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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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andrea: thank you to guy benson for joining us today. we're going to continue this conversation on "outnumbered overtime." and or tweet me@andrea tantaros. see you back on air tomorrow. have a great day.
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why he. and the president was wrong he said and lied about weapons of mass destruction. and said it is true or not. and so there is vas ilation.
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and there was an argument in which he got booed too much and mr. trump is arguing this morning that the republican national committee failed the obligation to disperse tickets and that's why he was booed and went after his own pledge to not run as a third party candidate. this is what he said. >> the rnc, better get its act together. i signed a pledge. but the pledge is not being honored by them. >> reporter: he went on to say that is -- that there was a fraud and the republican national committee is not holding the duty and warning and this is the front runner in south carolina and the winner of the new hampshire primary saying
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if he is not treated fairly he will break his pledge and run as a third candidate. >> pretty strong words. speaking with a low voice as the candidate is behind you. it is wild in south carolina. ahead of the south republican primary, a poll shows donald trump is far ahead with 40 percent and ted cruz with 20 percent. watch this on saturday's deinate. >> how did he keep us safe with the world trade center? i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down in the reign, he kept us safe?
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that is not safe. that is not safe. the world trade center came down because bill clinton didn't kill osama bin laden when he had a chance to get them. >> and by the way, george bush had a chance also and he didn't listen to the the advice of his cia. >> dr. carson. >> can i. >> i am not going to invite donald trump to the rally. >> i don't want to go. >> trump doubling down now that george bush is campaigning for jeb, is he fair game about questions on the world trade center. >> and charles krauthammer warned that the race is taking an ugly turn. >> it was a cage fight that we have not seen at a presidential
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debate before. >> good to see you, davy. >> good to see you. >> this election is becoming very real quickly. the candidates are feeling that and the the history proved four years ago when gingrich won south carolina and that means you would likely be the republican nominee, is this election different? >> it would be silly to say that south carolina will return to its role as the predictor of the nominee. and fascinating dynamic. once again donald trump is saying things in a normal election year, those of us who watch the stuff said he disqualified himself and we said that time and time again and proved wrong. he said on the debate on saturday and in the report, he speaks in ways that suggest that he is running from beend.
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the cbs poll numbers show he is comfortably in front. there is no reasonable doubt for him to lose this. his defensive posture is yet another surprise to me. >> and looking to get a boost in the polls is jeb bush. they are are looking at the polls closely. in south carolina, they can see george bush is popular among the republican voters and why he is campaigning for his brother jeb. could this give jeb the boost he needs? >> it could. and george w. bush is very popular and if you look at the details of the cbs poll you showed a moment ago, when people were asked about outsider versus insider and establishment versus
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nonestablishment. the sentiment with the republican voters is dominant. and so it is a double- edgeed sord. on one hand george w. bush is popular and reenforces the jeb bush is the embodyment of the establishment. he needs to finish ahead of john kasich and up close to rubio to show he is one of the mainstream nonconfrontational folks to go in to the so- called primary in march. >> another high- risk move. when donald trump went after george w. bush and mngzed the world trade towers. i was at a debate party and i can't believe that trump said that. and can you see that impact in the south carolina primary and
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could this benefit given that it speaks to the anti- establishment message? >> it speaks to the anti- establishment message. south carolina is a complicated state. its politics are fascinating and complex. you are right about what you just said and a case of south carolina has a strong pro defense bent. and i think that what trump said was a poke and suggesting that the country was weak in the last decade. and you know, to repeat the obvious. donald trump said so many things that are self defeating and never have before. >> he remains more than 20 points ahead in the polls. and do you see anything drastic happening between now and saturday? when you look at the polls, does
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it look like the way it turns out now? >> one of the things that is interesting to watch is the boom in john kasich received because of a strong second place show nothing new hampshire. if it he ends up creeping and staying ahead of jeb bush and nipping up against rubio's heels as he's posugzed to do, that will definitely make sure that he goes on to the next round and would leave jeb bush kind of reeling. >> he is in a make or break situation comes saturday. thank you >> to over sees. air strikes hit hospitals and schools in northern syria. those attacks killing and wounding dozens of people. they were carried out by russian war planes. but the syrian ambassador blames
