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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox and friend first. i am lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us as always. the battle for the late justice anthony scalia's seat is on. >> gop candidates blocking any one president obama nominates. scalia's official cause of death is released. >> we are joined live from washington. >> justice scalia's body was being thereon overnight from a private plane from texas to fairfax, virginia. long before that plane ever took off the politics over his replacement was already in full swing in washington. on saturday night hours after his death was made public he denies mitch mcconnell's request to wait to nominate a replacement until after the election. >> i plan to fulfill my judicial
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responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> democrats from capitol hill to the campaign trail are urging a quick replacement, but senate republicans are vowing to block any nomination president obama puts forward. they argue a lame duck president with less than an year of office should not be able to tip the balance especially in the middle of a heated election cycle. >> the president can nominate whoever he wants but the senate won't act. >> scalia's body was escorted from the west texas ranch where his body was found. he was found dead saturday morning. he died of natural causes. scalia's doctor actually reported a texas judge that justice scalia had been suffering from main another ailments but that's all the
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doctor would say. he was 79 years old. heather? >> kristin fisher live for us. thank you, kristin. >> new overnight. dozens of people repelled to safety after a tram gets stuck in sub zero temperatures at a new hampshire ski resort. they were snapping pictures inside the tram on cannon mown can. it became stuck before 5:00 p.m. they swooped in to help lower 50 passengers to safety one by one. officials say there was a break issue of some sort. they don't believe the cold was a factor. >> while you were sleeping a virgin airlines plane bound for new york forced to return to london. the pilot suffered a medical issue. as a result the plane was carrying 252 passengers as it quickly returned back to heathrow virgin atlantic is
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trying to track down the source of that laser. >> a police officer in critical condition after being shot in the head. corporal derrick couch was responding to an armed robbery when the two masked suspects took off running. this video showing the hair moments before the ladies and gentlemened robbery. couch chased after them and was shot right in front of the police department four blocks from the convenience store. both suspects are now behind bars. more trouble for eliot spitzer. he is accused of attacking a woman at the plaza hotel. spitzer has not been rg chaed. he resigned after being linked to a prostitution ring. he was only 14 months into his term of governor and he was married at the time.
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and turning now to the race for the white house. the republican candidates stepping up their attacks ahead of the south carolina primary rae as former president george w. bush hits the road to rally support for his brother. kelly wright is following the latest on the campaign trail this morning. he joins us. >> good morning to you as well. the candidates appear to be on a mission to search, kill and destroy their fellow republicans. the spirit of love thy fellow republicans seems to have no influence on gop candidates at this time. instead of finding common ground they are finding new ways to attack each other as the primary draws near. senator ted cruz just released a new ad attacking donald trump over planned parenthood. cruz adds trump doesn't uphold real conservative values but it is from the fevered swamps from the left. >> any one who writes checks to chuck schumer and harry reid and hillary clinton does not care
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about conservative justices on the court. >> trump fired back repeating his claim cruz is a nasty guy who has no support for endorsement from fellow gop senators. >> he's a lone wolf and he's going to get nothing done. he is not a leader. never employed anybody. never created a job. >> marco rubio is also in attack mode against trump and cruz. he blasted cruz claiming he has been lying about his record for several weeks now. >> he got an ad pulled off the air because it lied about sanctuary cities and immigration. he also by the way lied about my position on marriage, my position on planned parenthood. we all saw what he did to ben carson. to per tray himself as he consistently does he is the only conservative this in race, it's just not true. >> there's no truce between these candidates so far. at 5:30 we will show you how donald trump and jeb bush are involved in a nasty fight. jeb's brother former president
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george w. bush will be in south carolina to help his brother's campaign today. we will tell you about that as well. >> looking forward to it. thank you, kelly. on the democratic side tepgss are flying high. hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting fired up at a saturday's nevada caucus. the two hit the trail over the weekend. they showed up at the same las vegas church before giving fiery speeches. clinton staying in nevada today and sending her husband bill clinton to wound up supporters in florida. bill clinton is doing a really in michigan. they ordered more rocket launches. this comes over a week after north korea defied the world to launch a satellite into orbit on a long range rocket. kim junk unpraising scientists saying it sends a message to the west. threatening to get them to
