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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. moments ago president george w. bush officially hitting the south carolina trail speaking to south carolina voters. introducing his brother candidate governor jeb bush. you will hear what governor jeb bush said straight ahead. "on the record" will monitor this event. if there is any news there or any other event, we will bring it right to you. right now justice scalia a hasn't beenu+wiwwzz are talking over his replacement. if there were rules, everyone breaks them. get ready, this fightzl replacement on the supreme court will have blood on the floor. should president obama fulfill the constitutional duties and name a successor or should that decision be
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left for whoever wins the 2016 election? >> this to be a referendum on the court. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> a senate has a duty to consider that and and to decide whether or not to confirm who the president nominates. >> we are not moving forward on the supreme court nominee until after this election. this isn't going to last. >> we must replace scalia with another rock solid conservative. i cannot imagine that happening under this president. >> both sides ought to just back off. >> the constitution is pretty
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important. the president does not appoint. the president nominates. the senate has to approve. the senate is not going to approve. ironically it was schumer under george w. bush who said over a year out we should block anybody, except in the most extraordinary circumstances. it was obama who tried to filibuster alito. >> president reagan appointed bourque. he didn't pass muster. he didn't make it judge ginsburg was nominated. he didn't make it it then justice kennedy was nominated and he made unanimously with the democratic senate. >> i don't have to square it. it was a time and plakh where they had worked at it for well over two years. the seat was vacant. so this idea that we have -- the president has every right to nominate anybody he wants to. the senate has equal right to ignore. >> to reject it. >> just ignore it they don't have to reject it they can
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ignore it. >> what kind of candidate do you think could pass? we're in an awkward position we risk four-four decisions. >> for 10 months. given the supreme court record would be probably three to five decisions. now, the fact is the president will never do this. but he could sit down with mitch mcconnell and a mike lee and people of that caliber and say okay, orrin hatch, who would you accept? he could nominate orrin hatch. i suspect the republican senate would approve orrin hatch. even ted cruz or marco rubio would switch if he he nominated orrin hatch. as a left wing radical, is he not going to nominate somebody who is as a conservative as scalia and as a conservative senate why should they accept anybody as conservative as scalia they are not even going to take it they won't reject it just won't take it up. >> how does it play out on the campaign trail?
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>> it guarantees that every person who cares about the seconds amendment turns out to vote. the number of people who are going to turn out when they begin to realize this is the swing vote that could take away the right to bear arms that a radical appointed and remind them that sanders and clinton have this enormous potential of nominating a radical. and, therefore, i think will actually increase the intensity of the turnout. >> justice ginsburg is probably one of the oldest on the supreme court. she has denied that she is retiring but she is getting a little older and we come]i]ñ to the term at the end of june it, it is possible that there are actually two vacancies come july 1st. >> it is possible in which case you don't have to worry about it because by the time the court gets around to doing something next year they have two new judges. >> i want to ask you about the spat between senator ted cruz and donald trump today. he says he is unstable and a liar. >> i wish trump would drop all after the personal add homonym things when he seems to enjoy so much. i think it weakens the country.
