compare to the popular support to daddy. i am just saying. what you discover is these voters are quit politically promiscuous. they don't necessarily care too much about policy. people don't vote for trump or sanders because of anything they specifically say. some it's the establishment. my hope is sanders is going to cost hillary a fortune then drop out. >> then come over to daddy. come to daddy. should have been his motto since day one. all right cat. sanders and trump were kind of the same thing. they are both auto kratz for sexualized planned parenthood. >> i hate socialism, but i actually obviously. but i actually find myself liking sanders when i watch
7:24 pm
these debates because i am overwhelmingly hatred for hillary clinton. i had to stop watching when she said i care about care about criminal justice because gave my first speech of the campaign about it. you spent the 90's being prison happy. too many people in prison. you put people there. i am sure they say my life is ruined but i like your speech. i am shaking with hatred. >> you are shaking with someone. >> joanne, i saw progresses condemning obama's policies and then basically pushing for more. that's like saying you have emphysema you should really smoke. >> seems counter endue tive. the world is full of hypocrisies. i sometimes do support those. i have a great analogy for millennials. socialism is like my crappy
7:25 pm
selfie. then you taken stau gram filter bernie you put it over the crappy selfie that is socialism. suddenly i get a million likes. >> what i need for that photo to be good is photo shop which is trump. here you go. >> wow. >> impressive metaphor. >> up next joanne and katherine the cutthroat valentine's die debate you never knew you wanted. it's a topic special report refused to cover. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. >> welcome back to the 2016 valentine's day debate. i am your moderator william de vain. this is how men would react when they hear it is valentine's day in a perfect world. but in reality this is how men usually react on february 14th. rad >> clearly it is painful. joanne nose sh
7:30 pm
joanne notch notsuchinsknosuchi. >> the country reportedly spends 2 million on flowers 1.7 on candy and exchanges 180 million greeting cards written by inmates i will have you know on valentine's day. i am going to go to you first joanne. isn't this great for the so-called economy? >> yes, greg, economics growth tends to slow in the winter months. we need this holiday in mid february. spending money on presents for your loved ones, family members, friends, it shows you not only loves them but you love your country as well. got bless america. >> how many hours of law in order reruns woudo you watch al in your a apartment? >> i have moved on to toddlers and tiaras now.
7:31 pm
>> we have questions from viewers. greta from wisconsin. >> the country's marriage rate is at an all time low yet haft of the marriage proposals happen on valentine's day. isn't it crew sucial to saying family units. >> everyone better enjoy the bliss now because it is downhill from there. according to a 2013 study happily married couples gained more weight than unhappily married couples. congratulations you are either going to have a failed marriage or a fat marriage. >> let's take another viewer question. here's a woman named megan from new york. >> according to a 2016 report 11,000 children are conceived each year on valentine's day or the following neve i myself am a
7:32 pm
november baby. figure it out. wouldn't you say this benefits our country children are our future. >> i have never heard that before. >> that was a great question. thank you for that. >> population growth encourages economic growth. we are birthing a great labor force which will be a good thing years to come. conceiving a child in love you are setting that baby up for a lifetime of success. no conceived out of love is making us weak. we need people to be conceiving babies on strong days like the victory at yorktown anniversary. >> using that logic you should be conceived on donald trump's burt day. naj mow stro image how strong. that child would never lose.
7:33 pm
>> final question from sean long island. >> sean hannity here. a recent poll found 53 percent of women would break up with their boyfriend if they don't get a gift for valentine's day. do you feel those women are making the right decision? yeah, hell yeah. as a matter of fact tell sheep skate to hit the road. >> i love how shawn introduces himself because we don't know who he is. then he answers his own damn question. >> i have to disagree with shawn because you don't want to be alone. don't break up with them. you will end up like this. >> it is 2016. if women want gifts they can buy them for sem they haves. after the show i am going to buy myself a nice diamond ring, kay jewelers, kay jewelers every kiss begins to kay.
7:34 pm
>> did you do an advertisement? >> no i think it's impressive since opening the gone from one store to 100 convenient locations nationwide. >> what is this? what is this? >> every kiss begins with a kay. or if you are racist kkk. closing statements joanne? >> in the great words of tina turner what's love got to do, got to do with it? everything. thank you, god bless america. >> i feel like joanne has fallen for a lot of on-line scams from nigeria. >> oh, no, they are not scams. i will be getting a check in a few weeks. >> cat, powerful stuff coming up? >> do what you want, but remember sometimes people buy
7:35 pm
flowers for other people because they feel bad that they are cheating on them. >> that's something to think about. that's why i don't get flowers. i want my wife to think i am totally thaitffaithful. think. thank you ladies. we learned very little. >> college chaos. what could possibly go wrong. first here's what our studio audience will be receiving tonight. >> members will receive a free cop tee of trace gallagher's trace gallagher. favorite watermelon smashing fun me man. he will show you how to trace him. >> trace gallagher.
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>> attention college co eds. the entire segment may be offensive to you. here's the trigger warning. >> rutgers university which i believe is in new jersey, a guest on our panel tonight gaye a speech. milo was invited there at rutgers to speak about how the progressive left is destroying education. while on stage he suggested any student with trigger warnings should be immediately expelled. let's take a look at how the crowd reacted. >> they demonstrated they are incableable of engaging. >>
7:41 pm
(chanting) >> it is the world. it is the world in a microcosm. that is everything that you need to know about the world. black lives matter trump, trump, trump. >> i mean trump won. >> truth and justice always prevails in the end. the trump chance is the black lives matter champ.