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testify over intentions. they are not handed over by the end of this month. the tailors were detained by i islam's revolutionary guard gore last month and they were freed the next day about 16 hours later. >> in just a few hours a desperate search continues in delaware for an air force airman who vanished last weekend. a senior airman kiefer human who was last seen leaving his dover apartment last sunday evening. a search was launched when the 21-year-old failed to report for duty at dover air force base. his truck was abandoned near a bridge and this morning's church is looking for the outskirts of the chesapeake and dover canal. i'm in flint michigan could get much needed medical help. rick snyder is proposing expanding medicaid coverage to those with lead in the water. they would set up doctors and
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behavioral health specialists. they switched the water reservoir and it left people with long-term problems associated with lead exposure. bone chilling temperatures breaking records across the northern u.s. this valentine's day weekend. >> the thermometers dipped to minus 9. the coldest day since 1957 #. new york central park registered minute news 1. that's the lowest in two decades. it's chilly. they had to cancel ice sculpture contests. maria molina is tracking the latest. >> you know it's bad when it is too cold for ice sculpting across the northeast. they were parts reaching well below zero and when you factored in the wind the windchill temperatures were even pr much worse. there was a report of a winter temperature being as much as 114 and that was in parts of up
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state new york. incredible stuff with this arctic air mass. now it is slowly beginning to retreat. the current temperatures aren't as bad as they were over the weekend but nonetheless still very cold. 6 degrees in boston. 7 below zero in burlington and only 11 degrees in buffalo. you factor in the wind there's a look at what it feels like as you head out the door 8 in new york and feels like 0 in boston. we have cleared out parts of the interior northeast. lake-effect snow over the weekend. but here comes our next weather maker already bringing in snow across parts of the great lakes and across the atlantic. we are expecting accumulation far south across virginia and also in north carolina lena. we have a number of advisories and warnings in effect because of that. i want to point something out. even if you do see accumulating snow across parts of the northeast or mid atlantic take a look at what happens right behind the storm system. temperatures begin to quickly rise and many areas will see temperatures climbing well above
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freezing possibly even into the middle 40's by early tuesday morning. it will continue to warm into the 50's by the time we head into tuesday afternoon. so whatever snow does come down, the good news is, it's going to be melting rather quickly. here's a look at the advisory. we have advisories stretching as far south as places like south carolina because of the concern of not only light snow but also icing heavier snow totals as we head further north. we are lacking at anywhere between a half a foot couple inches more or less depending on where you are. >> maria molina we will check back live with you for sure. a record level of scoring as the west dominates the east 196 to 173 at the nba all star game in toronto. they sent the combined record of 369 points. forward kobe bryant saying good-bye to the all star game. this was the 18th time he participated. he's retiring at the end of the
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season. and for the second straight year russell westbrook took home the nba all star game mvp honors. he's the first player to win out right back-to-back mvp awards. >> like father like son rookie chase elliot won the poll for daytona 500 becoming the youngest driver to land the top spot in nascar's biggest race. bill elliot is a two-time daytona 500 champion. he took the seat from retired four time champion jeff gordon. >> the time now is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a school ski trip turns into a nightmare the inferno that broke out into dozens of students on board. >> taurus being targeted. two people were struck with blow darts while they were walking across a famous bridge. >> after a "saturday night live" performance the joke is really on him when he tweets about his
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>> walking on sunshine. we are not walking on sunshine in new york city. it is chilly here. a bizarre attack on a bridge. people were hit by the head with blow darts. they were made out of metal and 5 inches long. the council for highway patrol is testing them and looking for
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surveillance video of the attacks. >> scary. i was on that bridge three weeks ago. >> a bus full of middle school students burst into flames. this in washington state. you can see the burnt out brush behind a fawall of flames. a mechanical issue caused a an oil leak which caused flames. luckily no one was injured. look what happened there. this is the avis rental car system. the rot shut down after an explosive device was found under a car which had been rented somewhere else. the travelers were forced to line up for hours just to pick up their cars as the police bomb squad dealt with the device. they are investigating the incident. >> a video project detect sparks the school issued an emergency alert saying three armed men were seen near the student union.
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they lifted the lock about an hour later after determining the reported intruders were actually costumed actors who were filming a movie. this is the second lock down at the school in recent months. in december a man with a shot gun drove on to campus but he surrendered to police. as we have told you about the explosions and the bans, but america's biggest retailers are now stocking up on hoover boards. lauren simonetti has more on why they are doing that. >> the biggest retailers in the country stocking up on hoover boards despite the fire falls and tough restrictions. wal-mart and toyses r us are adding hoover boards to displays as well as selling them on-line. barbie has a smart home and oo drone. the new hello barbie dream house decked out with smart technology and voice recognition software. by it this fall for $299.
