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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the united states. doesn't think george w. bush is responsible for 9-11 and is campaigning for his brother. i want to know what george w. bush will say tonight, don't you? thanks for being part of the real story. noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington, d.c. where the nation's highest court is now mourning and in turmoil. ahead, the latest on the battle over when to replace justice antonin scalia, and what his death could mean for some of the biggest cases the court is considering this year. and george w. bush about to make his first campaign appearance with his brother, jeb. and donald trump is already taking aim at the former president as the republicans pick up where they left off in this weekend's feisty debate. hillary clinton takes a last minute detour on the campaign trail. is she worried about her chances in the next contest? there's a winter storm on the east coast, a winter storm that belongs to everyone, not
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just nbc and the weather channel. are you listening, nbc? you do not have naming rights, not exclusive rights. therefore we will name the storm better than you have. let's get to it. this monday afternoon, for the first time in our nation's history, all three branches of government could be on the line for election day. after the death of justice antonin scalia over the weekend, the republicans' message to president obama is don't even try it. gop lawmakers say they will not consider any nominees for the high court until the next president takes office. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the american voters should choose the next justice by way of the next presidential election. leading democrats point out voters chose president obama not once but twice and the constitution clearly gives the president the power to nominate justices.
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president obama says he will indeed send a nominee to the senate, quote, in due time, unquote. if republicans follow through with their threat, it would leave that supreme court open for the rest of obama's term. 339 days at least. that's more than double the longest time it has taken the senate to confirm a new justice. 125 days back in 1916. in that scenario, the fight for the supreme court is sure to be one of the biggest issues in the race for the white house. our researchers tell us there has never been a presidential election while the supreme court had an empty seat. in a sign of what's at stake, political wrangling started before justice scalia's body returned home from the texas place. we have team fox coverage, shannon bream with what the
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split court may mean for several cases. what are you hearing about chances republicans can wait it out until the next president, rich? >> shep, president obama has yet to submit his nominee, republicans control the committee process, control the senate floor and they say this will be up to the next president. they can push this beyond the election if they choose to do so. republicans argue that we have already had a nominating contest in iowa, one in new hampshire, this is an election year, and consideration should be among american voters along with who the next president should be, part of that consideration should be what should the u.s. supreme court look like. republicans also contend the president has poisoned its relationship with congress. >> there's a lot of bad feeling on the republican side toward president obama and some of the things that he has done which republicans consider to be extra constitutional, or outside of the constitution, time after time after time with executive orders and so forth.
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>> we still have yet to hear from all republican senators on this, but as their comments come out, they seem to support senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wanting to wait until next year. >> what leverage do the democrats have? >> they say they'll take it to the voters, more than enough time for the u.s. senate to confirm a pick by president obama and that essentially not doing so is an abdication of congress' responsibility, from harry reid. he says, quote, it would be unprecedented in recent history for the supreme court to go a year with a vacant seat, failing to fill the vacant seat would be a shameful abdication of one of the senate's most essential constitutional responsibilities. republicans come back saying it was harry reid in 2013 that changed the threshold for approving federal justices. they say reid poisoned the hill.
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supreme court observers sort out what will happen now with cases before the court. team fox coverage, shannon bream covering the supreme court for us is live at the washington newsroom. sounds like there could be 4-4 ties. >> reporter: you're right. there are rules about how this will play out. this is concrete. any time a supreme court decision ends in a tie, the lower court ruling remains in place. that's critical because it essentially operates as if the supreme court never heard the case. certainly has no precedence value. john roberts says some cases will be held over, won't be decided until a replacement is named, confirmed, sworn in. that could mean a case already heard and argued before justices could end, if they think it winds up in a tie, it could be reargued at a later date when you have nine justices on the
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bench. shep? >> what are some of the major cases we are talking about? >> two big categories. they voted on them category, they haven't announced publicly an opinion. those include affirmative action, voting rights, forced union dues. if, for example, there are cases that were 9-0, they'll write the opinions, issue as an 8-0 ruling. it is cases where scalia's vote made a difference will be tricky, they may decide to rehear them. once the bench is fully staffed again or a tie decision. cases yellow light to be heard in the next month, big abortion case. a challenge by religious groups to the contraceptive mandate. and multi state challenge to the president's use of executive power on immigration. we expect the court will hear those as scheduled in march and april. but if they wind up in a 4-4 tie, we go back to
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considerations over whether we hold them over or the lower court ruling stays in place. >> shannon, thank you. let's bring in robert barns. he covers supreme court for "the washington post" and is live from the washington newsroom. thank you so much. >> glad to be here. >> i want to quote from the constitution something that antonin scalia often did, i think we have a full screen of it for you. the president shall nominate and by and with the advice and consent of the senate shall appoint judges of the supreme court. why not this time? >> the president said he is going to do his part, that he is going to send a nominee to the senate and that it will be up to the senate to act or not. this is an unusual situation because it is an election year and as you say, as we said in previous parts of it, there's a lot of animosity between the senate and senators. >> both side has its own