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the united states. there were no u.s. coalition air strikes when it happen. hi, conner. >> reporter: eric in the last few months, we have seen a significant progress made by the assad regime backed by russia and hesbollah feet -- fighters taking background from opposition fighters. but they have done it not only fighting their way against the rebel fighters but targeting civilians and that's what we saw again today. the u.s. saying they had nothing to do with the air strikes and they only target isis and ra ffa. and accuse russia and syria. and according to doctors without borders. they say their hospital was
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targeted by syrian assad fighters or russian planes and killed seven piem and some of doctors and hospitals are unaccounted for. this is the kind of attacks in syria in the last 2 or 3 months by russia jets and backed upon by hesbollah fighters. they are effective on the ground and pushing back rebels and civilians, much to the conternation of u.s. and other groups. the other attacks today. by the assad regime and russian jetses in a hospital near the syrian and turkish boarder and that kill would 12 people. eric, it is important to ponent out, the ah sawed regime is making progress and pushing to aleppo and consolidating territory and isis is beginning to lose ground because of the
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u.s. air strikes in iraq and kurdish fighters in syria. you are see issing an effort to defeat isis and assad regime is effective against isis, but the ah sawed and russian and iranian backers. they are having progress on the ground much to the concern of u.s. and western officials. versus the opposition forces. >> and the tragic humanitarian catastrophe still continues. we are monitoring a wide- spread winter storm hitting americans. who is in the path p of the storms and what it is packing. and the supreme court is set to hear several case cans this year and so what happens after the unexpected deaths of justice
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poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. major questions after the unexpected death of conservative supreme court justice antonin scalia on saturday. there are several key cases dlaegsz abortion, affirmative action and president obama's executive actions on immigration and obama care. without justice scalia, the remaining justices could be split 4 to 4 and the lower court ruling would stand. so what happens in his absence? we have fax news anchor. we have lost a legal intellectual giant? >> reporter: he was a wonderful writer. i enjoyed his opinions and he
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had a great personality as well. >> it is affecting certain cases. >> most cases are not decided by a 5- 4. and they will be issued in may and june. but with those in which he cast a deciding vote, it is a 4- 4 tie and the supreme court can hold over the case to the next term until there is a sitting justice, but that may be march or april. or the other choice could be the lower decision court stand. that would not affect the entire united states. only the state over which that court of appeals had jurisdiction. >> what about the voted on cases and we don't know what that vote is? >> hiss vote does not count. now where his vote made
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a difference, the decision that is arrived at that we do not know of, that is negated and nullified. >> do we know what cases they are? >> we don't know what cases they are. >> we know what the important cases are that could be very close. first and foremost, fifth circuit decision striking down president obama's executive action on immigration deporting millions of illegal immigrants and the others on the screen. republican unions can be forced to pay dues. that is 9th circuit california appeals decision. and restrictions on abortions are valid. religious groups must provide contraception to worker ares and epa, can they limit carbon emission says.
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these are important decisions and they may be thrown up in the air because scalia may have been the deciding vote. >> what do we expect with those cases? >> for example, in affirmative action, that is an important case, it is likely that scalia's death doesn't make a difference. why? because elenna kagan had to recuse herself. she was solicitor general and involved in its development and so that now means if anthony kennedy votes to strike down affirmative action in texas, it would likely have been already a case with scalia in favor along with anthony kennedy. >> we talked about the fact that you have an incredibly strong voice absent from the court sud issenly over the weekend. >> where you will see it the most is in theoral arguments.
10:21 am
he was the one who infused a lot of energy between the lawyers and the court and between himself and other justices. there used to be a lot of spirited debate going on bath and forth and lose incredible wry sense of humor. >> the court justice with the most laugher, of course, was him. >> scalia, he was great. >> absolutely. >> great. >> thank you, eric. skier stuck in midair. a pair of tram cars break down in fridgeit temperatures. and do you know what a super confessor is? pope francis sent more than 1000 of them to do something that only popes used to do.