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barbie is also getting a drone and that will set parents back another 60 bucks. instagram wants to follow the grammy awards on its site. it has teamed up with billboards to give you the exclusive photos and videos of stars including the host ll cool j. the r rated super hero movie dead pool destroying the box office this weekend pulling in, gue get this, 135 million "dateline" lashes. it is the biggest r rated opening of all times in a far distant second place kung fu panda 3 and third how to be single each pulling in $19 million. to find the fox business network all you have to do is log on to dominating the awards in london last night the film won five awards including best actor
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which went to leo dicaprio. this award leaves his hope alive of bringing home an oscar. the actor never won that award but there's a lot buzz this could be his year. >> thank you. i am bafta i am absolutely honored and humbled this award last night. >> an mamazing actor. we will see. mad max furry road which gains four wins followed by the movie steve jobs and bridge of spies. >> i haven't seen that one either. >> the time now is 19 minutes after the hour. corrupt contractors why hundreds of homes in california may now be up for demolition thanks to these two guys. >> we had a lot of fun this summer. >> you are not going to want to go off this beach where tens of thousands of sharks have been spotted.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. the college is closed down today after leaving 200 kids stick. it swept across the campus last week closing the school thursday. they are trying to determine whether it is foodborne or transferred from person to person. homeland security is not screening new travelers to the u.s. for the zika virus. the people who show signs of the virus could be referred to the
2:24 am
dcd for medical evaluation. pregnant women coming from areas with high insurance stinss of zika are under going screening. president obama is asking 2 million tax payer dollars to help combat the virus in the u.s. and abroad. >> a pricey boarding school in iowa now under investigation by the fbi after six former students came forward saying they were locked up and starved right here. shawn says midwest academy routinely kept students in small concrete isolation boxes for days, sometimes even weeks. and to get out they had to sit in a specific posture for 24-hours. sounds like military survival school. speaking of unfair a decade long scam could force hundreds of homes and businesses to be demolished. they posed as engineers used stolen software andrew up state blue prints for things like
2:25 am
homes malls and restaurants for years. now the safety of all of those structures is being brought into question and they can see the wrecking ball. the alleged fraud was uncovered after a customer complaint. so far the men have not been charged. you might want to think twice before booking a beach vacation. see those black dots in those are tens of thousands of black tip sharks swimming off of palm beach. the sharks make the migration every year to find warmer water during mating season. black tip sharks are common to the area but they have not been behind any deadly shark attacks they say. >> of course. >> i don't think i would take that chance. >> maybe they just take a nibble. >> 25 minutes after the hour. pharma karma how the tables have turn on mart kin shkreli, the man who hiked up the price of a
2:26 am
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>> the battle over justice scalia's seat begins republicans vowing to stop the president's new supreme court justice nominee. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. we are not moving forward on the supreme court nominee until after this election. >> this should be a decision for the people. >> here we go. we are following the latest developments live from
2:30 am
washington. >> eliot spitzer what he is accused of doing inside the ritzy plaza hotel that has cops investigating. >> remember the army blimp that flew out of control for hours? we watched it. why batteries are being blamed. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> you may have some ice out there. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. >> i am lea gabrielle. the battle for the late justice scalia's seat is on now.
2:31 am
owe oo >> scalia's off iffish shall cause of death released. >> we are following the latest developments live from washington. >> by now justice scalia's body should be back home in virginia. it was being groflown overnight. his body was escorted to the airport of the west texas ranch where he was found dead yesterday morning. they say the 79-year-old died of natural causes. but before that plane ever took off, the politics over his replacement was already in full spring in washington. on saturday night hours after scalia's death was made public president obama said he would nominate a successor in due time. he says there is still plenty of time left in his term to do so. he is bound to block any nomination president obama puts forward. they argue a president with less than a year in office should not be able to tip the balance of the supreme court especially in
2:32 am
the middle of such a doan shoes election. here's ted cruz. >> the time for the circus and reality show is over. this is a serious choice and we are talking about losing our basic liberties if we get this wrong. the democrats want to replace this nominee they need to win the election. >> dem clats on capitol hill and the campaign trail are urging a quick replacement. i hope he does it as soon as possible and i hope that the senate confirms and begins deliberations as soon as possible. i don't think the public will look highly on them trying to flub what he is able to do. >> scalia's death is coming when there's a fight over contraceptives religious liberties and the affordable care act. conservatives lost a key vote in the highest court in the land. >> kristin fisher in washington p. we will be watching what happens here. >> two suspects now under arrest after a mississippi cop is shot
2:33 am
in the head. corporate derek couch was responding to an armed robbery at a convenience store when the two masked subjects took off running. this is moments before the alleged robbery couch chased after them and it was chased right in front of the police department four blocks from the convenience store. he's in critical condition this morning. >> a grave new warning from the head of the cia. isis will launch the attacks in the united states. >> i am expecting them to try to put in place the opties materials whatever else they need to do or to insight people to carry out thesis attacks. clearly i believe that their attempts are inevitable. i don't think the successes necessarily are. >> cia director john brennan opening up about the isis threat on 60 minutes. he also said isis used chemical weapons on the battlefield and could potentially ship them to
2:34 am
the west. new overnight a airlines plane bound for new york forced to turn home to london after a laser hurt the pilot. they quickly turned back to heathrow airport. they are working with metro police to track down the source of that laser. dozens of people repelled to safety after a tram gets stuck in sub zero temperatures in a new hampshire ski resort. they snapped pictures inside the stranded cam. k became stuck 40 feet in the air after 5:00 p.m. some folks smiling. i don't know if i would. rescue crews helped lower the 50 passengers to safety. they did that one by one. officials say there was some sort of brake-ue. they don't believe cold was a factor. extreme weather for you now.