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i think it weakens him. i think itc+ make us look stupid. i'm not defending cruz or a. whole politics of this kind of personal stuff is almost deranged. it makes no sense to me to spend this kind of time on this kind of personality stuff. >> are you endorsing? >> no. >> you are not going to endorse? >> no. >> this is your big chance. >> i have too many friends running. >> too many friends. mr. speaker, nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> make no mistake about it this will be a knockdown dragout fight. what goes on at the supreme court. shannon bream is here. nice to see you. a bunch of emails from viewers who are -- want to know why the pillow was found on justice scalia's head as reported and wondering why there is no autopsy. >> that filled up my fitter feed this weekend as soon as that quote was owned owns the ranch that found justice disa leah dead. the family doesn't want him talking to the media he did clarify for us. he said it was that the
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pillow was found above his head and touching the head board. there was underneath him like we all sleep on a pillow. there is nothing that would have been out of the ordinary. and maybe his words didn't come out the first time he gave that quote. >> was he feeling i will that night. >> he was feeling tired. he had a lot of travel. he had just been in singapore. he had traveled back and forth. he had always kept up a tough schedule though. but apparently he had told everyone he was tired and wanted to turn in early. >> was the fact there is vacancy in the supreme court we have important decisions now and june '0th. how does this impact these decisions? >> some of them have already been heard. >> but notd decided? >> but not decided. we don't have the opinions yet. you know they vote the friday after we hear the case. we know these were already in process. union dues, affirmative action. we guess what the court will do if his judge was not of impact. they will give us the opinions. if it is a tie case because his vote is now missing, the chief could hold them over to be reheard with a new
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justice sworn in or issue them as a tied decision. if that happens the lower court ruling stands.45m hear on abortion, immigration and obamacare. >> this is a tough forever the chief justice how to handle. this it's interesting. it could change whether a case could change from down below or not. >> you know how he is he wants to keep this court moving. evidence doesn't to be seen here as political. only government entity that is open in all of washington. he is very much keeping them on track. i think that they will recognize and grieve but9nn will very much try to keep it business as usual. >> i should ad add that he was.fa:ñ best friends with the most liberal justice on the court, justice ginsburg. >> they traveled together with their spouses. they did opera together. they would celebrate new year's eve together. they had a deep affection for each yesterday in the remarks she called him best buddy. >> whether you agree with justice can scalia or not, it's
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always tough. they don't know at this point how things are going to unravel. funeral plans? >> not yet. we are waiting to hear from the family and the court. >> shannon, thank you. the news of justice scalia's death breaking before the saturday night g.o.p. debate. the candidates usin6 the platform to push another strong conservative on the bench. >> we are one justice away from the supreme court that would undermine the religious liberty of millions of americans. >> this is a tremendous blow to conservatism. it's a tremendous blow, frankly, to our country. >> i would like the president to just for once here put the country first. >> we need to put people on the bench that understand that the constitution is not a living and breathing document. it is to be interpreted as originally meant. >> the next president needs to appoint someone with a proven conservative record similar to justice disa leah who is a lover of liberty. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we are not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it.
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it's called delay, delay, delay. how will justice scalia's death impact the 2016 race. political director rick klein and "weekly standard" john mccormick. rick, the news broke of his death right before the debate. while it may seem very impolite, he just died a couple days ago. we are already talking about the impact on the race. >> within hours. it reorders the race. it doesn't quiet it it i thought the debate on saturday night would be a little more muted in its tone and sensibility would be about big issues. it turned into a lot of name-calling. i think the fundamentals of the race are different because the stakes are so clear. both the democratic and republican candidates can rightfully claim that all three branches of government are on the ballot this fall. it's not often that you can talk about it in those stark terms. i think the candidates that see advantage here will talk it it up. for all side every candidate now we know there is the big
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potential, almost the inevitability now the first thing the new president will do is choose a justice that could define the legacy of the court for decades. >> it's hard to think this campaign could get any more revved up than. this we put the campaign on crack now. like now it's like really gone off -- everyone is really fired up now because the stakes have gotten so much bigger. although they were always really there. now it'sú% right in front of us. >> for the first time in years you have the possibility of a lock step liberal majority of activist judges on the court. >> activist junction by the way that's a term when you write a opinion someone doesn't like. >> four people originalists look at the text of the constitution and determine it that way. anthony kennedy who is a single vote in the middle. now the possibility of five liberals any othello they make liberal policy. overturning partial birth abortion ban. handgun bans, that's on the table. we don't know whether it's rights for illegal immigrants. constitutional rights for terrorists being tried. they could abolish the death