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argument about the roots of that. but the constitution doesn't say anything about election year. the constitution says that the president shall nominate and by and with advice and consent of the senate shall appoint judges of the supreme court. why should he not do that? >> i don't think that he would think that he shouldn't, he thinks he should. the republican senators seem to think that any nominee he sends will be dead on arrival, and that he should just wait. i think it is very unlikely the president will accommodate them that way. >> i wonder, for instance, we heard talk of this with the appointment to d.c. court three years ago, every member of the senate voted yes, 97-0, every republican said yes, we approve him. would the republicans need to come up with something that they no longer like about him or could they just say this is politics and this is what we are going to do and that antonin
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scalia liked the constitution, we don't, we're not letting this happen. is there something they can say? >> so far what they said is we're not going to do it, it should be left over, it is too late in the process. it is very unusual to have an opening in an election year. it hasn't happened that often. the last time a justice was confirmed in election year was justice kennedy. he was confirmed by a democratic senate unanimously, but as republicans will point out, that's to fill a vacancy that happened in the year before. so we are in an unusual situation here. >> is there some precedent for not appointing a justice to the supreme court because it is an election year? >> there is not, not that i know of, no. >> and yet republicans say they'll go ahead, even though mitch mcconnell said in the past, said so in open congress, that doing something like this
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would be extraconstitutional. >> well, this is a very unusual seat we are dealing with here. justice scalia is one of five fairly consistent conservatives on the court. it will change the makeup and balance of the court if a liberal or moderate takes his seat. the republican argument so far has been that it is not right for a lame duck president to get to make that kind of big change. democrats say just the opposite, that as you say, there's nothing in the constitution about that, and that it is the president's job to make these kinds of nominations. >> one of the matters of discussion in the 2012 election was, in fact, this very matter, then voters by what, 6 million votes elected president obama to make these decisions. that was part of the voting process, wasn't it? >> it was. and you know, the thing is republicans have the vote in the senate to turn down any obama nominee that comes their way if they don't like that person, if
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they don't think that person is qualified. and so the president is saying i'll send you someone, you vote. >> we'll see how it plays out. a battle ahead, guaranteed. no escaping this one. >> i think you're right on that. >> sir, nice to see you. thank you. ahead, some of the other judges that could be in running for the supreme court, possible short list for the highest court in the land. that's coming up on this president's day. and a little later. winter storm on the east coast, if you own it, you can name it. nbc and weather channel don't own the winter storms. its name will not stand here. we are america's news and weather authority. we will name the storm and future storms fox style names. amen. go, go, go, go, go, go... touchdown! ♪ choir and harp music. this place, it's the best-kept secret in football since... hey, how did he get in here?!
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supreme court after the death of justice antonin scalia. president obama says he will nominate a replacement, though republican leaders say it should be up to the next president. legal experts are already weighing in on who they think the president will choose. do we know of a short list? >> reporter: shep, they're not officially saying they have a short list. but make no mistake about it, experts say they have a list in mind. now it is a matter of whether they can come up with a specific person in the next 30 days or
12:15 pm
so. clearly the president being here wants to make that by way of the leader summit. clearly that's overshadowed. let me share some names you'll hear about. judge patricia miller is one people -- mill et. she already argued before the justices. she's well qualified and they know her. and sri srinivasan, relatively young, 48 years old, first inldsian american to serve on the high court. he clerked for sandra day o'connor, a conservative. attorney general loretta lynch may be out of the box if you think about historically speaking, already survived a brutal confirmation process, would be the first african-american female on the high court. and one more name, jane kelly, 8th circuit from iowa, a former classmate of president obama. i mention the fact she's from
12:16 pm
iowa. keep in mind, chuck grassley is also from iowa. it gets difficult if you're trying to stall a nomination of one of your fellow iowans. it will make for an interesting process if they will hear the president's nominee. bahrain is holding people in protest. four americans were arrested for providing false information they were tourists, unquote. according to reporters without borders, according to anna day and her camera crew. her family denies they were doing anything illegal. anti-government protesters have been clashing with police since the arab spring uprising. the navy operates a basin bahrain. in a statement, they confirmed
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the pope held mass in one of the poorest most dangerous parts of the western hemisphere, a part of southern mexico where the drug trade is rampant and many people don't speak spanish. ♪ ♪ the pope presenting mass in three native languages, in southern mexico. researchers say more than 80% of mexican adults identify as catholic, but that's the one with the least catholic state in mexico. we have some images from the slide show. you can see the pope kissing a baby. not julia's baby, our colleague had a baby, her baby hasn't been kissed by the pope. we will work on that. kissing a baby from the pope mobile during that visit. indigenous people gave pope francis a crown of flowers as he arrived at the local airport. today is day three of the pope's five day trip to mexico. here you can see some swag, some pope swag to mark his visit.