2:35 am
bone chilling temperatures breaking records all across northern u.s. and boston. thermosta to minus 9. that's the coldest day since 1957 and in noishg central park to minus 1. now snow is on the way for many. maria molina tracking the weather for us. minus 1 or minus 9 with a wind chill lower than that? >> the windchill temperatures were incredible across northeast. and there were spots that were even colder as far as the windchill goedz. colder than 100 below zero. just to give you an idea of how cold it could have been we saw the great lakes starting to freeze the great lakes percentage in ice cover as well across parts of the northeast. now we have snow headed our way. it is kind of a complex storm system. we are going to be seeing warminger air behind the storm system sz it moves through parts of the northeast. 50 in new york city.
2:36 am
6 degrees in boston. you factor in the wind it feels much colder than the thermometer reads in burlington feels like 18 degrees below zero. we have the storm system moving in it is bringing snow across virginia, north carolina also in maryland. it will be sticking to the ground and we are going to be seeing a couple of inches of accumulation. take a look at what happens here today into tomorrow as the storm continues to move northward we will see warmer air moving north as well. that will be climbing the temperatures above freezing. that means a lot of the snow will be melting right away but you are dealing with dangerous conditions through out the day today not only in terms of snowfall but also possible ice accumulations in places like north carolina and even in to south carolina lane gnaw. the temperatures will be climbing rather quickly. by tuesday take a look at some of the numbers during the late morning hours. in the 50's along the i 95 corridor. big change from this weekend. we have winter weather advisories and winter storm
2:37 am
warnings in effect through new epping land and down to the mid atlantic. >> we need snuffy coats to get by. thank you now less than a week away from the republican south carolina primary and the gloves are coming off. candidates amping up their attacks on each other as jeb bush brings out the big guns his big brother. kelly wright has the latest. >> you said the gloves are coming off. i think they are off and it is bare knuckles right now. the republicans are locked in a blood sport a real battle royal to win the primary. south carolina loon gnaw is so important to jeb bush george w. bush will join him on the campaign trail in north charleston tonight.
2:38 am
the visit comes amid the war in iraq. >> there was no anything. the way he did it by announcing a specific date and by not leaving people in what was frankly discussing. >> i am sick and tired of barack obama blaming my brother for all of the problems he has. >> i could careless about the insults donald trump gives to me. >> on saturday the candidate john kasich said the candidate's attacks on each other is only helping the democrats. >> these debates are ridiculous. this is not a way to pick a president. if you with really want to pick a president come to town hall and watch an interaction between a candidate and the public for 30 minutes or 40 minutes. >> donald trump is not happy
2:39 am
about the debates either but for a different reason. he wants tickets to be available to the general public and future debates. he criticizes the rnc for making tickets available only to the party's faithful donors and not to the general public, but the actual voters. heather? >> kelly wright live for us. thank you for cha that change. >> beyonce protestors will be out in full force tomorrow in front of the nfl offices in new york city. people are pierfired up over he super bowl half time performance that promoted the black panther party and attacked police officers. the performance gained praise from the black lives matter group but the super bowl was the wrong time for beyonce to push her political agenda. the singer has yet to comment on per performance. >> the music big stars under one roof for tonight's grammy awards.
2:40 am
>> album of the year swift has 7 nominations and open night with a hit off her album 1989. they contribute to the lost legends the late david bowie and glen frye with a solo performance. the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. was payton manning's squeaky clean image built on lies? the brand new lawsuit that he was just mentioned in. >> making it easier for refugees to get into the united states. how the administration may have just tipped them off. >> winter incoming. i didn't say it is here but more good news. we are talking about the game of thrones. the brand new trailer for season 6 just released. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives.