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penalty. there is really telling telling how far five liberal judges could go. >> to could use this to his or her advantage the most. >> it's obvious area of ted cruz as someone who argued cases before the supreme court and talk about it he was the first out of the gate sea saying there shouldn't be appointment much less a vote in the senate. i think it's a dangerous area for donald trump. given what he has said about his sister and his sister's record and lack of a clear record at all a on a lot of conservative issues, it's an area of vulnerability. i think though is this is just a scenario where you want to have a little bit of experience in the subject matter that's being talked about. a couple of lawyers on the stage, also marco rubio someone who went to law school is that is a bit of a natural advantage. maybe jeb bush as he is trying to make a play for being relevant in south carolina can talk about this in terms of the history that he knows. >> john? >> i think it is trouble for trump. i asked him a week before would you consider a president who doesn't agree
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views eminent domain. the government can take private property and give it to another government entity. he didn't answer a question. he threw out good names of judges. does he know how to pick them and win that fight? i know there are some questions that people are going to want to ask. >> of course, i would always'x want to point out that justice suiter appointed by president bush 41 did not meet the expectations of what president bush 41 expected. you are never really sure there are a lot of surprises. anyway, a lot of surprises. rick and john if you stick around. everyone is spooking about justice ask a lee a here is justice scalia in his own words. >> i anthony scalia do solemnly swear. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> i would not like to be replaced by someone who immediately sets about undoing everything that i have tried to do. i shouldn't have to tell you
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that. [ laughter ] unless you think i'm a fool. [ laughter ] >> i look to the words of the constitution. but i ask what did those words mean to the society that adopted them? >> talk show host and a former clerk for justice clarence thomas in the united states supreme court laura ingraham is here. >> when did you first meet justice scalia. >> i worked for the reagan administration bill bennett. scalia was a speech writer and introduced me to his father. he he had just been nominate to do the supreme court. it was 1986, i believe or early '87. everything has been said but it's like one of those people that you can't say enough. larger than life. hilarious, you would hear him play opera in his chambers, working late at night. never complained about the work load. was joyful as he was tough. that's hard to come by in
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washington. >> he really did have an impact on the court. whether you are for him or against what he did. he was not just a justice that medium impact he left a big impact. >> he left impact law school and textbook in the nation. i went to the university of virginia where he taught law. i was there after he taught. you can't read a constitutional law textbook without reading a classic scalia majority opinion or senting opinion as, you know, from when he talks about the jiggery pokery. >> he had -- he can put some blistering dissents. >> the lemon vs. cuttersman. lemon test. establishment clause is oneqj of his least favorite doctrines of the supreme court. but he had something that is, again, sorely missing in washington today. the ability to disagree without being disagreeable. it's hard to do. one of the other times i met him -- not met him but with him on new year's eve in
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1987. like where are we going for new year's eve? we are going to judge ginsburg's apartment. she is on the d.c. circuit. she was younger then. they celebrated, i think, many, many,?>"x many new year's eve together. >> they were both together on the d.c. circuit before they ended up in the supreme court. >> they were good friends there i don't want to say that's a whole legacy. his leag georgia's as originalist. he believe it was literally a crime to subsite his personal opinion for the business document framers of the constitution. the constitution was not an evolving document that einvolved from generation to generation. and, if it did, the actualunder pinning of our whole society would be deteriorating. he believed that he said is it perfect? no it's not perfect. of all the legal theories out there, it is the best among them that really is higg legacy and originalism means. >> which this is your chance at home to vote on twitter should a new justice be
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confirmed before president obama leaves office. >> no. >> show you live twitter votes throughout the show. why shouldn't the president pret nominate someone and senate can reject them. >> obama is going to nominate, no doubt it doesn't say that the senate shallwç confirm. >> it says shall no, ma'am that the. it doesn't say the senate shall say yes or no. >> look. we went through. this i have two words for all these people. robert bourque. >> what about justice kennedy? >> what about justice kennedy? >> we went from bourque, ginsburg, to kennedy. >> yes, we did. that was the process. >> the process did play out. >> a lot of us think it played out really horribly. the idea that the republicans have to roll over. >> they don't have to roll over. >> what do you mean? they are in charge. >> they don't have to roll over at all. >> there is nothing constitutionally requiring them to confirm a justice to
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the supreme court. >> oh, i agree with you. but the constitution says the president shall nominate. he shall nominate. >> it doesn't say when he shall nominate. >> he is supposed to do his job. shall nominate and if the republicans don't want to do anything about it they don't or vote them down. >> the congress has a lot on its plate this year. i'm being a little bit facetious we are all sitting here like well the president is going to have to do this and congress -- we know if the shoe were on the other foot the democrats would be stopping this and chuck schumer arguedúb it should be stopped. >> i would be arguing the same thing at that point. >> the idea that the democrats who stopped phenomenal judges like mcgel la and little alan la fear. la veer. >> not to mention the two of us or four of us. south carolina congressman trey gowdy is home on the south carolina campaign trail with marco rubio. is he taking a quick break to go "on the record." that's next. former bush 43 has news.