12:22 pm
pope swag. always good pope swag wherever he goes. yesterday people celebrated mass for more than a million in a poor suburb of mexico city, it was the biggest event of the pope's visit. the last image, pope francis trying on some mexican spirit for a change, trying on a hat someone gave him. big airlines report record profits. yay! the biggest carriers earned a combined, wait for it, $22 billion in profit last year. and lists say it has to do with oil. right now it is 30 bucks a barrel. fuel costs dropped that much, are ticket prices going to drop as well? ticket prices went up as adam
12:23 pm
shapiro knows when the oil prices were going up high, above $100. airlines were like we have to raise it. now they'll come down, right? >> no. this is fuel surcharges. if you look on the ticket, it will say yq or yr. i bought a ticket recently. the airlines pay half what they paid a year ago for oil. this was brought to attention by a trade organization for the travel agents. they put out a letter to the airlines saying that airlines continue shamelessly to misuse this ticketing loophole fuel surcharge and manipulate transparency of the ticket price. the trade organizations said expect fares to tumble, just because fuel has come down is wholly unrealistic. >> it wasn't unrealistic to get a surcharge when it went up, why is it unrealistic when it comes down? >> little bit has to do with the
12:24 pm
fact that the airlines buy the fuel in the past looking to the future. they did enter into contracts that are now expiring. the question becomes will they drop the price as they enter into contracts at cheaper prices. that's anyone's guess. they're projected to make this year, you mention $22 billion in profits for 2015, they're expected to make the same amount this year, which means don't count on a price break in the surcharge. >> i feel like service is spectacular, such nice people, everything runs smoothly, don't complain about perfect things. >> united offers free snacks again. >> good, that's great. snacks. >> thanks, airlines. y'all are awesome. thank you. something happened over the weekend which has never before happened in the long history of the nation's high school sports. a high school outside indianapolis won its 30th consecutive state title in girls swimming.
12:25 pm
carmel high school gray hounds have been the state's defending champions for three decades. they won 9 of 12 events. we are told it is the first time any school in any sport in any state won 30 titles in a row in anything. the coaches and swimmers say it is because they're always encouraging each other. >> we are continually trying to get better each year. we have freshmen girls that know what they need to do the next year. girls that swam last night, didn't swim today. keep feeding off each other and don't want to let each other down. >> we always want to be improving. we are supportive of each other. it is honestly a great place, great team to be part of. >> good for every one of you. could be seeing more of these girls in the future. four are expected to compete in u.s. olympic trials this summer. the previous record holder with 29 men's titles in swimming happened to be president obama's alma-mater in honolulu.
12:26 pm
the girls of carmel high school, champions 30 times and counting. fantastic. less than three hours from now, former president george w. bush is set to make his first appearance on the campaign trail since he left office. he will be stum pg for his brother. and the latest on the democratic side of the race, how a foreclosure crisis in nevada could have huge impact on the primary. we are approaching the bottom of the hour, top of the news, and get to naming storms. nbc, you do not have the right, you do not have the permission. we will foxify the storms and you will take it.
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plant to sell small tractors to cuban farmers. for the first time in israel's history, a former prime minister began to serve a prison term. he moved into his jail cell part after 19 month sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice. the former prime minister maintains he is innocent. filming of the next "star wars" movie in london, lucas films announced production of episode 8. mark hamil and carrie fisher are on board. the latest shattered box office records. the weather channel can't name this one either.