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>> welcome back to "happening now". a charter bus filled with middle school students catches fire and engulfed in flames. no one was hurt. it happen in washington state. the group was headed to a ski area and the bus started to it fill with black smoke. the driver noticed it and pulled identifier to evacuate. students drop everything and rain. luckily they were able to be picked up and hit the slopes. >> another resort in new hampshire. skiers got a scare. 50 people were stuck in two tram
10:26 am
cars breaking down 40 feet off of the ground. the sky canners started to propel down to saift from the tram. the ski resort said they kept their cool in the subzoero temperatures. no one was hurt. >> can you imagine. pope francis currently in mexico. there is the pope on the move after saying mass for hundreds of thousands of people and visiting the count row's poorest and dangerous places. that doesn't love the pontiff with with a lot of extra time. he is sending super concan fessors around the world to help out. >> certainly a busy day for the pope today? >> reporter: yes, the so- called super confessor, he gave them powers to absolve people of
10:27 am
reserve sins. normally the pope himself have to defend it. people strayed over to the dark side. and from using the commune bread for satanic rituals to actually trying to kill the pope. these confessors are missionaries of mercy and they are sent all over the world and take confession from people just about anywhere. >> this moment they approached the priest to talk. and i will not wait to take confession. i will take it and can open my heart. >> reporter: francis made mercy and pentance the center feas pieces of his papase. catholic doctorin said god loves people despite their sins but through them. and confession is a good way to
10:28 am
test this. >> most people come out of confession feeling great. you are not there to grill people. but there to show god's love and mercy. most people walk out with a sense of relief and hey, we made a new clean start and that's beautiful. >> reporter: the super confessor will deal with average sins and going to the arctic and outback, the pope wants to make it easy for people to have that connection. and pope francis actually felt his calling understood about his vocation when he was giving confession to a priest many, many years ago. >> super confessors, we learn something new every day. thanks. fuel price are the drop in record lows and we see that at
10:29 am
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well, hillary clinton's scrambling to win over nevada. voters ahead of the caucus on saturday. she's about to hold a organizing event in the middle school. and we hear about controversy within the democratic ranks with the report that the clinton campaign is asserting voters are 80 percent white. this as bern sanders soundly defeated clinton in new hampshire. we'll bring in the panel. and we have to thank you both for being with us. as a chem democrat year. joe biden getting in the race? this is supposed to be a walk in the park for hillary clinton. she lost 20 percent of the vote
10:34 am
in new hampshire? >> she would say and her supporters would say it was not inevitable and certainly proving to be. i think we expected the outcome in new hampshire and sort of expected iowa. and that was an interesting turn the way it came out. and can the came campaign is counting on them to be a fire wall with the latino and africa can voters. and i do think it is important and i don't know if i like the language we used. the reality you can't take the vote for granted. >> what else are you saying if you are hillary clinton at this point? we talk about the republican side of things, but the democrats, have issues there as well. >> it is interesting, there has been so much attention drawn to the turmoil on the right and there is it turmoil is the left. hillary clinton was supposed to
10:35 am
be the presumed nominee. and bernie sand sand was not pose a challenge. we have had democratic party rigging the system to help hillary clinton. they rigged the debate. schedule. and bernie sanders wound with 60 percent and hillary clinton walked away with more delegates. she is already in trouble. she is trying to spin the narrative in nevada. her campaign put heavy emphasis of winning the minority vote. and nevada is a heavily white state and seeing a change. i think she is sensing trouble and nervous and if she lose to it bernie sanders to save face. >> do you sense they are getting nervous?