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first in the south primary south carolina is just five days away. to me it's beginning to look like a bar room brawl. >> i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> he is an unstable person. i watch him. i see him. and i always say he is a good debater but he can't talk. >> we have to be green newted. if we are still fighting in
11:22 pm
october we are going to lose. >> the president has basically said i can't stand the congress. i'm going to write the laws myself. we didn't elect a king. we elected a president. >> we have done it before. if we stand together, we can do it again. we can bring back that last best hope for mankind. that shining city on a hill that is the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> south carolina congressman trey gowdy is on his home state trail campaigning for senator marco rubio. congressman gowdy goes "on the record" from gilbert, south carolina. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, how are you? >> i'm very well. congressman, as you are out on the campaign trail with senator marco rubio. what question con sis then thely gets asked of the senator there? >> did you ask what questions the folks of have the senator? >> yeah. what's the most common question south carolina -- south koreans are asked of candidate marco rubio?
11:23 pm
>> they ask about the debt. they ask about -- about foreign policy. they ask about isis. they ask about social issues. we have done probably a half dozen town halls. thec questions run the gamut and there are very few questions about electability, greta. that's the current that runs underneath republican primary. so obviously you want to pick someone who can win in november. everything from privatizing social security to nassau funding. the questions are from the gamut so far this weekend. >> we're only five days out from your primary. do you run into people who are really undecided? >> oh, sure. absolutely. you know, i i have a colleague who came to a town hall he early this morning. rick is undecided. were he hasn't made up his mind. most folks have whittled it
11:24 pm
down to two or three but i have been pleasantly surprised at the number of folks particularly yesterday valentine's day we had 2,000 people in pickens county in the upstate. a good number of them came up to me and senator scott afterwards and said it was between this candidate and that candidate and this answer helped me make up my mind. so, yeah, there is a good number of people who will be making up their mind between now and saturday. >> okay. what did you think of the debate the other night in your state, south carolina? it's pretty wild at times. >> well, i thought two things. number one, i thought that marco came across as being very presidential. he may be the youngest person in terms of chronological age but in many ways he was among the more adultlike. my wife went with me i think she thought we were going to a presidential debate and it turned into a professional wrestling match at certain
11:25 pm
points. for anyone who is worriedá@ that marco rubio is too scripted of a candidate if that was concern coming out of new hampshire they no locker have that concern. he was flawless saturday night. >> the the spat between senator ted cruz and donald trump it is really on fire yeah, greta. i used to be in the courtroom. i used to be in the courtroom. i don't like liar. it denotes intent. i just don't like it. it did get personal. and, frankly, i don't think it played too well with the audience. not the audience least in the room. i think they wanted a more substantive conversation. it may have been good for ratings. i don't know. south carolinians don't like
11:26 pm
tough politics but we like it to be >> thank you. i'm sure it's going to be interesting one between now and saturday. good luck, sir. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> the bush brothers, george and jeb hanging out together. i will tell you why and where straight ahead.