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the company is offering 100 off the apple watch. as i mentioned at the top of the segment clothes. winter clothes can be 50 percent off right now. we found a great deal at rei. if you live in the northeast you realize over the weekend you don't have enough cold weather gear. because it was zero. >> minus zero. thank you so much, cheryl. the time now is 47 minutes after the hour. we are live with the latest on this investigation. >> a shocking confession from kanye west and his latest twit errant. >> but first brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends" this morning. >> he has $50 million. it happens to all of us.
2:48 am
what's coming up, five days until south carolina. jeb bush, ted cruz are here live with their final bush. also putting the south carolina ads to the test. they are pulling no punches. remember the baby who survived a car crash in the river for 14 hours? one of the officers who saved her is here live for his first national interview. that's just a little bit about what's coming up for the next three hours. please get dressed. it's a monday. also george washington will be here. what're you, what're you, what're you? i probably got that question 3 to 4 times a week. i'd always get asked if i was asian or moroccan or something else. so i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry. and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it just confirmed what i guess people had seen in me all my life. i do feel like ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. "what are you?" now i know.
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welcome back. this morning, new trouble for disgraced former governor eliot spitzer. allegedly attacked a woman at the plaza hotel here in new york
2:52 am
city. that's where we find wnwy robert moses with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the plaza is a new york institution on the southern edge of central park. yesterday a crime scene unit of parked outside of this hotel. officers could be seen entering. the "new york post" is reporting a woman spitzer was with in a high-end room at this swanky hotel saturday evening told switzer she was going back to her native russia. he reportedly got angry and choked her. report say she shattered a glass and cut herself. i spoke to the nypd. they would only say that they are investigating these assault allegations. spitzer has not commented. however, his spokeswoman did deny any allegations. spitzer, as you will recall, resigned as the democratic governor of new york back in 2008 after he was linked to a prosecution ring. so far he's not been charged in
2:53 am
this case. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll see what happens next with that. in other news, denver broncos quarterback peyton manning named in a lawsuit against the university of tennessee. a group of women claimed the school mishandled claims of sexual assault by student athletes. among the complaints, aner who assaulted her during a treatment back in 1996. at the time, manning said it was a prank intended for another student athlete. former ceo martin skhreli said someone leaked his credit card on line. this after a shady deal to buy kanye west's newest album. skhreli is known as the most hated man in america when his firm hiked the price of a lifesaving pill 5,000% overnight. it could be the end of an era for latest 007.
2:54 am
>> crazy, mr. -- >> bond. james bond. >> maybe not. reports say that daniel craig is quitting his role as james bond after signing up for a tv series. the 47-year-old played the secret agent for a decade. another sneak peek at the "game of thrones" season six. >> the long nights has come. and the dead come with it. >> the remaining characters are showed on display in the house of black and white. a location synonymous with death in the series. this now comes back, the season comes back april 24th. the time now is about six minutes until the top of the hour. putting the bust in drug bust. how australian police just seized billions of dollars in
2:55 am
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now it's time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." up first, the good. pope francis gets a beautiful valentine's day surprise. listen.
2:59 am
♪ ave maria >> a 15-year-old girl with the voice of an angel serenades the pope with an a cappella version of "ave maria," bringing the room to tears. the bad -- talk about putting the bust in drug bust. australian authorities rounding up $900 million worth of meth liquefied and hidden in boxes of silicon bra inserts. yeah. the liquid could have been made into over 1,000 pounds of high-grade meth. >> and finally, the ugly. kanye west the cry baby. the rapper taking to twitter to tweet about his massive debt. he told his nearly 19 million followers he's $53 million in debt. later on he sent out a message to facebook founder martin zuckerberg begging for financial help.
3:00 am
let ae's talk about preside obama. should he appoints someone to the supreme court or leave it to the successor? use the hash tag #keeptalking. >> coming up to "america's newsroom" at 9:00. >> you're headed to "fox & friends" right now. >> bye. hi, good morning. back to work monday, the 15th of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. new details raising new questions in the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. with rulings on key issues like obamacare and immigration hanging in the balance. plus, the battle for scalia's seat on the supreme court quickly taking a political turn over who will appoint his replacement. one top liberal calling out the republicans. >> this kind of obstructionism isn't going last, and you know, we democrats didn't do this. >> oh, yeah, you did, chuck schumer. we'll explain ahead. >> yes. and with just


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