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bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. donald trump is going after george w. bush hours before the former president hits the campaign trail for his brother jeb for the first time. at a news conference that lasted
12:32 pm
about 45 hours, ended minutes ago, donald trump slammed president bush 43rd for the attacks on 9/11. >> the world trade center came down, the greatest attack in history on this country. so you had that. you obviously had the war which was a big mistake. few people would say the war in iraq was a positive. >> he went on and on. president bush set to appear for jeb bush in south carolina. it is the next big republican battleground, scares, and first primary in the south. president bush won his primary on the way to the white house, so did his father. jeb bush is in fifth place, fourth in new hampshire after sc stumping with his mother. jeb bush tried to distance himself from the family name choosing jeb! trump today says jeb bush should have used his last name, the decision showed he was not proud of his family.
12:33 pm
we have team fox coverage. ed henry, and carl cameron. jeb bush is holding a rally today with his brother. carl? >> reporter: hi, shep, and george w. bush will return to the national scene, the political stage and campaign trail for the first time since he left office tonight. as you can see behind me, the crowd is already growing. it is an evening event anticipated later. tough stuff from donald trump today who actually went and put the pledge back on the table, the pledge he took as did other republicans they would not run as a third party candidate if they didn't win the republican nomination. donald trump today said based upon ted cruz and jeb bush and the last debate in which he got booed, he is prepared to say the rnc has defaulted on their pledge because he got booed. the argument from trump is they didn't distribute tickets fairly, the audience was stacked with lobbyists and bush donors.
12:34 pm
here's how trump renewed his threat. watch. >> the rnc better get its act together. because you know, i signed a pledge, but the pledge isn't being honored by them. i signed a pledge, but it is a double edged pledge, and as far as i'm concerned, they're in default of their pledge. >> trump put out a written statement that said if ted cruz does not apologize for his lies, he will sue ted cruz as a canadian ineligible for the u.s. presidency, if the rnc doesn't do something to mitigate the objection to the tickets being distributed fairly, that will constitute reason to drop out of the party and run as an independent in the fall. shep, it doesn't ever got more curiouser and curiouser when he has a big event and jeb bush is in his cross hairs. >> if he does that, carl, how long do you have? that would change everything. >> reporter: well, it is the question republicans have to ask themselves in every state, here in south carolina where they
12:35 pm
fancy their reputation as conservatives who will pick the conservative who can win, somebody said they're going to drop out of the party you would think would give them pause. it is not stopping there either. there's a lot of back and forth, marco rubio came to bat for jeb bush at the debate recently, ted cruz has been pounding on donald trump, too, suggesting that trump's criticism of george w. bush is essentially a radical left liberal position to take. watch. >> when donald trump sided with move and michael moore and the extreme fever swamped leftwing on calling for impeachment of george w. bush, that demonstrated where he was coming from. >> reporter: in other words, radical left. they know from fever swamps in south carolina lots of bogs and marshes around.
12:36 pm
god knows what political diseases are cropping up with the mosquitos. >> you make a good point. carl cameron, thank you. democrats face a big headache in the nevada caucuses because of foreclosures. they're not a political issue but logistical one. so many people in the state had to move after the 2008 financial crisis that the campaigns are having trouble how to reach potential voters. consider clark county, home of las vegas and a m voters. reuters reports one fifth of the mail campaign sent out came back marked undeliverable. ed henry in reno. ed, clinton made a last minute change to her schedule in nevada. >> reporter: yeah. she was here all weekend campaigning, then was supposed to be in florida today. they don't vote until march 15th, maybe a plan b if she has any struggles in nevada and south carolina and other states,
12:37 pm
florida is a key battleground. she pulled out of that event, sent her husband instead and stayed in nevada another 24 hours. she just did an event in elko, was hitting bernie sanders hard. watch this. >> i'm hoping to get your support in the caucus on saturday. 11:00, right? we have signs here, saturday at 11:00. so i can go to work for you. i am not a single issue candidate because this is not a single issue country. >> reporter: she continues to charge that bernie sanders is only focused on beating up on wall street, something he rejects, and is a single issue candidate. but the fact that she pulled out of the florida event, stayed here, is coming to a rally in reno in a little bit shows she's nervous about nevada, which she had a double digit lead here, but it is one of many states where a big lead evaporated. >> not only is bernie sanders gaining ground in nevada, looks
12:38 pm