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we should have never been in the middle east. >> while drump was building a reality show. my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. he has had the gull to go after. >> the world trade center came down under his. [crowd booing] >> the world trade center came double during his reign. he kept us safe? that's not safe. >> today donald trump feuding big time with senator ted cruz. on snow shower night at the cbs g.o.p. debate it was governor jeb bush that trump was feuding with. it was today president bush getting presidential power injected into his campaign in the form of his older brother president george w. bush and his sister-in-law former first lady laura bush out on the trail in south carolina. >> i came here for two
11:31 pm
reasons. one because i care deeply about jeb and two because i care deeply about our country. [cheers and applause] you know, i thought it was appropriate to discuss the subject i know a lot about. what it's like to be president. being your president was a privilege and honor of a lifetime. by the way if serve as president of the united states makes a part of the so-called establishment, i proudly carry that label. [cheers and applause] there seems to be a lot of name-calling going on. but i want' re-to-remind you what our good dad told me one time, labels are for soup cans. the presidency is a serious
11:32 pm
job that requires sound judgment and good ideas and there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and character to be a great president. the "on the record" political panel is back. rick klein and "weekly standard" john mccormick. rick, in the near 2,000, jeb thh had -- he is popular at least 2000 in south carolina. >> it's not 2000 anymore. >> the word he used is serious. this is being a nonserious campaign. and a the fact that donald trump is out there attacking jeb bush in such a visceral céiu(v on the debate stage tells you how much politics has changed. this was a big day for former presidents. former president bill clinton out there on the campaign trail. we know how much he didn't help in new hampshire.
11:33 pm
we will see how much it matters. positive for jeb bush in the sense that it gives more positive campaign do or die week in south carolina. i don't know that there is a great affection out there in the republican party for the bushes that enough to transfer that to jeb. >> well, donald trump is speaking now. we are monitoring that in case he says anything. he is at a live event in south carolina. john, impact of president bush 4 'for his brother. >> i'm not sure if it helped him that much there is a great affinity for george w. bush. republicans are not buying "duck4 dine diana city. i do that city. whether he thought george w. bush should bism preached. he said he lied about weapons of mass destruction to start the war. he said you can think the iraq war was a mistake if you are a republican. the idea that george w. bush deliberately and lied about weapons to start a war, that's outrageous slander nothing short of left wing frothing at the mouth
11:34 pm
lunancy. i really do believe that it was a terrible terrible moment. >> must throw president bush 43 under the bus. monitoring what he was saying. evidence said the voters should vote for the candidate with the most opinionated matter. his brother jeb laughed as well which is incredibly dangerous. they always teased him about that senator ted cruz, one of the things donald trump said is it's hard to believe that a person who proclaims to be a christian could be so dishonest and lie so much. >> just so personal. this isn't about policy anymore when you start talking about this. and the biggest liar he has ever met in his life. look, if trump wins south carolina, if he wins the done it by breaking down the republican party to a little pieces and building it back. it won't be because he won over voters in some way. he has smashed every rule, every convention along the way. if he does it he will have to overcome a lot of serious candidates with a lot of experience like senator cruz and governor bush. >> john, so far we expect at least he is leading in the polls in south carolina, donald trump? >> so far that's the way it
11:35 pm
looks. it all depends on whether the saturday night debate things up up poll 8 points. it looks like things are going good for him. if that moment was add bad as i thought it was maybe it will. >> thanks. >> thanks, greta. >> biggsy week in news. state department releasing more secretary of state hillary clinton emails more than 1,000 pages. what's in the newest batch. catherine herridge is here. catherine, what's this new batch of emails. >> thanks, greta. there were 550 emails. what we know about this last group really some the most complex because they have intelligence from multiple agencies so every agency has to review and then sign off on it what we know in the data is that 15% of the emails, so about one in seven contain classified information. three at the very high level of secret. and there is one i want to draw your attention to and also the viewers which is from march of 2012. this is kind of typical. this is an email. you should be able to see it in just one moment where
11:36 pm
almost all of the texts is completely redacted. and it's redacketted for two reasons. because it contained information about confidential sources working for the u.s. government. and then it also contained information that was given to us or entrusted to us by foreign governments. >> now that we have that email to show up on the stage, if if we do the viewers it? >> would be great to see it. >> we don't have. that's okay. you get the idea. >> there it is. >> okay there's the email. >> so all the text is gone. and it's gone for those two very secret reasons. i mean, these are very closely held government secrets. and it was on that unsecure server. that is not good news for her no matter how you look at it. >> is there any glus news on the 30,000 that she deleted as personal? >> what i told you is the same as what i told you last week is that a lot of them were recovered but what is not clear to us at this point though i'm sure it's very clear to the fbi is whether any of those documents amounted to government business because,
11:37 pm
remember, the deletion of a single email can count as a charge of obstruction of justice. >> also sort of -- if she says these are all personal, it turns out they are not personal, then she has legal trouble and she also has political trouble. >> and the other final point, okay, this email that we showed people at home, it's very important to at the codes on it, because it will be declassified 15 years after the day it was sent. that means it was classified when it hit the server, not upgraded after the fact. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> brace yourself, ice, snow, and horribly frigid temperatures. we will tell you who is going to get hit the hardest. that's next. plus senator orrin hatch was a close friend of justifiable scalia and tonight he has
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behalf of a fox news alert.