10:36 am
she talked about unions and hispanics and helping her in a place like nevada. but bernie sanders has the momentum. >> that is true. there is a lot of momentum. i don't think she is nervous. the campaign aides that made the comments about the white voters, they have rolled it back and thoes comments not withstanding. we knew it would be a difficult race for her. >> did we thou? >> i think so. i certainly did. if you talked to me, i would have told you it was going to be a difficult race. >> with hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. >> yes, it is a tough time in the country and a appetite for the outsider, insider debate. that does not preclude her for doing great. and she is doing well. but i think the are narrative that is spun is bernie is doing
10:37 am
better than kefkted. >> the only group she won was 65 and older and you are nodding your head. despite appealing to the young people? >> she is a candidate who doesn't know what she stand for. she is flip flopped on e're immigration or criminal justice reform or iraq? where as with bernie sanders, i disagree with policys, but he is authentic candidate and voters are picking up on that. and looking back months ago, no one thought hill hull would have won in coin tosses in iowa and lost in new hampshire, she was up 30 percent when this thing started against bernie sand sand in a state she won in 2008. and helped to resurrect bill's career in 1992, i don't think anyone thought bernie sanders
10:38 am
the be in this position. >> it would be interesting to see what young voters go for. trust, one- third of the democratic primary voters who said trust is a issue. >> other than sending out bill clinton to campaign for you in florida, what would you tell her to do. she's struggling with young people and trust and likeablity. >> and shoo is capable of solves the issues that are plaguing them. and bernie sanders talks a lot about the issues and touching an emotional cord and hillary clinton deals with the solutions. and i think she needs to find a way toe extraicate the two, and i can talk to your emotions and solve the problems. >> maybe she should hire you. >> and thank you, michael and lisa, we appreciate it.
10:39 am
back to you. >> you know, alaska airlines under fire for keeping fares high. they are trying to get the airlines for saving profits for us. why are the air fares staying at a highality to youed. >> it is a real world example. this is what the controversy is all about. the united federation of travel association. worldwide for travel agents and passengers sent a letter to the airline trade association, and they said look, you need to drop the fuel surcharges. airlines continue to misuse the ticketing lop hole and can thus manipulate the transperency. >> full surcharges are still
10:40 am
there. and shamelessly to misuse the lop hole. ia te a pollee responded by saying, expect fares to tumble because fuel came down. jet bowl prices are down. and they have not yet passed that savings to you. bought the ticket and i called delta, i am paying, 528 in surcharges and they are fuel surcharges. >> and you know what is amazing. when the full prices go up. it will go up more. >> it might be cheaper just to deputy to indianapolis. >> where we met years ago. see you later. >> a massive winter storm taking aim in a large part of the
10:41 am
country and we'll tell you where it is it heading and more trouble for the couch family. the affluent teen's canned dad is in trouble and what it means for ethan's legal troubles. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure,
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>> we are back with a fox extreme weather alert. there is a mix of ice, snow and rain. and tornado watches and warnings in at least three southern states. meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center. how bad will it get? >> we have tornado watches in the louisiana, mississippi and alabama and florida pandhandle. but we have tornado warnings right now not only doppler radar indicated but tornados on the ground. and so the watches extend throughout the gulf coast and up
10:45 am
to 9:00 p.m. these are the tornado born storms. there is a severe weather outbreak. tornados and several on doppler radar. and we are getting reports of tornados on the ground. pay close attention to the weather office. if you are in tornado areas seek shelter immediately. we'll see areas in yellow and mississippi and alabama. that is it a tornado watch in effect. and cold side of the storm will bring measurable snow but ice in the next 6 or 12 hours. there is the look at the radar. pink, ice happening in carolinas and virginia and snow, that is on-going in the dc area up to philadelphia and new york.