7:42 pm
>> i think it is my natural humility. >> they get trump supporters. wonderful dysfunctional coalition of people. i was making what i thought was a relatively uncontroversial point. this was apparently enough black lives matter stopping home outside. absolutely crazy. >> here's the thing. i believe that what milo is doing not a speech is performance art. he is proving his premise by sich pli showing up. he instigates the problem he is talking about. >> these people have a hair trigger. >> i kind of like it. >> isn't that like cull taur
7:43 pm
appropriations? >> then we are doing black power as well. >> what about the people who can't afford paint? if you are at home -- oo then you have the janitor who likes to clean it up. >> that is the right of entitlement to not clean it up. >> that is like hotel rooms with legendary actors. >> we put you at the hyatt for a reason. >> never been there. >> when you -- what is happening. you were in college in the 80's i image? >> i was in college at a time when people are learning something. that's a long time ago. shows how old i am.
7:44 pm
but what happened is the educators the professors i don't know where they came from. they came from another generation. >> they were students. it is like a virus that is packed down. >> it perpetuates this mind set. >> they have no discernible talents so they have to become the professors. >> they will be voters soon. >> you have been following this stuff a lot. are they surprised, disappointed, aroused? >> everything knows the best way to get people to take you seriously is to smear a bunch of fake blood on your face and start cream screwing. very intellectual. >> that is what trump should start doing in the debates. smear blood on his face start screaming and cruz will say can't argue with that and boom he is president. >> we learn something there.
7:45 pm
>> up next, i am going to talk about twitter's new safety council that cracks down on so-called harmful speeches. he launches a $10 million deaf n familiar nation suit and a twitter user who calls him a cocaine addict venlt will twitter be forced to unveil the name of the person? is it joanne? i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. >> they are wheeling and dealing to prevent her feelings. they have the trust and safety council to ensure users expressing themselves. what (bleep). the council is comprised of 40 liberal organizations including anti defamation and something called the dangerous speech project which sounds like the name of my tribute band. while they will help twitter prevent harassing or bullying they will be used to squash certain viewpoints like mine. and another twitter free speech use actor and pol lathis partner
7:50 pm
james wood called him a coke head next year woods sued him for defamation. the judge said the case can proceed and everybody celebrated with an 8 ball. i am joking don't sue me. steven. what's happening? >> everybody knows nobody uses cocaine any more. so the suit has got to be>> he literally is scar face. >> i can tell you it has been 35 years. >> you don't even remember skwar fa scare face. >> the other thing is about jimmy. i can call him jimmy because i know him. he's a very big brainy guy. he is courageous. he says things people don't like to hear. it makes sense someone would maybe over hear him and accuse him of doing some drugs.
7:51 pm
he is conservative then you are on drugs. >> should it be anonymous? >> i am all for privacy. what strikes me is the assault for free speech on the left. when i was a kid i am not that old people were in micro by ottic food and joeing ga. they did support your right to say something they disagreed with. they have the right to a personal view. that becomes fabbing itscism. that is the core of it. >> the worst thing he was guilty of is buying a natural deodorant that didn't work. >> it never did work. it never did work. we loved him for it anyway.
7:52 pm
i think it is directed at you. >> it is. >> you know how i know this? this crazy woman from feminist frequency this far left whacky video games critic who would have never been there because they have the wrong opinions on twitter. you get on a plane they tell you it isn't right. i felt disgusting for weeks. >> what was it like back there the unverified section? >> it was terrible. >> you are right. it is orwellian. it is terrible. gives ideological slaps on the ryes wrist. you have a discussion about immigration respectful mainstream media about illegals
7:53 pm
coming in. this is scary stuff. >> twitter is a business. the stocks are down. they lost 2 million users recently. >> thank god. >> so what do you do when you are a business that's like we need to make more money. you look at the complaints which are often bullying and harassment and you try to tease people complaining and get more people to come in. twitter is a business trying to make money. this is their solution to their problem. >> my problem with twitter is i am only on it when i am drunk. the next day i wake up and i go what in god's name have i done. there's an e-mail saying we need to talk to you about something. >> my guess is you get harassed all of the time on twitter but i also guess you probably deserve it. >> i do get harassed all of the time. it doesn't bother me emotionally like people complain about. people say loves comes from within. myself hatred comes from within.
7:54 pm
it has nothing to do with the people. if you can't handle it don't be on twitter. play an acoustic guitar in brak lynn or portland or cry into your tea or whatever. get off of it. know what? it is not that big of a deal i am called a horrible horrible slut every day. it is like okay your profile is avatar of a dog. >> don't go anywhere. the return of greg mail is next. it will be pure magic maybe. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart.
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in a different way. >> tsz time for greg mail. the address is greg mail at f i read he answers. here re go. dave lid leaves things off. he asks if someone was making a television drama about life who would they get to play greg's
7:59 pm
character? >> i would obviously like to play myself. who could do a better job than me. but if was not present i would want to have this fella. yeah. ld is what i like to call him. the light go out. >> mark is santa fe new mexico whenever i am asked soup or salad at a restaurant i never know which one to choose. any advice? >> that's not your problem, mark. your problem is that you wrote into a tv show for an answer to this question. who do you write to for medical advice out numbered? none of them are doctors. none of them are doctors. >> quick program note. we are back sunday at 10:00 p.m. ea eastern time. thanks to steven bower tucker charl son. joanne and katherine and a
8:00 pm
special thanks to the very tall models from alloy apparel for stopping by and giving the audience gift bags from alloy. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, america, in a good way. e." ♪ we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> the political establishment has been taking a thrashing. >> that is not what democracy is about. that is whatt atal gar i can is about. >> and the voters are taking over. >> you need to let me speak or i will shut it down. get out of my face. >> what i learned about hillary, she is corrupt and lied a lot. that is it. i'm done. >> this hour, we'll look at how people are speaking out. >> i'm gay and i support


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