11:42 pm
a powerful storm dangerous ice and temperatures. >> unfortunately, more nasty weather on the way for the mid-atlantic and northeast. the good news is, of course, it is presidents' day. a lot of people are at home. but traveling is next to impossible all along the i-95 corridor. we still have a lot of freezing rain and ice comingjg down in d.c. and philadelphia and new york city. look at this. freezing rain for philadelphia. freezing rain still for charlottesville. luckily we are getting cloudy skies right now. but more freezing rain on the way for d.c. and now new york freezing rain with hundreds of cancellations at the airport. here in new york and your winter weather advisories continue overnight tonight. we are not done with this storm yet. look at the icing we're going to see within the next couple of hours, greta. really dangerous, a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice. that is the most dangerous travel conditions that you have on the roadways is ice. people are urged to stay inside. okay, for the next 6 to 12 hours. can you see on the satellite and radar imagery, we are
11:43 pm
going to get a lot of warm air here. that mixing is going to be, again, dangerous for the next couple of hours. tomorrow an all-rain event for all of the i-9 a corridor cities with the temperatures in the 50's here. behind it, that's where we are going to see a lot of snow. so buffalo, you could get 6 to 10 inches of snow. finally wednesday, the storm is out of the way but also, greta, i want to make mention tornado watch for parts of the panhandle in florida. as well as alabama where we had tornado warnings earlier. severe thunderstorm warnings as well. we will keep track of it back to you. >> janice, you are welcome back any time you have some good news. >> okay. we will see. springtime hopefully i'm just teasing you. janice, thank you. get ready to speed read the news. dozens of people safety. new hampshire ski resort. the tram became stuck 40 feet in the air just before sun set. rescue crews swooped in to
11:44 pm
help lower 50 passengers to safety. officials say there was a brake issue with the tram. yikes. a scare in the sky hit with a laser after takeoff. the pilot suffering a medical issue. 252 passengers on board make a swift return to london. virgin atlantic is working to track down the culprit with the laser. more trouble for eliot spitzer. accused of choking and attacking a woman at new york's very fancy plaza hotel. the 2 a-year-old woman claims spitzer is her boyfriend identifies her attacker is not pressing charges against him. spitzer says there is no truth to the allegationk4 a. of course, you might remember spitzer resigned as governor of new york in 2008 after being link to do a prostitution ring. convicted murderer jodi arias losing visitation privileges and she has her mom to blame.