10:46 am
the big problem here is not the only the snow and freezing rain and ice on the roadways, abbey. we are in a holiday right now, and people are urged to listen to your local forecast. back you to you. >> thank you, we'll watch it clotsly. eric. >> and the father of the afflu flensa team. his girlfriend said he choked her. this as the son is coming up for a court appearance. ethan was convicted of killing four people while driving drunk. he argued the controversial issue that he was too a flient for knowing his actions. and what comes next is a former prosecutor and defense attorney. you have them and mom who is also charged and now dad,
10:47 am
although no charges are filed. what is it about? >> i think the family shouldinv holiday dinners. here it is it what it is. we don't know if the father did or didn't do anything. if somebody called 911 and hurt them. they ask can questions and usually charge somebody even if they don't have evidence to convict. >> but the problem is, domestic violence cases. the woman has marks on her neck and it gives the police little to work on. you can understand why the woman is reluctant. the son got off with killing four people. it makes women reluctant. >> you hear this. but what should women do? >> you don't have a choice, you should report regardless of
10:48 am
whether the police are going to press charges for you or not. >> you don't want to get your husband, boyfriend or fiance. >> once you report, the police will go forward whether you want them to or not. and that's why women are hesitant. >> they have to have a plan. make a plan before they do so. they don't know how to love the home and they don't have support. it is a global problem. >> it is and it touches your heart. we'll see if any charges are filed. in san francisco there is a weird case. rental sharing companies came under controversy. in san francisco, this couple claim that their neighbor tricked them to letting them rent their property and there is a loop hole that said if you stayed there 30 days, can you
10:49 am
stay there. >> is that like grabbing an apartment. >> they shared the condo building and he wanted to get them. but the couple had issues as well. his picture was a picture of don johnson as opposed to his actual. and you might want to look into it before you let them here. >> how does that happen. if you stay there more than a month you can stay there month to month. >> if you don't know the legal loop holes, it will happen again. they have a bad business model and not in front of all of the laws and you are not privy to that. he had great legal counsel. it could happen again and dpaen. >> and air b&b is not name. they write out their contract so
10:50 am
they are immune. it is the renters who have to know the law in the state and protect yourself. >> if you are airbnb. how do you protect yourself. >> know the land b, how do you protect yourself? >> know the landlord, checking credit card, matches were you the social security number, do the work. >> and probably if a picture is don johnson, it's probably not him. >> you look a little familiar. >> all right. thank you. abby? >> a day at the beach is easier for disabled american whose normally struggle navigating the sand. how this chair is giving them their independence. that's next. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you?
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i'm gretchen carlson. with the passing of justice scalia, what happens now? plus, former president bush hitting the campaign trail. will he help or hurt his brother jeb, as donald trump said. and many places in one midwestern state, believe it or not, gas prices just below a buck a gallon. that could just be the beginning. all that and more on "the real story." and making beach-friendly wheelchair and his business is booming. live in miami we have the story. this sounds really interesting. >> reporter: it's a remarkable story. this florida businessman says his client raining in age from 12 to 100 are fiercely independent. one of greg mcnair's clients wants to go to the beach for the
10:55 am
first time since 2001. >> ten years ago i had an accident and haven't been able to have been on the beach since then, because i have to walk with a cane and i can't walk with a cane on the beach. >> reporter: the custom-built fat tired wheelchairs are controlled by a wheel stick gives this woman a way to set off on his oech. >> and particularly out here a sense of freedom. >> reporter: the chairs rent from $50 to $90 a day. a single battery charge lasts six hours. some chairs can enter the surf. the three month old business has grown from one claire to ten with plans to expand to 30. mcnair says it's job satisfaction that motivates him. >> what they feel is what i love, and that's -- joy. >> reporter: his goal is to expand that chair business all along the florida coast. abby? >> really, really cool stuff.
10:56 am
stephen harrigan, thanks so much. >> thank you. and just wonderful. they're not your normal celebrities. nearly 3,000 dogs working the runway as judging begins at this world-famous competition. we'll show you, next. >> so cute.
10:57 am
theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
10:59 am
time for the final 30. more than 2,700 dogs taking place in the westchester dog show in new york city. more than 185 breeds represented. the winner announced tomorrow night. adorable. >> see who can win. >> meanwhile -- look at that. a couple in san diego, they've been together now 80 years. they are now proclaimed the longest married couple in our eloped in 1935. how about that? a sense of humor, and liking each other very much. our congratulations and hearty
11:00 am
good wishes. wonderful. >> so sweet. >> great advice. >> a long way to go to catch up with that. >> good for them. congratulations. >> thanks, everyone, sgroirnijo today. have a good day. >> and "the real story" starts with gretchen carlson right now. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia sending shock waves through the judicial and political world. happy monday, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." friends and family morning the loss of a legal giant. and the bathts lotle looming ov will replace him. the republicans are saying the choice should be up to the next president. >> it is such a, such a very, very tough political year that i think almost anybody with brains would say, this is probably not the time to pick the


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