as if he has to think ahead to super tuesday. that's right. then some of the states there include colorado, where he hopes university of colorado will reach out to young people. he will have his first interview since becoming a candidate, he thinks energy and enthusiasm is on his side. watch. >> i am talking to you now from denver, colorado. we just had 18,000 people coming out to a rally. i think we are looking good. a whole lot of momentum for super tuesday as well. >> reporter: in fact, that was 18,000 people at that event in colorado saturday night. hillary clinton never gets a crowd anywhere near that. she's looking ahead a little as well. we got word saturday night as caucus results come in in nevada, she's headed to houston that night because texas is
12:39 pm
another one of the super tuesday states march 1st, she wants to get ahead, jump ahead of nevada and get going. all states coming quickly. >> ed henry in reno, thanks. at 70 years old, bernie sanders would be the oldest elected to president. and last night, three month old oliver dressed as baby bernie. baby bernie sanders. decked out in a white wig and glasses and campaign button. that was at bonanza high school. the bernie senior was laughing and smiling when he met bernie baby. london based architect gives meaning to the word super yacht. london based architect. chris is over with details on this, as we await the naming of the storm. what is this? >> this is a super yacht. kind of looks like a flying pyramid. this is a london based architect
12:40 pm
came up with the design. has four faces, six edges, it is equipped with sun decks and an outdoor dining area. what's so special, it has a special hull that allows it to travel in the water, 45 miles per hour, and balance itself. >> floating? >> it looks like it is floating. it is traveling fast, but appears it is levitating, not really though. it can accommodate six passengers and four crew, and again, it is just a rendering. >> not real. >> it is a rendering. there's no word of a price tag yet. >> looks very cool. wouldn't want to be in choppy waters. thank you, chris. air strikes destroy a children's hospital and school in syria, opposition activists blame russia. what it means for cessation of hostilities that was supposed to begin this week. i accept i'm not 22.
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russian war planes bombed hospitals and a school in syria and killed dozens of innocent people. that's the word from opposition activists. the united nations reports at least 50 civilians died in the bombing, which hit a clinic, doctors without borders supports here in syria. a spokesman for that group says it looked like the attack was deliberate. military officials said the coalition was not carrying out air strikes. he blames the government and supporters. the united states and moscow brokered assess agency of hostilities set to begin later this week. any cease-fire would not include the other groups fighting for control in the country, such as isis and al qaeda. and russia indicated it has no plans to stop bombing campaign in syria. secretary of state john kerry admitted that russian air strikes have largely been supporting the syrian leader,
12:45 pm
bashar al assad. this is a proxy war between the united states and russia. that's what it is. they won't call it that because they fib, but that's what it is. in a statement today, the murderous dictate or says the cease-fire doesn't mean either side has to stop using weapons. i wonder what it does mean. back in october, russia called out united states of bombing of a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. at the time, the foreign ministry blamed america's indiscriminate use of weapons and called for punishment. joining us, former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, welcoill taylor. he was in the state department where he oversaw assistance and support to countries like syria. nice to see you again. >> good to see you, shep. >> cessation, i can't find that cessation. >> it is clearly not. talk to people on the ground, hospital, schools, bakeries, it is clearly not stopping for
12:46 pm
those people. >> what's the next move here. what you want to do is bring stability and safe areas for all of the people returning into refugees and slow down the war between the united states and russia. what's next? >> you're exactly right when putin puts pressure on refugees by bombing civilians, he threatens europe by the attacks on civilians in syria. mr. putin can attack the unity of europe. unity of europe surprised him in that the europeans have stuck with the americans to keep the sanctions on, and his economy is cratering. he needs some relief and he is not getting it. >> on the other side of that, what do we need? >> we need him to give up on bashar al assad. the only reason to be talking to mr. putin is if he can get
12:47 pm
mr. assad out of damascus. that's his only value. his military is going in the opposite direction. so talking to him is not getting us where we need to be. >> is there value in the united states stopping the fibbing campaign and going ahead and admitting publicly what the whole world knows, that this is a proxy war between the united states and russia? >> what is clear, shep, is that the russians have agressed, invaded their neighbors and attacked people we are supporting in syria, so the russians are clearly on the other side of ukraine where we are trying to support democracy, they're on the other side of the syrian opposition that are trying to establish a democracy without bashar al assad, so yes, that's clear. >> ambassador, thank you. >> thank you, shep. a gruesome mystery and
12:48 pm