11:45 pm
she lost visitation for 200 days because she called a female corrections officer a vulgar name. if she remains on her best behavior for 180 days she can regain visitation. the 35-year-old is serving a life sentence for the vicious murder of her boyfriend in the shower and that's tonight's speed read. and any supreme court nominee has to go through the senate judiciary committee. a member of that committee senator orrin hatch is here next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m.((x'ñ
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test test. test
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developing right now, the fight for supreme court successor is on. utah senator orrin hatch a friend of justice scalia
11:50 pm
says we should wait until after the 2016 election for a replacement. he goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> how are you, greta? >> i'm very well. i know it's tough for you having been a friend of justice scalia and a lot of people in washington. tough to hear the news that he died. >> it is. and isn't it terrible so soon after his death we have gotten into all this politics already. but, you know, it's nature the just the nart, these are such important positions. >> indeed they are. now, the constitution says that the president shall nominate. it doesn't say you and the senate have to do anything at all. can you sit on it or deny it or do what are you -- whatever you want. do you have any thoughts on whether the president shall nominate. >> a lot of people don't realize the president has an absolute right to nominate whoever he wants to. the senate has salute right to confirm sloot right
11:51 pm
absolute right confirm or not confirm. brouhaha right now. both sides will have an equal chance to elect whoever they want to. whoever gets elected president will make this appointment. i don't see any problem with that especially since democrats, you know, really, a long time ago, i mean, senator schumer, for instance, who is a friend of mine and very fine senator he he had said in 2007 a a year and a half before jeb bush left office with a supreme court nominee came up he would not do it. this was too late in his presidency well now the shoe is on the other foot. all of a sudden we hear this big uproar about, you know, mitch mcconnell said, look, this is a political season that we shouldn't get -- we shouldn't do this. >> there anything -- i can understand the senate voting no to someone who the president might nominate if
11:52 pm
they object to them is there anything wrong if the president names someone and naming a play it out and then you can reject the8 nominee? >> well, i don't know what the senator mcconnell will suggest there or what the chairman of the judiciary committee senator grassley will suggest there. there would be nothing wrong with that except that if you are not going to allow somebody to be confirmed as a. >> why do it. >> supreme court justice, then why hold a hearing and why go through that? that he that can done as soon right after the first of intoer. >> senator lindsey graham suggested you. what do you think about that? >> well, you know i'm 82 years of age. i don't think the democrats are going to go along with that even if they did, i wouldn't want them praying for my death right after i got confirmed. i will tell you this, if i did get con under those circumstances you know me, i would be there for 20 years just to spite them. that would be the way i would do it. but i get along well with my
11:53 pm
democrat friends i think they are wrong on this issue. but nevertheless, they have a right to their opinion. >> we will see. senator, always nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> always nice to talk to you. >> i want to talk to you about something that donald trump mentioned saturday night off the record, of course. r we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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let's all go off-the-record for a minute. i know you watched g.o.p. debate saturday or you have seen soundbites and the media is zeroing in on the blistering intracandidate jabs. >> we are living in dangerous jobs. >> new on his way to the nomination. >> 24 million. >> but buried within all those jabs is something donald trump brought up and i'm not telling you to vote for trump or not him but i do appreciate trump raising this issue. >> carrier is moving to
11:58 pm
mexico, airconditioning company. not only the ones i talk about all the time nabisco and ford. they are all moving out. >> that stinks. what are these 14 o0 carrier jobs. how are they going to pay rent? feed their children? this is horrible. those employees are devastated. here is the video of the company ruining their lives. >> the best way to stay competitive and to protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in minneapolis to monterrey, mexico. >> protecting the business long term? what about these families and loyalty to them? and that's not all, listen to what the carrier executive told the crowd. >> i want to be clear, this is strecketly a business decision. >> strictly a business decision. now, that's supposed to make the deficit stated employees feel better? strictly a business decision? i will tell you why they are
11:59 pm
moving? one of two reasons, either greed which is stunning in light of the fact that 2014 carrier's parent company united technolodcrc÷q# made 6.2 billion in profit or, second, it's because of lousy management. the management didn't do their jobs. they didn't manage the company so now they are laying off the ones who were doing their jobs, the workers. disgrateful. finding an new air conditioner not going to be air carrier. that's for sure. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. donald trump speaking now at a rally at the t.d. convention center in greenville, south carolina. ohio governor john kasich taking a stretch from south carolina. john kasich is holding an event at michigan state university. back to south carolina senator rubio holding a town hall. he is joined by senator trey gowdy and senator tim scott. senator ted cruz wrapping up south carolina. that's tonight's campaign
12:00 am
flash. live twitter results on the screen should a new justice be confirmed president obama leaves office? 92 say no. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, debate rages over who president obama will nominate for the supreme court. will it be somebody tough on crime like judge dread or someone like rinholtz. but he gets support from w. will it help him win the gop? and what americans say they are giving up for lent. back to you, father of lies. >> thank you, andy. >> let's welcome our guest.


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