american cargo jet after it touched down, all smeared with blood. the florida based cargo jet was flying from germany to south africa and stopped for fuel in zimbabwe. they noticed blood all over the jet's fuselage and it got weirder from there. officials say they found a bloody corpse with a small fortune in cash, millions and millions in south african currency. local reports indicate the dead man may have been a stowaway, crushed by the landing gear. officials in zimbabwe grounded that jet and are now investigating. nasty weather hits the northeast. we are seeing rough conditions on the gulf coast from the florida panhandle to the mississippi, we are watching for thunderstorms and extreme storms. why is it called the fox extreme weather center? because we own it and named it the fox extreme weather center. that's how naming works. nobody, however, owns the winter
12:49 pm
storm headed up the east coast, yet nbc and its weather channel have taken to naming storms. this shall not stand. this storm gets a fox name next. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes
12:50 pm
to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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12:52 pm
fox weather alert is coming because weather is serious, but it is nobody's property. with that indisputable fact available and known to all, our friendemies at the weather channel started naming what they do not know. what died and gave nbc naming rights to weather events? we checked, folk did. yet if you describe to their weather alerts, there it is. a name that i will not utter because, well, nbc. because we do not stop them, we do not own them, we at shepard
12:53 pm
smith will grant ourself shared name rights. actually, priority naming rights with a nod to corporate synergy we'll give storms the names of simpson's characters. future storms will be bart simpson or lisa simpson. or comic book guy or fat tony. the day of today's storm affecting all of the east coast as decided by us is winter storm dust man, as in the guy who delivers the duff beer. winter storm duff man. it's on, nbc. on like donkey kong. cold temperatures snapped part of a storm with no name. subzero temperatures throughout the day yesterday hitting as low as negative 37 degrees in watertown, new york. in central park, the temperature fell to 1 degree below zero for the first time in more than 20 years. boston set a daily record at
12:54 pm
minus 9. outside of the city, high tide moved in on the town and the seawater froze overnight. folks there woke up to 3 inches of ice around their houses and cars stuck at home on a very cold valentine's day. and now people are dealing with more winter weather as winter storm duff man churns up the east coast. duff man dropped snow and sleet from atlanta to maine. winter storm duff man is just beginning so let's go to janice dean the weather machine live in the fox weather center. janice, tell us all you know about winter storm duffman. take that, nbc. i said, take that, nbc. things,u do, we will, and there are more people watching us so we win. duffman, what is he doing? >> duffman has a lower third right there. >> it's on like donkey kong. >> 12 years ago you named me the weather machine and it stuck. >> because they own you like they own me.
12:55 pm
they can't name weather -- if they can, we can. they have been alone in this game since october 2012. if you want to go, nbc, come on! duffman, tell me more. >> it's appropriate because during winter storms a lot of people drink beer. >> mmm, beer. >> let's take a look at it. the lower third right there bringing some snow and some sleet and freezing rain. so, of course, we named the duffman the duffman cometh. but people need to be careful because we are dealing with freezing rain in the d.c. area. light snow for philadelphia. all snow from the duffman in new york city. and we are also seeing the potential for freezing rain all along the midatlantic. it's a holiday, presidents' day, so people are hopefully staying indoors and maybe drinking beer responsibly. >> yep, responsibly. >> winter man duffman. here are the winter weather advisories, shepard. millions and millions of people affected by winter storm duffman. so we're going to continue to
12:56 pm
watch it. look at the ice, though. we're concerned about the icing. people need to be on alert. don't travel on the roadways here. and, of course, call your airline in advance of the duffman. >> call them and tell them that it's about to go down. janice dean, thank you very much. we'll continue to watch duffman throughout the day. don't forget your pet and plant because duffman cometh. hmm, beer. their name is horrible. i'm tired of your alert or weather channel. duffman going to get you.
12:57 pm
♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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on this day in 1903 the first teddy bear went on sale. it started with president theodore roosevelt in one of his hunting trips to mississippi. his aides tied a black bear to the tree for the president to shoot, which is unfair, but he was the leader of the free world. as the story goes, roosevelt felt sorry for the bear and refused to shoot it. a candy shop later in brooklyn put a stuffed bear cub in his window and named it teddy's bear and a hunting trip gave us a classic kid's toy 113 years ago
1:00 pm
today. when news breaks out, we'll break in. we have breaking news of winter storm duffman. look who it's dumping on. the storm is duffman, deal with it. what's at stake here is the very essence of our country, the very definition, the very identity of the great nation. >> the senate has a duty to consider that. and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates. >> donald trump, if he were president, would appoint liberals to the court. we know this for a fact. why? because donald has been a liberal his entire adult life. >> this just came over fox that cruz said that donald trump would appoint liberal justices. now we have three or four days to go. how do you fight that? it's a total lie. >> scalia died and in one s


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